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gothamcitywhump · 6 hours ago
A rogue who's fallen for Bruce Wayne finds out they're actually Batman and all hell breaks loose. They cry and scream their head off. They feel a deep betrayal they've never known before. They want to kill Bruce for doing what they did. I can imagine it ending with a rooftop battle where the rogue breaks down.
They hold a gun to Batman's head. They're the closest they've ever come to killing Batman but Bruce's mask has broken and they can see a little bit of his face.
They can't go through with it. Falling to their knees in despair they begin to weep. Batman goes to hug them but all they can do is push him away.
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catboybatman · a day ago
The reason I like brutalina is because the whole dynamic is girlboss/malewife/girlboss and I feel like we need that in a modern society
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Tumblr media
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pandoraimperatrix · 2 days ago
if I were to go away (A Four Names for Love Remix)
Four Names for Love and it's 'verse follows Selina and Bruce post his departure from Gotham unknowing about Selina's pregnancy. But what about he found out? Would he leave anyway?
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“And were You lost, I would be — Though My Name Rang loudest On the Heavenly fame — And were You — saved — And I — condemned to be Where You were not — That self — were Hell to Me — So We must meet apart — You there — I — here — With just the Door ajar That Oceans are — and Prayer — And that White Sustenance — Despair —“
- Emily Dickinson (Fragment)
Bruce was a strange person, although he would say she was not exactly the epitome of normalcy either. He used words like that, epitome, hat’s how weird he was. In the beginning she used to think he did that on purpose, use fancy words while talking to her to make her feel inferior. She used to pretend to know what he meant just to not let him to have the taste of knowing something she didn’t and feel superior. Later, she found that’s how a boy talks when his only friends are books and a stuck-up butler. Nowadays, she has no qualms about asking him to explain himself, she even thinks it’s kinda sexy, that nerdy way of his of explaining concepts to her. And by the way he looks at her when she asks him to explain a word she doesn’t know, he knows what it does to her.
But when he did completely normal stuff after nowhere, and especially when he was thoughtful in a normal way people are instead his brand of thoughtfulness (usually impractical, over the top  and somewhat invasive) that she’d get suspicious.
“What is this?”
He frowned, that way he always did, he had watched his hair today, and not styled it up yet, so when blinking at her expression and tilted his head slightly like a confused puppy, his still damp curls bobbed, it made her think of their beginning, and how hard she tried to pretend that he didn’t make her nervous.
“What you mean?”
“That thing,” she nodded to the object he threw on the bed in front of her, “what is that?”
“A candy bar…?” He said as if he wasn’t sure either.
“No, what is it really?”
“Selina,” he said slowly, putting his hands inside his pocket and sitting on the bed too; “it’s a Mars candy bar, I’m confused here, I don’t know what you want me to say.”
She sighed and leaned forward, taking the sweet and opened it. It was really chocolate and caramel. It was a bit old considering how long Gotham had been in lockout, but she had eaten worse things. He observed as she bit it, taking half of it in one go.
He chuckled.
“What?” she asked, licking her lips.
The mirth hadn’t left from his lips when he answered; “nothing.”
She ate the rest of the candy a little bit more slowly, but her attention was in him, Bruce looked away, as if he was a little embarrassed for some reason, he fiddled with a loose thread of his turtleneck, only daring to look up when he heard she crackling sound of Selina crumping the packing of the finished treat. She threw it on the bedside table carelessly and reached out her arms to him.
“Come here.”
He did. Her breath smelled chocolatey as she rubbed the tip of her nose against his, her arms hugged his neck in such a possessive way that he thought about powerful tropical snakes, crushing their prey before swallowing them whole, but instead of feeling suffocated, he felt like he couldn’t get close enough to be satisfied. He took her lips seeking closeness and, of course, she tasted sweet, Bruce took his time enjoying every bit of it until the chocolate faded and all that remained was pure Selina on his tongue. By then, half of their clothes were already missing and he was kissing down her body. He undid the button of her trousers and pulled it down with her underwear.
She moaned loudly when he went straight to her clit and something crossed the haze of desire numbing Bruce’s brain, he heeled back.
“Oh,” he swallowed “you’re not…?”
“What?” she asked, breathless.
“Nothing,” his guilty consciousness might have been playing tricks at him, and he confused the dates. Bruce smirked at her trying to ease the mood again and bit her inner thigh, Selina hissed. “Forget it,” he whispered before diving back to the oblivion provided only by pleasure.
Much later, he watched her sleep, she was spent, so much, that she, who was a light sleeper, barely moved when the left the bed to sit by the window. Bruce wrapped himself on his dressing gown, and sat on the chair by the window, resting his chin on his knees and just looked at her, the cadence of her breath moving her chest under the quilted blanket, her little sighs and mumbled dreamy nonsense. He wished he could preserve that moment in amber and never leave.
But he would do it, leave. He had to.
Because it wouldn’t stop. Every single crazy bastard in that city wouldn’t stop coming for him. And even if fled, if he took Selina and ran he wouldn’t be free. Because the normal, every-day completely random violence, like the one that caused his parent’s deaths would always follow, and would never stop, that sort of thing was invincible. You could only be prepared to deal with it, and right now, he wasn’t. He was vulnerable. And that put Selina in danger.
