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#batfam x reader
77uchiha77 · 3 years ago
Batboys as Youtubers Headcanons
Request: Not requested
Summary: Like the title says, Batboys as Youtubers
Note/Warnings: I got this idea while I was reading a @jaybirdxarsenal headcanon. Enjoy!
Permanent Taglist:  @softkomorebi
Dick Grayson
Intro: “hEyO, Grayson here!” *flashes award winning smile*
The Overenthusiastic youtuber
Everyone still loves him
Posts a lot of D.i.y videos
Posts twice as much gymnastic videos
HAs SoooOoooo many fan girls omg
Vlogs once in a while, during the whole vlog all you hear is chaotic noises and loud speaking in the background
Jason probably walks in Dick’s room when he’s in the middle of recording, purposely leaving the door open
“Jason can you close the door.”
Jason just laughs leaving the room
Jason Todd
Intro: hEY fuckers, it’s Jason.
Mukbangs + Storytimes
Not that active on youtube but somehow stills has a huge following
Most blunt Q&As
“ @Jayisdaddy365 said Fuck me with your gun.”
“you guys need help.”
“Yeah, this book was fucking trash.”
Tumblr media
Tim Drake
Intro: iT’s yEEEEE BOY TIM!
gETS sponsored by Red Bull
Has 2 channels with a MASSIVE following
A gaming Channel
and a channel for random shit like
“How to get straight A’s with minimal effort and sleeping in class” 
“Saying Logan Paul 100,000 Times.”
Gaming room tour
has freaking LED lights everywhere
His room is such an aesthetic
Became the Youtube brand endorser of Reese’s Puff
Even recorded a commercial
Became a living meme
The internet won’t let him live it down
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne
Honestly, Damian’s intro would probably be bland as shit which just makes it even funnier
Intro: “Hello...”
Outrageous storytimes
shows off his animals
POst things like:
“Five Reasons to go Vegetarian.”
“Why I Hate People.”
“5 Reasons Why People Don't Like You”
Drawing Tutorials
Has Grandmas commenting on his videos about how he’s so cute ^_^
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jay-todds-bae · 2 years ago
Bruce: Good morning.
Damian: Good morning.
Dick: Good morning.
(Y/N): You all sound like robots, "Good morning, good morning" spice it up a bit!
Jason: Hey, motherfuckers!
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ellana-ravenwood · 2 years ago
The first time they called you “mom” - Batmom x Batboys
Tumblr media
I...Did not plan on writing this. But today, I wanted to reply to some asks about the Batfam (more particularly about Batmom), and um...Well I got so carried away on the very first question I tried to reply to, that I ended up writing a full fic about it and I guess I’ll answer other asks later ^^'. So anyway, here we go, the title is pretty self-explanatory, hope you’ll like it :
My masterlist blog : @ella-ravenwood-archives
“And here we go Dickie. Now, you’re a true pirate.”
You say, as you adjust an oversized tricorn on the boy’s head. He moves a bit too quickly to peak at his look in a mirror, and the hat falls back on his forehead. And oh it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, him turning back to you and trying to look at you from below it. 
Once again, you place the tricorn back as best you can, smoothing the huge peacock feather planted on its side while you’re at it. You hold it in place for a few seconds to make sure it won’t fall again, trying to figure out a way to balance it on his ears, and say : 
“We really need to get you a hat your size...This one is way too big, it’ll get in the way if you have to fight for the treasure !”
He looks at you with sparkling eyes...Well, with one sparkling eye. A “true pirate” obviously wears an eye-patch ! He looks at you with that one, bright blue sparkling eye, and with the deepest voice his little nine years old vocal cords can muster, he says : 
“Arrrr, a simple hat won’t get in the way of me getting my treasure ! I’ll throw it at the ruffian who wants to steal my gold from me, distract them, and then I’ll...make them fall on their butt ! ”
You chuckle and shake your head, utterly charmed, once again, by this little boy. Really, how could you resist such a sweet smile ? His cuteness emphasized by the fact that he just lost a few of his front teeth. 
“That’s a very nice technique little one ! Show me how you’d do it !” 
He jumps a bit in the air out of excitement, and takes a few steps back from you. Harboring a fighting stance, he unsheathed the wooden rapier you made for him, and the gesture makes the hat immediately fall on his eyes again...But he takes hold of it with his hand that isn’t holding his sword, and throws it at an imaginary enemy. 
He then stabs the air, yells a very piratey “Aaarrrrr” and tackle his made-up opponent fiercely. Getting back up on his feet, he takes his hat again and put it on his head and say, proudly, looking at the empty spot in front of him : 
“Stay on your butt, you miscreant ! Captain Grayson wins again !” 
But as he takes his victory pose, the tricorn falls on his eyes again, kinda ruining the moment. He turns to you, lifting it up and says : 
“...Maybe I need a smaller one.” 
You chuckle as he comes to you a bit pitifully, hat in hands. But then in a matter of seconds a smile is back on his face and he says : 
“Hey, this can be yours instead ! My second in command needs a fancy pirate hat ! This would look great on you !”
He puts the hat on your head, it fits. And his sweet smile widens. He mouth the word “perfect”, as you say, a bit mischievously :  
“Oh ? I’m your second in command ? You sure you wanna give me that much responsibilities ? What if I commit mutiny ?”
“Oh you would never !” 
“How can you be so sure ?” 
“I just know you wouldn’t !” 
“But what if I want all the gold for me ?” 
“Nah, you’re not like that ! You don’t care about rich people things ! I know because you say no to a lot of things Bruce wanna give ya ! Now, if you were Miss Kyle I’d be a bit worried. Because she would definitely try to steal the treasure for herself. She likes fancy things ! Nothing wrong with that of course, I like fancy things too ! But I wouldn’t make her my second in command...but you’re you, not her !” 
Your smile falls from your face immediately. Ugh. This is so ridiculous. You don’t want to act like that, jealousy really doesn’t look good on you (though Bruce would argue that you look cute, when jealous).
Selina Kyle is such an extraordinary woman that you can’t help but compare yourself to her, wondering why Bruce ended up choosing you. You and him had been together for a while now, but from time to time, your insecurities would surge again. In the worst moments possible. 
Like right now, as you were having fun with Dickie. 
You force a smile back on your face as the boy comes to sit next to you. He looks deep in thoughts before turning back to you and saying : 
“She’s pretty. Miss Kyle.”
“She is pretty.”
“You’re prettier.”
Oh. Oh that dear boy. You felt a bit silly that even an eight year old noticed you were bummed out by just him mentioning her name, and that he felt obligated to cheer you up. You ruffle his hair and say : 
“You’re too sweet.”
“For real ! Only saying what I think...Plus you’re nicer.”
“Selina is very nice.”
It’s true. Selina was really nice. When she realized Bruce was totally head over heels for you, and that you were a bit insecure...She completely stepped down. And started to actually flirt with you, definitely boosting your ego (I wrote a fic about that, now I can’t link it because if I do it this won’t appear in the search since Tumblr “killed” links, but you can find on the Batmom’s master list, it’s called “Insecurities schmunsecurities”.)
She actually became a close friend of yours, over the month. She was a very supportive one at that, which made you feel even guiltier that from times to times, you found yourself jealous of her. Or afraid Bruce will realize the mistake he made and go back to her, leaving you (you will realize overtime that this will never happen, that this is a ridiculous thought, Bruce being too deep in love with you). 
You hate the fact you think those things, but you can’t help it. You can’t get over all your insecurities in a matter of seconds. It’ll take years, for you to finally see things for what they are...That Selina moved on and is only friend with Bruce now. That she would never even think of trying to steal Bruce away, because that’s not who she is. That Bruce doesn’t see her as anything else but as a good friend. That he’s in love with you, and only sees you. 
Yes...It’ll take time for you to get over all this confidence issues and...Dick’s voice takes you out of your thoughts :
“Oh yes yes. She’s nice. But she to say ? She’s cool. And was never mean to me. But I don’t think she cared that much about me.”
“Aw sweety, I’m sure she likes you.”
“I know she does. She thinks I’m cute”
You can’t help but chuckle at the kid’s confidence. Haha, maybe you should take his example ? Dick continues : 
“But she doesn’ Not like you at least. She cared a lot about Bruce, but she just kinda liked me, you know ? While you...You like, took Bruce and I in the same package ? She likes me, but she had no intention to be to me what you and Bruce are. You know ?”
“What do you mean ?”
You ask, smoothing the tricorn’s feather absentmindedly. On that very moment, you didn’t quite realize what the kid was getting at...His next words make your heart race with joy : 
“ a mom and dad ?”
He says shyly, looking up to you before avoiding your gaze. 
Silence fills the room. You want to say something, but you’re too touched and every words die in your tied throat. You’re trying very hard not to cry, in fact. But the silence stretches and Dick wiggles nervously next to you. 
Finally, he talks first, and his shaky voice breaks your heart :
“Am I a terrible son ?”
“What ?”
Is the only stupid thing you can say.
“My mommy and daddy died only a year ago. And I miss them so much. Every day. But it’s getting easier ? Because you and Bruce are here ? Sometimes I almost call you...Sometimes I...wanna call you and Bruce...I want to...I...”
Tears are welling up in the boy’s eyes, and you could slap yourself for still being unable to say anything. Because what he’s saying ? You’re feeling it deep inside your bones. Your heart. Your entire being. 
You don’t know when it happened exactly, but you’ve been considering him your son for a while now. You know you’d do anything for him. And hearing him say that he considers you his...his...That he wants to call you...It’s too much for your heart. And you can’t say anything. 
But you can do something. You reach for him, remove his eye patch to truly take a good look at him and...You bring him in your arms, holding him tight against your heart, so he can hear how happy it made you that he...that he...
Later. Later you’d tell him that you knew for sure his parents wouldn’t mind if he called you and Bruce “mom and dad”. That his parents would forever be that, his parents. And because of this, they would want for him to be happy. To move on and not get stuck (like a certain Dark Knight). 
That he wasn’t a terrible son for only remembering the good times with them. That he wasn’t a terrible son if he didn’t always go see them and their graves. That he wasn’t a terrible son if he found a family again...
Later. Later you’d tell him all that. 
For now, you just held him tight against your heart, hugging him with all the love you could give. And in a whisper, holding onto you for dear life, he says : 
"Aaaaaaaaaaaare you gonna take me home tonight? Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, down beside that red fir’light Aaaaaaaaaaaaare you gonna let it all hang out? Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go 'round”
Your voice mixes with Jason’s, as you skid down the floor in Wayne manor, wearing socks (they slide really well on the wooden parquet) and pajamas.
Jason is holding an oversized bowl filled with sugary junk food. Ice cream, popcorn, candies, loads of sprinkles ! And you’re using a whipped cream canister as a mic...Those things are probably what got you both on a very big sugar high ! 
This morning, Jason had a mild fever. A certain Bruce kinda freaked out and allowed him to stay home instead of going to school...Which fell perfectly well with your one day off this week ! 
Jason got over his fever before lunch time, and was getting bored. 
Enter you, with a stereo on your shoulder, blasting Queen. The boy jumped on his feet, abandoning the animated show he was watching to follow you into the kitchen, overly excited. You always came up with great and fun activities ! 
You guys started to mix every single dessert that were available in the Manor in a big mixing bowl, singing the lines of “Don’t stop me now, ‘Cause I’m having a gooood time, having a good tiiiime” to Alfred as he pointed out all of that wasn’t very healthy...The butler gave up quickly, seeing how Jason and you seemed to be beaming with joy. 
With a fond smile on his face he left the two of you alone saying a quick “clean after yourself please”, and ignored the fact that young Master Jason was climbing on the kitchen counter and was air guitaring the solo of the song, walking in and spreading sprinkles EVERYWHERE. 
And now, a few minutes later, you were dancing all around the mansion, holding your huge bowl of desserts and a whipped cream canister. 
Jason was standing on the living room’s coffee table, opening his mouth as you filled it with whipped cream, while you continued to sing : 
“Hey I was just a skinny lad -you  point at Jason, who takes a huge spoonful of ice cream - Never knew no good from bad But I knew life before I left my nursery, huh Left alone with big fat Fanny She was such a naughty nanny Heap big woman, you made a bad boy out of me Hey hey!”
You’re aware the song is a bit inappropriate for an eight years old boy...But he doesn’t really understand the lyrics and the tune is so catchy that you couldn’t care less. Plus it’s too cute to see how he wiggles his little butt to the rhythm. That kid really knew how to dance. 
You’re sliding down the corridors now. Your slippers had been discarded somewhere in the house a while ago, so you could slide properly all around the wooden and marble floors. 
Jason dances happily following after you, the huge boom box on your shoulder not hindering any of your movements. 
He takes a spoonful of dessert and puts it in your mouth, a wide smile spread on his face as he misses on purpose and spread ice cream all over your chin. 
You laugh and stick your tongue out to him, as the song continues : 
“I've been singing with my band Across the wire, across the land I seen every blue eyed floozy on the way, hey But their beauty and their style Went kind of smooth after a while Take me to them dirty ladies every time”
Yes. Lyrics definitely not appropriate. But Jason is having too much fun to realize what any of this is about. Plus he’s still such a pure and innocent little boy, you know he has no idea what most of this means. 
You’re in the house’s main hall now, where the acoustic is the best, and you both sings your lungs out. You settle the boombox on the floor, and spray a large amount of whip cream in your mouth before giving some more to Jason. 
Putting away dessert and canister, you take his hands and start jumping around the room. Just for the happy face the kid makes, all this is worth it. 
“C'mon! Oh, won't you take me home tonight? Oh, down beside your red firelight Oh, and you give it all you got Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round”
Jason is definitely not sick anymore, and his giggles fill the house. You chase after him all around the main hall, and when you finally catch up to him he burst into a loud laughter, drowning the rest of the song with it. 
It’s contagious, as you start to crack up too, unable to stop. It’s only when the song comes to an end and the CD does too with it, the music stopping altogether, that your laughter subsides. 
Jason frowns and, turning to you, exclaims : 
“Again mom, please please, again !”
On the moment, neither of you even realize he just called you “mom”. It felt THAT natural. THAT normal. He had been in your life for months now, and this was just the definite next step to take. 
Later on, it’ll finally hit you and you’ll give him the biggest hug of them all. And for him ? Well he always wanted a caring mother, but wasn’t gifted with one at birth...So your existence was truly salvation. 
But that would come later. For now, you didn’t even notice him calling you “mom”, and he didn’t even realize he called you that, as you turned the music back on and were both dancing around the manor again, eating way too much dessert. Oh well, you’d worry about bellyaches later ! 
Cassandra didn’t speak. Couldn’t speak. 
When she needed to communicate, she’d mainly use sign language. 
She wasn’t mute. She could make sounds, use her voice. 
But she...never really learned to talk. Her biological father raised her to be the ultimate weapon, and cut her out of any social contact to try to achieve this. 
The only encounters with other people she had, was to fight...Which resulted in her being unable to speak. 
Bruce brought her home two years ago. 
And those two years were filled with a big personal journey for Cassandra. 
She communicated through vague hand gestures and drawing, at first. Then eventually learned sign language. You and Bruce spend hours and hours with her and videos, teaching it to her, as she still seemed to be unable to speak. As if something stopped her from doing so...
She learned how to interact with other people, without fighting or killing. 
She...She learned to know that she was worthy. That redemption was attainable. That it wasn’t her fault. 
Bruce was sweet, with Cassandra. More delicate than with his sons. Maybe it was because she was a girl, maybe it was because she was more broken than any of them (at the time, Damian wasn’t in your life yet). More forgiving, too, as even after he discovered her past and the fact she started to kill when she was barely eight, he didn’t give up on her. On the contrary.
He actually settled to teach her his own values. No kill. Justice. All that. And she listened. Eagerly. Abiding by his rules willingly, understanding the worth of all lives. Slowly getting over what the man who called himself his father taught her, over all this pain and misery she went through since she was born. 
And you ? Well you, you made it your mission to teach her about anything and everything. To show her the World, the one she was deprived of all those years. 
You started things slow and easy, as to not overwhelm her. 
You showed her your favorite movies and TV shows. Put on some music and talked about your favorite bands. You talked and talked and talked, hoping that maybe she’d copy you at some point ? Try to make a sound ? 
But she only listened. Eagerly. However no words came out of her mouth. 
Eventually, you moved on to things you didn’t particularly like music, movie or book wise, because you wanted her to experience “everything”. To catch up. 
She seemed to like it, so you kept going. She liked movies you hated, and vice versa. She was forming her own personality, and wasn’t trying to copy you, or to agree to everything you said. You made sure she knew it was safe to be herself, when she was with you (and with the rest of the fam). It was good. 
After a while, you took her with you on outings in Gotham. She only ever saw the city from the roofs, as she roamed them looking for her targets.  
It was such a joy, to see her eyes go wide at the sight of some shops. Or to touch trees, lost in her thoughts. Looking at ducks on the pond. Being overly excited about giving bread to said ducks. 
She became a big fan of hot dogs, and whenever she saw a cart would point at it excitedly and smile at you. You could never resist, even if Alfred would scold you afterward because you guys ate right before lunch time. 
You went to see movies at the cinema with her, took her to concerts. You took her to the mall, thinking maybe she’ll like clothes and such...And she did. Albeit not exactly what people would think. She took a liking to the “punk subculture”. And to be honest, ripped jeans, spiked necklaces, platform shoes and such fitted her perfectly. 
She went through multiple hair color phase, and each time, you supported her and dyed her hair however she liked. Because in your opinion, a teen should go through those phases !
But she still wasn’t speaking. 
Two years. Two years of you helping her discovering the world, while Bruce taught her his principles. Two years of sign language, and slowly learning she wasn’t a bad person. 
Two years. But not one word. 
You were still hopeful though. She made such progress, since she first arrived. You kept all her drawings, when she was communicating only with those, and...It broke your heart, how her first drawings always represented her as if she was the worst person in the world. 
When she met you and Bruce, saw your life, she blamed herself for so much. Both you and your husband reassured her though. She knew her past actions were wrong, which was more than most even realized ! Plus, it wasn’t her fault. It was all her “father”. All the man who turned her in a weapon. 
Because when she was finally given the choice to “repent”, she took it without hesitation. She followed Bruce. She left behind all this pain and violence to start a new life. 
Two years. For two years she followed that path. And she was great at it. You were convinced this kid was a deep empath...She cared a lot. 
But she still didn’t speak. 
You didn’t intend on giving up though. You knew one day or another she’ll find the strength to talk. But the healing process to come back from this past life of hers was long and laborious. 
She couldn't be fixed in two seconds. She needed time. So in the meantime, you’d settle on showing her everything you knew, helping her experience the “real” world. 
You were showing her one of your favorite TV show, “Gilmore Girls” when it happened. The show was mainly focused around the deep bond between a mother and her daughter, which in retrospect...Well, it made sense that it happened when you were watching this. 
You were starting the third season when...
At first, you didn’t quite register what had just happened. You were so used to her silence. In your head, it wasn’t possible that this sound you just heard came from her. 
“Mom ?” 
But it did. The main character from the show, Lorelai, was having one of her most famous quirky moments, it was one of your favorite scene slowly turned towards your daughter. Your daughter ? Um ? When did you start to consider her as such ? 
The first day she entered your life, a little voice answered in the back of your head. And it was true. Cassandra became “yours” as soon as she sat foot in the batcave, with her lost little eyes and inability to properly communicate. 
She says again, pointing at the TV. At Lorelai, the main character and the “mom” of the show. You were so shocked, that you could only nod. 
Yes. Mom. 
Cassandra smiled, apparently satisfied of your reaction. She pointed at the screen again, and said : 
You nodded again. Yes. Yes Lorelai was a good mother. She turned back to you, pointed at you this time and said : 
You ? 
Better ? Uh ? 
“You. -she pointed at herself - My -she was pointing at you Yes ?” 
Your heart stopped. You felt like you were dying. Those few words...Those few words overwhelmed you. 
Two years. Two years Cassandra stayed silent, occasionally interacting through sign language, but mostly listening. Smiling, nodding, being curious...
Two years of silence. 
And when Cassandra finally found her voice. When she was finally able to speak...
“Yes Cassie. Yes. Your mom. Yours. I’m...” 
You said, chocking on your own voice, barely audible, as you brought her into a hug. 
“You. The one. Cannot speak now.” 
Cassandra says, amusement in her voice. And it’s true, this time...this time you’re the one struggling to get any words out. 
Two years of silence finally broken, as your daughter found her voice. 
“You. My mom.” 
You were so, so, so so so so so SO proud. 
Tears filled your eyes, as you saw him on the stage, holding proudly his trophy. 
Things were made even more beautiful because...This was a normal moment, in a normal kid’s life. This didn’t involve capes, too many coffees and hours of sleep spend on the computer instead of in a bed. 
This was all...Normal. 
Tim had been in yours and Bruce’s life for a few years now. At first, his parents were still alive so he still lived with them...but they never noticed when he was gone. Parents of the year right ? When they died, it seemed logical to adopt him as your own. 
He was such a smart boy, guessing at the mere age of eight who Batman really was, while no one else in Gotham seemed to have a clue. 
But because he was so damn intelligent, his life...His life really hadn’t been normal. All of your kids’ life wasn’t quite normal, but you somehow always managed to give them a semblance of normality. By playing with them, by being silly with them etc etc. 
But Tim ? Well. Tim was too focused. Tim never quite really acted like a normal boy. He reminded you a lot of Bruce, but Bruce was a grown ass man now. And even him, according to Alfred, had his moments of being a kid even after his parents’ death. He also lived eight blissful years being the most spoiled child in the World...
But Tim ? Tim never acted like a boy his age. Sure, he played sometimes. And he joined in on Disney movie night. He would accept your cuddles and affectionate hair ruffling any time. He loved when you read him a bed time story...But those moments were so rare ! 
So here, right now, at his school’s science fair...You were just incredibly proud and happy. Because it just felt like he was a normal kiddo. 
Still smart as hell, sure, but that he had “normal” worries. 
That very same morning, he was so stressed and scared of not winning the fair. That his experience wouldn’t work. That he’d be ridiculous. 
He had “normal” kid of his age worries ! Albeit, you wished he didn’t had any worries at all, but it was nice to see him act just like all the other ten years old at the fair. 
It was also nice to see he had many friends at his school. That he wasn’t a loner, that he didn’t isolate himself like he sometimes did at home. 
If you didn’t go look for Tim to spend time with him, he would get lost in his work and never come out of his room. Forgetting to sleep and eat. He was way too dedicated...Well. Again. He reminded you a lot of Bruce. 
But here he was, being a normal boy, proud to present his work at a normal science fair. 
Of course, you and Bruce came to see him. And he seemed so happy, when he saw you coming in the room. 
It kinda broke your heart, that he wasn’t sure if you would come or not. He did reserve you some seats though, in the front. 
“I’m not sure I’ll win, I probably won’t but...I’m glad you came !”  
You saw him worked on his project for the past six months, and it was amazing. Maybe it’s because he was your son but you were sure he’d win.
Wait. Your son ? No question mark. 
Yes. Your son. 
He still called you and Bruce by your first name, but in your heart, he was your son. Yours. 
And oh, seeing him so proud and happy to show you his work, and to introduce you to his was such a joy ! 
Plus, it was so rare to hear him blabber about normal subject. It made your heart beat with happiness when he whispered in your hear that he had a crush on the girl whose project was just next to his. She was a “smart cookie”. 
You and Bruce teased him a bit about it, just enough so that he would still tell you things afterward and not be vexed or anything like that. 
He showed you around his school, and...He just talked so much ! It was great. 
And then...Then the day arrived to its end. 
He was sitting between you and Bruce, holding yours and Bruce’s hand tightly to his forehead as if to give him courage, waiting eagerly for the result of the contest and...His name. It’s his name they called. 
People applauded, but no one quite cheered him on as much as you and Bruce. You whistled, yelled “YAAAAY TIMMMMMYYY !!” while Bruce was telling to whoever was listening that it was “his son”.  
The boy climbed on the stage, and was handed his trophy. 
And oh you were so proud. And he looked so happy, so far from the dark world he lived in at times...Seeing him so happy, made you happy. 
Just like seeing him sad made you sad. He was your son. Your little boy. You wanted only the best for him, and sometimes it was so difficult to give it to him...
Not today though. No. Today, you were glad you encouraged him to take part in the science fair contest. Because oh he just looked so joyful ! 
The teacher asked him if he wanted to give a quick speech, and you got a bit worried. Tim was such an introvert, public speaking was definitely not something he enjoyed. 
And yet, yet he grabbed the mic excitedly and yelled : 
“Mom ! Dad ! I won ! Look ! Look I have a trophy !! Look it’s almost as big as me ! Look mom !! Look dad look !!” 
He was trotting all around the stage, under people’s fond laugh. Everyone was definitely thinking about how cute that little kid was ! And he was...yours ! 
No more first names. “Mom”. “Dad”. And he won. The trophy...The trophy was really almost as big as him (damn private school and their bling bling). 
You were an absolutely blubbering mess by the time he jumped down back to the seat and showed off proudly his trophy to you, calling you “mom” and “dad” repeatedly as if it was the most natural thing in the world. 
And it was. Because he was yours. Your little boy...
“Stop, stooooop ! I’m fine, I really am ! Oh my god unhand me now !!” 
Damian tried to wiggle out of your grasp, but you were holding onto him too tightly for him to be able to. Exasperated to the maximum, he yelled : 
This did the trick. You let go off him and just stared at him, shocked.
What did he just call you ? 
He looked at you and let out a nervous chuckle. He...He didn’t really mean to call you that. 
Or rather, he meant to do so for a long time, but never dared. Because what if you didn’t want to be his mom ? What if you didn’t want him as a son ? He wasn’t technically yours, after all. 
Now of course, none of your kids were technically yours, and yet you accepted all of them. But Damian...Damian was actually Bruce’s son. So he thought...He thought maybe you hated him for existing ? Even though he was conceived before you got with Bruce ? 
Damian was overthinking. And he never overthought. Not on such matters at least. Because you know what ? He was so sure he didn’t care about you, at first. So sure it didn’t matter if you didn’t like him, because you were just “the woman married to his father”. 
But then...Then he changed his mind. Because even though he wasn't yours, and even though he was really mean to you, you still treated him like you treated your other children. 
Even though he was a brat who insulted you many times...You never got mad at him. Sure, you got a bit snarky a few times, but just enough to make him realize he was being ridiculous, and yet not ridiculing him. 
You even stopped Bruce from getting mad at him (your husband had the tendency to always jump in to defend your honor, even if you could defend yourself just was actually rather cute, in the end). 
Instead, you just accepted him as he was. You withstand his tantrums, not batting an eye. You listened to his rant, without ever scolding him, but instead conversing with him. Trying to show him another point of view. 
Damian didn’t want to get attached to you...But it just kinda..Happened. 
He had been wanting to call you “mom” for a while, by now, but never dared. Because he was afraid you’d reject him, even if you shown nothing but understanding to him. He just...Well, he wasn’t sure his heart could bear your rejection. 
He never really had a real loving mother. Instead of good night kisses, his mother left him beaten half to death in his bed, left him to take care of himself. 
He never had bed time stories, but assassins send in the middle of the night to train him to be always vigilant. He never had cuddles, but punches. 
And sure, he had encouraging words, but they were all about him becoming ruthless and heartless, and one day ruling the world. Not about him being close to beating his high score in a video game ! 
No. He never had...Someone like you. A real mother...A mom. And he was afraid that if he finally called you “mom”, the spell would be broken. You would be weirded out, and things would change.
But tonight...Tonight as he came back to the bat cave, something snapped in him. That night, his intercom broke in a fight and you were worried sick that something might have happened to him as you had no news. 
