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Hello!I'm pretty sure you're one of the best writing blogs I've ever seen here on tumblr! And trust me, I've seen A LOT! I swear this isn't a way of bribing my way into your heart so you can answer my request faster haha. i really meant what I said! As for the request could you write something about leaving hickeys/nibbling/gentle biting the neck? preferably the boys doing the thing haha. And if it's okay then please do this for a character of your choice from these: Solomon, Luci, Barb, Mammon
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
note: im blushing so hard rn tysm anon mwah i chose to do three of them in one post if that's okay with you<3
tags: gender neutral reader; no genitalia mentioned. suggestive. possessiveness.
Tumblr media
— lucifer loves gently biting and sucking on your neck, especially near your collarbones, to leave dark red spots on them. his chest swells with pride once he sees you walking around the house with a few of his markings still visible on your skin from last night.
lucifer's gloved hands keeps you in place, back against his chest, while his lips hover over your skin. he had been edging and teasing you for so long and had clearly told you to be patient, yet that same patience was almost running out until you felt his tongue licking a small part of your flesh. the demon continued to coat that place with some of his saliva before letting his teeth slowly sink into your neck, earning a small whimper from you. the avatar of pride sucked on the flesh while he tightened the grip on your middle, leaving no room for escape.
"you like it when i slightly bite on your neck, don't you? come on, don't be shy. just admit it, dear."
— mammon, the avatar of greed; once you give him permission to suck and bite on your neck, that man is only going to want to do it every time he sees that part of your body exposed around him.
mammon desperately ripped your shirt a bit to gain more access to the skin of your neck, just to plant a few hickeys on them— needing his brothers to know that he had made them appear on your body. his sharp fangs grazed against your shoulder blades as he found another place to suck on. small moans escaped your lips while the second oldest slightly bit the flesh. you swore that you could have felt him smirking against your skin before he continued to leave dark red spots on places which would be hard to cover up with your clothes.
"need everyone to know that yer mine. gotta mark you, treasure."
— barbatos will always make time to give you a hickey or two before going off to work. it doesn't matter if you are still half asleep, sheepishly staring at him through your eyelashes as his warm hand glides over your skin before he sinks his teeth into them; he will leave a mark.
barbatos' breath tickled your neck first thing in the morning, his knee positioned in between your limbs, creating a slight dip on the mattress as his other leg stands still on the floor next to the bed. "tilt your head, love." he whispers, and when you comply, the demon immediately starts to slightly suck on the exposed part of your neck. while nibbling on the flesh, his hand finds it way to gently hold your jaw and keep it in place so he could easily leave a noticeable hickey. you wouldn't wear a scarf in this summer heat, therefore it would be the perfect opportunity for barbatos to mark you.
"there. then, i'll be off to work. i'll see you when i get back, dear. ah also, please don't cover those up."
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plushie barb
@roadbrrn @ativanpire @kurisu55
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MC before and after getting into Devildom:
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Why is he so pretty and perfect? 😭
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tora i cant stop making these they are ruining my life
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Little Rain Cloud's Pt. 3
Obey Me! Datables (minus Luke x MC!)
Featuring: Simeon, Solomon, Diavolo, and Barbatos
Part 1
Part 2
 ~One of my favorite recurring tropes in fantasy is the little personal raincloud that covers a character and pours on them for hours on end, so I thought it would be cute to see how the datables would react to getting cursed with their own little rain cloud.
Our favorite Angel has no shortage of admirers in the Devildom, he receives tons of little gifts and tokens from his admirers and he doesn't have it in him to turn them all down.
He has amassed quite the stockpile of gifts, sweets, and trinkets. One of which resides within a peculiar-looking canister.
Cautiously he thumbs the seal not expecting it to break on contact. A plume of smoke flows through the lid and accumulates above his head until there is a little cloud above his head. It gently rains down over him as he lets out a good-natured laugh. “Well, I certainly didn't expect this,”
You try to help him by offering to hold his DDD and call Solomon to help figure out a way to break the curse. The sorcerer said that the cloud only can produce a certain amount of water and it would disappear once it has finished its precipitation. It could be hours or it could be days.