He could pretend all he want that her promise of being there whenever he needed her was something he could count on. He knew she meant every word and he loved her so much for it, and for everything else she was and meant. And he wanted more than everything to believe that she was more than a possible causality, that the chaos couldn’t take her away from him. But he knew better, and that’s why he had to leave.
A deeper sight brought him back from the haze of his thoughts and Bruce rose his head from his chin, relaxing the grip of his arms around his legs.
“Watcha doing over there?” she asked, blinking slowly, her voice thick with sleepiness, making him smile. “Come back to bed.”
He obeyed, of course, burrowing himself under the blankets warmed by her body, she curled on his chest like a kitten. Bruce kissed the top of her head, trying to preserve in his memory all the notes of her smell, his heart constricting in anticipation for the unavoidable goodbye.
I’m baaaack. @brvceselina and other readers, asked me for a Four Names AU in which Bruce stayed. This is sort of it. But not quite, because I have no intention of make this too long and plot driven, to make sure I’ll not trick myself into writing another novel length story I’m not even using a script, this will just go with the flow. I hope you guys will appreciate it nevertheless, and if you do, let me know.
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swansandslayers · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016), Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020), Batman: Hush (2019) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Raven/Damian Wayne, Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne Characters: Raven (DCU), Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle Summary:
"Justice League Dark; Apokolips War" Post flashpoint - While getting ready for an important night, both Bruce and Selina have a heart to heart with Damian and Raven.
(Not mine. Just a fan sharing.)
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batcatnet · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i wish i were, batman. but we're fated to travel in different directions. you, on the straight and narrow, me on the crooked and wide. catwoman, it would be so easy for you to tread the path of righteousness. i'm afraid not, batman. i need what every woman needs. the love of a good man.
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bettkori · 2 days ago
the DISRESPECT for DC to give us good couples just to ruin them for the toxic ones,,,
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teeeentitaaans · 3 days ago
Hi! I just discovered your Bat Kid au, and can I just say I'm absolutely in love? But I do have a question! In one of your posts you briefly mentioned Damian was with Harley Quinn. What's their relationship like? What about Ivy? Or Selina?
Ah! Oh my gosh that's so sweet! Thank you!! ❤️
And yes! You MAY ask about Damian's relationship with the Girl Boss Anti-Hero Trio!
Harley is a friend of Bruce's, and she's also the guidance counselor at Damian's school! Her and Damian are fairly close, because Damian spends his lunch breaks in her room (he also skips class in her room and gets away with it but that doesn't matter)! She is kind of Damian's thearpist/best friend out of the suit, and his overly protective wine aunt in the suit! He doesn't know she's an Anti Hero and she doesn't know he's Bat Kid, but even in and out of the suit they get along!
Damian's relationship with Pamela is a little more complicated, because while she's also a friend of Bruce's, he isn't in any of her classes. He doesn't really know her. But that does change! Because one day Harley is in a meeting, and she takes him to the green house to have lunch so he doesn't have to go to the lunch room (because Harley told her about how much he hated it)! Damian doesn't know Pamela is an Anti-Hero and Pamela doesn't know he's Bat Kid. Unlike Harley and Damian, they aren't very close out of the suit (but they still consider each other friends!), but in the suit they get along like a house and fire!
(Damian is also a mega shipper of Harley x Pamela and Posion Ivy x The Clown. Him and the Bat Team keep trying to parent trap them into getting married. (It's working.))
And finally, Selina!
Oh poor Selina...
See, the thing is, Damian KNOWS she's Catwoman...
And he also knows she's dating his dad...
He's pretty suspicious at first! He doesn't like her at all, he thinks she's stealing from his dad, and also thinks she's using him to advance herself as Catwoman! He's an ass to her constantly, in and out of the suit!
His dad gets kidnapped, and the first person there is Catwoman, kicking ass.
Damian pretty much loves her after that. If his father doesn't marry her then he'll riot.
Selina loves him through all of it, even when Bat Kid threw her off a building, she still loved him.
(She doesn't know Damian is Bat Kid!)
Bat Kid (Damian) @ the police after Catwoman almost murdered three people for kidnapping her boyfriend:
Tumblr media
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batman-catwoman1 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
🤔 what would be a playlist for bat/cat…??
Blackout by Tritonal
Don’t I hold you by wheat
Still with me by tritonal
Starlight by Muse
Beside you in time by nine inch nails
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bettkori · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Still can't believe this shit is canon
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kathryn-133 · 4 days ago
One thing I didn't like about BATCAT, both in Gotham and a general thing in the comics, was the lack of resolve after a big conflict between them. They seemed to always fight over the same conflict, the same attitude problems that they BOTH have, and always leaving a rift between each other that they ignored when they run into each other the next time just to bring it up once again to fight over about.
Like, I found both Selina and Bruce to be huge jerks, Selina was somewhat controlling because of her fears, Bruce was mean when emotionally distraught, both were hypocrite at times, and their upbringing and trauma might be understandable for why they act like they way they do to each other but it is also not acceptable.
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