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#batboys headcanons

1k words

requested: kinda? lots of ppl said they liked the headcanons and wanted more especially ones about the batfam and growing up :)

this took wayyy longer and ended up wayyy longer than i expected whoopsies i rly said ~batfam but make it wholesome~ so i hope this can bring a smile to your face :)

headcanon that the manor living room is magic.

dick was the first to coin the living room as magical. he still remembers skipping down the long hallway that opens into the living room, the way the scent of old books partnered with the speckling of afternoon sunshine to give an aura of safety that radiated throughout the room. dick spent days on days sat at the base of bruce’s arm chair watching old tv or half heartedly listening to the radio. if you asked dick, there was a special type of magic in that room. the kind that cooled the burn of wounds, softened batman-driven tension, and gave the illusion of a boy and his dad enjoying the peace together like a proper family.

(the rest are behind the

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N/A: hey, argentina sounds amazing! i’m from latin america too myself xx

  • I firmly believe Hal would be really conflicted internally.
  • Mostly because he doesn’t know if the problem is your relationship with Barry or Barry’s relationship with you.
  • Yes, there’s a difference.
  • Hal tends to be stubborn and has a really sharp tongue with a cocky attitude that, sometimes, can be kinda mean when he doesn’t restrain himself or thinks properly before anything comes out of his mouth.
  • Of course this is with general public, Barry is his best friend in the world and you’re his significant other, this is what leads Hal to an internal conflict.
  • I don’t think he is actually jealous, but more like he feels strange of the levels of attention that are being spread around not only to him.
  • If you and Barry are too close, Hal’s insecurities would play him in a bad way and he would start thinking that he’s being left out or that you two are better off without him, which is completely untrue.
  • However, sometimes he doesn’t realize this because even if he’s the man without fear, the one true green lantern with the greatest willpower of the universe, in an internal way Hal is very insecure in everything, which is probably why he is that cocky in the first place.
  • It’s not a problem of Barry and you being friends, the matter is that Hal needs reassurance from time o time so his bad thoughts don’t catch him.
  • He is a baby, a very cocky and stubborn baby that deserves lots and lots of love and understanding.
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N/A: friends tropes are one of my favorite tropes! hope you like it xx

Male Homo-Magi S/O beign friends with Damian Wayne would include:

  • at first damian acted unimpressed
  • what was so special about magic anyway?
  • he climbed mountains at four years old, your little confetti shows were nothing on him
  • you two were still kids, as soon as time started passing he became more interested in the nature of your habilites but refused to acknowledge it out loud
  • i mean he sure as hell knew the theory, he studied and memorized it countless times to prove to himself in his mind that there was nothing exciting about magic
  • you were far more chill than he was of course
  • “you want me to erase your frown? zatanna totally show me how to”
  • “keep your distance or i’ll stab you”
  • however damian couldn’t deny that you were incredibly useful during missions, so he began to disguise his interest in magic during training moments
  • you soooo knew he was just curious but reluctant to ask properly
  • after all you to do grew up together basically, you knew each other very well and if he didn’t want to express it you were not going to be the one to point it out
  • so yo slowly started to show him through others
  • during training, missions, in those sporadically nights in which he would allow you to pet his animals or when alfred made cookies and invited you over
  • you tease him from time to time, like flipping his swords in his hand or the water he drinks and then acted like you have no idea what just happened
  • he knows exactly it was you
  • damian sure respects you and see you as his equal even if your habilites are nothing alike
  • he likes having a magic friend, he doesn’t understands it very much but he trusts you, you earned it a long time ago and that will not change
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Hey guys! I figured it would be easier to leave a prompt list so you can make the requests with a bit of inspo and stuff. I’ll leave the normal prompt writing list and also the NSFW one (the smut alphabet).

▫️Prompt List:

1. “I’ve been left with nothing.”

2. “Does your mother know what you do for a living?”

3. “Is that strawberry marmalade?”

“That is blood.”

4. “You’re judging me.”

“I just told you I’m pregnant and you fainted!”

5. “You were like coming out for fresh air. Like I was drowning and you saved me.”

6. “You have a weird thing in your face.”

“It’s called a smile, you know?”

7. “Why are you avoiding me?”

8. “I’ve been trying to make it stop but I can’t. Even when I breathe it hurts now. It hurts so much and I can’t think, I can’t eat, I can’t nothing!”

9. “Someone thinks you’re funny but that’s not me.”

10. “Keep getting that close and I’m gonna kiss you.”

11. “Shut up. You owe me.”

12. “Oh my God, I don’t care!”

13. “Can you just fuck off already?”

14. “You can’t afford me.”

15. “Dude, there is people that are dying.”

16. “All you do is whine.”

17. “You okay?”


“You sure? It looks like you’re about to topple over.”

“Yeah… You might wanna catch me now.”

