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gangrenados · 3 months ago
Giving them a bj in public
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson + Jason Todd
The way I don't trust my nsfw posts, bro I need confidence lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
•Bruce keeps his cool so well that unless you're the one giving him a blowjob under the desk, you won't notice something strange is going on.
His face and way of speaking is the same, the old Bruce Wayne that everyone loves and respects, but dude, this man is guiding you to be able to come. I find it amusing to think that if a sound were to escape you, he would move his hip to shut you up with his cock.
Tumblr media
•Dick can keep a calm face and despite the fact that the change in his voice is slight (somewhat more airy, as if he were speaking after having been running, in addition to the fact that sometimes a moan or other can escape) and that he finds himself somewhat distracted, he can pretend that you are not sucking his cock so well that he's about to see stars.
The trick is to grab your hair in his fist and squeeze it tight, it's the only way he has to stay calm. When the person is gone, he can relax a little more and let you do your magic, maybe will push your head a little when the pleasure is too much.
Tumblr media
•Jason ... well, he doesn't pretend very well. You can tell that something is wrong with him by the "anger" in his voice, since it is the easiest way to suppress the moans and whimpers that they struggle so much to get out (which is not much use anyway) Besides, Jason will not pay attention to whatever the other person is saying because his attention is on you and the pleasure you are giving him, therefore, he tend to lose the thread of the conversation very quickly.
There will come a point that the pleasure will be so much that he will not be able to take much more and he will end up putting his hands on your head and fucking your mouth.
Tumblr media
It's funny to me to imagine Jason with the Arkham Knight suit on making you suck his cock in front of some of the militia or at least close by so that they know what is happening, since he found out that some of his Men had said dirty things about you and he wanted to let them know that the only one who could have you was him.
I honestly think this would suit yandere! Arkahm Knight.
Tag list: @burningclodwagonjudge @meany-marcelini @alice-fell-down-the-well @demondoxable @fluffyshrimpuwu @mad-grace-amber @screechingghostbananafarm @owl-witch-prompts @waroncheer @nervousfandom @winged-j @astroherogirl @omgtheywereroommates98 @redarsenal @shadygoateeprincess @lovelyartemisa @missmaskedwriter @thegirlwholovesbooksblog @silverw19 @simpery @unknowntoanyone @ghost-bich @lucy-roo @adarksoul098 @magicisabluewish @kellieriddle96 @ashyvillain @panic-attheplace @greeknerd007 @honeydolly @perylinsus @cedrics-things @just-deka @malfoys-demigod @aterriblelangblr @hamdehlesmis @dreamxcollide @thirstiestpotato @magicalbeanie @letlly
Tumblr media
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ldrfanatic · 2 months ago
Who Wakes Up First
So I've decided I'm also going to start doing preferences. Feel free to leave those in the ask box as well!! :)
Dick The beautiful thing about you and Dick's relationship is how in sync the two of you are. Even if one of you slept terribly the night before you always wake up at precisely the same time, occasionally a few seconds off. It can make it hard to do stuff like breakfast in bed for your s/o, but it's also sickeningly sweet.
If one of you is still asleep than that one is probably sick. Funnily enough, you found out you were pregnant that way. One morning Dick woke up and you were still sleeping soundly. You slept two hours past when he woke up which sent him into panic mode. Immediately he demanded a check up at the hospital.
When you got to Gotham General it was quite the surprise to find out you were pregnant. (Let's be honest here, Dick would be the s/o to get sympathy symptoms)
Jason Due mostly to his nightly activities, you more than often wake up before Jason. Most of the time, you're snuggled into his warmth, trapped between his arms and your legs between his thighs. It's endearing. Jason has such a rough experience with losing people. So having you in his arms whilst he sleeps is a constant reassurance that you're okay and still with him.
As sweet as this is, don't expect to move before he wakes up. You've tried many times to escape what you jokingly call Jason's Jail, yet you have no luck. If you wake up with your body locked in his, you are going no where.
Sometimes, on nights where patrol wasn't too exhausting, Jason can be found in the kitchen when you wake up. On those mornings you like to stand in the doorway silently watching his back muscles flex as he creates what can only be described as magic in the kitchen.
Tim 99.9% of the time, Tim doesn't sleep. You've come to pretty much accept the fact that he runs on caffeine like a super powered living computer. Most mornings, Tim can be found exactly where he was the night before, in front of his computer working on case files.
Still, you have your moments of superior convincing in which you manage to drag the kid off to bed. In those moments, he refuses to sleep in the bed without you. It can be cute, but disastrous. Once you manage to coax him to sleep, Tim will sleep for days. Two at the least. Because of the constant caffeine running through him he sleeps incredibly lightly and the slightest unnatural jolt from you puts him on high alert and sadly, awake.
If he hasn't wrapped around  you like a spiderweb, then you always wake up before he's done with his sleep deprivation caused coma. Then, there you are when he awakes, a coffee mug in your hands, brewed to perfection.
Damian After years of being Robin, Damian has perfected running on three hours of sleep max. He of course wouldn't mind more sleep. Still, he'd rather wake up early every morning.
It's not uncommon for you to awake to Damian staring at you with an unreadable expression. A blush often spreads from his intense emerald gaze. As an admirer of the arts, Damian's gaze is often harshly criticizing and still he looks at you like you're the greatest work of art he's seen in a thousand years.
When approached the first time about his borderline creepy habit, Damian felt only the need to explain to you that he admired things he felt worthy of admiration. Seeing you blissfully peaceful in your sleep strikes a feeling in Damian that he can't quite explain. He also feels the overwhelming need to be awake and alert, protecting you at all times. Mornings with him are soft and serene.
Bruce Bruce isn't one of those people that really sleeps that often. Usually, he's up until 4 or 5 am fighting criminals and gallivanting across Gotham City rooftops. He crawls into bed at 6:30 every morning for an hour nap before he's got to start getting ready for WE business and to present himself as Bruce Wayne to yearning tabloids and Gothamites alike.
However, on the rare occasion that you do manage to pull him away from all the extremes that come with his mission to purge his city of evil, he is absolutely all about any sort of cuddles, and movie nights. Even on these nights, he still wakes before you.
His physique and lifestyle both require him to maintain a dictated schedule. Bruce just isn't the type of person to sleep in, whether he's got the day off or not. Still, on the days you do manage to wrangle him into spending with you, it's rather nice to wake in the strong, loving embrace of your big, bad bat.
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capricorn-stark · 2 months ago
Late Night Drives w the Batboys
warning: none
a/n: just trying headcanons lol, lmk me what you think. also, tysm once again for 100 follows you guys!!!
Dick Grayson
The drives probably happen after a date or after he picks you up from work/uni on a Friday night
First thing he does every time is turning on the radio
He’s down for whatever you like listening to, but if you’re good with anything it’s probably just pop hits
You’ll probably hear him humming some of the tunes under his breath or tapping his fingers against the wheel to match the beat
He loves talking and making conversations with you while driving
Will tell you about all sorts of crazy shit going on in his life, whether it’s about his day job or what happens during patrols
Loves listening to your stories and about the random issues going on in your life, gives great advice (when it’s not him making the decisions) and is just generally wonderful to talk to
He feels like the type of guy to take your hand while he’s driving or when you’re just sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic
You’re either going to drive around for the sake of driving around, or he’ll take you to one of Bludhaven’s docks or some hillside, some place with a nice view
Sitting on the hood of his car and just talking while he holds your hand, wraps his arms around your waist, brushes your hair out of your face
Just little things that make you know he’s paying attention and makes you feel like he really loves you, which he does
Jason Todd
If you’re in a car, he would be blasting music and it would probably be both of you screaming out the lyrics to the song that’s on
I feel like there would be a time where one of you doesn’t know the lyrics and tries to discreetly look them up without the other person realizing it
The other person totally figures that out and you never let them live it down
Probably the handsier type, one hand on the wheel while he drives, other hand resting on your thigh
Acts like he doesn’t know the effect he has on you 
But he definitely does, considering how long you’ve been together
I also feel like he’d probably take you for trips on his bike instead of a car, though, so if you’re taking his bike: 
He likes having your arms wrapped around him while he drives, he likes feeling you relax and resting your head against his shoulder
He loves driving, so he might just take you down long mostly-empty roads and just fly through the night
Depending on his mood and yours you could be talking about anything from his dark traumatic past to discussing how great the new chilidog place is downtown
With Jason you can literally never tell
Will probably pull over at some point to chill on his bike, talk, or kiss
He’s bad at telling you he loves you so times like these are his way of letting you know that
Driving is his way to escape, and he loves having you there with him to feel like you and him are the only things that matter for a little while
Tim Drake
You’re probably the one dragging him out of the house or his office just to get him to stop working for an hour or so
He’ll definitely protest saying he has “so much work to do” and how he’s “so close to being done”, but you both know he secretly loves taking a break just to drive with you
It’s mostly just you guys talking about absolutely anything and everything, from his life at WE to philosophical debates about stupid shit
And I mean just random, stupid shit
“If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty?"
“If I try to fail, but succeed, which one did I do?"
“...Tim, is this a personal question? Because I feel like you’re talking about something you personally went through right now-”
He gets really into these kind of conversations
You’ll probably stop by a drive-through to grab something to eat while chilling in your car
He’ll let you steal his fries 
Unless he was talking about how his day was going and brings up the office, he won’t even mention work
He’s definitely way more interested in you and what you have to say, he loves hearing about your problems and trying to think of ways to help you get around them
These would be some of the few times he really gets to forget about everything else and focus on just you, and he loves it
Damian Wayne (aged up) 
Honey, he steals the Batmobile
Like actually, he’s done it before in the comics to impress chicks and you can bet he’d do it again
If he acts this way as a literal twelve year old imagine what he’s gonna do when he’s older
You’d have a fine time perusing around in it, clicking all the weird buttons it has just to “test out” the different functions
You may or may not have accidentally activated the flamethrowers Bruce had installed for unknown reasons
And that may or may not have ended up getting you guys caught after some poor GCPD officer on a late shift saw the Batmobile zooming down the street with a whole column of fire shooting out of it, but it ended up being okay because Damian acted like he didn’t know what his father was talking about when he was confronted with it
Otherwise, you’d probably end up on a late night drive after you and Damian decide to ditch a gala or some random fancy party
“It was far too stuffy to stay in that place, Father will understand our absence.”
“Damian, you were hosting the event.”
He lets you do most of the talking during the drive because he likes listening to you and the sound of your voice
He’ll still act all cool, but he’ll be smiling and letting out the occasional laugh at your stories here and there, adding on his own snarky comments or stories every once in a while
Instead of going home, he’ll probably want to take you somewhere to grab dinner or just to head to a nice part of Gotham to get a moment between yourselves and enjoy a pretty view
He feels like the type of guy who would really be into grand gestures and giving you the best of the best for literally everything
So your late night drives are little moments where he’s dialing all that back just to get some time alone with you, listen to you, and get to know you better 
And as much as he’ll deny it to everyone else, he’d love those moments the most
Taglist: @cipheress-to-k-pop 
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sky-berrie · 4 months ago
Stitch - Damian
Summary: Another favorite trope - reader patches up a wound. Warning: mentions of blood. 
The window opened behind you and you felt a cool summer night breeze brush against your neck. You didn’t bother to give the intruder any attention because you knew that Damian was the only person who could disarm the alarm and crack lock mechanism with ease. You thought the whole system was overkill but it pleased Damian to have it installed so you didn’t complain.
