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#barbatos obey me
certified-sloth · 20 hours ago
I know you did the brothers reaction but I what to know how the dateables whould act when given headpats and called a good boy.
I'm adding platonic Luke here as well, baby needs headpats too
Hm? What's this? You're giving him headpats?
Is very pleased you would do this to him
How long has it been since someone was comfortable enough to treat him like this?
Smiles and bows his head to let you give him more headpats
At first he would blush in embarrassment because he wasn't used to it
But now he also expects it after a hard days work as a butler
More of a person to give headpats and praises than the one receiving
But this doesn't feel at all bad
Shall he return you the same favor?
He's not open with much affectionate interaction
So the fact that you're doing this surprises him
It's not that he minds it as long as it's from you
Luke (Platonic)
Normally, he would be very annoyed
Because he usually gets headpats because he's short
But the fact that you're doing this out of affection makes him very happy
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adzukizu · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
POV: you are a rat
(please don't take me seriously)
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julie-ghouls · 6 months ago
Welcome to THE DEVILDOM REGION (part 2!)
Obey Me! x Pokémon !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome back to Devildom !! Meet the rest of the characters you’ll encounter along your journey!
Other than the 7 gym leader brothers, you’ll have to battle; Diavolo, Prince of Devildom and Champion of the Devildom Pokémon League. Get tips and train with regional pokémon professor Barbatos. Defeat the admins of Team Celestial, Simeon and Luke, as they attempt to persuade you to quit the gym challenge. And battle your human rival Solomon as you race to collect pact badges during this adventure !!
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Running 10 min late. Wait for me in my room, no clothes on. I’m bringing Demonius & sweets. Love you.”
Mammon: “Heeeeeeeey where u at?? Bring noodles plz, i’m in ur room. And guess what I’m wearin’?? :PPPPP”
Leviathan: “U wanna watch anime for 24 hours straight? JK lol, miss you. Call me when you get back from school.”
Satan: “Hey kitten, I miss you. Want to go out tonight? And then we can do something interesting ;) Kisses.”
Asmodeus: “Check this out! *15 attached files* Which one looks best on me? Help me choose pleeeease!! Oh and I got ya this! *27 attached files* UH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA”
Beelzebub: “Hey, meet me after practice? I miss you lots. We can then go eat someplace nice. My treat, love.”
Belphegor: “Where r u? Wake me up when you arrive, please. Oh, and can you grab coffee too? Kiss.”
Solomon: “Hey, want to check out this new store with me? They have enchanted jewelry and I really think some of it would suit you so much ;) Missing you, baby.”
Simeon: “I miss you. Please come see me in the Purgatory Hall. I’ve prepared a small surprise for you :) xxxx”
Barbatos: “We spent the whole morning together yet it’s nearly not enough for me. Can I see you again tonight? Love you, my dear”.
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Hi! If that's ok could i request MC not hiding their preference for Mammon (in general, not just romantic), and when they're asked why they say that they relate to him since at home they're treated the sale say his brothers treat him and want to make him feel loved.
angry at all the things i can’t change
a/n: thank you for requesting! this was a little angstier/darker than my usual obey me stuff but I hope you like it! lmk if there's typos/warnings need to be updated (title from hand of god outro by jon bellion) also, this shows the brothers being colder, meaner than i usually make them out to be, so they could come across as ooc
please like, reblog, reply | gen, gn!reader x/& mammon
warnings: shown + referenced unhealthy family dynamics/relationships, cursing, fighting, mc had a bad home situation (not specific)
tags: 5 + 1, angst, hurt/comfort, protective reader, somewhat open ended
wc: 1.9k | rating t
requests are open and my inbox is alway open to chat!!
cross-posted on ao3
Tumblr media
Five times you give Mammon the love and care he deserves and one time you make sure the other brothers get what's coming to them.
Tumblr media
The first time you show your bias towards Mammon, it’s an accident. You’re exhausted, exams and tasks kicking your ass, so when you stumble out of your room and see the brothers lounging in the living room, you don’t even think, falling on top of Mammon.
Mammon grunts, your whole weight suddenly on top of him. “MC, the hell are you doing?”
“Comfy,” you murmur, hiding your face in his chest. He sighs when it becomes apparent you’re not going to move, shuffling around so the both of you are in a more comfortable position.
“MC,” Asmo whines, patting his lap invitingly. “Wouldn’t you rather sit with me?”
“No, if they’re sitting with anyone, it’s going to be me!” Levi interjected, and you let out an almost silent groan, sick of the noise and fighting.
“I want to stay here,” you say stubbornly, and it’s silent for a moment. You can feel the rise and fall of Mammon’s chest, the pattern lulling you so close to sleep. You’re almost there when Satan asks “why?” an edge to his voice that makes your hackles rise.
“He’s my favorite,” you say dreamily, keeping your eyes closed even as you feel Mammon flinch, hand stopping its small strokes across your back.
You nuzzle deeper into his arms, quickly and warmly drifting off.
Mammon sits down beside you at lunch, slapping a paper onto the table. You pull it over to you, realizing it’s a quiz. One he passed with flying colors.