Simeon doesn't mind his cloud at all, it actually has a pleasant temperament, it does not pelt him mercilessly or cause a hailstorm. A little rain is no reason to get upset so he moves on with his day waiting for the spell to wear off.
Wanting to stay outside Simeon walks through the gardens looking for anything that may need a nice little watering. His hair is soaked and stringy, and his clothes are practically sticking to his skin but he looks remarkably handsome walking through his own little rainstorm with a pleasant smile on his face.
Solomon should’ve known better. Just because he can keep jars of non-fatal curses and creatures on the shelves of his dorm room doesn’t mean he should.
All it takes is a careless wave of the arm to knock over a murky glass jar and out pops a little rain cloud spirit.
This one, in particular, is especially angry towards the sorcerer since he was the one who captured it many years ago. It has been patiently waiting, biding its time until it would be free to rain its vengeance down on Solomon’s pretty white hair with half-frozen raindrops the size of golf balls.
You don’t know what you were expecting when Solomon called you up to his room, but it certainly wasn’t him holed up in the bathtub looking worse for wear. The rain is pelting him so hard that the skin is red and irritated all the top of his head is getting pelted so vigorously that it will definitely be leaving a bruise later.
He understands that the rain will stop eventually, but he just doesn’t want to have to suffer through this alone especially after having to endure this for the last two days.
What he doesn’t understand is why the rain seems to subside a little bit when you came into the room to check on him. Curiously he takes a step towards you and the rain gets less aggressive. He keeps moving until your chest to chest and you’re both getting mist underneath his cloud. 
With a little sigh of relief, you sit on the little bench in his shower as he leans up against you finally able to catch his breath. You stay like this long after the rain has stopped and The gentle sound of his sleeping breaths fills the room.
No one in their right mind would ever curse the demon king with a rain cloud spell. And Diavolo knows this, But it definitely bums him out that he doesn’t get to have that kind of fun with everybody else.
He decided to be innovative one day and accidentally knock over a vase containing a harmless little raincloud spell. As the rain hits him he breaks out in to jovial laughter.
"This is wonderful, I feel like everyone else." He looks at you and extends a hand out to you. "Mc, I believe there is a romantic human custom in which pairs dance together in the rain, would you care to join me."
"I would," you say taking his large hand and allowing yourself to be pulled underneath the raincloud. It socks your skin as he twirls you around so graciously for someone of his size.
By the time the rain has stopped, droplets cling to his tunic and run through his hair as his golden eyes never leave of rainsoaked form.
"I enjoyed that very much MC." he says kissing your hand. “I hope we can do this again sometime.
Barbatos takes his duties rather seriously and almost never makes clumsy mistakes. But today as he was dusting some ancient relics his mind was drifting to a certain pretty little exchange student who he can't stop thinking about.
Through the veil of daydreamed fog, he worked diligently not noticing just how close a glass urn shaped like a tear drop was to the mantle of the grand fireplace.
The lightest touch of the duster sends it tumbling to the floor faster than he can react. It shatters on the ground and little wisps of cloud rise from the fragments. They join together and form a massive cloud above his head.
Barbatos's eyes widen in panic at the recognition of the magic. He rushes toward the door, but it's too late. The cloud begins to pour rain down over him and the Demon Kings new carpet.
The rainfall stunts his progress cleaning and proves to be too difficult of an obstacle for him to attend to his duties the way he normally does.
Upon hearing of the incident Diavolo excuses Barbatos from his duties until the spell wears off but now the Demon sulks on a stone bench wondering what he can do with himself to be useful. It's not common he finds himself in a helpless situation so he hasn't a clue what to do.
Until you come along. With eyes full of care and understanding you sit down next to him on the bench not minding hw the rain messes up your hair and uniform and chat with him.
He is so happy to finally have your undivided attention that the harsh droplets feel like tiny kisses as he tells you whatever it is your heart desires.
You are both so enraptured by the conversation that neither of you notice that the rain has stopped falling hours ago.
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Tumblr media
it’s funnier in my head i swear
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Tumblr media
the question is, is he dressing or undressing?
