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#bart simpson
tylerthirst · 3 hours ago
dear diary bart here. my crush finally replied to the gc and he said "i sleep for 2 hours and wake up to this gc going nuts, good ob bart." "this is what you get for tryna make us listen to thrift shop for the trillionth time" (was tryna send a link 2 da song when i sent wrong link). i desperately hope he does not read it. i will never be able to go to class with him again.
well i know when the gc is going crazy i never go back to check so i think it’ll work itself out
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tylerthirst · 4 hours ago
dear diary bart here. you may never hear from me again o my god i have to dissapear i just accidentally sent a papa smurf x naruto mpreg fic to my history groupchat. that my crush is in. i have no idea what to do.
imma keep it real with you bart. there’s literally no way to come back from that. unless your crush is into that kinda stuff. ohh what if you awakened something in them 🤔
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tylerthirst · 5 hours ago
dear idiary bart here. if i were to legally change my name to bart simpson do you think i could get in trouble for it.
i think they’d be cool with it
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elbuengio · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ayer fue el día de los Simpsons y no tenía nada preparado pero bueno recordé que los Simpsons ya no es lo que eran, ya no es lo que eran, así que mejor recordemos las mejores frases en los comentarios.
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awcrudd · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyway, I love Marge and Barts relationship...
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pizzaboat · a day ago
So y'know that thing from the simpsons where the nerd kid(I can't remember his name.)
The blond one with.. a white shirt and red shorts I think has a poster made that says a vote for Bart is a vote for anarchy, and then Bart sees this and remakes the poster to look cooler and it becomes his promotional poster?
I like to imagine if there was that kind of election at hexide, eda would've done the same thing as Bart..
I doubt she would've cared about school elections unless it was to mess with someone else tho
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zemmix · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
right what the hell is this tiktok emoji 
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bartarmy · 2 days ago
I’m the drumstick of this chicken bucket
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tylerthirst · 2 days ago
dery doary bart here. had an exciting day. forgot i was disabled and lifted a table (bad day), argued with a grown woman wh o was pouting like a child. bought some new rings bc im addicted. almost fainted bc im emo in 2021 and wearblack pants a black longsleeve and a dark gray tshirt in alabama heat. which was very fun. how was your day ?? here is a show reccomendation: what we do in the shadows. also the simpsons/
wow it’s like everyone is becoming goth now. anyway my day was good. i drove about 2 hours to tour the college m going to, the trip was supposed to be about 3 hours but i was speeding 🙈💕 sometimes i forget how many trucks are on the road, especially in the morning. i had two trucks having sex stuck in my head the entire time. driving on the freeway isn’t even that hard it’s just that the roads are so curvy and there so many potholes like bro why aren’t my taxes paying for this 🤨
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theamericantrash · 3 days ago
Hi 👽💞, @weight--of--sound tagged me
Tumblr media
I’ve done 100% nothing today ¡Ay, caramba!
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