18. “You’re not my favorite person.”

19. “I am working. The last thing I want while I work is some pretty face following me around.”

“So you think I’m pretty, huh.”

20. “I didn’t expect you to be the type to lose your sanity for a girl.”

21. “I thought I could trust you!”

22. “You can’t pray away the gay.”

23. “I can’t fall in love with you. I don’t want the pain that comes with it.”

24. “You could never hurt me.”

25. “Please tell me there’s not a three-year old kid I didn’t know anything about in the car.”

“She’s four.”

26. “Do you feel any remorse for what you did to me?”

27. “I mean, yeah, I didn’t need my heart anyway, who cares if it breaks?”

28. “I screwed up.”

29. “I think I just felt an emotion.”

30. “Sorry doesn’t fix everything.”

▫️NSFW List (Smut Alphabet):

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically, I’m a disgusting person)

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

F = Favorite Position (This goes without saying.)

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc)

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

Let’s have some fun with these prompts guys 🤍

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N/A: this was a fun one for sure 😂

Bruce Wayne:

  • do you even imagine-
  • two ridiculously good looking people
  • like honestly it would be like staring right into the sun, so bright
  • the class, the elegance, so ethereal
  • high-key bruce would be really cocky about it
  • like no in the verbal way but in that particular look in his face when he’s with his supermodel girlfriend
  • “yeah, she’s my girlfriend”
  • “the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen”
  • the paps won’t leave the two of you alone
  • every gala, every fashion show, every public outing even if it’s small
  • they’re always making a headline about it
  • engagement rumours start quickly
  • everyone says you’re gonna quite your job as a model to become ms wayne
  • that won’t happen tho, bruce knows you love your job
  • plus you have no idea about the batman business, bruce thinks it’s too dangerous for a public figure like you
  • he is right
  • he really likes you but like everything else in his life batman and gotham come first
  • still showers you with gifts, compliments, soft kisses in the neck, the cheeks, the hands, he tries to compensate the secrets and to enjoy the little time he gets with you
  • everything would be basically pretty fancy with you two, you have it in your blood

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Falling Asleep With The Batboys HC

Dick Grayson:

- think of dick grayson as a y/n sleep trap machine

- this man always comes to bed after you and literally dives on to you, throwing an arm across your body while he pulls a pillow under his head

- he likes to sleep on his stomach with one arm securing a pillow under his head and the other dead bolted over you, locking you in his embrace

- dick will usually pull you closer in to him, leaning in to give you a soft kiss and a big grin before telling you goodnight

- your body literally had to learn to not get up at night because once his arm is draped over you and has successfully latched you on to him there is no getting up- but you’ve learned to love the comfort of always feeling warm and loved and protected when you drift to sleep :)

Jason Todd

- jason adores drifting to sleep with you resting on top of his chest

- usually you’ll be hooked under his arm while he sleeps on his back, with your head either resting on his chest or burried in his neck

- you don’t remember what actual pillows feel like you just know jason todd = beefy pillow

- he wears one of those anti-snore nose strips at night and possibly an eye mask i just know it in my soul

- he always falls asleep before you and you’ve grown accustomed to using his light snores as white noise to lull you to sleep as well

- somewhere in the middle of the night his body either decided it’s too hot and de-attaches itself from you while he rolls on to his side OR it decides he’s too cold and you wake up smooshed into his chest while he breathes down your neck and squishes you for warmth retention

- overall, every night with jason is filled with warm snuggly love because he’s a softie especially when he’s tired and with his favorite person ever :)

Tim Drake

- once tim learned that you like getting to fall asleep next to someone he began to put extra effort into trying to always be waiting for you in bed with this laptop so you could snuggle up to him as you drift off

- he learned to love nights with you, one hand searching for reports and flying over the keyboard while the other mindlessly runs through your hair while you rest at his side

- the sound of typing on a keyboard and possibly some light music/humming from tim is a perfect recipe to make you drift to sleep, combine that with him occasionally pressing a kiss to your forehead and rubbing your shoulders and you’re out like a light

- sometimes tim will put down the work and catch a few hours of rest with you, letting you instinctively pull him into your embrace as he slides down into bed next to you, loving the way you let him hold you and just living in the moment with you tickling his neck with your breath

- he does this more than he’ll admit, the feeling of being wrapped in your arms while keeping you serene and safe definitely grows on him quickly, plus he’s convinced you always sleep better when he’s with you- not like you’re complaining :)

Damian Wayne

- a while into the relationship damian began slowly spending his nights with you, drifting into your bedroom under the light of the moon after patrol

- you got pretty used to falling asleep alone, usually wrapped in one of his old sweatshirts for comfort, but it was worth it because you got to wake up next to him every morning

- the nights you’ve stayed up to watch him you learned he has a particular schedule, check your doors and windows are locked, take off suit and get ready to sleep, check phone in case of emergency, and creep into bed with you

- not much of a cuddler when he’s sleeping, damian will slip into bed, check that your in peaceful slumber (or faking it really well) kiss your forehead or neck, then lower himself into the comfort of your bed

- with his shoulder flush against yours or your back, his arm will slip under the gap between your neck and the pillow, letting you rest some of the weight of your head on him, keeping him grounded while he sleeps knowing you’re safe right next to him

- if you get up for any reason he’s up, feeling you lift yourself off his arm setting off his “y/n is unsafe” alarm as he cracks an eye open to confirm you’re perfectly fine before letting sleep lull him back in, just happy to know it’s him you’ll wake up to

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Things often said through Comm-links. 

