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mayalopez · 13 minutes ago
it's from an unreleased book that is contesting in dc round robin event. it will only be published if it wins the vote
OO ok yeah thats what i thought it was
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snart-leonard · 37 minutes ago
if i block some1 on my main can they rb from my side blogs???
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batfoonery · 45 minutes ago
Ok so I’m binge watching again.
I would kill if there were a Wayne family reality show Except no one actually believes it’s reality because it comes off like an episode of Modern Family.
It’s completely unscripted. They’re just ridiculously chaotic.
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batfoonery · 50 minutes ago
Alfred: Sh sh! Look!
Bruce, staring at Dick and Jason as they play a hand-clap game on the couch: Why aren’t they trying to kill each other?
Alfred: I don’t know, but I am afraid to move.
(Literally two seconds later)
Dick, after being hit by Jason: Ow! That hurt, jerk!
Jason, after being hit by Dick: Ow! I’m gonna kill you, stupid!
Alfred, watching the situation devolve: What just happened?
Bruce: Now I’m sad.
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comicweek · 53 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Batgirl, Cassandra Gain
Jorge Jimenez
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theycallme-ook · an hour ago
"Amanda Waller firmly believes that the world needs Batman. She also believes that the world needs to be prepared for the death of Bruce Wayne, so she creates a plan to ensure that the title of Batman lives on.
Unfortunately for her, the plan fails.
Fortunately for everyone else, the plan fails.
(Or, the Batfam raises Terry from infancy au.)"
this chap covers from about 9 am to 12 pm-ish. perhaps next chap I'll finally get that fam shopping trip in
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delusionland · an hour ago
❤️ jason maybe??
He can touch Joey, because Joey needed him to touch him, needed his affection, his care. Now, for some reason, completely unbeknownst to Jason---Joey’s still here. And it’s getting harder to flirt with him, and joke with him, and call him his husband when he’s in earshot. It’s become real, instead of a fantasy. It’s easy to hold on to people who don’t want you---who think you’re a disgusting freak---just look at Jason’s relationship with Bruce, the reason he’s still in this shithole of a town. But when someone wants you back---when someone cares for you, exactly as you are, no holds barred, no stipulations, just you, and your guns, and your masks, and all the tics in your face when you try to smile and start sweating because you only turn red when you’re angry, but damn it if Joey doesn’t make you hot.
Maybe he doesn’t love you, Jason thinks, just to make it easier for himself, to calm himself down in the moment. Maybe nobody loves you. Maybe this home that you built together---maybe the only boy---only person---you’ve ever loved like this sees it for what it is, a self-made prison made out of broken promises & lies. 
The thought cools him down, enough so that he wants to kiss Joey even past the frusturation he has with things like touch & feelings. Wants to prove to him---to himself---that they both want this. The kiss is a little too hard, all unmoving, soft, moisturized lips a little ill-timed and ill-placed, and too forceful at that, though previously Joey was teasing him and daring him to do it, and was no doubt open to it. Jason pulls back, not entirely, but enough that he isn’t crushing as he finally holds his sort-of kind-of maybe boyfriend back from his place caught in his arms.
The embarrassment settles in instead of fireworks. Panic, anxiety, self-hatred. Flames of red, strobelights in his brain, warning signs.
“I’m sorry,” he says, pulling away entirely quite suddenly, ashamed, and childish about it. He desperately wants his helmet. “I’ve never---that was... the first time I’ve kissed anyone since I was fourteen.”
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addison-wayne18 · an hour ago
I can't believe it ,Addie is here for like 5 minutes and she convince Captain Cold to freeze the city's streets
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incorrectbatfam · an hour ago
Damian: *beating up a robber outside an elementary school*
Dick: Bruce, he’s just trying to tell kids to stay in school.
Dick, to the school: Seriously, kids, stay inside! There’s a criminal out here!
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addison-wayne18 · 2 hours ago
Jason :The fuck ?
Me and Addison from the Earth I am on :Hello
Jason:Why ?
Addison :She is hiding from Kit ,they want to help her talk to Miss Kyle
Jason:You are on good terms with her here ? Why are you hiding ? Did you killed one of her cats ?
Me:No ,I just don't want to talk to her
Addison:She is scared of her
Jason:Like you are scared of our ?
"Kit from this Earth comes in the kitchen and scares the living hell out of me "
Me:For fuck sake not you again. *runs out the door*
Kit:What the fuck ?
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villainapologist · 2 hours ago
how fucking shitty of dc to put a batfam book in dc round robin as if we don’t have 842684736 other batfam books already? WACK
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spacesuitsforemergency · 2 hours ago
Okay but can you imagine how chaotic Lantern barbecues are??
Like Guy, Hal, Kyle and John are all arguing over the best way to grill a burger
Olive is starting fights with everyone there, there are no exceptions
Mandisa is pretending she doesn’t know any of them and she’s like “I’m not a Lantern I don’t belong here take me home-“
Riley is probably sitting at the table watching Olive get tackled to the ground by Sky, and she just sips her drink as Guy and Hal yell about how to grill correctly
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addison-wayne18 · 2 hours ago
I feel so bad for Kit in this moment enjoy fighting with my friend (@kit-the-nonbinary-wayne How do you like my friend isn't it lovely the fact he can be as tall as king Kong? ?Now I have to babysit his kid)
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*in a singsong voice*
🎶Guess who figured out which earth @addison-wayne18 is on and is already dragging her back to our earth!🎶
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wtfwhy · 2 hours ago
Batfam AU where instead of becoming an anti hero/villain when he comes back to life, Jason puts his (very violent and vengeful, but sad) energy into being a musician.
So here me out, he pulls a Hannah Montana/Daft Punk and is Red Hood - an up and coming musical artist that nobody knows the identity of. And he gets super popular too.
Bruce only finds out because Dick and Tim actually really get into his music and introduce it to Bruce.
But the thing is, most of Jason's songs are extremely passive aggressive towards him (as batman) and he was just like, "Wtf is this guy's deal?" (Dick and Tim think it's hilarious)
So one day, they beg to go to a concert and of course Bruce can't say no (he may be batman, but he's weak when it comes to saying no to his kids) so they shuffle into the minivan limo and head out.
The concert goes fine, even Bruce has fun, but they also have backstage tickets for autographs...
Jason takes one look at his family and books it. They're confused, like what does this random guy have to hide? Tim and Dick run after him (Bruce just stands there backstage awkwardly) and when they catch up, Jason kinda just starts to rant to them in panic, and after a little Dick just says, "Jason???" (via recognizing his speaking voice and some of the things he said) and Tim is just speechless.
Jason then says, "hahah you gOt Me, surprise!! iM aLiVe! *jazz hands*"
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