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#bat family

Bruce: I love all my children equally.

Tim, from outside: Bruce?

Bruce: Some of them are adults now, and don’t live here.

Dick, trying the door handle: Bruce!

Bruce: But they’ll always be welcome in this house.

Jason, banging on the door: BRUCE!

Bruce, whilst his eye twitches: They, uh, don’t bother me much anymore. I guess they’re busy…

Dick, Tim and Jason, struggling with the locked door: BRUCE LET US IN!!

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*Damian ranking his brothers from best to worst*

1. “Average.”
2. “A disgraceful idiot.” 
3. “Truely pathetic”. 
4. “Gross, pathetic, disgraceful, an idiot, disappointment, dishonourable, clumsy, shameful, why was he even robin?, Honestly Father, your standards must have dropped for this one, I am so much better, He’s my absolute least favourite.”

Jason: Hey are you serious?! Not cool Damian, that’s really uncalled for. We’re your brothers you know! … who was the last one?

Damian: Tch, Tim. I had more to add.





Jason: alright keep going.

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⚠️⚠️Mention of Sexual Assault (Killing Joke)⚠️⚠️

This probably has to be one of my favorite scenes out there, everything seems so real.

- Loved seeing the Batfamily together

- Jason gets his revenge

- Dick loves bubble tea and there’s definitely a realistic sibling bond between him and Jason

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