● “Tim, you need to help me hack into the Gotham Times system. They cannot put that picture of me in their main article.” 

● “Psst, psst, Alfred! Are you hearing me? How long do you think it would take me to buy that bag of donuts and come back?” 

● “I swear to god if you bought me the Jelly-filled donut i will murder you, Todd.” 

● *Whiney* “But i don’t WANNA!” 

● “That’s not FAIR, YOU HAVE WINGS!” 

● “What are you- whaT ARE YOU EATING?!” 

● “TAG! YOU’RE IT!” 

● “The last piece of Alfred’s carrot cake is MINE! dON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT!” 

● “Was that you? Jason, was that you?! DID YOUR STOMACH JUST GRUMBLE?!” 

● “Why can’t we bring a snack to patrol? Steph brought a fucking lunchbox.”

● “Bruce that’s not FAIR, you packed Dick a granola bar and you have me celery sticks?!” 

● “How much do you wanna bet that if i jump, someone’s going to catch me?” 

● *hands Dick $20* “at this pace I’ll never get rich :(” 


● “Alfred, I’m sure you can find a way to put air conditioner in my pants.” 

● “Dick you can’t just cry on patrol…” “But that PUPPY!” 

● “Come along, Todd. We don’t need a speedster friend.” 

● “WHO ARE YOU AND WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!” “If you don’t want the vegan brownies then I’ll eat them.” 

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What Each Batboy Is Like Playing Among Us HC!


Tim Drake:

- starting off with our resident smart boi!

- he’d try to get red from jason then settle for brown or black for “stealth purposes”

- he’d have the little black hat and would be the person who does those epic vent kills and everyone’s just like o_O

- he’s the biggest brain and half the time dick just votes where tim votes because he’s like always noticing the little details and piecing things together

- but if you’re imposter he’s totally 3rd impostering for you hehe (think tubbo and the captain) and it drives everyone insane but you think it’s adorable because he’s always looking out for you even if you’re a murderous imposter :)

Dick Grayson:

- dick ALWAYS gets blue

- he also always dies first

- this doesn’t help either because he has the little son/pet blue guy that sits at his grave site and dick will forget to do his tasks as a ghost because he’s trying to make his son not lonely

- damian is always screeching at dick to finish his damn tasks because he forgets hehehe

- he always gets voted out if he survives far enough because everyone’s like “if dick isn’t dead by round 2 he’s sus”

- he just likes playing it because it makes him feel like he’s in one big family!

- if you’re playing with him he’ll find you when he’s a ghost and follow you around then do the little back and forth dance if you die to tell you to come ha four with him and you’ll go on little among us ghost dates

- he always waits for you while you do tasks and if you run off without him he’s in the VC like “y/n babe why do you keep running away from me i just wanna hold hands in electrical” and he gets shut up by tim who is about to make a 1000 iq play

Duke Thomas:

- duke is the guy who always goes to the sabotages, like you’ll just see his lil yellow (sometimes pink idk how to explain it but yeah) body rushing to fix O2 or waiting for someone in reactor

- he’ll usually die doing this but he says there’s nothing dumber than dying to a sabotage so he’s got the crew when he’s playing :)

- he likes to twin hats with whatever you’re wearing it makes him happy

- when he sees you he’ll do the little back and forth dance for a minute then go back to being the only functional person on the damn ship

- you can usually find duke dead in the halls on the right side of the ship because he runs over for O2 and dies and then rages for like a minute straight

- when he’s the imposter he hates killing you so you’ll sometimes end up third impostering with him while everyone bangs their head against their desk hehe

Jason Todd:

- jason is a double killer through and through

- he’s an expert at causing sabotages and using doors to trap the perfect amount of people

- him and tim will get in SCREAMING fights during voting and he’s the only person to call when tims bluffing/being sus

- he has definitely left his mic on and screeched when someone kills him

- he’s the lil red dude with an egg on his head that like to dance in front of the camera when ppl are on cams just to be a meme (but sometimes for an alibi)

- everyone is always sus of jason so he’s usually surrounded by a hoard of people while he runs around doing his tasks calling everyone dumbasses