“Great job!” You grin over at him, gently bumping your shoulder against his.
“What happened?” Lucifer asked, looking up.
“Mammon got a 97% on his quiz,” you say proudly, remembering seeing him sitting in his room, books out in front of him.
“No way.” Levi grabs the paper from you, holding it up. “What? He actually did well for once.”
Everyone laughs, and you watch Mammon force a chuckle, stealing his quiz back, absentmindedly smoothing out the wrinkles.
“Seriously? That’s a surprise,” Belphie mutters. “I thought the idiot would never be able to get above a seventy. I guess we all get lucky once in a while, though.”
Turning towards him, you frown. Belphie raises a brow as if he doesn’t understand why you’re frowning. You laugh a little, clenching your fists under the table.
“Oh, shut up,” you say, faux playfully, but Belphie keeps going.
“Maybe it’s time to change his name from Stupid-Mammon to Okay-ish-Mammon.” He gasps. “Wait- Mammon did you cheat?”
Mammon stiffens.
“Belphegor,” you say, invoking some of the pact. “Shut the fuck up before I make you.”
His mouth snaps shut, as do the rest of the brothers’. You reach wonder the table and squeeze Mammon’s knee.
Throwing yourself in front of Mammon, you force Lucifer to stop, shutting his demonic aura down in an instant.
“What is going on here?”
“Mammon stole something of mine! Something precious!”
“I swear I didn’t!” Mammon holds out his hands. “MC, you gotta believe me. I didn’t take it.”
“As if they’re going to believe that!” Lucifer strains against the invisible tethers you’ve forced around him, face red. “You’re such a scumbag! Who else would take it, besides you?”
“What exactly is missing?” You raise your voice to be heard.
“A pair of cufflinks,” Lucifer explains, eyes fixed behind you, presumably on a Mammon.
“And why are those cufflinks so special? You own, like, a billion pairs.” Resisting the urge to scream, you work to be level-headed.
“They were a gift.” Lucifer resolutely doesn't go into detail.
“Okay? What do they look like?” you ask, and Lucifer begins to describe them.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Once you figure out which pair he’s talking about, you’re able to remember exactly where they are. “I found them in the laundry and put them on your dresser. I told you this, several times too.”
And you had. Lucifer had acknowledged you each time, so you thought he was listening, but guess not.
“Go check right now and see if they’re there.”
Lucifer goes, and returns a moment later, looking somewhat defeated. Mammon remains silent behind you.
“Were they there?”
Lucifer nods. “Yes. I apologize.”
You purse your lips. “I’m not the one you should be apologizing to, and you know that. Say sorry to Mammon.”
“Really, MC, this isn't necessary,” Mammon tries, but you just shake your head.
“Yes, it is.”
Reluctantly, Lucifer stumbles through a half-assed apology, quickly leaving the room as soon as he is able to.
“I choose Mammon!” you say for the umpteenth time, grabbing his hand.
“You always choose Mammon.” Beel crosses his arms.
“Damn right I do. He is my first man, after all.” Steady in your resolve, you give them all a charming smile.
“But it’s no fair,” Asmo cries. “It’s like you like him more than the rest of us.”
Staying silent, you swing your and Mammon’s intertwined hands in between you two. After a moment, you shrug, figuring the conversation was over.
“All right, Mammon, let’s go get dinner started!” Tugging him along, you head for the kitchen, scoffing when you’re out of earshot of the rest of them.
“The audacity!” you hiss, stomping to the cupboards.
“Uh, MC?” Mammon asks hesitantly, and you work to soften the glare on your face before turning to him.
“What’s up?”
“I’ve been noticin’ that you seem to like, protect me sometimes, and you don't gotta do that.” He wrings his hands nervously, and you scoff.
“I guess it can come off as I’m protecting you sometimes, but really, I’m just standing up for you. No one deserves to be treated poorly like this.” Biting your cheek, you try to keep yourself from saying more.
“Well, I mean, you hurt your relationships with Lucifer and the others when you do, and I don’t want that to be my fault,” Mammon admits. You cross the kitchen, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him so you can stare into his eyes.
“You’re not damaging my relationships with them. They’re doing that, do you hear me? None of any of this rests on your shoulders, okay? And don’t let anyone tell you any different.” Shaking him a little bit to emphasize your point, you wait until he nods to release him.
[Unnamed chat (7)]
MC: what is this?
Lucifer: MC, we created this chat to talk to you about something we feel is important.
Belphegor: yeah
Lucifer: We think it would be best if you took a step back from Mammon for the time being.
MC: what? why???
Lucifer: We think he’s a bad influence on you and you would do much better if separated from him.
Satan: It’s nothing personal, really, we’re just looking out for you.
MC: literally what the fuck. what the actual fuck.
Asmodeus: anyways, it’ll be best in the long run if you just give up on him. we all know mammon’s true worth
MC: are you guys insane? this has got to be a prank
Lucifer: Please, MC, just consider what we’re saying.
Leviathan: and this way you can spend more time with the rest of us!