“Hey, Damian,” you greeted him robotically with your gaze still transfixed to your laptop screen and your back to the window. You were watching the events of the latest episode of your favorite show unfold.
You heard Damian land in your room with a grunt. He was usually quite graceful, however you guessed that his ribs and hip were still sore from the last sparing session he had with his brothers and sisters. That family took everything to a whole other level.
You heard Damian shut the window after himself. The sound of the latch being secured came next. Then you heard electronic beeps as he reactivated the alarm. “You –” he let out a sharp exhale. “You took home economics, right?”
“Yeah,” you replied, nonchalantly with a mouthful of popcorn. You didn’t take your eyes off the screen, but you heard the sound of his heavy boots carry him across your room.
“Good,” he said. A shaky breath infiltrated his normally self-assured voice. “And you remember most of it?” The bed springs creaked under his weight.
“Uh, yeah, I guess so.”
“Great,” he said. “What grade did you receive?” This wasn’t all that out of character for him. Damian was competitive in all aspects of his life. You wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to compare home economics grades just so he could vaunt his skills.
“I don’t know, Damian,” you said honestly. You turned up the volume, hoping that Damian would get the hint that you wanted to watch your show in peace and quiet. “I think it was a good mark.”
Damian let out a heavy sigh of relief. “Excellent.” His voice sounded less troubled than before.
“Jon did most of my assignments,” you admitted unapologetically.
Damian was quiet for a moment. “Okay, but you attended the classes, correct?”
You didn’t answer right away. You were too focused on the climax of the episode. “Oh my goodness,” you muttered under your breath to yourself as the plot twist unveiled. “Um,” you said, remembering that Damian had asked you something. “Yeah, yeah, more or less.”
“Do you remember how to sew?”
“Sort of,” you told him. You had sewn on a button once. It didn’t look great, but it definitely wasn’t going anywhere.
“Well enough,” he said. “I need you to suture a laceration.”
“What?” you choked out. He said it so nonchalantly that you weren’t sure if he was serious or not, because a sane person would not be so stoic. You whipped around to find Damian lying on your bed in his Robin uniform. It was soiled with a layer of black, like he had been charred. It was so dark that it masked the staining of his blood and you wouldn’t have known he was bleeding if it weren’t for the pool of red soaking through your white comforter. He was holding his side with his hands at an awkward angle.
You had seen him with cuts and bruises and even broken bones, but never with the life bleeding out of him. “Oh my goodness!” you shrieked as panic filled your lungs. Your face contorted into a horrified grimace as you tried to stifle an expression of disgust. The strong stench of metal made your stomach churn and your head woozy.
You immediately felt horrible for not paying attention to him sooner. “Damian, why didn’t you say something? Holy crap! What the hell happened? You need an ambulance!” You turned around to reach for your phone.
“No,” Damian choked out. “Secret… identity,” he said with his eyes squeezed shut.
“What about your brothers and sisters? Your dad? Alfred?”
“On their way. No time to wait. First aid kit,” he implored weakly.
You ran for the bathroom and tore into the cabinet to find the massive first aid kit that Damian insisted you store. You had opened it once or twice to grab a bandage for a paper cut but you never touched the majority of the contents. You didn’t even know what half of the kit was for. You guessed that you might find out today.
When you returned to your room, Damian was moving slowly to unbutton his uniform. You helped him with the rest, trying to do it quickly without jostling anything. You tried to ignore the squishy wetness of the uniform, but your hands came away covered in a layer of crimson blood. Beneath the outer coat, his white undershirt was seeping with blood. There was a large tear in the fabric and a bit of the raw wound peeked through.  
You didn’t have a fear of blood, really. You had no qualms about donating blood or seeing it on TV. This, however, was completely different. You were more terrified than you had ever been in your entire life. You had no idea what to do - everything you knew about CPR and standard first aid had inexplicably disappeared from your brain. Silent tears began to spill from your eyes as your breaths tore in and out of your throat, ragged and shallow.
“Y/N,” said Damian, firmly. Through your blurry, wet vision, you could see him straining to make eye contact with you. “Breathe. Everything is going to be fine. Just follow my instructions.”
Normally you trusted Damian, but this time his reassuring words didn’t have any kind of soothing effect on you. Your whole body was shaking now. You couldn’t find your voice. Instead, you shook your head.
“Yes, Y/N. It is going to be fine, but you must listen to me. Do you understand?”
You tried to take a deep breath, but an uncontrollable sob cut it short. If Damian could lie there halfway to death and still be composed, then you could at least pretend to be calm for his sake. You nodded your head this time, trying your best to even out your breathing. It was no use though. You couldn’t remember how to breathe.
“Thank you. Cut it,” he said, motioning to his undershirt.
You did as he ordered and cut a line right down the centre of his shirt. It was warm and wet and clung to his skin, so you peeled it off to reveal the full extent of a nasty looking wound. Even through your distorted, teary vision, you saw enough to know it was not good.
You felt faint at the sight of his insides. Or maybe it was your hyperventilating making you dizzy.  
“Breathe, Y/N. Breathe and then get the sterile solution to irrigate it.”
You returned with freshly washed hands, a pair of gloves and a jug of irrigation solution. Following his instructions, you squeezed the syringe and expelled the liquid over his wound. It ran down his side and carried even more blood into your comforter.
“Okay,” he breathed out. “There should be a small white packet with a curved need and thread and a pair of suture holders. They look like scissors but without the blades.”
Your trembling hands had a difficult time picking out the items. Once you collected the materials, you looked at Damian for further directions.
“It’s a bit deep so you’ll need to close the layer under the skin first. Can you see it?”
You shook your head. His side was a giant red mess. You couldn’t make out anything except for blood and jagged skin. It was nothing like the clean and clear-cut diagrams you’d seen in class. “This is crazy! I can’t do this,” you cried. People spent years studying and training to do procedures like this. Stitching up a body was not something that a person should wing, and definitely not on their best friend, lying in an unsterile room.
“You can,” he assured you. “Pretend like you’re sewing some fabric. Start with this layer here.” Damian pulled at his skin and pointed to the inside with a pair of suture forceps. You couldn’t help but turn away and shut your eyes as he prodded himself. “Y/N,” he called your attention back. “Make sure the needle goes in like this and comes out like this,” said Damian as he demonstrated.
You were shaking your head. “You are absolutely insane! Sewing fabric is nothing like sewing a wound! Can’t we just wait for your dad or someone?”
“No time,” he said.
“Please, Damian,” you begged. “Let me call EMS.”
“No,” he asserted with what little strength he had.
“Please! I…”
“No,” he repeated. You could tell his patience was wearing thin.
“I understand you have to protect your secret identity, but Damian, come on. There won’t be an identity to protect if you die.”
“Batman…Nightwing…” he said weakly.
“They’ll understand!” you argued with desperation.
“No,” he mumbled. He shook his head.
Without any thought, your next words came flooding out straight from your heart. “Damian, I love you and I don’t want you to die!” Oh. That came as a shock to you. You’d never said anything like that before. In fact, you’d never even had a thought like that, but you knew it was the truth. Your hands almost flew to cover your mouth in regret, but the blood dripping from your hands stopped you.
Damian didn’t seem to notice your confession, or if he did, he didn’t acknowledge it. Had you not been utterly distracted by the emergency before you, you might have run away with embarrassment from your sudden proclamation.
“Please try for me, okay?” His eyes were starting to close, but you could see him struggle to keep them open.
You searched his eyes, to see that his once vibrant green eyes had a dull, hazy colour to them. Seeming to find what you were looking for, you conceded. You swallowed a lump in your throat. “Okay.”
It was the worst experience of your life. Damian walked you through the process, but nothing could prepare you for the nauseating feeling of piercing his skin and pulling the nylon thread through the thickness of the tissue. Seeing the inside of his body made you want to vomit but his life was at stake, and you had to be brave for him. Besides, he was the one who should be worried, not you. Your technique was obviously non-existent and you were certain that you were hurting him a hell of a lot more than he was letting on. He hissed and groaned and you apologized profusely but he insisted that you continue.
“Thank you,” said Damian after you tied the last knot. His eyes were heavy and lidded and you could tell he was barely hanging on to consciousness. “Knew you could do it.”
You had no response. Now that the worst part was over, the adrenaline had left your system and you were in shock. His hand lolled out in an attempt to offer you comfort, or maybe to seek comfort for himself. You weren’t certain which is was, but nevertheless, you instinctively clasped his hand in yours.
Then he said something that caught you off guard. His voice was so faint that you barely heard him. “For the record, I love you, as well.”
You weren’t sure if he really meant it. Maybe he was delirious. He did lose a lot of blood. You pondered it for a moment and wondered if you should feel mortally embarrassed when he was fully lucid, but just then, a gentle squeeze on your hand told you that you didn’t have to worry.
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wordsfromthesol · 14 days ago
Poker Night
Author: @wordsfromthesol Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader Taglist: togasbetch @anousiemay​ @malfoys-demigod​ @pricetagofficial Summary: Jason swore to you it was his night off, just a poker night with Roy and Dick. Word Count: 502 A/N: Still not as active as I want to be, but all my spare time goes to studying for the PE. Anyways, here's a quick blurb that this cover made me think of...hope you enjoy! More to come, especially after October 23rd!
Tumblr media
It's just a poker night. He's with Roy and Dick. Nothing to worry about. Those three sentences replayed over and over in your mind as 3 am approached. Your phone lingered in your palm, fingers twitching over Jason's contact. Your heart jumped as the familiar sound of keys penetrating the lock rang through the silent apartment. Not bothering to check who was at the door, you swung it open. And just as you did, Jason collapsed into your arms.
"What the fuck happened?" You screeched at the sight of his tattered blood-drenched clothes while dragging him through the threshold.
Jason groaned at the pain but did not answer your question. Letting out an exasperated sigh, you gently laid him on the couch and gather the medical supplies. You tackled the big wounds first, a bullet hole straight through his shoulder and a poker chip lodged in his leg. Hundreds of smaller cuts littered his body. You wanted to be mad, you had every right to be, but for now, you just had to wait.
Morning came too quickly. You awoke to Jason attempting to get off the couch.
"So poker night?" You knew trying to stop him from moving was futile.
"Yeah…" Jason glanced over at you, not wanting to continue. "Don't look at me like that!" Your glare didn't waver. "It started out as a poker night!" Jason stumbled over to the medication cabinet and pulled out a bottle of pills. "Really it's Dick's fault. He's the one that brought us to the underground poker den." Jason threw back a handful of pills before limping back over to the couch. "Which surprisingly he had no intention of thwarting. That was until…well until Blockbuster trudged in. Dick couldn’t just let him go, and well I don't blame him…" Jason patiently waited for your response. Eventually, you gave in.
"So it was supposed to just be a poker night?" The tone in your voice proved that you weren't convinced of his story.
"Yes! I swear! Unless Dick knew Blockbuster was going to be there. But if he did, he didn't share that information with me or Roy."
"Alright." You slapped your hands on your legs and rose from the chair. You had no reason not to believe him, but you would definitely be having a talk with Dick later today. "No patrol for a week though." You stipulated as you joined him on the couch. His puppy dog eyes looked at you, pleading.
"But..." Jason began.
"I don't wanna hear it! Besides the bullet hole and the poker chip that was halfway in your leg, you have hundreds of small, precise cuts all over your body. What was someone hurling cards at you?!" You realized the answer was yes before the question even left your lips. "Don't answer that." Jason glanced down at his chest and quickly realized you were right.