- as an imposter he totally got tricked by the stacking bodies trick and lost his shit in the VC when he killed damian then 3 of you were standing under his body reporting it lmao

- when he’s playing with you he’s using all the stops, like picking up the lilt in your voice when you’re lying or when you’re really passionate, he’s either your greatest weakness or your strongest alibi and playing with him makes it all the more fun

Damian Wayne:

- he gets REALLY into it

- he likes the green dude or the black dude with either no hat (for hiding better when he’s the imposter) or one of the black hats

- he’s super protective of you, running next to you and begrudgingly doing the back and forth dance to get you to follow him to his tasks

- he’ll make the others shut up when you want to talk and he’ll vouch for you when he can

- this doesn’t mean he won’t absolutely murder you in admin while you rage over the stupid card task

- when tim outsmarts him you can hear him slamming a hand on his desk as the red ‘failed’ sign appears

- he is the definition of baby rage 

- he doesn’t like killing people with pets because it makes him feel bad (for the pet) so he’ll leave those ppl for last while tearing through the vents to bring about drake’s demise

Bruce Wayne:

- gets a shitty skin and gets voted off first round no matter what

- Jaydawg: bruce kinda sus

- Timbers: yeah, so b?

- DWayne: yeah


hehehe this was fun i wanna play among now tho rip

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RULES and About Me







AOT: Coming Soon

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**i dont really write for an older damian because i see him as still a babey that’s not really a babey but yes a babey??? Like i can write for other characters so yeah** 

Dick Grayson: 

Going camping with Dick grayson is like opening a bottle of Vodka with a spoon. 

- He packed extra light. Like just a sleeping bag, light. 

- He didn’t pack marshmallows (”You idiot!” “BUt-”)

- “Dick, we need a ten-” “We don’t need a tent.” “But-” “nO”

- You’d make a fire and goddamn it, it takes a while. You had both forgotten that you both sucked at building fires. 

- Dick would call Wally at like 11pm, and he’d look like that one meme. “*sniff* *sniff* Wally… *sniff* can y-you… can you do us a favor? P-please?” Then less than a minute later, Wally shows up with a bag of marshmallows. 

- Dick burns like the first seven marshmallows (eats them anyways.), because he was too busy looking at the stars you. 

- So turns out it’s going to be just the two of you in a very big sleeping bag. That’s fine.

- Except it’s actually not because goddamn it, Dick moves so much when he sleeps. So when you wake up in the morning, you’re on the ground, and he’s completely wrapped in the sleeping bag. 

- He feels really guilty as soon as he wakes up, but you’d shrug it off, when really, you’re going to hog the blanket for a week. 

Jason Todd: 

“Hey Jason, wanna go campi-” “Jesus Christ, FINE! Jeez, you’re so insistent!” “But-” “I said I’ll do it, dammnit!” 

- When you start packing, he’d say “Nuh, uh, UH, I’m packing.” and then shove one of his shirts in a bag, and toss the bag at the door. 

- He’d pack a bag just for cooking supplies, because he was planning to make a romantic dinner, so now it’ll be a romantic picnic.

- You have to pack the actual items for camping, because otherwise you’d both sleep on the floor (actually, you’d probably sleep on top of him, because (a) there’s no way he’d let you sleep on the floor, and (b) he’s actually a damn giant, so whatever. 

- The “romantic dinner” is a mess because he brought all the ingredients, but didn’t actually bring anything to prepare them in…. 

- He helps you set up the tent (actually you help him, but-), and you both act like children inside the tent, toying with shadows, using the flashlight you brought. 

- You actually fall asleep outside of the tent, near the fire you both he built, warm and safe in his embrace. 

- He moves you to the tent, where he lands a kiss on your forehead, then reads a bit, until he falls asleep.

 - When you wake up, he’s not there and you freak out for a second. Then you walk out of the tent and see that he’s making breakfast [How? I don’t know, I haven’t had a  fancy breakfast after camping.] 

- Turns out he had gone back to the apartment a while after you fell asleep. 

Tim Drake:


- Camping with Tim Drake? It’s not like you’d think. 

- You don’t even have to say it twice, that cutie just packs his things and goes

- Tim actually loves camping. Like Loves Loves. Like almost as much as you loves. He is a boy scout by heart, and knows almost everything you need to know when camping. 

- He said “just get to the car” and when you said “I wanna help!” he just grabbed you and rather dragged you to the car and locked you in the trunk. 

- He opened the trunk a while later, and threw in some bags. They landed on you. 

- “Ow, TIMOTHY!” “hehe oops babe” 

- He did not let you out of the trunk, but grabbed the car and drove

- Turns out he had waited all his life to get you to ask him to go camping, because he had a list of places you NEEDED to camp in. 

- He somehow got a matress on top of the car, and he secured it real good (how? me neither) and he had a basket full of un/healthy snacks and everything you need. It was all perfect except you were still in the trunk. 