MC: i cannot believe this. stay the fuck away from me and mammon. i can’t believe you dare call yourself family of his and friends of mine. you’re no such thing.
MC: if any of you come near me or him i won’t hesitate to get diavolo involved. in fact, i should have been in touch with him since the beginning.
Lucifer: You will do no such thing.
MC: watch me
[You have left the chat]
+ i
Mammon looks up from across the library table, brows furrowed. “Everythin’ all right? You were typin’ pretty furiously.”
“No, everything is not okay,” you say at the end of your rope. “C’mon, let’s pack up. We’re going to the Demon Lord’s castle.”
“What? Why?” Mammon began shoving his books in his bag even as he waited for an answer.
“You’ll find out when we get there. In advance, I’m sorry.”
“It’s about you. Well, your brothers, but in regards to you. They just crossed a line and I’m not going to stand for it. It’s time for Diavolo to get involved.”
The two of you arrived quickly at the castle, let in by Barbatos, who, of course, knew you were coming. You’re brought to the garden, where Diavolo is, things for tea already set up.
The two of you take a seat, and you begin to explain everything that had been happening since you had arrived in the Devildom. Several times, Mammon tried to downplay the situation, but you wouldn't let him.
The icing on the cake is when you showed Diavolo the group chat. His normally cheerful face falls, hardening, and for once you can see the ruler within him.
“This is unacceptable,” he eventually says, looking up at the two of you. “Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”
“Of course,” you nod.
“Although, I must ask- what prompted you to not fall into the same patterns all of the avatars have? It would have been easy, yet you stayed firm in your resolve. Is there a certain reason for that?”
Looking down, you idly scratch at the finish on the table. “Well, I suppose I’ve been in Mammon’s position before.”
“What do ya mean by that?” Mammon asks concernedly.
“Why do you think I wasn’t that upset to be down here? It’s not like I really miss my family or anything, and that’s kind of for a reason.”
“Are you saying your family treated you like the brother’s treat Mammon?” Diavolo clarifies, and you nod.
“Yeah. And I wanted to prevent the same thing happening here, but-”
“You’ve done a very good job,” Barbatos says firmly, refilling your cup. “One person simply cannot handle this on their own.”
“Exactly.” Diavolo set his teacup down. “Until this is settled I think it may be best if you and Mammon stay in the castle. We have spare rooms galore, and please don’t hesitate to ask Barbatos if you need anything.”
“Thank you,” you say, and Diavolo shakes his head.
“No, thank you. Mammon is lucky to have someone as good to him as you in his life.”
“I’m only showing him basic decency and kindness,” you protest, and Diavolo huffs out a laugh.
“Yes, well, my point still stands. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a certain avatar of pride to speak to. Please, feel free to enjoy more tea, though.” Rising from the table, Diavolo takes his leave, followed by Barbatos.
You look over at Mammon, who’s staring down at the table. “I can’t believe they’d do something like that,” he whispers, and your heart breaks, splintering a little more.
“They won’t anymore. Not after this.” Placing your hand over his, you squeeze it gently. “And remember, you’re not obligated to forgive them for any of this.”
“Have you forgiven your family?” Mammon asks, and you sigh.
“It’s really hard to say. Maybe in time, I’ll be able to, but for right now, I’m just glad to be away from them.”
“Yeah.” Mammon falls silent, and you know this won’t be solved in just a day. His brothers have century's worth of stuff to make up for, and damn, if you’re not going to take pleasure in watching them grovel at Mammon’s feet.
Tumblr media
pt 2
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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obeythebutler · 4 months ago
Yandere Undateables Obey Me
Sorry it took me so long to finish these !!! Also, no Luke here.Luke is baby. FEM reader here
Yandere Demon Brothers here.
- Diavolo is delusional and protective.
-  He is caring and kind towards you, unlikely for the Prince of Devildom. Always inviting you to his castle, gifting you expensive items, chatting and gossiping with you over the delicious tea Barbatos has brewed.The Prince is not too big on PDA, he doesn’t need to, who would be foolish enough to even glance at the lover of Diavolo?
-He is a lonely demon, having had others constantly walk on eggshells around him. You noticed that and made sure to give him extra attention. Texting and calling him everyday, greeting and talking with him whenever you chanced upon him.In private, even calling him “Dia.”
- Diavolo is a giant puppy in a demon’s body. Always clinging to you, laughing his boyish laugh at your or the brother’s antics, even feeding you with his own hands. You sit in his lap as he does his paperwork, and give him a kiss on his neck .But at this point, you are spending more time with Diavolo than at the House Of Lamentation.
- You notice, and have to decline some of his invitations.It can’t be helped, you need time to yourself and the brothers.You will make it up to him later, you promise.So when you have to excuse yourself from his study, as it is past 6 and you must be back, its your turn to cook dinner today. Diavolo pouts, but reluctantly lets you go.You promise and fuss that you will be back tomorrow, and with a kiss you leave. But what you don’t know is that this is your last time going back.
- Diavolo wants you all to himself.He’s the Prince of fucking Hell, and you are just a little lamb among wolves.You need to be protected.You need to be cared for.You need to be loved by him.Only him.
