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brave-wings-she-flies · 6 months ago
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hauntedlightsaber · 3 months ago
thoughts on what chief’s favorite type of dog would be bestie 👁👁👁♥️
my first instinct is that he finds the tiniest and most teddy bear dog ever. clings it to his chest and is like wow mine now!
this is roughly what I have in mind <3
Tumblr media
I think it would be really funny if he has a basset hound trailing around after him though.
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selfdeclared · 5 months ago
@stringedfangs​ hit the ♥️
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          “Her name is Sasha, I just got her from a local pet shelter.” He smiled when the basset hound began sniffing the stranger’s feet and sat back, looking up at him with her big droopy eyes. “Hope she’s not a bother, she really likes strangers. Wants to stop and talk to everyone we meet.” He chuckled softly and shrugged. “Pretty good ice breaker, I guess.”
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brave-wings-she-flies · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
When you get this in your inbox and you think he has ordered you a dog only to find out it’s a dog food order. All kinds of sad. Hint hint: I think the new house would look good with a puppy. Just sayin’
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