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#bat bois
lucinferno8 hours ago
I decided to show the tag yourself meme to my friends, who also know nothing of OM! as well.
My friend who is two months older than me and keeps reminding me about it ended up with Beel. I was so triumphant that for once I am "older" than her馃槀 (we've had this thing for years where we choose who is who in different fandoms based on personality and I was always assigned a younger character)
My other friend chose Barbatos and now that I think about it, they're so alike it's kind of scary
so glad for you LMAO we love to see that!! i also am the youngest in my friend group but everyone's appointed me as the mature one solely because i worry ALL the time. LOL! and honestly im just glad people actually relate to the descriptions i gave because... legit, i just put how i view the characters. i did not expect anyone to actually be like: Hey that sounds like me! LOL
and about your other ask:
Tumblr media
i maybe would do a full-fledged post in the future considering on how people receive this, but some ideas i have are:
lucifer - he's my favorite so i'm 100% correct on saying this; people who like him either WANT to have daddy issues but literally dont and just like the idea of a dominant boyfriend [lucifer is the least fatherly out of all of them. diavolo, on the other hand...] OR they have a elder sister complex and project onto him, making him out to be this super sympathetic, loving, kind-hearted character and when they see him be absolutely shitty [aka, locking belphegor up!!] they'll break their back trying to redeem him. i am the second one because on god im projecting so bad
satan - i dont know if it's because i'm obsessed with lucifer but i cannot see him as anything but the youngest child- he just seems so chaotic even though on the outside, he seemingly has his shit together. my little sister loves him but i honestly see him as a little brother who wants to destroy you because you told him no video games after 8 o'clock. so i wonder if younger siblings/only childs like him because they at least relate to that rebellious side...
mammon - if you like him the most you are right JUST KIDDING i think you have a savior complex. you see this guy who keeps calling himself The Great Mammon and how he is the Strongest Demon Ever and how he is So Great and then you hear him crying at night after being strung up by his older brother and how everyone bullies him and you're like Ok Time To Kill Anyone Who Looks At Him The Wrong Way
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Opinion on ACOTAR's Azriel
As stated in my previous post, this will be my opinion on what I believe should happen to AZ if he ever gets a book mainly focusing on the relationship side since so many people think he should be paired with someone. So in this post, I will remove all personal feelings I have on the series and characters, so this can be unbiased. In a later post, I will discuss my thoughts on the books.
Now that that is over, here is a recap of the last post before I go into what I am going to add for those who haven鈥檛 been able to see my other post:
Ok, ok, I know this will probably be an unpopular opinion, but...
I think if a book is made about Azriel, it shouldn't be about him magically finding his "mate" or there being the main love interest for him, or honestly him being with anyone at all. He deserves all the happiness; I agree that only leads me to encourage me more, hear me out...
路 Azriel has gone through a lot of suffering emotionally, physically, and mentally (outside of emotional). As a result, it would be harder for him to express who he is, let alone try to open up to someone"new" that he would surprisingly learn is his mate.
路 If he was to get a book, I think it should focus on how he went through his difficulties and what he does in the shadows outside of the knowledge already shared of his job. We already know he plays a large part in what goes on in the background of the Night Court, so it should be foremost in what he has seen, which no one shall know.
路 Another point is maybe if SJM wants to introduce a love interest, it is done not through a sudden crush but slow-building of perhaps the love interest being caused through a mission which he ends up being forced to get closer without want and reluctantly develops feelings.
路 Also, like Nesta, along with implied multiple times in the story, he releases his emotions through one-night stands, and we readers just need to accept he isn't a relationship man but not wanting a long-term thing. He has always been represented as closed off, along with never being implied as someone who actively wants a commitment yet to be left to his own, so maybe it should be shown as so.
Now, I want to add evidence to support what I am trying to communicate with everyone.
In the books A Court of Mist and Fury, A Court of Wings and Ruin, A Court of Frost and Starlight, and A Court of Silver Flames, they slowly pull information about what Azriel had to deal with what his job was in the stories. Unfortunately, as the books progress mainly in ACOWAR and ACOSF, people started to try and ship him with many people, not considering what he has gone through with his past, which would only lead to issues if a relationship were to develop at some point in the series.
That is where I will be starting, about how if he does get a book, what should happen with his past, then we will go through how his 鈥渞elationships鈥 should proceed throughout the series.
