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#batfam au
kai-likes-haikyuu51 minutes ago
Every fandom needs a band au so my proposition for the batfamily fandom is:
The batboys but they're basically the Jonas brothers
Joe-> d!ck
Nick-> tim
Kevin-> jason
The small one (frankie ?驴)-> Damian
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shyestofheartsa day ago
Vampire AU; Jon is your average villager in what's modern day Moldova when during his travel alongside his farmer father Clark, the two discover a gigantic Gothic castle surrounded by decaying woods populated by bats. The Kents enter to see if there's anyone who lives there. They first encounter two kids close to Jon's age,Mar'i and Jake. Shortly they meet with the kids' father Richard who's a vampire that married a Princess from one of the lower Germanic kingdoms, Kory Andor. However the true head of the Castle appears, the Baron Bruce of the House of Wayne.
Richard was merely the first adopted by Wayne after his birth parents perished. Cue Tim, Duke and the one who catches Jon's attention due to him being also close to his age, Damian appear out of the shadows.
Whereas Dick, Tim, Duke, Mar'i and Jake are either converted via drinking ancient elixirs into vampires or hybrids in the case of Mar'i and Jake, Bruce and Damian are more or less purebred.
This is amazing! I love it. Jon just takes one look at Damian and is 馃憖馃憖
Meanwhile Damian's wondering why humans are here when he spots Jon and just 馃樁
"Father maybe they can spend the night since they've traveled quite far"
Mar'i and Jake are just 馃槒
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teeeentitaaansa day ago
Ok, so this wouldn't leave me alone, so here's some Duck Tales AU stuff
Damian: Hello, Father
Bruce: Damian
Jake: Your dad is BRUCE WAYNE?!
Bruce: Let's go adventuring!
Mar'i, Jake, and Lian: Yeah!
Bruce: Let's run into danger!
Kids: Yeah!
Bruce: And let's not tell your Uncle Damian about any of it!
Kids: YEAH!
Bruce: Your working for my sworn enemy?!
Damian: I can't keep track of all your sworn enemies!
Mar'i: Uncle Tim is, like, our coolest Uncle!
Bruce: Clark, have you ever piloted a submarine before?
Clark: I sunk a helicopter into a wave pool once. Same thing?
Bruce: I've done more with less
Bruce: Damia-
Damian: Stop. I know I'm a little over protective-
Jake: A little?
Damian: But, I can't keep the kids out if trouble, so maybe they should be with someone who can get them out if it
Mar'i and Jake: Yay!
Damian: But only sometimes! We're not moving in-!
*House Boat explodes*
Mar'i: Oh... I forgot I left the engine running..
Bruce: Well, looks like your moving in!
Mar'i and Jake: Yay!
Lmao I'll do more with this AU later but I'm out of ideas
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starfirexla day ago
When i was smol (like 2 or 3) i went to the playpen they have at some malls yk the ones and bc i wasn't a kid's kid i made my brother, who was like 14 at the time (yeah there's an age gap), get it the playpen with me so he was this kid too big for the playpen that barely fit in any of the games that was just there bc it made his little sister happy, so just picture an au were the batkids grew up together and baby Dami only goes into playpens if Jason is with him
bro鈥 bro that is the most adorable thing i have ever read in my entire life
like??? i can totally see that!! jason crawling through those chuck-e-cheese style rainbow tube tunnels bc dami doesn鈥檛 wanna go alone, jason playing w dami in one of those ball pits made for toddlers that only comes up to his waist n scowling at anyone who stares at them for too long,,,,,
OH OH!! you know what immediately came to my mind when i read this???
i have this uber clear vision of jason and damian going down one of those tube slides together and it鈥檚 super cute n fun right? and dami is just sitting in jason鈥檚 lap having the time of his life right? except when they get all the way down and dami鈥檚 gotten off his lap, jason goes to get up and finds that he,,,, can鈥檛. he鈥檚 stuck. like literally stuck. this lanky-ass teenager who always joined his lil bro in the play pens bc it made him happy is now desperately trying to look like he鈥檚 just chillin鈥 n not like his butt is stuck in a fucking tube slide.
and i can just imagine his dramatic teenager mind immediately being like 鈥渇uck im gonna die here鈥
so he tells damian to go get his phone bc of course this is the one time he opted to keep his phone in his bag and not in his pocket. and while damian scampers off jason is frantically trying to figure out who will give him the least amount of shit for this. dami comes back and jason鈥檚 like 鈥渨hatever you do. don鈥檛 call dick.鈥
so ofc the first thing dami does is call dick.
