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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Viral Creativity



Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a virus that makes us more creative?



We all have a chance one in a lifetime, a chance to spread love and creativity. Let these be times of ideas and connection to ourselves and our minds.

We would always complain how we don’t have enough time to draw and do our creative endeavours, read, watch shows that we love. Now we crave what we akways had but never treasured.

Maybe this pandemic is what we needed, a reset to all the greed and ignorance of the world.

If you can help someone out, do it. Donate to your local hospitals, offer to help the elderly, stay safe and take care of yourself in order to care for others.

Stay safe, people!

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I’d like to announce that I am no longer a meme-account. From now on, I will post recipes and recipes only. So without further ado, please welcome my signature dish:


- 2 L water

- 1 spoonful sugar

- 2 ½ carrots

- 20 cucumbers

- 3 cm ginger

- ½ tomato

- 69 bananas

- 1 bat


Step 1: Start by boiling the bat in the water and add the vegetables later for a delicious broth. Don’t bother peeling anything, the peel itself is full of proteins and will boost your immune system.

Step 2: After approximately 4 hours, scoop out the bat and let the broth simmer for another 4 hours. Hang the bat above your local bonfire to get that delicious smoked taste.

Step 3: Remove the cucumbers from the broth. They take up too much space. Now put the smoked bat back in the broth.

Step 4: Bon appetit! I suggest putting the bat in a bowl and pouring the soup over it for an aesthetic presentation of your food.

Footnote: This dish is actually regionlocked and works best served in the Chinese region, but it should be doable to make it all over the world. You might want to sing some Chinese folk songs while it’s cooking though as this has been proven useful in making the dish think it’s actually being cooked in China. Enjoy!

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Got some new decals from @mewitti ‘s shop! Super cute. 

My Nighcrawler ones are starting to peel because I put them on the outside of the window like a dumb. Unfortunately from the inside of the back window means there are lines over the top but the bat is still cute. Also had a little trouble with them not wanting to come off their backing but it worked out.

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