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Babs: What’s the difference between a gamete and a zygote?

Steph: Don’t Fall for it, Cass.

Steph: She’s just making up words.


Jason: Everybody has a bad brother that teaches you a few things. Like how to smoke, how to pick-pocket, how to hot-wire a car, how to put tacks on your shoe when you want to throw off a lie-detector test.

Artemis: Which brother was that?

Jason: I am the brother.


[Bruce talking to Clark about setting up a play date for their kids.]

Bruce: Yeah, i-it can be challenging finding playmates for an exceptional child.

Bruce: I don’t mean to brag, but that’s why I didn’t have any friends.


Dick: I know on the outside, it seems like I have everything together.

Duke: No, not really.


[Teenage Bruce walks into the kitchen clearly hungover.]

Alfred: Were you drinking?

Bruce: Alfred, do we really have to do this?

Bruce: You ask if I was drinking, I say “No,”

Bruce: and we both know that’s not true.


[ A 6 year old Helena to the rest of the batkids after a family vacation.]

Helena: I saw mama take shampoos from the room. So I took some things, too. Then some bigger things.

Helena: I like stealing. It makes my heart go fast.


Bruce [clearly offended]: What do you mean, I’m not even that scary?

Bruce: I almost scared the life out of a man.

Selina [clearly done with his bs]: You literally scared a little saliva and a little urine out of him.



Talia [yelling from the couch]: I WILL BE SURE TO THANK YOU IN MY SPEECH!


[Little Tim 24/7 before he became Robin but, had already figured out who was Batman.]

Tim: I wish I were one of those people who thrives on the danger of leading a double life.

Tim: You know, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Hannah Montana.


[Talia teaching Bruce how to kill a rat after the manor got a rat infestation.]

Talia [all dressed up weilding a shovel]: First you smash it, then you cut the head off.

Talia [hands bruce the now bloody shovel]: I go to the gala now.

[Bruce talking to Alfred afterwards]

Bruce: She left the head out there to send a message to the other rats.


[Dick after Bruce died and had to take care of boys]

Dick to Alfred: Act like a parent, talk like a peer.

Dick: I call it “peer-renting”.


[Selina after receiving good relationship advice from Damian.]

Selina: Wow. Sometimes I forget you’re only 10 years old.

Damian [with a milk mustache formed on his upper lip]: And ¾ths.

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Babs: The next person who even so much as opens their mouth to speak to me will be tased on the spot

Jason, whispering to Tim: Jesus what happened to her?

Tim whispering back: Dick asked her if the sun is a star, and when she said yes he said that it couldn’t be because it’s a sphere 

Dick, yelling from the other room: I am very tired and it was a good question!

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The Sleepover

Inspired by @daughter-of-apollo-fear-me

Damian wasn’t sure about this whole “sleepover” thing, of course he did want to try things normal kids get to do but this one? Seemed lame, but the others have done it and Grayson’s points were compelling so he pushed aside his thoughts and asked his father if he could participate in a normal sleepover.

Bruce agreed, of course, but had to ruin the glorious victory by saying, in his dad voice, “Damian, that’s five boys to one girl. Doesn’t that make you think it’s weird?” Damian shakes his head and brings up two points. “Drake had brought Miss Sandsmark for his, and father if you haven’t noticed not everyone is straight here.” That hit the bat more than it should have. He struck a nerve, if you will.

So here they are in Damian’s room, the owner of said room; wearing the green shorts and the shirt he stolen was given by Jon, as he was braiding Dawn’s hair. Billy and Colin were talking about what’s better in ice cream flavors, don’t ask. And Jon was with Don playing rock, paper, and scissors over something that most likely stupid.

Damian loved having his friends here and having loads of fun, but it after Jon won his game with Don it should’ve been a warning sign for what’s to come.

“Let’s go to the zoo.” A simple request, yes. Unfortunately it was 10 p.m. and Damian was banned from stepping foot near that zoo. He just wanted to pet an elephant… and set a few free. “Uh I don’t hate that idea, but why?” Damian asked, he never got an answer before Jon grabbed him and the twins grabbed the rest to break into Gotham city’s zoo.