"Alright. Fine." He conceded as he pulled you into his chest. Clearly, the pain medication had begun to work.
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unmotivatedwrit3r · a month ago
At the Arcade
batboys x reader headcanons
(A/N): It's been a while since I posted headcanons, I know. But I haven't had motivation for them in a long time, and I keep starting and not finishing them, but here you go! Enjoy!
warnings: none
Dick Grayson:
When you guys arrive, he beams straight for the fun games like temple run and crossy road
He’s the guy willing to try anything and play everything, but he doesn’t love the driving or shooting games much, and he tries to avoid anything loud and enclosed
Sometimes you’ll play a game one after another and compare scores to see who wins
He’d never be one to let you win just for the sake of it; he knows you would be upset if he did
But he’s always willing to accept defeat graciously
If there’s a game you love and he’s never tried it, he’d absolutely be willing to watch you play or do it with you
And he’s absolutely your hype-man, but you have to be careful or he’ll accidentally get so excited he’ll break your concentration and make you lose
You’re not too keen on playing loud obnoxious games that don’t give tickets, especially with strangers, so you pass on those with him
He does love to get you prizes though, so he plays a lot of ticket games
Almost every time, you’re walking out with at least a small something, whether it be a stuffed animal or a random keychain or figurine
Jason Todd:
He mostly enjoys competition games like basketball or air hockey
But he also enjoys games with little purpose, such as crossy road
He will absolutely challenge you to anything and everything he’s good at, from seeing who can score the highest in football to connect 4
There are definitely some games that you’re better at, so you, in turn, will challenge him
He can be a bit of a sore loser sometimes, but with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, he’s ready to challenge you to a rematch (and lose)
If something goes wrong with a game, especially while he’s playing it, it gets very irritated and will get mad at the game before finally going to get someone to fix it
Sometimes the two of you will team up and destroy high scores in games where you knock things down to earn points
Because you play a lot of games without tickets, the two of you don’t always have many to spend
So you’ll probably just get some candy or temporary tattoos or something fun you can play with that will just make you smile
Tim Drake:
He has the most random kind of luck for some reason
He’s unnaturally good at those games that should be rigged so that no one can get the bonus, but he’s done it on all of them at least once
He plays a lot of games that require some sort of skill
He’s really great at claw games, and wins them all the time
Which means every time the two of you go, you end up with at least one stuffed animal to carry around
He’s won you a pair of headphones, a new iPad, a large stuffed dinosaur, and a large bouncy ball, among others
Sometimes he’ll win stuff and then give it to nearby kids
You find it adorable, and you definitely don’t need any more huge stuffed toys
Also, it's just fun to watch him play; you don’t always need to win
He’s also really good at puzzle games, or the ones when you need to keep track of an object
You’ll lose by round three, but when he’s not dead tired, he almost always wins
As for prizes, though he spends a lot of his tokens on claw games, he also wins bonuses, so there’s usually a decent amount of tickets for you (or he) to get something with, if you want something
Damian Wayne:
When you get there, the two of you head straight for the games where you shoot tokens to try and knock chips and cards off the ledge, with the goal of collecting all the cards in a set to win points
Sometimes the game themes are something like Wizard of Oz, but you’ve also seen ones for Star Trek, and even the Justice League, so there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern
The two of you will just do those for hours and little else
Sometimes his brothers come up and complain that the two of you are boring, but you have a great time and end up with tons of tickets, so you don’t think so
For the most part, you’ll try to stand next to each other, but sometimes the machines won’t give you what you want and you split up, each at a different side of the machine
The other games you guys play, when you can no longer get anything out of your favorite machines, are coin games
Basically, you get tokens (or quarters, depending on the machine) and put them in to knock tokens off the edge and earn tickets when you do
It’s a fun way to make a ton of tickets quickly, as long as you pick the right machine
It’s also super fun to watch his brothers’ faces as you see the number of tickets grow
For some reason, Damian is also unnaturally good at the huge fruit ninja games
Both you and Dick find this absolutely hysterical, because he gets on the leaderboard every time
He doesn’t do claw games ever because he says he finds them pointless and extremely rigged
Which is true, but he’s also really bad at them, and so he refuses to play because he knows he won’t win
Especially because it’s something Tim is good at, he refuses to engage
The two of you are also absolutely ticket hoarders
If there’s not something you like, you don’t get anything at all besides maybe a small piece of candy
And eventually when you find something you like, you’ll get it and it’ll probably be huge
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empower-bi-women · a month ago
Living with Jason
Word count: 320
A/N: So I'm in a very rare mushy mood so here you go! And if you're confused about the dog let me direct you to this. As always feedback is greatly appreciated. Tags are at the bottom and let me know if you want to be added to my list :)
Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff.
A small house in the suburbs that you both loved with a nice backyard to garden and for the dog to play in. There was a fire pit where you spent summer nights with his family, making smores and listening to scary stories, each trying to outdo the last. 
You decide to have a reading room, wall to wall bookshelves with cozy chairs for both of you. His copy of pride and prejudice sitting next to your copy of Hamlet on the shelf. Lamps and fluffy pillows are scattered across the room giving it a warm feel. 
The kitchen is your favourite place. The two of you cooking together while soft music plays in the background. Occasionally Jason will come up and hug you from behind, swaying to the song as he sings, his low voice filling your ears. 
Fuzzy blankets cover you both as you lay on the sofa, watching reruns of golden girls, laughing as Jason compares his brothers to the girls, Winchester’s head laying in your lap, his eyes set on you as you stroke his fur. 
Patching him up in the bathroom as you scold him for getting into yet another unnecessary fight. He looks up at you, love in his eyes as he just smiles. Other nights the two of you sit in the tub together, bubbles overflowing as you sit and talk, each with a glass of wine. 
The bedroom, painted a light blue by the both of you, is where you spend your nights, legs tangled in the sheets as you whisper I love you’s in your native tongues meaning more than English ever could express. Being your most authentic selves, not ever needing to hide. 
Waking to the sun shining onto the two of you, his blue eyes fluttering open to meet yours as a soft sleepy smile slides across his face and you just want to live in this moment forever. 
tags: @batarella @littleredwing89 @1-800-kenobi @bookfrog242
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brightjimini · a month ago
No harm done
Tumblr media
Red Hood/Jason Todd x fem!criminal!soulmate reader
@swanmaiden5​ : Hello! My apologizes if you're not taking requests at the moment- (so you can ignore this if that is the case) May I request a Jason Todd x Fem! Reader? Perhaps a soulmate au where the Reader is a vigilante and they meet the Red Hood by chance and they both figure out- "That's my soulmate!" I recommend the song Love Goes On And On by Lindsey Stirling for inspiration. Thank you for your time!
A/N: Well.. this took a while but ive been busy with work. Please let me know what you thought about it because I dont know how to write anymore lol
Warnings: killing
Genre: fluff
masterlist for more dc and other stuff
An alarm was blaring through the building. The building bein Gothams National Bank. My teammates- or well ex-teammates laid in their own pools of blood after they tried to stab me in the back. I had been having weird gut feelings about them but I choose to ignore it. 
But this had been their moment to strike. In the middle of a planned robbery.. Well more cash to blow for me. Before joining a little gang I did well for myself but I wanted to try something different. Because it would be easier to achieve bigger things with a few other people. So much for that..
I didn’t really care hurting them back felt good. Sadly as a petty move, one of them alerted the security system. Putting one last stack of green bills in the duffle bag I took my leave out of the safe. But the sound of boots crushing broken glass laying on the ground made me halt. Before I could move further I saw the silhouette of a tall man. 
The red that gleamed where his hair was supposed to be made me halt. I rolled my eyes. In the years that I was active in North America, I had never encountered him. Not even in the month, I have been in Gotham, until now. 
“Metanite” His voice sounded almost robotic.
Only the second half of my face was covered my a black mask but I didnt have a voice distorter. I arched one of my eyebrows. 
“Yes? I know what my name is. If you would be so kind to move out of my way I have dealth with enough backstabbing for a night.” The annoyance coated my sickly sweet tone.
He cocked his head- or helmet to the side probably glancing at one of the bodies with bullet holes in them that was laying on the ground. “Not a teamplayer?” I could tell he was mocking me. I rolled my eyes.
“I don't have time for this” I muttered and sprung into action. I held the strap of the dufflebag with money tighter to my chest. Exactly at that moment I heard sirens in the distance. I could see Red Hood move his hands to his guns in a flash. 
But I was quicker. See I didn’t call myself Metanite for no reason. I cocked my left arm behind me and pulled my arm in the vigilante’s direction forcing the iron safe door off its hinges and forced it into Red Hood’s body. Without looking at him I waved my hand to direct the bullets to the ide and sprung up.
Meta(l): I could bend any metal to my will I was a Meta-human. 
Nite: a simplification of knight.
For those who needed an explanation.
The metal in my boots lifted me upwards as I directed it with my body on top. I didn’t give Red Hood a second glance. I shielded my eyes as I came into contact with the glass dome. 
I moved to a more sturdy part of the dome and quickly moved further across the roof. I took a huge jump towards the building on the other side I could see red and blue lights coming closer. Before I could move towards the next roof something pulled me back.
I landed on my back and the air got knocked out of my lungs. The gravel dug into my skin as I tried to regain my breathing. In a second I was back on my legs and turned around the duffle bag with money laid next to me on the ground the strap I had pulled over my shoulder was broken. A hook is laid next to it with a rope tied to it. In my haste, I hadn't noticed it. The rope led to a figure standing on the other side of the roof.
Anger and annoyance coursed through my veins and my gaze fixed on Red hood who is standing a few paces away from me. I clenched my fingers and a few metal pieces drifted out of my utility belt. I moved my arm in front of me the metal moved by my command towards Red Hood. 
Before the pieces could pierce his armor into his skin, they fell. The sharp metal pieces clattered on the stones. The anger turned into confusion and the annoyance turned into fear and hope in the same second. 
Did he have such strong armor on? 
He just stood there not moving the red and blue lights that were now at the bank a building away turned his figure into a silhouette. No.. But I knew why.
You can’t hurt your soulmate physically. 
I tried again and the same thing happened the pieces fell. I aimed at different places but the same thing happened. That seemed to snap him out of his thoughts. 
He took a step closer. His gloved hand moved towards his helmet. My eyes widened in shock the man under the hood was quite attractive. He had a white streak in his dark hair. His eyes were hidden by a mask- Suddenly more figures appeared behind him. He immediately put his helmet back on. Police officers in protective gear climbed up onto the roof. We looked at each other and gave each other a little nod. 
Without knowing each other a plan was formed. The piggies shouted that we needed to put our hands up. I smirked under my mask. 
The next moment my soulmate sprinted towards me. The police officers started shooting. I put my hands up and halted the bullets in the air one by one I clapped my hands together and formed the bullets into a ball. I knew more people would know about my powers this way but I didn’t care anymore. Many things were about to change.
Red grabbed the duffle by one of the straps that weren’t broken and hung it on his shoulder and then wrapped an arm around my waist. Shocked I just went along and wrapped my arms around his neck so that I wouldn’t fall. 
The next second he jumped off the roof and used his grappling hook to swing towards the next building. One of his guns dug into my stomach. The confusion I had felt earlier turned into adrenaline and giddiness.
Let me know what you thought.
No reposting of my work is allowed. 
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anxiousnerdwritings · 4 months ago
Oh can I have a platonic love letter from yandere Damian wayne trying to get his sister who ran away to came home before the yan fam does something drastic.