And when he came back, and only had a few bruises and cuts...You just couldn’t hold yourself anymore. You were completely unaware of Damian’s inner turmoil about calling you “mom”, because for you...he was your son. 
He became your son that first time he finally warmed up to you, finally smiled at you and said “yes” to playing a simple board game with you. And you thought you made it clear enough that you considered him your son...But oh, to Damian, who wasn’t used to it, of course it would be scary. And of course he would be unsure if he understood things well or not. 
As soon as he came in the cave, and you saw he was unharmed, you rushed to him and took him in your arms. Making sure not to touch his bruises and cuts. 
And that’s when it happened.
That’s when Damian struggled against your hug because oh my god he was fine ok ?! No need to worry that much !! 
That’s when Damian said, in the most natural way ever, “mom”. Because of course...of course only a mother could be THAT worried about him. Right ? 
That night, something truly snapped inside him. Suddenly, everything made sense. Yes. Of course. 
“Really mom, I’m fine.” 
His siblings, his father and Alfred were all looking at him, a wide smile on their faces. His brothers and his sister remembering the day they themselves first called you “mom”. 
And you ? Well, you had one of your famous “burst of affection” all of a sudden, and grabbed onto your son, crying and saying : 
“My baby boyyyyyyyyyy !!”
It made Damian incredibly happy, those few words...Even as you were almost suffocating him under your hugs and kisses. 
I feel like I wrote a lot of stuffs talking about what Batmom means to those kids. Talking about how they feel about her and vice versa. But I realized I never wrote about that first time they called her...”mom”. If you want all the background infos about how everything came to be, go check my other “Batmom x Batkids” fics (especially the sad ones at the end of the list, if you know what I mean) :). Anyway I hope you liked this thing I wrote on the spur of the moment, and as usual, feedbacks and reblogs = LIFE. On that note, it’s very VERY late (again, I got carried away) so I’m off to bed. See ya soon !
PS : If you’re wondering why Duke does not appear, simple reason : while he’s a member of the Batfam and all, I don’t think he considers Bruce (and by extension Batmom) like a dad (and so mom). Bruce is definitely a mentor. And he takes care of him while his parents are “sick”...But Duke’s parents are still alive, and there will eventually be a cure for what they have. Know what I mean ? I feel like Duke is more like a “cousin”, a “nephew”, than a son. HOWEVER, to compensate the fact I didn’t write about him here...I’ll write an entire fic just about him and how he fits in the Batfam. Because I can. Bam.
PPS : Appreciate this cute Dick Grayson from Earth 42. Imagine him looking like this in the fic, but with a pirate costume. Cute lil Dickie. Also, his story was the longest out of all the Batboys because I realized he’s the one I made interact with Batmom the least. And Damian’s is the shortest one because I wrote a LOT of stuffs with him bonding with Batmom :). 
Tumblr media
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77uchiha77 · 3 years ago
Roast Sessions - Batfam x reader
Request: Headcanons for roasting with the bat family
This was low-key short but enjoy!
So it all started with everyone’s cringy roasts on each other
You had to say something because this was just too much headassery to handle right now
Then Tim decided to say a slick joke
Which was the perfect opportunity to just go in
“Why ride a roller coaster, when you can ride me”
“Cause roller coasters actually make me scream”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“THEY GOT ON YO ASS” was all that came out of Jason’s muffled laugh
Now this is where u got on everybody and became #hurtfulbae
“I know yo, back from the dead, head ass ain’t talkin” you responded catching him off guard
Tumblr media
Now facing a laughing Damian
“Don’t even get me started on yo batarang hairline lookin ass”
Tumblr media
Now it was Dick’s turn who was covering his mouth trying to laugh quietly
“I’d smash anyone and now I got an STD head ass”
Tumblr media
Alfred secretly recorded this roast session and replays it when he needs a good laugh
Bruce now feared you
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ellana-ravenwood · a year ago
“Can you be my dad’s girlfriend, please ?” - Bruce Wayne x Reader (x Batkids)
I was just thinking about the kids’ experience in school, being both part of the Wayne family and everything it brings AND a vigilante...and this story just came to be. I hope you will like it : 
Fair warning : this is very long. I hope you will not find it boring. The subject interested me, and I wanted to write a slow burn story for ages. And here we are.  
My master list : @ella-ravenwood-archives
Tumblr media
"Are you sure about this, Dick ?"
"Yeah, I am.”
The boy looked sure of himself alright, but Bruce couldn’t help and be a little worried, faced with the building’s decrepitude, and the general state of the neighborhood. Of course, he himself would never care about that, but this didn’t concern him per se.
It wasn’t about his safety, but Dick’s.
Bruce Wayne could wish to change Gotham all he wanted, do everything in his power to make living in this city better, and hope for progress...He wasn’t an idiot.
He knew his work just started, and that most of the city was still very much unsafe. And Dick went through so much already...
Was enrolling him in this school the right choice ?
“You know, Gotham Academy is currently the best rated school in the city ? And it’s closer to the Manor, not by much, but still...It’s also closer from Wayne Tower, just in case.”
Dick frowned, and Bruce could see that he was going to say something before he could truly think about it. His little ward was very impulsive, at times. And sure enough, Bruce was right, as Dick turned to him and started vehemently :
"It's full of phonies and not payed enough frustrated teachers who are mean to kids because they were born rich ! I mean, some of those kids totally deserve it, being phonies and all, but there’s many that are just normal nice kids with rich parents ! I can’t learn with a teacher who hates teaching. And the phonies are getting to me now, mocking me because I was in the circus...And it’s harder to fit in when you go home and are not in the boarding school part ? Most of them are in boarding school, and were jealous I could go home. And I don't care about the "prestige" everyone was always talking about. I don’t go to school to appear better than I am, I go there to learn !”
There’s a short silence, during which Bruce feels a pang of guilt in his heart.
Other kids were mocking him ? The teachers weren’t nice ? Why did Dick wait three months into the school year to tell him he wasn’t feeling well in that environment ? Was he not feeling comfortable enough around him yet ? It has only been six months since he started to live with him, after all..
Bruce tried his best to make him feel at home at the Manor, but it proved, at times, to be more difficult than anything he ever did in his life.
And this was coming from a man who went to train all over the world for years, enduring impossible trials after impossible trials. None of his training though, prepared him to raise a kid. Thanks god Alfred was always there to help him out when he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do.
And the more he thought of it, the more Bruce realized that putting Dick in the fanciest school of the City might not have been the best move...
“Do-Do you um, care about the prestige ?"
Dick asks, breaking the silence, looking up at Bruce shyly.
It was clear in the little boy’s eyes, he was very worried about what Bruce was thinking right now. And that the short silence after his passionate diatribe made him nervous. Because...Maybe Bruce would disagree with him ?
Maybe knowing the reason Dick wanted to change from private school to a "normal" public school in would make him angry ? Offend him ?
After all, Gotham Academy was very much like the school Bruce went to as a youngster (said school blew up a few years prior after an “accidental” gaz leak).
Looking at the boy’s almost panicked face, Bruce reassured him quickly :
"Of course not chum. I want you to be happy and feel comfortable in whatever school you choose. If you want to go to this one, then you're going to this one. I was just making sure everything was truly ok with you."
"Well it is ! I have friends here, people that came to-to the circus, you know ? Kids I met during intermissions and all that.  Back in the other school, people, and not just the kids, the teachers too, made fun of me because I was in a circus ! Always talking about how I probably was uneducated and all. Bruce, They kept saying I was a clown when I was an acrobat !"
Once again, Bruce felt his heart tightening in guilt and sadness. Three months. The kid waited THREE MONTHS, enduring mockeries and not feeling well, before saying something ! And he only said said something after Bruce kinda forced him to talk about his feelings...
Which had been a very laborious process. Dick was a stubborn child, and Bruce wasn’t really the best person when it came to the concept of “opening up”. Eventually though, he finally got an answer out of the kid.
It wasn’t going well at school, which is why he was being angrier and angrier, and lashed out even more often than when his...The subject of parents was sort of taboo, right now.
Nonetheless, Bruce observed a clear improvement in Dick’s mood and behavior over the Summer. Being with him made the boy more cheerful, and like his entire world still had some sense. Like he wasn’t all alone. When Bruce thought back to his own childhood, and the months after his parents’ death, he truly realized how much Alfred helped him go through everything.
And he wanted to be that person for Dick. It succeeded, as the boy opened up more and more, and was starting to smile again. Be snarky and sassy, too, which Bruce could definitely do without (or not).
When school started however, he went back to a morose like attitude and it didn’t take a genius to understand something must be up..
And here they were, in front of a completely normal school in the Otisburg District, Uptown Gotham. Not the worst neighborhood, most definitely not the best.  
Dick said he knew people that went to this school, and that’s why he chose it. And today was his first day. Even though he was a rather extroverted child, Bruce could tell he was nervous.
Made sense, it’s not easy, being the “new kid”.
Laying his hands on the boy’s shoulders, Bruce gave them a light squeeze he hoped felt reassuring, and said :
“Well, buddy. Should we go in ?”
This was one of the most stressful day of your life.
No. Second most stressful day. The worst one was most definitely about a week after you graduated college, all cheerful and happy about the prospect to start teaching ! You were riddled with enthusiasm and willingness to change the World, give kids a chance annnnnnnd...realized that day finding a teacher’s position where you wanted was difficult.
Because of sentimental reasons, you did not want to leave Gotham. This city had been your home all your life, and you just couldn’t envision yourself teaching anywhere else.
The city was big, but there wasn’t that many schools, in the end. Or at least, not enough teacher jobs available. None at all, in fact. Well, in the schools you wanted to work at.
There was work in the few private schools all around the city, but you didn’t want to be a teacher in such a place.
You grew up in a bad neighborhood of Gotham (which wasn’t telling much, since most neighborhood in Gotham were “bad” at the time), and you were certain that it was only thanks to the best sixth grade teacher you’ve ever had that you didn’t turn bad.
Out there, in the street of GC, it was so easy for kids from disadvantages families to fall into petty crimes. There wasn’t really a lot of prospect for those kids, with no money to continue their studies and nowhere to really go.
Eventually, a lot of petty crimes turn into organize crimes and...Well, you were sure that one of Gotham’s root problem was their bad public schools.
You swore to yourself that when you’d become an actual teacher and have your own class, you’d advocate a lot to the city council to have a bigger budget, and give a real chance to kids from the lower neighborhoods !
But right now, after three months of not being able to find any steady work in the area you wanted (only short subbing times), and almost accepting a position at Gotham Academy...You finally found a job (well, at least you think you did) and were waiting nervously in front of the principal’s office for him to give you a class !
You didn’t know yet which one you’d get, and it made you extremely nervous ! The entire ordeal was settled really fast, and just enhanced your stress because you had barely any time to prepare. And since you didn’t know which class you’d have, you prepared for any grade you could have in an elementary school (because yes, you were an elementary school teacher. You were sure that trying to lead kids the right way had to start from an early age, as so many of them, in Gotham, just quit school before the age of 15...).
The day before today, you received a call from a panicked principal in the Otisburg district, talking about one of his main teacher quitting after she got mugged for the 7th time that month (it was particularly hard for her because she was originally from Metropolis, so not used to all this violence...), and he was in desperate need to find someone to fill her spot ! The principal’s words particularly resonated within you, since she was saying that those kids, given their circumstances, couldn’t afford to miss a few days of school.
It could have terrible consequences. Which is why she called you (you remember perfectly well that principal, and couldn’t help, when she hung up the phone, to feel utterly giddy because...she was running one of the school you wanted to go the most to !).
But then you realized she didn’t tell you which class the quitting teacher had, or if the spot would be “regular” of if it was yet another subbing time for you...
And here you were, waiting in front of her door, stressing the hell out. And oh my god WHY did you came an hour earlier ?! It just enhanced your stress. 
Next to you, there was a trash can full of the espresso you got from the machine in the empty teachers’ room. All this caffeine running through your blood system surely didn’t help you relax.
You were about to take yet another walk around the school to try and release some tension when...
“Can we get ramen for dinner ?”
“I’m not against it chum, but I believe we’ll hurt Alfred’s feelings if we come back for the fourth night in a row with take away.”
“Oh. Right. Then maybe he can make ramen ?”
“I’m sure he’d learn for you.”
“Can you call him so he’ll do it for tonight ? I really want ramen. I miss it..”
“Dick, we ate ramen the past four nights.”
“But it’s so good ! Pleaaaaaase Bruce please please please ask hiiiiiim ?!”
“Alright alright alright. I’ll call him after the meeting ok ?”
“YES !”
Half-standing half-sitting, as you were about to leave for yet another walk, you noticed two persons coming your way, and caught a little part of their conversation.
A man and a boy, probably his son. The little one was jumping up in the air, fist bumping the nothingness, clearly happy about the prospect to eat “ramen”. As they both came closer to you, you realized that...
“Ah, mister Wayne ! I see you’re here too, Miss (Y/L/N), good good. Perfect timing.”
You jump in the air, surprised by the sudden appearance of the principal. Was she a ninja or something, to open her door so stealthily and just appear out of thin air ?! 
The thought made you smile, because honestly, in Gotham City ? It was a possibility that the principal of this little school was an assassin of some sort...You stopped your mind from inventing stories about a famous ninja acting as an elderly school principal as a cover, and being one of the most prolific hitman of Gotham at night, and turned to her.  
Why was it, that your imagination always ran the wildest at the worst moments ? Right now, you were about  to have your first briefing at your first teacher job ever, in the company of the famous Bruce Wayne, and you were thinking about ninjas and whatnot ! WHY ?!  
You smile awkwardly at her, and walk into her office, wondering now why a man like Bruce Wayne was here. 
According to TV and diverse newspaper, he was a few years older than you, and after everyone thought he died long ago, came back out of nowhere to take his place back in the city’s life just a few months ago. 
Why was he here ?
Wasn’t he supposed to be a billionaire who was gonna “turn Gotham around” ? A rush of excitement suddenly filled you. Was he-Was he getting interested in helping schools out ?! 
That little boy who was with Bruce Wayne, it was “Richard Grayson”. You read his story in the paper, what terrible tragedy...Made worst by the fact it was the only news going around in Gotham for quite a while. 
Turned out though, the papers and other media missed one hell of a headline... Their beloved Bruce Wayne adopted the kid ! And no one talked about it ! Your guts were telling you that the reason why this was kept a secret was the man himself. You didn’t know him, but he most definitely seemed like the kind of person who would make sure no further stories about a poor defenseless little boy would surface all around the city. 
“So as I was saying, perfect timing ! I thought, mister Wayne, a man of your stature might want to meet your son’s teacher first ? Well here she is ! Miss (Y/N/L) ! She’s starting at our school today too, and will teach the third graders.” 
Bruce cleared his throat, and looked at you worriedly. Wow, rude. You didn’t quite know why, but your guts were telling you again this Bruce guy wasn’t very convinced about you right now. 
“Um, how old is miss (Y/N/L) ?”
You raise an eyebrow, and answer before the principal can : 
“Miss (Y/N/L) is 23, almost 24. Why, is that a problem ?”
“Um, no no. I mean...Maybe. I was under the impression Dick was going to be in the class of someone who had a lot of experience being a teacher ?” 
WOW ! RUDE ! You turned an outraged face to him, and he avoids your eyes. The little one though, “Dick”, looks at you apologetically and elbows his gardian in the ribs. 
“Can I ask you something mister Wayne ? Do people tell you the same thing when they realize you’re about my age and are raising a child right now ?” 
Bruce turns to you, and...Oh you hit the bullseye. 
“I think I have every right to ask about your experience, as I’m about to leave my child in your care.”  He says coldly, and oh you just want to punch him. You knew he got the analogy, and maybe you were a bit out of line but come on, he was too.
You were about to answer something, and was ready to get fired before you even started school as you knew you were going to put the richest man in Gotham back to his place, when the principal said : 
“I can assure you miss (Y/L/N) is the person we need ! When she came to leave her curriculum vitae a few months ago, I just had hired Miss Hick, who quit. Poor woman, she was from Metropolis, you know ?” 
Both you and Bruce nod knowingly. The principal continues : 
“In any case, I almost regretted that I hired Miss Hick when I saw miss (Y/L/N). Let me tell you mister Wayne, I can assure you that she’s really the person this school needs ! She came out top of her class from school, and clearly has the passion to teach ! She might not have a lot of experience yet, but I think both the kids and her can grow a lot because of this. I’m a very gutsy person you know ? I can have a “feel” of people, know what they’re worth...It’s the part of me that was raised in the Bowery, you know ? Well in any case, from all the things I know about her, and the many letters of recommendations I had from schools where she had internships or subbed, she’s the perfect person for the job. And you, mister Wayne, I feel like you’re a reasonable man...Give her a chance, will you ?” 
Well, this was interesting.
Sure, your first impression of Bruce Wayne wasn’t very good, but you had to admit that the way he seemed worry about his ward kinda warmed your heart. 
It wasn’t very nice, to be questioned about your ability because you were young. But you could understand where he was coming from. And you kinda started to feel guilty about lashing out, and talking about his own legitimacy to raise a child. 
Since when was hurting someone because they hurt you the right solution ? You knew better... 
“I’m sorry.” 
Oh ? Haha. You both talk at the same time, as you close the door to the principal’s office, raising your heads to look at each others. 
You were both clearly feeling ashamed, and were looking down at the floor, when you decided to apologize. At the same time. And so you both start to laugh. Under the gaze of little Dick, who is most likely thinking : “What the Hell ? Adults are so weird.”, given his confused expression. 
“I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything. It’s very unlike me, I assure you. It’s just, I want Dick to...Be alright.” 
He says, smiling shyly at you. And you can’t help but thinks this is probably not a look people are used to see on Bruce Wayne’s face. 
“No no no, I’m the one who is sorry. Your concern was totally receivable, and I didn’t really help my case by being an as-um,  very immature right afterward.”
“Well, let’s start all over, alright ? I’m Bruce Wayne. And this is my ward, Dick. He’s going to be your student this year.”
“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I’m um...Going to be your ward’s teacher.” 
“Well, a pleasure to meet you miss (Y/N/L). I’m sure we’ll see a lot of each others, in this coming years.” 
He tells you with a charming smile. And you try to pack in your brain all the rumors about him being a womanizer, to try and take away how attractive he is. How handsome, sure. But also how his voice is deep and soft to the ear, and how he genuinely seemed to care about his kid in that short meeting...You almost forget his rudeness. Well. He did apologize.  
“Pleasure to meet you too, and I’m sure we will.” 
Bruce shook your hand, and crouched down to be at Dick’s eye level. He put a hand on his head and said : 
“Well chum, see you tonight ?” 
“Yup !” 
There’s a short silence, and you can see Bruce wants to say more but is searching for his words. Finally, he says : 
“Are you going to be ok ?” 
The boy smiles widely, and nods enthusiastically. Bruce gives him a worried smile, and after ruffling his hair stands up, and leaves. But not without turning around one last time, as he’s about to disappear at the corner of the corridor, and waving at his boy. Dick waves back, and puts his thumbs up. 
Everything was going to be ok ! 
Nothing was going to be ok ! 
What was Dick doing ? He should’ve said to Bruce he was really scared and worried about starting everything over in this new school ! He was pretty sure that if he had, Bruce would’ve taken him with him to work, and give him time to not be afraid anymore. 
Bruce was like that. Always caring about his feelings first. He would probably homeschool him if he wanted...but that’s not what Dick wanted. Although he was thinking about it right now.
He did want to go to a normal school. And see the friends he made while in the circus. And have good teachers (this miss (Y/N/L) sounded great). But it was still scary ? 
Dick could act as if he was confident and outgoing all he wanted, he was still an eight (almost nine) year old boy who was about to be thrown into an unknown environment. Not very reassuring. He was thinking...
“I’m nervous too, you know.” 
“Huh ?”
“This is the first class i’m going to teach as an actual teacher, and not just a substitue teacher. It’s very nerve wracking. I’m also about to meet a whole lot of new people, that’s always a bit scary, right ?”
The boy answers, feeling his nervousness slowly fading away, as you smile at him reassuringly. It kind of reminds him of how Bruce would talk about his own problems to relate to his, which always helped him understand things more. 
It helped him greatly, when he thought about his parents, and Bruce told him about his...
“Let’s make a deal. If I feel like I’m going to freak out, I’ll say “banana”, and you’ll make a diversion so I can escape ok ? And if you feel like you’re about to freak out, ask me if you can have some bananas and I’ll make something up so you can go in the corridor to regain some countenance ok ?” 
“...Bananas ?” 
“Ok, ok banana maybe isn’t the right word. What about...”
Oh god, the kid was most definitely thinking you were crazy, right ? You were trying to find a way to actually make him feel comfortable, and tell him it was ok if today become too overwhelming and he needed to take a break from all this novelty. Oh geez if you couldn’t make one child feel ok, could you even hold a full classroom ?! 
“What about saying we need to go to the bathroom ? Everyone needs to go to the bathroom at one point.” 
“Oh, brilliant idea Dick ! So, if we both feel like things are too much, our escape plan will be the bathroom...ok ?” 
“Ok !” 
The boy answers excitedly, and you feel a sudden wave of relief. Ok. Good. Mission accomplished. He was clearly not feeling as nervous anymore. And you ? Well, this little victory calmed you down quite a bit as well. 
Still though, as you pushed the door to your classroom and was met with all your new students, you felt like saying you needed to go to the bathroom right away... 
When Dick came home that night, he wore the widest smile Bruce saw him wear for a long time. And oh, oh he was so excited to talk about what he did that day.
“Miss (Y/L/N), Miss (Y/L/N) !” 
Dick calls you across the corridor, as the rest of the children exit the school to go home. It’s the end of today’s lessons, and you’re exhausted. You can’t wait to go home, but you never really mind doing some extra hours to answer a kid’s question. 
Especially when said kid is Dick Grayson. 
Of course, you’re not playing favorites in your class, oh no no no you would never...But you liked that kid. 
Dick walks to you, and waits a few minutes for the corridor to empty out. And then he looks up at you, and as if it was the most evident question in the World, he says : 
“Can you be my dad’s girlfriend ?” 
For the first time in ages, you can feel your face growing hotter, all the way up to your ears. You spit the coffee you were drinking, and you turn to the little boy who just asked you the cutest question ever, that also made you highly uncomfortable.  
“Um uh I um uh...What ?” 
You totally blank. You. The person who spend her entire days answering kids’ questions, no matter how weird and kinda useless. And here you were. Completely unable to say anything. 
“Can you be my dad’s girlfriend ?” 
There another short pause, where you just stare at the boy and he stares back, not flinching one bit. And then there’s a sudden light in his eyes, as if he just understood something, and adds : 
“Please ?” 
And it kind of melts your heart, how he thinks you weren’t answering because he wasn’t being polite. Trying to choose your words carefully, you say : 
“What brought this up ?” 
You knew that asking their thought process first, could help you greatly understand a child. 
“Well, you’re great and pretty and nice and the best teacher I ever had and he needs to be taken care of. You take great care of us !” 
“Dick, your dad isn’t a child anymore..” 
You smile at all the compliments the boy gave you. How sweet and innocent. You also smile at him calling Bruce his “dad”. 
As the school year unfolded, you saw a shift in Dick’s behavior. A good shift. He opened up more and more, and it was obvious he was slowly finding a new family again, without forgetting the one he lost. 
You actually thought Bruce’s approach to tell him he could call him whatever he wanted, and that Dick’s parents would probably just want for him to be happy, and would be happy themselves he wasn’t alone...Was very cute. 
You talked about it with him in a parent/teacher meeting. Of course, you had said meeting with all “your” kids’ parents. Not just Bruce. Um. 
“I know he isn’t ! Though believe me he acts like one sometimes. But I’m saying that because...I think he’s lonely ? And sad ? Sometimes it feels like he’s just not with us you know ? I don’t know how to explain it, I don’t have the words to...” 
Oh but you see exactly what Dick means. You noticed it too. Sometimes, Bruce, when he thought no one was looking, had this melancholic look in his eyes, as if lost in his own dark world indeed. 
Not that you saw Bruce THAT often. I mean, just like you saw the other students’ parents really. After all, the school this year really worked on involving the parents more. You and the principal really had the same ideas, and you thought that getting the parents right into the student’s school life was vital for a good development. 
“Dick, you know you can’t just become someone’s girlfriend like that ?” 
“Sure you can ! I asked Rose McDowell yesterday if she’d be my girlfriend, and she said yes ! It’s simple, you have to ask and then you’re in love.” 
You smile at how sweet this child simplified vision of love is, and say : 
“Adults are complicated, Dick. We can’t just fall in love by asking someone if they want to be our girlfriend or boyfriend. We have to go on dates, and know each others, and such things ?” 
“But miss, you know my dad. If you’re not sure about something, ask me ! I know everything about him, and if I don’t, then Alfred must know !” 
Again, you smile at how easy that little boy seems to find solutions to any problems. And oh you wished it was that simple. 
“This isn’t how it works, Dick. You have to have feelings for each others, too.” 
“Well, I know he likes you !” 
You feel your heart jump in your chest, and a rush of excitement...Until you realize. “Simplified answers and solutions”. And thinking he loves little Rose. Dick clearly does not know what “likes” truly mean, and might mix up friendship feelings with love. 
After all, it was true you and Bruce got along. Strictly in a...teacher/parent kind of relationship of course. Let’s just say Bruce Wayne agreed with your kind of teaching. Not every parents saw eye to eye with your “fun” methods and such. 
So in the eye of a kid, agreeing with each others might seem like this “like” feeling. But really, there was NO way a man like Bruce Wayne would be interested in someone like you. 
You saw the models he dated at charity balls and other galas. It never lasted long, and he had much less flings since he officially adopted Dick, but you still saw how they looked and such. Why, when he had such options, would he go for a plain elementary teacher like you ? 
“Dick, I don’t think he likes me in the way boyfriends like their girlfriends, do you understand what I mean ?” 
“There’s more than one way to like a person !?” 
The boy seemed blown away by that, and you can’t help but smile once again his innocence :
“Of course there is. You don’t like Bruce the same way you like Rose, right ? Or your friend Harry ?” 
Quick connections seem to be made in his little head, and he nods slowly. But oh horror, his shoulders flop down dejectedly, and he looks sad now. You don’t have time to try and find a way to make him understand everything is alright as he says : 
“So you don’t like him ? I mean, like like him ?” 
Smart boy. He understood fast that there were indeed a difference between love and friendship. Or at least, he understood the concept of it. You smile and you say : 
“No buddy, no I don’t like like him.” 
It’s a blatant lie, but sometimes, for a child’s own good, a lie is the best solution. 
Because even if by some miracle Bruce Wayne “liked liked” you, he was still one of your student’s parent. When you were in college, one of your teacher hammered in your head that it was highly unethical to date a student’s parent, and this principle just stuck in there. 
No. No way. You could never date Bruce Wayne. Because even if he liked you back (back ?) the fact was, he’d forever be one of your student’s parent, even the day Dick would go to the next grade...
Dick moves on to the fourth grade, and it’s quite painful to let go of this very first class you’ve ever taught. Those kids that help you grow as a teacher, as you lead them on the path of knowledge. 
For an entire year, you all learned from each others, and it’s with a heavy heart you see those children moving on to the next class, as you welcome new kids yourself. 
Wow. You didn’t think it would be that hard. But it really is. Even more so because you know, no matter the impact you had on those kids’ life, they’re bound to forget you one day...It was a sad thought, but one you wrongfully thought would be true. 
Actual truth was, you shaped a lot of those children’s lives and they’d forever be grateful that you never gave up on them. 
