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Commissioner Gordan: You’re under arrest for trying to carry five people on a single motorcycle.

Jason: Damn it!

Dick: Told you this was a bad idea.

Tim: Wait, five?

Commissioner Gordan: Yes, five.

Cassandra: Oh my god


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Damian tries to stand still by Drake’s bed at night in the dark staring at him dead eyed and repeating phrases like “you killed me” or “it’s all your fault” and he even considered meowing like the Grudge kid but Tim’s never in bed and the light from the Batcomputer’s three huge monitors doesn’t exactly give the vibe he wants

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Continuation of this

-Jason doesn’t really get scared. Shocked? Surprised? Worried? Sure. But not scared.

-Whenever he shivers and ‘feels like someone’s walking over his grave’, it’s because someone actually is walking over his grave. It wasn’t until he finally visited his gave himself did he realize it.

-Sometimes, he thinks he can remember what it was like being dead. He isn’t sure, though, and if someone ever asks he always deflects with a mean comment or by bringing up what being buried was like.

- The people closest to him think he developed claustrophobia because of when he was buried. That’s not entirely true. He’s more scared of how he isn’t claustrophobic.

-Late at night, when he’s wandering around the manor because he can’t sleep, and he turns a corner, sometimes he can see a translucent figure standing at the end of the hallway. Sometimes it’s a man, sometimes it’s a woman, sometimes it’s both. They always turn and smile at him, like they know him, and Jason tries to convince himself he doesn’t know them.

- He’s in perfect health. Despite his smoking, and despite his vigilantism, there’s nothing wrong with him. What makes it more strange is that he’s healthier now than he was before he died.

-Some criminals in Gotham’s underworld swear on their lives that the Red Hood doesn’t always breathe. The bat family aren’t sure how much credit to give that, but they can’t discredit it either.

-Whenever he’s out in nature, he eventually attracts carrion birds. They sit on tree branches or circle overhead, watching, waiting.

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It’s another song fic with a sad ending! I don’t know whats wrong with me. Do you guys even like these?

Pairing: Damian Wayne X Reader

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. Why can’t I write happy endings? Someone cheating….

Word Count: 627

Love you didn’t right by me

You planned a romance that just hadn’t a chance and I’m through

You weren’t someone who like confrontations. You were a people pleaser, as long as the people around you were happy, your suffering didn’t matter. You had always preferred it that way, but things were different now.

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so. let’s tackle batfam height (and imo, some misconceptions and fanon.) 

((quick note: i know hcs exist. i know other arguments and analysis on why X Y Z should and is going to happen. i’m taking pure canon–with a bit of guesstimation as u can see, aka logical assumptions based on evidence–right now people, but i know different people can interpret the same thing differently. basically im not trying to attack anyone or make their fanon interpretations invalid. pretty please don’t start discourse or anything, i know and recognize all in all none of this doesnt really matter but . yeah))

tim drake is small. (like 5′4″ and below small) - nope. 

the most recent ultimate character’s guide puts him at 5′6″. 

past versions have put him at 5′4″/5′5″ or whatever, but i’m assuming those are both older in real life and in canon as well, plus are talking about tim when he’s younger. 

someone claims that in current canon tim is 5’9”, 140 lbs instead of his current one of 5′6″ 125lbs,  which honestly makes the most sense to me bc of the below panel, but i cant find a reference. it says its from (Batman Family Vol 2 #5 page 2) but i cant find it?? so thats the only reason why that aint up there. what does back me up is the below tho–  ((from detective comics issue something or other. its part of the gotham knights arc, right after tim comes back from the ‘dead’ aka mr. oz)


cass is 5′5″. he is clearly taller than cass

btw. honestly he should be about 5′11″ here and in my original post on twitter i said he was 5′11″ bc of the nu52 batman beyond, but i don’t have a source for that and i cant find whatever evidence i had for that too.

BUT i know canonly tim ends up 6′0″ in multiple universes such as arkhamverse and future’s end (2016, the most recent rebirth version). so it makes sense tbh

damian will end up tall and stacked like his dad - nope. 

contrary to popular belief and fanon that is taken as canon, damian does not end up tall. 

(tall is relative but when you’re 5′4″ like me that’s tall ok)

i think the reason why so many people hc damian as becoming a big ol tank like his dad is because of batman in bethleham/666 universe and the heretic.

 there’s no given height for him in the 666!verse (but most people assume it’s tall i guess) and the heretic–who is not damian–is 7′4″. reminder the heretic was absolutely nerfed from birth to be a weapon; the same can be said for damian, but he wasn’t altered and dehumanized quite to the extent of the heretic. he also was intubated in the belly of a whale, people. he emerged Huge

in reality, according to the little canon we have about future universes, damian is… actually kinda small. injustice 2 puts him at 5′10″ / 177cm, the same height as canon dick grayson, and when i guesstimated his height in future’s end i got roughly the same thing. see below


bruce is 6′2″ so i made sure he was approx that height, giving me damian’s height of around 5′9″ish. the argument that this is a flashback tho and that he could have still grown (bc i dont think we know if he’s in his late teens/early 20s/stopped growing) i also grabbed a panel from the ‘current’ time aka 5 years in the future.


once again, same dealio except i moved damian down a little bit (a bit too far, actually) after matching bruce up bc they were both on an incline and–ignoring my mistake–damian once again is about 5′10″ish and very clearly not a tank like his dad. he has a body type more like his mama– slim and lithe.

imo it’s a combination of the body types from his parents, his abusive childhood with the LoA, his multiple deaths and metal spine plus other long lasting injuries that stunt his growth. sure, he was meant to be the paragon of human perfection but, uh, ra’s didn’t account for Trauma points  

summary time, according to canon: 

tim is not teeny tiny. he is 5′6″ and will most likely grow up to be 6′0″. 

damian ain’t gonna be a tank. he’s gonna be 5′10″ at best and as you can see from the above, at the very least slim compared to his baba. 

references include: injustice 2, batman beyond (2016), nu52 future’s end, teen titans of tomorrow, detective comics, ultimate characters guide old + new 2019 edition

((yes i know canon can change + there basically is no real canon, yes i know artists interpret different characters differently and all the other arguments. i’m not saying that you can headcanon tim as small and damian as a future tank, what i’m saying is you can’t claim it’s canon when as of now it’s not.)) 

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