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bigmsaxon · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hobgoblin bartender Kryzha, one of Tenk’s contacts for our Shadowrun game.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 months ago
I ordered a glass of water at a bar. The bartender listed a dozen different waters they had on draft (eg, this one comes from a Minnesota glacier, this one is lake water purified three times, etc.). I asked what he recommended; he looked around to make sure no one was listening, and whispered, “The tap water is the best.”
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hollandcrush · 10 months ago
on the house
Tumblr media
tom holland x bartender!reader
summary: after a hard day, tom goes to a small countryside pub to relieve some stress. 
word count: 4,726
warnings: fluff-ish. cursing. creepy men. mention of alcoholism. bad writing. awkwardness. softish & rough smut. oral. protected sex. dirty talk. lots of tom moaning. slight aftercare.
a/n: so i wrote this.. i’m trying to procrastinate and by the word count you can see i succeeded. um lets not talk about it. this is kinda a mess? half-ass edited. but enjoy xo. im actually sorry for publishing this.
“Alright boys, last orders.”
A commotion of “awh cmon” and “whaayy” filled the room protesting your announcement. You rolled your eyes as you started getting orders and pulling pints of lager for the group of men who had been in the pub since the early evening. They had spent their time playing darts and watching football. Proper lad behaviour.
It was past midnight, you wanted to be gone out of the pub and into bed before sunrise. You had gotten a job in one of the small pubs in your town, just wanting a bit of extra money. It was a normal job. Nothing much happened, a few brawls here and there, old men grossly flirting with you and constant banter with customers.
You asked a few of the regulars that sat along the bar if they wanted another, however they were too busy talking about the town's gossip. They involved you in their conversation, trying to get a glimpse into your life. You weren’t so foolish. “Aw darling, we just want to know about if Daley’s boy finally got the balls to talk to ya’. His father tells us that he likes you. I mean, I can see the appeal.”
“I'd tell ya, if you were me mother, I’d never leave home.” Another voiced. They all laughed causing you to scoff at the dirty remark.
Your eyes snapped towards the culprit. “You can’t even get with a woman your own age, nevermind a woman fifty years younger. Piss off will ya.”
Being a bartender at a small pub meant that this was what you had to put up with. Lonely creepy men, whose only contact with a woman was the local bartender. It was quite sad and you admit, you felt for them. You watched the same people come in and out, drinking to ease them through their repetitive days. Alcohol soothing their pain. Most of them suffered major tragedies in their lifetime. The worst problem being their stories spreading like a wildfire around town, with some truth but very much exaggerated. Their pain becoming just another’s entertainment.
People in small towns always were infatuated with others personal lives. Wanting to know who is with who, who went to church last Sunday, what a person bought in the shop. I mean everything. There were no boundaries.
Although this had its disadvantages, it had some benefits. One of them being connections, and another being able to recognize a new face. It came in handy from time to time to know when someone’s out of place especially in your job. New people always made your job easier. This man who sat alone at the end of the bar stood out like a sore thumb. It was obvious he didn’t live here.
For starter, you know everyone who lives in the town by their first name. And secondly, you wouldn’t have forgotten a face like his.
He wore a paddy cap, some curls peeking from under. A green sweater clung tightly around shoulders stretching the material accentuating his physique. His lips pursed together as he stared at his drink with a clenched jaw. His hand clutched the drink, maybe a bit too hard. His mind was obviously focused on something else.
He was quiet for the few hours he was here. Didn’t talk much just to order another pint of Heineken. You didn’t want to protrude the distressed man so you left him alone. It helped to have conversations, often made the night go by faster.
“Do you want another? I’m gonna start the clean up”
His head shot up making eye contact with you for the first time tonight. His eyes looked slightly bloodshot. He looked stressed. “I’m okay.” He simply stated.
You walked over to the tap, quickly pulling him another. You slammed it in front of him, removing him from his thoughts. “On the house.” You gently smiled before walking out from the bar to collect some glasses that were left on tables.
You felt a burning sensation on you as you did the quick cleanup. You knew someone was watching. However, scared to turn around to confront as you didn’t know if it was the handsome stranger or just an old creep.
Once the lounge was clean and glasses in the dishwasher, you suddenly decided to make a coffee using the machine that just happened to be at the end of the bar where the man sat. As you pressed your coffee grounds, his voice rang into your ears.
“You pull a nice pint.”
A simple compliment. That’s all it was. Yet the heat that rose to your cheeks was embarrassing. Thankfully you weren’t facing him.