And as a new year starts, and your class is full of unfamiliar faces, you have to face the fact that this is what being a teacher is. 
For the next few years, you don’t really see him. Briefly in the school’s corridor as he goes to a parent/teacher meeting or something of the like. Or in the principal’s office, after he made yet another large donation for the school (since his son enrolled in a “normal” school, Bruce got very involved in the education system in Gotham and donated a lot of money to a lot of schools in rough neighborhoods, unknowingly accomplishing your lifelong dream). 
But you don’t see him as much as when Dick was in your class. 
Which makes sense...Why would you keep seeing Bruce Wayne ? 
You saw him often because you were the kind of teacher to involve the parent a lot. You saw him when Dick decided to make an expose on him, and dragged him in his classroom (it was very funny to see the famed Bruce Wayne awkwardly standing in front of a bunch of kids). You saw him when you had to talk about Dick’s progress or problems. You...Well, you saw him like every other parent. Nothing special was going on. 
And now, as you don’t have his kid as a student anymore, of course you see him less. 
But sometimes, sometimes when you finish work and walk back to your car, he waves at you from his own car (he always made sure to pick his son up) and smiles, and honestly...It’s enough for you. 
This sort of non-relationship goes on for a very long time. Where you quickly see each others in hallways, waving at each others in the parking lot, and catching up with quick conversations that are always the same : 
“Hello Mister Wayne.” 
“Hello Miss (Y/L/N).” 
“How are you today ?” 
“Fantastic, and you ?” 
“Great. Well, I have to go to my class.” 
“Yes, I have to go to. It was nice seeing you.” 
“You too.”
Hundreds and hundreds of short conversations, that started to mean a lot to you, even more so since Dick was almost going to graduate primary school and..Oh god. 
You had a crush on Bruce Wayne. 
Then again, in Gotham city, with how much he appeared on TV and such, a lot of people had a crush on Bruce Wayne. 
But you…well, he was handsome, nice, funny, but most of all, he cared so much about this little boy he adopted, that…how could you resist really ? You rationalized everything by thinking that you liked him so much only because of how much he cared for Dick (who wasn’t even your student anymore !). 
Of course. People caring about "your" kids, about their education and all, always kinda made you melt. Even more so when they were single parent ! 
Yes. Yes you didn't really liked Bruce Wayne. You didn't really have a crush on him. You just…Admired how well he took care of that kid that suddenly appeared in his life. Hell, he seemed to take care of him better than the parents who had their own children since birth…It was something. 
Of course, you were sure their "butler", Alfred Pennyworth, that you met a few times, was for something in all this. Still. It was very sweet. And impressive. And all those feelings gave you the impression you had a crush on him...but you really don’t, right ? 
No. No you don’t. Oh, but here he comes, you know he has a meeting with Dick’s 6th grade teacher and... 
“Hello, Miss (Y/N/L).”
“Hello, Mister Wayne.” 
The same conversation. 
Over and over again. 
And it always ends on large smiles being exchanged, and a short pause, as if neither of you truly want to leave...
Dick graduated sixth grade and you stopped seeing Bruce Wayne. 
It made you oddly sad, but then again...That’s how life went, right ? It was time to move on from your silly crush that lasted those past three years. 
Another year passes, and you’re slowly getting over Bruce Wayne. Your heart doesn’t beat as fast when you see him on TV, and you started to date men there and there, when you felt like you wanted to be with someone. 
After his graduation, you didn’t see Dick again, which confirmed your theory that no matter the impact you had on a child, when they moved on...They moved on. 
The truth was, Dick never forgot you, and wish he would have had the time to go back to his old school. But middle school was harder and more demanding than elementary school, and with his nightly activities...
But he never forgot the first teacher he had that made him feel like he could do anything. And that was always understanding, and adapted her way of teaching for every single kids in the class.
But that, you did not know. And you thought you had moved on, too. Until you saw him again. At the exact same place you met. In front of the principal office. 
“Mister Wayne ?!” 
“Miss (Y/L/N) !” 
He says with a warm smile, his hands on the shoulders of a little boy that couldn’t be older than ten or eleven. And you understand that he adopted again, and realize that yup, you still have a crush on Bruce Wayne. 
After Dick's debacle at Gotham Academy, how much he hated it and such…Bruce figured that with Jason, he'd just let him choose. 
So he went and took brochures from each school, and brought them back to the Manor for Jason to take a look at. Alfred had a little tear at the corner of his eye, when he witnessed his master going all around Gotham just to pick up infos on every single school so his kid could choose…
It was particularly refreshing that since Young Master Dick left, Bruce felt lonely. 
Even more so given the conditions they parted at the time…ah but that was another story, and the butler had no doubt in his mind that Dick would come around, forgive his father and vice versa. After all, young Master Dick was a teenager now (not since very long), he had to rebel at some point, and it did some good to Bruce to have someone disagreeing with his methods and making him reconsider things…But again, that was another story.
For now, everything was about Bruce going well out of his way to make sure Jason would be comfortable.
"You can go wherever you want."
"Really ?"
"Yes, you're the boss. Choose where you want to go."
Jason's face brightened, and Bruce couldn't help but smile at him. 
That little boy clearly had so few choices in his life…Oh god, Bruce hoped that suddenly having so many choices wouldn't overwhelm him ! 
But the boy was carefully studying brochures one by one, putting them away in three different piles. Bruce wondered for a second why, when the kid looked at him and understood his silent question :
"This pile is for the "big no no never", this one is for the "maybe", and this one is for "good ones""
Ah. Made sense. Organized little feller.
This went on for a few minutes until he picked up one brochure and exclaimed :
"Hey that's my old school !"
Bruce turned to look at what school Jason was pointing to. Oh. 
It was Dick's old school, too. 
The one in a not so nice neighborhood that he wanted to go to because friends he made while at the circus went there. And it used to be Jason's  ? Well. It made sense. Also, fate had funny ways sometimes.
“And do you want to go back there ?” 
“Well I only went one year there, but I think I still know people who are still there...It might be nice, to already know a few people ?” 
“So this one ?”
“I think so, yes. This one. I have a good feeling about it !” 
Bruce smiled, and...Did that mean he would see you again ? 
“This is my son, Jason.” 
He says proudly, hands holding reassuringly the boy’s shoulders. 
Oh yes, yes you vaguely remember reading an article about how Bruce Wayne adopted a new kid, after his older son went away in boarding school (which always made you feel odd, Dick didn’t sound like the boarding school type of kid ? Ah, but he must’ve been about 14 or 15 now, right ? Maybe his teen years weren’t going as smoothly as his childhood...). 
Wondering if you should ask how Dick is, or if it was maybe too personal given the circumstances, you turn to look at Jason and...
"Hey I remember you. You used to come to this school right ? In a few class below the one I teach currently, and then one day you disappeared !"
"You-You remember me ?"
"I always notice children that seem a little-"
"Odd ?"
"No, not odd. Sad. It was obvious something didn't go well in your household. I’ve been teaching long enough to...notice you guys. When you disappeared I asked you teacher and she told me you turned bad. There was no infos on where you lived so I couldn't go and see…I'm very glad you, in fact, turned the opposite of bad !"
"You…would've try to find me ?"
"Of course ! "Turning bad" is something too easily accepted in Gotham ! If you don't give up on a child, who might not have an ideal family environment, then they have a better chance ! Of course it doesn't always work, I did have a lot of failure…but a few hold on, and those few matters !"
Jason’s mind was blown away. He stopped going to school when his mom overdosed...He was 8, and suddenly had to fend off for himself, as no one cared to know what happened to the “son of that junkie on the third floor”. 
He survived as he could, by committing petty crimes and dangerous stunts. Until Bruce found him (or rather, until Jason stole the Batmobile’s tires and got caught). 
And here he was, having a home again for the first time in ever, and faced with a woman that genuinely was concerned about him, but didn’t have the means to help. 
And what would’ve happened if she had ? Well, Jason was glad she didn’t. She seemed nice, but he wouldn’t trade his new dad for the world. 
Bruce was his hero. And he loved him dearly. Why would he want any other parent now ? He had one that, in his eyes, was perfect for him. 
“So, you know him ?” 
Bruce was looking at you with eyes full of interests. The little speech you made about going out of your way to make sure every kids you encountered was ok...moved him. It stirred something in his heart. Something good. 
Something that felt nice. 
“Well, not per se. But I saw him around, like I said. It’s very nice to properly meet you, Jason.” 
“Likewise, Miss...”
You answer with a smile, and Jason finds himself wishing you’ll be his teacher, for this first year back to school in a while. 
“It’s unfortunate that Jason here, is entering fifth grade. He will not have you as a teacher...” 
“Fifth grade ? Well what a coincidence. I’ve been teaching that class for the past two years, to break the routine, you know ? There’s a lot to learn in fifth grade, it’s a pivotal year for kids, so I’m glad I was transferred to that class ! And I’m double glad because that mean we’ll see a  lot of each others, Jason.” 
And you smile at him, making him blush because he’s still not used to people being nice to him like that... 
Bruce smiles too, but not for the same reasons. So you’re teaching fifth grade now huh ? Well. That means you’ll see a whole lot of HIM too...
Young Jason Todd. 
Brilliant child. 
Promising. You were sure he would have a very VERY bright future ! It wouldn’t surprise you if he was the one to take on Wayne Enterprise, he was THAT smart. Yes. Bright future in coming for sure (um...). 
More studious than Dick was. More attentive, too. Dick could sometimes be the class clown, and get distracted. But Jason ? Jason was listening carefully, drinking your every words, and oh it was so nice to have a student like him in your class ? 
Even more so when you knew that he could’ve turned very bad if Bruce didn’t adopt him...Ah damn. This just enhanced exponentially your crush on Bruce. 
It’s like it’s a redo of when Dick was your student. 
Once again, you see a lot of Bruce Wayne (and are comforted that this will go on for at least one year afterward, until Jason graduated). But since his son is your student again, he’s often at the school. 
Working with the principal to help financially, and participating greatly in Jason’s school life. 
And the crush continued, although you were pretty sure he just saw you as his kid’s teacher...Then again, why would he see you any differently ? 
Jason screams at the top of his lungs, standing up on his chair in the massive Knightsdome Sporting Complex, watching with attention the baseball match unfolding in front of his eyes. 
For his birthday, the boy asked to go to a game with his dad, and here he was, with a game. Not any game. The game of the year ! 
And he was so excited and hyped, that Bruce didn’t regret one bit taking the day off from Wayne Enterprise to be able to come with him here. 
And that’s when he sees you. 
You’re a few row down, on the left, and you’re...Talking with a guy. 
Who was that guy ?
The dude kisses your cheek and Bruce’s heart tighten. Probably your boyfriend.
Something escaped him though...Why was seeing his kid’s teacher with her boyfriend made him feel so melancholic ? Why did it hurt his heart ? 
And then the answer came as easily as Jason screaming in happiness as his favorite team just scored a point...He had a crush on you. 
He was pretty sure he had a crush on you ever since he met you, when it was Dick’s first day. And all this year he was your student, and the moments you shared with him...The moments you shared ? What was he saying ?! You didn’t share any moments. You were just his son’s teacher ! 
It was normal to have meetings and such. And then, it was just courtoisie to say hello after that, when Dick was still in the school. Right ? No matter if he wasn’t as close to any other of Dick’s teachers...If he wasn’t as involved. They weren’t like you and...
This was stupid. You were his kid’s teacher. He couldn’t have a crush on you. 
Ah but now you smile, and throw an arm around that guy’s shoulder, looking happy and. It dampens Bruce’s mood greatly. Why ? Why does he feel so blue ? This is suppose to be a great moment with his son, why are his eyes fixed on you and...
Dad. This is the first time Jason calls him dad. And Bruce focuses back on the boy, lying about having seen “that”, and looking at his son enthusiastically jumping up and down his chair in excitement. Cute boy. 
“Thanks for those killer seats, sis’.” 
“No problem, I’m enjoying it too haha. Happy birthday, dumbass !” 
You say, putting your arm around your younger brother’s shoulders, while enjoying seeing the Giants kicking Metropolis’ team’s ass. 
Aaaah, you loved baseball.
Jason was still screaming, holding a stray ball Bruce caught for him above his head in a sign of victory. They were walking up the path to Wayne Manor’s entrance now, but Jason’s excitement still hadn’t gone down. 
He was still jumping all around, talking about how cool everything was, and how much he loved the stray ball Bruce caught, and how he hoped he’ll get it signed one day, and how much he loved his new Giants t-shirt, and his new giants cap, and his new Giants baseball pants, and his new Giants shoes, and how he wished he could wear all of it to school and...
“Hey, why don’t you ask miss (Y/N/L) to be your girlfriend ?” 
The sudden question takes him by surprise and he stops mid-way up the stairs to the entrance, and stare at his son. 
“What ?” 
Jason talked so much and so fast, the past hour, that Bruce didn’t catch everything he talked about, and most certainly missed how they arrived on this subject ?
“Why don’t you ask miss (Y/N/L) to be your girlfriend ?” 
It’s the first time Jason sees his father stutter, and he realizes he must’ve stroke a cord with that question. He smiles slyly and adds : 
“Oh you thought about it huh ?” 
He got up a few stairs ahead of his dad so he could be at his level, and nudged him with his shoulder knowingly, being absolutely obnoxious. 
“What are you talking about ? She’s your teacher, we can’t !” 
There’s a short silence, during which Jason loses his smirk that is replaced by a confused expression and, as simple as that, he asks : 
“Why ? You like her, no ?” 
Yes. Yes he did...But it was more complicated than that. And she apparently had a boyfriend ! Bruce didn’t feel like ruining the day trying to explain his conflicted feelings to his son, and so he said : 
“Because she’s your teacher, and that’s that.” 
Three years after Jason isn’t your student anymore, you hear about his death. In the worst way possible. Through the TV, as you’re preparing dinner. 
And it shatters you. You’ve always liked Jason a lot, he was so bright, he was supposed to have a successful future !! 
He died during the Joker’s terrorist attack, apparently, along with a few other people. And it was the most tragic day of your life... 
You don’t see Bruce for years, after that.
After Jason’s death, you vowed your entire life to teaching, even more than before. It became vitale to you, that future generations would make this city better, would give it some sort of sense. 
Because in which world was it normal for a 15 years old boy to die because yet another psycho was roaming the streets ? 
Jason fuels even more your wish to make this city a more bearable place to live in, and you work more than ever towards this goal, creating the “Jason Todd school foundation”, a name barely in homage to the student who inspired this entire action. In homage of a student who particularly touched your heart, and represented in himself why there was a desperate need to improve the education in Gotham City.
Your non-profit charity works harder than any other, to improve schools in Gotham, and give a better chance to this kids. 
One of your biggest donator is a certain Bruce Wayne, but you still don’t see him anymore.
It’s only when he sees you talking to one of your students, right there, at the end of the hallway, that he realizes how much he missed you. 
Two years passed since...Since his life completely changed. Since everything was painted in black again. And yet, yet it feels like it was yesterday he saw your smile. 
He heard your voice. 
He saw you care for “your” children. 
It’s like a small ray of sunshine in his heart, as he finally sees you again. After Jason...After what happened, he felt like he couldn’t face you. Like he couldn’t face one of the only person in the world that cared greatly about that boy. 
And so he avoided you. But Destiny brought him back in your path, and as you notice him, and a natural smile spreads across your face...He realizes how much he missed you. 
In his hand, he squeezes Tim’s hand a little tighter, and the boy looks up at his dad curiously. What got into him ?  
The other small ray of sunshine in his dark and dry heart, his new son, is about to asks him what’s up, when he sees how his dad is looking at that woman, at the end of the hallway. 
Timothy Drake-Wayne has always been the smartest little boy around, and he immediately understands what is going on...
"So you can choose chum. Either school. This is Gotham Academy, the "best" one but it really has that reputation because…money. And then that's the one Dick and…Dick went to. He liked it very much, the facilities are not as nice, but the teachers are passionate."
Bruce doesn’t mention Jason, even though Tim is pretty sure Jason too, went to that school. But he knows it’s a delicate subject, so he does not mention it.
"Where did he go ? Why wasn't he in Gotham Academy ?"
"He couldn't get along with people."
"…Dick ? Our Dick ? Not getting along with people ?"
Tim was properly shocked. 
"He can get mad very fast, you know ? Remember when you beat him at Smash Bros ?
"Oh yeah…He broke the controller. I just thought it was an occasional thing ! He really likes smash bros"
"It's not that occasional. He can get very angry very fast. And the kids in Gotham Academy weren't very nice to him, so he got angry often. It was also not long after his parents…”
"Oh. I get it…Well, I want to go where Dick went !"
Bruce’s heart tighten at the mere idea to see you again. 
Was he ready to face you, after ignoring you for two years ? After Jason stopped being your student, the boy still went to see you, as you really changed his life. He wanted to be a teacher, too, so he often came and observe...Which meant you saw a lot of Bruce too. 
And Bruce felt like he owed you an explanation. About how Jason...But he couldn’t. He couldn’t face you. He just couldn’t.
Something in him made him sure that if he would talk to you, he’d break down. He’d tell you everything. Everything. 
And he just couldn’t do that. 
Tim hated school. For the past two years, he got away from not going by falsifying a paper where he forged his parents’ signature saying he was now homeschooled. The truth was, his parents never really paid attention to what he was doing, and since he hated school...
He might as well not go, and do other things of his days. Like discovering who the Batman was !  
And he did, he did found out ! Shortly after that, and after stubbornly going to Wayne Manor days after days so Bruce would train him, he lost his parents ...And got adopted by the Batman himself. 
It was strange, because Bruce paid a lot of attention to what he was doing. Actually, he was borderline overprotective sometimes...Of course, Tim knew it was because of the Robin-he-wasn’t-allowed-to-talk-about. 
Jason Todd. The brother that he’ll never know. Only Dick, talked to him about that (after Jason’s death, Dick came back to the Manor to support Bruce, and enrolled in a high school downtown, where he was a senior). Bruce never mentioned him, but Tim saw him spend hours standing in front of Jason’s old suit, and staring at it...
But that was another story. That nonetheless explained why Bruce was being particularly protective of him (like, he still held his hand when they were walking in the streets and stuffs like that, even though Tim was 9 now !). 
In any way, Tim still hated school, and it’s full of “don’t wanna” and dreading the boring hours he’d spend in class learning things he already knew, that he dragged his feet across the corridor to go to his first class.
Dick told him about the teacher, apparently he had him in third grade. Great. A third grade teacher teaching fifth grader. Wow. He would learn sooooo much. 
This was the first time in his life Tim actually liked school. Sure, you were teaching a lot of things he already knew but the methods you were using, with games and fun things so they’d remember better, was amazing ! 
It didn’t feel like school, yet as the end of the day drew near, Tim realized he actually learned a lot of things ! WOW ! And for the first time in his life, Tim couldn’t wait for the next day. 
You too, couldn’t wait for the next day, as it was going to be the first teacher/student conference, and you’d see your forbidden crush, Bruce Wayne. 
“So, are you going to take miss (Y/L/N) on a date ?” 
“What ?” 
Bruce and Tim were in one of the car, driving back home, when Tim just jumped right into it. 
“Pleaaase, all this chit chat you guys had was unbearable. You talked so much about nothing.” 
“We were talking about your latest test, chum.” 
“Right. For the first two seconds. Then you made up excuses to keep talking.” 
“Well, you sure have a great imagination. Miss (Y/L/N) said so herself.” 
“Oh really dad, we’re really going to go that way ? You’re going to deny it ?” 
“Tim, we were just talking about you. That’s it. Just like any parents and teachers.” 
Obviously, the boy wasn’t convinced. However, he dropped the subject, too surprised by the fact his father’s face was slowly turning bright red. 
“This is my new sister Cass !” 
Tim says enthusiastically, smiling widely at you. 
“She’s older than me, but she um...isn’t from this country, so never went really to school so that’s why she’s in your class and I’m in sixth grade ! She’s very nice ! She’s coming here because I’m here too ! She wanted to be where I was ! She’s my sister !” 
“Cass” looks at you curiously, a bit of shyness in her eyes too, and when you raise a hand to shake hers, she flinches back. 
It doesn’t take you long to recognize all the signs of a child that was beaten by her parents, and a rush of anger climbs inside you. 
Tim, after he introduced his sister, rushes to his own class, and you’re left with Cass as the rest of your students come in. 
She goes from one foot to the other, unsure of what she’s supposed to do in this first day of school, and it’s really is, her first day of school.
And already, you think of a plan to make her feel welcome. To make her feel like it’s ok if she doesn’t get everything right away, or if she isn’t at the same level than others. 
You quickly realizes she does not speak much, most likely because she wasn’t really taught to. It breaks your heart, and you do everything in your power to adapt your class for her. To give her that extra support. 
And in that case, isn’t about having a favorite or not, it’s about being there for kids who need it. It’s your entire life’s work up until now. 
Cass incarnates exactly why you became a teacher. 
“You. Like her.” 
Cass says simply, touching her father’s chest, and then pointing at you, who’s currently helping a few kids finishing last minutes decoration for the school play. 
Bruce turns to you, looking longingly at you as you smile to the kids, and help Tim put his hat on properly (he was playing President Lincoln..). Of course, just as he was looking at you, you had to take care of his kids. 
His feelings for you were always stronger, when he saw you with one of his children. You’ve always been such a great teacher, caring so much for them. 
Of course, you cared about all your students. More often than not, you went out of your way to make sure a kid had enough food, or was treated properly. Went out of your way to go after children who stopped coming to class, dragging them back in. 
How could he not like you ? 
He turns to Cass now. His only daughter. His sweet, sweet daughter. How could he lie to her ? It is impossible. 
And so, for the first time since, years ago at a certain baseball game, he realized he had a crush on you (that might’ve turned into something more now), he says aloud : 
“Yes. Yes, I do.” 
Cass smiles sadly, because she understands he’ll never act upon his feelings for multiple reasons. And she understands her precious “Miss (Y/N/L)” won’t either... 
It’s interesting, how your relationship evolved, in almost ten years. From when Dick first became your student, to when Cass left your class for the last time. 
Nowadays, you actually became friends, mainly because Bruce became one of the board member of your Charity. 
You had to admit this was going beyond a simple teacher/parent relationship (as if it hadn’t been that way for years). But...but you’d never cross a certain line
Neither of you would admit your feelings. You’d simply stare at each others from a far, and look away when the other turned their head toward you. 
You started to call each others by your first names, but it just made sense. 
You were friends now. Nothing more. Even if Cass wasn’t your student anymore, neither were any of his other kids...Things could still not go further. 
That’s simply how things were. 
He did not want to drag you in his life, and felt like it was inappropriate to date his kids’ teacher (even if technically you weren’t anymore, you were still “Miss (Y/N/L)” to all of them). And the media would crush you... 
As for you, in your head, those kids, even if the oldest one was going on his twenties, were still your students. And you had a strong ethic..
“I don’t see why I have to go to this...public school, father” 
At the word “public”, Damian shivered slightly and Bruce couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Oh, how he wished his boy wouldn’t have inherited his dramatic side...
"Your brothers and sister loved this school."
"Don't call them that please, they're not my-"
"You're my son. They're my children too. You're their brother. End of story."
There’s a short silence, where Damian scoffs. He breaks his stubborn silence, realizing his father wasn’t going to budge, and adds : 
“Yes well like I said, they weren’t use to a high standard of living. Mother hired the best private tutors and such. If they’re satisfied with mediocrity then good for them.”
“Well, here’s another reason to go to this school. Detach yourself from this type of life, isn’t that what you want to do ? Plus I think it would do you nicely to be a little more humble.”
“Humble ? My life is anything but humble !”
“Except for the fact that now, you’re going to a normal public school in a not so nice neighborhood in Gotham”
At those words, Damian’s eyes widen. Did his father just...make a joke ? Oh the smirk on his face was undeniable, he just mocked him !
“Hey, I-”
“Bruce ! Ah, and you must be Damian ?”
You say, as you see the both of them. Damian scoffs, and you take the conclusion that yes, it must be him. 
Bruce talked to you on the phone about his youngest son, who recently came into his life after...A lot of complications. He didn’t really tell you what happened, but you understood he dated a woman long ago and she had a son, and hid him from him. Which outraged you. But also was none of your business...
In any case, he talked to you about Damian. He had been raised in very high society, and warned you a little about him. But oh, you did not believe a child needed warnings. No matter what, you’d find a way to properly teach that boy. A method that would suit him. Like you did for all of your students (and man did you already had some tough cookies in your classes). 
Damian looked at his father, and then at you, and how you smiled at each others stupidly. And frowned. You left to ask something to the principal, and Damian turned to his father, saying :
“Mm. Are you sure you put me in this school to teach me how to be humble, or did you just want to see that teacher again ?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, boy.”
But Damian was not stupid, he could clearly see how his father’s eyes were lingering behind you, and how you smiled at him.
It made him sick.
You held Damian back at the end of a class, to talk about his latest test. 
He had made no mistake, and punctuated the entire thing with personal comments such as : “a baby would know this” and other “I could answer this one in Japanese” (and proceeding to write his entire answer in kanjis) etc etc...Which made you think that obviously, that kid did not want to be here. 
And most definitely could jump further into his studies, if he thought this class was much too easy. You had the occasion to see his tests and his attention in class, and it was clear the “high society” from which he came from educated him very very well. 
With an unimpressed look, Damian picked his stuffs up and went to your desk. You showed him his test, and said : 
“It has come to my attentions, thanks to your very...Smooth comments, that this class is probably not up to your level. I was thinking maybe we could see to have you skip a grade or two. Would that be something you want ?” 
He shrugs, still not looking very concern, and you sigh. In three months in your class, Damian hadn’t opened up at all. He was most definitely one tough cookie to crack...You sigh, and say : 
“I’ll talk to your father about it.”
“Useless, he won’t accept.”
“Really ? Why ?”
“He thinks I need to learn how to be humble.”
“Ah. And what do you think ?”
“Why would I hide how good I am at things ?”
“Ah but Damian, being humble isn’t about hiding that you’re good, but accepting and knowing there’s always room for improvement.”
You say with a smile, and it...does something to him. 
It’s not that your words have a particular impact on him, he heard Alfred or his “siblings” telling this kind of things hundred of times. 
But there’s something in your face that makes him flinch. Moves something inside him. It’s like...It’s like you genuinely care. 
Damian never really saw anyone looking at him with this expression. Clearly wanting to breach the gap, to make a jump and truly want the best for him. 
Of course, his father really tried to bond with him, but they still didn’t get each others at all. And with his siblings ? Tt, he had no siblings. With the others, he always tried to be better (without always succeeding), and it frustrated them. With reasons. 
So he never saw that particular smile, that particular expression. A genuine and hopeful smile. Someone not judging him in the least, and ready to give him a chance, even after he spend the last three months being horrible to them...
Damian couldn’t understand why you were looking at him like that. Why you had so much hope for him, why you didn’t give up already, why...Why ? 
Why were you smiling at him, while he made all the effort in the world to make you understand he did not want to be here ? 
Why ? 
He couldn’t understand. He hated not understanding.
And it made him...sick ?
Why did it make him sick again ? After a few more months of school, he couldn’t remember the reason. 
Classes were...Pleasant to him, when you were teaching them. He found himself wanting to listen. Wanting to participate. Wanting to talk. 
You had a way of approaching subjects that made everything fun, that made everyone wanting to learn more. 
Why did he dislike you so much at first ? Probably because he wasn’t used to someone genuinely caring about his well-being ? He had been surrounded by fakes and people trying to kill him since his birth, it was difficult to believe there were some good people on Earth. 
