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newbieineverything · 21 hours ago
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You know what? She really did rock it look at her!
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Also they're such drama queens
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The neckline isn't even as deep as the og!
And the fact the Dick isn't allowed to participate cause they can't embarrass him is giving me life
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endless-comix · 2 days ago
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Nightwing #88 (Jamal Campbell)
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oifaaa · 4 months ago
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This is a direct squeal to that battle for the cowl au I posted last week which can be found here
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If they'd threatened to call Oracle it might've actually worked
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magicsuga · 6 months ago
The reason the BatFam is Like That™ is because in their formative years they were all the only child in their family
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frostbittenbucky · 3 months ago
Ok this is inspired by another post but I can’t find it, it’s been months and I think about it everyday
Batfam hacking Bruce’s phone for super important reasons
Barbra: “I have it hooked up to the batcomputer, it’ll decoded it in a few seconds then start opening all his files and go through them live”
Jason: “oh great, we get to see all his secrets together”
Dick: “yea, no offense to B but I don’t think there’s much to see”
Barbra: “it’s in, now we relax and watch the screen”
Stephanie: “oh man that’s fast, look we’re going through all his emails— now his texts. He talks to Clark a lot”
Damian: “none of this is of any use. This is a waste of time”
Barbra: “shh, just keep your eyes peeled. We’ll have to go through manually after but keep an eye out for anything interesting so we don’t have to search for the next two hours”
Duke: “ooh we’re in his photos now. Aw he has a family photo album”
Cass: “we look so happy. He took a lot oh pictures, and he has pet album”
Tim: “honestly I don’t expect this. I thought there’d he only pics he downloaded from the internet that the paps took”
Albums labeled “Dick pics” that’s private pops up
Stephanie: “oh god no!” [covers her eyes]
Jason: [ducking down] “fuck! No! Why, why!?”
Tim: “I don’t want see him like this. Isn’t he too old for that??” [covers his face with a file, smack his arm over Damian’s eyes]
Dick: [crouching down his his head in his knees] “ew, ew, ew”
Batkids: [panicked screaming]
Barbra: “for fucks sake Bruce, what the— oh they’re pictures of you Dick”
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doveamongangels · 5 months ago
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The Batfam really has been through it huh
[Edit: I know Alfred has died I just refuse to accept it <3]
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elegantwizardtree · 4 months ago
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me and @strawberrypincushion right now and probably half of the fandom.
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dceasesd · 4 months ago
“good dad bruce is superior” i say into the mic.
everyone claps. no backlash. it’s a fact.
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aliteralchicken · 2 months ago
Dick: you need to stay still you’ve lost a lot of blood
Tim: I didn’t lose it, it’s right there *points at the large puddle next to him*
Dick: that’s not what I-
Tim: you think I’m irresponsible, Oracle are you hearing this?
Babs, over the coms: shame on you nightwing, shame on you
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peppermintbat · 2 months ago
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Some more Gotham chibis
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Steph: Are Dick and Damian having a staring contest?
Barbra: Dick is, but I’m pretty sure Damian is just plotting revenge for something and forgot to blink.
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theundeadrobinclub · 2 months ago
idk if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but regardless of whether or not they've been shown to cook in canon, realistically every member of the batfamily would know how to cook, at least to some extent.
they don't all live at the manor where Alfred can cook for them all the time, a lot of them are independent adults. and they're vigilantes, they need to have a steady, fairly healthy, and nutritious diet to be able to stay fit and be able to kick people ass.
if they don't get enough of whatever their body needs, they're going to either lose their muscle, or pass out either during training or while fighting, and/or probably get sick. and they'll need a lot of calories to maintain their bodies with how much activity they get. living off of coffee and protein bars, or cereal, or fast food, or waffles, or whatever just isn't realistic for their life style.
headcanoning things like that is totally fine. it's a headcanon, they don't have to be anything close to canon or even make sense, it's an idea in your head. I'm sure (read: hope) a lot of people mean it very jokingly, but at least have the knowledge that those headcanons are entirety implausible.
some of these headcanons are so wide spread in the fandom that I've seen, that I'm almost sure theres at least some people who don't read as much source material and think it's actually canon.
the batfamily would likely get killed and/or keel over and die if they were not able to feed and take care of themselves.
