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Mini Riverdale (Barchie) rant

(No not a negative Barchie rant)

I think that Riverdale in general has gone downhill. I watched season one and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and season two wasn’t terrible. The second season was obviously worse than the first. And the show truly did peak in season one, and at this point it is a guilty pleasure thing. Season three was just ridiculous. As I finished season three, I was looking forward to season four because there was a promising story line. Season four was… alright. However I would 100% call it a missed opportunity. There is so much more that they could have done with Jughead’s “death”

But, this is about Barchie. I was looking forward to this ship for so long. I knew in season one their story wasn’t over and I did ship Bughead for a long time. I feel like Bughead’s relationship is now boring. I mean they’re cute and maybe it is what some would consider an adult relationship, although I have heard varying opinions on that…. I feel like it has run its course. Betty and Archie were always supposed to happen. Maybe they aren’t endgame, but they were supposed to happen.They were one of, if not the most, important part of the comics and the show has fallen so far from the comics but to completely cut them out was ridiculous so it didn’t surprise me that this happened…

I just wish that they could have had a chance without going behind Jughead and Veronica’s backs. I mean they deserved a chance but they started out doomed. I’m not saying that Betty and Archie aren’t better off friends, maybe they are. I ship Barchie and I feel like as a Barchie shipper we were robbed of what they could have had. We’ve been saying that the show should at least give them a fighting chance as a couple. Everyone has made up their minds that they are awful when we haven’t even seen them together yet, but I mean I don’t really blame anyone because the show refuses to give them a healthy chance.

And when they finally did get together and they’re childhood together was explored, even under despicable circumstances, they just shut it down like it was nothing. I believe that Betty is scared of what she feels for Archie because it was supposed to be over and so many people could be hurt. I personally don’t think she loves Jughead like she used to. We know Archie doesn’t love Veronica completely anymore.

I’m just saying I expected more from Barchie.

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it’s so annoying that any sort of love triangle on riverdale is being set up as betty/archie/jughead instead of betty/archie/veronica because as someone who enjoys both barchie and varchie i would much rather see an interpretation of the classic triangle instead of having to watch betty choose between archie and jughead who is by far the most insufferable character on the show

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I miss making barchie gifs, so if anyone has any request, send them over to me and if any really stand out to me I’ll make it as soon as possible.

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finish the sentence: 

Betty and Archie are ________

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Archie knows Betty Cooper and loves her exactly as she is. Betty can go anywhere and do anything she wants in life and Archie will support her and vice versa. They will always love each other, no matter where or when.

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Unpopular opinion: I don’t give a fuck about the Core Four being friends. The truth is, they aren’t friends. They don’t hang out together. It’s a fake friendship. The only real friendship out of the core four is Barchie. 

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i can’t believe episodes 20, 21 and 22 were all going to be about barchie and we didn’t get to see them when we were supposed to :((((

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I mean, I honestly think it’s all going to be blown to smithereens, but I won’t be surprised if they really just focus on the relationship fallout of it all, and give us very limited interactions friendship wise. I assume we will get at least one episode with Jughead/Archie and Veronica/Betty, though. 

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