鈥淛aybird? Wha鈥斺
鈥淒ami?!?! What鈥檙e you doing with Jason鈥檚 phone?鈥
鈥淗e gave it to me an鈥 i called you first! :)鈥
鈥淎www thanks lil D鈥
and then they just like,,, coo back n forth for a few minutes as if jason鈥檚 butt isn鈥檛 stuck in a fucking slide???
and whenever jason tries to get damian to hang up and call alfred, dami鈥檚 just like 鈥渟sshhh jason, 鈥檓 on da phone >:(鈥 with the EXACT SAME disapproving look bruce gets when one of the kids interrupts like a conference call or smth.
eventually tho, damian does tell dick about jason鈥檚 little uh,,, dilemma n istg dick drove there SO fast bc he didn鈥檛 wanna miss seeing this in case jason somehow managed to dislodge himself.
poor jason had to sit there while dick was on the floor laughing like 鈥渋m glad my suffering amuses you.鈥 he does eventually get unstuck tho, with dick pulling on his legs and dami pushing him from inside the tube slide. and he鈥檚 just like 鈥渘ever. again.鈥
but ofc, the next time dami tugs on his pant leg n points at another playpen, looking up at him w those big green eyes of his jason鈥檚 just like 鈥渨ell fuck me i guess鈥 and follows him into another chuck-e-cheese rainbow tube thing without a moment鈥檚 hesitation 鉂わ笍
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shyestofhearts2 days ago
For a moment I thought about a batfam Big Hero 6 AU and then I thought about Tadashi and now I'm crying over a fictional character again
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hood-ex2 days ago
I just realized that with a Same-Age-Robins AU, the only way I could be at least somewhat satisfied with Dick no longer being Damian's parental figure would have to be if Damian sincerely picked out one Dick Grayson to be his favorite brother. Maybe they bonded over school, or animals, or Bruce issues, or SOMETHING... The point just stands that Dick HAS to be the favorite and it just irritates the shit out of Tim and Jason because that's. Not. Fair. What does Dick even do?
"Damian, could you pass me the-"
"Grab it yourself, slob."
"Hey, Dami! Can you hand me the pepper?"
"-Tt-!" *gives pepper* "You should've asked Todd. He's sitting closer."
"Wtf dude?"
I'd probably also feel better if, in general, Dick was still given oldest-child treatment and thus became secondary parent whenever Bruce and Alfred are away. Like, he's only a few months older than everybody, but he was also at the manor first and that has to count for something. Plus, while he gets into fights with everybody just as much as they fight eachother, he's the least likely to be currently holding a grudge over something someone said that morning (Unless your Bruce maybe). It makes him the most seeked out person to help fix problems.
"Dick, let's go patrol! I think I have a lead on a drug dealer and I want to scope out this one block tonight in particular..."
"Weren't you grounded?"
"B doesn't have to know. Plus, if he DOES find out and I'm with you, it will lessen the blow a little. C'mon, please?"
"... Only because I'm curious about this drug dealer."
I think in this type of AU, you could still have the characters have similar dynamics with each other as they do in the comics depending on their backstories and personalities. (Y'know. As long as we're sticking with Robin Jason.)
In Damian's case, I could see Damian not getting along with either Jason or Tim at first. He would piss Dick off too, but Dick would be more patient with him and give him more chances. Stuff like that would solidify the type of bond we see between Dick and Damian in the comics.
Likewise, I could see Dick taking on more of the "leader" or "oldest sibling" role out of the others just by the way he would interact with Bruce or interact with his siblings.
Acrobat Dick would be the worst influence on all of them though lmao. Especially if they were all 8-years-old. Imagine Dick doing his usual thing where he's just climbing on high surfaces and doing cartwheels or handstands or flips or what have you.
Jason would be like, "That's easy. Even I could do that."
And Damian would be like, "And I can do it better than both of you."
So then you'd have them all trying to clamber up to Dick's perch. Jason and Damian would be pushing each other to get up there. Tim would stare at them and then find an alternative route where he'd end up getting there first.
Then once all of them were on the same perch as Dick, you'd have Dick saluting all of them like, "Nice climbing with you, fellas!" And then he'd do a flip back to the ground and be like, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go eat all of Alfred's cookies while you bird-brains figure out how to get down from there." And he'd take off at a sprint while everyone else shouted in indignation.
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teeeentitaaans2 days ago
You know, for someone who complains about how messed up the DC timeline is, you'd think I'd only work with one
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shyestofhearts2 days ago
Okay the trick to the batfam social media is the Wayne's and all associated with them are cryptids wheres the bats are influencers
Damien will post a photo of a cow with a cat on top of it with no caption in the distant background Jon can be seen running from somthing but he's not even mentioned by name he just sometimes shows up in photos
Last anyone heard Dick had some really cool photos of ballrooms from through the Chandler's at large events but no kne ever sees him up there
Meanwhile red Robin is posting about internet safety and a photo with superboy making them relationship goals
And Signal has some nice photos in the park
Bat girl(or black bat? They all have alot of names please cut me some slack) is teaching how to sign online along with the oracle in how to videos and a weekly online class
Anon you GENIUS take my whole blog it's yours now-
Nah but really I love this idea and might expand on it later 馃憖
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afewnovelideas2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, DCU (Comics), Batman (Comics), Young Justice (Comics), Robin (Comics), Red Robin (Comics), Teen Titans (Comics) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Kyubey (PMMM), Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle Additional Tags: Tim Drake-centric, Tim Drake is Robin, Tim Drake is Not Okay, Tim Drake Needs a Hug, Tim Drake Gets a Hug, Alternate Universe - Madoka Magica Fusion, Soul Gems (Madoka Magica), Crossovers & Fandom Fusions, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Magical Boys, Origin Story, No Beta We Die Like Mami, Don't Have to Know Madoka Magica Canon, Bruce Wayne Tries to Be a Good Parent Series: Part 1 of Eques Magi: Originem - Magicka Knights: Origin Summary:
"The Labyrinths of Gotham City are so tightly concentrated, no human born here can escape the influence of at least one or two Witches, if not more. Despite the aura of despair and the constant work of the Witches' various Familiars, there are still those souls who persist in clinging to hope and will do whatever they can to try and make this city a better place, even though all their efforts will ultimately fail in the end.
