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#bart allen
melonlthawne · 10 hours ago
Cookie Jar
Pairing: Meloni Thawne x Don Allen
Characters: Meloni Thawne, Don Allen, Bart Allen
Universe: AU
She just needed 15 minutes to rest. A little slither of time to refresh her constantly depleting energy. Taking care of a toddler was a lot of work. Taking care of a superpowered one was even harder. Impossible, even. She grossly underestimated her son’s ability to cause trouble and now she had a problem in her hands. 
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Bart had kept both Don and Meloni up all night. He adamantly 
to go to bed at 8:00 pm, having to be chased down by Don and practically wrestled up the stairs to even get him ready for sleep. Luckily, Meloni was able to spoil Bart into staying still enough to change into pajamas, only with the help of a chocolate chip cookie. She knew using food as bait was something she’d kick herself for in the future, not wanting to incite bad habits in the kid, but right now, she was battling exhaustion and a hefty headache, so it’d do. Still, it worked, and after a few minutes of fussing and shushing the child, he was pulled into sleep. Meloni and Don both sighed in relief; the couple trudged off to bed themselves. And in a heap, both parents collapsed on the king-sized bed. Meloni first, having no super-speed or extra stamina to keep herself together. Don fixed her position, lifting up the covers and getting her into a more comfortable spot, before he too crawled into bed. He wrapped his arm around her, fixing her hair out of her face, before he pecked her on the cheek, and went off to sleep.
Or so it seemed. 
Throughout the night, Bart had night terrors. It was something that came with being a part of the Flash family and being exposed to the horrors of the World. Don was shocked awake 15 minutes later when he heard Bart wailing at the top of his lungs, screaming bloody murder. He bolted over, afraid there was some sort of attack, only to find his son hunched over in bed, face wet with tears and sweat, still battling visions from his nightmare. 
Getting the little one to calm down was not easy, and Don knew that. His sister and himself had dealt with similar things before, back when Barry was still alive. Nightmares almost every week, over whether or not his dad would return home or survive the next adventure. If a villain would find out a secret identity. Something of the sort. He wished it didn’t plague his own son’s life. But it seemed like it was too late for that. 
Regardless, Don sat with him and tried to soothe the boy, in any way he knew how. After 10 minutes or so, he could get Bart back to laying down, staying close by his side, holding the kid’s tiny hand in his own. How tightly Bart gripped his made him frown. A bit longer, and Bart was back asleep. Don wiped off more sweat from the kid’s forehead, giving him one more squeeze with his hand before he got up and went back to his room.
But this repeated at least 8  times in one night. Almost every hour and a half, Meloni or Don was awoken by a shrill scream, and they’d have to take turns calming Bart down and lulling him back to sleep. So at the end of it all, neither of them got a good night’s rest, on top of already being exhausted. It was horrible. It was one thing to have a restless night. It was another to have to witness your own child relive the same torture every 45 minutes, knowing there was nothing you could do to actually help him except calm him down. 
The morning came, and surprisingly, Bart seemed well-rested, not too shaken by his bouts of nightmares. He seemed chipper after being awoken, even though there were still dried tear-tracks on his chubby cheeks. Don and Meloni weren’t as lucky. Both showed obvious signs of being tired but they had to put it aside for their son’s sake. Meloni helped Bart out of bed and went to start the day, Don sleeping in a little to try and rest it off. 
Meloni sat in the living room, staring down at her cup of coffee. It was untouched. She didn’t even have an appetite, really, too distracted by her exhaustion. But she knew if she didn’t take any measures to stay awake, she’d end up falling asleep and risk Bart being unattended. Bart was in her lap, muttering something, occasionally gazing up at his mother’s pale face and tilting his head, only to refocus on something abstract or nonsensical. Meloni was grateful Bart was easily enamored by toys or other distractions. It made her life a little easier at times, especially now, when she could barely focus on staying awake. She thought if she waited it out a little more, she’d be okay. Maybe the long haul would be best. But slowly, she got lost in her thoughts, and then her eyelids drooped, and within a matter of a minute, she was asleep. 