Lots of love
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
Everyone is worried out of their minds looking for you, you know? Me included. We’ve all searched everywhere but it’s like you have completely disappeared. Not a trace of you anywhere.
Where are you? Can’t you at least let us know that you are safe? Can’t you at least tell me you are alive?
Father is desperate. We all are. But I’ve never seen him like this before. Even with the help of the Justice League we haven’t got a clue where you are, if you’re even okay. I’m afraid of what is going on inside Father’s head. I’m afraid of how far he’s willing to go and who he’s willing to take with him.
Was running away really worth it? Is it worth putting us all through this turmoil and heartache? The family is going downhill fast, understandable given how you are what kept us intact. Now that you’re gone it’s as if you taken a piece of all of us with you as well.
I don’t know where you are. I don’t really know why you left but if you come back I promise we can fix whatever drove you away. I’ll talk to Father and the others, we’ll settle whatever it is, just please come back home. I need my family whole again. Without you, there is no family.
We all miss you. I miss you. So please, Y/n, come home before it’s too late.
-Your Little Bird
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crazyfreckledginger · 2 months ago
Jason Todd x Reader - “In The Pale Moonlight”
After a one night stand, Jason doesn’t seem to be able to get his mind off you. Desperate to get you out of his head, he hesitantly agrees to go to Wayne Enterprise with his brothers for work, as a response to scrutiny from the general public. What happens when the person he was trying to erase from his memory pops right back into his life?
Tumblr media
Requested by anon and on Wattpad: “Can I request one where reader and one of the boys are dating but they act like they still trying to get each other so they flirt a lot and stuff even if everyone knows they’re together”/ 
“And other one where the reader is feeling herself and singing “Meet me in the pale moonlight” by Lana Del Rey in front of one of batboys and they’re like wow she cute and kiss the readeeeeeer (they’re dating and they’re teenagers)THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU 💕” /
“haha well I have another which was that the reader is harley and Bruce's kid and she meets  batboys but jason since she knew before she left  for the first time since she was away for wayne industries business meetings”
A/N: I hope you guys don’t mind that I tweaked it a little since these requests don’t have alot of depth individually!
“I’m just here for a drink.” the girl smiled politely even though she was extremely uncomfortable. 
“I am too, can I have it with you?”
“Oh for crying out loud leave her alone, don’t be such a creep.” The man at the end of the counter groaned.
“Mind your business.” the creep gritted his teeth.
“Your disgusting aura is polluting my drink so it makes it my business.” (Y/N) watched as he stood up and walked towards the pair. Now that he was closer, the woman could see how attractive he was up close, stunning eyes, sharp jaw, tall and a streak of dyed white hair, “Fuck off will you?” 
“Who do you think you are?” 
“Sorry, I forgot a world, fuck off please.” The stranger shot the man a terrifying glare and without another word, the man studded away, like a dog with its tail between his legs. 
“Thank you mister, but if he laid a hand on me I would have sucker punched him.” 
“Mister huh?” he smirked, sitting beside her. 
“Well what’s your name then?” 
“Jason, pleasure to meet you.” 
“This is your place?” she hummed, fingers running through his soft hair as his lips trailed down her neck, pulling her legs around his hips.
“Mmh hmm,” 
“You rich or something?” the woman breathed out as he sucked on her skin. 
“Something like that,” he murmured, pulling away to tease her lips with his. Jason stared deeply into her eyes.
“What are you waiting for, lover boy? You brought me here.” (Y/N)’s arms hung loosely on his shoulders, occasionally touching the back of his head.
“Yes ma’am,” he smirked, hooking his hands under her legs and carrying her to his bedroom.
Glancing at her side to the soft breathing of the naked man beside her, she shuffled, stretching and yawning. What a night, she tried moving her legs but winced, what a night indeed. 
“Good morning princess,” his morning voice was incredibly attractive as his arm slid around her waist, pulling her flush against him.
“Mmh, good morning,” the woman squirmed in his grip as he nipped at her ear teasingly with his teeth, “what time is it?”
“You have someplace to be?” he murmured, hand caressing her naked hip.
“Yeah, I have work.”
“On a Saturday?” 
“Self employed.” 
A month or so later, Jason was frustratedly sitting in the meeting room, chewing on his lip in boredom as Bruce brought all of them to a meeting at Wayne Enterprise for less scrutiny from the public eye. 
“The person we will be working on for the new design is going to arrive soon so I need you all on your best behaviour.” He glared at all the boys. 
“Yeah yeah, can we just get on with it so I can leave?” The second oldest rolled his eyes. 
“Mr Wayne?” as if on queue, the person knocked on the one-way privacy film that covered every window of the room, the blurred figure waiting patiently on the other side. 
With a last scolding glance to everyone, Bruce strutted over, opening the door and smiling.
“Good morning Mr Wayne.” the woman greeted with a polite smile.
Jason’s eyes widened, and stayed that way even when he made eye contact with the girl. She responded with the same reaction, but quickly regained her composure and greeted the other boys. 
“Oh hey (Y/N),” Dick waved to his roommate, “you look great.” He flirted.
“...Um hey,” she greeted hesitantly, feeling a little uncomfortable with his usual ways in the professional setting.
“Shall we get down to business.” Bruce glared at his eldest son.
“You don’t have to act so grumpy.” Jason rolled his eyes as they finally arrived at their hotel in Europe after an excruciatingly long flight. 
“I’m tired, I need sleep.” Not wanting to address the elephant in the room, especially when she was this exhausted, she scurried to the bathroom to slip into comfortable pyjamas and landed right into bed, “I’m having this conversation tomorrow, good night.” 
The next day came quickly and (Y/N) opened her eyes reluctantly, wanting to melt in the comfortable double bed she was in. Discreetly, she peeked at the double bed facing her diagonally. 
The woman frowned, it was empty.
“I’m right here.” the man voiced from behind her as he exited the bathroom.
“Jason!” she screeched, “what the hell! Don’t creep up on people!” 
“Well don’t try to spy on people when they are sleeping!” he threw his damp towel to her.
“Ewwwww!” she grimaced.
“Chill, I was drying my hair with that.” he walked towards his bed, and she only now noticed that he was naked -- with a towel around his waist obviously. Steam was emitting from his skin as it glistened still.
With warm ears, she pulled the covers over her face, eyes peeking out discreetly.
“We’ve seen each other completely naked, I don’t see what the problem is, if you’re going to look, be shameless,” he moved his butt from left to right teasingly, “you can see this regularly if you want,” he chuckled.
With a sigh, she buried herself under the covers. 
“I haven’t changed my mind Jason, I’m sorry, I’m not interested in commitment at the moment.” 
She felt a weight on the bed and hesitantly took a peep out. Jason was laying on her bed, shirtless but with some underwear on.
“At least give me the benefit of the doubt for this trip.” he gave her the puppy eyes. Eying him suspiciously, she sighed.
“Alright, fine, don’t disappoint.”
A few months or so later into the relationship with Jason and gotten closer to his younger brothers, (Y/N) slipped on a comfortable T-shirt, watching herself in the mirror as she tidied her hair a bit and examined the hickey on her neck.
Swaying lightly from side to side to the song that was stuck in her head, she hummed softly to herself, setting out her clothes for the day.
“You don't have to give me anything
Just put your sweet kiss kiss on my lips now baby”
Walking back to the mirror, deciding on whether or not jewelry was necessary, the woman continued.
“Think about you almost all the time, all the time and-”
 “I love you so much baby,” he breathed out from the other side of the room. 
“Hmm?” she glanced in the mirror. 
“Keep singing~” 
“No,” she stuck her tongue out playfully, “are you ready?”
“Do we have to go?” Jason whined, marching up to her, slapping her ass and squeezing it before hugging her from behind, nuzzling her hair, his warm skin against her.
“Baby of course we do, we have to hide the fact that we’re together, plus they are fun, we’re all friends here.” she rubbed her butt against his hips and he bit her ear. 
“No teasing,” he whispered in her ear, turning her around and pushing her against the dresser, “or else.” 
“Or else?” the woman chuckled, “but seriously though,” her hands cupped his cheeks as he stared at her lips, “we can’t act like a couple, it’s unprofessional,” 
“Technically I don’t work at the company,” 
“And the person I’m working with is your dad.”
“Adoptive, you have nothing to worry about.”
“Just a coffee, maybe a lunch, and then we can come straight home.” 
“Mmh, okay,” he pouted, holding her tightly as she kissed his lips and pulled away. “You sing beautifully, please do it more for me.” he pouted. She chuckled, shaking her head slightly in embarrassment.
“Put a shirt on and let’s get ready, I don’t want to be late!” (Y/N) ushered, “and the sooner you’re out of here, the less anxious I’ll be that your brother unexpectedly enters his own home and sees you in it.”
When they were ready, at a somewhat reasonable time, they drove there as quickly and responsibly as possible.
“Why is your hand still on my thigh?!” (Y/N) jumped once she realised he had discreetly snaked his hand back on her thigh when he was parking the car on the side of the road, in a surprising proximity. Slapping his hand away and giving him a look, the woman slipped out of the car and walked up the stairs, ringing on the bell.
Jason scurried up beside her, slapping her butt playfully before pushing the door open. 
“Hey guys!” she grinned, not having the time to scold her boyfriend once again as she was greeted with welcoming smiles. 
“How have you been?” Dick teased, having seen her just yesterday.
After playful banter, and not-so-playful for the brothers, over a nice hot drink, a new topic came up.
“How was the party yesterday (Y/N)?” Jason inquired, knowing fully well about it but trying to seem inconspicuous, “I hope no one stole your heart, that’s for me!” … or not.
She paused, giving him an unimpressed look, reluctant to answer “It was great, and no.” 
“No what?” he smirked. Her cheeks burned, she did not like being put on the spot to lie, especially since this was incredibly unnecessary.
“No one did anything.” 
“To who-”
“This is embarrassing, we know you two are a couple,” Damian nearly gagged. 
“Huh?” (Y/N) turned to him, feeling her soul leave her body.
“How do you know?” Jason looked at him.
“It’s been a while.” Dick chuckled.
“We been knew 💅,” Tim rolled his eyes.
“Someone left someone’s underwear in an awkwardly obvious place when I came around… and you slapped her butt before you came in here, everyone saw it.” Dick explained, watching his brother.
“I didn’t- wait, how do you know that it’s her underwear???”
The eldest’s expression fell and he blushed. 
“I might have um-” 
“He accidentally came in when I was packing my bag to leave for the business meeting in France okay?” the woman spluttered. 
“You did WHAT?”
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toastedside · 5 months ago
Call From Home
Tumblr media
Tim Drake x Batmom!Reader
Warning: sad Tim Drake, him crying, feeling small, fluff in the end
Note: I always like and entertain the idea that Tim eventually finish his education and go to college. I wrote this back in 2019 when I was away for college and experiencing mild case of homesick. Enjoy!
College life was pretty exciting. At least Tim able to muster that out loud now, and no longer wallowing in constant denial how much he enjoyed being a college student. It does get pretty crazy at times. The chaos in the dorms, the shenanigans of bored college students, morning classes. It got its own rhythm, and Tim was proud that he able to blend and follow the rhythm pretty well.
He never imagined that he eventually able to live a life like this. Like this one. Not after him confronting Batman in his own house. Not after his parents’ death. Not after taking the mantle and split his life into day and night. He never imagined he get to party until late night, laughing his ass off whilst running on the campus ground at night, pulling all night for assignments, and running late to classes.
