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Wally: *rolls over in bed*
Wally: You awake?
Dick: *also rolls over*
Dick: Hehe, yep.
Dick: *kisses Wally's nose*
Dick and Wally: *snuggles*
Roy: *rolls over*
Roy: Are you awake?
Jason: *violently flops over*
Jason: Bitch, the fuck you want?
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Tim: Being a guy in love with a guy is not always cute or romantic or soft or tender. Sometimes it's pushing your boyfriend's face away yelling because you have viral bronchitis and he keeps trying to kiss you knowing this because he's a himbo with no sense of self-preservation.
Tim: Update: he got bronchitis! You'll never guess how.
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young Dick: Bruce, I think there’s a monster under my bed

Bruce: okay i’ll check- OH MY OH GOD ITS TEARING MY ARM OFF OH THE PAIN- nah I’m just kidding it only eats kids. sleep tight Dick!

young Dick: oh no

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tim, showing up at dick’s apartment in bludhaven:

dick: tim ? it’s 3AM - what - ?

tim: you left me alone with jason and damian to come live here so now i’ll never let you sleep peacefully again

tim: i suggested they should come down to bludhaven to visit

tim: said you were bored of the villains here, needed more shenanigans to stir things up

tim: i bet in five minutes, the cops will receive an alert of a guy wearing a red hood throwing around a katana-yeilding boy to fend off baby ducklings from a bunch of geese in the park

tim, turning around: goodbye


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dick: bud, i’m really sorry but i’m going to have to cancel.

damian, visibly holding back tears: okay.

dick, instantaneously: no, wait, hold on a second, don’t test me like this—

damian, confused, eyes still watering: what?

dick, hand on dami’s shoulder: never mind kiddo im a lying liar who lies. we are still on okay??

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