"It's the perfect environment to find a new Magicka Knight."
"Have you ever seen an albino cat?"
Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, glanced over at Batman's newest Robin curiously. She hadn't been expecting to cross paths with him, but since it was obvious the Big Bad Bat was out of town and Nightwing hadn't shown up at all in the past week, she decided to keep an eye on the new kid for at least the evening. He certainly wasn't like the previous Robin. This thirteen-year-old boy was quiet and thoughtful, which had been quite a change from the previous brash impulsive kid Batman had been mentoring a little over a year ago before they were murdered by the Joker.聽
She also noticed that this Robin was glancing over his shoulder at something on the rooftop on the other side of the street. "An albino, huh?" she said as she tried to follow his gaze. However, despite using her binoculars to zoom in on the far rooftop, she couldn't see any sign of any animal, feline, albino, or otherwise. "I've heard of them, but never seen one in person," Selina admitted casually as she put away her binoculars. "They are extremely rare." She smiled at Robin. "Have you seen one around town?"
Robin leaned against his bo staff thoughtfully. "I think so, but I'm not really sure."聽
"Not sure?"
The boy looked up at Selina earnestly. "Y'know how a cat has two pointed ears about here?" Amusingly to the professional cat burglar, Robin made a vague pair of cat-ear shapes with his hand at the top of his head.聽 She smiled affectionately.聽
"Yeah. It's kind of a defining cat trait, having pointy ears."
Robin pouted slightly at the teasing tone he caught in Catwoman's voice. Then he continued. "Well... This cat I've been seeing... It looks like they have a second set of ears too."
"A second set?"聽
He nodded. He made a motion with his hands that seemed to make another vague shape that started at the base of where the cat's ears ought to be and downward along either side of its head. "Yeah. They kinda start out here and go all the way down there."
"Are you sure what you're looking at is an albino 'cat'? That kinda sounds more like a white rabbit to me."
"But it has pointy ears like a cat," Robin argued. "And its got a long fluffy tail, and its legs are like a cat's." The young teenager frowned slightly. "It's really weird looking."
"Well it does sound like a unique creature, whatever it is," Selina said thoughtfully.聽 "Maybe it's some sort of cryptid or mutant? This is Gotham after all." She smiled at Robin. "Tell ya what. If you can catch a photo of the critter, I promise I'll take a good hard look and let you know if it's a cat, a rabbit, or something completely different." Then she gave him an almost stern maternal look. "But be careful. Don't get too close. If it does turn out to be something 'not normal', it could be dangerous."
聽 It was two nights later and Tim Drake, fully decked out as Robin for another solo patrol, had just finished trussing up a pair of would-be carjackers. As soon as he placed the anon call to the Gotham PD for pickup, he glanced up to fire his grapple gun and froze.
There, on the rooftop above him, was a familiar white shape with two sets of ears and red eyes. The "cat" was peering down. He could see the animal's long fluffy tail swishing this way and that. Tim's breath caught in his throat. This was the closest he'd ever seen the animal come to him before. Rather than risk his grapple gun startling the animal and scaring it away, the young vigilante quickly indulged in some impromptu parkour up a garbage bin and a chain link fence to reach the metal fire escape attached to the side of the building.聽
When he pulled himself on the rooftop, Tim was disappointed to find that it appeared to be empty. Not a trace of red eyes or white fur anywhere. He walked across the roof slowly, scanning the area for any sign of the small creature as he pulled out a small portable camera from his utility belt. "Hey there," he whispered softly. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. I'm not going to hurt you. C'mon out please. I just wanna take a picture."聽
When no one came out of hiding, Tim tried a different tactic. He reached into another pouch on his belt and pulled out a small package of beef jerky. He shook the bag temptingly before opening it and setting it on the ground before stepping away from it. "Got some food here if you want. All for you."
"Thank you, but no. I'm not hungry."
Tim froze. Then he glanced around himself as quickly as he could before zeroing in on the form of the albino "cat" sitting on top of a large A/C unit just a few yards away from him, its white body practically glowing against the cloudy night sky of Gotham City. This close, Tim could see this was not a normal "cat".聽 It did appear to have two sets of ears, but the two longer rabbit-like ones had golden rings attached to them and were tipped in pink with red spots. Its tail also appeared to be unnaturally long as it swished back and forth casually.