Bruce, just like how he noticed Cass’ speech improve after a few months in your class, noticed his son opening up more and more. 
He was still quite introverted, and sometimes acted like a brat...but he was also just a ten years old boy. He couldn’t be perfect. 
There was no doubt in Bruce’s mind that the way Damian slowly changed his mind and changed for the better, came in big part thanks to your class. It also, of course, came from the fact he had amazing children who weren’t about to let Damian get away with treating them as if they weren’t part of the family. 
Instead of getting mad at him though, they just involved him more in their lives, wether he wanted to or not (something they most definitely picked up from your class, where you always made sure everyone was included, and had a “non judgement zone” installed). And slowly but surely, he got used to it. 
He got used to say they were his brothers and sister. That they were a family. He got used to bicker over siblings stuffs, but not to hate them anymore just because they existed. 
He was raised to be like that. Individualist, and taught to crush anyone he deemed a threat. For him, the children his father adopted were a great threat, they could steal his legacy...But slowly, he realized all he had been taught was rotten. 
It took time, of course. And patience. 
But the fact no one was willing to give up on him made him feel things. For the first time in his life, he felt what that “love” thing was, and what being actually cared for felt like. 
A mix of a healthy family environment (and an escape to kick ass at night, and release some frustration), and a good school environment, and slowly but surely, Damian really did improve.
Of course, the change came from him. He was the one wanting to change, wanting to be part of something...But he most definitely had great help along the way. 
Everything culminated the day he had to do an expose for his class, and chose Tim as his subject. 
Of course, Tim knew nothing about it. Damian had come to see him as his brother, and would often boast to his friends at school how great his siblings were...but he’d never tell them to their face. 
Only you knew, how greatly he admired his big brother Tim. He talked a lot about how Tim was only 16 and already managing a lot of things at their father’s enterprise, and he couldn’t help but digress to brag about his other siblings too, who were all very successful. 
And no one in his family would ever have known, if it wasn’t for you who called Bruce to tell him about this absolutely beautiful expose Damian did about his siblings...It made you almost tear up. Even more so when he talked about “the brother he never met”, Jason (who was alive at the time, and back in the family, but the public still thought he was dead...however Damian couldn’t help but talk and brag about him too, even if he had to use the past tense. He would realize only later, how insensitive it could be to have done that in front of you, who still hadn’t gotten over his death...). 
You told everything to Bruce, and it almost sounded like you talked about your own son. It did all kind of things to Bruce’s heart. Nothing he said alout, though. 
Damian was going to graduate from elementary school when it happened. 
It was the first full blown charity ball you held for your “Jason Todd school foundation”, and...You had no illusion. 
If people came to your little event it was because Bruce Wayne was here too.
It had been, nonetheless, a rather pleasant evening. You caught up with Dick, Tim and Cass (and was painfully reminded of Jason’s absence), and what they were doing currently. Tim and Cass were still in high school, and Dick had recently decided to join the police school. Didn’t surprise you much. 
Yes. It was a rather pleasant evening. 
Except for the fact your heart kept getting stabbed over and over again every time you saw Bruce with his date, a Russian model that was probably one of the most beautiful woman you ever saw. 
How could you compete against that ? ...Not that you’d want to compete. 
You do your best to avoid them all night long, even though you see him look for you, trying over and over again to come and talk to you. 
You just can’t do it. You can’t look at him in the eyes while he has such a gorgeous woman at his arm. And so, not very discreetly, you avoid him like the plague, always finding a way to put people between you and him, or escaping to the ladies’ bathrooms. 
Until she corners you.
You were fairly certain she noticed Bruce wanting to talk to you, and had gotten jealous that he therefor paid less attention to her. Oh but if only she knew you and Bruce were just friends...
She’s able to finally talk to you as he went to get some drinks, and before even saying hello or anything, she asks, with a clearly exaggeratted Russian accent (you heard her talk with a barely noticeable accent before) : 
“You’re the one who throw all this right ? Good party. Are you alone tonight though ? I thought it was custom for people who organized this kind of things to be accompanied.” 
She says, with an infuriating fake smile. And that’s the moment Bruce choses to come back, so you can’t even be snarky or anything. You don’t want Bruce to think anything bad about you, so you say : 
“Well, I’m here for the children. So no, I didn’t bring a date. I was too busy trying to appeal to people to invest in our new educative programs.” 
The Russian model looks you up and down and say, the condescendence clear in her voice : 
“Oh, is that why you’re alone ?” 
And here we go, yet another knife in the heart. Reminding you that beyond those impossible feelings you have for Bruce, you also take every hours of your day and use it towards your “educative cause”, virtually having no real social life. And wow. Outch. “Alone”. Touché. 
You don’t see Bruce frowning at his “date”, and you awkwardly smile before slipping away, finding an excuse to do so. 
“(Y/N) wait I wanted to...”
You hear him say something, but you already jumped in the middle of a bunch of people and joined their conversation, effectively blocking Bruce’s way to you. 
You really, really didn’t want to talk to him, even more so if that woman was at his arm. 
The night comes to an end, and you’re utterly satisfied of it. 
You managed (thanks to Bruce mainly), to find founding for all your projects, and had a nice nights full of passionate talk about education and such. 
You had the opportunity to hang out with ex-students of yours, that made great things of themselves. Not just Dick, Tim, Cass and Damian. It was kind of a given, they’d do great, mainly because of their father’s fortune (although those kids were geniuses). But kids from the worst neighborhood in Gotham that benefited from all your actions. 
You felt very proud, and shed many tears. More than once, you thought about Jason, and how you dedicated all this success to him. How you wished this would lead Gotham on a more peaceful path, and things like what happened to Jason would never happen again. 
The wound of his loss was still fresh, and as the evening was coming to an end, and people leaving, you took a little break and went out on the balcony to take a breath of fresh air. 
It was only ten minutes into your isolating time that he finally found you. 
And you were beautiful, there, your elbows on the bannister, looking out at the night lights of Gotham City. 
“Great night, huh ?” 
You jump a bit in the air, surprised, and turn to him. 
No Russian model around, coast clear ? 
“Yeah. Yeah it was good. We have enough fundings to rebuild a hundred schools haha. Just with your donation, we could’ve achieved all our project. Thank you, Bruce.”
“Well, it’s for a good cause.” 
“Still, many do not think or care about it.” 
“You know I agree with you about the importance of good education..” 
Yes. Yes you know. You’ve had many passionate conversations about the future of Gotham, and what you wished it would become. 
Both of you had the same ideas and ideals. Both of you wanted to see Gotham thriving and peaceful. With happy inhabitants that wouldn’t be afraid anymore. 
The Batman helped a lot, for sure, but it was to the people to do the rest. By making the environment everyone was growing in a better place. 
And it started...With schools. 
Yes. Bruce always agreed with your point of view, and was the first to believe in you. 
“You did great, you know. None of this projects would exist without you.” 
“I just...gave people ideas. Nothing too big.” 
“Nothing too big ? (Y/N), you singlehandedly change Gotham’s entire educative field, making every schools better.” 
“Well, I didn’t do it alone.” 
You turn to him, and smile. 
Sure, maybe you initiated a lot of things. Maybe it’s your own experience and such that molded the entire charity and such. But without Bruce Wayne ? And his wonderful kids ? You’re not sure you would’ve gone too far. 
Dick is the one that gave you the self-confidence you needed by having to be strong to help him out, Jason was the one who pushed you to finally take a step forward, Tim and his novel ideas always made you want to improve, Cass and her will to fight and learn inspired you greatly in inventing new methods to help out kids with specific needs, and Damian showed you everyone could change for the better, no matter what. 
Wether you liked it or not, the Waynes really had a huge impact on your life. 
And as you turned to Bruce, somehow, you saw he was thinking something similar...In his eyes, you could see how grateful he was, and how much you changed and helped his kids. 
He smiles. 
You smile. 
Neither of you want to add anything. Everything goes through your eyes. 
Thanksfullness. Gratefulness. Pride. Contentment. 
It’s interesting, how for so many years, your fate and theirs was linked, in more ways than you could imagine. 
To the point that now, Bruce couldn’t imagine a life without you, and vice versa. 
You really were, great friends...
The word hurts, and you look away, unable to hold his gaze. 
His calloused fingers brush your cheek, you you’re so surprised you turn back to him and...No. No he can’t. You can’t. 
You know this look. 
And if you’re being honest with yourself, you’ve known for a while. 
Which is why you were frustrated with him bringing dates everywhere, him still being kind of a playboy (even though his kids gave him an excuse to tame it down). Frustrated with those feelings too because...
Because both of you knew you shared it. 
Both of you knew...Probably since a long time. 
Not that you nor him would ever act upon it, because then, it could change everything, and in a very bad way. 
Plus, you can’t date a student’s parent. You have a very strict ethic.
And he can’t bring you into his world. 
You both know. 
But you’ll never do anything about it. 
And then...
He kisses you.
He kisses you and it’s like those past twelve years of pining for him suddenly fly away. Like you’re 23 again, fresh out of college, about to teach your first class ever, and you see him. About your age. And he has a ward...A son.
You talk for a few minutes, you fight, you apologize, it clicks. And then he leaves, and for a year, you help his son grow. After that, you don’t see him for a while...Until he comes back, with another adoptive son.
Jason. And then Tim. Cassandra. Finally, now, Damian.
All those years walking a parallel line to his, acting as if his kids aren’t your favorite in your class (because “you don’t play favorite, that’d go against my entire work ethic !”). Acting as if you don’t make up a lot of parent/teachers conferences just to see him (because you didn’t really need that much...). Acting as if it didn’t hurt you the most when his kids moved on, and you stopped seeing them...and him.
He kisses you and it’s like you’re 23 again. Acting right away on your feelings. Not being afraid.
Afraid of what ?
He’s one of your student’s father. It’s not ethical. He’s also rich and handsome, so out of your league. And it’s unrationnal, you don’t see him that often.
Afraid of what ?
Rejection. Loneliness. Knowing exactly what you want but never doing anything to achieve it. Regrets. ...
12 years vanish, as he kisses you.
You’re 23 again, and...and...And you can’t do this !
He’s one of your student’s parent ! He’s THE Bruce Wayne !
The sudden bliss you felt as his lips met yours vanishes too, and it’s like a cold bucket of water dumped on your head as you realize...
You can’t do this.
Now, or 12 years ago, it’s the same situation.
You can’t do this.
And so you softly pushes him away...
It’s more difficult than you think, to say those words. He looks at you curiously, a fiery passion still lingering in his eyes.
“I can’t.”
You say, and the only thing you can do now, is run. Run as fast as you can.
“Fly you fools”, are the words that come to your mind. You have to leave, far, far away. And now, you have to stop talking to you. 
Because this all thing is unethical. 
You can’t date one of your student’s parent ! Even though none of them are your student anymore...
And Bruce Wayne is so out of your League ! Even though he’s the one who kissed you first...
And this could change everything, after all, he became your best friend, this could ruin everything ! Even though whenever you saw each others with someone else you felt like dying... 
And he’ll surely reject you, you’re just you, a simple elementary teacher, and he’s him, THE bruce Wayne ! Even though he always looked at you as if you were much more than a “simple elementary school teacher”. 
“Why ?” 
He asks. Why ? Why ? Why ? Why can’t you ? 
Because of all the reasons you keep listing in your head. Student’s dad. Rejection. Out of league. Too much. Not enough. Regrets. Friendship. 
Because...because...Why ? 
He knows. Of course he does. 
He knows you love him. 
And deep down, amongst all the insecurities and fear...You know he loves you. 
So, why ? 
You can’t escape this. He knows. You know. You both knew for a while, without ever acting upon it. Why ? 
Stupid ones. 
Why ? 
As if a divine force was bringing you back to him, you get close to his body again, without even noticing yours moving. 
Why not ?
When you think about it, all those years, it’s as if destiny lead you to each others. Bruce Wayne’s children should’ve never end up in a second rate school in a shitty neighborhood...And yet they all did. 
An elementary school teacher really was supposed to have such a huge impact on “her” kids ? Well, you did. 
Two parallel lines. Always going in the same direction, but never quite meeting.
Until a fateful accidental conjoncture. 
Like a good night representing everything you believe in. 
Like tonight. 
So, why ? 
“I can’t.” 
You repeat, but you don’t even believe it yourself. 
“Why ?” 
You can’t remember the reasons anymore. Was it even ever wrong ?  
He leaves you time, makes sure you want this. He takes a step back on the balcony, away from the remnant of people. 
You follow after him.  
Why ? 
Because you love him.
And he catches you in his arms...Why ? 
Because he loves you. 
12 years in the making. 
Of obvious signs ignored...Why ? 
You don’t even remember anymore. And it doesn’t matter.
Why ? 
Because he’s kissing you again. 
Now that he’s sure. Now that you’re not running away for...reasons you can’t recall. Now that he’s sure. Now that you’re sure. 
It seems silly, that you lost so many years...But then again, it’s only now that you’re finally ready. 
Why ? 
Because as you both reflected on what you accomplished, and what the other’s place was in your life, you both came to a logic realization : 
You were in love. 
And so you kiss him back, and it’s like you’re 23 again. 
“AH ! Finally !”
Tim exclaims, as he points to his father kissing his favorite teacher ever, Miss (Y/L/N)...No, (Y/N). And although he feels rather content that this is happening, he finds it disgusting. 
“Oh geez they’re really going at it...” 
Damian makes a face, because he also thinks the kiss is gross. However, in his heart, and not about to say it out loud just yet, he was very happy for his father. And for himself, really. 
Cass, a smirk on her face, simply said : 
“Called it.” 
But then Dick, throwing an arm around her shoulder, adds : 
“Oh no little sister. No no no. Eight years old me shall forever remain known as the one that “called it” first ! Hahahaha.”
And indeed, it’s only, over twelve years ago now, when little Dick asked if you could be his dad’s girlfriend, that you allowed your feelings to truly burgeoned. 
Because as long as his kids were ok with you two being an item, really, who cared about anything else ?
WELL !! Here we are. I hope you liked it. Thanks very much for reading, and see you soon with a new story :). Hoping this one wasn’t too bad...
As usual, feedbacks, or comments about what you think of the story in general (good or bad, by the way. But please don’t be just mean, if you did not like something try to say why ? We usually all know why we don’t like a thing, so please if you think of something negatively, try to explain why  you did not like it so I can improve next time and not just feel like shit ? Saying something is “bad” and that is it is counterproductive, rude and not very nice...There’s always a way to say things :) ) and reblogs and all are very VERY welcomed. 
Tumblr media
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77uchiha77 · 3 years ago
Me when I see people ship the Batboys together
“tEcHnIcALly tHeY aReN’t aCTuAlLy rELaTaEd”
Tumblr media
Stop the foolery 2018
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Y/N, after the fam finds out about Red Hood: Why is everyone so mad at Jason? I think he’s cool Bruce: He tried to kill us Y/N, stabs Bruce with a plastic spoon: I just tried to kill you. Do you hate me now? Bruce: Sweety I- Y/N: Discrimination
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rynne311 · 2 years ago
Updated 5/28/2019
As always, if any of the links aren’t working, please let me know and I’ll go in and fix it.
It’s Too Damn Hot
Just A Glance
For Better or Worse
A Brand New Birthday
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Two and a Half Years
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Bridging the Gap
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Thousands of Years
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Hush Little Baby
Make It Home
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Life Can Be Funny
Not Another Secret
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The Grave Misunderstanding
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Protected by the Heir
Blood Strangers
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The Day Our World Changed, Again
Put in the Effort
Selfish or Not
A Fate of Your Own
The Family Business
Peaceful Lullaby
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Love Isn’t Earned
Crazy Cat Lady
Mr. Goodbutt
This Means War
Circus Kids
A New Act
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The Move
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The Fitted Sheet
A Father’s Fear
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As Long As I’m Still Your Idiot
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Goodnight Sweetheart
The Wood Anniversary
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You Sleep Like a Dead Person
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Can’t Lose You Too
Pretty Damn Special
A Damn Special Day
A Damn Special Life
Stubborn Sniffles
Extra Work
A Guardian Angel
A Little Bit Safer
Arkham Knight and the Princess
Homecoming Intimidation
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General Batfamily:
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Like Father, Like Daughter
Wayne Kid Game Night
Grocery Dates
General DC:
The Judgement of Friends
More than Blood
One Thing In Common
Meet the Team
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“My mom thinks you’re cute” - Jason Todd x Singlemom!Reader Part 1/5
I had this scenario requested on so many occasions that I thought it was finally time to get to it. So, without further ado, here’s some Jaybird who’s about to have his life turned upside down by a little boy determined to set him up with his mamma. Hope you’ll like it : 
My masterlist blog : @ella-ravenwood-archives​
Tumblr media
Living in Gotham while being broke wasn’t easy. 
Living in Gotham while being broke and a single mom ? Nearly impossible.
And yet, that’s what you, and many other single parents, somehow manage to do every day, surviving paycheck to paycheck. 
“Um, you shouldn’t have had a kid if you couldn’t afford it !”, you often heard rich schmucks say on TV. This kind of comment always annoyed you to no end. Because those people didn’t know the facts. They didn’t know what happened. They just assumed, when looking at you and people “like you”, that you were irresponsible and got yourself knocked up by accident (as if, by the way, getting pregnant happened alone and it was always only the mother’s fault). 
They judged you, thinking they knew exactly how things went in your life. Thinking you were just another statistic from a poor neighborhood. Even more so since you had your son while you were quite young (which didn’t mean anything, there are amazing young parents, and terrible forty something ones). 
But without much surprise, they were all wrong. 
You were responsible. You had plans for the future. You were in a comfortable enough financial situation. You were having a kid with your long time boyfriend that you were suppose to marry that same summer. Both of you wanted a kid, things were right. 
Except that there was an unforeseen event that kinda threw all your plans through the window, and left you struggling and heartbroken. 
“You shouldn’t have had a kid if you couldn’t afford it !” But hey, how could you have planned that your long time boyfriend that you were suppose to marry would suddenly freak out and bolt without a goodbye ? Leaving just a note saying : “it’s too much”, taking all of his stuffs while you were visiting a friend and moving from Gotham never to be seen again ? 
Did those people, who thought they knew better and looked down upon you, even had any idea what you went through ? Of course they didn’t. 
In the span of a night, you went from “financially comfortable with tons of plans for the future” to “single, about to give birth, soon to be very broke”. 
You were at the end of your term, and had to find a new and cheaper apartment ASAP as you couldn’t afford the one you had so far, not on your own. A very pregnant you didn’t even have time to actually be sad or mad about the father of your child leaving you alone mere days before the due date, that a million responsibilities you were suppose to share suddenly downed on you. 
All the costs that were supposed to be split in two fell on your shoulders alone, the life of your future baby laid only in your hands !! 
You had no close family to help, no “the dad of my child is actually a coward” back up plan, no friends that could lend you some money and oh you could forget about taking a loan at any banks “single mom, unemployed” wasn’t really a good pedigree. 
Oh yes, because of course you were counting on your other half, trusting him when he said “one of us need to be there for the baby in the first few weeks ! And I make more than you right now so...” and so you took maternity leaves that were obviously unpaid but now you couldn’t possibly go back to your job anyway, you couldn’t afford a baby sitter ! 
Everything went to shit so fast. And you ended up joining the circle of “struggling single parents” while you thought you had everything figured out. 
So. Yeah. Fuck those people on TV who never had to struggle a day in their life that just judge you like that ! They knew nothing about you, or your son. They had no clue about the chains of event that got you here, right now...
Here. Working late in a bar to make ends meet. Serving exactly the people who judged you whenever they saw you take out coupons at the supermarket. 
Thanks God it was almost the end of your very long day. Working two jobs and taking care of a kid was exhausting...But something you ended up being used to it. 
You had to do this for the past seven years after all. And in the end, it was worth it. Sure, it wasn’t easy, and you often stressed about how you’d pay your next bills but...You made sure your boy never needed anything, never went hungry (even if you did sometimes) etc etc. 
And sure things didn’t really turn out how you expected them to be when you found out you were pregnant, but it was worth it. 
Because your son...Oh your son, he was just the greatest. 
Viggo. Your precious little prince. 
You named him after the actor, “Viggo Mortensen”, because when your cowardly fiance left, one of your first thought, for some reasons, was : “Aragorn would never have left...”. Now “Aragorn” was a little too extra, so you settled for “Viggo”. Plus, it went really well with your last name. 
Right now, he was being babysat by your neighbor, who also happened to be your best friend. Thank god you had at least one great friend on whom you could count when you had to work late. 
Which was more often than you wished it to be. 
You were already sulking about the next morning, knowing you’d have only a few hours of sleep before you had to take Viggo to school, when it happened. 
“Well hello there beautiful lady. No one told me girls worked in this shit bar ! Why did no one tell me that such sexy girls worked in this shit bar ?!” 
You purse your lips as you were putting away glasses behind the bar, and try to compose yourself as best you could before turning to face the client that was talking to you. 
At this hour of the night, in the middle of the week, the bar was pretty empty. Only the hard drinkers were left. Most likely, the man facing you right now was drunk out of his mind. It was near closing time after all, those who were in a bar near closing time in the middle of the week didn’t come to play darts. 
“Hello sir, what can I get ya ?” 
You force yourself to be polite. You found out years ago that the more polite you are, the more you ignore their stupid comments, the better it is. 
“Your number, you beautiful creature.” 
He says, as the friend accompanying him chuckles dumbly and looks at you, eager to see your reaction. He probably hopes you’ll snap or something, giving him a nice show. You have to gather all of your will to not utter a “gross”, and just keep on smiling. 
It’s not even that the guy isn’t good looking. He’s not really your style but he isn’t  ugly. And you know that when drunk, some people get overconfident and blahblahblah. But it’s just...He said it in such a sleazy way. Makes you shiver. 
The way he leans on the bar and look at you as if you were his next meal. The way he smiles thinking he’s so damn charming. The way he’s trying to show off his rolex on his wrist, so you know he’s loaded (you had the occasional business man, in the “shit bar” you were working at..). It just made you uncomfortable and kinda grossed you out. 
Who did he think you were ? Who did he think he was ? Fortunately, you came up quite a while ago with just the trick for those situations. With a wide smile you say : 
“Your number coming right up !”
The man stares at you with drunken eyes, probably surprised that it worked this time ! But then you take out a shaker from behind the bar and start pouring alcohol and mixers in it. You juggle a bit with the shaker, giving the extremely confused man a show, before pouring everything in a glass and saying : 
“Here’s your number. Great choice, it’s one of our best cocktail.” 
There wasn’t any cocktails called “your number”, of course. You just made a very generic “long island ice tea” and pretended to do something way fancier than it really was. It’s a gimmick you discovered quite a while ago now, pretending that “your number” is an actual cocktail you make, and acting as if you don’t understand what the people saying that are really asking. 
It “saved your life” more than once. When a client is being particularly annoying or just like this guy, a tad too drunk to realize they’re being creepy (or being plain creepy), you’d just say : “Oh one of our best cocktail !” and make them a “your number”. They would usually be too stunned to react much, which would give you time to escape or something. 
You worked for the past two years at this bar, doing closing hours a few times a week to make ends meet. And it always worked...except today.
The guy in front of you was probably someone important. Not used to be mocked, or to hear the word “no”. And he realized instantly you were just trying to distract him...He wouldn’t let you do that. You were the employee of this bar, you had to do what he wanted ! 
As you set the glass in front of him, he grabs you by the wrist and pulls you toward him. Surprised, you don’t have time to resist as you slam against the bar. It kinda knocks the wind out of you.  
You turn to see that Bobby, the security guard, is outside, talking to a few clients, not paying attention. Of course...It was almost closing time, things rarely happened in those few last minutes ! Plus tonight had been busy and he skipped his break, he probably just let his guard down thinking it was ok. 
Well. No help will come from there. You turn to the man who grabbed you, and you can see in his eyes that the alcohol is the sole reason why he’s acting so agressive.You try to wiggle your wrist free, but he pulls you harder. 
“Hey, I asked nicely, what’s your problem ? I’m a customer here, customer is king !” 
The next few things happened so fast, that you’re left wondering if you just hallucinated it or not. 
Another guy comes in and grabs the drunk client by his own wrist. With one quick and merciless twist he makes him let go of you. Drunk guy let’s out a pained scream as New Guy takes hold of his shirt and says, in a deep and calm voice : 
“The lady gave you what you wanted.” 
Without letting go of the drunk’s collar, the new guy takes the cocktail you just made, shoves it in the hand of the drunk, and then lets go of him, pointing to a seat at the back of the bar. 
Drunk Client isn’t an idiot. He can see that the new guy is double his size and the way he made him let go of you, just with a simple twist of his hand (hurt like a motherfucker by the way)...Yup, he knows he’d stand no chance in a fight. 
So he awkwardly and clumsily takes a few steps back, looks at you, and then back at new guy, and leaves. Just like that. He goes to sit at the table the new guy was pointing at, avoiding eye contact with him, and in a matter of seconds, this all thing is over. 
Still a bit shocked at how fast everything went, you turn to the new guy and...Yup. Suspicion confirmed. You already saw him before. 
You never really talked to him, and most of the time your colleague had been the one to serve him. You never really paid attention to him, most of the time being too busy for that. You just know you saw him before, in that same bar. 
“Um...thank you.” 
“You’re welcome. Dude was being an ass.” 
He says, smiling at you nicely. And oh wow. Why the hell didn’t you notice him more before ? Tall. Handsome. Muscular. Smile to kill for. Crazy blue eyes and dark hair. Jawline that you’d gladly get cut on...How the hell did. You. Not. Notice. Him. More. Before ?! 
“Did he hurt you ?”
“No, no he didn’t. Got the wind knocked out o’ me a bit, but I’m fine. Thanks to you.” 
“Good then.” 
And then he sits at the bar in front of you, with his beer. 
You’re not sure what to say, you already thanked him twice saying it a third time would be a bit too much. But you do want to talk to him. Know his name maybe. But he seems like the kind of guy who only gives short answers and you don’t want to bother him. Though he did sit down in front of you...You’re gathering up the courage to ask him but he’s faster than you : 
“Name’s Jason by the way. And you are...(Y/N), right ?”
A bit taken aback about the fact that he knows your name, you say : 
“Yeah. Yeah it is. you know ?”
“Well, I’m pretty sure you have no idea who I am but I’ve been here before. I heard your colleague call you that a few times."
There’s a short pause, where you just stare at him a bit awkwardly. He completely misinterpret your awkwardness and hurriedly says :
“I’m not a creep or anything, I just...heard and uh, picked up on it and uh...Yeah. I realize that, “I’m not a creep” is exactly what a creep would say, so Imma just shut up. But I promise, not a creep.” 
Ah. But you weren’t thinking he was a creep because he remembered your name after hearing your colleague calling you that a few times. Nope. You’re actually trying not to blush because that extremely hot guy REMEMBERED your name after hearing your colleagues calling you a few times ! 
Like wow, he noticed you somehow ! He noticed you enough to remember your name ! Ok. Now you were the one being creepy, blowing that simple fact way out of proportion. He probably just pays attention to his surroundings and that’s it ! Like the few times you saw him, drinking on his own in a corner of the bar, you always thought he looked like he was thinking too much so...
“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable just now. I knew I should have pretended I didn’t know your name. Well, that sounds bad too. Um. I’m sorry. I just uh...heard it...and I already said that didn’t I ? Sorry.”
You’re kinda...Surprised. You thought he was the kind of guy to not talk much. He looked liked the kind of guys that didn’t talk much. Leather jacket, jeans, rings on his fingers, a kind of neglige haircut...You pegged him for one of those mysterious guy you know ? The ones in movies that um, don’t talk much. 