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     “With the passages of long years and amid boundless darkness, even the purest gem will become dulled by dust, and even the noble dragon might be corrupted and cankered by hatred.”
“But never forget that dust can be wiped away, and the power of doubt and poison can be shattered.”
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"SO like,are you sure about this?"
Fake dating with Dia,Barb and Sol T.T still blocked rn and not proofread,made while listening to cpr x misery <3
-you were assigned by his father,boy is too shy to ask for a fucking wife/husband like??? but his father could tell he was lonely af as a kid SOOOO he invited you to be his "playmate" yes.only playmate.
-he felt so torn between wanting to adore and luv you or to avoid you so you can have a normal life
-poor baby was always on edge so when you said "hey what do you think about acting lovey-dovey in front of people" he didnt know how to feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel
-i mean,the mans is head over heels for you and here you are suggesting he "pretends" to be in love like COME ON
-in the end he agreed for the sake of the happiness of devildom,and ended up falling for MC over and over and over again. Poor boy was on the edge of spilling when MC pulled him aside and...well you gave him a heart attack....-
MC: Hey Diavolo,wanna go to a special place for our date tonight?
Diavolo: We aren't actually dating, MC....
MC: Wait...we aren't? Didn't i tell you i like you- for real?
-you're Diavolos official knight,yknow like a pairing knight and butler you got it? You've served him just a few years after Barbatos and thats saying something. (ps reader here is a half succubus/half water demon)
-honestly,Barbatos wasnt sure if he liked liked you or just admired you at first. But then he saw you training and he was about to offer you water when you saw him,promptly dropped the training sword you were holding..
-and fucking ripped open the lower part of your shirt. Best to say Barbatos was stuck cleaning up broken glass,sewing a new shirt and having a hard time not drooling at the memory of the training grounds-i mean you are a succubus you cant blame the poor guy!
-but hes a pussy and avoided you after that,to your annoyance obv. Then Diavolo sent you two to a college to learn about how normal humans go to school..
-and then one of the worst things that could happen in school,the introduction fucked you both up. Some fuck-boy asked you "Hey is that your boyfriend or are you free?" class laughed obv,but then shut up at you saying-
-"Duh? Are you that deluded that you cant even see straight my guy-" cue laughter,embarrassed fuck-boy and a gasping-for-air Barbatos!~ and then after school you were just
-"Hey uhh sorry Barbatos i know i know this is shitty after what i did but...We're dating."
Barbatos: Do you mean "Can i date you" or "Can we date"?
MC,poker faced: No, we're dating. Its a factual statement.
-i mean,he IS an actual king in the human world right? some typa royalty? so it would make sense he has an actual betrothed right?
-BOY was he surprised when he got informed he already had a fiance. At that point he was already in devildom as an apprentice,still learning basic potion and magic making. And he felt like slamming his head on a wall.
-because...he was already in love with YOU. his rival,his enemy, his future loved one..i mean his future most hated person! The one who will eventually become the strongest water-casting wizard,you captured him with your sneers and scornful eyebrow raising.
-you were confident and cocky like he was,but focused on not only making yourself better but not letting others make the decision for you unlike him,who's future love life was already decided by some fuck ups.
-so he contacted (more like raged) to the higher ups that decided for him who his fiance will be. they doubt the "mysterious and distrusted" Solomon could find anyone else so they made a deal,more or less a bet.
-find someone who'll date him in a week,no faking his personality nor face,and they'll break off the engagement. so now he is in,in is opinion,the worst dilemma a royal/wizard could ever be in.
-speak about his feelings for you and risk losing his pride and/or getting rejected 'n dejected,or just shut up and admit to the reality that you'll never love him and he's always lost and the only thing he wins at is being better in terms of being a wizard?
-well,he forgot one crucial thing. you were confident and cocky. And actually extremely fucking cunning and smart soooo...
MC: Ok,i like you too. Its fine,we can start dating,only if you admit that you really like me though~
Solomon: I-i didnt say anything yet...?