The drawl of sleep lured her in. And it felt so relieving. She would’ve probably slept the entire day if she was left alone. But after 15 minutes, she was shaken awake by a loud shattering sound. She sat upright in her seat, whipping her head in every direction to try and figure out where the noise had come from. She had no clue, and it wasn’t until she looked down and found Bart was no longer in her lap that it hit her. He probably was messing around and something ended up breaking. Oh god. The image of the broken glass and a possibly injured toddler enveloped her, and she bit the inside of her cheek so hard she could feel blood pooling. But the metallic taste also drew her out of her thoughts and she heard another loud sound from the kitchen. It sounded like someone struggling to open some sort of container. She got up and headed towards the noise, and to her relief, it wasn’t as macabre as she pictured. 
Bart, SOMEHOW, managed to get on top of the counter, knocking a glass container over the edge, and it was left in pieces all over the floor. She wasn’t sure how he accomplished that, considering how tiny he was, but she supposed with enough effort, anything was possible. He was sitting cross legged with a jar in his arms, hugged close to his chest. One arm kept the jar wedged in place. The other was busy trying to pry the lid off. His tongue was stuck out and his eyes all focused in determination, but he just didn’t have the strength to pull it apart. And, evidently, the jar had a very clear label Bart had grown to recognize: Cookies. 
“Bartholomew!” Meloni yelped, voice desperate. She was so exasperated by it all, really, and even though this could’ve been way worse, it was still upsetting. They were so lucky he didn’t end up getting hurt. 
Bart’s eyes widened as he came to terms with the fact he was caught. Damnit! He was so close to eating the entire collection of baked goods inside. Bart’s face paled, and the toddler turned his head to look at his mother, almost terrified but more so guilty. Still, he didn’t speak; Meloni could hear his troubled breathing. She approached, making sure to step over the broken container, and carefully pried the cookie jar out of his hands. 
“No!” Bart yelped, trying to regain control of the jar, only to fail miserably and look up to his mother with a huge pout and adorably angry eyes. Face beet red, too. He was not happy to get caught, and for his masterpiece of a plan to be foiled so easily!
“Bart, what did I say about climbing on the counter?” Meloni exclaimed, hands on her hips; the cookie jar still in her hold. 
Bart peered down, and unconfidently replied. “Not to?”
“Exactly.” Meloni placed the jar down on another counter top, far enough to where Bart couldn’t scurry past and grab it. 
“I was hungry.” He pitifully argued, kicking a socked-foot in no particular direction, just to express his disappointment. 
“You could’ve gotten hurt. Look at the mess you made!” Meloni pointed to the ceramic pieces all over the floor, to which Bart had seemingly glossed over. Bart panned down and whined, looking away in protest. 
Before Meloni could get another reprimand in, her husband came bolting in, a little too late. Apparently awoken by her screaming and not the commotion of Bart climbing up and causing the chaos. 
“What’s going on?” Don asked in a huff. But after reviewing his wife’s displeased expression and the scene around him, he came to a conclusion and muttered a brief “Oh.” 
“I fell asleep.” Meloni told him, locking eyes with her husband. She was rubbing her opposite arm, feeling like a lousy parent. “If i had been asleep for any longer, he might’ve gotten hurt. Or stepped in those pieces. Or, I don’t know, died of a cookie overdose?” 
“Relax.” Don told her, taking her hands in his own and rubbing them in a soothing manner. “We were up all night. It’s not your fault you got tired.”
“I should've been paying attention, Donny.” Meloni still hung her head, face paling, eyes settled on the floor. Bart stayed silent as he watched this exchange between his parents, unsure how to react. But he felt it necessary to stay out of it. 
“It’s okay, babe.” The eldest speedster pulled his wife in for an embrace. And for a brief moment, Meloni forgot all her stresses and was lured into it, sighing as she pressed her head against her husband’s chest. They stayed there hugging for what felt like an hour, only for it to actually be a minute or so. When Meloni seemed collected enough, they released each other, and both parents turned their attention back to Bart, who was apparently planning on trying to escape. However, he couldn’t do this without making noise, and as he tried to travel down the side of the cupboards, a small foot missed, and he yelped, only to be caught and hoisted into his Dad’s arms. 
“Where do you think you’re going, little man?” Don brought his son up to his height, holding him securely so the little tyke couldn’t squirm away. 
“I wuh-wasn’t going anywhere.” Bart tried, and Don grinned, making his son somewhat nervous. Meloni shook her head, but smiled too, feeling too tired to be harsh about this. 
“Don’t do that again, okay?” Meloni told her son, reaching out and cupping his cheek with her soft hand. Bart leaned into the touch, still frowning and feeling a little crappy from the stunt he pulled. 
