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#batfam quotes

tim: so i finished all our cases, all the titans write ups and cases, and i started on the justice league finalizations just for the hell of it

bruce: what- why are you? how did you?

jason: he’s been playing crab rave on max base repeatedly for 29 hours straight in the batcave

tim: i have ascended, no mortal knows my bounds. i AM the rave

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tim: guys i think he’s our suspect. he didn’t pass the vibe check

bruce : red robin i’m begging you to stop using “vibe checks” to identify suspects

jason : looks like you don’t pass the vibe check either, b. not with that attitude anyway.

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Back when Dick was Robin and had just gone on his first mission with the New Teen Titans, none of which were trained:

Dick: Honestly, I was glad you showed up.

Bruce: Really?

Dick: You wouldn’t believe it, honestly. I had a plan, they didn’t do any of it. They didn’t listen to a single word I said

Bruce: Seriously?

Dick: Seriously.

Bruce: Like it went in one ear and came out the other?

Dick: Right out the other

Bruce: And it seems to be, based on what you’re telling me, that you’re trying to help them.

Dick: Yes! I’m just trying to help them!!

Bruce: That must be frustrating, and even a little annoying…

Dick: A lot annoying, they’re going to get themselves killed.

Bruce: …

Dick: Oh

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Bruce: I don't have favorites.
Dick: Then how come Duke has an allowance?
Tim: Duke gets an allowance? How come I never got one?
Damian: Because you're rich too, genius.
Steph: How come I didn't get an allowance?
Dick: Do you even live here?
Jason: He gets an allowance? I had to pay to be here!
Alfred: That was a swear jar, there is a difference.
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Jason: can I have your attention please? I have an announcement! I’d just like you to know that I have stuck ALL my weapons up my ass, so anyone who wants to try stealing them, I hope you like HPV!












Every other superhero:

Tim: actually you know what? I’m not surprised

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<p>: <b>Jason:</b> I have a great idea!<p/><b>Dick:</b> Jason, you're last idea was murder. I'm pretty sure that doesn't qualify as 'great'.<p/><b>Jason:</b> Well this idea is way better than that one.<p/><b>Dick:</b> *sighs* Okay, what is it?<p/><b>Jason:</b> *spreads hands dramatically* Homicide.<p/><b>Dick:</b> Jason,that's the same thing as murder.<p/><b>Jason:</b> Yeah, but this way it sounds cooler.<p/><b>Dick:</b> Not really.<p/></p>
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Tim: “So we have to fight each other, got it. Can we use our weapons?”

Generic Bad Guy: “You may use any weapon you desire.”

Tim: “Any weapon?”

Generic Bad Guy: “That is what I said.”

Tim: “…can I have a lightsaber?”


Kon, watching Tim swing a lightsaber around: “You know, you don’t have to make the noises.”

Tim, having the time of his life: “Yeah, I do.”

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