Once they were inside every split up into two, the twins went to see the cheetahs, Billy and Colin went to the Lions, and then- the two obviously in love with each other- Damian and Jon went to the snakes. The half-Kryptonian was practically dragging the poor human, apparently he needed Damian to tell him all about the random facts he knows for snakes. Damian thinks he’s lying but didn’t bother to call him out. Why bother? So there they were, on the last snake there; the king cobra. “So have you seen this one?” Jon asked, face as close to the sleeping serpent. “Uh yeah, I had one as a pet but father said I couldn’t keep Nadira… she loved the showers and scared Grayson badly…” Damian missed her so much he found Alfred the cat, but he couldn’t replace her. Jon was about to comfort the boy but he heard the twins screaming. Welp, now this moment is ruined. “I think our friends are in trouble!” Jon got up and helped Damian up too, “I hope it’s not because Don decided to prank his sister, again.” They ran to the part the twins were supposed to be at, nothing. Nothing but a bow that Robin put in the speedster’s blonde hair. Before they could go and search for them a familiar face stopped them.

Jim Gordon.

“Boy’s I will not have you out this late, in a zoo that you’re banned from. Come Wayne’s kid.” The two sighed not wanting to risk anymore going to Bruce and went with Jim, got in the car with Jon they didn’t meet up with their friends until they got their own holding cell beside one buff man next to theirs.

Their holding cell was empty, actually beside one other guy there wasn’t really anyone else in the room filled with cells, a slow night in gotham? That’s a sight you don’t see every day. “We’re going to prison!” A familiar panicked fill shriek coming from the tallest boy in the group, a small smug smirk placed nicely onto the rich kid and a blonde girl with pigtails, they walked to their panicked friend and decided to tease him a bit. “Oh yes, we are going to prison billy.” Damian started, placing a scar hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Don’t worry Billy, your one of our bitches and we’ll make sure you are protected~” Dawn’s voice sent a bone chilling shiver up Billy’s spin he was left to mumbled incoherently on the bench with Colin just looking at the ceiling, accepting his fate. “Dawn! You can’t not just toy with Billy like that, we are not going to be your bitches!” Don fought, “right Jon?”, he looked for support in a trusted friend only to receive nothing. All eyes on the boy in question, daze and all, Damian walked up to the super waving his hand in front of his blue eyes. “Oh, I think we lost him.” Damian chuckled softly under his breath.

The twins fought for a bit longer, not as long as the group has seen before but long enough for Dawn to get her brother to submit to her and a group man cowardly farther from them; Damian noticed that part, which he told Dawn and they started talking about how Damian killed a man. This really made that other dude shake. Perfect~

“Colin, you haven’t said a word since this happened. Are you really okay with this!?” Don whispered, Colin’s head lazily turned to the side and with an emotionless face he said, “I have accepted my fate as their bitch, at least I know them well enough. No hush I’m counting.” He went back to the ceiling and our two wicked kids moved closer to Don and terrorize him a bit; leaving Jon to his gay awakening.

Jim came back, Billy busted out crying pleading for his life, and they got picked up by Barbara after a stern warning from Jim. The ride was silent and after a discussion with eye’s on the bats barbara covered for them, Alfred played along too, and the rest of their night was quiet… well as quiet as you can get in the Wayne’s manor.

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The Batfamily dealing with their kidnappers. I have a headcanon that the Wayne’s and anyone considered close to them have been kidnapped so many times it’s become routine for them.


Barbra: What kind of trap is this??? A four year old could get through this. I honestly don’t think the crime life is for you. Not if you keep making baby traps.



Jason: Who the hell kidnaps someone with a knife. Get a gun next time you losers. Out of all the kidnappers I’ve seen you guys are the most pathetic.



Dick: Could you please stop by a McDonald’s or something before we get to wherever you’re taking me? We’ve been driving for a few hours and its past dinner time I’m starving.



Tim: You guys couldn’t kidnap me like in 4 hours or so? Its 10 in the morning. I literally haven’t even had my 1st cup of coffee. You guys suck.



Stephanie: Wait…. You guys are here to kidnap me? Well I mean technically it wouldn’t be kidnapping because I’m not a Kid. Teennaped maybe? No that sounds dumb, just give me a sec I’ll come up with a good pun I promise.

The kidnappers: ………. The hell is wrong with this girl?