MC: And that is why you're still below me in intelligence.
ahhhh fuck life honestly dude
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Barbatos and dacryphilia? If you're not up for writing that kink feel free to choose which one.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
note: ah yes my favorite kink tbh and especially with dom!barb <33
tags: female bodied reader. dacryphilia, overstimulation, manhandling, creampies, mean dom!barbatos, mention of passing out, mating press, degredation, dirty talk.
Tumblr media
"you can hold onto me as much as you like; i will not stop. not until you tell me how good you feel being fucked dumb on my cock using proper and complete sentences."
barbatos holds your legs up, pressing your thighs right against your chest— your knees almost reaching the back of your head. the demon didn't care about the fact that you had been begging and crying for him while mindlessly babbling stuff that he couldn't understand. that wasn't a problem at all; instead, seeing how your tears stained your cheeks and how your glassy eyes gazed at him through your wet eyelashes made him only want to continue ramming his aching dick inside of you.
"pathetic." he muttered from under his breath while his eyes traveled down to the place where his whole length dissappeared into your cunt repeatedly. he was amazed that you could take him this well when he had been using you for the past few hours. the sight of his cum overflowing out of your hole and onto his bedsheets awakened something inside of the butler as he picked up his pace once again— pumping himself into you with an inhuman speed. "what an absolute pathetic thing you are."
your train of thought was a blur due to the immense pleasure you felt. you had already forgotten in how many positions your boyfriend had put you in, how many times he had spilled his seed inside of your cunt, how many times he had made you cum on his dick. "barbatos.." you tiredly whimpered as your fingers desperately held into his arm. you wanted to tell him how amazing he was making you feel, yet the only noises that left your lips were loud moans once the butler pulled his entire dick out only to push it in in one go.
"hmm? you still can't talk properly, huh? we have to fix that don't we, dear?" thinking that your session had finally ended, the demon slowly decreased his pace before wiping your tears away with his thumb. his half lidded eyes gazed at your fucked out face and his cock twitched. he could not get enough of seeing those beautiful tears of yours flow down your cheeks. it made his chest swell with pride, knowing that he made you feel that good to the point that you were crying for him. he needed to have you cry out his name on repeat.
his movements stilled a bit and you tried to take a deep breath, however seeing that you had stopped crying out for him made the man want to fuck you so you wouldn't stop whining for him. he has stamina for days; if he could, he would have fucked you insane until you would fade in and out of consciousness— until he broke you.
leaving no room for breaks, barbatos bullied his shaft passed your puffy lips, not leaving you any time to readjust to him. you could see the sly smirk form on his lips while he kissed the tears that once again formed around the corners of your eyes.
"i will keep filling you up until i have enough. scream as loud as you want, darling."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
angel barb
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Originally written June 2022
Masterlist Pride 2022 Masterlist
Genre: fluff
Ship(s): Barbatos X MC
(genderless MC)
Trigger/content warnings: Barbatos being insecure, some mentions of queerphobia but nothing really specific
Headcanons/notes from the author: Barbatos is agender here, but still uses he/him pronouns! There are plenty of people under the non-binary umbrella that use pronouns the same as their SAAB. I have seen quite a few people have Barbatos be agender and I think it suits him really well (especially since I already saw him under the non-binary umbrella in my head). (This fic does have elements of “That Fucking Prince” if you squint but that’s basically just me blorboing him a li’l.) This is written with MC not specified as queer or cishet. The dateables are all canonically queer since MC is gender neutral in game (and frankly they’re all queer coded anyways) so if you’re not a queer reader it can be read as taking the character to pride as an ally❤️
Brief Blurb: MC and Barbatos are getting ready to attend a human world pride event.
“Are you… quite sure it’s alright if I wear this?” Barbatos asked, voice wavering slightly. You furrowed your eyebrows, watching him as he inspected himself in the mirror. “I don’t want to embarrass you.”
“If you changed your mind, no one will force you to wear it,” you reminded him gently.
Barbatos was quiet for a moment. “I… like it… but I am afraid of what the young master will think of me…”
“He’s literally going in drag that you helped design, Barbatos.”