The Red Robin suit he carefully packed still untouched. Tucked carefully underneath his bed. He never got time to be Red Robin. Not with the piling assignments and constant nudging to socialize. He listened to the police’s radio from his dorm when he was alone from time to time, but in a city like this, it’s pretty calm and mild.
Compared to Gotham, this city is peaceful.
It’s loud, it’s colorful, it’s exciting. Perhaps that’s why he liked the thrill of being here. It reminded him of home. Of Wayne Manor that filled with too many people, too many vigilantes who never know when to lower their voices. And perhaps that’s why he grew relentless and anxious as the clock slowly tick by and it’s all quiet. Darren, his roommate, was gone to his parents for the weekend. Left him all alone with his thought.
Tim sighed as he punched the number on his phone screen. He didn’t know why he did it. But something behind his mind pushed him to do so.
“Hello?” the voice answered after the fifth rang. Tim wanted to smack his head. You were probably sleeping.
“Hi Mom,” Tim greeted. “It’s me.”
“Hi, honey!” your voice laced with a lot of excitement. Tim sat up on his bed, head leaned to the wall next to him as he closed his eyes. “How are you? How do you like college?”
Tim chuckled. “It’s exciting, yeah. The assignments were crazy. But it was fun.”
“It reminds me with my college days! One time, this one student flood the whole floor with detergent because he didn’t know how to wash his own clothes in the washing machine.”
“My God. Just last week a student accidentally pushed the fire alarm because she was drunk.”
Tim could hear you laughing. And then a faint sound of a silverware hitting a surface. You’re in the kitchen then. Or the dining room. There were no background noises and it was all quiet. You were probably alone in the kitchen; dug on the freezer to eat a pint of ice cream you always so cleverly hide from everyone.
“How are you doing, Timmy? You haven’t answered my question.”
Tim went quiet as he bit his lower lip. You often called him Timmy when he was upset or in dire need of comfort. A nickname you reserved for comfort and now his brain associated it with tenderness and comfort. And the warmth of your embrace.
All of sudden, he wanted to cry. His eyes started to sting and his chest heavy. He didn’t know why, but listening to his mother’s voice alone opened up something he had shoved to the back of his mind since the day he moved into his dorm.
“Timmy? Honey?” you called for him. He probably had unconsciously let a sob escaped his mouth. “Baby, are you okay?”
“I miss you,” Tim rasped between his sobs. Saying those out loud only made him want to cry harder. “I miss Alfred. I miss Bruce, Jason, Dick, Damian, Cass…” he trailed, sniffled as he harshly wiped his tears with his sleeve. “I miss home.”
Tim pulled his knees into his chest, curled himself into a ball. He wanted nothing but to sank into your embrace, enjoying the way your fingers would thread on his hair and your nails lightly scratched his scalp. He wanted nothing but to eat a homemade food, not the cheap, knocked off questionable foods he often got on campus.
He wanted home.
“I miss you too, honey,” you cooed. You heaved a sigh as you continued, “The house does get a little quieter without you here.”
“I- I thought I’d be okay. I like it here,” Tim sniffed. “But I miss you. I miss home. And – I want to go home.”
The line went quiet for a little while. He could hear you shuffling in the background, a sound of chair being pushed confirmed his suspicion of you being in the kitchen. He was both surprised and bashful about his sudden childish plea. He never thought he would miss Gotham out of all places. It stinks and raked of criminal. The air here was crisp and clear, he could hear the bird chirping on his way to his classes.
But one call to home and his body longed to be there. One call and his soul wished he was home.
His bed suddenly felt too small and stuffy. The mattress is too stiff and the duvet not warm enough. Tim pressed his head onto his knees, his eyes still producing saline tears as he quietly listened to you contemplating your answer.
“Baby, you know what? It’s okay to miss home. It’s okay for wanting to be home and liking where you are at the same time. I had severe homesick cases when I was away for college too,” you answered finally, with a quiet huff as Tim faintly heard you landed in a cushion. Perhaps the living room.
“Yeah, really,” Tim could listen a smile seeped on your voice. “Listen. You live your life here, in Gotham, for almost all your life. You born and grew up here. You live here in this house. You fight for the city. Of course, you’d miss home. Of course, you’d want to be here.”
Tim sniffed as a response.
“And you’re adapting. Nobody expect you to immediately like where you are. Especially when you’re so far away from home, all alone, all by yourself. You’re starting a new chapter in your life. There will be hard times. But I always know you’re a fighter. And you’ll survive just fine. You can do this.”
Tim smiled as he wiped his tears.
“Besides, I believe your friends suffer the same homesick cases too.”
An involuntary laugh escaped him. He let out a wet chuckle as he wiped his tears with his sleeve again. Eyes spared glances into the empty bed across him. “Yeah. Darren is out visiting his parents’ house. Lucky for him his parents are only two hours away.”
“See? You know what I mean?” Tim practically could see the way your face would scrunch up. An expression he grew fond of. “You’re always welcome to come home anytime, honey. Remember wherever you are, no matter how far, you’re always welcome here whenever.”
“Thanks, Mom.”
“You know what? This gives me an idea.”
“For impromptu family weekend getaway,” you said thoughtfully. “What about you show the city around for us next week? Tell me places you like, good restaurants to eat, and places you visit the most.”
Tim blinked dumbly. “You’re visiting?”
“Yeah! Next week. I promise.”
Tim could feel a smile slowly crept up on his cheeks. He shifted on his bed out of excitement. “You know what? This also give me an idea.”
“Ooh, what is it?”
“That I should go cycling around and list down all places I want to show you,” Tim said as he hopped out of his bed. Already made a beeline towards his coat and shoe rack. “I think I need some fresh air too.”
“Alright, Atta Boy. Wear your jacket. It’s cold outside.”
“On it, Mom. I’ll call you later. See you next week.”
“See you next week, baby. I love you, bye.”
Tim was already halfway out of his room when he answered, “I love you too.”
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gangrenados · 3 months ago
Bath time
Warnings: uh nudity and the hints of sexy time.
Is this why you folks call slow burn? Idk I'm new with those terms. Also this is my first blurb after a long time, don't go hard on me pls 👉🏽👈🏽
Tumblr media
Jason shifted awkwardly in his seat, making sure to not disturb you by putting his calloused hands on your bare waist as he tried to stretch his back.
The edge of the bathtub was putting pressure in his sore lower back and it was less to say that it was driving him crazy.
It was the same with his half numbed legs that were basically constricted between those small, white marmol walls and you. Yeah you, the person who was leaned back against Jason bruised, gracing the mass of bubbles that surrounded you two and played with it by making strange figures on your skin.
You were pretty sure you were being subtle about it, but Jason catched you giggling when you accidentally blowed a bubble from your mouth, also it was pretty noticeable when you were picking up soap to try it again.
All of this was because of you, you were the one who set up a nice bath for him since you were aware of how much his muscles must ache after coming home from a long mission. You wanted to pamper him just a little, and give some of the love he has been lacking from years.
This was just for him, but Jason was the who begged or you to get in that bathtub with him.
He craved the intimacy of feeling your naked body against his, the warmth and how nice it made him feel. At first his mind rushed with hot scenarios that has been repressed in the back of his head, but he was too sore to move and being here was enough to fill his need for attention and care.
"You good, baby?" your sweet voice took him out of his thoughts, he blinked slowly and realized that your wet hand was caressing his forearm.
"Uh, yeah. I'm fine" he answered groggily, chest rising up and going back down slowly as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
He press his head against your shoulder blade and kisses it tenderly; his fingers are doing lazy patterns in your belly before you interlace them with yours. Jason can't shake the feeling of unreality this whole situation holds.
Why is this so perfect? The "J" scarred in his cheek burns at the memory of everything he had to go through, and now he's more conscious about the fact that his body is exposed and you can see how damaged it is.
Every scar is burning and Jason is being dragged down by the thought of you deserves much more than the life he can offer you.
"I love you, doll" he says as he trails a path of kisses from your shoulder to your neck.
"I love you too, Jay" your words burns deeply in his brain, he swear his heart melts every time those words come out of your mouth.
It's painful though, he is a wounded man with a tragic past looking for something to make life worth living.
You shouldn't be hold to such high expectations, but Jason can't help it.
Your moan is music to his ears and just makes him eager to slow down a hand between your tights as the other goes to grab your breast. He's failure who seeks for a savior and you just happen to be that.
Jason is aware that he doesn't deserve you, but maybe he plays well his cards and makes you see the good things he has, just maybe you'll be happy to set up with a person like Jason Todd.
"please don't leave me" he murmurs, a cry for hel that goes unnoticed by the low tone of his voice and his need to make you feel good in order to make himself feel useful.
Tag list: @burningclodwagonjudge @meany-marcelini @alice-fell-down-the-well @demondoxable @fluffyshrimpuwu @mad-grace-amber @screechingghostbananafarm @owl-witch-prompts @waroncheer @nervousfandom @winged-j @astroherogirl @omgtheywereroommates98 @redarsenal @shadygoateeprincess @lovelyartemisa @missmaskedwriter @thegirlwholovesbooksblog @silverw19 @simpery @unknowntoanyone @ghost-bich @lucy-roo @adarksoul098 @magicisabluewish @kellieriddle96 @ashyvillain @panic-attheplace @greeknerd007 @honeydolly @perylinsus @cedrics-things @just-deka @malfoys-demigod @aterriblelangblr @hamdehlesmis @dreamxcollide @thirstiestpotato @magicalbeanie @letlly
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ldrfanatic · 8 days ago
How do you think the batboys (+ possibly Bruce) would react to a male SO having an inappropriate emotional response. Specifically laughing as a reaction to pain/extreme emotions. Not being able to control it and seeming hysterical. - ⛓
Batfam Reaction to Having an Male S/O Who Laughs at Inappropriate Times
Hi Anon!! Can I just say that I love this request so much and here are the sweet little beans we all know and love :)
Dick So by the 6 month mark in your relationship, Dick had discovered that you sometimes had really odd reactions to things. This particular case was one of those such times.
You, Dick, and Jason had been going up against some of Scarecrow's more brutal thugs and one of them all but pushed you off the roof of a small building. The fall wasn't that far, maybe 8 feet at the most, and you hooked on to the fire escape to soften the blow, but you did still put quite a bit of weight on your ankle. And it broke.
Here you were now, sitting on the examination table in the Batcave with Alfred gently wrapping your foot, and you were laughing...?
"What the hell are you laughing at?? You could've died, Y/n!" Watching your boyfriend's face slowly turn into his pretty boy pout only deepened the laughter in the pit of your stomach. You walked up to your boyfriend and kissed him, still laughing hysterically. He grumbled in his seat, "You're lucky your handsome."
Jason would be the one to join in with you. It was one of those situations where Bruce was yelling at the entire family. Since you were Jason's boyfriend, and went out with them every night, you were included in that bunch.
You didn't mean to start laughing, but you couldn't help it. Bruce was moving his hands around wildly and the deadpan look on Tim's face took you out. He was clearly way too tired to give a shit about whatever Bruce was going on about.
Laughter rose inside of your chest. You tried to suppress it, pushing it down as much as you could. But once Tim started to doze off, you lost it. Your laughter echoed around the gave, Jason's following. The rest of them looked at you with such shock that soon you were hunched over, laughing so hard your stomach hurt.
"Y/n?" Jason slapped a hand on your back doubling over with you. No matter what the situation was, your laugh always prompted Jason's. Your light was contagious.