"Did you... just... talk?"
The cat-like creature flicked its smaller pointy ears. "Of course I did!" it said in a childlike voice without moving its mouth at all. Its long white tail finally stopped swishing and settled into a question mark shape behind it. "How else am I supposed to introduce myself?"
聽 Tim Drake gave up caffeine for the rest of the week. When the boy returned to the Cave from patrol and declared that he was quitting cold turkey, Alfred asked about it curiously. All the old butler got from the thirteen year old was a confusingly vague answer about talking albino cats with pink ears and clearly not enough sleep with too much stress before marching himself into the showers before he would make his eventual way back to his bedroom.聽
聽 Unfortunately for Tim, giving up his favorite sodas, teas, and coffee did not stop the appearances of the strange cat-like hallucination that had introduced itself as "Kyubey" and seemed hell bent on following him and talking to him both day and night, in and out of uniform.
"You think I'm a figment of your imagination?"
Tim sighed as he reached over the creature sitting in his high school locker in order to grab his workbooks for math and english. "I'm not talking to you here," he whispered as he slammed the locker door in hopes of locking the hallucination behind it.
"It's probably better that you don't, at least not out loud," Kyubey agreed, after reappearing on the top of the locker to look down on Tim. "If people catch you talking to something they can't see, they might think you're losing your mind."
Somehow, Tim managed to choke down the near hysterical giggle that wanted to bubble up at that matter-of-fact remark. Kyubey had made it quite clear that night on the rooftop that no one else could see them except Tim.
"Besides, why waste your breath?" Kyubey said as they trotted along the top of the lockers, keeping pace with Tim as he walked to his next class. "We can speak telepathically just fine."
Tim paused at the end of the lockers and glanced at Kyubey. "Telepathically?" he asked experimentally without voicing the word.
"See! Easy!"
"Oh my god, I AM losing my mind," he thought with a grimace before sighing and stepping into the classroom and tried to ignore Kyubey as best he could for the rest of his school day.
聽 "So why are you here?" Tim finally asked Kyubey after tossing down his pencil and finally giving up on trying to concentrate on his homework. "What is my subconscious trying to tell me?"
"I'm not your subconscious, and I'm not a hallucination. I'm a messenger of magic."聽
Tim raised his eyebrows at Kyubey as he echoed incredulously, "A messenger of magic?"
The cat-like creature made themself comfortable on Tim's bed. "That's right."
The teen noted with a slight measure of concern that he could see the disturbance Kyubey's form made on his pillow and blanket, proving that, at least right now, they had a solid physical state. Still, he was not about to reach out and try to touch the creature. "I'm probably going to regret asking this, but why is a 'messenger of magic' in Gotham City, and why am I the only one who can see and speak with you?"
"I'm on a mission to find people with the potential to become Magicka Knights to fight Witches and save the Universe, and you have that potential."
"Seriously? Magical knights? Actual witches?" Tim shook his head as he scoffed lightly. "This sounds like the plot of some generic magical girl anime."
Kyubey titled their head to one side. "And you and your mentor go out at night in masks to fight criminals who can control plants, have freeze guns, are living clay, and are occasionally half reptiles. How is that more believable than Magicka Knights and Witches?"
Tim snickered awkwardly. "I guess I'm in no position to throw stones in glass houses."
"You really aren't."
聽 Finally! Bruce was back from his Justice League mission and he was going to go out on patrol with Tim. Batman and Robin flying through Gotham City for the first time in over two weeks.
At least that was the plan until a call came through from Oracle barely an hour into their patrol.
"A report of potential Joker gas exposure has been put out by the GCPD in Chinatown near the Dragon's Den."
Batman and Robin paused on the roof of St. Peter's Cathedral. Tim felt a weight settle in the pit of his stomach as he took in the tightness of his mentor's jawline. He knew what was coming next.
"Go home, Robin."
"But B--"
"It's the Joker. I need to handle this alone."
"You don't have to. I can stay out of the way and watch your back. Make sure no one gets the drop on you."
Batman shook his head. "Head back to the Cave, Robin."
The leather of Robin's gloves creaked a little as he clenched his hand into a fist and turned away from his mentor. "Fine."
Without even looking, Tim could tell when he was left alone on the cathedral's roof with just the gargoyles for company.
Then, he wasn't alone.
"He doesn't trust you?"
Tim looked up to see Kyubey sitting on the head of a nearby gargoyle. He sighed. "It's not like that," he said telepathically. No need to risk Oracle or Agent A overhearing him talking to Kyubey. Not like the mic would pick up the magical creature's voice anyways. Still, better safe than sorry. "The Joker is really dangerous. He killed the Robin who came before me. B just doesn't want to risk me being anywhere near him."
Suddenly, Tim heard a pinging from his comm link, a sign that Oracle was attempting to signal him. "Yes O?"
