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denialforme · 5 months ago
A complete guide to the benefits of podcasting to business:
Businesses may benefit from podcasts in a number of ways. Here are some benefits why podcasts are an outstanding supplement to any business approach.
Competition is low:
The content industry is fiercely competitive, to say the least.When active digital marketers discover a content category or subject with high interest and low competition, they see huge wins with their content. That's exactly what a podcast will do for you.Though there are approximately 80 million Facebook company accounts, only 700,000 podcasts are currently available. When you search by topic, the number decreases.There could be just a few other podcasts with hundreds of thousands of listeners that address topics related to your market.With very little competition, it'll be much easier for your podcast to stand out and draw viewers! At, we are offering the best options of the ride podcasts and primary care podcast.
 Listeners will find it engaging:
Podcasts take no initiative on the part of the viewer to communicate with.Unlike written blog material that must be read, or even videos that require viewers to sit and watch, video content does not require audiences to sit and watch. To listen to a podcast, all a listener has to do is press play.It's the ideal content form for multitasking, which is what most of us do all the time.Audiences are less likely to interact with material that requires too much time or effort.
The number of people who listen to podcasts is rising.According to Statista, there were 48 million weekly podcast listeners in 2018. By 2021, this audience is projected to reach 115 million.This is a critical juncture for podcasts, as well as a crucial moment for advertisers who want to start one.Since more companies will begin producing this content and expanding their markets, now is the best time to get started.
Faithful listeners:
Since audiences remain faithful to their favorite shows, growing a podcast following ahead of the competition is critical.They form bonds with the hosts and want to return each time a new podcast episode is published.It would be impossible for your rivals to draw certain viewers to their own shows if you can create a large following before the podcast boom.This loyalty extends to other advertisement outlets as well. Podcast listeners, for example, are 20% more likely to communicate with a brand on social media. We are leading the era of podcasting by offering the best extremities podcast, psychiatry podcast and the drive podcasts.
 Interactive with audience:
For the viewer, there are a variety of immersive choices.Podcasts are very immersive, which is one of the reasons they are so entertaining and have such devoted listeners.Like a typical radio show, hosts will build viewer surveys, answer questions, and take "calls." This engages audiences and makes content consumption feel more like an immersive experience rather than merely listening to music.This interactivity aids in cementing the audience's bond. This level of brand-customer engagement is seen in just a few forms of content.
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healthcoachpage · a month ago
[The Best] Is “Fat and Fit” a Real Thing? and More
Want to put great fitness content on our radar? Post on Facebook and include #PTDCBestSubmission. 
Best Content of the Week
Can you be both fat and fit?
There are two conversations happening on the topic. The first is about compassion. The second is about science. Both elements are important for effective coaching. Without care, your clients won’t want change. Without science, your clients will make the wrong changes.
Check out the science on metabolically healthy obesity in this week’s top social media post from Joey Munoz.
—Dani Singer
Best Article
What You Deserve from a Business Coach — Justin Hanover, Fitness Revolution
I get dozens and dozens of friend requests from “business coaches” each week. You might too. Due to the rise of smaller studios, tons of coaches are now opening their own gyms—and plenty of fresh-faced business coaches think they can help. But can they, really? If you’re thinking about hiring a business coach, this is what you deserve from them.
— Shane McLean
  Best Video
Metabolic Adaptation: What Does the Science Actually Say? — Ben Carpenter
If you want to get clear on what metabolic adaptation is and isn’t, this eight-minute video from Ben Carpenter will save you hours of research. In it, he addresses the big studies you’ve likely heard of (Minnesota Starvation Experiment and The Biggest Loser trial) as well as research that paints a bit of a different picture. This overview will help you explain a complex topic to clients who are likely misunderstanding the term “metabolic adaptation.”
  — Esther Avant
  Best Social Media Post
Posted by Joey Munoz on July 28, 2021
In this week’s best post, Joey Munoz dives into the data to answer the question “Is it possible to be overweight/obese yet still be perfectly fine in terms of health?” The conclusion might surprise you. The risk of mortality among these individuals was still higher despite the absence of abnormal metabolic health. How? Check out the post to learn more!