It didn’t help that the first few words you heard him say, as he talked to the Drunk Guy were exactly fitting that stereotype you had in your head. Short sentences, and a very chill and cool demeanor. And then when he asked you if you were hurt, to the point. When he'd told you his name too, it was quick. He only started to ramble as you seemed taken aback by the fact he knew your name... 
It didn’t help either that you only ever saw him sitting on his own. Drinking just a little bit, not actually getting drunk. And just...Staying there for hours, not moving. You really thought he was just that kind of “bad boy” type you know ? And here he was, rambling and apologizing and looking unsure was kinda cute. 
“I realize I probably should go sit somewhere else. Sorry. I helped you, and that’s it. No need to talk to me. Or feel like you owe me anything or something. You said thanks, that’s it. We good. Sorry. I shouldn’t have sat down here, you were working, I’m bothering you. Now I can’t seem to shut up ! I’m...Yeah. Sorry.” 
He’s standing up now, and you almost lunge at him as you hurriedly say : 
“No no no, it’s fine. Please sit down. I mean, if you want. I was just...lost in thoughts a little bit !” 
He actually seems relieved and sits back down before saying : 
“Oh I can understand. You just had quite an...eventful couple of last minutes what with that asshole attacking you and me rambling like an idiot.”
"Oh you weren’t rambling like an idiot, don’t worry. I’m sorry I didn’t answer and just stared like a crazy person haha.” 
“I didn’t feel like you were staring don’t worry. Plus like I said, I understand, you just went through...Ah once again, I was about to repeat myself.” 
He chuckles nervously and you’re kind of blown away by the fact you seem to be the one making him nervous. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking. After all, what wouldn’t you give to make a guy like that nervous uh ? 
“Well, thank you again. I have no idea what I would have done if you hadn’t been there. Or rather, I know what I would’ve done, but it would have gotten me fired and that would have suuuucked.” 
He smiles at you and chuckles again, this time because you actually made him laugh. Curious, he asks : 
“What would you have done ?” 
“See that pitcher ? By the sink ? Conveniently close to where my hand was ?” 
“Would’ve smash it on his head.” 
“Self-defense ! Surely you wouldn’t have gotten fired for that yeah ?” 
“Oh I would. If Bobby, the security guard over there, isn’t boss just instantly assume we have a short temper and fire us.” 
“That’s ridiculous, you’ve been working here for a while right ? He would know by now you don’t have a short temper ? ” 
Oh. There it is again. Hinting that he noticed you before. At least he knows you’ve been working here a while, and he looked at you enough to know you don’t have a short temper. Or maybe, once again, it’s just wishful thinking ? 
But then, by the way he hurriedly takes a sip of his drink, and avoid your eyes, as if he just realized he once again admitted that he noticed you...Maybe you are right. You wonder if the little pink on his cheeks is here because of the booze, or because he’s embarrassed. 
“So, Jason. You um...pick up on things pretty easily uh ?” 
Welp. You didn’t mean for it to sound so flirty, and yet it came out of your mouth just like that. Damn. You just wanted to tease him a bit about him noticing you and all. Just be a bit, you know, witty or something. Or maybe you just wanted to reassure yourself that he was indeed a very observant man and just came to the bar to people watch, so of course he saw you ? You weren’t too sure. What was sure, is that you didn’t mean for it to be that flirty. 
And once again, his response takes you completely by surprise. You thought he was gonna ramble some more, being cute and all or something like that. You were hoping he wouldn’t get offended by your mocking tone (that ended up being flirty anyway). You weren’t expecting him to pull a 180 on you and flirt back : 
“Yes and no. I only pick up on interesting things.” 
Oh. Oh smooth motherfucker.
Jason was walking back to his apartment, unable to take you out of his mind. 
He had been going to the bar you were working at for months. He only noticed you a few weeks ago though. Usually, your colleague, a very beautiful woman called “Carla” would serve him. And he often flirted with her quickly as she gave him his drinks. 
But then one day, you’re the one that asked “what can I get ya ?” and everything changed. He didn’t flirt that much with Carla anymore. 
And he always kinda wished you’d be the one taking his order, but Carla always ended up coming first. Which made sense, since he flirted with her all the time and she seems to like him...
He tried to sit anywhere in the bar, to see which part of the room you took care of the most... Only to realize that you guys didn’t have a part of the room you took most care of and kinda worked all around. Damn. 
So he settled on just observing you from afar, in the hope that one day he’d get the guts to talk to you. He just didn’t want to bother you, you know. Even more so since he saw that you basically always found a way to not reciprocate any kind of flirting...maybe you were already taken ? 
But then that wouldn’t explain tonight. The perfect opportunity arose when he stepped in to help you, and you ended up talking for ages. The bar was calm, so you had the time to, as you cleaned glasses and such. 
And he was pretty sure you flirted with him. Pretty sure you knew what he was doing as well. Sure, it started out with  him rambling a lot of nonsense and acting like a crazy person, but then once you said “so you pick up on things easily uh ?”...It started. 
His awkwardness left him. Ha. It’s funny, everyone always assume he’s a very smooth and charming man. That he has that bad boy look down to a point, and can talk to any girl but...more often than not, he found himself unable to talk to the girls he actually liked, while he was able to flirt with any others. 
Like that friendly flirting time with “Carla”, who was just his bartender. While the flirting with you..
Ugh. Jason couldn’t stop thinking about you. Couldn’t get you out of his head. He didn’t even know why, when you first served him a few weeks ago, he kinda fell under your spell. He just...he mesmerized him and there was something about you that made him wanna know more and...
Uh. Reason had nothing to do with what he felt. He liked you without even knowing you. It happened sometimes. 
Sometimes even, when you start to talk to someone you like without knowing, you realize it won’t actually work and you can move on and all. More often than not actually, this happened to him. Crushing on someone only to realize they’re really not his type. 
And here you were. You guys talked all night...Ugh. His head was full of thoughts about everything, unable to untangle anything. 
He guessed he just had to go back to the bar and find out more uh ?
He did exactly that. At least once a week, he would skip patrol to come to the bar. Which he already did before anyway, except that before it was less regular. He would skip any time his dad was getting on his nerve, which was often but not regularly. While coming there at least once ? Yup. 
He found out that Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for some reasons, were the calmest nights, and always ended up coming on those so he could talk to you. 
He didn’t ask you out though, still a bit wary as he saw you too many times saying “no” to people...But he came nonetheless. Every Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Sometimes on more nights if his siblings or father annoyed him. 
And you guys talked. About anything really. And his crush on you ? Didn’t disappear. Oh, he just have to ask you out one day or another...just, not tonight.
You started to like him. A lot. But he didn’t ask you out and it was getting the same time, it was good. Because you still didn’t mention the fact that you had a kid, and you were pretty sure that as soon as he would know, he’d run away... 
For now, it was nice to have someone to talk you during your long work hours. 
If there’s one thing you learned in those seven years of being a mom...It’s that kids picked up on things way more than you think they would. 
For example, say a bad word once, and your child is gonna repeat it forever. Or say that you don’t like much a person, and the next time you see this person, your kiddo is gonna blurt out “My mom think you’re awful” or something.
So this is why right now, you really could slap yourself and the fact that you totally forgot about that thing kids do...It would have gotten you out of this very awkward moment for sure. 
Why ? Why did you discuss this with your best friend AT HOME when your son was PLAYING NEXT to you two ? Of course he’d hear and store everything in this little genius head of his. Nothing ever escape Viggo’s attention. 
What a mistake to think that, because he was playing on his Game Boy DS he wouldn’t pay attention to what you were saying. Especially since you were talking about a guy...You rarely talked about guys. 
Your best friend did. Many times. But you rarely had “heart stories” to tell her. Until those past few days, as you started to regularly ramble to her about this “Jason” guy ! 
Damn. For real. Why didn’t you think of talking about this only after Viggo’s bed time ? Only when he was out of earshot ? 
It would have avoided this very awkward situation right now... 
You were at the park with your son and your best friend, on a sunny Saturday afternoon when...You turned around suddenly, and your friend and son looked at you weirdly as you were trying to hide behind them. You murmured : 
“It’s him. It’s him over there, it’s Jason.” 
As you eyes the place where he was and...Yup sure enough it was Jason. He was with another rather handsome man. And they were...Stretching ? They were both wearing sweat pants (thanks god for the existence of sweat pants, what a nice bottom Jason had) and compressing shirt (thanks god for those too). Probably came to the park to run or something. 
For now, he didn’t see you and you could still have a chance to leave without being seen. You weren’t too sure why you didn’t want him to see you...It made you feel very guilty once you realized that it was because Viggo was there. 
You didn't want to be “ashamed”  of having a son. And frankly, if he was interested in you but ran away because you had a kid, then he wasn’t worth it that moment your brain didn’t work properly. You just didn’t want him to see you, and that was it. 
But this was without counting on your way too smart boy...
He yelled, pulling you by the sleeve and pointing at the ice cream cart that was conveniently placed right next to Jason and his friend. You glared at him, because oh you knew exactly what he was doing. He answered with a smug smile, and yelled once more :
He would have never yelled that loud normally. You knew instantly that he was going to force you to confront Jason. Why ? Why did you have to give birth to a smart ass ? Way too damn smart for his own good. 
Of course, the fact that he was screaming and pulling you as you were trying to “discreetly” make him stop attracted Jason’s and his friend’s attention. He turned to you and his a wide smile appeared on his face. 
“(Y/N) ?” 
You stopped struggling with your son, and gave a good ol’ glare to your best friend who was chuckling because of all this, and turned to Jason. You acted as if you didn’t notice the fact your best friend and your son just high fived, and say : 
“Oh hey Jason. Um. Fancy seeing you here...” 
You’re avoiding his eyes and you know he’s a bit confused by that, but you just..don’t know what to say. Well, you know what ? It’s fine that you don’t, because you have a very talkative and not very shy son who just says : 
“Jason ? Oh ! You’re the Jason uh ?”
“The Jason ?” 
You ponder for a minute grabbing your kid and just putting your hand on his mouth, stopping him from saying much more...but then you think maybe it might be suspicious and that you’re screwed either way. So you just settle for glaring at him, and oh that smug look he gives you ! 
“Yeah, my mom talked about you a few time. If you’re the Jason of course. How do you know my mom ?” 
“ ? Uh..I” 
The man accompanying Jason seems very pleased with the entire situation and keeps smiling way too much. So you glare at him too. This isn’t funny ok ? This is embarrassing and possibly heartbreaking. This is exactly why you tried to avoid Jason seeing you, and why of course, your son started yelling about ice cream. 
You keep repeating to yourself that he would have find out one day or another anyway...Actually you’re pretty sure that if he actually had asked you out, the first thing you would have mention is the fact that you have a son. But still...Like that...Ugh...
Your best friend chuckle and so you glare at her too. It’s glaring season ! And oh it kinda makes you nervous the way Jason doesn’t answer your kid’s question...And then Viggo says : 
“You don’t remember how you met ? Oh you’re probably not the Jason then. My bad. Mom, can we get ice cream now ?”
It’s something, really, when a seven year old is that smart and knows exactly what to bring back people back to their senses. It seems like his last few words dropped a bucket of ice cold water over Jason’s head and he says : 
“I met her at her work. I met your mom at her work.”
And then he looks at you, and smile. And...What ? What does that mean ? Is he still interested ? Well, if he ever was actually interested...
“Library, coffee shop, book shop, restaurant, or bar ?” 
Viggo asks, and Jason seems even more taken aback about that than about the fact you have a kid. You never mentioned having different jobs, because you didn’t want him to know you were broke. He looks at you again, and answer : 
“Um. Bar.” 
“Ah, so you are the Jason ! I thought you’d be taller...”
Jason turns to your son again, and asks : 
“What do you mean, “the” Jason ?” 
“That you’re the one my mom talked about with Aunt Ally !” 
Ally, your best friend. Who’s having the time of her life right now. She always loved when your son embarrassed you in public, because that child was really smart, and funny. She waves a bit at Jason and nods, as to confirm that yup, you did talk with her about a certain “Jason”. 
Jason looks at you again and takes the exact same smug look your son had a few minutes before, and says : 
“Ah ? Talking about me uh ?” 
“Yup. She thinks you’re cute.” 
At that, Jason’s friends and Ally BURST OUT laughing and you’re thinking for a few seconds about calling 911 because they don’t seem to breath between all that laughing.. 
Both you and Jason turn bright red, all sign of smugness on Jay’s face disappearing instantly. You blush for obvious reasons, and Jason because...You think he’s cute ! Does that mean you actually like him and the talk at the bar means something ? That if he asks you out you’re not going to turn him down like you turned everyone down so far ? 
“She um...she does uh ?” 
He manages to say, and Viggo nods vigorously. 
“Oooooh yeaaah. Aunt Ally and her talked about it for ages. She thinks your...” 
This time, you think it’s appropriate to grab your son and put your hand on his mouth, shutting him up. Because you don’t know what he’s about to say, but you know it’s going to be mortifying. You haven’t realized until now how much you talked about Jason and his...physical (and mental) attribute with your best friend. Again, Jay’s friend and yours laugh even more. 
And you and Jason just awkwardly look at each others...Your son takes your hand away from his mouth and looks up at you. The pleading look you give him makes him understand he maybe went a bit too far (he makes a mental note that he’ll have to apologies later. Maybe by cooking your favorite cake with aunt Ally ?), so he turns to Jason and say : 
“Why, you don’t think she’s cute ?”
He punctuates his question by narrowing his eyes at Jason and...Damn, your boy will never cease to amaze you. How did that kid know which words to say exactly to get reactions out of people ? Impressive. 
Jason looks at you a bit panicked, and then at your boy, back at you, back at your boy. Suddenly, the idea that you might think he doesn’t think you’re cute too terrifies him and he says :
“Oh no no no. I think your mom is very cute ! I think she’s like...the cutest !” 
It makes you blush a bit more, but also fills you with stupid happiness. The guy you liked, thought you were cute ! ...It made you feel a bit silly too, because you felt like you were back in high school and had send one of your friend to ask your crush if he liked you back...
“Then why didn’t you ask her out on a date yet ?” 
Ok. This was time for you to find your voice back and finally cut in. So far, you could only witness helplessly as your son smooth talk everything, and your best friend just laughed. But this time, you had to jump in, right ? 
“Um this is...uh...I never said...uuuuuum...I...Didn’t you want ice cream, honey ?” 
Without much surprise, you’re unable to actually formulate an actual sentence. It’s because too many people are here. You can’t think straight with your best friend and Jason’s friend and your SON here. Witnessing this very awkward first “I like you” kind of confession. So you continue : 
“Um, Ally, would you be so kind as to take him get his ice cream ?” 
Your son knows what you’re doing now. You’re getting rid of him, so he can’t set you up with “The Jason” further ! it’s his turn to glare at you a little bit, because he’s afraid you’re gonna chicken out and decide to say your son was crazy or something and not go through with that all “asking each other out things” he just settled. 
Viggo heard you talk about “The Jason” for the past few months almost every single nights. He never heard you talk about any men that long ! You had flings and all, but never anything serious. He heard you talk about his dad a few times, and how you didn’t actually want a serious thing anymore talked a lot about Jason ! 
Your son just wanted you to be happy. And by the things you said about “The Jason”, he seemed like a cool guy ! And...
“Dick, didn’t you say that after all those efforts with just made, you wanted an ice cream too ?” 
Jason’s voice takes your son out of his reveries. The man is looking at his “friend” who is still chuckling on his own. “Dick” seems to get the message and gives a knowing look to Jason. And it reassures Viggo a bit, to see it’s the same kind of look he just gave his mom. The one that meant : “Come on, just do it”.  
Dick walks a towards the ice cream truck before stopping and turning around :
“Ah. By the way, I’m Dick. His brother. Sorry for being rude and not introducing myself. So, you’re (Y/N). “The” (Y/N). He talked about you too, just...sayin’.”
Ignoring Jason’s glare Dick turns to your son and say : 
“And you are...?”
“Viggo !” 
“Oh like the actor ?”
“Exactly like the actor, yes.” 
“Cool. So you want ice cream too Viggo ? I think those two are trying to give us a message insisting we want it.”
“Oh like you mean, leaving them alone ?” 
“Exactly mean that, yes. Leaving them” 
“And sort this “cute” thing out ?” 
“Oh you’re a smart one Viggo, aren’t you ? Remind me of my little brother Tim.” 
Your best friend, Ally, bless her soul, takes that opportunity to jump in and help you. Because it seems like Jason’s brother and your son have that same kind of “teasing” vibe to them haha. She says : 
“Oook boys then let’s go get ice cream. You can tell us more about your brother Tim, Dick. And um...more about what Jason said about our (Y/N) ?” 
“Ah, fantastic idea ! Let’s all go gossip !” 
You and Jason watch, helpless, as some of the most important people in your life happily walk towards the ice cream cart and start to talk about you. Suddenly, both of you kinda regret chasing them away like that. 
You turn back to each other and there’s an awkward pause. You basically just said that you liked each others, and your seven year old son pointed out that it meant you should go out but...You’re not sure what to say. Jason starts : 
“So...You have a son uh ?” 
“Yes. Sorry I didn’t mention it earlier it just...never really came up. And um...You have a brother ?” 
“Three. And a sister. I guess it never really came up either...” 
“No. Somehow, we ended up talking about Star Wars for hours and not a word about some of the most important people in our lives were said.”
You can’t help but chuckle a bit at the thought. It’s true. You guys talked about so many things, sometimes very trivial ones, sometimes about your obscure similar geeky never actually mentioned much about your families ! 
You did both make sure that the other one was single, but that’s pretty much it. You ended up talking about each others more than families and all. 
Well. Jason did it for a reason. He was suppose to be “dead”...He wasn't really sure how he would talk about his family now that the subject was open, but he knew he’d figure something out. You were clearly worth it. 
“How old is he ?”
“Cool. Did you really name him after Viggo Mortensen ?”
“Yup. Don’t judge.” 
“Hey, I told you I was kind of in love with the man so no judgement from me. On the contrary, I dig it. He seems like a pretty awesome kid...He wears the name well.”
“Yeah, he is a pretty awesome kid. Too smart for his own good though.”
“I think I noticed. He’s really good at acting like he has no idea what he’s doing, while saying things like...what he said.”
Woops. There it is again. You somehow manage to hold your blush this time though. And say : 
“Yes. I don’t know wether I should be happy or not about this talent of his...” 
“It’s a good thing. Otherwise, I would have never had the courage to...ask you out. You turned so many people down at the bar, I thought you weren’t interested in dating and didn’t ask you out cause of this.” 
“Ask me out ? Is it what you’re doing right now ?” 
“Well...I think ?” 
“Even though I have a kid ?” 
“What does it matter if you have a kid or not ?” 
“You really don’t care ?” 
“No. Seems like a swell kid at that. Smart...but I already said that.” 
You’re kinda stunned. You were so sure he wouldn’t want to actually date you once he knew you had a kid. It turned down so many people you dated in the past...But Jason. Jason genuinely didn’t seem to care. On the contrary, he was genuinely surprised that you thought it would be a problem. 
“So um...Would you like to...go get dinner someday ? You can tell me more about your little Viggo, so I can say more than “he’s smart” next time. Or, if you don’t wanna talk about him, then we won’t. I don’t uh..I never dated someone who had a kid before. I wouldn’t like to impose myself in your life in any way. I just...wanna go get dinner I guess...” 
He seems so nervous. It’s very cute. And kinda sexy. The way he stumbles on his words, the way he seems to already understand that Viggo is part of your life and so if he dates you he’ll probably have to interact with him...It feels nice. 
He’s not a total stranger, by now. You know him quite a bit, actually, what with all those conversations at the bar. Sure there’s some part you never mentioned, like family or such. But mainly, you consider him a friend. 
He’s not a total stranger. He thinks you’re cute, you think he’s cute. He doesn’t mind you having a kid. So, obviously...
“Dinner sounds great. Whenever you want ?”
“I was thinking, whenever you want. What with you having a child and all. I...I can get away from work and all. But you can’t get away from your kid you know ?” 
Wow. Wow. Wow ! In a few words, he annihilated any worries you might have had about dating him. Because he just acknowledge the fact that he completely understand that your life revolves a lot around your kid’s. And it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. 
“Um. Next Saturday, I’m not working and Ally can babysit Viggo. So if it’s good with you ? ...” 
“It is. It is. I can...Saturday. 8 pm ?” 
“Yeah, sounds nice.” 
“Ok cool. Um...See you then. Or before at the bar maybe ? Not sure what my plans are for the week...I think I might stop by.” 
“Great, any time !” 
“Cool. Um. I have to go right now, my brother and I have an appointment. But um...see you soon ?” 
“Yes, very soon !” 
He smiles at you and you smile back. It’s not as awkward as you’d think, what with both of you admitting you like each others (albeit not in a very conventional way) and all. You follow him towards his brother, your best friend and your son and he says bye. 
Dick waves too, and after a “well nice to finally meet you, (Y/N)”, he goes away. It makes you wonder what Jason and him talked about and said about you...
You turn to your son and best friend and say : 
“So, what did he say about me ?” 
“Sorry mom, we promised Dick we wouldn’t say anything. He said you guys should figure things out first.” 
“...That’s cold Viggo, that’s cold. Ally ?” 
“Sorry (Y/N), I agree with Dick. He paid for the ice cream so...”
“...You two are bribed too easily !”
They laugh a bit and then your son asks, a bit carefully and unsurely : 
“So...are you going to see The Jason again ? Out of the bar ? Out of work ?” 
“What, you mean like a date ?” 
“Yes mom, I mean like a date !” 
You don’t say anything for a few seconds, enjoying torturing them a bit as they just can’t wait to hear wether or not he asked you out. Finally, you say : 
“Ally, can you babysit Viggo next Saturday ?” 
To be continued... ---> There’s now a second part to this, you can find it on my masterlist blog on the “DC master list” under “Jason Todd”, it’s called “Best Step-dad ever” :). 
So this was originally suppose to be a one shot. But I got carried away haha. The full story is already almost completely written, I still have to finish the next chapter. It was way too long for me to post it in just one post, like really, this is already long and it is a bit less than half the entire thing so...Yeah. Anyway. This was more of a “settling things” kind of chapter. Next chapter will have much more of “your son” and Jason interactions with him + appearances from ALL the Batfam members. 
Hope you...liked it ? Feedbacks are always appreciated, and once again, reblog = the only way anyone who isn’t following me will find my blog now. So...Yup. Thanks. 
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77uchiha77 · 3 years ago
Dating - Batboys Headcanon
Request: Omg can I request a HC of what its like to date the batboys? (You know, separately.
Note/Warnings: so I lied when I said I was going to post in order of who requested. enjoy.
Permanent tag list: @softkomorebi  @lightskintxxn @batboys-and-other-messes
Wanna be on my permanent tag list? Send me a message/ask!
Dick Grayson
Dick isn’t too shabby when it comes to cooking
Before he goes off to his nightly affairs he’ll try his best to cook for you
Goes the extra mile to make you happy
Probably makes you his workout buddy
You ever need someone to talk to?
Dick’s your right-hand man
Will try his best to make you laugh while you cry
He hates seeing you upset
ooo he’s SUPER adventurous
Will literally wake up at 1 am to go on a car ride by the beach
His personality type suggest he probably changes the conversation quickly if you guys ever started talking about the future
Kids, marriage, rings, house, isn’t a common conversation
Dick would rather live in the moment
Jason Todd
Most likely the jealous type
Organized freak
but Gosh does he love you
can be quite stubborn
deep conversations 
The best hugs
holds you like a teddy bear when sleeping
motorcycle rides
sarcasm 24/7
being there for him when he wakes from nightmares
comforting him when he opens up about his trauma
hours upon hours in bookstores 
Jason doing random romantic things
“Really Jason?”
“What? was the horse too much?”
“Just a bit.”
Tumblr media
Tim Drake
Despite popular belief that Tim is some smol angel he can actually be pretty cold
his sarcasm is a deadly weapon
Probably has said some pretty rude things during arguments but immediately regrets them
but HE WILL blush every time you show him affection in public
Remembers every anniversary, date, location, time
Random debates about the most complex ideas
you probably adopt his weird sleeping pattern
sitting back to back on the floor while Tim is doing whatever on his laptop for hours straight
THE WORST HELP when shopping
“Tim, this top looks cuter, right?”
*tries to pretend he isn’t a lovebug that thought the other 9 tops looked just as good *
“uh, yeah sure!”
Tumblr media
Damian Wayne
does a 180 when you are actually together
Possibly becoming vegetarian
letting him take his time when opening up to you
constantly volunteering at an animal shelter together
if you’re affectionate with him, he’ll act as if he doesn’t care but inside omg, HE’S EXPLODING IN FEELS
Damian isn’t the biggest fan of PDA but his heart flutters when you randomly hug him or hold his hand in public
“Damian this is too expensive.”
“Only the finest for my beloved.”
Pet Names
my guy doesn’t want to admit it but he’s SUCH a romantic
will slit the throat of anyone who disrespects you
it scares him how much you mean to him
Being the water to his firey ambitions and passions
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alphaabucky · 3 years ago
Damian ‘cockblock’ Wayne - Jason Todd x Reader
Anon - Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Damian keeps cockblocking Jason and the reader (he sees the reader as an older sister/mother type of figure)
Tumblr media
Summary - Sexually frustrated Jaybird seems to not be able to catch a break.
Warnings - swearing, make outs, reference to sex.
“God I want to kill Grayson…” Jason grumbled as he climbed through your apartment window, normally he would visit you during the day and take you out, but most recently he had been appearing in your apartment at ungodly hours of the night after patrol; he came over either just needing to feel you next to him as he slept, or just needing to feel you writhing beneath him, moaning his name as he showed you how much he loved you – he had been away for a couple weeks, patrol had practically taken over his life and all he was thinking about through those gruelling weeks was you, and how much he missed you and needed you.
“Baby? You better be ready to stay awake all night long…” He smirked to himself as he made his way to your bedroom, kicking off his shoes and throwing his leather jacket away in a random direction before swinging your bedroom door open. “Jay?” You whispered, eyes widening as you sat up and stared at him as he started pulling off his armour. “You have no idea how much I need you right now, if you thought you were sore the day after my birthday, god babe you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” He bit his lip, taking off the rest of the remaining clothing on his body, leaving him all bare before you. “Jay shut up!” you squeal, you did love his spontaneity but this was definitely NOT the time. “You won’t be saying that in a couple minutes…” He smirked, striding towards you and ripping the duvet from your body and revealing you and a certain someone else.
“What the-?! Why the fuck is demon spawn here?” He backed away, grabbing his boxers and pulling them on like the flash as he stared at little Damian, snuggling his face into Jason’s own pillow as he slept soundly. “Dami has been keeping me company since you’ve been gone!” You whisper-shouted, getting out of bed and pushing Jason out of the bedroom and closing the door behind you.
“I thought you weren’t back till morning?” you spoke “I couldn’t wait…” He spoke low, eyes darker than night as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist and turning you so you were now against the wall; he crashed his lips onto yours impatiently, not wanting to answer any more of your questions. “Jay-mhpf” You tried to speak, but Jason clearly wasn’t having it as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, your tongues now fighting for dominance as he slid his hands into your shorts as he began groping your arse, taking you to the lounge area and throwing you against the couch.
You laid there breathless as Jason went back to his original position between your legs, kissing your neck and sucking onto your sweet spot beneath your ear as he grinded into you, Jason Jr clearly happy to see you; if Damian wasn’t asleep in your bed right now you would gladly go all the way to welcome Jaybird back home, but, he was.