- The next day, over tea, Diavolo mentions for you to stay permanently at his castle, with him.It’s a  generous offer, not everyday does the Prince of Hell offer for you to stay at the castle but you politely decline.Even though you are his lover, you still live with the brothers.You loved hearing Mammon and Lucifer bicker, and hear his screams with an amused grin when Lucifer was chasing after him, watching Satan fuss over cats( who knew wrath personified would baby talk with cats), game with Levi , do your nails with Asmodeus as he would ramble about his day, and eat and sleep together in a big cuddle pile with Beel and Belphie.You love them too.
- You try to reason with him, the whole time Diavolo’s smile never falters.In the middle of your ramble,he cuts you off.
“ Did I say you could leave ?”
This statement makes you gape at him.
-Diavolo now stands up, towering over you with his height.You’re tongue-tied and frozen in your seat, and can only watch as he leans down to your height, and his golden eyes bore into your scared ones, the smile never leaves his face.Lucifer once mentioned that even if Diavolo was fuming with anger, he never showed it. He smiled.
And now that smile was aimed at you.
“ You’re going to stay here with me, darling.You’re going to stay and be my bride.There is absolutely no need for you to go back.Everything you need is here.Perhaps, in the future, you will even give me an heir.We are going to be a family, my Queen.”
What exactly has gone into him?
Diavolo’s a gone man. He’s gone crazy.These outrageous statements, and a child?! He’s gone nuts.
-With a burst of adrenaline, you throw the teacup at his face,and as he’s momentarily blinded you kick his knee and wrestle out of his grasp. You try to run, but as your hand touches the door knob,a sickening crack is heard, and the world goes black.
- Diavolo finally has you in his grasp.And he’s not letting you go.Not that you can.
-Diavolo keeps a keen eye on you.And when he is not there, Barbatos watches your every move. There’s no escape, darling. And the brothers? Diavolo has convinced them that you have gone back to your realm as you were tired of them. And if they try to poke and prode further into the matter?
-Well, he isn’t the strongest demon in the Devildom for nothing.
-  Diavolo is aware of your limits.You’re a weak, fragile human, and he is afraid of breaking you.But there is a part, a part deep inside that wants to watch you break.
-He’s awfully gentle and sweet with you despite your reluctance and refusal.This man worships every inch of you.
 “ Hush darling, just a little more.You can take it.”
-  Even if you lash out, he will still have that sickening smile.
- He will have you sitting on his lap during meetings or as he works in his study. He will either finger you or cockwarm you until you can’t take it anymore.And if anyone notices, do they dare point out ?
- And if someone’s nearby, well, that adds to the thrill of it.He’ll have a hand over your mouth to prevent your moans and whimpers from spilling, as he either works his cock or fingers in you.
- Breeding kink.Breeding kink.Breeding kink. This man will have you in a mating press.The Devildom requires a heir, and Diavolo is more than happy to provide one.
          “ You’re going to look so beautiful, so beautiful.”
- His hand is on your stomach, observing the bulge from his cock inside you.
- Not even death can make you leave him.
-Barbatos is possessive and protective.
- No matter where you go, Barbatos always has an eye on you. Walking, eating, bathing, he watches from the shadows.
- Barbatos regularly cooks for you. He has his way of knowing what exactly you want at that moment.He’s a brilliant chef and will gladly put his abilities to use for you. Barbatos bakes cookies and cakes for you with the utmost care at night, when the Young Master has been put to bed and feeds them to you with his own hands, lovingly.
- A majority of his time is spent caring and looking after his Prince, so he tries to spend time with you whenever he can.Going to the local port market? Come along.Baking? Good, you can taste test the ingredients.
- Cuddling at night in his bed, forehead kisses as you pass by, baking sweet treats specially for you,and bathing together are his favorites.Calls you ‘dove’, ‘honey’ and ‘love’ a lot Honestly, this demon is so subtle you won’t even notice his yandere traits for a good while.
- His protectiveness and possessiveness manifest itself as time passes. One day, everything sharp in the kitchen is baby-proofed.
“ Stay back,love ! You could get hurt !”
“ Barbatos, that is a butter knife you are holding.”
- You don’t know this, but Barbatos keeps a track of whosoever you have or are interacting with.The Young Master ? He’s eavesdropping. The Demon Brothers? He’s with you.Talking to an acquaintance? He’s watching from the shadows. And those who disrespected you or looked at you even a moment longer will perhaps have their eyes gouged out by him or tortured for eternity in his not so secret torture room.
- It is so endearing, your demon in love fussing over you. But isn’t baby-proofing every sharp corner in the castle a bit too much? And what happened to that succubus who was in your class ?
- Don’t try voicing your suspicions,darling. Because, if you do, you won’t ever get to see the sun shine again.
- He won’t harm you,oh no love, he’s going to keep you to himself for all eternity.
- Barbatos has a corner of his closet filled with ropes and toys.Who knew that such a collected and calm demon would be so kinky?