- The first place was the middle of nowhere. A large field full of nothing, where you both spent the night in the matress on top of the car. It was sweet, but it started raining, so that went well. 

- now you couldn’t go to other places because diana’s dad decided to cry on your guys (in other words, rain.)

-Tim was so droopy but then Alfred made smores so there’s that.

**you know what this is actually super short but i like it so :)** requests are open but they take long so idk **

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Club Fits-BatBoys x reader HCs

(I don’t know what this is lol)


Dick Grayson:

  • Dick couldn’t stop staring at you when you walked into the club
  • Like sis please! the blue color on your skin and the lowcut was driving him crazy
  • After you had your first drink, he slid up to you, interrupting your talk with the bartender
  • “You really know how to show out. I’m jealous.” He smiled his pearly whites.
  • Flirting with Dick was your favorite pastime ever since you met him
  • Both of yall just barely crossing the line from “co-workers” to intimacy
  • “You know blue is my favorite color.” You smirked, turning more towards him so he could get a peek down your chest
  • “Fuck.” He whispered and ordered a round of shots, like he was supposed to be doing for the group at the booths
  • He noticed your body was gaining more attention and grabbed onto your arm
  • Grabbing the drinks then your arm, he pulled you with him
  • “Woah. Hey, you know I’m not worried about them.”
  • He grinned at that. “So you’re gonna stop teasing me?”
  • “Oh babe never.” You laughed

Jason Todd


Tim Drake

  • Bruce had you and Tim go out to the club to figure why people were missing in the area
  • Tim had been crushing on you for so long!
  • Literal heart eyes every time you talked to him
  • Jason and Damian, hell even Alfred loved to tease him
  • He was sure Bruce sent you with him on purpose
  • When you came over to catch a ride with him to the club, his brain stopped
  • You looked like a straight goddess and your skin was looking so soft and you were showing so much
  • “Have a good time. Tim be respectful and watch over y/n.” Damian glared
  • Rolling his eyes, he led you to the car and to the club
  • “I know this is a mission so we need to blend in.” You grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the dance floor
  • “Shouldn’t we find a booth or something first?” He asked, looking down at your hand around him
  • Fuck you made him so nervous all the time
  • You, on the other hand, were making a move tonight!
  • “We can watch from here.” Pressing your back to his chest and bringing his hands to your hips while you started to roll them to the music
  • Tim groaned, causing you to laugh
  • “You’re supposed to be paying attention to other people Tim. And being respectful.” You teased.
  • Tim was always calculating but he was in no way prepared to handle your teasing all night
  • Not when your ass was grinding in a circle on him and his fingers were gripping into your skin
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Pregnant HCs- Tim Drake x reader

Requested by @voltron-stuff :Hi, how about a hc of Tim Drake and his s/o finding out they are preagnant whitout planing it and Tim reactions during the preagancy and after (ofc you dont have to write it) Hope you are doing great <3”

My first request and for Tim too!! I hope you like it(if not, let me know and I’ll try again, ok bye)👉🏾👈🏾 💞

You had been feeling off for almost three weeks already. Unlike your hero of a boyfriend, you weren’t running around Gotham trying to save it. You were in school still. These past weeks, you had been feeling so nauseated, bloated and more tired than usual. When you told Babs about this, she straight up told you to take a pregnancy test. You laughed it off because no way!

  • When you told Tim that you were indeed pregnant, he short circuited
  • He thought you guys were careful. He’s very meticulous with this stuff.
  • He didn’t know how to handle this news but of course he would stay by you
  • He absolutely loved you ❤
  • During your pregnancy, he was on top of appointments. He’s a planner by nature so he makes sure everything is going on the rails
  • He would cut his patrols a tad bit earlier but still worked all night and day
  • When you started to show, he liked to rub your belly and talk to it while you slept
  • He talks to himself already so now he includes the baby bump
  • When those cravings hit, he is gonna look at you in digust sorry
  • You want olives in your ice cream?!
  • But he will definitely be in the stores late at night, in uniform to get your snacks
  • He has just the things to help you with pain though
  • “Tim..Timmy..Tim.” you roll your eyes, trying to get him to come cuddle with you
  • Later on in the pregnancy, you’d get a bit clingy
  • “Just give me like ten minutes.” He’d offered
  • But he can’t complain, he loves holding you
  • When your water broke, you both were sleeping on the couch
  • Tim felt something wet and immediately woke up
  • OH SHIT! he froze for like a millisecond
  • Contractions woke you up but tim was already on the phone with Leslie and running around to grab your bags
  • You didn’t even know what was going, already in the car with Tim
  • He had to drive with one hand cause you were currently squeezing the other one
  • The family did come to the clinic but only Tim was in the room with you
  • He’s seen stuff in his line of work but still seeing the baby delivered was something he couldn’t have been prepared for
  • The sounds of a baby crying made him smile and when it was announced it was a boy, he teared up
  • 100% in love with his son
  • Became the second Oracle so he could still help the bats but focus on you and the baby
  • Doesn’t let many people even know that he had a baby cause you Ra’s is a creep and is waiting for something to get Tim to him
  • Has no problem staying up late to change diapers or feed the baby
  • He loves to just hold him in the peacefulness of the night
  • It wasn’t planned and it did increase some anxiety but Tim definitely will be a great father
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What’s up everyone!