— Christina Abbey
Best Podcast
The Year of Recognizing True Accomplishments: With Lee Boyce — Chris Liddle with guest Lee Boyce, The Lifestyle Chase
Lee Boyce has carved out an excellent career in the industry as a strength coach, presenter, and writer. He and host Chris Liddle chat about Boyce’s career trajectory, how he pivoted in 2020, and how he hones his writing craft. His matter-of-fact yet humble approach to both long-form writing and social media has earned him respect across the industry and recognition from the lay public. He talks about the value of in-person conferences—both as a participant and a presenter. He believes in engagement and interaction. Boyce believes in being the absolute best at teaching the basics and continues to write to stay ahead. Fitness pros and coaches will find Lee’s career inspiring in terms of what you can accomplish with hustle and a thirst for learning.
— Mike Howard
More Great Fitness Content 
[Article] Are Partial Lifts Only for Partial Results? — Christian Thibaudeau, Thibarmy
[Video] Pass the C.S.C.S. w/ These 3 Studying Tips — BaRack Little, Show Up Fitness
[Video] Is Bulking and Cutting a Good Strategy? — Austin Baraki, M.D., and Jordan Feigenbaum, M.D., Barbell Medicine
[Podcast] Fitness and Nutrition Tips for Travel — Nick and Laurie Shaw, RP Strength
[Podcast] Skills for Stress/Emotional/Bored Eating — Andrew Coates with guest Josh Hillis, Lift Free and Diet Hard
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fitletenation · a year ago
Tumblr media
THIS WEEKS FITLETE PODCAST REVIEW GOES TO 📣 "Barbell Medicine Podcast" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * You can read the full review here: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This show should be a model for how to produce a high quality educational podcast. I do give you warning in advance that this show contains a lot of scientific jargon, and I recommend brushing up on some of the lingo before diving into their audio content. If you are not ready for it, it can take away from the show because some fo the stuff will take a second of two longer to actually sink in before you grasp the info. I really enjoy that they bring in some of their blog articles to the show because it allows me to hear their content in times when I would not normally be able to read it find since their articles are fairly long and sometimes in series. If you are a professional looking to nerd out on some info that is largely supported by various disciplines I highly recommend digging into the show. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you would like to rate this show and share your favorite episode sign up for a free FITLETE membership! . . . . . #podcasts #fitnesspodcast #fitnessbusiness #personaltraining #fitlete #podcastreview
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silaisprawnosc-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
W dzisiejszych czasach, kiedy facebook, youtube oraz instagram coraz to bardziej zyskują na popularności, na prawdę nietrudno jest znaleźć rzetelne informacje o treningu i odżywianiu. Z drugiej jednak strony, wiele osób wciąż wybiera wyjazdy na szkolenia oraz czytanie książek ponad wymienione wcześniej źródła informacji. Skąd, moim zdaniem, najlepiej jest czerpać wiedzę o szeroko pojętym zdrowym stylu życia? Przekonaj się poniżej!
Przebywanie z doświadczonymi osobami
Uważam, że najlepiej rozwinąć się można, zarówno w kwestii treningu siłowego, jak i zdrowego odżywiania, spędzając dużo czasu ze specjalistą w tej dziedzinie. Podjęcie współpracy z dobrym strength coachem znacznie lepiej przełoży się na wyniki w trójboju, niż przeczytanie 10 książek, tak samo jak lepsze docięcie na scenie kulturystycznej uzyskamy, gdy prowadzi nas odpowiedni spec od żywienia, aniżeli próbując osiągnąć to samemu na podstawie przeczytanych w internecie artykułów.
Informacyjne materiały na Youtube
W obecnych czasach na popularnym youtubie można co prawda natknąć się na setki vlogów, nie wnoszących żadnej wartości merytorycznej, jednak istnienie kilka – kilkanaście kanałów zawierających naprawdę rzetelne informacje. Bardzo serdecznie polecam takie źródła, jak np. Layne Norton, Jonnie Candito, Calgary Barbell, Joseph Franzo, czy Barbell Medicine.
Na przeczytanie dobrej książki trzeba poświęcić więcej czasu niż na obejrzenie kilku materiałów video, jednak jeśli dobrze wybierzemy lekturę, na pewno się to opłaci. Warto jednak przed wybraniem książki zrobić dokładny research na temat autora, aby nie czytać drugi raz podstawowych informacji, które już się posiada lub, co gorsza, naczytać się steku bzdur.