“I promise.” The little speedster managed, relaxing a little. 
“See?” Don eyed Meloni, who rolled her eyes. Regardless, a smile was still on his face. “He’s alright. I can clean that up and it’ll be like it never even happened.” 
Don transferred Bart over to Meloni, who took him in earnest, lifting her son in a better position on her hip. The kid leaned against his mother’s chest, peering at the two, wondering what was going on. 
“And when it’s all cleaned up, I think we both deserve a nice 
.” Don called over, purposefully enunciating the last word. 
“Nooo! I’m not tired! No more sleep! Sleep is stupid!” Bart countered, practically rioting in his mom’s arms. Meloni smiled deeply and winked at her husband, before responding, “That sounds like a good idea.” 
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melonlthawne · 12 hours ago
this has probably been considered a lot of times but
transgirl!cassie and transboy!bart?
cassie and bart swapping clothes and going through each other’s wardrobes to just pick and choose the gaudiest outfits, only for their comfort. 
both of them understanding the other’s dilemma and offering tips and tricks to cope with body dypshoria and with their teammates? 
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ragingbookdragon · 13 hours ago
AYE 🙋🏻
"Of course i remembered" *is lying* with Wally West
completely up to ur interpretation ive just been thinking ab this prompt for awhile 😭👉🏻👈🏻
Love you and ur writing <3 -Day
“I’m glad you managed to get the day off, Wally,” he murmured, nudging his lover’s shoulder with his nose as he snuggled behind him.
Wally snorted. “You act like I have an actual day job like you.”
“Running a government sanctioned black ops squad technically doesn’t count as a day job, but I digress.” He lightly nibbled Wally’s shoulder, listening to the Speedster sigh warmly, rubbing his calf with his toes. “You have the day off and I’m glad for it.”
“You’re just glad you don’t have to get up, babe.” He retorted, smirking when the soldier’s lips smiled into his skin.
“True,” he said, peeking at the clock on the wall. “But we should get up since we have to pick up Bart and Tim from school.”
Wally froze for a split second, which was fast for a Speedster, and he would’ve ignored it had the man’s body not gone rigid against his. “Wally,” he drawled out. “You did remember that we have to pick them up, right?”
The Speedster let out a ‘pfft’. “What? Of course, I remembered we have to pick up our annoying family members.” He crawled out of his lover’s arms, hurrying to the bathroom. “I’m going to get ready though so we’re not late.”
He snorted, watching Wally shut the door. “He totally forgot.”
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melonlthawne · 13 hours ago
do you do art requests?
i do! though to be honest, don't expect anything too grandeur if im drawing anything besides bart! but yeah, i have a lot of free time on my hands and im always looking for new things to doodle! never be afraid to send an idea.
on a slightly related topic, i also write! i haven't written much recently but writing meloni thawne and bart especially is my favorite :)
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melonlthawne · 13 hours ago
because of you I am obsessed with Bart, thank you
Tumblr media
This drawing isn't very good or on model but I'm glad to introduce you to the cutest speedy troublemaker around! May more Bart fans exist forever. This boy deserves love
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ainxis · 15 hours ago
Young justice cartoon comited many crimes in their portrayal of core four but the biggest one yet might be giving Bart green eyes instead od yellow. Thank you for your attention.
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teddybearflash · 17 hours ago
School lunches with adhd!Bart and autistic!thad
Bart: you don't like it?
Thad: the texture...
Bart: I can trade with you-
Some jerk: looks like the stuck up princess can't handle peasant food huh?
Thad: don't say it, don't say it, don't say it-
Jerk: somebody is just too picky- *gets punched by Bart*
Bart: oh, sorry reflex when someone being an asshole.
Kon, from the other side of the school: MY BABY BOY CUSS AH THEY GROW UP SO FAST *sobbing in proud punk*
Tim: huh so this is a public school, do you think I'll get to see a front lawn fight?
Cassie: most definitely.
Cissie: should we tell Bart violence ain't the answer?
Cassie: later babe, I don't get see Bart this mad a lot.
Tim: my brother always said violence is not the answer, it's a question he asks repeatedly to someone face.
Kon: bats logic, I need to make more punk right cards.