"I know B ordered you home, but do you think you could swing by Amusement Mile along the way? I got a report on a Mad Hatter sighting there."
Tim brightened visibly at the prospect. "Sure!" He reached for his grapple gun and loaded a cartridge. "Any idea what he's up to?"聽
"There have been earlier reports over the last few months of missing girls fitting the Hatter's preferred victim profile. Children with long blond hair under the age of twelve. But since the children are usually street kids or runaways, most attempts to investigate by the police have been half-hearted at best. Those that have tried haven't found anything but dead ends."
"Well, that's going to come to a stop tonight." Tim declared confidently.聽
"Be careful Robin," Oracle warned. "Focus on recon tonight. Don't engage Hatter unless absolutely necessary."
聽 "What's this?"聽
At Amusement Mile, Tim was just in time to stop a kidnapping in progress. While the sudden appearance of Robin was enough to send the Mad Hatter scurrying away into the shadows, the young vigilante reluctantly let him go in favor of caring for the victim, a child of eight or nine who appeared to be in a catatonic state.
However, nothing Tim did seemed to be able to wake her up. He was about to notify O to call an ambulance when he noticed a small red mark, like a tattoo, on the girl's neck, right above her pulse point. It was about the size of a quarter and looked like the symbol used in chess to designate the Queen piece.聽
"Hey O. I found a weird tattoo on the girl. Sending you a pic now." Tim quickly snapped a photo and sent it electronically to Oracle. A moment later, he got a response.
"Are you sure you sent me the right photo?"
"What do you mean?"聽
"There's no tattoo in the pic. All I see is a bare neck."
Tim opened the monitor of his camera and his eyes went wide. Even on the camera, the girl's neck had no tattoo. He took several more pics to be sure, but despite being able to see the crown icon with his own eyes, they defied being photographed.
"Not sure what's going on, but I can't take a pic of it," he told Oracle. "Maybe it's some sort of weird ink that comes up invisible on cameras?"
"That's not it."
Tim glanced at Kyubey, who was sitting beside the girl. The white creature sniffed at the tattoo. "That's a Witch's Kiss."
He felt his chest tighten a bit at Kyubey's words. Tim carefully masked the sudden nervousness he felt in his voice. "Can you call an ambulance to pick up the girl? I'm going to investigate the area and try to find out where Hatter ran off to."
"Will do. Be careful."
Once the comm was silenced again and after the EMTs came to pick up the rescued child, Robin backed into a secluded alleyway and hid within the shadows before addressing Kyubey telepathically.
"What's a Witch's Kiss?"
"It's a mark used by Witches and familiars to control the minds of their prey."
Tim felt a shiver run down his spine. Still he continued. "Is... the Mad Hatter a Witch?"
Kyubey tilted their head thoughtfully before shaking in the negative. "No. I think he's just a familiar being used to bring humans to a Witch's Labyrinth."
"Why? Why would a Witch want a human child?"
Kyubey sighed. "A Witch is a creature that feeds on misery and sadness," they said very matter-of-factly. "What could be more delicious to a Witch than the grief and fear of a kidnapped child? At least this one seems to prefer the despair of children in particular."
A sudden sensation of dread settled over Tim. "That's.... That's horrible! We can't let this continue!"
"But you can't stop them."
"Why not?" Tim's righteous indignation flared up. "Batman's stopped the Mad Hatter dozens of times. Why can't I?"
"Most likely it's because your mentor has never captured him near his Witch, and never within an actual Labyrinth." Kyubey stared at Tim with their round red eyes, their stoic tone never wavering. "You're just a human being, and so is he under all that armor. Even with all your training, there's no way your frail human bodies can endure the strain of fighting a Witch and their familiars in their own Labyrinth. If you get trapped in a Labyrinth, there's no way out until either the Witch is dead or you are."
Tim watched the retreating lights of the ambulance carrying the nearly kidnapped child away. Then he took a deep breath and released it slowly.
"Can you help me find the Witch's Labyrinth?"
"I can."
聽 He was going to die.