“Jay- Damian might wake-“ “I don’t care let me show you how much I love you..” Jason purred, tugging at your shorts as he kissed your hips. “Y/N?” A voice echoed in the hallway “Damian!” You gasped, pushing Jason off of you and turning to look at Damian. “Fucking cockblock…” Jason groaned as he continued to lay on the ground where he landed, earning a side glare from you. “You’re insufferable.” Damian rolled his eyes at Jason and then turned back to you “I thought you had been kidnapped, last time I saw you, you were in bed with me so I was concerned. Anywho, continue whatever you were doing I’m going to get some water.” Damian spoke, nodding towards Jason before returning into the shadows and back to your bedroom.
“Now where were we…” “No Jay!” you giggled, pecking his lips before getting up on your feet. “What? He said continue!” He whined, pouting his lips out at you; god you wish you got that as a picture, because if you told anyone the mighty Red Hood pouted his lips out at you to get what he wanted, well, he would indefinitely deny and no one would believe you anyway. You shook your head, smiling to yourself “Oral?” he pleaded, watching your magnificent behind walk away from him as you rolled your eyes “five minutes in the shower?” He raised his voice “good night Jay!” you chuckled “Jerk me off?!” he shouted out, he really needed you right now, soon after he heard your bedroom door slam shut. “God I hate you demon spawn…” He groaned, collapsing onto the couch.
He glanced down to his crotch, sighing, he was literally throbbing; “what am I going to do with you now?”
The smell of pancakes and bacon filled the air, Jason nose twitched, waking up on the couch in the same position that he fell asleep, a mug of hot chocolate sat beside him. “Y/N?” He called out, stretching out his body and sitting up, rubbing his eyes and running his fingers through his dark hair before glancing to the kitchen, expecting to see you in one of his shirts… and ONLY one of his shirts… bending over the island in the centre in order to get something, your ass practically inviting him to come in.
Although, much to his dismay, he looked over only to see Damian sat the island eating, and you, fully clothed.
He sighed, standing up, earning a few cracking sounds from his back before groggily making his way towards you.  “Todd.” “Cock block.” They nod to each other, as Jason made his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist he smiles “good morning” you giggle, leaning back into his warmth as he hugged you from behind, he began to kiss the spot beneath your ear making you bite your lip.
“AHEM” Damian spoke up, making Jason groan against your skin, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Why is he still here?” He whines “Because he wanted to spend some time with me! You’re lucky he didn’t wake up when you were all lusty last night.” You chuckled “It’s not my fault that I wanted my girlfriend after weeks and weeks apart. I have no idea how people can wait till marriage.” he smirks, resting his hands on your waist and turning you around to face him, he tucks a stray hair behind your ear as he looks down at you lovingly, leaning his head down towards your lips. Just as he was only mere centimetres away from those lips he has wanted to taste for weeks,  Damian’s head pops up next to the two of you and his hair brushed against your cheek.
“I know you two are a couple but I care more for my hunger rather than that so Y/N may I have 2 more slices of toast?” He asks “Help yourself.” You smile, ruffling his hair before turning back to face your beloved boyfriend “GO HOME DEMON SPAWN.” He growls, earning a glare from you as you slapped your hand on his very broad chest “Jason!” you gasp “oh come on! my balls are almost as blue as Dick’s nightwing suit” he complained, hands gripping a bit tighter onto your waist.
“Todd could you refer to your genitalia more subtly, I’m trying to eat my breakfast” Damian sneers, biting into a piece of toast. “BEAT IT DEMON” “Maybe that’s what you should be doing” “DAMIAN!” you gasped, surely something like that shouldn’t come out of the mouth of someone his age. “What? It would make him less of a challenge to be around” “Dami! Go get ready I’ll take you out for ice cream!” you couldn’t help but let out a laugh, you did not expect Damian to say anything of that sort out loud, let alone think of it. “Tt” he rolled his eyes, retreating back to your room to most likely get a shower.
Once the coast was clear, your attention was now all on Jason.
“Couch. You have until you hear the shower stop to do what you want, I don’t care whether if you’ve came or not, when the shower stops, we stop.” You smirk “Ooo I love it when you take control sometimes” Jason winks, slapping your behind before dragging you to the couch.
“Y/N your shower seems to need fixing so I took it upon myself to call a – TODD WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING TO Y/N”
Not my best of works I must admit but I hope you enjoyed and if you would like to request just message me! 
@darlingpeanut @brooke-supernatural16 @lostinspace33 @permanent-lines
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ellana-ravenwood · a year ago
“You...have kids ? AND A WIFE ?!” - Batmom x Bruce Wayne x Justice League (haha)
Synopsis : No one in the Justice League would’ve ever guessed that the stoic Batman had kids nor that he was...married ?! 
Just a lighthearted shorter fic (I know, must be surprising, haven’t posted one of those in ages hahaha) because I need it. Slowly getting back into a regular writing funk. And ya know I’m here to write the League interact with Batmom and co haha. Hope you’ll like it : 
My master list blog : @ella-ravenwood-archives
The Big Bad Bat that never smiles.
That’s the picture Barry had in his head when thinking of him...
It had been a few months now, since this “Justice League” had become an actual thing. And Flash was still not sure if it was reality or just a fever dream.
Of course, before they truly decided to gather all together to protect this Earth, Barry knew about his “colleagues”. Duh. Who, in America, never heard about the mighty Superman ? The Goddess of Truth Wonder Woman ? The fearless, and fear inducing Batman ? 
And here he was, amongst those legends. Was it making him a legend too, to have been selected to be one of the founder of this “little” team ? 
Barry just couldn’t admit that. What he could admit, though, was that it felt very nice to be part of something like this initiative ! 
It also felt nice that he wasn’t alone anymore. He had the support of people who were like him. “Different”, and with a purpose to make the world a better and safer place ! 
Well, up until now Barry was mainly focusing on Central City, but hey, some of his colleagues only had one city too ! 
And now, they took it further, leveled up in the protective business, and became, Barry would like to say, kind of like a family ! 
Ok, maybe not just yet, but at least they were all good friends. 
Well, “all”. Not quite. 
There was one who still refused to partake in their gaming nights for example, or in any discussions that weren’t work related. There was one whom Barry never saw smile, not even a little twitch at the corner of his mouth ! One who, it seemed, had no intention to bond with his new partners. 
Yes. Batman kept himself guarded from everyone else, which was odd to Barry because he heard that the bat sort of was the one who had the idea for this little world saving team. 
Flash just couldn’t figure out what was the deal with that man ! And Batman wasn’t letting him come close at all. Not reacting to his jokes or anything. While they were hilarious ! The only time Batman seemed to care about what Barry had to say, was when he was starting to speak forensics.
There was one person though, who seemed closer to the bat than all the others. Well, actually make that two. Two persons. 
Superman, and Wonder Woman. 
Almost as if they knew who Batman really was. Maybe they did ? After all, they’re really the one that started this little hero club. 
And so one day, Flash, sitting in the common room of their brand new space headquarters, was staring at Batman (who was making himself a cup of coffee) and without giving much context, he turned to Clark and Diana (who were...arm wrestling ?) and asked :
"Have you ever seen him, ya know, smile ?"
“Huh ?”
Superman turned his head toward Barry, and this two second loss of focus allowed Diana to throw him down. 
Quite literally. For a split moment, unfocused because Flash addressed him and his Ma’ always told him that ignoring people was impolite, Clark released a little pressure in his arm, and of course Diana took advantage of this to strategically put all her force in, and slam the mighty Superman down. 
Barry gave a worried look towards Batman. The last thing he wanted, was for him to come over and see what the ruckus was about. But, still at the coffee station, he just looked at both meta humans, frowned, shook his head, and left the room, visibly grumbling something under his breath. 
With a sigh of relief, Barry turned back towards them, and as Clark was getting back up, giving an annoyed (and slightly vexed) look at Diana, who was showing him her most beautiful smug expression, he asked again : 
“I was wondering, have you ever seen him smile ?”
Massaging his wrist, still a little sour about his defeat, Clark asked, a little absentmindedly : 
“Who ?” 
Flash, looking around, lowered his voice and said : 
“You know...his name rhymes with cancan ?” 
There was a short pause, before Diana says : 
“...A lot of our names rhyme with Cancan.”
“But only one of you never smiles !”
“Oooooh, you’re talking about Batman ?” 
Flash shook his head positively, looking around nervously one more time to make sure said Batman wasn’t there. Diana smiled widely (not a rare occurence in her case) and turned to look at Clark knowingly. And Superman laughed heartily, of his clear and a little childish laugh, and said : 
“No. No I don’t think I ever did...Wait, actually, there was that one time when-" 
"Wonder Woman. Superman. Flash. Hello." 
The big bad Bat himself was right next to them, and Barry couldn’t help but wonder how the hell did he arrive so fast ?! 
Bruce was looking straight at Clark, staring intently at him, and why was he ? It made the man of steel uncomfortable, especially when- Oh. Oh but of course. That one time Clark saw Batman smile was when... 
After a short awkward silence, Clark spoke up again : 
“No. No I never saw what, um, what you asked me I saw. Diana ?” 
“Nope, never.” 
Batman nodded, which mortified Barry as he realized that he knew what they were talking about, and left once again. And from this day on, The Flash couldn’t help but wonder...What was it, that made the Batman smile ? 
Because given the “trinity”’s reaction, it was clear both meta-humans saw him do that once...His curiosity intensely piqued, Barry kept this info about Clark and Diana knowing in the corner of his mind. 
Of course, no one would expect such a thing from the Batman. Who, in their right mind, could guess that the stoic, always so serious and harsh hero had a...
Even now, faced with the fact this was reality, Barry couldn’t quite believe his eyes ! It was just so surreal ! And he had a costume, too !! 
Out of nowhere, the man he had tried to make laugh or smile for years came out of the zeta tube with a little boy, who couldn’t be more than nine years old, and acted as if nothing happened !!
Understandingly so, everyone but Superman and Wonder Woman, stopped what they were doing and stared at them. 
Green Lantern is the one that said what everyone was thinking but didn’t dare to ask : 
“What the...Who’s that, Batman ?!”
The sudden exclamation didn’t seem to phase Bruce much, but the little boy stiffened and sort of hid behind Batman’s cape, looking shyly at everyone from behind it. They were all staring at them. It was a little scary.
Bruce turned to Hal, and calmly and matter of factly said : 
“My son. D-Robin.” 
Which made everyone but Clark and Diana unable to stop their : “WHAT ?!”. And to little Dick, it was quite something to witness all his favorite heroes freak out like that, and looking in total shock. 
That’s when Bruce, clearly annoyed, and a little mad as he noticed his usual extroverted boy looking unsure and shy, and hiding behind him (and no one made his kiddo feel like that without repercussions !), said : 
“Get a grip, everyone. You’re making him think you’re all completely nuts. It’s embarrassing, I brought him up here because he was excited to meet all of you, and now you’re acting like mad men.”
The big bad bat then squatted down to put himself at the boy’s level and asked, his voice taking a complete different tone, one that Barry never heard him have. 
“Are you ok, buddy ?"
No one was quite sure what was the most shocking. That Batman had a kid, or that he just took the softest voice ever to talk to said kid, and showed an entirely different persona ?
The young boy nodded, and Bruce turned back towards everyone, putting a reassuring hand on his son’s shoulder. 
“Please, handle yourself better in his presence. You’re intimidating him.” 
Barry had a thought about how odd it was, that this kid was intimidated by him and his friends, while apparently totally ok with Batman. Because in his eyes, Batman was the most intimidating guy he ever met ! Yet that boy seemed to cling to his cape for dear life, as everyone kept staring at him. 
The worry in the boy’s look, and the “mama goose” stance Batman suddenly took, made Barry snap out of it first and, smiling, he said : 
“Well, welcome to the Justice League of America’s headquarters, Robin ! Want a tour of it ?”
And this warm feeling that irradiated from Flash seemed to unlock something in the boy, and, smiling widely, he shook his head yes enthusiastically and slowly walked out of his father’s shadow.
That’s when the zeta tube emitted the sound it does when someone comes through, and someone nobody saw before came from it. She was wearing an unknown costume, and her sudden appearance and the fact she was a stranger made everyone take a fighting stance ! Everyone, but Batman and his son. 
“Hey mom ! Flash is gonna show me around ! It’s Flash !! The real one !” 
Wait...”mom” ? Did that...mean...SOMEONE ACTUALLY MARRIED THE BATMAN ?! 
It was quit a shock, the day everyone discovered that Bruce had a family. 
Granted, it was all fairly recent as he only met you a few years back, and Dick had been adopted only a little bit more than a year ago (he only recently started to call you mom, after certain events happening (you can read about it in this story : clickclickclick), and wasn’t quite yet calling Bruce “dad” but it was just a matter of time, really. In Bruce’s eyes, the boy was most definitely his son, now).
But what was the most shocking of all, was how whenever you or the boy would be around, it felt like they were discovering another Batman ! 
Whenever Dick said something smart, he would praise him. Whenever his look would cross yours, his expression would become incredibly soft (”lovesick puppy” was not words Barry thought he’d ever associate with “Batman”). It wasn’t particularly a noticeable difference for the untrained eyes, but it was most definitely there. 
His “soft” expressions were all very fleeting. But someone like Flash ? He definitely saw them. 
The Batman was still this serious, stoic and unwavering man, but as soon as they all discovered he had a family, he became a little more human. 
His “legend” wasn’t broken by the fact he could feel emotions, on the contrary. Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green ARrow, Black Canary...Everyone. They just realized what Superman and Wonder Woman discovered a while ago now. 
There was two Batman. 
The working one, the superhero, the unforgiving one, who was strategic and pragmatic. 
And the family man. 
And as he observed those two Batmen, Barry realized more and more that they weren’t actually two different persons like it could seem to certain people. They were just different facets of the same man. Two sides of the same coin. 
Of course, Flash should’ve known. Just like in his day time work, just like in forensics and such...Things weren’t always that simple. People, weren’t that simple. Real people weren’t “one dimensional”. 
His theory was confirmed one day when you said that Batman could most definitely be a total jerk towards you or your son (or Alfred), in his “dark moments”. And that you fully accepted it, because you did not love him conditionally. 
Because you understood him, and that in your opinion, nobody was perfect. Hell, you admitted, with a little laugh, that you could be very obnoxious at times...And if he could forgive your bitchy moments, then you could most definitely forgive his dark ones. 
Especially when you knew why he was like that. 
Sometimes, Barry felt jealous, that Batman found such an understanding and loving wife. But then he just had to take one look at how said Batman was looking at you, and he realized that both of you were lucky. 
It turned out that Dick wasn’t a shy kid at all. He just got a little overwhelmed at first, to be stared at by Earth’s mightiest hero. But as soon as he relaxed himself and finally opened up, he was a rather talkative little dude. 
Full of energy. And all of a sudden, Barry truly understood why Batman could look so fondly at his boy, or at you. 
The kid clearly was a little ray of sunshine. Although, if we believed you and Bruce, he could sometimes throw terrible fits of anger and...Well, once again, people were more complicated that they can first appear to be. It’s not because you have mostly a joyful nature, that you’re always that way. And Barry could see this whenever Dick would partake in missions. 
The boy was serious too, and resembled his father a lot in those moments. 
However, he was still mostly very extroverted and curious while at the League’s headquarter, and Barry could see how the arrival of such a burst of light in Batman’s life could brighten him indeed.  
It was difficult, to look at you and Dick and not smile. 
Barry wondered, if neither you nor Dick came into his life, how Batman would be now. Probably still cold and seeming unemotional. Maybe even worst than what they experienced so far ? 
There actually wasn’t a doubt in Barry’s mind, that you and your son’s presence in the Big Bad Bat’s life radically changed him.
Flash could see there was something wrong with Bruce when he came up the League’s headquarter that day. 
He was much grumpier than usual. And when Barry joked : 
“Gee, where’s your boy, I think you need to cheer up.” 
Batman gave him the most murderous look he ever saw, stood up, and quietly left the room, leaving behind him a very cold and scary atmosphere. 
You got up from the zeta tube barely two minutes later, looking both distressed and annoyed, and ask Flash where Bruce was. 
Still sort of in shock, Barry gave a timid gesture towards where the Bat went, and watched as you went there in a hurry. 
Later on, Barry would learn that Bruce and his son got in a fight, which resulted in his beloved boy leaving to join the Teen Titans, and ah, all of a sudden, everything made sense to The Flash. 
Jason’s first introduction to the League was quite different from his older brother’s. The Leaguers were less surprised, and therefor more welcoming immediately. 
Jason was a shy kid, who would often whisper things in his dad’s ear before doing it. 
Like for example, the boy didn’t dare, at first, asking Flash how fast he could truly run. So he went to Bruce, and asked him, murmuring in his ear and hiding his mouth. Which made Batman, THE Batman, stand up from the computer on which he worked on, and walk with his son towards Barry. 
“Go ahead, ask him, don’t worry, I’m here.” 
He said, pushing Jason a little forward. And the boy was playing with his hands nervously, before he dared to ask : 
And the fond smile Batman had as he stood there, behind his son, silently encouraging him, made Barry feel like he was understanding him more and more. Smiling, The Flash answered : 
“Well, what’s sure is that I’m not going as fast as you asked this question !”
Which made little Jay widely smile and chuckle. Just like Bruce discovered, Jason could be a little “wild” yet “reserved” at first, but it only took a little push for him to become an overly enthusiastic little boy, eager to please and to learn.
It was obvious Jason had a tough childhood, which make him afraid to bother people and be in their way. Which sometimes made him want to be fiercely independent. It was obvious that Jason didn’t have an easy life up until now...
And that he was embracing fully this new chance at being happy and having a family. He’d follow Bruce like he was his shadow. He’d cling to you often. He’d talk about his older brother Dick regularly. 
Little Jason was home with you all, and it was a heartfelt thing to witness for each members of the League. 
It was yet another proof that Batman most definitely had a heart.  
Years passed, and nothing much changed. 
Batman was still good old himself, with that softer change when you or his sons were around (fortunately, things with the first Robin, or “Nightwing” now, as he called himself, greatly improved, and although Dick stayed with the Teens Titans still, him and Bruce were speaking again. Of course they were). 
He was still that man who had difficulties to say “thank you” (yet he improved on that front), who was strategic and pragmatic, but now, the members of the League knew better than to judge him just for that.
His children came from times to times to the League’s headquarter, mainly to hang out with their dad, as it was extremely rare they’d take part in League’s mission (Batman was surprisingly protective of his children). 
You’d come up too, a little more often, actively participating in monitoring the universe. And you and the Leaguers became fast friends (he’d never admit it, but the Bat surely wasn’t always happy about that). 
And whenever you or/and your kids were present, Batman most definitely seemed to be in a better mood. 
And things seemed to go normally, albeit for, you know, the moments they had to save the World and sometimes almost died during so !
But yes. Everything as more or less normal up until...
For months, the League didn’t see much of neither you nor Bruce. 
When Bruce came back up, the news he lost youngest his son was known by all of them, but of course, they knew better than to mention it. 
Barry knew he wouldn’t smile again in a long time, if he could ever even smile again. 
You and Dick were still there. But you lost a son too. Dick lost his little brother. And if the only people that could always turn Batman’s frown upside down were sad and hurt too, how could he get out of that dark pit ?
It didn’t feel right, to not see your nor Dick ever smiling either. 
It felt, when Jason died, that this nice and warm new family Bruce build for himself, that his new chance at being happy, sort of crumbled. 
Yes. You, him and Dick were still here and alive. Were still supporting each others. But there was nothing worst than to lose a child. A brother. 
Once again, it became clear to Barry that the Batman moods truly became tied to his family. And it didn’t surprise Flash when the man threw himself, mind and body, into his vigilante activities even more...
For a long time, they did not see you, nor Bruce. 
And when Bruce finally came back to League’s affair, it didn’t seem like you’d ever come up again...Or like he would smile ever again.
And then one day, a while after Jason’s disappearance, Batman came up accompanied once more. 
It was neither you nor Dick, but someone they never saw before. 
A little boy, who claimed to be “Robin”. One more that the Batman adopted.
And once again, Barry could see a slow shift in Bruce’s mood. 
Ever since Jason died, it felt like something irreparable broke in the man. It felt like he was regretting ever coming close to people again, putting you, his children, in danger. 
As if he thought he was cursed to lose everything he loved...
Ever since Jason died, things have been very difficult, in your family. You and Bruce had each others, but the pain was often too grand to handle and it was difficult to mourn your lost son...
Bruce felt it was his fault, you felt it was your fault, neither of you blamed the other...It was a vicious circle. In those years, you almost broke up because of how everything was tough. 
But in the end, your love got only stronger, and you realized that without the other, you could’ve never come back from this dark times. 
The arrival of a new kid most definitely helped, too. 
The first that came out of this sad funk that surrounded everything was Dick. Nightwing. Barry noticed, he went back to be a little more cheerful again, and didn’t fully turn like Batman was. 
It was thanks to Tim. Thanks to being a big brother again, and having to set an example. Something he didn’t quite do in the beginning, with Jason, as he felt jealous at times...One of his greatest regret. He wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. 
The first time Tim came up the tower, he ran into it and started to ramble about everything, asking questions faster than anyone could answer, and touching everything on his way ! 
“Wooooow look at that it’s the best telescope I’ve ever seen !! Hey Green Lantern is it true my dad beat you multiple time and that without your ring you’re nothing ? It’s what he said...OH HEY ! Uncle Superman, how are you today ? WOOOOOW you guys have cookies here ?! -bites into a cookie- Mm, not as good as Alfred’s...AH WHAT’S THAT ?! Hey hey, Black Canary, how high can your voice get ? Oh wow what is that, what does it do ? OH HI AUNT DIANA !! Can you breathe in space ? If I went in space without a spacesuit I would freeze and all my blood vessels would explose. Sounds like a painful death right ? Woooow daaaad look at that !!” 
And that was it. Right there. The first smile Flash saw the Batman have in a very long time, as the man looked at his son running everywhere and be excited about everything. 
It was very easy to understand that this new Robin, little Tim, was an extremely smart child. Curious of everything in a way his brothers weren’t, as he needed detailed explanations about stuffs, not just a simple answer. 
It appeared as he was understanding even complicated notions, and would even give his opinion in the matters ! 
Later on, Flash would learn that at first, Bruce refused to take Tim as the new Robin. Because he still had parents (albeit shitty ones), because he didn’t want another Jason to happen, because...Because he couldn’t have his broken once more. 
But the boy was persistant. And he crawled his way in in Dick’s heart first. Then yours. And finally Bruce’s, who just couldn’t resist. Especially when the boy lost his biological parents too...
When Tim was on the Space Station, you’d be most often there too. It seemed like ever since you lost Jason, you became even more protective of your sons. Like you had difficulties letting them out of your sight. 
Tim didn’t seem to mind. His parents never cared enough about him...So it felt nice, to be loved in that way. 
Quickly, this new little Robin brought back a certain balance to his new family. Of course, no one would ever forget Jason. That’s one of the reason why there was a glass case filled with his costume throning in the midle of the Batcave. 
Jason was unforgettable. The love you all had for him, even now that he was gone, would never die. But the mourning was finally reaching its last step. 
And in big part, it was because of that young and smart new Robin, whom the League immediately loved. And were quite thankful for. 
After all, they were Batman’s friends. His pain and struggles, over the years, reached them too. They could understand the pain of losing a loved one. Martian Manhunter, who lost his family, for example, truly was empathetic. 
And slowly, without realizing, all of them sort of got used to dark, cold and harsh Batman being soft around his family ! It didn’t feel right, that he would only be dark, cold and harsh...
That day, that first day Tim got up the Headquarter and got overly excited about everything. That day Batman was again seen with a small smile on his face. A smile he couldn’t hush or hide...
It felt right again. 
Cassandra emerged from the zeta tube, getting a piggy back ride from her older brother Dick, a calm day at the League’s headquarter. 
She wasn’t very talkative, but she had an aura that was both impressive and sweet. Just like Jason, Barry could see that this young child went through a lot...But it didn’t seem to dim her light. 
It didn’t take a genius to know she went through years of abuse. That her life most definitely hadn't been easy. Maybe even worst than young Jason’s...
Later, Barry would indeed discover the reason why she didn’t speak much, and would be heartbroken for her...Except. 
Except he slowly witnessed her evolution. 
How having a family, a loving and caring and protective one, made her bloom. 
From that first time she came through the zeta tube, on the back of her brother, who then proceeded to give her a piggy back ride all across the Headquarter, to now...
Flash slowly witnessed her change. 
She was quiet at first, but interested in everything. She would listen to whatever ramblings her brothers would tell her, or to her father explaining things. 
She was probably the one that they sheltered all the most, even you, who were usually a rather chill mother. It felt like you all tried to catch up for the lost years where all she felt was pain, mental and physical, and fear. 
“You. Flash.” 
She once said to Barry, and it was the first time he heard her spoke, so he got a little excited and exclaimed : 
“Yes I am !” 
Before going on on rambles about things, of which Cass’ reply was pointing at him, laughing, and saying : 
When her father came to tell her it was time to leave, Cass pointed at Flash again and repeated “funny”, which made Bruce...Laugh ?! 
Sure, Barry saw him smile and he thought that once, he heard him chuckle at a joke you made (but he wasn’t certain), but to hear him full on laugh like so ?
Once more, Flash was faced with the fact that Batman really was a man. Whose family would uncover the best part of him. The kind and warm part. Barry would only wish though, that this confirmation in his feelings wouldn’t be at his depend. 
Because clearly, Batman was mocking him, right now. But at the same time, the Big Bad Bat turned to him, smiled at him, and...winked ? 
That day, Barry felt that Bruce truly was warming up to him. That maybe, just maybe, he was letting more than just his family in. 
And when he ruffled his daughter’s hair, and confirmed Flash was one of the only funny one, it took Barry a while to come back from it. 
Cass made incredible progress in her speech, helped by her family. She loved to come up the tower and often asked anyone who was up there too to tell her stories of their missions. 
She loved stories. 
She’d listen and give them detailed feedbacks about their way of telling stories, and every single time, it’d warm everyone’s heart. But the heart her presence warmed the most was definitely the Batman’s. 
One day, a man wearing a red helmet and a leather jacket came up with Batman. He walked in, looked around as people were sort of staring at him, wondering if Batman had adopted yet another kid (who was  grown ass man..), and he said : 
“Wow, didn’t change one bit. Lame.”
When he took his helmet off, he still had a mask under, and...
“Jason ?” 
Clark is the first one that recognized him. And as Barry turned around, looking curiously at this person he thought to be a stranger, he realized...It was most definitely little Jason Todd ! Except, he wasn’t so little anymore. 
Actually, he was taller than his older brother, Dick. 
Barry recognized that slightly mischievous spark Jason always had in his eyes, as if he knew something you didn’t (Jason was the one most similar to you, always quick to have a sassy come back and make clever jokes). 
“I’m back bitches.” 
The shift in Jason’s personality was quite an obvious one, but somehow, Barry knew it was all for show. That deep down, the man was still that little boy full of enthusiasm and curiosity that worshipped his father and mother. 
In fact, Barry quickly understood that Jason’s reason for this so called shift in his personality, was how much he loved his parents, how much he trusted them, and how Bruce not killing the Joker felt like a betrayal. How much it hurt him. 
Yet. Yet “Red Hood” was back in his family now. 
Barry couldn’t help but think about how incredibly strong that boy (man) was. Able to overcome such pain and feeling of betrayal, to forgive his father. To try and understand his point of view, and why he did what he did. 
The Flash was certain that you were for something in this new recovery Jason went through, but also the Bat himself...It was clear Bruce had lived years feeling guilty and regretful. And now he had another chance, and he wouldn’t let it go. 