In ACOMAF, the author SJM introduces him as part of the inner circle, consisting of Mor, Amren, and Cassian. He is the spy of the Night Court who is constantly working with the shadows to gather information for the High Lord Rhysand. Even when Feyre first met him, she was off-put about how he acted with the shadows. 鈥淲ith approval as the shadows seemed to wrap tighter around him. As if he were the dark have from which they flew from.鈥 This only shows more into the beginning of how powerful he could probably be, like foretelling, which is introduced more and more throughout the series.
Azriel is very quiet and keeps to himself most of the time, even to those he loves and cares about profoundly, unless something has him become protective. For example, in the meeting in ACOWAR, he jumps to attack Eris because he insulted Mor. Another example was when Feyre was being offended by Tamlin, he said, 鈥淏e careful how you speak about my high lady.鈥 This line shows that even when he is quiet, he contains anger that has not been explained about how far it runs. He is considered a very mysterious character when described throughout the story because none of his past has entirely been told mainly. After all, no one knows what happened to him.
Taking this information into careful consideration implies more going on behind the scenes with him and his powers of controlling the shadows, which have not been introduced. The information provided through the stories about him being a captive song with abused for a while also gives insight into how much pent-up anger and emotion he carries with him that could affect him dearly, leading him to possibly do things behind the Lord鈥檚 back even as friends. The latest book states that he has been dealing with a lot to the point Rhys gave some work to Cassian. What was the work, though? What work was so much that it forced Rhysand to split the trade with Cassian?
Going into the idea of his book, if it was to be created, it should bring in the information about what he has gone through and what he has to do as a shadowslinger. It should also include information on his job as a spy because honestly, does anyone know? If he gets a book it should be about his career and how his past has affected the way he is. So many aren鈥檛 focusing on the fact he has gone through many difficult times, always forced into positions where he has risked everything because many people only focus on how he acts with the others or how the others interact, not him. Because of all the emotions most likely pent up and the distraction of constantly running around, it has probably only affected him more.
Now finally going into relationship side. Many people are shipping Az with Gwen or Elain and even arguing over it, which is ridiculous because first off, let everyone have their ships stick to your own belief don鈥檛 belittle others. Back to the point, when shipping him with all these people, no one realizes there is no solid development of the two characters of the chosen ship together in any book. Even if nothing leads Azriel to be emotionally available for him, even to realizes he can get in a proper relationship.
If he were to be in a relationship, he would need to be able to sort out his emotions more, being able to be at least able to open up slightly to heal instead of hiding from his mind, which he has been doing, or at least what has been implied of him doing. When in a relationship, someone must openly communicate and stick to the other if something happens. With his past crush, Mor (who still hasn鈥檛 shown if he is completely over her), he never showed much emotion or opened up much with his claim to love her. If SJM established anything in the book, it shouldn鈥檛 be a relationship but just him having one-night stands that honestly shouldn鈥檛 be needed if it is written well enough.
Another reason why he shouldn鈥檛 have a mate because mates are considered rare in that world, meaning if he has a mate, how would that be rare considering that he would be the 4th person in that group to have a mate that randomly appears. It wouldn鈥檛 make sense.
All in all, I think Az shouldn鈥檛 end with someone, and the book should main on him growing mentally, so he becomes stronger. Please ask any questions; if you think otherwise, please I鈥檇 love to hear it, I鈥檓 always open to listening to others鈥 opinions on matters considering them.
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annie--odaira day ago
This is not a full rant like it could be, because I really don't need to be making a post about this in 2021, but this weirdly delayed draco/harry phase I'm currently in has made me unfortunately aware that apparently jkr has made obnoxious whale noises in the past about how draco (shouldn't? can't?) be redeemed, and ohh boy
I am so out of this undoubtedly very old and flogged-to-death-horse loop, too out of it to care or whatever, but also. I wish people who didn't grow up in racist conservative christian households (& also subsequently grow up to be gay liberals) would just. stop. Just close their mouths and stop talking about how people are incapable or unlikely to change.
I don't even know how many of my conservative racist homophobic childhood acquaintances and friends have grown up to change their political views, actively unlearn their racism, and actually discover they are in fact queer as fuck. The number is probably beyond counting.