Tim leaned against the wall and watched helplessly as his blood flowed freely from beneath and between his fingers to pool on the floor under him despite the pressure he tried to keep on the wound in his stomach. The Witch's familiars, not just the Mad Hatter, but a March Hare and other fictional characters pulled straight from the story Alice in Wonderland, had been too numerous and too merciless for him to fight off alone.聽
The Witch herself, in the guise of a twisted Queen of Hearts, shrieked for his head through the twists and turns of her Labyrinth.聽
聽 聽酮虇虖蜐蜋坦太聽 "铜蛻潭蜌虦酞蹋态蛧蛥O桐瞳虅蛷态蜄坛 F虈蛻廷號虧虩虦蜄汰 F虇叹虗獭虦碳贪蛽蛵虩蛶蛧 彤虤台蜌蛥太虠 W虗艇虘蛷蛵蛶蛵號踏胎蛥I蛯蛢虒虓蜖蛽蜋踏蛿毯苔T蛼蜎廷號蛵H虙蛢炭獭坛酞汰坦毯 虆瞳蜐坦胎蛪虩蜋虧蛽H叹庭蛡谈虧态虡蜁泰蜋踏蛧I庭虒蛦虃台摊蛿苔蜄坛蹋S蛦虘酮蛷苔胎汰毯虨坛酞蛿 蜅虘蜑蜋酞摊H艇蛷踏摊酞泰 E蛯虇通童潭摊蹋贪 A蛼蜐蛥态苔袒蛵D蛡蛼蜔號坦 !瞳童虂蛦覊毯苔泰坦毯
聽艇通汀虪蛽蛨蛶O虅痰酞袒汰泰摊F蛣虌蜐蹋蜋滩號 F虒虆叹蛢蛷汰毯贪蛪坦號摊 蛫虇酮獭坍蛿蛧蜌态蛥蛶虧W虃探蜋虪 I蛻蛡虖虃蜑虡态蛧號 T蛼台虠太虦蜋泰號坍 H虤虁庭停檀虣虧 停虘虅虡摊坍毯胎H蜅蜅同虋蜖蛥袒汰蛧坍坍蜁 I彤酮蛬蛷态毯號虧胎蛥汰虡 S炭痰虧號虣 虘蜅探虥态坛虪酞贪 H虅蛻虄虋谈蜋虩瘫虧坛贪 E虒蜔坛蛽虧虠蛶 A蜅虇瞳虂檀踏蜄态號蛽蛧號D虈虗虌蜔虦蜌态!炭台蛧蜌虨泰蜌虠蹋聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 O彤庭蛻虖虥蜌坦虦胎F瞳檀摊踏坍蛪贪F虒桐庭虓虝蛥蛨瘫蛵 虗抬蛶蜁瘫蜌蛵胎蛿W虖蛫虖虒虝泰苔摊坦I蛺覊蜁酞蛿胎虨汰蛨滩T虘炭蛢廷號虧號酞H艇虓虗炭廷踏虪蛵蹋袒虪蜌 铜檀滩號太太毯H虙虇蛦汀虠踏I虃踏蛽汰袒虧S虒虓虓同痰苔蛪蛥蛿蜋虠虧 蛦汀蛶太蛪虨滩H虆艇虖台坍酞E挺痰坍滩泰踏蛽瘫虣A虂虃桐蜐袒苔虡虦D虤虛虛虇谈摊蜄苔蛿滩蜁虪虦!虛虗台蛥蜄蛣酮虖覊态蛪贪太"蜎蜅蜆虣毯态摊坦苔蜄聽聽
聽 Her magic.. too powerful.
His鈥 everything... too weak.
Trapped in this magical Labyrinth that resembled a scene from Wonderland, he couldn't even get a signal out to call for a rescue. He'd tried early on to call Oracle... Nightwing... Agent A... Batman... But the only thing he got for his troubles was static.
Tim felt tears flow down his cheeks as his vision became dark and hazy around the edges and his limbs began to grow numb. He could hear the sounds of his pursuers coming closer, searching for him, and he just didn't have the strength anymore to run. All he could do was hide and wait for the inevitable.
Batman was going to lose another Robin.
Dick was going to lose another little brother.
Jack Drake was going to lose his only son.
He was going to die.
"Oh dear. I was almost too late."
A set of dainty white paws walked into his sight line, contrasting starkly against the pool of crimson blood on the floor. Weakly, Tim lifted his gaze.
The magical creature stepped closer to the fallen teenager and took a seat in front of him. They tilted their head slightly. "I tried to warn you. A normal human isn't able to fight a Witch. Only a Magicka Knight has the power to defend against a Witch's curses and attack them in kind."
"I know," Tim whispered. "I should've listened to you."
Kyubey titled their head to the other side. "It's not too late. You can still listen to me."
Despite the cold feeling in his limbs and the shadows in his vision, Tim did his level best to keep his gaze locked on Kyubey, on the one bright spot in his dying world.聽
"If you enter a contract with me, you can become a Magicka Knight." Kyubey explained. "You'd be duty bound to fight Witches, but in return I can grant you one wish. Anything in the world your heart desires."
"If I become a Magicka Knight, I'll have to fight this Witch right away, right?"
"I'm afraid so. It's the only way to escape her Labyrinth."
"And there's no guarantee I'll win?"
"I won't lie to you. Turning you into a Magicka Knight is not a promise of victory. But at least you'll have a fighting chance."
Tim closed his eyes and smiled sadly. "Then I want to make a wish that can outlive me, in case I die." When he opened his eyes, tears slipped down his cheeks again. "I wish Bruce Wayne's son, Jason Todd, was alive."
Kyubey's round red eyes seemed to shimmer in the darkness, and the twin gold rings that encircled their longer set of ears started to glow brightly even as Tim's vision finally faded into blackness. As his consciousness slipped away, he heard Kyubey's voice, as if it was very far away.
"As you wish."