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ghostpainters · 4 months ago
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Babs and Cass 
Sometimes your dreams will grow beyond you, and a lot of the time, that’s going to hurt. But trust that if you chose not to give up on them, the universe has a far greater plan for you. Imagine if you can, dreaming a dream so big, it has no choice but to grow beyond yourself to include include another. Imagine a dream so big, that you can pass it down to the next one in line. 
If I could summarize what it means to be a big sister in a couple images, this would be it. 
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Don't mind me, I'm just going absolutely feral over the quality Titans content today
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hintofcolor · 4 months ago
Live action movies I think DC should do before touching WonderWoman Superman or Batman again:
Midnighter and Apollo
Booster Gold
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle sequel to their stand alones shot as a comedy
Zantanna shot as a horror movie
Hawk girl
Superboy shot as an 80s teen movie with horror undertones. Just enough to make you aware that somethings off.
Batgirl. It’s a trilogy first is Barbara then Cassandra then Stephanie (none of the batboys or batman are present in any of the films) Barbara’s is your typical superhero action movie, cassandras has more of a horror element and Stephanies is shot as a 90s teen comedy with action hero undertones
Star sapphire
Raven shot as a horror movie
Wonder girl (Donna)
Not gonna lie I think a murder mystery type Lois lane movie set in like her early days before she knew Clark would be really cool. Setting her up as a character outside of Superman (meaning no Superman in the movie)
Static shock
Beast boy
Miss Martian
Alan Scott
Wally west shot as a murder mystery
Kyle Rayner
Wonder girl (Cassie)
Robin movie (Tim) strictly to set up a young justice movie (Bart has a cameo and the movie ends with him meeting Conner)
I have an entire DC movie Universe that I have created in my head and if one day I manage to coherently get it down on paper I will let y’all suffer through it
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frostbittenbucky · 5 months ago
Imagine the first time the batkids did the bat glare. The absolute pride Bruce experienced
Batman: [batglares]
Robin!Dick: [looks a little confused] [frowns] [batglares]
Batman: [nods proudly]
Bruce when he gets home: “Alfred you wouldn’t believe it-“
Bruce: [batglares casually at a toaster]
Jason: “how do you make that face”
Bruce: “what face?”
Jason: [batglares] “this one”
Bruce: [smug look] “just like that, Jay”
Bruce: “no, I’m not taking in another Robin. That’s finale.”
Tim: [batglares] “Batman needs Robin”
Bruce: “…go on”
Damian: [meets Bruce]
Bruce: [batglares] “and you say he’s my son?”
Talia: “just look at him, beloved”
Damian: [batglares]
Bruce: “…oh damn”
Batman: [intimidating a suspect, whips the batglares out]
Cass: [stares intensely before perfecting the batglare in one try]
Suspect: [crying] “please stop, I can’t take it”
Bruce: [batglares at Stephanie]
Stephanie: “ha! I’m immune, bitch” [flips him off] “you guys are gonna have wrinkles that would make a shar pei jealous”
Tim: “can’t be any worse than the wrinkles you have now”
Stephanie: [batglares] “dammit!”
Duke: “I don’t know guys, I don’t think I can do it”
Dick: “come on, it’s a bat thing. You can make the face” [batglares]
Damian: [batglares] “this is the final test”
Duke: “man, I really don’t think I can” [glares] “like it’s not there”
Jason: “I got it. Bruce! Bruce, come here!”
Bruce: [walks in] “what?”
Jason: [looks at duke] “Bruce was the one who ate your leftover pizza”
Bruce: “you threw me under the bus?”
Duke: [batglares]
Barbra: [glares at Bruce]
Bruce: “…I’m sorry”
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tihnni · 4 months ago
I found these on instagram. But imagine, him, rn, saying this to bruce 💀
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just-a-bunch-of-rambles · 9 months ago
Dick, Tim, Cass, Steph, Duke and Babs follow Bruce’s moral code
Jason and Damian follow Alfreds.
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soup-doop · 29 days ago
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Wayne Family Christmas Charity Gala (2/?)
Stephanie Brown only rlly came for the chocolate fountain
(Cass totally took this picture)
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