- He knows what to do to make you cry out in pleasure.His fingers work magic on you as you drown in ecstasy.He watches your every reaction, the slightest twitch, the quietest noises, Barbatos is a very observant demon.
- Sexual punishments will leave you a whimpering mess.He’ll gag and bound you for hours. He’s well aware of your pain threshold, and knows when to stop.
- His aftercare is the best.He’ll run you a bath if you’re sore and messy, and if you’re too tired, he’ll wipe you down with a washcloth and then make you eat nutritious food.
- On days when he has been too rough, he’ll tend to every bruise and bite mark, fussing over that patch of your skin.
- You can’t even escape.He can look into different timelines, even choose his desired reality.This is the one time he will have to defy Diavolo’s orders.
-Without you, he’ll go mad.
- Simeon is protective and manipulative.
- He takes upon himself to protect you.He’ll be besides you whenever you are talking to individuals deemed threatening.Simeon can sense true intentions very well.His fragile human alone with demons? Not a chance. In front of Luke, though,he lets his guard down a bit.
- Simeon adores you.Forehead kisses, cuddles,love letters and poems are regulars.He’ll cradle your face in his and look at you lovingly.He loves kisses.He’ll kiss you silly. He worships the ground you walk upon. You’ll be bathed in love, darling.
- Speaking of nicknames, he likes to call you ‘my angel’ and  ‘ little lamb’ often.
- His yandere traits barely show, almost as if they were never there.Simeon is very good at hiding them, can’t have his darling running away from him, can he? He's proficient in the art of manipulation, and carefully crafts his words whenever he speaks to you.
- And don’t think he’s keen to keep his status as an angel.If the Celestial Realm denies him you,the Devildom won’t.He would willingly fall for you from the Celestial Realm, if it means having you in his arms.Simeon will commit sacrilege for you.
- A relationship with him is so loving, so intoxicating,so patient, its a dream come true. Your hand in his own, cooking together, going to sleep together, you in his lap as he writes,its heaven in hell.
- What you don’t know, honey, is the blood on his hands. Simeon will murder anyone who tries to take you away, taint you with their filthy hands.What you will see, is the love-stricken look he gives you.
- Like I said, Simeon is not afraid to deviate from the code of being an angel.He’ll make love to you, to have you so intimate with him, so vulnerable, so beautiful, only he can see you like this.
- Simeon will make sure of that.
- He is into body worship.Every inch of your skin deserves to be revered, to be pampered and praised, only by him. Your pleasure comes first.You are his God, and he, your devotee.
- He will get a bit rough if you desire so.He’ll leave hickeys and bitemarks on your skin, and have you leave some on him too.
- On days when he’s feeling particularly needy for you, he’ll whisk you away from whatever you are doing to touch you, to pleasure you, to love you.
- Let him worship you
- Solomon is possessive.
- He's the perfect lover at first, you're glad you could find a human amongst biblical entities who were trying to eat you.Handsome and charismatic, people are drawn like a moth to him.
- He doesn't mind PDA, places his hand on the small of your back when you go out, hand on your waist, he's an old fashioned sorcerer man.
- It’s normal at first.Lingering touches, unspoken words which grow bolder and more depraved with time,
- He invites you over frequently to Purgatory Hall, and you watch as he brews new potions or learns new spell( he always casts a protective spell on you to ensure you don't get hurt) and converses with you in between.
- Solomon cooked for you once, once.You got sick and threw up.Safe to say, you don't eat food cooked by him now.
- He is possessive to a suffocating degree.Hickeys and bite marks litter your neck whenever you go out.But, others won't try to make a move on you, after all, Solomon is a powerful sorcerer with demons at his command.
- Let's hope the idea to leave doesn't cross your mind, because then,things will become a lot more unpleasant.
- Solomon is sadistic.
- He likes to make you beg for him, watch as you cry from over stimulation or when you are edged mercilessly, Solomon watches with a grin and taunts you on.
                        “ Pretty needy, are we ?”
- He doesn't mind using aphrodisiacs, they heighten the senses and that makes it all more fun, doesn't it ? To see his darling desperate and whining turns him on immensely.
- His kisses are suffocating, and he leaves hickeys and bitemarks on places not easily hidden by clothes.
- Solomon loves spanking.If you’ve been rebellious in the past he will spank you as punishment.Its humiliating, and your embarrassment and pain turns him on more.
- Solomon isn't opposed to sharing you either.Perhaps Asmodeus can be invited for a fun night...
