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#baron zemo
marvelmusing · 2 days ago
Little Darling
Helmut Zemo x Reader
WARNINGS: suggestive content 18+ • d/s & ddlg/lb themes (not explicitly stated), daddy kink, praise kink, oral fixation, a bit of dumification - Let me know if I missed anything
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Helmut notices you hovering at the doorway, your eyes flitting around the room as you fiddle with the hem of the sweatshirt you’re wearing. His sweatshirt.
“What’s wrong Liebling?” You look up at him, shaking your head.
“It’s nothing.” You mumble. But he notices how your fingers flex with the urge to reach out for him. He hums, unconvinced. He rests his elbows against the desk in front of him, before beckoning to you with a finger. You fidget slightly, your eyes lingering on his outstretched finger, until you decide to make your way over to him.
“What is it, love?” He repeats to you, his voice gentle as you settle into his lap. He waits patiently as your mouth attempts to form the words.
“Just,” You sigh. “Just feeling a little needy.” You mumble against his chest. He squeezes you reassuringly, knowing how hard you sometimes find it to admit when you need help, especially during moments like this.
“Is my darling needy? Or my little darling?”
“Little.” You say in a small voice. He hums in understanding, adjusting his hold on you. He watches the tiny smile flicker across your lips when he bounces you on his leg like a child.
“What do you need?” He asks, but the words you need to say avade you. His eyes are drawn to your lips, puckered into a small pout, which are currently being torn at by your teeth. He notices the slight frown of frustration when your lip escapes the hold of your teeth. “Is my little darling teething?” He coos softly. You duck your head, nodding, your face burning at the confession. “Would you like me to get you some toys to chew on?” Your grip on him tightens as you shake your head. “No?” He reaches out to lift your chin up, only to notice how his hand caught your attention. “Ah, I think I know what my little one needs.” Your wide eyes meet his, as he smiles warmly at you. “Just need your daddy’s fingers to suck on, don’t you?” You nod shyly. He extends his two fingers towards your mouth, the end of them lingering against your parted lips. You take his fingers into your mouth with a delighted hum. “Make as much of a mess as you want little one.” He knows you enjoy sucking on his fingers, and in all honesty, he enjoys it too. He wants to see the drool coat your chin and drip down to a puddle in your lap. He wonders whether you’d get that far, or whether the embarrassment would snap you back to reality. You sit with his fingers against your tongue, saliva gathering in the corners of your mouth as you stroke your tongue along his digits. He hums at the sight of you. “This is what you needed wasn’t it, darling? Just needed to sit in your daddy’s lap, drooling over his fingers, with not a thought in that little head of yours, yes?” Your eyes roll back a little at his words. He always knows exactly what you need to hear. He strokes your cheek with his other hand. “Such a pretty little baby.” As he pets your cheek and hair affectionately, he continues to move his finger inside your mouth, drawing all kinds of pretty sounds from your throat. Once your eyes flutter closed he pulls his finger from between your lips. You whimper in quiet protest, but he’s quick to shush you, “You can have it back darling, don’t worry, daddy just wanted to see your pretty work.” He looks down at his wet fingers with a proud smile, before watching as the small smile lingers on your face, and admiring the glossy look in your eyes. To your satisfaction, he soon slides his fingers back into your mouth. “There you go.” He coos as you eagerly take them back. He would usually want to hear you thank him, liking when his baby is well-mannered, but he knows you’ve gone too silly to think straight so he lets you off this once. He does love to spoil you. “So good for me. Such a good little one for daddy.”
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dailybruhlfic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
There was a soft scent of mint & cedar throughout the air.. The candles in the large room flickered and reflections bounced off the enchanting stainless glass windows.. you took a long slow sip of whiskey till the sound of flowing water finally stopped.. you placed your glass beside you when the floor creaked and the magestic hardwood doors began to open..
Your Baron appeared, draped in his royal blue bathrobe.. lips pursed, a lock of hair resting over his brow... he had a towel in one hand... bath oil in the other..
There was a darkness to the look in Zemo's eyes, a glint of something mischevious at play.. your mind flashed with risqué thoughts ... your eyes widened & your cheeks began to flush. The Baron took a soft step towards you through the broad doorway.
His eyes narrowed... his voice smooth...