聽 "Dinner was great, Alfred. Thank you." Tim set down his fork and watched as the kind old butler retrieved his dirty dishes.
"Will you be heading out with Master Bruce this evening?"
Tim got to his feet and placed the cloth napkin that had been on his lap onto the table, though he fidgeted with it a little before finally letting it go. "'Fraid not. B wants me to stay in and 'do my homework'."
Alfred gave him a knowing compassionate look. "I see. Well, if you want to take your dessert upstairs to have while you work on your homework, I'll allow it for tonight. If you need anything else, I'll be in the Cave on comms tonight..
"Thanks Alfred," Tim said with a smile and a quick side-hug. "You're the best!"
Tim made his way upstairs with a small plate of cheesecake topped with strawberries. Once in his bedroom, he closed the door behind him with a sigh.
"Bruce isn't letting you patrol again tonight?"聽
The teenager glanced over and watched as Kyubey unwound itself from the fluffy white ball it normally curled into while it napped on Tim's pillow. Tim couldn't help the fond smile as his little friend stretched leisurely and indulged in a wide mouthed yawn.聽
"Nope. He's still got his cape in a twist over Jason's whole empty grave thing." Tim shook his head before making his way to the window seat and making himself comfortable. "I think he just wants to make sure I don't wander off either, but it's still annoying! It's been nearly a month and B still won't let me go on any solo patrols."聽
"Well, look at the bright side. Now you can get a full night of sleep and wake up early to go Witch hunting before school."
"I suppose."
Tim and his sullen mood weren't alone for long at the window before Kyubey leapt gracefully from the bed to his shoulder. The startled expression on Tim's face lasted only a second before it melted into one of amusement as Kyubey headbutted him affectionately against the cheek. Once they'd managed to wring a chuckle out of the boy, Kyubey hopped down to the window seat where Tim had placed the cheesecake and began sniffing at the selection. Tim watched as his friend picked up the reddest strawberry it could find and popped that into its mouth first, eating it with obvious relish. Then he looked out the window and thought back about the night he became a Magicka Knight, about the moment he set foot back in the cave after defeating his first Witch and claiming his first Grief Seed.
聽 "Where have you been?!"聽
Batman had stormed up to him the moment Robin pulled up on his motorcycle into the Cave. Tim froze the moment he saw his mentor barrelling toward him. "You're back already?"
"The Joker gas was a false alarm," Bruce said as he pushed back his cowl and grabbed Tim by his upper arms, Tim was startled by the frantic way Bruce's eyes were darting over him. "Where were you?! Barbara sent you to investigate a Hatter sighting, then you didn't check in for hours! It's nearly sunrise. Where have you been?!"
Tim swallowed hard. "I... I got lured into a maze trap by Hatter," he admitted quietly. "The place had some weird interference so my comms were scrambled. Hatter got away and it took me forever to find my way out. I'm sorry."
"Are you hurt?"
Tim shook his head. "I'm fine B. Just... tired. It... was a really long night."
After another long moment of Bruce looking over him, the older man finally seemed to relax. He released his hold on Tim's arms and raked his fingers through his cowl-mussed hair. "Please don't go running off like that ever again, Tim. If anything had happened to you--"
"I know," Tim murmured, his eyes focused on the floor even as he wrapped his arms about himself tightly. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."
"Master Bruce?"
Both Bruce and TIm turned to see a shaken Alfred coming toward them with a phone in hand.聽
"What's wrong?"
"Commissioner Gordon is on the line."
Bruce and Tim shared a confused look. "Why is he calling at this hour?"
Alfred swallowed hard. "He needs 'Bruce Wayne' to come to the precinct as soon as possible. There's been a robbery."
"I don't under--"
"Someone broke into Gotham Cemetery tonight. They stole Master Jason's body."
As Bruce immediately went after Alfred as the old man gave him the phone, Tim stood in the Cave in shock before daring to glance at Kyubey, who had materialized at his heels.聽
"My wish... It really came true?"
Kyubey curled their tail around Tim's legs in a comforting gesture. "Of course it did. We made a contract."
聽 "I wonder where Jason is," Tim mused aloud as he continued to stare out the window. "I thought he would've come straight home. Bruce has looked everywhere. I've looked everywhere..." He looked at Kyubey who had taken a delicate bite of the cheesecake itself. "Do you have any idea where he went after I made my wish?"
Kyubey looked up at Tim, a curious tilt to their head as they stared back at him with their round red eyes. "I was with you in the Labyrinth when the wish was made," they said matter-of-factly.
Tim shrugged. "Yeah. I know... I guess I was just hoping... Well, I hope he's alright, wherever he is."聽
Quietly, Tim studied the new silver ring encircling the ring finger of his right hand as well as the green alchemical symbol of Mercury that was now on his fingernail. The small emerald gem inlaid within the ring itself shimmered with magic. With a smooth motion, Tim turned his palm up and the ring morphed before his eyes into a brilliant green gem encased in an intricate cage of gold, just like a faberge egg.聽
His Soul Gem. The source of his power as a Magicka Knight.