To spite his racing mind, Barbatos took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he exhaled, you watched his shoulders relax a bit. “You’re right. I’m… being quite silly. It’s a pride event, after all.” You approached him and carefully turned his body to face your own. “You have been quite patient with me, _____. Thank you…”
“Of course, my little soot sprite.” You carefully adjusted his skirt so the seam wasn’t in front. Then, you brought your hands up to cup his cheeks. “You are a very, very beautiful person, and kind, and intelligent,” you kissed his nose, “and caring, and skilled,” you kissed his lips, “and you’re very special to me.”
Face dark pink, Barbatos shyly smiled. “I… You… You are very special to me, too.” He pecked your lips, then brought your hands from his face to hold them as he spoke. “Would you… mind waiting for me to do my makeup?”
“Of course not,” you assured him softly. “Do you need to borrow any of Asmo’s makeup? I could go down the hall and get what you need.”
Barbatos shook his head. “I brought what I need. It’s in my bag.” He carefully let go of your hands, then walked over to said bag and began to dig through it. “I’m sure Asmodeus has plenty of colors, but the agender flag isn’t exactly outside of my usual makeup palette.”
You watched intently as he pulled out a few things, then brought them to the vanity and set them down. Once he sat down, you stood behind him and grabbed a headband, then helped him push his bangs back. The gesture caused his face to flush deep pink once more. “You are easy to fluster, you know that?”
“I… just haven’t had someone love me so much,” he stated softly. “It’s difficult to get used to… but it feels wonderful.” You kissed his hair, then pulled a spare stool over so you could watch him. His blush simmered down a little, but your staring as he set up his makeup wasn’t allowing it to dissipate completely.
Nobody had ever made him feel so comfortable with himself before. There was a lot going on his in head as he began to work on his foundation, and you sat quietly, intently watching him. The silence was comfortable, but you wanted to ensure he wasn’t silently spiraling. “Barbatos?”
“Yes, my little macaron?”
“Are you okay?” you inquired, watching his face carefully. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to go if you’re not comfortable.”
Barbatos hummed and switched tools before answering. “This is… new for me. That’s all. Before… I was a butler…” he trailed off, eyes glazing over for a moment as his eyebrows furrowed. “That’s not important.” You watched him as he began contouring his cheeks and jawline. “Honestly, even within the last hundreds of years… the Devildom hasn’t been the best place for queer people either. Mostly because many demons are simply prone to hate. It’s what Lord Diavolo’s father taught, after all. How I am in a timeline which the young master is kind… amazes me.”
“Barbatos…” A small hum left him, signaling you to continue. There wasn’t an actual sentence you could form properly, but you wanted to know more…
“If you’re worried about my mental state, it’s much better than it was when the Demon King was awake.” He chuckled and switched tools once more. “Besides, having you with me, supporting me… makes everything seem much less awful than it would be.”
You very delicately laid a hand on his shoulder. “Promise?”
Face softening, Barbatos paused, one of his eyelids halfway adorned. He gazed at you, corners of his lips curled upwards. “I promise, _____.”
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obeythedemons · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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radarchives · a day ago
You've likely been asked this, but if not.
Do you have any Luke screenshots in which you favor the most?
i already did this before, but honestly, luke is the gift that keeps on giving so i still have more
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iwannawritelotsmore · 2 days ago
Originally written June 2022
Genre: aftercare
Ship(s): Barbatos (dom) X MC (sub)
(genderless MC)
Trigger/content warnings: mention of impact play, gag. Brief sex in the first paragraph. Later on mention of MC perhaps being dom in the future
Headcanons/notes from the author: idk…? Um I’ll probably always write all characters as switches since I’m 99% sure I’m a switch pff
Brief Blurb: Barbatos and MC cuddle after intense sex.
You were wailing into your gag as Barbatos helped you ride out your orgasm. He had discarded the impact play toys already, instead digging his nails into your hips as you both came down from your highs. Once he slowed to a stop and pulled out, he carefully straddled you and tilted your head to the side. “You did so well, my love.” He undid the clasp of the gag, careful not to get your own saliva all over your face as he removed the ball from your mouth. “I hope your jaw doesn’t hurt too bad…” he muttered, cupping your face with both hands. You were too busy catching your breath to speak, and your legs being spread precariously wasn’t helping your mind collect itself.