Kidnapper: Get in the car and no one gets hurt.

Cass: ……..

Kidnapper: ……… on second thought I’ll take one of your brothers instead, your youngest brother should still be at school right?



Duke: Do you have a TV in here? I’m missing the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I really need to know if Link or Owen is Amelia’s baby daddy.



Damian: I suggest you release me at once then run, because the fact that these cuffs are made of genuine leather pretty much guarantees that when I escape from here I will kill you slowly and painfully.



Bruce: Could you not break the phone please? I just got it last week. Just leave it here in my office before you take me.

Kidnapper: ……… You’re not scared? We’re holding you at gunpoint?

Bruce: Scared? I should be thanking you, you’re giving me a break from my kids they’ve been bugging me all week I was on the verge of killing them.



Alfred: What were you raised in a barn? That was a 100% silver platter that you have just dented and you have just wasted the hours I spent making those homemade biscuits. You will clean this mess at once.

Kidnapper: I’m sorry sir I’ll clean it right away.

A few hours later

Bruce: Um Alfred who is this?

Alfred placing another glass of juice in front of the still masked kidnapper. : It was all just a big misunderstanding sir and the young chap has learnt his lesson hasn’t he.

Kidnapper: Yes sir.


Alfred has the power to make any villan stop in there tracks and no one can convince me otherwise.

Also Cassie scares the crap out of people.

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Villain idiot au, the book club.

Wally, crying: why can’t he see I’m in love with him? I complement him on his fighting skills and he stills hates me!

Ivy: *patting his back* there, there. We’re here for you.

Harley: maybe it’s because you are a villain, maybe if you change he’ll have to love you then.

Barbara: no he’s just oblivious, you know know what you don’t need him if he can’t see how much you love him or even appreciate your help out of joker’s trap then he’s not worth your time. You are a bad bitch, you don’t need a man.

Wally: yeah… your right I don’t need him, I am a bad bitch!

Barbara: that’s it now let’s go clubbing and forget about his ass!

All of them: yeah!

Dick, at home: ouch… why are you hurting heart?

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What happened in the new Batman: Death In The Family Clip, but expressed through ✨memes✨

Bruce: don’t go after Joker, Jason! He’s dangerous




Bruce: don’t go after Joker, Jason! He’s dangerous

Jason: *trying to compute if that’s a yes on going after joker?*




Bruce: don’t go after Joker, Jason! He’s dangerous


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Batkids playing Among Us

Bruce: *walks into the mansion and hears the kids screaming about who is the imposter. Jason saying it’s not him, Steph saying it’s Dick, Damian screaming at Steph in defense of Dick.*

Bruce: What-what is goin on?

Alfred: I believe they are playing a game Master Bruce. It’s about an imposter killing people off snd they have to figure out who it is

*hears crashes and Damian,and Tim come tumbling down the stairs, fighting*

Bruce: That’s it! No more playing this game! *takes away all electronics from Dick, Cass, Duke, Jason, Tim, Damian, Steph and Barbra*

Tim: Well that’s just great. Now what.

Jason: Don’t worry. I was trained by Batman to always be prepared *runs to his car and brings back a back filled with costumes for among us*

Steph: Awesome!

Jason: I programmed it so the goggles are programmed to randomly assign an imposter and the tasks we have to do are based off wayne manner. All that’s left is-

Damian: I’ll get my katana

Jason: Perfect!

Dick: NO!!

Tim:ok but if he comes after me I’m allowed to kill him in self defense

Barbra: I can reprogram the goggles so that the imposter just has to tap them and it will register as a kill. If you’re killed you play dead.

Tim: Oooo let’s install sensors in the suit that are hooked up to us so if you get killed it electrocutes you and you become temporarily paralyzed. Or I mean sedating you can work to

Duke: Ok this is amazing but-

Steph: But what?! Come on Duke. This is going to be even better than the video game!