"Your bath awaits my darling.... As do I"
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immundusspiritu · 2 days ago
pairing: Baron Helmut Zemo x  female reader
summary: you finally have your first kiss
warnings: none? some mentions of anxiety and trust issues, and the reader is twenty-something, so age difference i guess. otherwise just a teeth rotting fluff and reader being very awkward and innocent. A lot of touches because im touch starved and touch is my language
im feeling pertty bad tonight and so im writing this instead of crying. please let me now what yo think and im really sorry if this is trash, it's just a draft. (also english isn't my first language)
Tumblr media
Tick-tack, tick-tack. The sound of the old clock on the wall was somehow annoying, yet comfoting. You sipped your tea again, humming contentently at the sweet taste of the beverage. Your anxiety was acting up again, refraining you from entering the sweet realm of dreams, so here you were, drinking chamomille tea and staring at the empty streets of Madripoor through the windows in Zemo's hideout.
Sam had finally called you out on that favour you owed him, and you had gladly accepted, happy to finally leave your boring IT job for at least a few weeks. And that's when you had met him. Baron Helmut Zemo, the criminal. The one and only man who had single handedly torn the Avengers apart. You had expected him to be intimidating of course, but what you certainly didn't expect was getting a fucking crush on him. The man had a way of carrying himself, a confidence and bravado that made you weak in the knees. And not only that, he was definitely handsome, well-mannered and sweet.
God, no, i can't think of him like that -you thought,once you realized your mind had wandered towards the sokovian once again. You took a deep breath, leaving the now empty cup on the small table next to the couch. He's a criminal, for fuck's sake, and if he wasn't one, he's still waay out of my league, and-
Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard soft footsteps and turned around to find no other than Helmut Zemo himself, staring at you
"Well, good evening, madame" he said, putting a turkish delight in his mouth while smiling at you "What brings you here so late?" he asked, sitting on the opposite corner of the small leather couch.
"I couldn't sleep" you said plainly, covering your body with the soft blanket you had been using.
"Ah, yes, the old good insomnia, he's a friend of mine too". He smirked, handing you a small paper bag "Have a turkish delight, you might as well eat something sweet".
You mumbled a thank you and put one of the small candies in your mouth, surprised at how good they tasted. " Wow, those are good!" you said, scooting closer to Zemo to give him back the bag "I've never tried them before".
Zemo smiled, "They've always been my favourite" he said, staring at you intently. You felt yourself redden under his gaze.
"What is it?" you asked nervously "Is there sugar on my face?" Zemo chuckled, bringing his thumb up to your chin.
"Yes, you have a little here" he said, his gaze now focused on your lips. Without even thinking, you wrapped your hand around his wrist, not shoving it away, just grabbing it gently.
"I'm sorry" he whispered, moving his hand away "I shouldn't had..."
"No, no, it's okay" you said, whispering too and moving his hand to cup your face, smiling at him to let him know you were all right.
"I freaked out for a second" you said, avoiding his gaze "Believe it or not, you are the first person to get this close to me" you mumbled, looking down, you voice barely audible. You didn't even knew why you were saying this, the words leaving your mouth without your permission.
Zemo pulled your head up gently "It's okay, sweet girl" he said, looking into your eyes and caressing your cheek with his thumb "We don't have to do antything you don't want, say the word and i'll leave"
"No, don't go", you said, getting closer to him and trying not to think too much "Just kiss me, please".
Helmut smiled and pressed his lips softly into yours, making the hairs on the back of yor neck stand up. It was a new sensation for you, but you relaxed and kissed him back, bringing your hand to his shoulders. He opened his mouth slowly and you totally gave into the kiss, the feeling overwhelming you. Helmut chuckled and pulled away, his forehead resting on yours.
"You taste sweet" he said, his breath just inches from you. You chuckled too, feeling your lips swollen and tingling, and hid your face on the crook of his neck, hugging him.
"May I ask..." he said, rubbing your back softly "You are so beautiful, and smart, how come you had never kissed anyone before? I don't mean to offend, draga, but I find it hard to believe no one ever wanted to".
You sit up and look at him, his hands now intertwined with yours "I've always been really shy, and like, anxious" you shrugged, embarrassed "I've kept to mysef, and i was never very into dating and parties...i'd rather be alone, i'm not good at trusting people".