“T-Toto…” you managed between breaths, “my… legs…”
Barbatos very carefully climbed off of you, then helped you bring your legs together, relieving the pain from the stretch. “I’m sorry, love. Is this better?”
“Yes…” you breathed out. “Cuddle…?”
You gazed at him, then watched as he chuckled and laid next to you. He pulled you into his embrace, holding the small of your back and the base of your neck. “I’m here. You made me feel so good, _____.” He pressed his forehead against yours, then gave you butterfly kisses. “Did you feel good?”
You nodded carefully, then gave Barbatos bunny kisses, then pecked his lips. “V-Very.”
“Good.” He gave you a small smooch, keeping a possessive grip on you. “You know I love you, right?” You hummed in response, and he chuckled. “I’m sorry, your throat probably hurts. I’ll help with that in a little bit.”
“Stay…” you mumbled. “I love you, please stay.”
“I’m not going anywhere,” he assured you, moving one of his hands to cup your cheek. “I will stay here until you are ready for me to go.”
You kissed him then nuzzled into his neck, exhausted. “My thighs hurt…” you muttered, tracing your fingertips up and down his side. He took his hand away from your cheek and reached to your inner thigh, finding the place of tension almost immediately before rubbing small circles into it. You hummed with content at his ministrations, feeling your muscles relax. “Thank you…”
“Anything for you, my love,” he muttered.
“How can I help you, though…?” you asked in a murmur. “Does anything hurt?”
Hesitantly, he admitted, “I did something strange with my wrist during our impact play.” You tutted at him in mock disappointment, making his face flush hot pink. “It’s probably fine.”
“Which wrist?”
With a sigh, he removed the hand he was still holding you with from your back and gave it to you to hold. “This one.”
You carefully felt his wrist and hand, ensuring he would be alright. “I know you probably are scared of letting me help, but I love you, y’know?” He let out a small trill of delight when you massaged the spot he hurt earlier. “Aftercare is important for the dom, too.”
“I… suppose you are right.” He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them again to gaze at you. “Was I… too rough with you?”
“No, not at all,” you assured him softly. “It felt good.” You let go of his hand, then ran your fingers through his hair. “Are you satisfied? Do you need me to get you off again?”
Barbatos chuckled and shook his head. “Trust me, I am spent.” He used his free hand to massage away the tension in your other thigh. You hummed with delight and pet his hair. “Of course, if you want to be the dom next time… I will let my greed show through for you.”
“Aw, what a sweet offer.” You slid one of your hands down to his face, holding it while your other hand still played with his hair. “Maybe I’ll take you up on it.” You ran your thumb over his cheekbone, admiring its structure. “Although, I doubt I could outdo you in aftercare. You always clean me up so well.”
Barbatos muttered, “I don’t know about that…”
Frowning, you hushed him. “Don’t you dare brush off my compliments, Toto. I don’t just hand them out for fun. I mean it.” You kissed his lips, then leaned your forehead into his. “I love you, and you always take care of me. I appreciate you.”
Letting out a flustered noise, Barbatos nodded slightly and adjusted his face to give you butterfly kisses. “I… I… I will do my best to believe you.” He took a deep breath, then muttered. “I love you too, you know.”
“I’m glad the feeling is mutual.”
He chuckled, then begrudgingly sat up. “I’m going to clean you up now, okay?” He trailed his fingers down your jawline, eyes half-lidded as he admired you. “Don’t move too much while I’m out of the room. I need to make sure I didn’t harm you.”
“I’m sure you didn’t.”
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aliciarose-art · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Redesigned the Archon outfits! Just for fun of course ⭐️
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1000feuille · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*chaos ensues*
instagram ✦ twitter ✦ patreon
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antiomnia · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Council ⨹
alt title: when the popular girls at school are talking about you
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wes-laye · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Animated Genshin stickers part 1 are doneeeee! You can download them here:
I hope you enjoy using them!!
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