His persistance in showing what Jason meant is what brought him back. The love you gave him, is what brought him back. 
Jason was finally home again. 
When Damian first came up the Justice League’s watchtower, he seemed unimpressed and like he did not care about whatever was happening. 
But Barry hung out with Batman long enough to now “feel” when someone was protecting themselves behind a shield of arrogance. 
And that little boy ? That little boy clearly took this trait after his father. And Barry wasn’t fooled anymore, by this icy sort of exterior. 
Behind Damian’s eyes, he could see curiosity, and wanting to ask many questions, but not asking in fear of appearing too childish. Behind Damian’s eyes, eyes that clearly already saw too much for their age, Flash could still see the kid he wanted to be. 
Barry’s first impression of Damian was right. As confirmed when you emerged from the zeta tube, and the boy rushed to you to give you a hug, and then excitedly tell you everything he saw on the Space Station. 
When Damian took your hand and made you run along with him because he wanted to show you something, which triggered this small and fleeting smile Batman would have whenever his family would be around, Barry knew. 
He knew that there was more to Damian than that pesky arrogant child who acted like nothing touched him personally. And he was right.
Damian had an odd and painful childhood, raised by people who warped his vision of the World. But with yours and Bruce’s love, with the protection and love his siblings gave him, he “healed”. There was, often, a glimpse at the child he was supposed to be. 
And just like with his father, this “glimpse” would only be triggered by him being with his family. 
Barry’s suspicions where confirmed the day Superman brought his son, Jon, up with him. Here was another proof Damian was, in the end, just a kid. 
He first took a smug look because he came up there first, but then excitedly showed his friend around, and the two boys went off and had typical kids’ conversations. 
Like wether the mega-computer could play video games, or who was the strongest in the League (at first they didn’t agree, both saying it was their fathers...until they settled on “Aunt Diana” being the best). 
Damian could still, sometimes, be a little arrogant and such (just like his father), but there was a clear shift when he was surrounded by his loving family.
Barry might’ve never realize how you were truly the corner stone of the family up until tragedy took you away from them (in this quite old story : clickclickclick). 
Batman quitted the League, and your children were lost. 
It’s only when you disappeared, that he could truly have a grasp of the importance you had in this family. Without you, things could be drastically different for sure. And your loss was felt by everyone. 
The League’s members were your friends. 
Diana, Clark, Hal, Barry himself, J’onn, Dinah, Oliver...
They all felt the loss. 
You had also became a vital member of the League. 
And when you were gone.....
Barry felt his heart regain color, when he heard about what your sons’ went through to get you back. And when you came up to the Headquarters, a warm welcome is what greeted you. 
Batman didn’t even try to hide his smile, or, for the first time since everyone discovered he was married, didn’t shy away from PDA. 
Flash does not think that there was one moment when Bruce didn’t at least hold your hand. And when at least one of your children would cling to you. No matter how old. 
Yes. It became truly apparent that day, that you were the center of it all. The sun around which they all gravitated. But without them, you also had no purpose but to burn out all alone. You were all linked, forever. 
There was no you without them, and them without you. 
It was clear Duke wasn’t quite used yet to all the craziness that came with becoming a vigilante. 
When he arrived at the League’s headquarters, he was rather shy and reserved, and Barry saw his “what the fuck ?” face often as Damian and Cass showed him around headquarters. 
Both Damian and Cassandra were born in a specific environment which made it easy for them to assimilate how everything was absolutely nuts. It was the same with Dick, Tim and Jason. From a very early age they were thrown into that world ! 
But Duke ? Sure, he was used to all the shenanigans that happened in Gotham. But he had a pretty normal childhood. So things could often appear completely crazy or him ! He really tried though, to slowly get used to it.
It was actually quite adorable, to see both Cass and Damian explaining things carefully to a Duke who was trying to assimilate everything. Their bond was obviously strong, it didn’t take a genius to realize that.
Bruce had brought Duke up for a particular reason, which was : getting to know other meta-humans and talk to people who went through the same things he did. 
His talks with Superman and Flash himself seemed to help the boy a lot, to grasp and understand his feelings. It wasn’t easy, to suddenly discover you were different. To suddenly have to control abilities you never had before. 
From afar, you and Bruce kept a close eye on what was happening, making sure Duke was alright and comfortable. And clearly, the boy was actually having a really good time here, finally able to talk with people who truly understood the struggle and loneliness that could come with being a meta human. 
It seemed to Barry, that this newest member of “who manages to make Batman smiles without trying or realizing it” club was on the right track to become quite the hero. 
Sometimes, Barry would notice that, when he wasn’t doing something “work” related, Batman’s face would suddenly soften and relax, and a small smirk would appear. 
The big bad bat, in moments of calm, not working on the computer or anything, for example as he made himself a cup of coffee, would suddenly let go of that icy marble-carved expression, and give place for a brief expression full of fondness. Of course, it would always be very fleeting, but it was definitely there.
Barry liked to think that in those short moments, Bruce was thinking of his family. That he would catch a glimpse of the loving and sensitive man hid under the scary costume.
And Barry was right. 
The big bad Bat that never smiles (unless with family). 
That’s the picture Barry has now when he thinks of him. 
As he was looking at the baby Batman was holding in his arms, and proudly showing the League members, Flash was reminisced of his first impression of the man, years and years ago. 
Cold, harsh, arrogant, “need no help and doesn’t say thank you”. How Barry was almost sure that “The Batman” wasn’t actually a real man at all. He never showed emotions, never showed weakness or anything, was entirely focused on his work. 
But the truth was, and it was clear at the expression of his face was one full of fondness and love as the baby cooed at him, that Bruce was actually like any other man. 
It’s just that, in the League’s early days, he didn’t have another chance at having a family yet. In the League’s early days, he was wary of making strong connections, new friends and what not, afraid to lose them and feel the pain to continue on leaving without a loved one. 
However, as the years’ went by, Flash saw the changes. Thanks to you, to his children. How he trusted his friends of the League’s more. To the point of bringing up his one month old son to present him to them. 
When there was a time Bruce used to scold little Dick for using his real name at times, it was difficult to imagine what things would become. 
Yes. Over the years, Barry realize he greatly misjudge the Batman. 
He was not that cold, unfeeling and unemotional man. He was the opposite. It just took him taking a chance at being happy again to show it. It just took a loving family once more, for him to smile. 
Of course, when they weren’t there, Batman still had that scary persona. But now. Now Barry new better. Because he saw the fondness and love on his face.
 The softness that even the Bat himself, didn’t realize was painting his every feature.
The End.
Here we are, a new story haha. Sorry if it’s meh, I’m really slowly getting in a new writing rhythm, and writing  about the Bats again. I hope you still liked it ! :) I honestly have no idea why I ended up going with writing mostly in sort-of Barry’s POV ! But I hope you liked that...Haha I posted it RIGHT in time, it’s 11:53 pm, I said I’d post it at the latest on Monday, pfffeew what a ride. 
As usual, feedbacks and reblogs are extremely welcomed. Like, really beyond appreciated. Thanks in advance, and see you soon with a new story <3. 
PS : In case you’re wondering, the baby mentioned at the end of the story is the one appearing in those fics : The Great Mall adventure, Master of Diaper, Shaky steps and bad teaching, Polichinelle, “Go away, you’re confusing my baby”, How do you make babies ?, What it means to be a big brother,  Wild Child 2, “We want them back” and After Batmom’s death
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77uchiha77 · 3 years ago
Crushes - BatBoys Headcanons
Request: Headcanons for what it’s like for the Batboys to have crushes / realize they’re in love? 😊 Please and thank you! 
Warning/Note: Cursing
The Crush Stage
Dick Grayson
Gets more protective of you
becomes CLINGY
personal space? whats that?
You don’t mind, his presence is calming 
Dick, just staring at you from afar
Talks to you on the regular
random 1 am calls
When he finds out he developed feelings, doesn’t beat around the bush
Jason Todd
His cool facade crumbles
Probably blushes if you smile at him for too long
becomes a bit touchy
once he realizes he has a crush, drops a million hints around you
Reads more romantic literature 
expresses his fondness in French
when you ask him why is he always speaking French around you, he replies with
“It's the language of love.”
you weren’t oblivious but you enjoyed how he acted around you
Tim Drake
Clammy hands
Gets nervous when he's around you
Laughs more than he needs to when you make a joke
wants to cry in the corner afterward
Curses when he sees you
*walks past him*
mutters, “fuck, fuck, fuck.”
Researches and takes quizzes on how to know if your crush likes you back
Damian Wayne
Heart rate increases
Gets more snappy at you
Probably thinks you drugged him
Asks Bruce to do a blood test
“I’m sure y/n drugged me! When I see her my heart rate increases, I get anxious, and I get tongue tied every time I try to insult her!”
“Sounds like a crush to me, demon.” Tim looks over his shoulder, an amused expression on his face
“What’s a crush?”
Tim’s face drops
Realizing They’re In Love
Dick Grayson
He’s so happy
Sings in the shower, when he realizes he’s in love
Overall, feels happy with a tinge of worriedness
Worried about the feeling someday fading away
Jason Todd
Well, fuck
Gets a panic attack
Wtf is this eternal happiness feeling he gets when he sees you
*Calls Dick*
Tim Drake
Constantly daydreaming
heart eyes 24/7
when he realizes his feelings go a bit deeper than just a crush he’s scared
He’s scared of pushing you away or you ever being put in danger
Damian Wayne
More confused than happy
He’s never experienced this so this feeling was foreign
Trains to get his mind off of it
*Also, calls Dick*
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Bruce: Where’s Y/N? Dick: Jason’s playing dress-up with her Bruce: He is? Dick, shrugging: She was upset about some kid in kindergarten calling her names Bruce: That’s sweet of him, distracting her like that Dick: Dick: Sure...That’s what he’s doing
Jason, going through Y/N’s closet: Now these shoes have reinforced soles, meaning your kick’s gonna be twice as painful
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ellana-ravenwood · 8 months ago
“You’re not my real mom !” - Batkids x Reader (Batmom)
Synopsis : A story about those few dreaded words : “You’re not my real mom”, said by the batkids, to you, in a the heat of a moment. And the aftermath of it all... 
This has been in my draft for ages. I hope you like it :) : 
my masterlists : @ella-ravenwood-archives
It happened so fast. In a quick moment of anger. 
A flash, a bang, words said too quickly to truly realize their meaning. 
Dick was frustrated because he felt you didn’t understand him, his point of view. And you were trying to explain to him that it was not okay to...
You know what ? 
You couldn’t even remember what he did. As if whatever it was, it was all wiped out of your memory when he pronounced those bone chilling words. 
You only remembered you were “scolding” him, just like parents do when their child did something he wasn’t supposed to. You rarely told Dick off, even when he would burst into fits of anger. 
You always told him : “When you came into my life, you changed everything. And I love all of you little bird. Not just when you’re joking around and smiling. But also when you get angry, and lash out. You are my son, I love all of you.” 
And you meant it. Often, you or Bruce would take the brunt of his anger, without batting an eye. After all, that child went through a lot. It was totally normal for him to lash out at times. 
He saw his parents died right in front of him. It wasn’t a trauma that would be solved that fast (Bruce was proof of it). “The magic of love” couldn't simply cure someone who was so deeply hurt. Although it helped, over time. 
Yes. Time. 
It would take time, and support, for Dick to heal. And you were here for it. Here for him. 
But there were times, you had to say something. 
Usually, it was when he was being too reckless. 
Your son could be overzealous, and go too far. And you were so worried about his safety and wellbeing...Very rarely, you’d have to “scold” him. 
And you couldn’t even remember what you were lecturing him about that evening (even if you had an idea it was about being a little more careful). All you remembered was...
“You’re not even my real mom ! You can’t tell me anything !” 
And him turning away from you, crossing his arms and refusing to look your way. Which was good anyway, because you were an instant mess. 
“Ok”, you managed to say, wondering how the hell you were able to get the words out. And then you left. Feeling the tears welling up in your eyes. And your heart slowly breaking. 
Bruce found you two later, both clearly feeling down... 
Dick stayed quiet the entire time they were on patrol, and Bruce instantly knew something was wrong. He wasn’t there during your fight, and he only arrived when you were already gone, surprised that you went to bed so early in the night, and didn’t stay with your son downstairs until it was time for patrol... 
The man didn’t push the boy, waiting for him to open up if he wanted to. And as usual, Dick did finally speak up. In a weak voice, as they were surveying the city from a rooftop, he said :
“I told her she wasn’t my real mom...” 
Bruce felt the urge to go back home and console you, knowing that you were certainly a mess, right now. But he had to take care of his boy, too. 
And oh, oh Dick looked so crestfallen and sad as the meaning of his words slowly etched into his mind. 
“I told her she wasn’t-she wasn’t-but she is I just-I-I don’t know why I said that-I...” 
The little one was on the verge of tears, and Bruce understood why. 
He probably understood more than anyone else. 
He told Alfred “You’re not my dad !” more than once, and remembered how even the stoic butler looked, whenever he said it. 
He remembered the hurt in his eyes, the resignation too. The “very well sir”, said in a neutral manner, but the stiff way he’d left the room. 
It took Bruce a while, to finally realize that Alfred WAS his father. That he raised him, most definitely. And was always there for him during the hard times. 
That he even helped and supported him, when he came back after disappearing for years, saying : “I’m going to dress up as a bat and wipe crimes from Gotham”. ...How many parents would be that understanding, eh ? 
Alfred knew Bruce. And always tried to do his best for him. So whenever Bruce would yell at him that he “wasn’t his father”, it hurt. 
Bruce knew it. He noticed how Alfred’s entire demeanor would change. He’d see a light go out in his eyes. 
“Very well, sir.”, a small bow, and the stiffness of his body as he left...
And Bruce remembered. 
The guilt and the pain he felt himself, as he regretted ever saying those words. As he knew they were going to hurt, which is why he said them in the first place.
It wasn’t that he wanted to hurt his adopted father, oh no. It was that sometimes he just...He just felt so angry ! Like everything was unfair ! And he missed his parents so much ! 
It was a force stronger than him, he wanted Alfred to leave him alone, and pushed him away...”You’re not my dad !”. So yes. Bruce understood little Dickie. He understood you, too. He knew how you must’ve felt, he saw it enough happening to Alfred. 
Once you’d get home, he would take care of you. But right now, he had to care for his son. 
Right here, on one of Gotham’s rooftop, the scary and mighty Batman slowly kneeled down, and took his boy in his arms, holding him tightly. 
Dick didn’t need more to throw his arms around his father’s shoulders, and hold him strongly too, with all his nine years old strength, sobbing slowly. 
Bruce drew soothing circles on his back, and whispered : 
“It’s ok, it’s going to be ok. It’s ok. Calm down, things are going to be ok.” 
Your husband lost count of the time passing. Were they there, holding each others while Dick was sobbing uncontrollably, for ten minutes, or for ten hours ? He didn’t know. And he didn’t budge.  
His son needed him. Just like once, he needed Alfred... 
Dick fell asleep in his arms, and that night, Bruce came home early. 
Not like he was going to stay out anyway, knowing you were probably devastated, all alone in your room... 
Dick fell into a deep sleep, and didn’t budge one bit even as Bruce came down the building, rode home, and put him into bed. 
Bruce’s guess was that all the pent up feelings truly exhausted him. Also, he knew that crying could be tiring. And freeing, in a way. 
Putting the boy’s blanket all the way up to his chin, Bruce laid a kiss on his forehead and then rushed to your shared bedroom... 
You had cried too, but you were not asleep. 
Your eyes were puffy and red, and your cheeks marked with your tears. You seemed surprised, when he came in, and looked at the clock. 
It was only midnight ? 
“Hello, my love.” 
He sat down next to you, and from the way he ran his fingers through your hair, and caressed your cheek, wiping the salty tears from it...You knew he knew.
He knew how devastated you felt. How those simple words that would mean nothing for many, truly wounded you. 
He knew how much you loved that boy, how as soon as your eyes laid on his little face that terrible night he lost his parents, you felt like he was going to be your son one day. 
He knew how much you’d sacrifice for that kid’s happiness, how far you’d go to keep him safe...And so, how hurtful him telling you you weren’t his real mother must’ve felt.  
There was no need for words. 
He knew what to do. He laid next to you, and you just cuddled up to him, letting him wrap you up in his warm embrace. 
He drew those same soothing circles on your back than he did on Dick’s. And whispered : 
“He didn’t mean it. He truly didn’t. He loves you, you know. I love you too.” 
You fell asleep to his words of love and reassurance, finally letting go after hours of not being able to sleep, reenacting the terrible scene in your head over and over again, making yourself feel worst each times. 
You woke up around 4 am, with Bruce’s arms wrapped around you.  
He was asleep and escaping his grasp (without Alfred’s help) took you a little bit..but you managed to leave without waking him up. 
He did groan a little at the loss of your warmth, and grabbed your pillow to hold it against his chest. Which was extremely cute, and oh how glad you were to be the only one to see this side of him. 
You went down to the kitchen and... 
Dick was coming from the other door, opposite to the one you took.
The kitchen had three access. Two doors facing each others, and one on the third wall. The door you took was because you got a little lost and did a detour through the drawing room. Dick, however, came from the door you should’ve come from too, which was the one you accessed from the West Wing third corridors, which was directly under your bedroom, and Dick’s. 
The boy probably stood up a little after you, and while you got lost in your own home (again), he took the normal way and...
Boom. Here you both were, arriving in the kitchen at the same time. 
There was a small silence. Awkward. And...
Your heart tightened. 
Dick was sort of cowering backward in fear. Fear of what ? 
Oh. But of course. 
“He didn’t mean it.” 
Bruce whispered to you many times, before you fell asleep. And the way Dick looked at you, worry in his eyes...He was thinking you were mad at him. And the regret in his pupils was as obvious as that fact. 
“Ice cream ?” 
You ask him. His eyes widen a bit, and you can almost see the gears in his brain trying to piece everything together. You’re...not mad at him ? 
Of course you’re not. You felt sad, and lost, and hurt, yes. But never did you feel any hint of anger. Of course not. 
You take out his favorite flavor from the freezer, and settle a bowl in front of one of the high stool around the counter. 
At that time, Dick was so tiny. A very short little bean. And he’d stay small for a long time, only having a sudden spurt when he was around fifteen. 
He climbed onto the stool, and watched you as you gave him some ice cream and a spoon, and then sat down next to him to eat some as well. 
The silent was slowly turning less awkward. 
Slowly, and unsurely, Dick picked his spoon up and looked at you. And completely missed his mouth, the ice cream spreading on his cheek instead. 
You turn around to look at him, ice cream on his cheek, and he’s clearly embarrassed, as a tint of color slowly rises on his face. 
You don’t really know why, but something snaps in you and you start laughing. And laughing. And laughing. 
Because honestly, the kid missing his mouth as he picked his spoon up full of ice cream, is kinda funny right ? And also, all the tension and stress you felt suddenly broke with this simple, silly thing. 
Unsure at first, Dick just looked at you. But your laughter quickly spread to him, and soon enough, you both were bursting out in laughter. 
Anyone not knowing what happened, would probably think you were both crazy, laughing that hard for no apparent reasons. 
Instinctually, you ruffle his hair and Dick gasps. You really weren’t mad at him ?!
You realized what you did, and slowly, both your laughter subsided. There was a small silence as Dick stared at you, and you stared back, and then : 
“I’m-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it !” 
He says in a small voice, and he can’t add anything else as you just pick him up and hold him tight against your heart, and you say : 
“I know.” 
And it’s all he needs to realize you’re not really mad at him, and although he messed up and hurt you, right now, you were both on the path of recovery... 
Next morning, Bruce woke up alone in bed, which greatly distressed him as usual (he often woke up first). But a gut feeling was telling him that...
He found you asleep with Dick in his bed, holding him tightly. 
After that event, you sat down with him, so you could have a serious talk about the underlining issue this raised. Talk about something important. 
“Little bird, you know I love you, right ?” 
He nods, but still cannot speak quite yet, doesn’t have the energy to. 
“I want you to understand something. Something vital. Are you listening ?” 
He nods again, his eyes fixed on you. And he’s listening, oh he definitely is. 
“It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to lash out. It’s ok to not be alright. It’s ok to make mistakes.” 
He nods, a little slower than before, and you can see his eyes slowly becoming wetter and wetter. 
“It’s ok. It really is. I’m here. And I love you. Even when you don’t want me around. Even when you push me away. I’m here. And I always will be. Ok ?” 
He nods one last time, unable to hold his tears, and then his little arms latch around you, and he refuses to let go for well over an hour...
Oh. Sweet, sweet boy. 
Your son. 
Even now, at age twenty seven, Dick still often think about this day. And the regrets are as burning as they were back then. 
He often thought about it. 
Whenever you did something for him, went out of your way to make him happy, or were just there for him, always...
He’d have a flashback of this day, and feel nothing but regret and anger at his younger self. 
And then you’d read him like an open book. Know exactly what he was thinking, and would slowly shake your head, and say : “I know I often said that, but I will say it till the day I die if I need to :  when you came into my life, you changed everything. And I love all of you little bird. Not just when you’re joking around and smiling. But also when you get angry, and lash out. You are my son. I love all of you. Even when you’re a little bit of a jerk.” and you’d wink at him, making him chuckle and feel a surge of affection toward you. 
Kind of like the ones you’d feel sometimes. A sudden urge to hug your family, to tell them what they mean to you. Both you and Dick understood since a long time that with the life you all lead, you never knew what could happen, and should never waste a “I love you” if you felt like saying it. 
Well, the apple never fall far from the tree ? 
Yes. Because you were his mom. And nothing would ever change his mind on that. Ever. 
"Well Jason, you did it you idiot !” 
He says to himself in the mirror, and oh he could’ve punch himself if it was possible. He took his desk chair, and threw it across his bedroom, letting out a scream of frustration. 
He went to his desk, and threw everything that was on it on the floor. He then went to his book shelves and...
There. Your book. The one you wrote for him. 
Jason fell to his knee, holding his head in his hands, crying softly. 
Yes. Yes he did it...He ruined this one chance life gave him to have parents. 
He hurt one of the person that meant the most to him, one of the person he loved the most...His mom. You. 
Because you were his mom, no matter what he told you, in that moment of anger as you scolded him after he did something dangerous during one of his patrol. 
He hadn’t been allowed to go out for long, by then. And Bruce had already scolded him before for the very same thing, so when you did it too, he had enough happened before he could think about it. 
He was angry, about the lack of trust and about the sermons, and his brain tried to hurt without even thinking about it. Triggered by years of living in the streets, where he had to think quick and act right away, and then suffer the consequences. If he wasn’t fast enough, it could be the end of him... 
A gut reaction triggered by years of being all on his own, having to fend for himself. His brain went into overdrive, “hurt” is what it set into motion. 
“You’re not my mom !” 
And that was it...
As he saw your face fell, and his father’s face turn angry, he knew. He knew he messed up. He messed everything up, as usual !
“Jason !” 
Bruce called, but Jason wasn’t about to stop. He ran out of the cave, right to his bedroom. Oh, oh but if only he stayed a little longer. He’d realize that his father wasn’t angry, just hurt as well. 
Hurt to see the woman he loved being hurt. 
Not angry. Ah but being in pain could sometimes look like you are mad ? And Bruce hadn't been able to hide his frown as he heard Jason’s words... 
“Let him be, Bruce.” 
You say in a weak voice. You knew Jason, you knew sometimes he needed to cool down on his own. That he could be impulsive, but always came around. 
Ah. But that time, he needed everything but to be alone. 
Because, as he thought he ruined his one chance at having a real family, he thought... 
“Better to leave before they throw me away !” 
He knew he could never bear to face you and Bruce, as you’d certainly tell him you were “un-adopting” him. Jason saw it happened before. Someone thinking their adopted kid was “too much”, and sending them back. 
It was awful, of course. But it happened. For real. And Jason knew that life could really suck...But her couldn’t bear to face you as you’d send him away. 
Worst, what if you just send Alfred and that was it ?
No. Jason would leave before you could do that. He couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t. 
Filling his backpack with some clothes, and snacks, he opened his window and slid down the gutter all the way to the ground, and then ran away into the night. Tears trailing down behind him, as he left behind the one place in which he ever felt safe, warm, and loved. 
In the meantime, you and Bruce were unaware of that, and slowly falling asleep in each others’ arms... As usual, Bruce was there for you. 
“Jason ? I thought I wouldn’t see you anymore after you got adopted by dem fancy fellas. Are you here to get some work ?” 
“Really, why did you come then ?” 
“I didn’t, I’m just passing by.” 
“Nah, don’t believe it. Once a bad boy, always a bad boy !” 
As he ran away, Jason went back to a place he thought he never would need to. A few intricate alleys, in the Bowery, under the main city. 
The Bowery, a filthy underground neighborhood, hell on Earth for many. Although things did improve when Batman started his work a few years back. 
“Wow there tiger, relax.” 
Jason came in this specific area for only one thing. Retrieve a few items he left behind, thinking he would never need it again because he was leaving behind this life. 
He had a hideout, not far. In which he hid some materials to survive in the streets. He thought he probably had to go back to stealing cars’ tires...Although maybe he should change it. Thinking of what happened last time he did this hurt his heart. 
He knew that next time he’d get caught stealing tires, the person wouldn’t end up adopting him...Anyway, he didn’t want any other parents but you and Bruce. 
And he messed that up so bad, by being so mean to you ! 
“Listen, it’s not because you got all fancy schmancy that you can talk to me like that. Remember who’s boss in this part of town.” 
Batman did a lot of good to the city, but also, by getting rid of some big players in the “crime business”, he allowed small time thugs to climb up the ladders...It felt, at times, like there always was someone to replace whoever Bruce just put behind bars... 
The man who was talking to Jason, used to be a small time criminal. Turned boss, when the Batman kept arresting all the people above him. Jason used to “work” for him, bringing him watches or jewelry that he’d exchange against cash. 
Damn. He never thought he’d ever see him again... Oh and he definitely didn’t think this through. 
As the new boss, who’s name was Johnny Clancy, told him that he’d forever be a “bad boy”, Jason saw red and...getting mad at a crime boss was a bad idea. 
Before he could even think about an escape plan, Jason was surrounded by dangerous armed men. 
“How dare you talk to me like that ? Mmm. The Waynes adopted you right ? Mmm. They’re loaded. Probably would pay a fortune to get you back uh ? And to think they’re gonna give me a lot of cash to get a little runaway brat back haha. Because that’s what you did right ? You ran away ? As you always did before mm ? You know, I observed you Jason Todd. I saw you run away from anyone getting close. I saw you.” 
Jason’s heart didn’t need anyone to push and squiggle the knife he felt in around some more. He had just lost his family. Did he need more reminder that he always fucked up ?! 
“They won’t give you any money, they don’t want me anymore...” 
But Johnny didn’t believe him, of course. He told two of his thugs to grab the boy, but Jason, by instinct, dropped them to the floor with a few well placed kicks and punches. 
And that was enough to unleash Johnny Clancy’s wrath.
See, he was a new boss. He had to assert dominance. And an eight years old kid making a fool of him and his gang ? That wouldn’t go. 
So what if he had to off a child ? Anything to keep climbing up, and leave the Bowery’s slums. 
“Have you seen Jason ?” 
Bruce asks you, a few hours after your fight with him. 
“What ? No, I thought he was with you ?”
“No, he skipped his training and I thought he might be with you, apologizing for what he said yesterday ? You know, sounds like something he would do.” 
“I haven’t seen him since, you know. I thought he was avoiding me...” 
“He would never.” 