“Thanks, stranger. Big cities don’t know how to make the perfect pint I’m assuming.” You teased as you allowed your coffee to pour.
“How did you know I’m from the city?” His question caused you to let out a quiet laugh.
“Well sir, I’m basically a psychologist. Bartenders are the poor man's therapist.” You poured the cold milk into your coffee before facing him. He was sat back in his seat compared to his hunched posture mere minutes ago. “So a city boy comes to a small countryside pub for what? That is the question.”
“You are the psychologist, you tell me.” He smirked bringing his pint to his mouth to take a sip. A small mark was left on the top of his lips from the foam but quickly cleaned as his tongue swiped it away. The action making your knees feel a little weak. A slight smirk remained on his face. ‘Little fucker’ you thought. You placed your elbows on the bar in front of him, leaning against it.
“Game on. Well, you are nicely dressed, so coming back from a visit? An event? Maybe the city is stressing you out. The Rolex on your wrist says ‘I’m rich’. You are too young for a good-paying job in a business. Daddy’s money maybe? But the face is telling me entertainment. You are giving off pretty boy vibes. Singer? Actor?”
A smile spread across his face. You knew by his reaction you hit the nail on the head. He was a bad actor if he was one. You decided to tease him.
“Although I could be completely wrong. Maybe you are into older men. If that’s your preference, I totally know a few that would be perfect for you.”
His eyes rolled as he took another sip. “You were doing so well until that. If you must know, my preference happens to be bartenders. Ones who specifically call me pretty boy.”
“I didn’t call you a pretty boy. Just- you give me those vibes.” You protested.
“Too bad. I guess you aren’t my preference anymore.”
That statement caused a wave of butterflies to erupt. You went to drink some of your coffee to try and regain composure. Silence filled the next few moments as you both sipped at your beverages.
“Um- I’m filming about fifteen minutes from here. Just had a bad day. This was the first pub that google recommended nearby.” He confessed.
“Oh, what are you f-” “Y/N, were heading off. See you tomorrow.” A regular John shouted as he grabbed his coat from the back of his chair and walked out.
It was then you realized it was only you and this stranger left in the pub. When did that time pass?
“Shit.” You mumbled as you went collected the remaining glasses.
“You need help?” he offered as he stood up from his chair. “You’re fine. Am you can leave when you're ready. Plus those hands haven’t seen a day of hard work in their lifetime.” You joked staring at his clean, manicured hands.
“Tell me where the sweeping brush is.” “Honestly, you are f-” “Tell me Y/N” He persisted as he rolled the sleeves of his jumper up his arms. Showcasing his veins.
You pointed to the cabinet in the corner of the lounge. You bit your lip as you watched his body walk towards the equipment. His body was slightly top-heavy, broad shoulders and smaller hips. His pants were quite tight around his thighs. You snapped your eyes from his body. ‘Get a grip Y/N’
As he started to do a quick sweep you realized you never got his name. “Hey, how come you get to know my name and I don’t get to know yours?”
“I’m Tom. Basic, I know.”
You smiled at the slight self-deprecation. You two quickly got to work, tidying tables and stocking up drinks. He kindly put away glasses as you cashed up.
“Well, I guess I was wrong. Your hands are useful for something.”
“They are useful for a lot of things.” He mumbled. Your thighs twitched at the implication. You cleared your throat grabbing your coat.
“Thanks Tom. Honestly, it was really nice of you.” You admitted. “I suppose we should go.”
“Yeah. I-um, I will order a taxi.” Tom said grabbing his coat. “No need, I’ll drive you home. Least I can do.”
His Adam’s apple bobbed in his neck as he straightened his jacket. He made direct eye contact with you, before taking a quick glance of your body. In the moment, you felt vulnerable and exposed as if you were prey being hunted. You grabbed the keys from behind the counter. “Let’s go.”
Tom followed you out. Staying close as you locked up. “Now, I’m not a movie star. I hope my 2010 Volkswagen is good enough for you.” You laughed pointing at your car.
“That thing?! I- I can’t be seen in a peasants car.” Tom dramatically covered his eyes as he walked towards the passenger side of the vehicle. “Now that I think about it, I don’t think there is enough room in the car for your ego.” You sassed before opening the drivers' door. Tom just laughed at your witty remark.
You immediately turned on the radio, hoping to avoid any more playful comments or conversation. Simply because you felt as if you were going to melt if this boy kept playing with your emotions. The drive was quiet. The radio and Toms directions were the only thing heard and said. You couldn’t focus on either as your heart raced as the tension grew.
