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some people think Robin is unrealistic because children can’t fight crime or whatever, but the real reason Robin is unrealistic is because Jason somehow had enough time to be a vigilante, do homework, and read books for fun

like, I’m not even a vigilante and I still can’t find time to read

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I have a fanfic Idea—

Ok— so I already have plans made— but I haven’t published it or finished it all the way— but I wanna know how some people would think about this—

A lady gets reborn as Poison Ivy— starts right after she becomes Ivy—

It’s gonna turn into a fix-it batfam fic— because I love heart warming moments— but obviously I’m gonna add some drama and pain—

- she’s gonna adopt Garfield and Groot as her son. She accidentally made Groot while trying to experiment with her power— she found Garfield— as in Beast Boy— while going to an abandoned zoo to save animals—

Yeah— it’s more detailed than that— but you probably get the idea—

Here’s the pics—


There’s gonna be short stories along the way—

For example—

- I’m planning on making this character create a bada** woman’s only gang— with Catwoman and Harley as right hand women.

- obviously, she’s gonna raise the two boys she adopts.

- she getting with Jason Todd. Sorry, but in my mind— she’s gonna be younger— and they will be perfect for each other either way. He’s my fav besides Damian.

- she’s gonna be more calm— fight for nature legally— and gets a job at Wayne Enterprises.

- Ivy’s story has changed a little. And while it will be different— I’m starting off the first few chapters explaining her life and the power she gains— along with how her new looks will be and what she plans for her future.

- it’s gonna be crazy and confusing but I’m writing this fanfic for myself— I just want opinions on how to make my writing better once I post it on this website instead of the others.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far— leave a comment if ya want. I literally have nothing to do in my life.

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Batgirl: Hey, Jason? We’re short with a lineup and we need one more. Could you be “scary Jay?”

Robin: (smiling) Yeah, I like being “scary Jay.” He says what real Jason is thinking.

(Flashback to last time Jason was in a lineup)


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The TimKonBart Server is now hosting biweekly prompts for the boys

First two prompts!

A) two of the boys telling off the Superfam/Batfam/Flashfam after they says something insensitive to the third and then they comfort whoever was attacked


B) one of them not knowing what to do because like omg, I have a crush on my best friend but I also have a crush on my other best friend how does it with now do I get to choose one or- (basically, freak out bc gay panic and mood)

New prompts can be submitted here. (Or, you can send them as asks to this blog)

Collection we’re making for these prompts can be found here

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Summary: Siblings are the last thing on Marinette’s mind as she begins her frantic search for Tikki. Really, she can’t even consider them siblings, not yet. But they’re along for the ride, whether she wants them to be or not.

Duke doesn’t know what to make of the current situation.

He’s always known that the Waynes are crazy, insane, even, but he loves them all the same, in the begrudging, cautious way he cannot shake. (This approach has served him well over the years, allowing him to avoid multiple schemes that Tim or Jason typically start up to rile up Damian. From there, everything is guaranteed to snowball. The only time things get really bad is when Cass gets involved.) To him, it’s always been a bit uncanny how similar all the brothers looked, despite the fact that none of them shared blood. All of them had the same sharp jaw, piercing blue eyes, chiselled cheekbones and defined bodies. Only Tim and Damian differed slightly, with Tim having a dancer’s figure instead of that of a body builder or demolitions expert, and Damian having green eyes instead of blue. It’s also disconcerting that everybody the Waynes are more intimately involved with have some sort of alter ego. He often joked with other members of the Justice League that heroism ran in Bruce’s blood.

With the new addition of Marinette to their family, he has to say that he’s been proven right.

A girl who had absolutely nothing to do with the Waynes in any capacity other than the fact that she and Bruce share blood becoming a hero. The leader of a team. Fighting supervillains at the age of thirteen.

He’s very, very glad that he was not adopted by or shared blood with Bruce. He doesn’t think he could have handled being a superhero at age thirteen. He can barely handle being Signal now some days, and he’s an adult. The amount of responsibility on Marinette’s shoulders is difficult to understand. To be the sole wielder of magic that can revert an entire city back to its original state. To bring people back from the dead. 

Dick is strangely quiet. A car is driving them from a pit stop near a zeta tube to Marinette’s hospital. 

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Read here on AO3!


Seven-year-old Stephanie Brown decides enough is enough and runs away from home. She accidentally makes a friend, who has a lot in common with her… or I guess I should say will have.

If Stephanie Brown were to describe herself in one phrase, it would be stubborn as hell.

Historically, she’d never known when to give up. Once she got an idea in her head, she would go through with it, no matter how badly it inevitably blew up in her face. It had been proven time and time again that she had some of the worst luck of anyone in the world, but she was entirely too stubborn to care.

It came as no surprise that when Stephanie decided to run away at seven years old, all her plans immediately backfired on her.

She’d first gotten the idea to leave after a particularly bad weekend at her dad’s apartment in crime alley. She didn’t like living with him, but after her parents had gotten divorced, the judge had made a rule that Stephanie had to stay with her dad every other weekend.

She dreaded her dad’s weekends. He always had his friends over, the ones that smelled like cigarettes and beer. Stephanie was pretty sure she’d seen one of them on TV before—the one in the green and purple suit with the question marks on it. He was called the Riddler on tv, but she only knew him as Uncle Eddie.

Weirdly enough, he was the least creepy of all her dad’s friends. He was too gimmicky to be as gross as the others. But he was almost never around because Batman was always putting him back in jail. If what he was doing wasn’t so illegal, Stephanie might’ve thought it was cool that he knew Batman. That he’d been caught by him.

Batman had never caught Stephanie’s dad. He’d never even tried. She kind of hoped that her dad would keep hanging out with Eddie, because at least then maybe Batman would go after him and scare him into giving up on crime.

Or into staying in prison and out of her life forever. She’d take either option, really.

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This week’s theme is fanfiction revolving around the relationship between Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne! This is obviously a platonic rec list and includes 15 fics with both brotherly and father-son bonding between Dick & Dami. Follow for more rec lists and maybe drop a theme suggestion in the askbox.

there’s nothing in this world i wouldn’t do by emavee

 34k+ | T+ | Ongoing, 10/13 | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply 

Relationships: Dick & Damian, Dick & Bruce, Dick & Tim & Jason & Damian

“When Dick is 16, Talia al Ghul appears with a baby in her arms. When Dick is 17, his second father dies, and Dick has to take matters into his own hands to keep his family from crumbling completely. It’s just Dick and Damian against the world now, and sometimes it seems like the world is just desperate for him to lose.”

3:16 by partingxshot @wufflesvetinari

20k+ | T+ | Ongoing, 14/? | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Dick & Damian, Dick & Alfred

“The knife pushes thin along Dick’s carotid artery, cupping the indent between neck and jawline—forcing him to angle his chin. The metal is warm, pulled with execution speed from under Damian’s pillow.

“Okay,” Dick says quietly, tracking the intricacies of his own heartbeat—counting the space between breaths. “Guess I did need a shave.”

(With faltering steps, Dick and Damian become Batman and Robin.)”

The One That I Miss by fishfingersandjellybabies

2k+ | G | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Dick & Damian

“It’s Damian’s birthday, and they all gathered to celebrate. All but one, anyway.

Or so they thought.”

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