I’m Chy and I’ve been wanting to start writing again so I made this blog. I’m always down to talk, thirst or goof around so hop in my ask box or message me. I will be relogging alot  of different stuff too so it may look chaotic.


It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote and these are new fandoms I’m in so gotta be patient with me. Currently only writing for BNHA, AOT, and the Batboys. I also like HXH & Tokyo Ghoul but I’m not writing for them just yet but we can still talk about it.

Characters open:

  • Bakugou
  • Todoroki
  • Kirishima
  • Shigaraki
  • Levi
  • Eren
  • Armin
  • Jason Todd
  • Tim Drake
  • Dick Grayson

Themes: If I don’t feel comfortable writing it then I won’t.

  • Angst
  • Fluff
  • Smut( I will get descriptive or keep it fluffy smut)
  • Dark themes( will have TW if needed
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Headcannons About The Batboys Opinions On Harry Styles:

Dick: He thinks he should be president, listens to his music 24/7.

Jason: Thinks he could take him in a fight, wants to fight him because he reminds him of Dick. Secretly likes the song kiwi though but refuses to admit it to himself.

Tim: Really digs his music but won’t talk about it. Stephanie finds out and they bond in secret.

Damian: Doesn’t know who he is but actually really likes his music, he’s more a fan of fine line. Dick LOOSES HIS MIND when he finds out. Damian begins to now lock himself in his room to listen so he won’t be bombarded with Harry Styles q & a from him.

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Heacannons About The Batboys Getting Groceries:

Dick: Very responsible, gets only what he came for. Knows how money works, is fairly frugal. Coupon king.

Jason: Gets only two of things he came for that he’s been out of for months but are essential to life, and a little trinket he got absolutely bewitched by at the checkout. Knows how money works but chooses to ignore that: and by that I mean he hordes all of his money and only budgets $15 for all food, toiletries and other basic life expenses.

Tim: Buys coffee before shopping and gets completely distracted the whole trip. Somehow gets everything he needs though. Good with money and a responsible spender.

Damian: Doesn’t understand how to cook, buys only fruit gummies and a stuffed animal. Knows absolutely nothing about money, has the cashier split a $100 bill.

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- dick uses custom shampoo and conditioner because he is a vain bitch who never grew out of his trust fund baby ways (i’m picturing like the function of one here purely bc that’s what i have #notanad)

- he enjoys choosing the different colours and experimenting with fragrances; currently he has pear and apple which he likes but his heart lies with vanilla milkshake (soft)

- he’s an early bird (ha) and always works out in the mornings so he showers and washes his hair then

- he finishes his showers with a blast of cold water (one of a few reasons his s/o refuses to share showers with him) - he claims it’s to wake him up but it’s really bc he heard it would make his hair shiny and dick is very willing to suffer for Beauty

- dick mastered the towel turban at a very young age

- but nowadays he has a special microfibre turban to reduce frizz

- picture dick grayson standing in his kitchen eating cereal and making a gross green smoothie wearing nothing but the tightest black boxers and a towel turban

- never say i don’t do anything for you

- when it comes to styling dick is all about volume

- when he takes his hair out of the turban he works a huge blob of mousse into it and then spends up to twenty minutes scrunching it until it looks perfectly tousled

- he likes to walk around while he does this so he has mirrors all over the apartment sure that’s the only reason

- he has a habit of running his hand through his hair though so however neatly styled it starts out it always becomes a messy heap within a couple of hours

- still v charming tho


- jason is working his way down the curly hair aisle of his local beauty supply store. he picks up a different shampoo and conditioner set every time

- he’s friendly with the puerto rican women who own the store and sometimes asks them for advice

- they’ve recommended that he try a co-wash but he’s secretly worried it won’t be tough enough to clean blood and gotham harbour water out of his hair on a regular basis

- his actual routine is v basic though

- step 1: he showers when he comes in from patrol around 4/5am and washes his hair

- step 2: uses a ton of conditioner every time

- step 3: puts a towel over his pillowcase and goes the fuck to sleep

- naturally he wakes up with a mess

- drags himself to the bathroom sink, wets his hands, and rakes his fingers through his hair until his hair is at least more evenly distributed over his head

