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waiting-for-motivation · 19 minutes ago
pride and prejudice
summary: Every moment Zemo shared with his beloved (Y/n), gets interrupted by Sam and Bucky. They force him to keep his distance. But he can‘t. Because he loves her.
request: Hey! Could you maybe write a Zemo x Reader where he is in love with the reader but she doesn’t know because Sam and Bucky noticed it first and asked Zemo to stay away from her? Maybe he confesses to Sam and Bucky and the boys almost feel sorry for him? Idk maybe with a happy ending somehow? I’d read anything tbh haha ~ anon
pairings: Baron Zemo x Reader, Bucky, Sam
warnings: fluff with a bit angst, forbidden love
words: 1070
a/n: you were one of the first to request something for zemo, so I‘m very sorry that I only wrote it now please forgive me :(
Tumblr media
“Stay away from her!“
“If you touch her, if you even look at her the wrong way, I will break your neck!“
“She is too good for someone like you. So keep your distance!“
The Baron of Sokovia was never one to listen to threats. Numerous people threatened him during his life. But the second Bucky and Sam told him to stay away from their mutual friend, he actually tried to comply.
It’s not that Zemo never felt the urge to get closer to her or even touch her, because he feels like that every second he is in the same room as her, but the words of the two men hold some truth. He doesn‘t deserve her. She is too good for him. He is a murderer, a bad person. And she is so good and sweet.
Nevertheless, every time Zemo sees (Y/n) his heart flutters. His hands start to shake. His breathing is deeper than usual. And above all he feels the desire to touch her gorgeous face, her delicate hands and her soft hair. Zemo is in love.
At first, the Baron felt guilty because of his dead wife and son. But they are gone, and he is still in this shitty world where no one cares about him. He should deserve some love after all those years of pain. But unfortunately, no one thinks like that. He is a monster in most eyes. Probably even in (Y/n)s bright eyes.
Zemo hopes his wife is looking down at him from heaven and even though he killed so many, gives him the permission to love and be loved again. She has to.
So when they are together on a mission, of course with Sam and Bucky, Zemo tries to stay away but get to know her better at the same time. It’s very difficult. Every time the two men enter the room, he takes a step back and almost ignores (Y/n) with a broken heart.
She smiles the moment she enters the big living room of Zemos safe house in Norway. There is a spare seat next to Zemo on the couch. Sam and Bucky are nowhere to be seen.
“They are getting groceries“, Zemo explains as he sees the wandering gaze of his beloved (Y/n). She smiles and then sits down next to him. There are a lot more options to sit, but she decides to be next to him. Zemo smiles.
(Y/n) places her bowl of blueberries in her lap and opens her book. For one second, Zemo saw the cover - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Its one of the older editions he keeps in the bookshelf of the third bedroom in this house. With purpose, he gave (Y/n) this bedroom. She loves books, so she must feel comfortable there.
“Have you seen the last page?“, Zemo asks after some time. (Y/n) looks up with a frown and starts to browse through the book until she reaches the last page. An excited scream leaves her mouth.
Never stop believing in true love, Harrison.
Under these words is a signature, (Y/n) can easily identify as the one of the author herself. Jane Austen wrote in this book. She had this book in her hands. She gave it to the man from whom she rejected a marriage proposal - Harrison Bigg Wither.
Carefully (Y/n) places the book on the coffee table and presses her back against the couch to get as much distance as possible. Wide and tearful eyes stare at Zemo.
“I would have never…I would have never touched it if I knew“, (Y/n) panics. Jane Austen is one of her favorite writers, so of course she is caught off guard by this book.
“I have one edition where Shakespeare took notes in if you want to see-“, Zemo starts with a huge grin, but before he can stand up, Sam and Bucky return. As quick as possible, Zemo slides to the end of the couch and looks away from (Y/n). He misses the pain in her expression.
Their moment is gone. But their love is still there.
The following night is rather cold. (Y/n) wanders through the house, looking for another blanket. At one point she is pretty sure that she got lost, but then she recognises Zemos door and knocks. The sight that greets her takes her breath away. Zemo is wearing one of his silk bathrobes which reveals his chest.
“Do you have a spare blanket…maybe?“, (Y/n) asks while trying to avoid eye contact. Zemo opens the door wider and lets her enter. His room is the same size as hers, but it looks more like it belongs to him. It looks like it belongs to a Baron. His overwhelming sent fills her nostrils and makes her feel dizzy.
Zemo takes a blanket out of one of his wardrobes and hands it to (Y/n). Their hands touch and both feel a tingle running through their whole body, finally settling in their hearts. (Y/n) looks up and meets the soft eyes of the Baron. He tilts his head aside and smiles. Slowly, one of his hands finds its place on her cheek, which is even softer than he imagined.