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long-furby6 · 26 days ago
House Of Lamentation Headcanons Literally Nobody Asked For
When you procrastinate on writing for a week but you promised yourself you’d post something once a week so you scrap this together on a Sunday morning in a haze of pure fury
Tumblr media
Mammon has a gold tooth
Belphie once fell asleep on Barbatos’ shoulder during a RAD meeting and they’re still awkward about it
Mammon and Levi don’t often jab at eachother’s appearances bc they both know the other is deeply insecure about it. They go for personality flaws instead
Beel once ate a $10 bill and Mammon cried about it for like 3 days
Levi and Satan have a few fandoms in common and often sit down to have aggressive shipping wars. It’s always a tad frightening to whoever’s in the room with them
Asmo stole his scarf from one of his hookups but will deny it to the day he dies
Satan once lost a bet and had to wear whatever Asmo wanted him to for like a week. It was…interesting to say the least
The nearby electronics store is getting a little concerned with how many times Lucifer comes in, buys a single router, and then leaves with no explanation
Lucifer can’t handle the cold. He’s constantly wearing fur coats, turtlenecks and fluffy jackets in 38°C heat. He often just huddles under a pile of blankets in his room but will never admit this weakness. Diavolo gets him heated blankets and sweaters as birthday gifts because he’s the only one who knows. He purposely keeps it from his brothers bc god forbid Satan finds out
Satan never spent time in the celestial realm outside of Lucifer’s memory so he never really saw the sun until he went to the human world a century after. He was absolutely shocked and it still never ceases to amaze him since she’s just not used to it
Beel is not only a glutton for food :)
Mammon clutches onto Beel when he’s scared because he’s the least likely to shake him off or make fun of him for it
Asmo has a deathly fear of heights
You can’t watch sad dog movies such as Marley & Me with Lucifer or he will be the most inconsolable, rage-filled being for the next few days
Satan reads so many romance novels and sometimes tries what the character’s do on MC and it’s getting annoying
Levi takes buzzfeed quizzes for validation
Cerberus does that tik tok dog thing when they put their muzzle in your hand and Lucifer does it more than he’d like to admit. Asmo once did it for his devilgram and nearly died
Satan has a bit of a crooked smile and he’s kinda insecure abt it
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niirasri · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Looks like everyone's favorite butler is now the Fire Station's star model. Remember, fine citizens of the Devildom, that starting fires on purpose is illegal!
Mammon is [here]
Lucifer is [here]
💜✨commission info✨💜
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diavolosthots · 3 months ago
Idk if you’ve done this cuz you have a lot of amazing content but how would the undates react to a S/O that babies them and is just very affectionate overall
Haven't done it for the undateables I dont think lol so here it is!
THE UNDATEABLES reacting to MC babying them
Barbatos stopped babying him years ago and he always gets sad. The most he may get is his regular glass of warm milk before bedtime and only because he made that a nightly rule and Barbatos HAS to follow it. So, to actually get attention, and love (and get away with shit) is the highlight of his life and he’s soaking ALL of it up. Careful MC, he’s figuring out your weaknesses in order to get exactly what he wants. Borderline manipulation? Guilt tripping? Oh absolutely. Better give him one more kiss and hold him while he falls asleep or he will cry. 
He finds it… odd and strangely comforting. Odd because he’s a demon that’s literally as old as your entire bloodline and he knows more than you ever will, why are you treating him like a baby? On the other hand, after a long day of dealing with diavolo of work, he does appreciate the attention. Do some chores for/with him. Make him dinner. Rub his back. Draw him a bath. Try to ‘protect’ him from dangers… it’s cute. It’s comforting. It reminds him of his baby days which were oh so long ago. Also please take care of any and all rats, thanks. 
Angels are caregivers anyway. They love to comfort and help each other out and they love it even more if their affection and efforts get returned, so baby him all you want. He’s soaking literally all of it up to the brim, but also expect that he’s going to do the same to you and that *may* cause a conflict. “It’s your turn to relax and let me do literally everything” “ no it’s your turn” “MC I’m not arguing with you” “I’m not either sit down.” and it either gets worse or both of you just cuddle up and nothing gets ever done. Who knows. Depends on the day. 
Luke (platonic):
Listen here he’s a BRAT. Once he figures out you baby him because you WANT to and that, in your eyes, he could do no harm and nothing wrong, boy oh boy you’re in for a ride. Solomon and him are literally the worst with this and I highly discourage you to do this, but whatever. He’s now got you wrapped around his pinky and for an angel, his guilt tripping tactics are on fleek. Simeon taught him but don’t tell anyone, just pat his head some more and coo him to sleep, away from the bad demons.
As mentioned above, he’s right there with Luke, although he has days where he prefers to just be treated normally, if that makes sense. He soaks it up, absolutely, but when he needs or wants a serious conversation, don’t come at him with the “awe that’s alright mon-mon… c’mere. Let MC help you.” Absolutely not. Also he knows he needs that kick in the ass sometimes so don’t make this a …. 24/7 type of deal. Also set him straight and call him out on his bullshit, he admires that more than you seeing the baby in him all the time (although he is baby. Big baby.). 
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devildomdisaster · 11 days ago
Mc you're hurt! The case of the mistaken period. (Part 2: Barbatos)
The second part of a request:
In which Barbatos smells blood on the MC and thinks she is injured. But MC is just having her period.
Part 1: Diavolo, Part 3: Mammon
Content warnings: Periods, Blood, Demons who are sometimes stupid when human biology is concerned.
Barbatos was teaching you how to make a new Devildom recipe. He called it Devil's food cake with biting bean filling. Which you were quickly learning was very different from the human realm Devil’s food cake. For one thing the beans, despite being plants, tried to bite as you were preparing them.