Duke: well it would be but if Cass is the imposter we will never win


Cass: 😊

*Bruce is against this at first and tries to stop them, but then it becomes one of his ways of training people to become detectives*

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Halloween night in Gotham

*Riddler, Two Face, Penguin snd Bane team up and hold a bunch of people hostage*

*one of the hostages who managed to keep her phone starts recording in secrete*

*glas shatters and Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, Red hold, Batgirl, Orphan, Spoiler and Signal come flying in*

Girl: *turns the camera to capture the Bat-family fighting the villains and saving them. Then turns the camera to her face*

Girl: Look it. Fricken bats. I love Halloween

Nightwing: *loving the vine refrence and his laughter can be heard in the video*

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Dick, laying dramatically on the couch: live is meaningless, nobody cares, and Bruce Wayne got a butt implant.

Tim: I told you not to read my cursed files.

Jason: what the absolute fuck do you have on this family!?

Dick: things that make you question this whole world and the fact Bruce has a detailed list about every single member of the justice league and rate how cute they are. I never needed to know how cute Clark ass is in his supersuit. My eyes felt so violated.

Barbara: I think Diana’s was in great taste though, mostly about how soft her skin was.

Dick: a quote- “what type of moisturizer does she use!?”

Damian: don’t leave out the part of him finding Allen’s rambling “the most adorable thing I’ve seen him done, Iris is so lucky.”

Jason: I want to see this.

Tim: okay, here you go. *Hands laptop* look at Oillie.

Jason: *reading* oh my god, “he was so handsome with that jawline that was made for sit on but fucked it up growing that ugly ass gotee”(idk how to spell it, english sucks.) I’m speechless.

Tim: i know right? But he loves Auther’s beard.

Cass: I have felt great pain reading it.

Jason: “that beard is such a turn on if he just shut up I could enjoy it more” damn B is thirsty as fuck.

Steph: tell us about it.

Duke: I could never erase the lines Hal got.

Jason: “Hal’s ass though could be a contender for a soft marble statute, voice as deep and rough like a phone sex line employees, and the way his suit fits is all ruined by his pranks and his clear love for Barry” I- we should post these.

Dick: NO- if Wally or Roy read those they would shut down.

Damian: Jon, Dawn, don, and billy would never want to be friends with me.

Tim: Bart and Kon would give two shits about it but Iris and Lois don’t deserve that.

Jason: okay, but what will we do with this gold mine? “Clark’s civilian clothes are just begging to be ripped off and by Lois hints he’s well hung” should be on a tee-shirt.

Steph: I would wear it.

Cass: ruin him from the inside out.

Barbara: pun intended.

Everyone: BARBS *laughing*

Dick: ah, okay let’s make a deal for this later. We still haven’t reached the end of file one.

Jason: file one!? How many?

Tim: 20. Last three were eye witness accounts of said tea, Al now’s his tea well.

Jason: bless that man.

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Why does dc keep fucking up Bruce and Talia. They are not cruel people. Stop making them abusive towards the people they love.

I’m all for dark story telling but this is not the way to go Dc writers.

Hell Bruce, Talia and the everyone else in the Batfamily has had some heavy stuff happen to them. Play off their traumas, the afyermath of some choices and things that have happened to them.

Bruce alone has been through so much physically, mentally and emotionally. And now Dc does nothing with it they just brush it off and make him a jerk and don’t get me started on Talia. What I like about Talia is that she’s complicated.

She doesn’t know who to be loyal to. Her father, or the family she made. Play off of that Dc.

Don’t make Bruce abusive. Don’t make Talia a rapest.

You have evil characters, I mean truly evil. Use them to tell those stories. Don’t take your heroes and butcher them for the sake of ‘angst’ no one like it. It’s frustrating.

If it was an else worlds tale it wouldn’t bother people. But this is your current canon. And people arewhetting tired of it.

This is not who they are. If you want to deal with heavy subjects then do it. But don’t butcher your characters while doing so. You keep getting backlash for a reason.

Listen to your fans. Look back and study the characters you created, because you’ve forgotten who they are.

Look at why people like them give them that. You don’t have to make it grim and gritty all the time. Look at your most famous works.

DCAU, your animated movies, your older comics. They told dark stories but they pulled it back when necessary so that when the angst came back we felt something for the characters. But right now that’s not happening.

Please just listen to your fans.

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An: Jason Todd x Reader!70s chick. The reader meets a mysterious bad boy at party. Barley knowing each other more than a day the two fall in love. Will they last or is it too good to be?