After following Toms directions, you pulled up to a nice two-story house. The garden was carefully looked after. Not a flaw in sight.
“This is me. Thank you for tonight. I really needed a break.”
“Of course. Anytime. You know where to find me.” You joked. “Bye Tom.”
“Bye Y/N.” He said as he pulled the door handle.
“Well, this is awkward.” He laughed as he attempts to open the door failed. “Shit. Sorry. I forgot the door was broken.” Embarrassment overcame you. You quickly jumped out of your car and ran over to his side. You shut your eyes wishing this was over with as you opened the door for Tom
“What a gentleman!” He teased as he got out of the car.
“Shut up.” You groaned playing with the sleeves of your coat trying to contain the embarrassment of it all. “Well, are you gonna walk me to my door? or?”
You looked up at him perplexed. You scoffed at his remark. “Of course darling. Maybe I will give you a kiss goodbye.”
He laughed before turning on his heels to walk up to the door down the short pathway, you following close behind. He dug into his pockets to find his keys. Once located, he shook them in his hands. You turned your head away from him, biting your lip to conceal your smile.
“Now, what were you saying about a kiss?”
Your face softened as you turned to him, trying to read his expression. Was he being serious? Your mouth parted as you quickly tried to come up with some smart remark. Nothing escaped.
Tom smiled, dipping his head slightly to place a quick, soft kiss on your lips. You were frozen. His lips remained temptingly close to yours. “Cat got your tongue darling?” Fuck it.
Gently, you connected your lips once again. It was innocent at first but rapidly intensified. Your arms swung around his neck. Your lips parted, allowing his tongue to explore your mouth. One arm wrapped around your waist, his free hand placed on your hip.
Soon the kiss became needy. Lips and tongues messily colliding, the rhythm lost. Your fingers tugged his roots at the base of his neck. A satisfying moan escaped his lips. You heard something jingle. You furrowed your eyebrows when suddenly you were pushed through the door. He slammed the door the kicked off his shoes, inviting you to do the same, all while your lips moved together. You knocked the paddy cap off his head before you started pushing his jacket down his arms. Tom’s lips began to travel down to your neck.
You opened your eyes, taking in your surroundings. The house reflected the outside. Tidy, neat and modern.
Tom's lips kissed every exposed spot until your hands squeezed his bicep, signalling he found your sweet spot. His tongue gliding over it before starting to savour the taste of your skin. A whimper softly slipped through your lips. You could feel him smile against the abused skin.
His started guiding you through the house, to what you hoped to be a bedroom. Your eyes continue to scan the house as Tom successfully removed your jacket throwing it somewhere unimportant at this time. His hands travelled under your shirt, wanting to feel your skin desperately.
“Oh my god. Your kitchen. Is that Italian marble on your countertops?” You blurted as you passed the beautifully designed room.
He pulled away, removing his green sweater over his head, exposing his chiselled abdomen. An artist couldn’t sculpt such a view that stood in front of you. “Yeah. I plan on fucking you on it later.” He growled pulling you close to him.
Your hands traced his muscles. Taking in every detail. Your lips latched onto his neck, kissing and biting the sensitive skin. He led you to his bedroom door, pressing you against it. He pulled away, seeking another kiss. This one was different. It was passionate and loving. His hand cupping the side of your face.
“This is your cleaning fee covered, I hope.” You mumbled into his lips.
With that, he pushed open the door, nearly knocking it off its hinges. His tight grip on your hips prevented you from falling over. He flipped you so he would hit the bed first. He lowered his hips, sitting on the edge. His hands refused to leave your body. Pushing your shirt up slightly, he kissed the exposed skin on your stomach. Your core tightened from the contact. His hands rode up and down the back of your thighs. His touch soothing your nerves.
“You sure? We can stop if you want. I am not pressur-” You placed a finger on his lips. “I’m sure.”
You grabbed the bottom of your shirt, ripping it off your body. You climbed on top of him. Straddling him. His hands travelled to your ass. His lips moved to the valley between your breasts. Sloppy sweet kisses marked your soft curves. He attended to every inch. Your eyes followed each calculated move. He looked back up at you, his bottom lips caught between his teeth. Your breath hitched as your hands removed your bra, unclasping it. He helped guide the straps down your shoulders, placing a kiss on each one.