- it usually sorts itself out to some extent eventually and he spends so much time with a helmet on that he’s not too fussed about how it looks

- boom

- thatse it

- he does have a secret self care ritual - it’s not regular but every couple of weeks or so he covers his hair in a deep conditioning mask and tucks it into an old shower cap he found under the sink. next the face mask goes on, he gets a smoothie/glass of wine/elaborate cocktail depending on his mood, fluffy robe, and settles onto his sofa with a book for a couple hours

- he only does this when he’s sure to be alone and interrupting this ritual is liable to get you shot (ostensibly a warning shot but he’s not particular about where he aims said warning shot)


- listen i love tim to death but the truth is he forgets to shower on an upsettingly regular basis and his hair gets greasy easily :(

- luckily all it usually takes is an ‘ew snape’ and he’s off to the bathroom at a light jog

- a freshly shampooed tim drake however is the most beautiful thing in the world

- somehow manages to have nineties boy floppy curtains in the year of our lord 2020 and not look like a prick

- this boy is a serial shampoo thief and it is not uncommon for him to walk into a room, someone to sniff the air, and promptly beat him up for hair product theft

- will he learn from this? absolutely not

- when his bangs get long enough he tucks them back behind his ears (it’s adorable)

- even more adorable is when his s/o starts leaving hair accessories lying about

- timothy drake-wayne sitting in the batcave looking sternly over his case notes with glittery butterfly clips holding his hair back

- he does not use a single styling product on his hair it just does that

- perfectly straight and shiny every time, no cowlicks, no frizz

- it’s infuriating

- after a disastrous experiment with bleach in his early teens tim resorted to a buzzcut rather than let it grow out

- the effect was,,,,interesting

- he’s constantly threatening to shave it again but everyone knows he won’t go through with it bc he heard a barista at his favourite coffee shop swooning over his hair once and now he brings it up every time someone criticises him

- ‘oh yeah well if i’m such a waste of space how come i have “““ the prettiest hair in the world ohmygod it looks so soft don’t you just wanna touch it”””, damian’

- no that’s not the reason it’s his favourite shop what are you talking about


- used to have it all figured out but a recent change in career path has left him high and dry

- before becoming the signal duke’s hair was the best on his street - he favoured twist braids but he was considering locs

- wearing a helmet has kinda limited his options, so his hair is in cornrows for now to make sure his helmet fits properly but he’s not mad keen and he’s trying to figure out how to broach the subject with his barber without compromising his secret identity

- speaking of his barber there’s only one guy at one shop who duke trusts with his fade

- the shop is in south gotham

- as in the other goddamn end of the city

- it’s a fuck ass long drive from the manor

- every time he goes he looks wistfully at his old street as they pass (a fifteen minute walk from his shop)

- his stash of products at the manor are the only ones safe from tim

- it’s not that tim respected his boundaries or anything but the one time he used one of duke’s deep conditioners without checking he came out of the shower with oilier hair than he went in

- duke brought his own satin pillowcases to the manor bc he guessed (correctly) that bruce would never think of it

- they make jason snigger bc he thinks it’s like a sexy thing (ooOOoo SiLk ShEeTs)

- duke just looks over jason’s hair with a judgemental stare and tells him maybe his curl definition wouldn’t be so poor if he got satin pillowcases of his own

- (dick and tim: OOOOOOOOO)

- ((roy, somewhere in star city: OOOOO, artemis: wtf are you doing ? roy: didn’t you feel it? the burn?))

- this one got out of hand rip


- when he was with his mother and the league he never concerned himself with the toiletries provided for him he just used them

- it’s only when he comes to america and is presented with fake apple scented goo that he misses what he had

- the issue is that he doesn’t even know how to start looking for his old products, and it’s not like he can just call talia up and ask her which shampoo she used on him as a child

- he does consider it though

- mostly he just sulks until dick takes pity and tries to help him figure it out

- it is not successful and damian is now somehow mad ???

- as a distraction and filled with regret dick buys him a shampoo bar, the decision primarily based on proximity and novelty value - he hopes the time it takes damian to figure it out will give him time to get away

- this is more like it - damian appreciates the more sophisticated sandalwood scent and also its environmental credentials

- the downside to the bar is that it’s somewhat drying

- damian solves this issue with the only product he can remember his mother using - moroccan argan oil

- as a result his hair is now smooth, shiny, and ethical as fuck

- it also smells nice, which is the only thing tim can think of while damian is furiously challenging him to a duel, the top of his head directly under tim’s nose

- as a young ‘un damian likes to gel his hair into a part swoopy, part spiked quiff, which both highlights the thickness and lustre of his hair and also adds a crucial few inches to his height

- as an adult though just keeping it swept back neatly away from his face is enough

(a/n i rlly wanted to include duke in these headcanons bc he gets left out a lot but idk much about afro hair so if any obvious mistakes jump out to anyone drop me an ask and i’ll edit!! will also be uploading a batgals post next)