You were sitting with Tim in the middle of a test. You weren't really sure what had come over you. It was a mathematics exam, and while you felt that you had prepared properly, when you sat for the test, your mind blanked.
Re-reading the problem in front of you, your laughter rang throughout the otherwise silent room. "Mr Y/L/n! This is a testing environment!" You laughed louder at the angry look on your poor math teacher's face.
"I'm sorry. But this is just ridiculous. How the fuck am I supposed to know this?"
You didn't stop laughing until you successfully made it out of the classroom and into the hall, wiping away your tears. Pressure always made you laugh, and math class was no exception. Still, Tim found it endearing that you could find something to smile about in any situation, finishing his own test with your laugher ringing in his mind.
Damian was really confused. Like, really confused. You were hunting down the Joker, and his laughter was echoing as you chased him down the street. You finally cornered him and his maniac laugh sprouted from his chest.
At the sound of his hyena cackles, deep booms of laughter sounded next to Damian. At first he was concerned, like maybe you had been sprayed with some of Jokers laughing gas. But it wasn't forced. It was just you laughing.
You pointed your finger at the Joker and laughed even louder. Joker's cackles stopped immediately and he looked rather taken aback. "Excuse me?! It's rude to point and laugh!" You didn't stop laughing. In fact, you laughed louder if it was even possible.
Joker was like a child throwing a tantrum, and your high levels of inappropriate laughter were taunting him further and further. Eventually he got so worked up that he got sloppy, and Damian easily knocked him out. You were still dying of laughter, leaned up against a building.
"Beloved, what the hell?"
The two of you were attending a gala. Suddenly, Selina Kyle appeared and began running her hands over Bruce's broad shoulders. You know that part of you should be mad, but watching at she leaned up to whisper into his ear and his back went stiff as a board, you couldn't stop the laughter from erupting.
Here she was, a woman, flirting with your boyfriend. The thought alone was preposterous, but the way she threw herself at him was down right laughable.
"Uhm, Dear, do you mind?" You continued to laugh, clutching the pants of your suit as you leaned over. He looked so uncomfortable. Selina finally took notice, and pulled away. She slinked away like a cat and Bruce turned to you, face flushed. His red cheeks caused even more laughter to sound from you.
He strut up to you, taking your suit cuff in between his fingers and pulling you out of the stupid gala.
"Aww is the big bad bat embarrassed?"
"It's not funny!"
"Of course not, Dear."
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prettylittlebrownskingyal · 10 months ago
𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦 𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐜𝐡 🪴🕊
𝘣𝘢𝘵𝘣𝘰𝘺𝘴 𝘹 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
Tumblr media
someone told me that i tend to write about the mundane things that truly express tenderness in love so here’s some of that in case you need it 🌷🪴💖
Dick has had his fair share of experiences with those aspects of life that are systematically considered luxurious. That’s the thing about living amongst bourgeoisie idiots, regardless of it being new money or old money, it always seemed impossible for them to avoid reckless spending every now and again.
But no amount of caviar or Macallan scotch or bugatti’s bought in cash could ever meet the ecstasy that came with the feeling of being loved. That solid, undeniable and unshakable confirmation of affection that could be found in the smallest of utterances, of actions, of shared glances across crowded rooms.
That was priceless.
And being in love with a gem like you made every day a momentous gift in his existence. You were a dazzling light that graced the hazy skies that could sometimes threaten to suffocate him.
He would persist through the gray if it meant that he could hold on to you. It was almost serendipitous that you felt the same way he did, that you loved they same way he did.
So when he finds himself, choking on oversaid confessions in the inky blackness of a regular Monday night, all because you’d quietly taken to playing with his hair right before he was about to ask you to— he isn’t thrown.
“I’m in love,” he thinks. And then, “I am loved.”
Take outs are the custom of the week in Jason’s household.
Usually, meals are quick fixes or luxurious spreads whipped up by either of you in the green-themed kitchen he’d so intricately spruced up himself. But this week, he’s been caught up with a web of something much bigger than he’d anticipated and you’ve been steeped in something equally as stressful.
The severe lack of your presence shouldn’t shake him as much as it does but by Friday— because he’d had to hold onto his complaints since Monday— he’s an aching mess for you. Heart torn out of his chest and hollowed centre painfully empty without your soothing company.
So he sets out on the task of a meal, because words are difficult and feelings are heard and Jason is man enough to admit that if he has to directly say the words, “I miss you,” he’ll burst into tears.
Your favorite meal is a cakewalk to him at this point. He goes through the motions on autopilot, body familiar enough with the actions that he doesn’t need to focus on mundanities. It leaves his brain enough space to focus on the deep yearning in his chest. He let’s the sting permeate for no other reason than he has no idea what else to do with it.
There’s an overplayed playlist of your favorite songs filling the apartment when you step through the door. A cover of a popular foreign love song that he can’t name but definitely knows all the words to, reverberates through his bones with it’s sheer volume. The chorus drops the second your eyes meet his over the kitchen island and if the moment isn’t cinematic and romantic and sticky, slow with magic then he has no other lexical inclination of how to describe it.
One second he’s plating dinner and humming along and the next, his arms are curving around your waist as you cling to him with impressive strength. And it fills the ache with sweet, forgiving honey. A gaping wound, healed in an instant.
“I missed you,” you say, so he doesn’t have to.
“I love you,” he says so you’re reminded. “So much.”
Tim’s eyes are screwed shut, breaths long and even streams from the depths of his chest. He’s exhausted. Knowing him, he’s probably been dragging around his tiredness for days, until the dam was forced to break on him. It wasn’t that he did this often, but rather that Tim was all about extremes. If he wasn’t stretching the limits of every task he had to complete or toeing the line of every aspect of life, he wasn’t satiated. Existing like that, regardless of how extraordinary it seemed, had to be beyond tiring.
Right here though, starfished across your bed in boxers and a soft, worn t-shirt that clings to the bend of his shoulders and slope of his narrow waist, he looked so normal. Untouched and unworried. His cheeks puff a bit as he exhales and your heart grows three sizes in your chest.
“Hey,” you try again.
This time you’re rewarded with a quiet, “Mmhmm.”
A hand extends in the general direction of your voice and you meet his touch with as much gentle reverence you can muster without your heart beating out of your chest. Tim’s fingers are knobbly and crooked but his skin is soft and warm against your own. Your hands fit together, seams melting away.
The tender idea births itself right then, as he gives your hand a squeeze, shifting over so that his nose brushes your knee.
“Pretty bird,” an intentional caress to his jaw is all it takes for his head to be moved, hair flopping back as his neck straightens. “Stay still for me okay.”
He doesn’t shift an inch. You putter around, gathering the small vials of serums and moisturizers that you so often hoard for your own benefit. The second your body sinks back down until the mattress, his hand strikes out again, fully grasping the edge of your t-shirt now. He’s impatient even when he’s sleepy. Typical.
“Stay still, okay.”
He nods in response this time, placated by the closeness of your body.
You set to work diligently, warming citrus and bergamot smelling liquids in your palms before tracing the dips of his temples with your fingers, along the lines of his symmetrical cheekbones and down to his chin. You repeat the process, adding in slow circles of your index fingers to the points of tension— his jaw that he clenches, the apples of his cheeks, the middle of his forehead.
Around your third cycle of this, his hand swings up to grab your wrist. “Thank you.”
“Is it alright?”
“Yeah,” and you don’t miss the little sniffle he takes before speaking again. “Feels nice.”
“Love you, pretty bird.”
The bathwater is hot enough that steam still curls off the surface. You stand in the doorway, clothed in a slip of a robe, trying to chase away the overbearing mixture of love and anxiety that threatens to drown you before you even step close to the water.
Duke hums lowly while he works, fingers dancing across bottle of lavender and basil and a handful of other extracts that you can’t be bothered to name. He makes quick work of it all and soon, the scent is strong and alluring enough that it bounces off the porcelain tiles. You luxuriate in the simplicity of it until he turns around and offers you up an extra special sunshine smile.
“Almost ready, yeah?”
“There’s more to do?”
He laughs a little sheepishly as he produces a woven basket full of flowers; whites and pale pinks, crimsons and yellows and dainty lilacs. “Only a little more.”
The care he takes with separating plant from petal makes you ache down to your bones. It must be— it has to be, it surely is— impossible to love one boy as much as you love him.
“Are they….are they supposed to have special benefits too?”
“Nah,” he answers shyly. “They’re just pretty. I thought you’d like it, you know?”
How wonderful it was to be loved by him in return. To be on the receiving end of affection from someone who’d voluntarily draw you a special bath on a Tuesday night for no other reason than he felt like yiu could use the escape.
You can’t help the smile that graces your features. “I do.”
“Cool. I think we can get in now.”
“Hey, Duke?”
“Yeah, sunshine?”
“I love you.”
He knows he’s being a brat.
He really shouldn’t. Not with you, anyway. Not when you’re probably the best thing, the most cherished, most precious thing he could ever behold.
But, he’s not a fan of nightmares— neither his nor yours— and as the ceiling fan spins idly above both your heads, as the alarm clock winks out a neon green 3:00 a.m, he finds himself seething with bitterness at the unfairness of the world.
His trashing and tossing had woken you up and his shaken face would keep you awake. The last thing Damian wanted was to disadvantage you in any way and being the sole cause of your lack of sleep didn’t sit well with him at all.
Yet, you seemed unbothered. A complete character foil to his rotten temperament. He trembles through a weak aftershock and you anchor him with soothing whispers that caress his skin with buttery safety.
“I know you think it’s stupid—”
“I think plenty things are stupid.”
“Yes— can you let me finish?— yes, but even if you think it’s stupid, I think we could give that breathing control exercise a chance.”
And what comes out of his mouth is, “We?”
Because the lexical representation of him and you, you and him, as a defined unit made his heart stutter beneath his skin, pulse rapidly drumming along with the rhythm of excitement that came with love.
“Yeah,” your eyes are soft when he meets them. “Yeah, I’d do it with you.”
He succumbs then to your insistence. To the guarding safety of giving trust and getting trust.
You gently slip an airpod into his ear, the paired other into yours and you both clasp hands tightly between your sleep-warm bodies as you work through each breathing exercise. By the end, he feels enough relief that his annoyance fades into a pink-tinged appreciation for your care.
“Thank you,” he says the words against your temple, the lilting sounds of Frank Ocean filling his ear as you swipe through his apple music library. “Love you.”
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sky-berrie · a month ago
Fun at the Fair - Jason
Summary: How you met Jason, aka a little meet-cute moment.
“Step right up and try your hand at the Shoot Out The Star game! Only $5 to play!” you said to carnival goers walking past your booth in the midway. It was your job as a barker to grab patrons’ attention, draw them in, and take their money (legally, of course). “We’ve got giant prizes to be won and I want you to go home with one of these plushies!”
“Don’t be shy. Come on down and test your skills! All you have to do is shoot the red star out of the paper.” You downplayed the difficulty of the game when in reality, it was one of the most challenging games at the carnival. Most people mistakenly aim at the star while aiming around the star is more effective. However, knowing the winning strategy is only half the battle – executing it is another story. The pneumatic machine gun was only loaded with 100 bullets and it would take at least 95 perfect shots to make a circle around the star, leaving only a small margin of error.
“We’ve got lots of machine gun fun here!” you exclaimed.