For several minutes there was nothing but a comfortable silence as Tim watched the swirling glow of his Soul Gem and Kyubey ate their fill. Once the plate was empty and their paws and muzzle were thoroughly cleaned, Kyubey trotted onto Tim's lap and laid down comfortably. Unconsciously, Tim began to stroke Kyubey's soft whilte fur with his free hand.聽
"I just hope Jason comes home soon," Tim said as he finally put his Soul Gem away, turning it back into his ring. "That way, he and Bruce can reunite, they can be a family again, and I can step away from being Robin so I can devote myself to being a Magicka Knight instead."
"In the meantime, it's not so bad for you to be both Robin and a Magicka Knight," Kyubey mused. When Tim glanced down at them, they continued. "You have to admit that nearly every night you go out on patrol as Robin, you stumble upon one or two Labyrinths. Even if we can't get to them immediately to flush out the Witch, at least we know where they are for later!"
Tim grinned. "Yeah. I guess there is a silver lining there." Impulsively, he picked up Kyubey and gathered them into a gentle hug. "Thanks for staying with me."
Kyubey nuzzled the underside of Tim's jawline. "Of course I'm staying with you. You're my Magicka Knight. We're in this together." Kyubey flicked their short pointy ears cutely. "Besides, it's not like Bruce or anyone else can separate us. You're the only one here that can see and hear me."
"I'm glad," Tim said. "It's nice to not be alone all the time." He smiled gratefully at Kyubey. "And it makes being grounded by Bruce easier to swallow when I've got you for company."
Then he glanced back out the window at the dark outlines of Gotham City's skyline when the appearance of the Bat-signal lit up the night sky above it. "Still--" he mused. "I really hope Jason shows up soon. I can't wait to meet him."
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teeeentitaaans2 days ago
Who would be Uncle Scrooge in Ducktales AU? 馃憖
Bruce! Bruce Wayne will play Scrooge McDuck in this AU!
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teeeentitaaans2 days ago
I saw that post about Damian's family making jokes about Damian being Batkid. But鈥
What if it happens while the JL are at a dinner over at Wayne Manor?
'Yeah, well, if Dick can do a quadruple flip, then Damian's Bat Kid!'
The table goes silent
Then, out of nowhere Oliver starts laughing
Clark joins after him, almost falling out of his chair
Hal does fall out of his chair
Arthur snorts so hard it looks painful
Diana is trying really hard not to laugh, she has a hand over her mouth to suppress her giggle
Barry is sat next to Damian, and he values his life.. he settles for an awkward laugh
The family is so confused as to why their laughing so hard, but they just roll with it
Damian, however, is not rolling with it
He's glaring at every single person at the table..
..except Barry, he gets a pass
Later on, after Dick proves he can do a quadruple flip, Bat Kid would hit the streets of Gotham
And if the Justice League went home a little more bruised then normal...
...well, that's nobodys business
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finch-lad2 days ago
Au where when you kill somebody you can shift your form to look like them.
After Joker kills Jason he鈥檚 able to shift into Jason while he was Robin because he never know Jason out of Robin, but Jason doesn鈥檛 know this and thinks Joker has been torturing Bruce with his form (he has been) so he鈥檚 afraid to go back and have Bruce thinks it鈥檚 joker so he stays to train with Talia.
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growingupgotham3 days ago
As I haven鈥檛 said it yet: Happy Pride to my gals, gays, and theys! The people of Gotham are here, queer, and we鈥檙e not going anywhere!
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analviel3 days ago
The social media au in AO3 doesn't have a filter yet?!!!
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shyestofhearts3 days ago
Imagine in the Alien Batkids AU, the batkids meeting Garfield/Beastboy and thinking hes also an alient on their first meeting
They absolutely would think so at first
Because of his ability to do things other humans can't
And so when he tells him he's human at first they don't believe him and assume he was adopted by a human from a young age and thinks he's one of them
And then he explains further and they're just "ohh"
Either way Damian is attached to him immediately because animals
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theblindgoddess3 days ago
Have a DC/Batman FMA au idea I might talk about, anyone wanna hear about it.
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shyestofhearts4 days ago
An offer for the random age AU
Funny scenario where when Jon and Damian were young, Jon was in puppy love with Damian and declared that they would be together forever.
As they grow, the younger kids somehow f9und out about this declaration and end up thinking the two are dating/engaged/married
Cue shenanigans
LMAOOO (quick reminder that Cass is the eldest in this au and Damian is the second eldest)
Cass thought it was cute the day Jon declared he and Damian would be together forever
She was glad her younger brother had a friend who was so loyal
They don't think about it much after that as they grow because Jon is always with Damian just like he promised
Then the younger kids find a picture from that day and ask Cass about it
And she tells them about the promise Jon made
The siblings all begin to refer to Jon as their soon-to-be brother-in-law (well, the siblings who like the thought of that)
Damian is confused
At one point someone asks him where his engagement ring is
Then asks if Jon is saving up for one
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