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Open Book

[in the batcave, after I have woken up from magically teleporting into the DC universe]

Batman: You clearly know about us, so tell us about yourself.

Me, sitting in a hospital bed: That’s fair but I’m gonna need you to be more specific.

The bat boys: ??

Me: like what do you want to know cause I’m an open book and have no filter. This could turn into a therapy session like [tried to snap fingers. They don’t snap.]

Me, staring at my hand: 👁👄👁

[The batfam watches as I fail to snap my fingers again. After a few attempts I get it.]

Me, continuing to snap my fingers and laughing: I felt like a lighter who wouldn’t- that wouldn’t light!

Damian, to Batman: Are we really concerned about her being a threat?

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Bruce: I teach all of my robins responsibility, critical thinking, and restraint.

Bruce: I think jason is ready to take on some independence. I’ll send him to dick though to keep an eye on him just to be sure.

Jason: ….my father is gone. i dont have much time.

Jason: *starts a bar fight* *beats up cops* *cusses on live tv\angers a dangerous criminal with his gloating* *hooks up with said dangerous criminals daughter* *gets kidnapped*

Bruce: ….jason…what the fuck..

Jason: dad listen i don’t know how any of this happened???

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Here’s a small portion of my favourite batfam fanfic recommendations

Incident, Coincidence, Pattern - Laceymcbain, Reena_jenkins

A hurt/comfort fic surrounding the boys

Five Times Jason Todd Saved His Brothers, and One Time They Saved Him - Laceymcbain, Reena_jenkins

The title sums this story up

Colony - halfmoonmagic

I’m just saying this fic genuinely bought me so much joy and gave me so much content you should definitely read this if you haven’t!

And now the night is fading and the storm is past - LostUnderTheSurface

A bunch of fluff and comforting one shots of the bat family after patrol

The coroner of his eye - Aaren

Five times Jason made a joke about his death and one time someone else did (ngl I’ve reread this one a couple times)

If y’all want more recommendations I have others idk I’ve never done a fic list so

7 notes

Headcanon that Jason throws a deathday party for himself. Like every year on the day he died, he’ll just come downstairs with a party popper and custom-made (mostly burnt) cake as a way of copying with the trauma. Everyone is pretty sick of it by now but they all secretly get a kick out of Jason’s slowly improving baking skills.

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Kisses in the Corridor {Tim Drake x Reader}




Word Count: 3,604

Request: Could you please write a tim x reader fic where the reader is a superhero (I was thinking like Barry Allen’s kid and the new Kid Flash) and is also Tim’s s/o and maybe Bruce and/or the Flash catch them having sex? 💜

2s. “stop before someone sees!“ & 4s. "ten? i only need five.”

WARNING NSFW MATURE CONTENT 18+ Tim and reader are 18

I WOKE up to the sound of a loud buzzing. I moved away from Tim’s grip and reached on the nightstand for my phone. I looked back at Tim, he held the same peaceful expression. I squinted at the caller ID and immediately sat up. I tried to be as gentle as possible, not to wake Tim. He was normally a very light sleeper, but he was sleep deprived. I pushed the blankets off and moved out of the room. I gently opened the door and snuck out into the hallway. I looked down at the caller ID once more to be sure before I answered.


“Dad? It’s 3am, what’s going on?” I whispered, I heard a rustling in the background. There was some kind of conflict, but I couldn’t quite make it out. After a few moments there was silence, then a heavy sigh.“I need your help.”

“What’s going on?” I moved down the hall trying my best to be quiet. “I’m going to send you some files. I need you to get Tim to decrypt them.”

“Okay send them to me and I’ll have him look at them as soon as he wakes up.” I heard a pause from the other side of the line. “When he-” He paused. “He’s with you right now?” I hadn’t exactly mentioned that I had moved in with him. As far as he knew I was still staying with in the house with the others. I faked a yawn. “I gotta go dad, love you.”

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Tim: I feel like Jason goes through these crazy mood swings

Dick: What do you mean?

Tim: Well he’s happy most of the time, flashing a sarcastic comment, disobeying Bruce’s every order, mocking one of us, you know what I’m talking about

Tim: But then he does a 360 and turns into this scary guy that looks like he hides bodies in his basement and has crazy psychic issues. He also is potentially gay. Roy proves that. The question is, does he hide Roy in his basement?

Jason: Did you just describe me as Sangwoo from ‘Killing Stalking’?

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Drawing the BatBoys as Lolirock characters

Jason Todd as Carissa

1 - Damian / 2 - Jason / 

Damn the legs are uneven

Bear with me cuz I’m such a total beginner

I also keep forgetting not to color the hair black until I post it so maybe I’ll remember to do it with the rest

11 notes

(Y/N): Damien, why don’t you let me take photos on your phone?

Damien: Because I already have to many pictures of you.

(Y/N): Wha—How?! I’ve never taken selfies on your phone before.

Damien: I know.


9 notes

Jason:So , How old are you? Three?

Damien:No! I’m Thirteen!

Jason:Cool.I don’t know anything about kids.

27 notes

Damien*T-posing in the doorway*: Greetings parental figure.

Bruce*not looking up from his coffee*: Good morning, problem child.

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Bruce: You know what real strength is? it’s forgiving someone who wasn’t even sorry.

Damien:Not to be dramatic father, but I would literally rather die.

21 notes

Damien: How come when I have fun , it is considered wrong?

Tim: Because people die when you have fun.

24 notes

Jason:Do you know what the question I’m asked the most often?

Tim:‘Will you please leave the premises?’

29 notes

Dick: You need to react when people cry!

Damien: I did . I rolled my eyes.

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