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Walking down the hallway as a girl

Thad: *puts in a cute hair clip* I look like a freak… *sighs and walks out*

Bart: *passing by* morning Thaddie, you look really pretty today sis!

Thad: whatever. *Feeling a bit better*

Wally: hey Thaddie, you know I can get a cute skirt to match that adorable clip for you!

Thad: thanks I would like that. *Smiling small and feeling a tad better*

Avery: yo you should hang out with us Thaddie!

Jenni: yeah! Girls day out!

Thad: I would love that. *Smiling more*

Jenni: hell yeah!

Dawn: hey Thaddie, you have to go with me and Don to Damian’s place, he can paint nails like nobodies business!

Thad: o-oh yeah that sounds fun! *Feeling better*

Don: oh my daughter, you look so cute today! Glad you like that clip, I’ll make sure to get more!

Thad: thanks I really appreciate it! *Feeling good*

Wally ii: yo Thaddie you lookin’ fire, gotta teach me how you do that!

Thad: I will! *Feeling great*

Barry: oh morning Thaddie, I’ll get your bag ready Slade is picking you up. Looking beautiful kid!

Thad: okay I got it, and thanks! *Feeling amazing*

Iris: hey my grandbaby, made you delicious pancakes for you ride. Now you be care, wouldn’t want my beautiful little girl hurt.

Thad: th-thanks! I’ll be fine! *Feeling wonderful*

Slade: there’s my little girl, hey let’s go before we lose our seats. It’s going to be a big day for us sweetheart!

Thad: okay dad! *Feeling on cloud nine*

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Thea wasn’t really a social kid. Though, those closest to her considered her a social sun beam. Whenever she saw others distressed, it was as if a switch had been turned on in her head. She became such a happy little chatterbox. Thea’d babble about the silliest things; how weird certain words sounded, why she thought the sky was blue. Happy things. Her bubbly, often nonsensical natter was a distraction from whatever troubled those around her. Her chatter was sunshine in the grey. And perhaps the sweetest part of it all was that she didn’t seem aware of what she was doing.

Nature. Barry argued, it was in her nature to be a walking ray of sun. Thea couldn’t help but cheer people up. No matter. Team Flash had come to expect her childish sympathy whenever one of them was feeling somber. They’d bypass the more mature pep talks in favor of a witless retelling of the funniest joke Thea had ever heard.

“Bye Cissy, bye Caitlin.”

Each night she’d say goodbye to all the members of Team Flash, excluding Iris. As Iris was the one who always took her home. It was routine. Each night she’d leave them, but she’s always come back, because with the sun came their sunshine.

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Time, Mystical Time (Cutting Me Open, then Healing Me Fine)

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Westallen

Rating: T

Length: 2,900 words

Iris West dreams of things that both have and haven’t happened. She dreams of standing on the waterfront, of Barry’s mouth hot against hers and his hands in her hair and how it’s like there’s lightning living in the lining of his skin, like there are bolts of thunder in his blood, and he’s lighting her up when they touch.

(A slight Season 1 AU. Because no matter how many timelines get erased, some events always take place, and Iris West was always meant to stand on the waterfront and kiss Barry Allen for the first - and second first -  time.)

❤️⚡️ Read on Ao3 ⚡️❤️

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Hal: Wally, me and Barry are your new parents.


Barry: see he didn’t-


Barry: *has wtf face*

Hal: and a brother, kyle is your brother.



Hal: I got them on sale *shrugs*

Barry: what the-

Oliver: I warned you before marrying him, nobody listens to Oliver he’s just an old fool with glorious facial hair.

Bruce: more like fugly facial hair.

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