theartofknightjj · a day ago
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painted-bees · 15 hours ago
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A full custom DnD character design commission for @/prismeer on Twitter as a gift for their friend! It was my first time trying my hand at a minotaur and I had a total blast ; 0; <3
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dndspellgifs · 23 hours ago
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5th level divination
Bard, Cleric, Druid, Warlock, Wizard
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abybweisse · a day ago
What about Ronald killing Layla while she's running away from the sanatorium so she can't report to Undertaker? We thought Ronald is in the sanatorium often checking is agenda because someone is going to die. But maybe he's only checking what bizarre dolls are doing and who they are basing on his list of already dead people
Ronald in pursuit?
I actually love this idea. Maybe Baldo isn't going to die because Ada and Lau will save him. Then Ronald can focus on the task Othello mentioned: defeating Undertaker and his minions. Layla is definitely a minion.
I always thought it was a weird decision to have Ronald request a lawnmower as a death scythe. It seems like such a gruesome and demeaning way to collect a soul. Thankfully, the only time we've seen him actually mowing people down with his death scythe is when he's dealing with bizarre dolls. Mere walking corpses. Or when he's fighting against Sebastian or Undertaker.
I now have this mental image that's giving me a perverse sense of gratification. Let me make an edit....
Mix a bit of ch188 with a bit of ch53, and we could see something like this in ch189 (or soon after):
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Ooh. Ooh! Even better!
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Yeah. Because you can't stab Baldo in the back and get away with it so easily. If anyone deserves to be ended this way, It's probably Layla. Besides, she is a bizarre doll, after all, not a living human.
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thranduilofsmirkwood · 23 hours ago
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Lord of the Rings Memes
The Hobbit Memes
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ntz11 · 2 days ago
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Black butler ● ch 188 | Bard
goodbay bard 💔
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aurelion-solar · 2 hours ago
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Bard, the Wandering Caretaker - Legends of Runeterra Splash Art
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safirasart · 2 days ago
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Blorbo brainrot
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bardifice · 11 days ago
May 2022 Banned Spells List
Greater Erectile Dysfunction
Prostate Blast
Conjure Feral Gnome
Gamer Gate
Create and Destroy Pee
Speak With Bread
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sirkayleeofcamelot · a year ago
*becomes a knight strictly because the local bard is cute, and I want him to write songs about me*
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vetyr · 26 days ago
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DnD commission! He’s a tiefling bard, had a lot of fun with the color palette for this one ✨
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zaccrimart · a month ago
i posted this on twitter but not here oops, not fully satisfied but yeah, for an assignment // song is spice up your life by the spice girls lol
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dndspellgifs · 7 months ago
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Some idioms for fantasy races and classes shared by u/nagonjin on reddit. Follow her on instagram (@lyresforhire) for more D&D idioms.
My favorite one is the bard one “When I am song”
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theartofknightjj · 7 months ago
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I realised I never posted the initial design of my college of Spirits bard Keijo here so!!
One of their fave pastime is making clothes. Wich for them means sewing any kind of fabric together to get the loudest outfit possible. They also literally jingle when they walk uwu
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osatokun · a month ago
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oh tumblr is starting to discover my non vampire works..  Okay, have an animation I made for  MidnightSonata  7 months ago as a treat  Animation,background and colorkeys - me Coloring and composing - Maktiko
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dealunart · 4 months ago
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Dorian Storm Never actually played dnd myself but I've officially fallen down the CriticalRole rabbit hole over the past few months, and that means... fanart. So here's my version of Dorian!
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nudityandnerdery · 12 months ago
Horny bard is cancelled. We’re bringing the dad bard to the table.
Bardic Inspiration? Because I believe in you, champ!
Vicious Mockery? It’s all dad jokes.
Seducing NPCs? Nope, we’re using Persuasion to get them to give you information you need, because “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”
Jack of All Trades? Yeah, yer old dad knows a little bit about everything.
Song of Rest? It’s called “tucking you in and giving you a bedtime story.”
Be the one to split up party treasure and tell them that this is their allowance.
Mix up your game. Put your bard in a polo shirt and cargo shorts. Hit that party with some Big Dad Energy.
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blumineck · 11 months ago
Every character has their own routine - what's yours?
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iingezo · a month ago
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Dairim for @cocchilweran !
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katakemiart · a month ago
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Bellaia, a tiefling bard with a charismatic personality and an odd partnership with her banjo, to say the least.
Been itchin' to play with her for a long while.  She plays Banjo & Kazooie theme at the worst moments and ask opinions from her Hexblade Banjo. Who answers back basically like an 8 ball.  I have hard time playing serious characters so I didn't really even try to pretend with her
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