He flipped you over, watching your breast bounce. “Fuck, you’re so sexy.” He groaned, latching his small lips around your left nipple. His hands grounded your hips into the bed. Loud gasps effortlessly left you. His full attention was on you and your body.
He started to travel down south. You focused in on the sight below you. Little hickeys covered your breast, nipples glistened under the low light. One hand was placed on your midsection, another on your thigh. The sight made you grow even wetter.
His eyes remained on you, watching you try to control your breathing. His hands began to undo your jeans. Careful and precise with every move, he teasingly pulled them down your legs. “Tom. Don’t be a tease. Please. I need you now.”
“Sound so sweet begging for me. So pretty. Let me get you ready for me. Promise I’ll make you feel so good.”
The sight of him, saying those things while his head was tucked between your thighs, made you arch your back. His hot breath against your thong, made you rut your hips forward. Each of his actions caused a reaction.
He fingertips fiddled with the band of your underwear. “Tom, seriously. Fuck.” You gazed at him with pleading eyes. In one swift motion, he rolled your underwear off and tossed them into a dark corner. He didn’t waste any time before having his first taste. His face buried between your thighs, licking long stripes.
Your hand covered your mouth, muffling the embarrassingly loud sounds. He barely even started and you were a moaning mess. He finally connected to your most precious spot. He licked gently at your clit as he was not sure how sensitive you were. He didn’t want to overwhelm you, yet.
He continued to explore your body, taking time to figure out what you like and didn’t like. Once he got the perfect pace, he slid a hand between your folds. “Tom.” You whimpered wanting to feel him. He momentarily removed his lips from your drenched core.
“That’s it darling. Wanna hear you. Shit you turn me on so much. Taste so good.”
His fingers glided into you with ease. Stretching you out with his thick digits. Prepping you for him. You clenched around him as he relentlessly worked on your sex. You couldn’t stop the noises that left you anymore. You climbed closer and closer to the edge with every passing second.
“Tom, I- I’m gonn-na, fuck.” You cried. Your hands pulled his hair as you finally fell off the edge. He continued to eat you out as you rode out your climax. Your thighs clenched his head, nearly suffocating him.
He pulled away. Face and fingers glistened. Next thing you know, you are wrapping your mouth around his fingers, cleaning them for him. He groaned as he watched you intently. His other hand removed his jeans with ease, needing some relief. The material being too restricting. He got on top of you, pulling you into a filthy kiss.
You pushed him off so that you could get on top. He scurried to the top of the bed so that he could rest against the headboard. His boxers had an evident wet patch on them. The material was tight across his hips. You spread his legs so you could position yourself on your knees between them.
“I’m gonna be nice and not tease you.” You smirked as you pulled down his boxers exposing his hard member. His hand wrapped around the base of his cock allowing it to stand tall, his eyes tracing your body, taking in every last detail. His put his free hand gently on your face. You stared deeply into his lust-filled eyes. The moment very intimate. You were convinced he could hear your heart thump in your chest.
He watched as your lips parted and your eyes slowly travelled down his body. He began to tug at his hard cock, wanting nothing more than to feel your warmth. He combed his hand through his wavy hair while rocking his hips. You adjusted your position, placing yourself on all fours. You lowered your chest to the bed, arching your back giving Tom an amazing view of your back and ass. Your face was temptingly close to his aching member. You put your hand on his thigh, feeling the muscles contract. You tugged at your lip, concentrated on his hand that continuously pumped his thick cock.
“You said you were an actor? In what industry? Adult film maybe? I mean you definitely have the looks and parts for it.”
“Hm, you always have something smart to say. I think we can use that pretty little mouth for something else right now.”
You opened your mouth invitingly. He followed suit, guiding his sensitive tip. You wasted no time moulding your lips around his girth. Tom released a satisfied moan. His grip loosened as he focused on the feeling. You used this as a chance to take control. Grabbing at his cock you began to pump the veiny shaft. You pulled back to release a trickle of spit. You licked from top to bottom of his shaft before placing him back into your mouth.
You hollowed your cheeks causing him to buck his hips up, hitting the back of your throat. “Shit. Shit. Sorry!” He exclaimed, but unbothered you continued to suck. Tom swore he got harder than he thought possible. He continued his moans and praises as he tangled his hands in your hair, guiding your movements at a steady pace. Your eyes glistened, chin wet.
“Y/N I won’t last long if you keep- fuck- keep doing this.”