“We shouldn‘t be doing this“, Zemo whispers.
“But it feels so good“, (Y/n) returns with a sigh and nestles her face closer to his warm hand.
Their faces move closer until they can feel the others breath on their lips. The moment Zemo can almost feel her lips on his, the door gets ripped open and Sam as well as Bucky storm inside with (Y/n)s name on their tongues. Bucky tries to rip her from Zemos side, but she holds the Barons hand too tight.
“We told you to leave her alone. You are a dead man, Zemo“, Bucky screams and walks towards the Sokovian but (Y/n) steps between the two men. One of her hands rests on Buckys chest.
“Step aside, little one. He is going back to prison. That was the deal: He does something slightly treasonable, and he is back in that hole“, Sam explains, but (Y/n) shakes her head.
“But he did nothing wrong. Please…there is good in him“, the woman exclaims with a glance towards Zemo who looks rather intimidated.
“And what makes you think that?“
“Because I love him!“
taglist: @lightning-wolffe @gwenebear @luvzoria @writingletterstothefire @the-chocoholic-writer @b0nnyzz @tkachuk-dubois @killsandthrills @jlynlyn13 @victias @stressedoutsteph @whatiswrongwithpeople @inter-galactic-gay @multifandomgirl40 @starwarsworld @qevon @bearbear158 @carstaxrs @hunttheimpossible
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all-action-all-picture · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Baron Zemo by Mike Zeck.
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funnypages · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Zemo’s attempt at a human centipede 
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fxdetoblxckk · 3 hours ago
thinking about writing a headcanon about zemo and loki working together …. hm
• zemo’s dry humor in response to loki’s hit
• loki demeaning zemo for his lack of powers and zemo pointing out that he’s been successful in his objectives while loki hasn’t
• also pointing out that zemo, not loki, managed to break up the avengers despite loki having powers
• would be even better if this was back and forth banter, or if the two were forced to work together but warmed up to each other
• not even a romantic pairing just a buddy one
i might need to actually do this
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orphan-with-a-stutter · 5 hours ago
I finally got a head on Zemo!!!
Tumblr media
I’m so happy about this!!!
And that hair tho 😍
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zemosimp05 · 5 hours ago
Y/N: Okay its just a crush.. A tiny lil crush.... Nothing series.... I got this. Nothing to worry about... Just a crush...He's bad for me.... Yeah definitely BAD.... It's just a crush... CRUSH.... and it will go away once this mission will end.
*Zemo walks out of bathroom in a robe*
Zemo: Hello draga...
Y/N: I love you.
Tumblr media
this man should get arrested for being so effortlessly sexy😭
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punemy-spotted · 8 hours ago
Okay so since this is a sleepover. Steve, Bucky and Zemo. What kind of sleepwear they'd choose. And what kind of sleepwear you'd choose to wear for a cuddling time with them? (Cuddling time could entail smut or fluff or anything💎)
I love that you’re having me think up sleepover headcanons with them! These kind of derailed into mostly fluffy/soft cuddling and what it’s like to take care of/be taken care of by them late at night or in the early morning, so I hope you don’t mind!
Steve Rogers
Steve’s a human furnace, so he’s perfectly happy in loose pants and no shirt, or maybe a tank top if it’s marginally chilly. It helps, of course, that you’re a fiend for blanket nests and wearing the pajama shirts that technically come with the sets you buy him, so you two form a complete set at night when he wraps you up in a blanket and takes you to the bed. Sleepovers are something he’s used to thanks to the all-nighters you still pull (and he still thinks you work too hard, but he’s one to talk), so he usually sets up a blanket fort in the living room to give you someplace comfortable to nestle in for the night, no matter how stressed you are.
If you’re not actually working on something, he’s a menace to your concentration, no matter what you’re watching. His favorite way to cuddle is to have you in his lap, tucked into the crook of his neck so he can steal kisses just by turning his head, and also because the hand not wrapped around your waist is constantly making a map of your body against his, like he’s got to memorize the way you feel in his arms (hint: it’s home, and he’s finally home, with you).
These are his favorite moments. He pictures them in his minds eye when he’s in his drawing studio — yes, the one you specifically commissioned for the house you two built together after your marriage, because yes this is post-marriage cuddling LET ME INDULGE — and they’re his favorite sketches.
There’s one framed in your living room.