Rating: Explicit


Chapter 2

A thick white sweater hung loosely off the girl’s frame paired with low cut blue bell bottom jeans and black platforms. Her hair stuck out on either side of her wool knitted cap. Her full, pursed lips frowned as she could barely breathe, the fumes of marijuana invaded her nostrils. Her freshly wet shoes from snowfall sank into the shagged carpet inside the packed unfashionable cheap sorority home. She left a dark trail as she navigated through the crowd holding Barbra’s hand like a life line. Barbra’s fiery hair like a red river flowing behind the beautiful young woman as she squeezed through the guest.

The girl cursed under her breath as the drink she was holding sloshed around in her red plastic cup, the liquid dampening the sleeves. Slowing a moment Barbra glanced back. Her green eyes greeted Y/n’s own, a sly smile pulled at Barbra lips. “Great turn out, huh?” Barbra commented loudly over the droning of the music. Which had just changed from The Beatles to a more electrifying melody of Jimi Hendrix. Y/n only nodded , not bothering to waste her breath to yell over the sea of people. Barbra only offered a knowing smile, before she tugged Y/n’s again until the two eventually settled in the back. The red haired woman smiled gleefully as they approached a group swarmed in a tight huddle, deep in conversation.

“Hey, Richard!”Barbra chimes, sauntering up to

a handsome man who looked up from a small blonde. His eyes a brilliant mesmerising blue, they remind Y/n of gazing up at the sky on a cloudless day. He groomed a lazy hand through his tousled black hair, sweeping it from his tanned face. “Hey baby.” He smiled earnest, pecking a kiss to Barbra’s cheek. “Richard, I’d like you to meet Y/n.” Barbra gestured to the girl behind her. Richard gave another charming smile Y/n’s way, tilting his head playfully. “Hey, I remember you from the theater program, the fall showcase of Romeo and Juliet.” He beamed and offered his hand. “My name is Richard but I prefer Dick. It’s nice to see you outside college.” Y/n takes his hand shaking it. “You too.” She replied shortly and dropped his hand. She tasted her drink and grimaces trying not to gag at the distasteful mixture of different alcohols.

“Are there anymore shows this year?” He continued seeming to not notice. “ Not sure.” She croaked, her throat and mouth burning from the aftertaste. “The spring showcase maybe? That is if the school can afford it.” She shrugs. Dick nodded understandably.

“Yeah, I heard Romeo and Juliet was a bit of a bust.” he replied mindlessly. Barbra gasped and elbowed his side making him jump. “B-But I digged it.” He stuttered quick and flustered, his face tinted with blush. He slumped an arm around Y/n’s neck leaning forward, and she could smell his expensive cologne. The delicate scent somehow overpowered the musky heat of the party. “Well, i’m glad you…liked it.” She faltered , her voice small as she held her drink close to her chest like a safeguard. “How’s football?” She inquired. Dick rolled his eyes to the ceiling leaning away, he awkwardly pulled at the collar of his shirt. “We are definitely not making the playoffs. We only won one game this season, but there’s always a next time, right?” He shrugged. “And you know what? Hopefully there is another show, I know you’ll kill it.”

Y/n’s smiled, but she shakes her head brushing off the compliment.

“I don’t know about that. I didn’t even get the part of Juliet, I played her mother.”

“Well, every role is important right?’ He chirped. He held her eyes smiling, leaving Y/n disorientated again. Barbra interjected, “You know there’s a lot of people I want you to know tonight, Y/n.” She steps between the two, separating them. “Let me finish showing you around.” She takes Y/n hand rougher than before nearly yanking her off into the crowd. Dick waved goodbye and shouted after them, “And a happy New Year to you Y/n!”

Barbra pushed passed the guest, and practically dragged Y/n along. “Since you met the oldest Wayne, it can’t hurt to meet the others.” She said, looking around. “There’s Tim.” Barbra points to a young long dark haired teen in a band tee and baggy jeans much too big for his smaller body. He sat on the stairs surrounded by a group of people. The same blonde girl from earlier is draped around his side. Her purple sheer dress flows down the steps where they sat. “He’s the youngest of the adopted brothers and that’s his girlfriend Stephaine.” She points to the girl. She and Y/n walk again into the kitchen, there they find themselves near the speakers. Marvin Gaye sings a soulful melody.