You took the hint and pulled away, a trail of spit connected to your mouth. His cock was impossibly hard. His tip was red and angry. Tom closed the gap, bringing you into a heated kiss. So messy but so very hot.
“Condom?” You asked. His hand squeezed your ass before getting up to get a condom from his dresser. He turned to you in all his naked glory pumping his cock a few times, which was still wet from the prior activity, before ripping open the condom and rolling it down his shaft.
Once back on the bed, Tom shuffled towards you placing a soft kiss on your lips. He pulled your legs from under you causing you to fall back. He grabbed one of the fluffy pillows and carefully put it under your head. He spread your knees, fingertips gliding down towards your heat.
“So wet darling. You think you’re ready or do you need another round?” He said, kissing the inner side of your left knee.
“Thanks for the offer Tom, I might take you up on it later. But right now, I need you in me.”
With that, Tom didn’t hesitate as he positioned himself between your legs. One elbow propped him up while the other was wrapped around his length. His tip traced your folds before poking at your entrance. He looked at you one more time, ensuring this was what you wanted. You softly caressed his cheek. Your eyes trailed down south, making contact with the scene that was about to unfold.
Tom slowly pushed his hips forward, it felt awkward at first. The angle was quite discomforting. Tom obviously sensed that. He quickly pulled out, popping your knees up towards your chest. Your calves rested on his shoulder as he leaned forward to stabilize his position. Tom pushed back in. This time the stretch felt amazing. “God- Tom.”
“You are so tight, shit Y/N. So snug, just for me.” He growled bottoming out.
Your hands gripped his forearms that were caged around you. He slowly retracted his hips before snapping forward. The pleasure was overwhelming as he filled you up completely. The buildup, the affectionate touches, the caring demeanour, all adding to this amazing sensation you were experiencing. Nothing like you’ve felt ever. He was so attentive to your pleasure. You came first in his mind.
He watched how you reacted to each movement, finding the one that felt best. His hips snapped at a memorizing pace, lips latched onto your nipples causing you to cry out. Your hands flung to his hair, tugging on his perfect locks. Tom took this opportunity to swing one of his hands down to your aching clit.
“Tom- Fuck. Are- are you sure you aren’t a-a pornstar.” You asked between your involuntary moans.
Tom's teeth grazed your nipple as he pulled away to attack your swollen lips. Effectively shutting you up. Tom ruthlessly and repeatedly hit your spot, which caused you to tighten around him. He moaned loudly against your lips. Your fingers scraped his back while his fingers continued to abuse your clit. Building up the tension in your stomach for the second time.
“Tom, I- I am so close. Shit baby. Tommy.” You panted.
“You sound so perfect. Cum for me pretty girl. Cum on my cock.”
The praise pushed you to your climax. You threw your head back, screaming his name as he continued to fuck you senseless. Thighs quaked as your fingers dug into his skin. He hissed, slowing down his pace. “So snug, so warm fo’ me. You okay? Can I keep going?”
“How the fuck are you lasting so long?”
He laughed, flipping you around so you were on all fours. He quickly slid into you, wrapping his hand around your neck to pull you up to his chest. “Darling, I’m Spiderman.”
“You are what?” He pushed you down onto the pillow, forcing you to arc your back. He forcefully pounded into you causing you to scream. His strokes long, deep and hard. Giving you every single inch. His hands gripping your hips, leaving marks with his strength. Guttural moans escaping with each stroke.
You felt like putty in his hands. Letting him do whatever he pleased. Your arms were extended pulling at the bed sheets, ripping off the bedding. You continued to moan, not caring who heard your screams of pure ecstasy. “Tommy. You are making, making me feel so good. Please d-don’t stop” 
“That’s it Y/N. Only I can make you feel like this. Shitt. So tight from every angle.” 
His actions were becoming sloppy. Thrusts not becoming as accurate. One hand reached under to rub at your clit aiding you to an inevitable third release. “Darling, I’m so close. Fuck.” “Me. Too. Tommy.” You panted.
Tom pulled your hips higher, adjusting his own so he would hit your g-spot every single time. It only took a few more strokes to make you come undone. You clenched so hard around his member that he could barely continue his motion. He threw his head back with his eyes closed as he released into the condom.
“Fuuck Y/N. Shit.” He growled while the wave of pleasure took over his body. He rode out both of your orgasms before collapsing on the bed beside you. Your legs were shaking, overstimulated by him. Heavy panting filled the humid room. Sweat covered your bodies as you enjoyed the post-orgasm haze.