It was then that a tall, dark figure approached you. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, fitted enough to hint at the well-developed muscles beneath the fabric, and a brown leather jacket over top. With a cigarette held between his lips, he wordlessly fished out a bill from his wallet and handed it to you. His ruggedly handsome features left you in a trance for an embarrassing moment. Heat rose to your cheeks as you came to your senses and took the man’s money.
It was a 50 dollar bill. You dug into your cash apron to make change but came up short. Your boss had come by just minutes earlier to collect your money and left you with just a few bills and coins. “Um, sorry, sir. I only have 40 bucks in change. You can check with the booth next-door and see if they can break your 50 or you can buy two games if you want,” you suggested.
“Two games? What makes you think I’ll need two games,” he asked, flashing a micro expression of cockiness.
You couldn’t help but nervously stumble over your words. “I – I, uh, sorry, it’s just that most people don’t win on their first try.”
“Hm,” he hummed, a lopsided smile on his face. “Tell you what – if I don’t win on my first try, you can keep the 50, but if I do win, you give me your number and we call it even.”
Was this incredibly attractive man flirting with you? Or was he just teasing you for fun? Your brain was short circuiting trying to comprehend what was happening. You decided to play it safe and answer as professionally as you could. “I don’t think I’m allowed to accept bets. But there’s a gambling table over there if you’re interested,” you said as you pointed across the midway, but his intense gaze never left yours.
“But the only prize I’ve got my eye on is at this booth,” he replied without missing a beat. “So, what do you say?” He extended his hand out for you to shake on it. You bit your lip to stifle a smile that tugged at your lips and shook his hand.
The man took his place at the counter and began unloading the clip without pausing even once to assess his progress. When he set the gun down, you called the target up to the front and examined the paper. There wasn’t a trace of the red star left on the sheet. That was an impressive feat. You’d never seen someone with such precision before. If you hadn’t been there to witness it, you would never have believed it.
“Still got a few bullets left, too,” the man said smugly. Dumbfoundedly, you handed him his winning target sheet but he shook his head. “Keep it,” he told you. Then he pulled out his phone and handed it to you.
You shook your head in disbelief as you typed in your contact information with a giddy grin on your face.
“Thanks,” he said. “I’ll call you.”
He had already taken a couple steps away from the booth when you called out to him. “Wait! You forgot your prize!” You began to pull a giant teddy down from the ceiling.
The stranger turned around and held up his phone. “I already got it!” he said with a wink.
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wordsfromthesol · a month ago
The Set-Up
Author: @wordsfromthesol Taglist: @zphilophobiaz @anousiemay @malfoys-demigod @pricetagofficial Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader Summary: You are Dinah's younger sister. Word Count: 2,410 A/N: I know it’s been awhile so if anyone wants on/off a taglist just let me know!
"Alright, Roy, you got me here. What's so important?" You called out as you stumbled into what the Outlaws deemed a safehouse. Their standards were pretty low.
"We needed a fourth, okay! Go get Jason and I'll brief everyone." Roy hurried you out of the room that he and Kory were already set up in. You sauntered up to the closed door and knocked.
"Jason, you decent?" You shouted as your fist rapped against the wood.
"Well I'm not morally decent, but I'm wearing pants if that's what you're asking. Though I can be without pants if that's what you prefer --" Jason's voice trailed off as he swung open the door and was met with your face. Clearly, he figured the person on the other side would be Roy or Kory. His face slightly reddened as he reached back and grabbed a shirt.
"I mean…maybe not right now. Roy needs to go over the mission with us." You winked at his obvious embarrassment before trotting off in the direction you came from. Jason quickly caught up with you.
"I…uh…I didn't know Roy asked you for help."
"Yeah he didn't really tell me much. Just that you guys needed a fourth. Not sure why he thinks I'll make that much of a difference.
"Guess we should go find out." Jason raced past you, hoping to avoid further embarrassment, but stopped dead in his tracks as he entered the living room. Roy and Kory were both staring at him, trying to hold back fits of laughter. "What is this all-important mission Y/N was recruited on?" He asked in an attempt to redirect their attention. You walked in behind Jason just in time to get the answer.
"Not really all-important…" Roy's voice reeked of mischief, "just better to have four than three. Then we can do two teams."
"You do know that I have my own agenda. I'm not just sitting around waiting for your call."
"Oh Y/N/N! Don't think of it like that, I practically begged him to ask you. I seriously need some more girl time." Kory piped in to release some of the building tension.
"Uh-huh, sure. Roy, what are we doing?"
"Right. Human trafficking, finally got a hit on this group. Think it's their main smuggling port. There are two docks to check, so two teams. See, I do have a plan. Kinda…"
"Hm mm" you mumbled, still not fully believing him, but you let him continue anyways. You didn't fly out here for nothing.
Hours had passed and the four of you sat near the docks, waiting for the cover of nightfall. The smugglers, however, did not. You grabbed Jason's arm and began running towards the dock as soon as you saw a boat pulling into the harbor.
"What are you doing?" Jason mumbled as he ran to keep up with you.
"Are you blind? There's a container ship pulling into the docks. The dock that Roy told us to watch."
"The sun is still setting. There's no way they'd be that stupid." He tried to reason with you, but your pace didn't slow.
"Maybe they just paid the right people. Or killed them." You retorted though the timing was eerily suspicious. Both of you came to a halt when you only saw four guys. Sure, they had guns…but it definitely wasn't enough to warrant extra help. You glanced over at Jason in utter disbelief. "You want me to sit this one out or…"
"Let's just get it over with." Jason was clearly just as agitated as you were. The "battle" lasted only a few seconds and your trip back to the rendezvous spot was completed in utter silence.
"So…Roy. Why the fuck was I needed here?" Holding nothing back, you cried out as soon as you saw his red costume appear in the distance.
"Woah, hold up there. Must've gotten some bad intel. It happens. Better safe than sorry."
"Yeah well next time be sure. I do have my own cases and crime rings to dismantle." You walked off in a huff, determined to find your own way back. You didn't know what exactly Roy was up to, but you knew you wouldn't like it.
Months passed since the pointless mission with the Outlaws. You had gotten back to Miami, your home for the time being as you investigated a new drug trade route coming up from South America. Finally, you had made some progress, only said progress led to you being pinned down behind some wooden barrels.
"These aren't going to last long," you mumbled as you dialed Kory on your phone. No answer. "Fuck." Roy was next.
"Y/N, can this wait --" You hear the wind get pushed out of him just as the sentence finished.
"Hm not really. Kinda been pissing off the wrong people and now I'm pinned down."
"Fuck." Roy mumbled as he threw a punch towards the jaw of the unsuspecting thug.
"I tried Kory, but -- shit…" You watched as the barrels splintered around you.
"Off-world. I'm patching in Jas --" Roy stopped a syllable short, you assumed dodging his own bullets. You didn't wait for him to finish.
"Yeah look. I'm in Miami." You heard Jason mumble your name but continued on. You didn't know how much longer you would have. "Pretty sure they'll take me alive. Heard through the grapevine the boss wants the honors himself." You sucked in a sharp breath as you felt a bullet pierce through your shoulder. You took a few steadying breaths before continuing. "I have a tracer in my mask. I'll try to keep it on as long as I can. If you can't track it for some reason, call my sister." You didn't hang up the call before slowly raising your hands above the splintered barrels. "Take me to your leader," you exclaimed in your best alien impression, all while trying not to laugh.
"Do you think this is a game?!" One of the thugs screamed at you as they inched closer. You just shrugged, waiting to either be killed or taken. "Well grab her, idiots!" Two men hesitantly walked towards you, guns still drawn.
"Should I tie myself up? Would that be easier?" At this point, your sarcasm was the only thing keeping you sane. Finally, they got within striking distance and everything went black.
"Y/N? What's happening?!" Jason frantically began calling out your name as he was met with silence. Roy eventually spoke up.
"Jason. I hope you're on your way. I'll meet up with you as soon as I can, but I need to get ahold of Dinah first." Roy had no idea what he was going to say to her.
"Even in the jet, it's going to take 2 hours to get there…" The reality of the situation set it. "But I'm taking off now." Jason tried to push the horrific thoughts from his mind.
You woke up tied to a wooden chair. Not surprising.
"So, where's the boss?" You forced the words out, willing yourself into consciousness.
"Don't worry girlie, he's on his way…though I suppose there's nothing wrong with having a little fun first." The goon smirked as he flipped a knife in his hands.
"Well, you wouldn't want to damage the merchandise." You could tell he wasn't sold, so you continued. "I mean I'm dead either way, right? Wouldn't want you to risk your life as well…" He just stared blankly at you while the gears turned in his mind. Finally, he let out an exasperated huff and turned his back to you. At least you were able to buy yourself a little more time. Though you had a feeling it still wouldn't be enough. As your head began spinning, you looked down at your shoulder. The blood was still pouring out of the wound. "Of course…" you mumbled as the dizziness intensified. You were going to have to think of something quickly.
"So, how'd you get stuck with this job? Or are you just some disposable errand boy who got lucky?" You began antagonizing him as you attempted to saw through the ropes with the small blade that discharged out of your gloves.  
"Lucky?" He turned towards you with a villainous look plastered across his face. He sauntered towards you and placed his hands on either side of the chair. "I've been following you. I know your patterns. When you strike. That ambush was calculated and planned. Boss sent me 'cuz he knew I'd get the job done." Before he could push himself up from the chair, you launched forward, ramming your head into his. As he crashed to the floor, another burly man rushed into the room. You managed to free one of your legs just in time. As he stumbled backward you bent down in an attempt to free your other leg. The man lunged at you again. Pulling the other leg free, you circle around and hurled the chair at him. You let out a huge sigh of relief and slid to the floor as he landed atop the first assailant.
Jason watched as men patrolled around the building. Just as he was about to move Roy's voice came over the comm, "Have you found her? What's the situation? I'm still an hour out."
"I found her. They have four guards patrolling. Heavily armed. I found an opening."
"Four patrolling…you can't get any intel about who's inside? I think you should wait for me to get there." Roy already knew there was no hope of that.
"We may not have a chance if I wait. I'm going in."
Jason heard his best friend sigh, before eventually relenting. "Keep me updated. I'll be there when I can." Jason saw his opening coming up again. He moved quickly and quietly, sliding into the open door. He took in his surroundings, trying to not alert anyone of his presence unless absolutely necessary. He didn't want to give any of them a reason to shoot you…that is, if you were still alive. As he rounded the corner, he came face to face with a brutish man. Jason launched himself forward, knocking them both to the ground as he muffled the goon's mouth with his hand and encapsulated his neck. It only took a few seconds before the guard was out cold and Jason continued lurching down the hallway. He stopped short of a closed door. Jason took a deep breath, preparing himself for whatever awaited him on the other side.
You were jolted awake a few moments later and looked around to find the two men still unconscious on the ground. Crawling over, you pulled at one of their jackets and cut off a long piece. It took the last bit of your energy to tie it around your still bleeding shoulder. As your eyes began to flutter closed once again, they shot open at the sound of the door opening. You forced your head upwards and let out a faint chuckle at the familiar Red Hood that looked down at you.
"Solis!" Jason's eyes went wide as he saw the amount of blood in the room. "Shit alright. I need you to stay awake, okay?" You nodded and forced your eyes open as Jason dove down beside you, properly retying the fabric around your shoulder. Jason stared at you for a few moments before pushing himself up and firing a single shot down the hallway. You watched intently as the goons came running in, Jason plowing through them in a matter of minutes. Jason scooped you up, not bothering to try and gather any further information from you.
