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Tim drake: dating a kryptonian

Damien Wayne: dating a kryptonian

Jayson Todd: Friends with a kryptonian

Bruce Wayne: Friends with a kryptonian 


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dc: shows any signs of making birdflash cannon

birdflash shippers:

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Open Book

[in the batcave, after I have woken up from magically teleporting into the DC universe]

Batman: You clearly know about us, so tell us about yourself.

Me, sitting in a hospital bed: That’s fair but I’m gonna need you to be more specific.

The bat boys: ??

Me: like what do you want to know cause I’m an open book and have no filter. This could turn into a therapy session like [tried to snap fingers. They don’t snap.]

Me, staring at my hand: 👁👄👁

[The batfam watches as I fail to snap my fingers again. After a few attempts I get it.]

Me, continuing to snap my fingers and laughing: I felt like a lighter who wouldn’t- that wouldn’t light!

Damian, to Batman: Are we really concerned about her being a threat?

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we are so close to 50 followers, ya! I just want to thank all of you, you make me post even when don’t feel like it. I’m so grateful to have loving supportive fans like you.


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Can I be frank with you guys?
Sure, but I don't see how changing your name is gonna help.
Can I still be Dick?
Shh, let Frank speak.
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Dick: Did it hurt?

Barbara: When I fell from heaven?

Dick: No, when you fell from a vending maching? cause you look like a SNACK!

Barbara: Not that hurt really, Am I delicious?


Dick, internally: Oh f*ck

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Obviously, there’s a slight credibility gap when you’re a hero in a track suit and giant brass buckle.

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“Damian is that one friend that waits for you while you tried to get rid of the rocks that’s stuck in your shoes.”

-Jon (probably)

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I love how Dick gets painted as the mother hen of the family when I’m like… guys… there’s a reason why he lives in a completely different city…

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Characters: Barbara and Damian
Genre: tragedy
AU: fantasy
Challenge Prompt: The grass is always greener on the other side

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Bruce Wayne / Batman

Alfred Pennyworth / Penny-One

Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Dick Grayson / Nightwing

Barbara Gordan / Oracle

Jason Todd / Red Hood

Tim Drake / Red Robin

Cassandra Cain / Black Bat

Stephanie Brown / Spoiler

Damian Wayne / Robin

Duke Thomas / Signal

Carrie Kelley / Batgirl

Kate Kane / Batwoman

Luke Fox / Batwing

Jean-Paul Valley & Michael Lane / Azreal

Helena Bertinelli / Huntress

Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Commissioner James Gordan 

Terry McGinnis / Batman

Helena Wayne 

Ace & Titus

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[image: a comic panel featuring the extremely late 90s batfam all pearched on a roof top. From closest to the viewer to furthest from the viewer there’s Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) crouched down and looking at something below; Tim Drake (Robin) posed confidently, also crouched, with his bo staff; Barbara Gordon (Oracle) sitting in her wheelchair with her hands on the wheels; Jean Paul Valley (Azrael) - in his second costume with the visible hair; Helena Bertinelli (Huntress) holding up a crossbow; Dick Grayson (Nightwing) standing behind Barbara, and Bruce Wayne (Batman) flaring his cape. end image]

I thought people might appreciate this. Everyone who was involved in the Batfam (but the comic called it “Batsquad” :P) during NML posing.

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Jason: Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting out of bed.Then I remember that I have people to anger with my presence and prove wrong that day.

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Damian after Jon accidentally eat his dino nuggets: I thought you were BAE!…turns out you’re just Fam

Jon: Bruh–

Damian: *leave*

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Clark - Bruce, I think we need to talk

Bruce - What is it Clark, everything okay

Clark - Well it’s to do with Mia

Bruce - Hey, I’m hands full with Cass I don’t think I’d have much wisdom on that topic

Clark - Actually, if you could just look out at the barn and you’ll see why I’m upset

Bruce, looking out at Kent Barn - *sees Damian and Mia making out

Bruce, slight smirk - Huh

Clark, angry - Are you smiling?!

Bruce - Well, consider this payback for Conner sleeping with Cass

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Bruce, as Dracula - What did you tell the kids?

Selina, as Cleopatra - I told them to have their costumes be their inspiration, just something cute I wanted to do. Okay first up, Dick

Dick, as Freddie Mercury - AAAAYYYYYOOOOOO!!

Selina - Jason!

Jason, in Red Hood gear - Bang. I. Am. Beautiful.

Selina, sighing - Fine I’ll allow it. Tim!

Tim, as Alfred - Good evening Master Bruce, Ms. Wayne

Alfred, beaming - Ah, a man of impeccable taste

Selina - Duke!

Duke, as Miles Morales - *touches Bruce’s shoulder* H e y 

Selina - Damian!

Damian, as Sherlock Holmes - I clearly am the better detective. As to why Grandfather refers to Father and Drake as such, I’ll never know

Selina - Aw looks like no one went as us Brucie, I’d say Cass went as Steph, Cass–

Cass, as Catwoman - Meow

Selina, tearing up - Oh, my, GOD! Oh aren’t you the most cutest girl a mother could ask for. Cass wins 

All - NO FAIR!

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Bruce: I teach all of my robins responsibility, critical thinking, and restraint.

Bruce: I think jason is ready to take on some independence. I’ll send him to dick though to keep an eye on him just to be sure.

Jason: ….my father is gone. i dont have much time.

Jason: *starts a bar fight* *beats up cops* *cusses on live tv\angers a dangerous criminal with his gloating* *hooks up with said dangerous criminals daughter* *gets kidnapped*

Bruce: ….jason…what the fuck..

Jason: dad listen i don’t know how any of this happened???

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