“It’s a great night.” Barbra commented as she rested against the kitchen’s island. Y/n agreed, and sipped her drink growing used to the acidic taste. Barbra nudged her, until she gave in looking at the red head . “Oh come on I know parties aren’t your thing.” She chuckled, causing Y/n to squint her eyes at her curiously.

“Then why invite me?” She puzzled.

“Because I missed having you around.” Barbra admittedly truthfully, shrugging her shoulders. Y/n frowns remembering just how much time had passed between the two. “I missed you too.” She said sincerely , and Barbra half smiled at the sentiment.

“So,…” Barbra began, leaning up. “Are there any guys who you’re interested in? Ya know besides Richard.” Y/n cringed, letting her drink sit abandoned on the counter top. “Sorry about that, I didn’t know what to do.” She apologized. “ It’s not your fault. Dick flirts with everyone, it’s just his personality.” Barbra huffed. Y/n gives her a long look but she avoids her gaze. “I’m just hoping you get laid tonight.” Barbra changes the subject casually leaving Y/n dumbfounded.

“What?” Y/n coughed . Barbra laughed, sweeping her hair behind her ear. “I don’t know.” She sighs, looking off into the crowd in thought. “You’ve been a virgin ever since we met, haven’t you thought about it?”

Y/n scoffs, crossing her arms defensively. “Of course I have. Who hasn’t?” She retorted.

Barbra smirks, side eyeing her suspiciously but Y/n scowled at her and then breathed a breath of annoyance.

“Look, I’m fine with not losing it at the moment, especially to some drunken idiot.” She nodded towards the party goers. Picking up her drink she tossed it aside into a trash bin. “Too bad all the best of the Waynes are taken.” The red haired girl remarked. Y/n was about to agree but stopped for a moment thinking. “Wait…” She began. “Aren’t there like three of them?” Barbra’s face fell and she grits her teeth in annoyance. “Oh yeah, you mean-”

She’s interrupted by a loud voice calling her name. Barbra turned on her heels finding Dick waving her over. She shoots Y/n an apologetic look before hurrying off towards him. Y/n can’t help but to watch as Barbra’s face lights up and Dick leans to kiss her, his hand entangled in her hair. He held her close, whispering in her ear, and the girl laughed full heartedly. Y/n forced herself to turn away.

Sometime passed and Barbra had yet to reappear, alone in the kitchen Y/n steals a bottle of alcohol, with its company in her hand she wanders through the crowd aimlessly. Her eyes observed the guest surrounding her, watching them in their own worlds and suddenly she felt small.

It wasn’t like Y/n didn’t want to go to parties, she just figured she didn’t belong in places like this. She wasn’t like Barbra, she didn’t have an overflowing amount of friends or the perfect boyfriend. They were polar opposite, always had been, and Y/n constantly found herself on the outside looking in. Deep in thought she’s startled when a hand pressed firmly against her back. She whipped her head only catching a glance of Dick as he smiled at her, rushing out the front door with other boys. She wandered, sipping from the bottle carelessly until she found Barbra again slumping onto the stairs next to Tim. As she made her way over, the room seemed to spin and found herself feeling warm and light. Pink Floyd played drowning the house in drum and bass.

“Sorry, I left you.” Barbra groaned as Y/n plopped down next to her. “Dick needed to go practice with the guys late again.” She sighed. “It’s like all he does nowadays.” Tim offered her his beer, and she took it from him drinking. After nearly downing the entire bottle Barbra attempted to stand wobbly, using shoulder Y/n for balance. “I should really stop drinking when I’m upset.” She says aloud but more to herself. She shook her head angrily before taking a few deep breaths. When she glanced back at Y/n and Tim’s worried expressions her eyes shifted quickly before the two.