A light groan was heard as he took off the condom due to the sensitivity. You rolled on your side to watch him discard the used rubber. He threw on his boxers before walking into the bathroom. You stayed still, taking in the interior that surrounded you. It was definitely a nice place, but you could tell it wasn’t a home. No photos, no memorabilia. Only the basics. 
He walked back out with a cloth clutched in his hand. He quickly grabbed a t-shirt from his drawer and handed it to you before attending to the mess between your legs. The warm towel cleaned the wetness that dripped down your thighs. He smiled as he watched your legs twitch every once and a while. He payed particular attention to the marks that he left. Your hips, thighs, neck and breasts all littered with little bruises and love bites. The moment was silent. Neither one of you knew what to say. He tossed the towel into the laundry basket before joining you in bed. He laid on his back and extended his arm, inviting you to cuddle.
“So was that- uh- okay?” He questioned. You smiled as your fingertips traced circles on his chest.
“It was amazing Tom. Don’t get all shy on me now.”
“Sorry, it’s just- well, I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean I’ve had sex, just not with a stranger. So I didn’t really know what the protocol was.” He joked.
“I mean one night stands aren’t usually so, passionate. But I can’t argue, that was possibly the best sex I’ve ever had.” You complimented before rolling over so that you partially laid on him. His arms instinctively wrapped around you, holding you close.
“Hey Mr. Spiderman, but um, what were you saying earlier about a certain kitchen countertop?”
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boyses · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm covid free and allowed out of the house 🖤
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badsciencejokes · 6 months ago
I’ve been seeing this a lot lately in my area. 
Bar owners are posting their employee’s pictures to the company page telling their clientele who is bartending that evening. 
This is a major threat to your bartender’s safety!!! Here’s why...
Feel free to share when you see it happen. 
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thats-so-maven · a month ago
GLaDOS - A Portal Inspired Cocktail
Tumblr media
GLaDOS spends the entire game tormenting the main character. Much like my ex-wife.
1.5 oz Tropical Rum 2 oz Passion Fruit Juice Juice of 1/2 a lime 0.5 oz Grenidine 0.5 oz Lemoncello 1 oz Vanilla Simple Syrup Garnish Slice of Fresh Passion Fruit Combine all ingredients into a mixing tin with ice, shake well for 20 seconds, strain with a julep strainer into a martini glass. Enjoy.
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silverpsychedelic · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Someone in the server noticed that in the background of the opening cinematic there looks like a bar! So naturally I had to draw him as a bartender 👀💙
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roses-for-julia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These are all the characters that are canonically in love with Julia. ;P
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xxacantheaxx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The Present and The Past. Two sides of a Medal.
Yes, I am a sucker for the Headcanon of Grillby being present in the war against humans.
(Decided to finally do some exercises in Clip Studio Paint, and not rely on Paint Tool SAI which I have used for years now, and felt comfortable with. And to be honest, I like it! I'll keep experimenting in Clip, to get more familiar and used to it. I like how these turned out!)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
18.06.21// typing words by day, slinging drinks by night. Patio szn is back in full swing and we are loving it ☀️️ All about that work-work balance am I right 😅 IG: flatneedledistillery
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potbox · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
my 2 besties 💗
ps. please don’t come for me i know they’re dirty ☹️
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thats-so-maven · 2 months ago
The Memento Mori - A Destiny Inspired Cocktail
Tumblr media
The Ace of Spades is the gift that Cayde-6 wanted us to have. This drink Imitates the glowing chamber of the Ace of Spades with Memento Mori is active. Enjoy 3-taping Guardians in the crucible.
1 oz White Tequila 0.5 oz Blueberry Schnapps Juice of 1 lime 2 oz Simple Syrup 3 oz Lemon La Croix Garnish 0.5 oz Everclear 0.5 oz Grand Marnier Light on fire (Carefully) Pour Blueberry Schnapps into a rocks glass filled with ice. Combine Tequila, Simple Syrup and Lime juice into a mixing tin with ice. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds. pour into rocks glass while straining with a julep strainer, slowly. carefully pour La Croix on top. Place Half an juice lime on top. Find a place it balances. Pour Everclear and Grand Marnier on top. Carefully light on fire. Do not burn your house down or injure yourself. I am not responsible if you do.
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ohsnapitsalexandrasart · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
I've had to accept that I won't be finishing this drawing 🤷🏾‍♀️ So have the lineart 😂🤸🏾‍♀️
(it was supposed to be a comic strip)
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