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#bat boys
rhys-daarling · 3 hours ago
The Bat Boys:
Rhys= Nerd
Thank my oh for coming to my Ted Talk- this is based off of their personalities in Acosf
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wintersouldier57 · 18 hours ago
I would eagerly consume a book about the bat boys' youth and how they all became friends. Also I would love to hear more about their experience in the Blood Rite. Honestly from what we've heard, the entire thing just sounds super badass and I would gladly sacrifice my first born to have it written. Like yes give me my babies killing their way through the Rite to get to each other and then climbing the mountain together.
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ratabrasileira · 19 hours ago
I hate that the ship war made me a little... disgusted about Azriel.
His past is indeed one of the most interesting and destroying story in the IC and the ship war made me see him as the e-boy who will be exposed for abusing his ex-gf, like... My vision of him was reducted for romantic things and no lol.
Maybe that's why I want Rhys and Cass to help and support him. You see, I have this headcanon that they used to call Azriel as weirdo, because boy didn't know how to be social. But when they became friends (friends not brothers yet) Cass & Rhys was there to help him, help him to sort out some feelings and interactions. And I'm still thinking that he needs his brothers help. Also I said in this post about Az x Mor and... What about Elain?
It's, yeah.. sad reduce some characters to romantic/sexy things when they are more deep than that. (I'm talking about this post, but it was too long for rebblog lol)
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wintersouldier57 · a day ago
Tumblr media
I'm such a simp for them and I'm not even sorry
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ratabrasileira · a day ago
Here. Cass, Rhys and Az dancing.
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ratabrasileira · 3 days ago
Unpopular Opinion: Azriel's support to his heal arc should be his brothers; Cassian and Rhys. I don't want any love interest near Azriel before he's healed.
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ratabrasileira · 3 days ago
When Nesta finds a box in the House of Wind full of dildos and sex toys
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shansenfan · 4 days ago
Remember that time when the first 6 chapters of ACOSF were spoiled? And I thought, when Azriel's first showed up on the page, that he came home from a dick appointment/booty call?
Well I am going to Hell for this but...
But if the next is about Az, then I want the first paragraph of the very first chapter, to be of:
Azriel just finishing up the deed with one of his current lovers.
Like give me the first sentece as: He rolled off of her hot, shaking body and laid there in a daze.
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f-cursebreaker · 4 days ago
How do Cassian and Azriel take off their shirts with wings? We know Rhys unbuttons the hidden buttons on his back with his power, but they don't have that power. Isn't it so hard to dress with wings??
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thevalicemultiverse · 6 days ago
"You still can't walk into someone's house without being invited!" "What? Oh, I see your confusion. No, this vaccine is for a bat VIRUS. I'm fine with doorways and garlic and stuff."
“You think you’re funny, but you’re not,” Alice says blandly, from six feet away with her mask on. “How about you stop annoying those people and just go home?”
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wereadfortheplot · 7 days ago
Azriel: I will not be using a loophole. As always, I will be using the main hole, or no hole. I choose no hole.
Cassian: You just said “hole” way too much.
Rhys: And that’s coming from Cassian.
Azriel: Yes, that’s concerning.
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shansenfan · 7 days ago
The bat boys using their wing(s) was an umbrella to cover their mate in the pouring rain-
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there’s just something so special to me about the friendship between amren and the bat boys
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merelygifted · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bat Boys - Porky's Baseball Broadcast and Baseball Bugs
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deadpoetsoulsworld · 9 days ago
Azriel: Explain to me how you two got in an accident.
Rhys: Well we were driving and there was a deer on the road and Cassian didn't notice it so I said "Cassian, deer!"
Azriel: And?
Rhys: Tell him your answer.
Cassian: .....
Cassian (sighs) : "Yes, dear?"
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