“ I almost forgot,” she said suddenly. “ Tim, this is Y/n and Y/n this is Tim.” Tim and Y/n shared an odd look before greeting another. “You like Pink Floyd?” Tim questioned. Y/n bobbed her head. “I like all music.” She responded. “Well, how about we dance?” He suggested. He reached down and gripped her by the arm, pulling her up and away before she could answer. Y/n looked back at Barbra who talked with Stephanie now, her head in hands as she spoke. Tim ushered Y/n to a space on the floor and Y/n pardoned herself as she bumped into the other dancers. Tim gripped her waist and Y/n followed in example by wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“So, It’s been a hell of a night.” He said. Pressing his body up to hers. “I heard from Barbra you’re looking for some fun tonight!” He whispered loudly in her ear. Y/n rolled her eyes, pulling back. “I wish she’d stop telling people that.” She sighed. Tim laughed drunkenly and began. swinging himself to the music very unrhythmically. “Well, half of the people are too drunk to see straight, ‘tis not a good idea.” He warned. Y/n shook her head unfazed. “Trust me I wasn’t looking.” She grunted. Tim nodded as they began dancing again.

“So, it must be kind of crazy being Bruce Wayne’s son?” Y/n inquired. Tim gives her a strange look. “Probably more than you can imagine but I’m not different from anyone else here.” he says finally. The two slow down their movement as the song switches to a softer tune, Y/n sucks in her cheek before continuing. “Why is it crazier than I think?” Y/n questioned and Tim stiffen for a moment. He sighed and twirled her around before pulling her close again. “He’s.. not as he seems.” He hesitated.

Tim leaned in close, his breath immersed with beer. “Have you met him?” He asked. Y/n tried not to show her discomfort as his breath invaded her air. “No.” She answered quickly. “It’s just so interesting, your dad practically owns our school.”

He cocked his head, giving her a wicked grin.

“What about me? Aren’t I interesting?” He said slurring his words, coming dangerously close to her face. “I’m not boring you am I?”

Y/n‘s turned her head. “No.” She backs away putting some distance between them, but Tim flushed them close again. This time Y/n pushed him away, he nearly fell as he fumbled back. He looked at her bewildered and Y/n‘s eyes widened. “I’m sorry.” She said flustered. “I think I need a moment.” Y/n pushed through people, she breathed quickly, her anxiety setting in as she needed to escape or she’d suffocate in the tight room. She fled to the balcony doors, she struggled with the lock before finally stepping out and taking a deep breath. She hastily closed it again, the cold fogging across the glass. She barely noticed the man facing away from her as she wrapped her arms tightly around herself for warmth. The man smoked looking over the rail to the city below them. “Fuck.” she mumbled, rubbing her face frantically. “The Wanye are so weird.” She thought to herself. Her and the mysterious stranger stood silently for a moment, the distant explosions of fireworks the only sound between them. Now and then, someone near lit a firework that made the sky glow in brilliant colors above them.

Finally breaking the silence the stranger said “You don’t look like you’re enjoying the party.” She glanced over at him, only to meet the back of his head. She tilted her head, curling her lips in a thin line, his face was barely visible in the dim lighting. “Neither do you.” She retorted. The dark haired man continued to stare out at the city wordless. Y/n rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly before speaking again,“I’ve never seen you around before.” She continued.

The stranger huffed, “That’s not surprising.”

He took a small box from his pocket, pulling out a cigarette before he offered the box to her. She shook her head no, and the man chuckled before sliding the box away, lighting his cig. “Worried about your health, huh? While drinking a bottle of vodka?” He said pointedly. She looked down at the bottle in her hand, it was half empty. Y/n snapped her head at him.

“I don’t always drink.” She countered defensively.

“I don’t care.” He responded dryly. Y/n pulled a face at him, rolling her eyes to herself. “Look, perhaps we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot.” She said and shifted until she was fully facing the back of him. “I’m Y/n.” She pulled her best smile offering her hand but the stranger didn’t comply. In fact he took a long drag of his cigarette, purposely blowing it up into the air above them. Y/n let’s her hand drop feeling uncomfortable. She held the bottle closed to her chest and rocked on her heels.

“Well, can I at least know your name?” She insisted. “What would be the point of that?” He questioned. “You probably won’t remember by morning anyway.” His head nodded towards the bottle again. She felt herself beginning to fume from his rudeness. She became enraged and the bitterness of it churned inside her. Perhaps, it was the alcohol that made her suddenly brave or rather stupid but either way she strided over, poking the stranger in his back.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think are but you can’t just talk to me like that!” She exploded. The stranger suddenly dropped his cigarette onto the concert floor smashing it under his boot. He turned and rounded on her slow and menacing like a hunter on to its prey. The girl backed away now fully aware of what she just did and afraid.