Bucky Barnes
Bucky’s a t-shirt and sweatpants kind of guy too, and he radiates a lot of heat himself, so he’s usually lost the t-shirt about thirty-minutes in to cuddling with you. Usually you’re the one who initiates the sleepover, grabbing him from wherever he’s been lost in thought and dragging him to the couch so you can hold him. Here’s the thing — he loves going to sleep with you tucked in his arms, curled up close but when you’re cuddled up on the couch, it’s completely different. He lays on you and you spend most of the night playing with his hair, telling him stories from your day or humming to him because the sound of your voice keeps him from losing himself in his memories. “Sleepover” time is self-care time, and you both need it regularly.
He feels like he’s safest right here, and the first time he tells you that, you tell him it’s true. He will always be safe with you in his arms. Home is the scent of hot cocoa on the coffee table and the fact that you always put extra marshmallow fluff in his.
Helmut Zemo
Helmut’s a little too punctual for late night sleepovers — he falls asleep too early to enjoy them and wakes up too early for you to trust him about it. However. On the rare night that he’s awake? Sleepless from the ghosts of his past whispering in his ears, he’s dressed in fine silk pajamas and a warm robe, usually puttering around the kitchen for tea to help him sleep. You’re awake too and you always intervene, introduce him to the magic of warm milk and honey — a recipe he knows well, but he insists you do it best (the secret ingredient is how much you love to care for him).
Sometimes he’ll wake up in the morning and you’ll still be awake. Maybe it’s your own nightmares, or that work project keeping you up. Doesn’t matter, the dark circles around your eyes tell him everything and he just plucks you from your desk — ignoring your protests every time — to take you to bed. He’ll stay in bed with you on those days, holding you until you fall asleep and you’re usually in whatever comfy clothes you wore before you started hunkering down for work.
Honestly with all three of them, you’re beautiful to them no matter what you’re wearing, but most of the time you’re wearing their clothes to sleep in, surrounded by their cologne and safe.
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postalflap · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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postalflap · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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postalflap · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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postalflap · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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neoarchipelago · 13 hours ago
Sorry, about my last ask: could it be sfw please? And could it be unestablished relationship between reader and Zemo please? Your blog is amazing. I hope you are not feeling too much pressure
From this ask:
Tumblr media
HC zemo x Ice cream seller! reader
Tumblr media
AN: aww thank you! You're really sweet! Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming but I try to take it easy. I'm always afraid to take too long to answer requests or not writing something the person would like .. but hey! It's life... I hope you'll enjoy these!
Warnings: shouting, rude behavior, slight violence but really slight.
Head empty just:
You had been working at the ice cream stall for some weeks now. You enjoyed the job, it wasn't too hard and seeing the children with happy smiles everytime they got an ice cream brightened your day.
Unfortunately not everyone was nice. You had the usual Karen's obviously but never anything too drastic.
This afternoon was particularly busy. The sun brought many customers in and you had been working almost non stop.
Finally when a little moment of peace settled in you sighed, taking a sip of your water bottle.
It was then that you noticed a man approaching. He looked different from your usual customer. He was tall, his brown hair nicely brushed in place, brown eyes shining with something different. He was handsome that you couldn't deny.
"Hello, may I get 3 ice creams please?"
His voice was tainted with an accent but oh Lord did he sound nice.
"Of course what flavors would you like?" You asked.
Someone cleared their throat behind him and you almost rolled your eyes. another man stood there, frowning.
"Are you gonna take long? I just want an ice cream."
His tone was rude. You saw your initial customer raise an eyebrow before smirking. He stepped back, and with a sign of the hand let the man walk to you to order.
"Hi, what-" "get me a chocolate ice cream." He interrupted you.
You put on your best customer service smile as you answered ' of course'
As you scooped and prepared the ice cream you could hear the man sigh. You were trying your best not to roll your eyes. But you glanced at the other man patiently waiting. He kept scanning the rude customer.
"There you go, would you like anything else?" You kept your tone as charming as you could.
"No." The man added slamming some money on your counter, making you slightly jump.
You could have sworn you saw your patient customer almost jump to interfere but he simply eyed the rude man as he walked a few steps away.
You sighed and took back your attention to your only customer now.
"I'm sorry about that…" you tried.
"It's none of your fault. Do you often get rude customers?" He asked.
"Not always… it happens'' you shrugged looking away.
Unfortunately it wasn't over for you. "HEY". You jumped, frowning a bit at the man who shouted. You saw your patient customer frown and sigh in frustration as he turned around to look at the man.
"What kind of crap is this?! You call that ice cream?!" "I'm sorry… would you like a refund-" "I don't want your refund! Where do you even get these things?!" "I-I don't know ... I just work here I don't buy the-" "YOU NEED TO TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY"
The man walked closer, finger pointing at you. You tried to blink away the tears that were threatening to fall, as you held onto the counter.
Zemo immediately noticed the tears. He was already furious at the outrageous behavior of the man but now he was out of line.