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- I think it needs to be canon that Dick says I love you first no matter what

- he’s the only slightly emotionally stable bat boy and knows it’s time to express his feelings

- being a total love bird he’d try to be super smooth inviting you to the manor when the boys are supposed to be out

- arriving to see Damian tearing through the garden with Titus 

- Tim and Steph yelling about Avatar The Last Airbender

- Jason shooting literal ammo at beer bottles 

- and poor Dick who looks like he’s going to pop a blood vessel

- wrapping your arms around him because you love him and his family

- the three boys come over to you trying to get your attention to go play with batcow, try the new minecraft server, or turn everything in Bruce’s office upside down 

- they’re greeted with a scowl from their oldest, normally loving, brother

- “why the attitude Wing?”

- “yeah you promised it was my turn to hangout with y/n”

- watching Dick get progressively upset until he just lets out


- silence

- shooing the boys away and cupping Dick’s face looking him in the eyes

- “Dickie you could’ve just told me, it didn’t have to be grand you know I love you no matter what”

- him giving you a sheepish look and dragging you inside while he made you repeat “I love you” the whole way in


- the two of you probably went a while before the words spilled out

- living in the comfortable silence of knowing you loved each other was easier than saying it yk?

- you said it first without even knowing, it felt so comfortable that the words tumbled out in a rushed time

- Jason came to you, full hood get up, bruised and aching while clutching a wound that would make your head spin

- you knew he would never stop you just wished he’d be more careful because you needed him to come home

- “Jason for the love of god you have to take care of yourself it kills me to see the man I love constantly bleeding out on my new carpet!” 

- dragging him in onto your couch grabbing wet cloths and bandages you were in work-mode and didn’t even notice his shocked face shift into a loving one and finally land on his famous smirk

- “what are you smirking at idiot? The fact that your stitches from last week opened again? I wouldn’t be laughing” you poked his stomach making him flinch, you never gave Jason an inch, always poking fun and flirting was a key part of your relationship

- “oh nothing y/n except I forgot to tell you something”

- “I love you too”


- Tim needs to be constantly reassured that he’s your number one, your person

- he saw you hanging out with friends from school laughing and smiling the way he thought only he could make you

- him coming up next to you discretely grabbing your hand, fingers instinctively intertwining

- after saying goodbye to your friends you and Tim began to walk to your apartment and you noticed him slightly upset

- “Timmy what’s wrong”

- we know that boi hates being a burden and he’d try to wipe the jealousy off his face

- “Tim I’ve known you too long for that shit to work on me, tell me”

- Tim failing to make eye contact mumbling that he thinks you’re happier with your friends than him and how he thinks he’s dragging you down and that you don’t even need him really and maybe he should just go work on some cases

- your eyes widening at the thought of Tim ever thinking you didn’t need him

- giving him the speech of a lifetime 

- “Timothy Jackson Drake Wayne don’t you ever think I don’t need you. You are the light of my life, the person I know is there for me when no one else is. I guess this is a better time than ever to tell you I LOVE YOU with every inch of my soul. Timmy I love you so much I couldn’t function without you. okay? Don’t ever think I’d be happier without you, what would I do without my favorite love bird by my side?”

- Tim might pass out ngl

- Even though he’s not too big for pda he’d pull you into his chest and just hold his lover, heart bursting with pride and love whispering “I love you too y/n” into your ear.

- Telling Tim you love him would be an hourly thing, the smile lighting up his face whenever you remind him would make your day.

- you’d probably get a text from one of the bat boys later asking why Tim was still smiling

- “Y/n did Tim get hit by laughing gas or something is he okay?”

-“Just tell him I love him”

- “Y/n you just made it worse”


- Kind of like Jason the two of you danced around the exact 8 letters for a while

- Beloved, lover boy, and love bird were common nicknames but both of you knew those didn’t count

- you and Damian secretly loved sneaking out and sitting on the tops of buildings talking about life

- Bruce definitely thinks Damian grew out of sneaking out but Alfred knows better and is your and Damian’s #1 fan so he allows it for Damian’s mental health

- Staring down at Gotham tangled up with Damian whispering about your future, past, and present was all you needed in life

- one of the only times Dami let all guard down and felt completely free with you in his arms

- because the two of you are secretly sappy af you told him you loved him with the sun peeking up over the horizon right before it was time for Damian to return you home.

- Pretty sure you’d have to close his mouth hanging open for him

- Him shaking it off only to nestle his face in the crook of your neck, his hair tickling you jaw while he whispered

- “I love you too y/n” and him holding you until you had to peel him off you and demand he return you home before your parents started a search party

- “fine beloved but we must meet tomorrow now that I know you truly love me”

- “Damian you’ve known I loved you since the day I met you”

- “TT”

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