I myself was very christian and very conservative and very homophobic. I had very christian and very conservative and very homophobic and (one very) racist parents. I mean, I never, like, tried to let a school shooter into our school to murder the principal (while under duress of people threatening to torture and murder my entire family if I didn't), but hey. I parroted my family's values and said shitty things and implied or outright stated people were going to hell. My best friend died believing I thought she'd go to hell, and apologies are a bit too late on that front. I don't conveniently have 3 main nemeses whom I was shitty to regularly enough that I can contact them and apologize; I just emanated my shitty proselytizing homophobic classical liberal bullshit in every direction and exposed everyone around me equally. I can't even apologize because, quite frankly, I have no idea who I hurt.
But I changed, you know? I figured that shit out both on my own and because of careful interventions by adults who believed I could be better. (And I realized I'm queer, which probably gave the entire process a bit of a shove along, but whatever.)
I try to teach the young people in my life how to navigate the long road toward following their conscience in the face of being indoctrinated by authoritarian parents and communities. That's my penance. But it's also just... who I am. Who I am is very different from who I've been, and working toward the world I believe in comes naturally to me because I believe in it. It's not my burden, it's my life, and by and large it is a joy. It is a joy to live what I believe and no longer be nagged by that little sensation I had, even as a child, that maybe the things I'd been told were wrong -- but I couldn't quite figure out in what way, and why would my parents lie to me?
Now, I wasn't a complete dickhead and I was never a white supremacist and I never got a hateful tattoo (while terrified out of my mind about myself and my family being tortured and murdered), but nobody is under any obligation to forgive me. If I contritely approached one of the people I made obnoxious proselytizing homophobic whale noises at during high school and they told me to fuck off with my apologies, that's fine. I don't think a single one of them would, but they could. Doesn't mean I haven't changed and doesn't mean I'm not a good person now. The ideas of "redemption" or "forgiveness" are terribly christian anyway; the ideas of making amends and doing better are much more important to me.
Forgiveness is not a requirement for becoming a better person.
To imply a kid who was raised by shitty fascist parents, indoctrinated from a young age to have a superiority complex, forced basically at the fantasy equivalent of gunpoint to join the fantasy equivalent of a white supremacist group, and coerced into attempting murder while practically pissing himself in fear under the burden of singlehandedly being responsible for whether or not he and his mother and father will die -- to imply he is a "bad boy" or whatever and shouldn't be redeemed or happy or a functional member of the broader society? While also showing glimpses of how terrified and lost he is? While also implying multiple adults know what he's being forced to do and do nothing to intervene? like
just shut up
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duskandstarlighta day ago
This might be the hardest thing u have ever answered鈥 how many gifs of bats do u have saved?
Muahaha! Actually none鈥 can you believe it?! Now I think I need to permanently save some to my phone鈥
Tumblr media
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bat-boys-zine2 days ago
Tumblr media
Get to know our writer for Duke Thomas @outoftheframework!
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ladyelain2 days ago
It just accured to me that sjm never rly does brother-sister relationships... She loves writing huge families with multiple siblings but it鈥檚 always either sisters or brothers only.
Taking the Vanserras, the mortal queens, the Archerons (& bat boys)... Even Nuala & Cerridwen and Gwyn with her twin. It鈥檚 almost comical. Like, Vassa got 4 sisters and Lucien 6 brothers, how??
Well, Rhys had a sister but she dead so...
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kayla-22 days ago
Yes. Just Yes.
Tumblr media
These the same warriors that have snowball fights every year. Get a man that can do both.
Credit: it'swibell_art (Instagram)
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pettyprocrastination3 days ago
okay but
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reader being a freshly turned vamp of a few years by Nadja who is basically like a daughter to the Cravensworth's and Nandor. You meet eddie on campus one night who has just been turned a few weeks ago and is in way over his head so you become a mentor/bestfriend/crush to him as you and the others help him with adjusting to his new life while he also learns how fucking weird your family is.
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aelingalathyniusrailme3 days ago
Tumblr media
馃幍bat boys馃幍
to the tune of bat man
art by itswillbell_art on ig
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cuffedbijeans3 days ago
Jason : I learned some very valuable lessons from this.
Dick : I'm guessing they are all horrible distortions on the lessons you actually should've taken away.
Jason : Death isn't real, and I'm basically a God.
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