"I'd advise you to lower your voice. She offered you a refund." He said in a warning tone.
"Mind your own business!" And a finger pointing at ZEMO was all that it took for him to act.
Grabbing the man's pointing hand he twisted until he spun around trapping it behind his back. His other hand held the back of the man's neck, pushing him down with force on the counter.
You yelped and stepped back. Eyes wide in shock. Did your patient customer just karate the rude man?
"I told you to lower your voice. Now apologize to the lady." ZEMO threatened in a low voice.
Your focus was stuck on ZEMO to even listen to the half hearted apologies.
"Learn some manners will you. That is no way to talk to a lady, even when you are not satisfied." He sermones the man still in his grasp.
Finally he let him go, pushing him away from the stall. You rarely saw a man run away as fast. ZEMO was seething but composed himself in front of you.
"My apologies. I didn't mean to frighten you." "It's alright… Thank you for helping." You said with a little smile. He winked at you with a little smirk.
"So.. what flavor would you like in your ice cream?" You finally said.
"Oh of course." He suddenly remembered why he had come here in the first place.
"I'll add another free scoop for each. For my knight in shining armor." you said, blushing a bit. He chuckled.
"You are too nice. But please, just add a free scoop to this one. The other two aren't as deserving as me." He added with a mischievous smirk.
You simply smiled, wondering who might he be talking about.
Poor Sam and Bucky were oblivious when ZEMO came back with a bigger ice cream than theirs.
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Tumblr media
Did I have an old Marvel OC waiting for his story to go on?
Did I expect to make him fall in love with the Sokovian Baron whom actually destroyed his life?
Clearly no...
Did I do it anyway?
Now Richie is hopelessly in love with Zemo
Don't thank me for that, Richie, it's nothing
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andi-and-thats-all · 14 hours ago
Sam *singing and recording* be honest I'm a hetero guy but I really try to be a good ally and it ain't no secret let me tell you why, it's cause I love my wife and my wife is ✨Bi✨. *point to Bucky* Bi wife energy he has bi wife energy, bi wife energy he has bi wife enr-
Bucky*interrupting Sam* GAY HUSBAND ENERGY! HE HAS GAY HUSBAND ENERGY! GAY HUSBAND ENERGY HE HAS GAY HUSBAND ENERGY! Because he is very gay *wink and smile*
Sam*disappointed stare* Why...just tell me WHY?!
Bucky: Because it's very true. Byeee
Sam: Oh no you don't!
Bucky: What is it Sammy Sam Sam?
*End of the recording*
P.S: Gay Sam it was just my idea for the dialogue, also old idea
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novembermurray · 14 hours ago
New Head-canon: Sharon Carter was working with Zemo since Civil War.
Think about it! Imagine:
Pre-Civil War, Zemo approaches Sharon in order to covertly learn more about the Avengers, particularly Steve. Sharon finds him out but, much to his surprise, she agrees with his end goal of destroying the Avengers. They hatch the plan together. 
Sharon knows when she hears about the Accords that Steve won’t go for it so she sabotages Peggy’s medicine. She knows Peggy’s death will make Steve emotionally vulnerable. 
Zemo makes his attack in a place that Sharon has jurisdiction so she will be involved in the investigation. He has Sharon leak Bucky’s location to Steve first to further put Tony and Steve at odds. 
They have to readjust their plans a little because Tony doesn’t come to Germany ready for a fight. A one sided fight between Steve and Tony wouldn’t accomplish their goal, so they engineer Bucky, Zemo, Steve and Sam’s escape. Sharon then furnishes Steve and Sam with their gear ensuring that Steve is prepared to fight Tony when the time comes.
Zemo pays Sharon for her help before going to Siberia with no intention to return. 
She uses that money, along with stolen government secrets, to set herself up in Madripor and become (or replace) the Power Broker. 
Zemo keeps an eye on her even from prison, which is why he takes Sam and Bucky immediately to Madripor once freed. 
He easily deduces Sharon is the Power Broker and they make a tenuous alliance to, once again, use Sam and Bucky to achieve their ends: Zemo wants the serum, the scientist, and the existing super-soldiers destroyed, while Sharon wants the pardon Sam is offering, to send a message by killing Karli who betrayed her, and to prevent anyone else from getting the serum before her -- even agreeing to destroy it rather than let it fall into other hands. 
Sharon was able to kill Karli in New York and worked with Zemo’s butler to organize the deaths of the remaining Flag Smashers. She got her pardon and Zemo got his peace-of-mind knowing that all the serum was destroyed or used. So they both got what they wanted.
Tell me why it wouldn’t make more sense than it doesn’t!
(I kinda like Evil!Sharon way more than Turncoat!Sharon or MorallyGray!Sharon.)
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