Podcast to zazwyczaj 1 – 2-godzinne słuchowisko, podczas którego dwóch lub więcej ekspertów dyskutuje na dany temat. Również bardzo gorąco polecam to źródło wiedzy (w szczególności The Flexxcast, Physique Science Radio, RTS Podcast, czy Barbell Medicine Podcast), aczkolwiek słuchając podcastów musimy pójść na pewien kompromis. Wiadomo, że przez 90 minut oprócz merytorycznej wiedzy będzie trzeba przesłuchać również luźne rozmowy/żarciki rozmówców pojawiające się w trakcie dyskusji.
Celowo wymieniłem ten podpunkt na końcu, gdyż, jak widać, jeśli dobrze się poszuka, można znaleźć naprawdę całą masę wartościowych informacji dostępnych za darmo lub za bardzo niewielką kwotę (np. 30 – 40 złotych za książkę). Oczywiście, na szkoleniach również można usłyszeć wartościowe rzeczy, aczkolwiek przed wydaniem 400 – 800 złotych warto dwa razy zastanowić się, czy dana wiedza nie jest dostępna już gdzieś w sieci.
Punkt dodatkowy – studia
Jeśli któryś temat zainteresuje nas tak bardzo, że chcielibyśmy zgłębić go najbardziej jak tylko się da, oczywiście dobrym rozwiązaniem może okazać się rozpoczęcie studiów w tej dziedzinie. Można również postarać się swoją obecną edukację ukierunkować pod nasze zainteresowania (np. mając wykształcenie chemiczne łatwiej będzie nam zrozumieć biochemię, lub, tak jak jest w moim przypadku, studiując na uczelni technicznej, zgłębić zagadnienia biomechaniki, poprzez pisanie pracy dyplomowej w danej dziedzinie).
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denialforme · 5 months ago
5 Ways to Secure Big Name Guests for Your Podcast
The single most challenging challenge you'll face if you run an interview-based podcast, particularly in its early stages, is securing podcast guests. It's a process that can be both frustrating and time-consuming. As a result, it's important to be as reliable as you are strategic when it comes to securing the visitors.
 As a result, here are five foolproof ways to get the big-name podcast guests your listeners want:
 Your immediate network is the starting point for your Quest
The prospect of recruiting podcast guests at the start of your podcast may be overwhelming. However, your immediate network should be your first port of call. Do you know any consultants, clinicians, or psychiatrists if the podcast is on mental health and wellness? Will you have any friends who have been to therapy? Or who believe themselves to be activists for mental health?
 When you imagine your families, colleagues, employers, and anyone else with whom you have a direct connection, you'll be astounded not just by the number of possible podcast guests you have at your hands, but also by who they might meet. Never underestimate your immediate network's size. People who are looking for red eye podcast and insomnia podcast, for those is the best spot to hit.
 Email is Your Buddy 
No, seriously. We live in a moment where connectivity is incredibly necessary. So, whether you use social media accounts, official websites (and their contact forms), or simply inquire about, finding an email address to contact your future podcast guests is easier than ever.
When sending a "cold" email (one with which you have no previous relationship), though, it's vital to properly present yourself, state your intentions, and reveal who you are contacting on behalf of (which in this instance would be your podcast). It's also a good idea to list any notable podcast guests you've had previously. Also, make sure they know what there is to know about your podcast (its premise, target demographic, etc.) and why they will be a good match. And the biggest names in your industry would be surprised by how open they are to a well-crafted note. So don't be afraid to press the Send button. We leading the era with great services of barbell medicine podcast and grey's anatomy podcast.
 Solicit, Solicit, Solicit
Waiting for good things brings good things, but asking for better things brings better things. Let your audience know that your door is open for visits in your email or on your social media pages.
If you're looking for a specific niche or skill set rather than a specific person, be as specific as possible in your description. Request that someone who has been involved email you directly. You never know who is reading your email or watching you on social media, so don't be afraid to go for broke. The most critical point to remember about solicitation is that there are thousands of highly trained specialists and practitioners in hundreds of fields who are eager to present their work in front of an audience. You're not only looking for visitors, but you're also looking for exciting, convincing guests. We are providing the best services of barbell medicine podcast, grey's anatomy podcast and gutsy health podcast, with the assistance of our highly trained professionals.
 It's Helpful to Mix and Mingle
If you want to secure visitors, never underestimate the strength of face-to-face networking. Find Meetup parties, happy hours, conventions, business mixers, workshops, and everything else relevant to the industry, and go meet some people. Especially if the event features speakers or panelists who already have a following.
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