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hotlantern · a day ago
Super random headcanon but I feel like Batman made a gym specifically for speedsters. Like super speed treadmill, weights, etc anything you would see in a typical gym but… super energized to fit a speedster. I won’t elaborate any more on this
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bugbart · a day ago
Tumblr media
sk8er boy 🛹⚡
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psychostxr · a day ago
𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧 | snack runs
⏤ pairing: bart allen x female! reader
⏤ warnings: none
⏤ word count: 430
⏤ keys: none
Tumblr media
"Remind me why I had to come with you?", the auburn boy questioned, slacking behind you.
As much as you adored Bart, you sometimes couldn't wonder how you fell for him. Yes, he was an adorable ball of energy, but there were times where being a speedster was his worst trait. Wanting to live in the moment and takes things slow wasn't in his vocabulary.
"Since you have a high metabolism, you need more food than an average person, so, I need you to pick what you want for movie night. While I choose for the others.", you explained, staring at the boy.
He looked at you with such an innocent gaze, making your heart flutter, and he had no idea what he was doing to you.
"So, I can take as much as I want?"
"Yes, but nothing over $100, okay? I know Bruce gave us his card to use, but I don't think he intended it to be for snack runs."
With a joyful cheer, Bart vanishes behind one of the isles, leaving you to shake your head in amusement. Continuing your search for your teammate's snacks, you later found yourself at the self check out waiting for Bart. When you agreed to let Bart take as much as he wanted, he sure took advantage of it, he was carrying two baskets full of chicken whizzies!
"I'm not even going to ask. Just pass me the stuff while I scan the products, okay?"
As you scanned the products, you overhear a group of girls talking about Bart.
"I'm going to try and talk to him.", one of the girls said.
Bart tensed beside you, causing you to snicker as you watch his helpless face.
"Don't tell me you're afraid of girls Bart.", you spoke.
"No, just the ones that aren't you.", he explained.
Catching you off guard, Bart grabs your waist, softly placing his lips on yours. You were in shock for a moment before closing your eyes, allowing yourself to relax in his embrace, kissing him eagerly.
Not too far away from you, you both hear the girl groan before she walks away. But Bart doesn't stop. He pulls you closer, leaving no space left between you two. Your arms wrapped around his neck before pulling away to breathe.
You break away with a gasp, breathing heavily. Bart stares at the ground in embarrassment, blushing furiously while you giggle.
"We should go on snack runs more often."
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hintofelation99 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Bart aka Impulse aka Flash aka Speedy Mane Bby
@timdrakeisaclownbaby this is all on you my beloved.
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teddybearflash · a day ago
Okay so vibration is a sound that is like purring, the flashfam do indeed vibrate meaning these people purr.
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novaoutofthisworld · a day ago
Y/N: When i first met you i thought you weird and annoying.
Bart: *Smiles*
Bart: .......And?
Y/N: And you are
Jamie: *laughing in the corner*
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melonlthawne · a day ago
Tumblr media
how can an outfit be so iconic yet so ugly at the smae time? 
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jakascoo · a day ago
Tim, to Conner: How tall are you?
Conner: 6'4".
Tim, to Bart: How tall are you?
Bart: [grabs Tim by his collar] I am 5 feet, 2 inches, and one quarter.
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sketchingtons · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We‘re back with another DC Pride illustration baybeeee! 
Finally getting around to the other members of the Core4 for their pride illustrations-and we’re focusing on best boi Bart today 💕 Another one of my self indulgent headcanons, but I just love the idea of non-binary Bart! I’m a firm believer that the people of the future have ceased to care about the rigid societal restrictions of the gender binary/gender roles-and Bart has to laugh at anyone who tries to conform them to it in the present day!
Let this speedy boi wear skirts and dresses and jewelry to their hearts desire, it’s what they deserves 😌💅✨ (I’m also now thinking of Cassie trading away all the skirts/dresses she receives from extended family to Bart for all their unwanted pants and shorts-yes I’m still out here pushing the core4 clothes sharing agenda! 👏)
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crashcitycentral · 2 days ago
Bart and Jay are like, the same but with different vibes.
Jay: 😈🔪💥Murder💥
Bart: 🥰💕✨Murder✨
You can’t tell me they wouldn’t. This is what they are.
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crashcitycentral · 2 days ago
A typical day
Tim, Bart and Jason all hanging out:
Tim on his phone: ...
Jason, braiding Bart's hair: ...
Bart happy about the attention: *speedforce actin' up*
Jay: Did... did you just fucking purr?
Bart, panicking: uhhHHHH EVASIVE MANUVERS! *full force slams a tissue box in Jay's face and runs away*
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