The stranger stopped short remaining in the shadows as he glared at her. Her blood drained from her face and her heart hammered erratically in her chest. Finally his eyes met hers in darkness and she saw they were a piercing blue, narrowed, rigid, and cold. The fury inside them burned like hell’s fire. The sight caused the girl to stand frozen in place, her mouth dry as she tried to speak. All her words suddenly caught in her throat. The bottle of vodka hung loosely forgotten between her fingers before accidentally being dropped and shattering messily on the ground. The girl yelps loudly, gaining the attention of a few other guests as she tripped almost toppling over. The man suddenly moved again gripping her arm so she wouldn’t fall but she snatched it back. Struggling to inhale as she stepped away, her foot crunching on the glass

Before anything more could happen the balcony door flew open and Barbra glared at the man in dark. That’s when Y/n remembered how to breathe, but was still unable to speak and she watched as Barbra and the man stood each other down and she looked dumbly between the two. Barbra glanced at Y/n and asked, “Are you okay, what happened ?” Y/n was speechless as her and Barbra’s eyes trailed down, looking at the broken bottle and Barbra shot an enraged look at the man again.

“What’d you do?” She bellowed, her brows creased and face tense. Y/n stared at her wide eyed and mouth open. She quickly latched a hand on Barbra’s shoulder turning the girl towards her . “It’s m-my fault, I d-drank too much tonight.” She stuttered. “I think I should go home.”

Barbra looked at her stunned, her eyes filled with worry. “A-are you sure?” She questioned holding Y/n hand. Y/n nodded, pushing passed her going back inside where everyone watched her unsettled and whispered in low murmurs before going back to the party. Y/n felt warm from embarrassment but didn’t stop walking until she reached the front door. Barbra closed the balcony door harshly before moving fast to catch up with her. Y/n walked quick and numbly, her head heavy from drinking. Barbra walked next to her as they both headed downstairs. She shoved herself through the door. Noticing a cluster of motorcycles on the lawn.

“What happened back there? Are sure you’re alright?” Barbra pressed on. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.” Y/n brushed her off and shivered as they walled outside back into the bitterly cold streets of Gotham. “Thanks for inviting me, it was good to catch up again.” She sniffed, before she could turn away Barbra developed her in a warm embrace and Y/n closed her eyes savoring it. The two girls gave each other weak smiles as Barbra let her go.

“Hey, Barbra?” Y/n asked. “Why did you react the way you did back there?” Barbra cocked her head oddly surprised. “I thought you were in trouble.” She answered bluntly. “Yeah but I wasn’t.” Y/n blurted. “I’ve never seen you that way before.”

Barbra shrugged. “Well, I’m sorry you had to see me that way at all, he just has a way of getting under my skin ya know?” Y/n raised her eyebrows curiously. “He who?” Before Barbra was able to speak she was interrupted yet again by the entrance door flying open with a loud bang. Y/n and her whip around to two men standing in the doorway. A rugged dark haired man with familiar blue eyes glared at them. Behind him was a red haired hair man who just peered at the two.

The man in front pushed through the door and out into the snow nearly knocking himself in y/n his leather jacket brushes harshly against her. The red haired man follows quickly behind uttering a small sorry. The two leap onto the motorcycles and with the sound of the engine roars loudly making her slightly jump causing her to nearly fall over. Her eyes wide when the blue eyed man gave her a challenging look. She blinked back at him. Standing tensely. He drove away wordlessly with the red haired man on his tail. When Y/n turned around she found Barbra attention transfixed on the two, an unreadable look on her face.

“Barbra?” Y/n called. “Are you alright?”

“That was him.” She only said, still staring in the direction they rode.

“Who?” Y/n asked. Barbra turned to her. “What do you mean who? It was the guy from the balcony.”

Y/n heart stills. “ Which one?”

“The dark haired one ”

“And the other?”

“That was friend Roy.”

Y/n looked after the two as they vanished down the street.

“What’s his name?” Y/n asked almost cautiously, a feeling of dread sinking in her stomach.

“Jason…” Barbara started.

“Jason Todd, The last of the Wayne’s Boys.”

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