You woke up in a bed in an unfamiliar room. Your brain began piecing together the events. Jason had come to get you, then put you in a car, brought you here, sewed up the wound…you wondered how long you'd been asleep. The door creaked open and you saw both Roy and Jason standing in its frame.
"You're awake! Thank fuck, D would've killed me!" Roy rushed over and embraced you.
"Yeah probably…" You were speaking to Roy, but you couldn't take your eyes off Jason. There was something there, unspoken, that you couldn't remember. What had happened? How long had you been asleep? As if reading your mind, Jason spoke up.
"It's only been 12 hours," he watched your eyes go wide. "Before you freak out, you lost a lot of blood and were barely hanging on to consciousness. 12 hours is not that many. You'll still be weak." Jason began to step towards you but hesitated. Roy immediately noticed the awkwardness his presence brought.
"Imma just…I'll go get us some food…or something." Roy pointed towards the door and rushed out.
"I feel like I'm missing something."
"No…I just. I was worried." You leered at him, knowing that was not what you were missing. You carefully sat up and swung your legs over the bed, determined to get to the bottom of whatever feeling this was. Once you attempted to stand, Jason was at your side in a fraction of a second. "I just said you would be weak…" he mumbled out.
"Well I have to go to the bathroom and you aren't giving me answers anyways." You tried to push him away. It unsurprisingly did not work.
"How long have I known you? For once, just stop being so damn stubborn!" He grabbed your shoulders, in an effort to steady both of you.
"I dunno like 8 years…" you grumbled out, unsure if the question was meant to be answered.
"Yeah well for 7 and a half of those I've loved you. And it just hit me that you could die…hell I could I die, and you wouldn't know." His hands traced down your arms and collapsed at his side. "I guess that just broke me, okay? Are you happy now?!" The anger in his voice rose.
"So how about those pants now?" You smirked, trailing your eyes over his body. Jason's eyes lit up as he began to laugh, recalling the situation from months prior.
"Maybe not right now…let's wait until you can stand on your own."
"JUST KISS HER ALREADY GOD DAMMIT!" Roy screamed from the doorway. Neither of you knew how long he'd been there, but that didn't deter Jason. His lips smashed into yours while his arms enveloped you.
"FUCKING FINALLY!" Roy screamed as he threw his hands up in the air.
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unmotivatedwrit3r · 2 months ago
(and a bit about me)
Hi everyone and welcome!
I’m Emerson: full time college student and habitual writer.
My main blog is @ocean-dream3r but it’s mostly a bunch of reblogs for stuff I love. Feel free to check it out, if you’d like.
If you’d like to see something from me, feel free to request if requests are open. (You can find my rules for requesting here.) For the most part, I do headcanons. Real stories will take time and motivation I can’t guarantee. If you’re curious about what I’ll write for, just ask.
I do also usually try to write gender neutral reader, though I am afab and present feminine so that might leak through in some cases. If it does and I haven’t mentioned it in the author’s note, please feel free to let me know so I can change it.
masterlist (below)
Tumblr media
Batboys headcanons:
Lazy Mornings
When They're Sick
Quarantined with the Batboys
Quarantined Apart from the Batboys
You Stealing His Clothes
How He Sleeps
You Surprise Him with Breakfast
Pool Day
Tumblr media
Dick Grayson:
Tumblr media
Jason Todd:
In High School Together (hc)
Tumblr media
Tim Drake:
The Worst Time for an Identity Reveal (wordcount: ~1000)
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne:
Drawing Hearts
Hanahaki Disease
College Athlete AU
Cuddles (hc)
House tours (wordcount: ~600)
Poly College Series:
Apartment Floorplan
College Work in Quarantine
Television and Pastries
Cleaning Day
After a Battle
Tumblr media
If you’re looking for stuff similar to my page, check out these authors:
@quillsareswords @glorified-red @le-green-lion @indigowcrds @anothertimdrakestan @superhero--imagines @batarella @prettylittlebrownskingyal @littleredwing89 @citrinesparkles
They are absolutely brilliant and have both gotten me through long days and inspired my writing.
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empower-bi-women · a month ago
Sweet tooth
Paring: Dick Grayson x Brown! reader
Word count: 302
Warnings: None, this is just pure fluff, maybe allusions to smut at the end but it’s not that big a deal. 
A/N: So I got this idea and thought it was really cute. This was written at 1am cause who needs sleep anyway right? Enjoy and as always feedback is greatly appreciated and if you like it please reblog to help share my work :) Tags are at the bottom let me know if you want to be added or removed. 
The door creaked open as you shoved the last of the brownie in your mouth. In the middle of chugging a glass of milk you felt a pair of arms wrap around you. 
“Hey darling,” Dick kissed your cheek, “how was your day?” 
You smiled, “it was good I got a lot of work done and decided to have a little break.” 
He tried to give you a kiss on the lips but you jerked your head away. 
“You ok?” he questioned, his eyebrow furrowing together in concern. 
“Yeah I just ate garlic bread, you don't want to kiss me.” You untangled yourself from his arms as he looked at you in confusion. Spotting the plate with chocolate crumbs all over it behind Dick, you quickly pulled him away from it.
“I mean that's never stopped me before,” a sly smile spreading across his face, “and milk with garlic bread? I smell a lie.” He lunged at you as you let out a yelp and tried to run away, “and I think I smell something sweet.” 
“No!” you cried out as he changed directions and saw the plate on the counter. 
“Ah ha! You ate the brownies!”
“You can't prove anything.” You dashed for the door but he was faster, blocking your path out. 
“I can smell the chocolate on your breath, you finished Alfreds brownies!” 
“I did not, that's an outrageous accusation detective.” 
He smiled at you. “Guess I'm gonna need to collect more evidence,” he pulled you in, lips meeting in a kiss. When he pulled away he smirked, “guess I was right after all. I'm gonna need to take you downtown ma’am.” 
“You'll never take me alive!” You declared as he dragged you to the bedroom.
“You should have known better than messing with me and my sweet tooth.” 
tags: @bookfrog242 @1-800-kenobi @batarella @littleredwing89
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brightjimini · 25 days ago
Nite in shining armor
Tumblr media
Jason Todd x fem!meta!reader
This is part of my Metanite one-shots Y/N has the ability to bend metal and is a anti-hero/criminal
Warnings: mentions of killing
Word count: 1.2K
A/N: I hope yall like this. This is part of @redhoodssweetheart​ writing challenge! Thank you!  Scenarios: Enemies to lovers and a masquerade ball. 
Anyway I am going to bed bcs I am tired. Let me know what yall thought please. I will be writing more Metanite oneshots!  
Masterlist for more!
Classical music was playing through the entire ballroom. Women in beautiful ball gowns, men in suits with different accessories. The scene looked straight out of a disney movie. But some of them weren't there to find the love of their life or just drink their thoughts away. No they wanted a certain man dead. How did I find out? Not important. The bad thing is is that I found out about it fifteen minutes ago. 
My plan of stealing a pretty necklace of one of the attendees went out of the window as soon as I heard the name Jason Todd and hitlist in one sentence. See I've known him as Red Hood even as Robin for years. Except for the ones he was dead and I went on the hunt for Joker. 
We’ve always had this dynamic. It was fun and exciting, but neither of us were maybe ever going to admit that. We fought, chased each other, had long and deep conversations or silence and sometimes killed the people that wanted to hurt the other person. Healthy right? 
Anyways, the ballgown in my favourite shade of red was flowing around my legs as I looked for the annoying, tall and broad man with a white streak in his dark hair. A few men had tried to talk to me but I was not intersted in them. The masquerade was organised by Bruce Wayne for whatever reason. People danced around with their partners. The only rule was that if a man was asked by a woman for a dance they couldn't refuse. 
I hadn't asked anyone yet, mainly because my reason for being here didn't require me talking to the opposite gender. I pushed past a few more people when I finally saw him. He had just finished dancing with a woman in a white dress with a matching mask. His back was turned towards me but I just knew he was irritated. 
As I went to take a step when a woman on the other side of the room caught my eye or rather the shiny thing she had around her neck. My hands were itching and my mind was racing.. He could be alone for a minute right?
But then I saw someone else. The woman had a determined look on her face and was also looking around the room. Her hand went to the side of her gown- Her eyes landed on Jason and then I saw it. The determination turned into a murderous smile. A predator looking for its prey. 
All my focus was now on Todd as if he could feel the womans eyes on him his head turned to her. She walked towards him. I strode across the expensive marble floors. Without saying anything to him I cut the path of the woman off, grabbed his arm and put it around my waist. 
I let out a faked nervous laugh towards the woman who looked like she also wanted me dead. “Sorry, he promised me a dance.” I said kindly. Her expression switched and she tried to smile back flirtatiously to Jason. I could feel that his arm around my waist was tense. 
“Safe one for me.” She said to him, ignoring me.
I lead Jason a little bit more towards the middle of the dance floor. Surprisingly he followed me without complaining. He even went along by putting his other hand around my waist. Resting both of his hands on my lower back.
Surprisingly when I met his eyes he wasn't bothered or confused. Instead I was met with a cocky smile and his eyes gleaming under the red mask. I bit back a groan, the look of the woman that wanted to kill him in my head.
 I ignored the funny feeling in my stomach and leaned closer to him to whisper in his ear. What I didn't expect was him pressing me closer to his chest and grabbing my hand to actually dance with me. He took the lead and I followed him in his steps. 
“Red looks good on you.” he said. His voice was rough while he said it softly in my ear. I shivered. Not expecting his comment. I wanted to forget why I was here and prolong this moment, but I couldn't. 
“They want you dead.” I said. 
Jason chuckled. I could feel his chest shake a little. 
“Many do, love.” 
And that is the moment I rolled my eyes. “No, I mean right here, tonight. One of my sources found a list with their next victims and you are number one and not as Red Hood.” 
I leaned back a little with my neck so that I could see his face. He was scanning the faces of the people around us. He gave a tiny nod. “Okay and whats your plan? Are you gonna be my knight in shining armor?” God.. this man. The hint towards my alias wasn't lost on me. But two could play this game, like many times before. 
“Yes actually I do.” I didnt have one a few minutes ago, but I did right now. I stood still and he followed. A nagging feeling went through my body but I ignored it. The outside world blurring.
I ignored the beating of my heart and without thinking pressed my lips against his. For a second he froze. After that moment he leaned closer. His hand now holding the side of my face. 
Before one of us could deepen the kiss I leaned back. I was back on earth when I sensed metal. I cant explain how but I knew it was a gun by the type and mixture of the metal and it wasn't the one under Jason's jacket. I heard someone scream and a shot at the same time. I pushed Jason out of the way. 
Lifting my hand I stopped the bullet I had felt release out of the gun mid air. People moved back, gasping. Some hurrying towards the exit. 
Word had been out that I had these powers. But they didn't really know what I looked like. I mean they still didn't know because of my mask still, I was here now between the most influential people from Gotham revealing them. The woman from before stood there, her gun still lifted in the air. 
I could see the shock in her eyes. Shocked whispers and murmurs went through the crowd. It was time for me to go. I did not sense any other metal weapons, only Jasons. Meaning he could handle himself. I clenched my outstretched hand into a fist. The gun in the woman's hand formed slowly into a ball. She quickly let it go and it fell to the ground with a clank.
Bodyguards moved towards the both of us. Time for me to go. Again I lifted myself in the air bending the metal in the soles of my heels. In a few seconds I was gone. 
Let me know what you thought luv
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