One thing led to another and you found yourself surrounded by the shards of the ceramic cake platter you’d been bringing down from a shelf. With a resigned sigh, you crouched down and began picking up the pieces. Yanking your hand back and dropping the shards you’d just picked up as the jagged edge of a particularly wicked piece cut your finger.
“You’re hurt” Barbatos observes, extricating you from the circle of debris and bringing you to the counter to bandage your finger. Once your finger is bandaged and he’s cleaned the glass from the floor you both go back to decorating the nearly finished cake.
Sometime later Barbatos turns to you in concern. Recognizing the smell of fresh human blood he reaches over and takes your hand, examining it to see if any blood is coming through the bandage. You smile up at him, thinking his concern in double-checking your wound, especially such a mild one, is cute. Hmm, he thinks, curious, there's no new blood. But he is familiar enough with the smell to know he is not imagining things. You must have some other wound he had failed to notice. “Mc, you should have told me you had another wound.”
“What? Barbatos I don’t have another cut.”
“Please Mc, you don’t have to pretend I can smell fresh blood on you.”
When you shake your head, fear fills Barbatos' thoughts. The only time he’s ever seen a human not recognize their own wounds is when they’ve gone into some sort of shock. As the smell of a new wave of fresh blood fills the kitchen he begins to panic internally. He checks you over quickly. The faster he finds the wound the faster he can treat it. But there is no wound. Barbatos looks at you quizzically, “Mc you are sure you aren't hurt?”
“Yes, Barb I’m fine!” His frantic search has started to make you nervous. He’s circling you now, like some sort of shark and you jump a bit when his demon form slips into existence.
Barbatos changes into his demon form in order to smell the source of blood more clearly. But he doesn’t miss the way you flinch in surprise, a little grin curling up the corners of his mouth in brief pleasure before his worry causes him to focus again.
He stops circling you suddenly. Realization dawning on him, “Mc, are you by any chance on your period?”
You feel your cheeks heat up. Shit! You know he’s right, you started your period yesterday and you can feel the blood leaking through your tampon. Your second day was always heavy but you didn’t think you’d bleed through your clothing! That hadn’t happened in years. “Y-yes” you stutter.
“I see,” he muses, “that's where the blood was coming from. Good.”
“Yes, with the amount of blood I was smelling, had you been hurt it would have required immediate care. Barbatos is familiar enough with humans to understand what's happening now, and his senses in his demon form are sensitive enough to have determined the source of your blood.
You sniffle, feeling tears burn in your eyes “Barbatos I- I’m sorry I-”
He’s startled and panicky all over again, your tears shocking him so completely he's frozen for a moment. “Sorry? Whatever for?”
“I’m bleeding through everything!” you cry. Now able to feel the hot blood soaking through your pants.
“Oh, Mc,” he soothes. Fingers brushing your cheeks, “there is nothing to be sorry for. It’s just a bit of blood. I’ve seen far worse, truly. Let's get you cleaned up, I’m sure I can find something clean for you to wear. And then I’ll show you how demons remove blood stains.” Barbatos has several tricks up his sleeve to remove blood stains and is happy to make sure your blood doesn't stain your clothes.
Barbatos guides you to his rooms and gives you perhaps the fluffiest pajama pants you’ve ever seen. You look at the pants with a little giggle, imagining Barbatos, the powerful demon that he is, wearing them on the coldest nights of the Devildom winter. The pants are comically large on you but the drawstring allows you to cinch them comfortably around your waist, and Barbatos kneels down to roll the cuffs up to a suitable length. Once you’re cleaned up, Barbatos brings you a slice of the fresh, still warm cake and the two of you sit down together for cake and tea.
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Obey me boys ft. the texts my mom sends me
Lucifer: Why are you online?? Did you do your homework yet?
Mammon: Honey, I lost my wallet again
Levi: Sweetie, come take a look. My fish is swimming upside down
Asmo: Darling, *Sends 2 photos of her in different outfits* what looks the best?
Beel: Come home and make me a sandwich
Belphie: I'm going to sleep now
Simeon: What's this ‘emoji’ you speak of?
Solomon: I have your dad's wallet. Let's go shopping
Luke: Sweetie, come home. I need you to help me bake
Barbatos: That's inappropriate
Diavolo: What's yeet?
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devilllain · 4 months ago
Barbatos 💚 (Lucifer wolf card redraw)
Tumblr media
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obeythebutler · a month ago
Some Barbatos angst with MC please? I need angst for him...
"How many realities have you seen me die in, Barbatos?"
A blunt question, yet it makes the pit of his stomach sink, rendering the demon into a temporary haze.
"Why do you ask?" Another blunt answer, a raised eyebrow, and your voice trails off as you speak.
"It's just know, i was curious, since you're a demon who can manipulate time and choose realities. How fun it would be!"
Barbatos finds himself smiling at your blissful ignorance, utterly unaware of the weight of the question you merrily voiced. You really don't know, what he has done and seen.
Endless realities, endless possibilities, and endless death.
