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My husband ate like over half my beijing beef. Wtf. I bought that motherfucker two large noodles cuz he said that’s all he wanted and he ate three noodles and over half my beef. Asshole. “i just want noodles.” That’s what he said. I bought a family meal plus two extra noodles so he’d have his damn noodles and i’d have my stuff for a few days. All gone 24 hrs later cuz he ate half my shit. Pisses me off when he does that. Fuck you, dude.

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Bro im watching the brick soccer one and Mark is making me actually mad rn dafuq

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Inktober day 25: Chunk

Hi everyone this is Chunk, he’s a raccoon. He’s been visiting me almost every night on my balcony to cause Mischief and make Noises. The Roundest boy I’ve ever seen and I dedicate this to him because he inspires me to draw till ungodly hours with his shenanigans - Stella

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The audacity of some people holy shit


The fact that the give themselve right to draw and write on public books

The thing written in blue ink says: “This is where I left off”

This bastard not only ruined the book that he was reading but also wrote something so nerve wrecking in it Holly shit

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