Zemo nods "I understand, draga" he said, kissing your knuckles. "It's an honor for you to trust me to be your first kiss, I don't take it lightly. And i wanted you to know that i haven't kissed you only out of lust. In this weeks we've been together, I have developed some...well, feelings, for you" he said, moving a stray hair out of your face, his cheeks tainted pink. "And it's okay if you don't reciprocate them, i know i'm a difficult man- "
You cut him off by crashing your lips into his "I do, Helmut" you said, smiling into the kiss "I don't know how you did it, but you managed to make me crush on you". Helmut laughs and places a quick kiss on your lips, holding you tightly. "Well" he said "The candy helped".
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sorcerersofnyc · 2 days ago
My controversial Zemo opinion is that him being a Baron doesn't take away from his story in Civil War.
I've seen people argue that he was a 'normal guy who took down the Avengers' and suddenly having access to money and connections ruins that but like...yall seem to be forgetting the fact that Zemo was a Colonel, he worked for a Sokovian Intelligence Agency, he lead a covert kill squad...
...he was never just some guy 🤷🏾‍♀️
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brainrotsposts · 3 days ago
I'm not saying he has a type but. The only other option is Sam but sam is to intelligent for james at this point
Tumblr media
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scuttle-buttle · 18 hours ago
Hi, so I almost sent this as myself but I get a little nervous sometimes going off anon. I don’t quite know what to say, but I’m sorry that you’re going through this and I’m sending so many hugs and support your way.
Hoping it’s alright if I send a little idea into your inbox.
Imagine Zemo spending time with you just the two of you, taking a bath together if you’re into that and him making you both tea and spending time together, doing whatever you enjoy doing. I think Zemo would be great at providing support and taking care of someone, being there to listen and provide care and love for you. In the best way possible. Whether that was hugs, luxuriating in the silence, cuddling together, or whatever kind of sex you needed.
That man if he knows what's good for him would do all of this and then drag my ass to therapy oop
I would like to think he's got a massive tub with all the jets and bubbles and stuff. Oooooh and it's got one of the rainfall features on the ceiling imagine how romantic that could be. Who needs to go out and have a makeout montage in the rain when you can just do it at home in private where nobody can stop you from other romantic activities hmmmm.
But aside from that I think he would really just want to hold me and talk to me. And if I didn't want to talk then we would just lay under the blankets, maybe watch movies or something good. I think he could also tell me stories about his time as a teenager sneaking around with his friends at the fancy events he no doubt had to attend. Or maybe stupid stories about his men in the barracks that were funny.
And in all personal honesty I think he would tell me about how he coped with his time in the military and any ptsd he has because it could help me too.
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dailybruhlfic · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Your entire being aches for Zemo, your only moment of reprieve is his elegant coat..
You close your eyes and slide into it once more.. The smooth satin interior of the coat is like a familiar warm embrace.. The soft fur collar brushing your cheek bones as you nuzzle up against it .. soaking into it.. as if it was the Baron himself..
Deeply breathing in the fading scent of Zemo's cologne mixed with hints of smoke & leather. Your desire for him is unmatched..
As you wrap the coat around you firmly the memories of him invade your every thought. His searing touch, the sadness in his eyes.. his intense longing for you.. .sudden flashes of bare skin, gentle caresses and dirty deeds..
Your senses are torturing you.. You would 'give' anything.. you would 'do' anything to feel.. to feel, just one more touch...just one more breath from his lips upon yours..
As you lay engulfed in the broken pieces of your soul.. you wrap your lovers coat tighter.. closer.. You swear you won't rest till he is in your arms once again..
For now, you must survive within a memory .. you must live wrapped in a yearning dream..
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gracie-gracieeeee · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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brainrotsposts · a day ago
Fuck Romeo and Julia
I want what these bitches have
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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spookylucas · 5 months ago
btw i think it's so fucking funny how bucky's just a criminal. like committing crimes is just part of his skill set. he breaks a terrorist out of jail and sam is rightfully pissed and bucky just goes "it's the only plan i've got :/" like sir you're on parole
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wehtker · 5 months ago
zemo the instant he got out of prison
Tumblr media
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