If he closes his eyes, Barbatos can recall a few by sheer memory alone. Flashing moments and haunting scenes, both beautiful and macabre in their own sense. Some he wasn't able to prevent in some timelines.
The first one, where you died by the hands of a lesser demon. From the underdeveloped and poorer districts of southern Devildom, the demon assumed grabbing for your silver necklace and making a run from there would make for easy money, but in doing so you were killed when you resisted the mugging.
Barbatos was able to prevent that, by making up a random chore of going to the local port market for ingredients, and putting you out of harm's way.
The second, where time came back to fix itself. Another Barbatos, but not another you.
He watched you die by his own hands. At least your suffering was ended quickly, a snap of the neck. But when he looked into his own eyes he saw not himself, a fool in love, but a butler devoted to his master.
That was a lesson for him that time taught, do not attempt to break the chains of loyalty, for they will coil themselves even tighter around you.
There are many more realities, that Barbatos will get visions of in the days to come. There are realities where he died along with you, realities where you loved someone else, and a part of Barbatos died, but not his love for you.
Gazing into your curious eye, Barbatos is reminded of the present—that you're here, alive, and this is not a vision, but reality.
Reality he cannot choose, not unless given permission. Such is his predicament.
"A magician never reveals his secrets, eh?" He smiles, ignoring the way his lips want to tremble, or the way his voice wants to break into sobs.
You laugh, making him laugh as well. A temporary reprieve from the harrowing possibilities he has seen.
When Barbatos turns around and bids you farewell, for his Prince is calling, only then does he get another vision, and before he knows it, the glass in his hand has shattered.
This a reality that he cannot prevent, a fate he cannot change, for Barbatos cannot play God this time.
Because in this reality, the five words that Barbatos dreads are depicted clearly.
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certified-sloth · 10 days ago
How do demon brothers react to MC's pet rat that is named Barbatos?
I cackled LMAO
This is my first time receiving a request so I hope you don't mind if it doesn't meet your expectations!
Rat Barbatos..?
Yes, I can't draw well to save my life LOL
Tumblr media
Let him get this straight, you have a rat
And it's name is Barbatos?
"Isn't he just adorable?"
You show Barbatos to him and he looks at it dumbfounded
You'd have him hold your rat and there would be a huge silence
They'd stare at each other for a moment before giving the rodent a tiny piece of food
"...I advise you to keep him away from the other Barbatos."
Huh??? Why do you have a rat?
That's Barbatos?- but he thought Barbatos was in the castl-
Ohhh a different Barbatos!
...does your pet do any tricks?
Look at the possibilities MC! He could open up a talent show for your rat
And you get paid in no time!
No? Ok, ok, he won't do that- stop looking at him like that
"But tell me when ya change your mind!"
...he asked you for game night, why did you bring a rat-
Oh, that's your pet?
Well, it's not like he couldn't take it awa- you named him Barbatos?
ROFLLLL Imagine the look on the butler's face to find out a rat was named after him!
...He expected himself to enjoy game night with you
Not you spoiling your rat when you were supposed to pay attention to him and the game
Had second thoughts of letting you bring your rat
"That rat's being treated like royalty and I'm left in the snob area- what? No I said nothing!"
He knocked on your door to ask if you wanted to go to the bookstore
There wasn't an answer so he proceeded to come in
...only to see a rat, taking a shower on the tub at your table
Would apologize and turn around for a moment
It wasn't a cat but it was still adorable in Satan's eyes, all furry friends are very adorable for him actually
When he heard a small squeak, he'll turn around
And you just came out of the bathroom, you introduced him to Barbatos and he smiles
"Ah, I'll admit, he's quite cute."
He'll squeal in delight and look at the rat since it was well taken care of and clean
Would come home with all assortment of outfits to fit on your pet
His name is Barbatos? That just makes him even more cute!
Definitely would run a small fashion show for your rat
Your rat would go to a next level of skincare routine something safe
Oh, would you look at that! It's time for him and Barbatos to go for facial care!
"Look at how shining Barbatos is now, the beauty routines absolutely make him even more dazzling!"
He comes to the kitchen to find you... helping a rat cook?
Barbatos? That's his name?
He notices what your pet is making and how you help him
It reminded him of Barbatos the butler and he smiled at how talented your rat is
Would also help your rat every once in a while by grabbing the ingredients here and there
This suddenly reminded him of the movie you both watched
What was it called again? Ah, Ratatouille!
"Hehe, I wonder what Barbatos would make, he looks like he loves cooking too."
He was about to sprawl on your bed when he noticed a rat coming out from under the blanket
He turns to you who was doing homework
"MC, there's a rat on your bed."
"Oh, Barbatos?" You called and the rat squeaked in response
He'll blink multiple times in confusion and turned back to the rat
Making sure it wasn't a dream're strange to name Barbatos after a rat when the actual butler hates rats with all his being
He'll flinch and stare at the rat you were holding
Diavolo is laughing in excitement of this interaction
But he wasn't happy at all
Please tell him you're joking
You're not? Oh
His urge to exterminate the rodent is surfacing
But he doesn't want to hurt your feelings
"Please... excuse me while I make you some tea."
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