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Kenta and a Hoodie

I took inspiration from the very first drawing I made of Kenta. He and I have both improved quite a lot since I first drew him!

Hope you’re all having a great day!

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This dude does it for me. Need to chloroform him, drag him away to a quiet private place and slowly enjoy roping him up.  And getting all over him. Those lips, the shoulders arms and abs.  The cute as f*ck look on his face. And that CHEST: sexy amount of development on those pecs,  perfect hair, and nips that need attention paid to them.  When he wakes and struggles against the ropes, all the hotter!  Starting my blog with this guy because I have enjoyed this photo over and over for years.

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Landscaper took a break, drank the water he was offered to cool down.  He felt weak. Once his head clears he discovers he is tied up. 

“Get your hands off me, man!”  

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Is it wrong to secretly take pics of your hot straight neighbor working in the yard??  Guess it would be more wrong to put something in his drink, and when he’s out- drag him inside and rope him up.  Tie him Tight! Because what I want to do to his chest and nips will make the rope necessary to keep him in place.  Besides, what hairy chest doesn’t look better with some rope across it?

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