“He would never, my love. I know what he said hurt you, but I’m sure he’s regretting it right now. You should go see him, he’s probably sulking in his bedroom. I wouldn’t be surprised if you meet him up the stairs as he comes down to say sorry.” 
Your husband comes to you, and takes your hands in his. 
“You know him. He’s impulsive, and a little abrasive sometimes. But he’s a sweet child. And he regrets his bursts, you know it. Tonight was just tough, we both scolded him, he’s not used to it.” 
“You’re right.” 
“Of course I am, I’m-”
“I swear to God if you say “I’m Batman” I’m going to smack you.” 
Bruce smiles softly at you, glad he managed to at least made the tension go away a little. He pecks your lips quickly, and watches you as you leave to go to your son’s bedroom. 
He was about to go down the Batcave, when you came back, panicked : 
“He’s gone ! Jason’s gone !” 
Ah. Bruce knew that placing a tracker in his children’s molars was a good idea. 
Jason runs as fast as he can, without looking back. He managed to break the line of thugs coming at him, and escape in-between to of them who didn’t pull their guns out quite yet. 
They were shooting at him. With no hesitation. 
Johnny was set on proving he was an unscrupulous boss. To earn everyone’s respect. So what if he had to shoot a kid ? It’d send everyone a message. He’d back off from nothing ! 
Jason turned in an alley and...Damn it ! He must’ve taken a wrong turn at some point, it had been a while, since he roamed the Bowery’s alleyways...
He was faced by a wall, stuck. And they quickly caught up to him. 
“Wooouh, you’re fast kid. And you’re sneaky. Too bad you’re such a brat, I bet you could be a nice addition to our-”
Johnny Clancy never finished his sentence. In fact, he never could properly speak after that night. After getting his jaw broken into a thousand pieces by the Batman’s fist. 
Bruce had come down from nowhere, in his arms ?! 
This was the first time Jason saw you wear the costume he saw a few times in the Batcave. He thought you wore it only to go to the JLA’s watchtower, to hide your identity. Not that you could actually...fight ?! 
And wow, you definitely could hold your own ! You made a few disarming pass, taking the guns away from all the men before they could even react, and letting Bruce finish them off with well placed kicks and punches. 
Oh and that night, the Batman unleashed his rage and unforgiveness full force. How dare they touch his son ?! 
You didn’t have anything to envy from your husband either, however, as you worked through Johnny’s gang rather fast too. 
That night, the both of you exterminated (figure of speech, of course, neither of you ever killed, that was the one big rule...but there were never a rule against breaking a few bones) Johnny Clancy’s gang, who dared to even think of hurting your precious son. 
Jason, holding his backpack tight against him, couldn’t believe his eyes. You two came to save him ? But...why ? 
He messed up. You’d surely not want him around anymore ! 
Once Bruce dropped the last man, you rushed to Jason and before he could utter a sound, took him in your arms. 
“Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re safe baby, I’m so glad you’re...” 
Your voice broke at the end, and you chocked, the emotions too strong and squeezing your throat. 
Jason didn’t understand. And through his surprise, he managed to say : 
“I thought-I thought you’d never want to see me again, and that you wouldn’t want to be my mom anymore.” 
You hold him even tighter, as you feel Bruce get down on his knee and bring the both of you in his arms. 
“Oh sweety, never. Never.” 
You say, not letting go. 
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry...” 
Your son manage to choke out, before sobbing profusely and holding on to you and Bruce. 
“I’m just glad you’re’s ok, it’s ok it’s already forgotten...” 
And it was. As soon as you saw that Jason-That your SON, was missing, you forgot he ever told you “you’re not my mom”. You forgot and it truly didn’t matter anymore, as all you cared about was to find him, and make sure he was safe. 
“Jason, oh my little Jason, I’m so glad you’re safe...”
Wether it is a conscious things or not, he returns your embrace fiercely, holding tightly as he looks up at you. It almost feels like he wants to make sure you really are there. And won’t go anywhere. Like everyone else did in his life. 
Jason was tired of losing those close to him. Those he cared about. Sometimes, he’d push them away, by fear of getting attached again just for life to rip them away from him. So he held onto you, as you held him back. 
Tightly against your heart. 
This was the day Jason Todd realized something very important : He wasn’t alone anymore. He had parents who loved him, and he loved them back. 
So much. 
And they’d never let him go. Never. 
Years later, this love he had for you and Bruce, turned out to be the very reason he became “Red Hood”. 
From that day he told you : “you’re not my real mom !”, he felt like he belonged. Like finally, the people he loved loved him back. Like he was cherished. And then Bruce didn’t avenge him. He let Joker get away. And you let him do it. You, the people he trusted and loved most in the world, betrayed him...
He felt like he wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t worth Bruce breaking his one rule to avenge him. He wasn’t worth it...He didn’t matter enough. 
Jason felt so angry. For years. He wanted to hurt you, to hurt Bruce. To show you what it felt like. What HE felt like. 
But Jason has always been a strong one. You knew it. You told him enough times : “you’re a fighter, my Jason. You went through so much, and always came out of it. You lost a lot on the way my little one, but you never give up. You never give up...” 
You never give up. 
It’s what drove him to become the Red Hood. It’s what drove him over the edge. What gave him so much pain. 
Rather, the feeling of not being loved. The thought all you and Bruce said to him, about how much you cared and loved him, was a lie. 
Yes. The thought that you lied about loving him, is what broke him. What made him find every way possible to truly, truly hurt you two.
You never give up. 
He was so angry. But he never could quite give up on his family...that’s why he didn’t stay with the Al’ghuls. That why they didn’t keep him. 
He could never forget you and Bruce. Move on. 
He could never. 
Jason was a strong lad. Strong enough to see past his hate and need of revenge. His pain. His deep trauma. 
It took a while. But the change came from him. He’s the one that gave you another chance. And it allowed him to realize...nothing was a lie.
And you got your son back.
Because you showed him. You showed him nothing was a lie.
When his dad never gave up on him even as he killed more and more people, and even as Jason saw him completely erase people who used to be close from him as soon as they killed once. When you refused to let him go. When Bruce kept going back, even as he knew Jason would fight him and try to hurt him. When you pleaded with him, even when you knew his answer would be the same... 
Jason never gave up. 
But you didn’t either. 
“You’re not my mom”, are words he never meant. Not even once. Not even when he was the “old” Red Hood, the one that killed mercilessly any criminals, and that was trying to be exactly what Batman wasn’t. 
“You’re not my mom”, even at his worst, at a time he suffered greatly, Jason never meant it. He never did. 
And ultimately, it’s this filial love, and the love you and Bruce had for him, that brought him back out of the dark pit the Joker pushed him in...
Tim knew that his overly pragmatic mind sometimes could make him sound tactless. That he had trouble, sometimes, expressing himself properly. 
He knew that what he said, although it could be the factual truth, could be perceived as not being very nice... 
He knew, yet sometimes, he couldn’t help himself. 
“But you’re not my mom.” 
He told you that day, as you asked when was the “mother/child day” at school. 
Tim’s school had a day each year, during which every mother would come and do different activities with their kids. You did it with Dick and Jason, and it was always great fun, and amazing bonding time. 
By then, Tim had been with you and Bruce for over a year now. And he did, see you as his mom. However, he was a little too set, at the time, on rules and specifics. In the “mother/child day” rulebook, it “specifically” said that the actual child’s mother had to come, not the nanny or anyone else. 
In Tim’s mind, although he did see you as his mom, he thought the school wouldn’t. For him, the way the rules were written, were clearly stating his birth mother had to come. And the official adoption papers were not processed yet. Those took quite a while. 
He had been living with you for over a year. He called you and Bruce “mom and dad”. He truly considered you two his parents. But the official papers were not done quite yet. So to him, in the eye of the law (be it a silly school rule), you weren’t his mom quite yet. 
So when he said : “but you’re not my mom”, that’s what he meant. Of course, you misunderstood...
How could you guess that Tim was thinking that only his “birth mother” could take him, because officially right now he didn’t have a mom, just “guardians”...
His mother was dead. Has been dead for a while, now. And even if she wasn’t, Tim knew she’d never come at this event...She wasn’t the caring type of mother. Not like you. Which is why it really bummed him out that those rules were so clearly stated like that !
What Tim misunderstood, is that this specific rule had been added to the rulebook because many family would send their nanny, or a big sister, instead of the mom. Because Tim was of course in Gotham’s Academy, full of rich families, in which the moms were very busy...
Which is why such a day existed. Some kids spend quality times with their mom only on this school day. Nowadays, everyone made an effort to come (the fact you appeared, the famed (Y/N) Wayne, a few years back, with Dick, and it made all the papers’ headlines, might’ve influenced others to participate too).
To tell the truth, Tim was very disappointed that you couldn’t go with him, and was considering asking the principle of the school to do an exception to the rule and allow you to go with him.  
He was already fomenting a plan in his head to convince the headmaster to let you come as his mom, and as usual when he was planning things out, he completely disconnected from reality. 
And therefor, didn’t see how your face “closed”, and your eyes turned sad. The boy was typing away on his computer, as if nothing had just happened, as if you didn’t feel your world crumble as he flat out told you you weren’t his mom...
Of course, it was all a misunderstanding. He meant it as “officially”. Not about his actual feelings. 
For some reason, the way he said it so nonchalantly hurts you more than when Dick and Jason yelled at you that you “weren't their mom”. Because at least, in your eldests’ cases, you knew it was in the heat of the moment. 
That it was because they felt frustrated and sad. 
But Tim just told you : “But you’re not my mom.” matter of factly, and moved on. And it hurt. 
It hurt so much, because that boy...You loved that boy, of course. And considered him your son for sure. Part of your heart, now. Part of your family. And he felt so far, right far... 
You left the room and he didn’t even notice. 
Did he really not see you as his mom ? Was he just calling you “mom” to imitate his brothers ? ...You didn’t know, but it hurt. 
It hurt so much. 
You found Bruce in his office, doing some paperworks for Wayne Inc. When he saw your face, he immediately smiled, your presence lighting his whole world...But then he saw your expression, and he frowned. 
“What happened ?” 
“Mom ? MooOOooom ?” 
Tim had been looking for you for the past hour, but wasn’t able to find you. You weren't in all your favorite places ! Did you leave the Manor without telling him ? It was unlike you. 
Finally, he found you. You were in a room that was rarely used, but which was conveniently close to Bruce’s office, and had a couch. 
Laying on top of your husband, you were fast asleep as Bruce was going through his paperworks, letting you holding onto his waist as he kept working. 
When he saw the boy come in the room, he smiled at him. And it was hard, not to smile at Tim, seeing his own big wide smile. 
Tim was missing a few teeth, that fell not long ago, and it was absolutely the cutest, when he smiled widely. He looked so happy, eyes sparkly and genuine smile. It felt wrong to Bruce, to think that this sweet boy didn’t see you as his mom...
Maybe it was all a misunderstanding ? Wouldn’t be the first time. Although, Bruce knew how sometimes Tim could be brutally honest, and say the facts in a matter of factly way that could be very harsh on the uninitiated. 
Your son was holding a cardboard sheet almost as big as him, and looked very excited about something. He slowly approached you two, and said, whispering, yet the excitement was clear in his voice : 
“Has she been asleep for long, dad ?!” 
He called Bruce dad. Without an hesitation. And it felt so genuine. Like he was relishing in the word rolling off of his tongue. And it was often the case, with Tim. His parents, when they were still alive, never really noticed his presence... 
And sometimes, it could be even worst to have parents who acted as if you didn’t exist, than caring parents who passed away. Bruce realized this. 
“No, she just closed her eyes.” 
Bruce answers, looking at you. And oh he couldn’t possibly know how soft his expressions as as he gazed at your sleeping face. 
Tim was clearly disappointed. His shoulders fell down, and he looked on the floor, looking defeated.
“What is it, champ ?” 
“Well, I wanted her to-Oh ! Mom !” 
The rumbling of your husband’s chest as he spoke is what woke you up. Not the actual sound of their voices, just that low vibrations reverberating in his chest. 
You opened one eye, then the second, and was greeted by your youngest son’s face being very close to you. As Tim saw you were waking up, he kneeled down next to the couch, settling his piece of cardboard next to him, and approached you very closely. 
His smile and sweet expression filled your vision. And you felt even more hurt, as you saw him so happy to see you, to know he didn’t really think you were his mom. 
It was clear he cared for you. And loved you, and being with you. But to him...You weren’t his mom. And that was so painful. 
“I got a plan mom, I got a plan !” 
A...Plan ? For what ? You don’t even have time to ask him, and, still a little hazy as you just woke up from a short nap (that you took after crying exhausted you), you raise a little from your husband. 
You exchange a curious look with him, as you see Tim spring to his feet and get a hold of the piece of cardboard that is almost as tall and large as him. 
He turns it around and...
Your heart drops. 
It’s a lot of very detailed drawings, maps and words about...about...
“This is how we’re going to convince the headmaster of my school that you’re really my mom, even if officially you’re not yet !! I thought we could start with logic first, and then go down the path of pathos if he really doesn’t change his mind !” 
What ? Your brain is trying really hard to comprehend what’s happening, although it is starting to put two and two together. 
“The rules say that the mom HAS to be the one who comes, and the way they wrote it suggest that they wouldn’t accept someone who isn’t yet official. But I think we could convince that, in our heart, we’re already an official family, right ?!” 
Tim looks at you, and then at his dad, a little worry in his eyes (what if for them, he wasn’t their son yet because the paperworks weren’t finished and officials quite yet ?!?!). Bruce cannot help but smile, and nods, feeling his heart melt (a rare occurrence). 
And you. You have exactly the reaction he expected you’d have. You sit up, put the cardboard aside, and drag your son into a tight hug that makes him giggle and exclaim : 
“Hahaha mom wait I can’t breaaaathe !! Mom !!” 
But he hugs you back, knowing that this means yes, you do consider him your son already, paperworks or not, and you will probably follow his plan to convince the school to-
“Mom ? Why are you crying ? Mom ?” 
You can’t explain it to him. You feel silly, but also so emotional and touched. You thought he didn’t think of you as his mom. But he did. Oh he did, and was actually worried about technicalities of rules and...So sweet. That boy is so sweet. 
Carefully, Tim dries your tears, and look curiously at his dad, his eyes clearly asking : “Did I do something wrong ?”
You’re still unable to speak, as you hold onto him, and Bruce ruffles his son’s hair saying : 
“She’s just too happy, champ. She’s just too happy.” 
"You, not my mom !” 
She screamed. You never heard Cass raised her voice before. And yet, here, she screamed at you. And then closed her bedroom door right on your nose. 
And you felt it in your heart. That specific pain that you wished you’d never feel again. That kind of hurt you wished you’d never feel ever again. 
It happened just liked it did with Dick and Jason. You were “lecturing” her about putting herself in needless danger, and she felt frustrated at the fact you “didn’t trust her”. 
It wasn’t true of course. You did trust her. And you knew she could hold her own. Didn’t mean you wouldn’t worry, and scold her if she really scared you... 
It was pure instinct. You couldn’t stop yourself from telling them off when you felt they went too far. You did it with Bruce too. 
Once, he threw himself in the way of a bullet to save you, and once he recovered enough...Oh you were so mad at him. 
It’s not that you wanted to take that bullet, of course. You knew it was also instinct that made him move to save you. But in truth, you would rather take a thousand bullet than lose any of them. Bruce, or your children. 
And sometimes, it was hard for them to understand this. To get why you were so worried, when you accepted fully their night activities. 
Why you monitored the batcomputer, if it was to scold them when they put themselves in danger ? 
Ah but they didn’t understand that you only got “mad” when they put themselves in NEEDLESS danger. Pushing themselves too far that one night, being careless with something, ignoring their own safety to finish a task... 
You couldn’t help but be afraid. And your fear turned into you scolding them. And sometimes, on each sides, things boiled and...
“You, not my mom !” 
The meaning was clear. As Cass slammed her door right in your face, you knew not to push it further, not to tell her anything more. 
Maybe you should’ve ? Should’ve open her door, and continue lecturing her so she’d understand her life was valuable ? 
Cass put herself in danger more than any other member of your family, because she was raised as a weapon and thought of herself as an “expendable”. You weren’t mad at her for this, of course not (but oh, David Cain probably should never cross your path, it wasn’t pretty, when you were truly angry). 
You were just worried. And unfortunately, being a parent was complicated and sometimes, your worry turned a little overbearing for your kids. 
This was a mistake every normal caring parents made. Wanting what was best for their children, sometimes not realizing they’re going too far. And you ? Your family wasn’t normal. 
Your children were vigilantes. Your worries were tuned up to the max.  
Being a parent was hard. And sometimes, both you and your kids were frustrated. It happened. In any family. 
It was resolved rather fast, most of the time. A little conversation, understanding and indulgence, and boom. Sorted. 
However, there were times when things would go a little too far. Wether because one of you was tired, or didn’t feel well etc etc...
Tonight, was such a time. 
“You, not my mom !” 
Cass didn’t even register what she said. She was just mad and frustrated, and said the first thing that came into her mind. Her hand slammed the door shut before she could even think about it. 
And here you were. In the corridor. In front of your daughter’s door. 
Hurt. And feeling as devastated as you did when her brothers told you the same thing. You would think, after a few times of this happening, it’d be easier, right ? Well. No. It wasn’t. It really wasn’t. 
As usual in those instances, you went to seek comfort in the arms of your husband. 
Cassandra didn’t feel ok. 
In fact, she felt absolutely terrible. 
She couldn’t even remember the last time she felt that bad. 
When she went to look for you and apologize for her behavior, she found you in her dad’s arms, crying, and it made her run away...
She couldn’t face you, knowing she truly hurt you like that. 
The worst thing is, she knew she would hurt you by saying those words. Yet she still did it. It was as if she couldn’t control herself. It was like an ugly force took over her, and made her say those words. 
But she knew. She knew she’s the one who ultimately decided to say them. She’s the one that pronounced them. Under the anger. 
The ugly force. 
She turned around in her bed, holding onto the plush toy you gave her shortly after her arrival. You said “every child should have one” and that this one made you think of her. 
It was a fox with bright colors. And it still smelled like you. 
She was about to fall asleep, when she heard a knock on her door. 
“Can we come in ?” 
It was her older brothers. 
Dick, Jason and Tim. 
It was rare, to have them all in the same place nowadays, what with how busy they all were. Dick with Bludhäven, Jason with the gods only knew what really (the gods, and you and Bruce...but sshhh, that’s a secret), and Tim with college applications. 
So Cass immediately understood that they heard about the fight she had with their mom. 
And she felt a rush of shame come over her. She felt sad too, because maybe they’d be mad at her ?
Cassandra didn’t think she could bear to break your heart, and have her precious brothers mad at her all in the same day. 
She almost told them to leave. But she didn’t have the strength. 
They surrounded her, and their presence was so...soothing. 
And then they spoke. They each told her the story of the time they told their mom those few dreaded words. 
“You’re not my real mom !” 
They told her how awful they felt, and how they knew they hurt their mom. They told her that...well, they did have the best mom ever. 
You never held any grudge. Ever. Especially not against your own family. 
You never even mentioned again the fact they told you this awful thing, you never even mentioned once this, under any circumstances. 
Her brothers stayed with her for hours, talking about their feelings on the matter. Telling her it happened. That everyone wasn’t always on their best behavior...
It was hard, for Cass, to not be “good”. She did so many awful things when her biological father raised her to be a weapon, she felt like she had to catch up so much on those years of “badness”. 
She often felt like she was evil, and could never caught up to everything. Like she was doomed, and could never become good. 
On that, Jason told her she was wrong. That everyone could change, and no one was born truly evil. Environment, and the way you’re raised, matter. And what she did...wasn’t her fault. She was forced to. If she really enjoyed doing this she’d never become a Batgirl. She would never be part of this family. 
She often felt like she was a bad daughter. 
On that, Dick told her she was wrong. He too, felt like a bad son, when he “replaced” his parents with you and Bruce. He too, felt like a bad son when he would get so mad while you would do anything to make him happy. He too, felt like a bad son...on so many occasions. But he grew. And thanks to you mainly, he realized he was just human. Mistakes are human. And it’s not being a bad son, to sometimes feel so hurt that you lash out. That your trauma are so strong, things sometimes are tough. 
She often felt like she couldn’t fit in, and would never fit in. 
On that, Tim told her she was wrong. Him too, felt too different. He already had parents, they were alive, he just wanted to help, he didn’t have any friends...But in this family. In this family, everyone fitted in. Because you made it so. Bruce made it saw. You both accepted any flaws, and differences your kids might have. You loved them unconditionally, they all knew that by now. 
And Cass...Cass didn’t want to hurt you. 
They knew that, too.
It was an accident. In the heat of the moment. She didn’t mean it. Of course, you are her mom. Of course...
It felt good, to have her brothers there for her, when you couldn’t be. 
Later that night, after her brothers left, Cass slowly exits her room and take the known way to yours and Bruce’s. 
You are both there, and she knows her dad stayed because you felt bad. He always stayed with you, when you were feeling down. And vice versa.
Cass always told herself that, later, if she ever found a significant other, she’d want her and them to have the same kind of relationships than you. You and Bruce set up a rather high standard for whoever would come into her life. 
But that was another story. For now, she was opening the door slowly, scared of waking you up. But you were awake. 
Bruce was asleep, deeply. As usual when he felt your warmth against him. But you were not. Cass could see you slowly and absentmindedly caress your husband’s hair. It was soothing to both of you. His silky smooth dark hair were soft in between your fingers, and helped you get your mind off of the pain and focus on the sensation, while for him...Well, it put him asleep, when you did that. 
The door creaked a little, and you abruptly turned your head towards it, ready to fight and...You instantly recognize your daughter, even in the dark of the room. 
She doesn’t need to talk. You manage to roll over Bruce, who then by instinct roll too, and therefor you create a little spot for your daughter to climb in bed with you. 
You turn around in Bruce’s arms, and slowly wrap them around your middle, instead of your shoulders. You turn towards Cass, your back against Bruce’s chest, and tap the small spot you managed to create next to you. 
Cass understands, and climbs in, facing you. She lays her head on her arms, as you do the same. And then she mouthes : 
“Sorry mom...” 
And that’s all you needed. You gesture for your daughter to cuddle up close, and she does. By instinct, Bruce lets go one arm off of you, and grabs his kid to bring her closer. He is still asleep, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone that his subconscious holds onto the two most important women in his life like so. 
And there she is. Cass feels safe. And warm. And she hears your heart beat softly. And she knows it partly beats for her. 
And partly for Bruce. And partly for Dick. And partly for Jason. And Tim. And Damian. And Duke. And Alfred. 
It beats for your family. 
For her family.
She has a family. 
And you are her mom. 
Her biological father never hugged her, never told her everything was going to be alright, never... 
Cass never felt safe and warm. 
Like she did, right now, held by both you and Bruce. 
She whispers, as she slowly falls asleep. And you’re the only mom she ever wants to have. You are, her real mom. Always have been, always will be. 
Damian didn’t really think this was a big deal, at first. 
Just like his father, he often made the mistake to think that people around him will simply understand his true meaning. 
When he told you : “You’re not even my real mom !”, he obviously didn’t mean it. He was angry because you told him he couldn’t go out on patrol for a few days, as he was grounded for skipping school and going to work on cases instead. 
“But school is boring, I already know everything ??” 
“It’s the principle of it, Damian. You can’t just do what you want whenever you want, this is not how it works. I don’t feel like we’re extremely strict parents, so when you betray our trusts like that, it has consequences.”
Bruce kept out of the argument, ready to jump in however if you needed him to affirm  that yes, actions have consequences and although you two are pretty lax with your son on many fronts, he still has to listen. You and Bruce made clear rules when you first adopted Dick, because you realized your lifestyle was anything but normal, but it didn’t mean your children could just do anything they wanted. 
Neither of you wanted them to turn into privileged little brats. Or to think they were above everything. And you were right, by skipping school so much, and lying about it, Damian did betray your trust. 
Understanding actions had consequences was a big step that took a while, with Damian. Unfortunately, he grew up in an environment that indeed taught him he could do whatever he wanted, no matter if he hurt people on the way... 
Unlearning all this, was tough. And you understood that. Which is why you let things go a lot, with him, and only slowly told him about things. Gradually teaching him about your values and principles. 
However sometimes, like in this case, you needed to be firm and strict, because otherwise he’d just keep doing it knowing it had no bad consequences, and you didn’t want him to simply not go to school anymore...School was important for his social development, you realized it as he made friends and...
And simply, an eleven years old kid couldn’t just roam around all day as he saw fit. That’s it. And so here you were, trying to explain this to him. And that’s when he said it. 
He scrunched up his nose like he always did when he was angry, and then, turning his head away from you, throwing his Robin boots at the back of the cave. 
“You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not even my real mom !” 
And then he bolted out of the Batcave, leaving you behind, with a broken heart and feeling guilty...What if he hates you, because you were too harsh on him ? 
Bruce, that night, did not go out on patrol either, and stayed with you. Of course, he did. 
The fact he still listened to you and didn’t go out, made him thought you knew he was just angry and didn’t mean a word of it. 
To him, it was so obvious he thought of you as his mom, and that he said this just because he wanted to have the last word, that he honestly didn’t think much of it. 
Sure he was frustrated and angry, just like any kid was when their parents said : “no” to them. But he didn't mean it... 
He didn’t really see you of the entire day. Finally, he decided to go see his father to ask him what was up. 
“Father ?”
“Yes ?”
“Is-is mom ok ?”
“Well, what do you think ?” 
“She doesn’t seem ok.” 
“Do you know why ?” 
“Did you do something to upset her ?” 
Normally, Bruce would feel vex at this statement. What, did he really do things to upset you that often ? Yes and now. Sometimes,  he would get on your nerve, and vice versa. It happened, in relationships.
But it was never anything major. Not anymore at least. Because now, when he had his “dark days” and could be a total jerk, you knew how to handle him. You knew not to take his bullshit. 
Yes. Normally, Bruce would pout like a child, at the fact his son thought that his mom was feeling down because of him. But not today. No. 
Because he knew that what made you sad, was something important.
Unfortunately, Damian inherited from him his bad habit of thinking others will understand his meaning. 
Like, when he tried to push you away at first so you wouldn't get involved in his crazy life, what he really wanted was for you to get closer...Or when he told you that he was fine at times, all he wanted was for you to hold him and take care of him etc etc...The first time he told you “I love you”, wasn’t with words, but by not going on patrol one night, to stay with you. And he thought you’d immediately understand that he truly loved you...Truth was, it wasn’t as obvious to you (or anyone really) than it was for him. 
And Damian had the same problem. Doing things that he thought would obviously tell his meaning, his real feelings, when really...No one but him would get it. 
Although you became quite good at deciphering your husband’s true intentions, you could still misinterpret things sometimes. 
And yesterday night, when you grounded your son and tried to teach him a life lesson...You definitely didn’t see that he didn’t mean what he said and just wanted the last word. For you, he was seriously meaning it. And that’s why you were avoiding him a little, because it was too hard 
Damian’s words truly hurt you. You often were scared he could never see you as his mom (even if he did call you mom now and clearly cared for you) because of how he grew up. You’d never give up on him, of course, but it didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt when he pushed you away or pretended to not care... 
Damian thought it was obvious, that his actions actually reflected how much you meant to him. That without you, he’d be lost and honestly wouldn’t want to live in a world where you weren’t. 
But it wasn’t obvious. 
Bruce sighed, and then smiled : 
“Since when is she acting odd ?” 
“This morning. She didn’t kiss me goodbye when she went to work !”
It felt like such a serious issue to your boy, in that instant, that Bruce wished you were there to see his reaction. You’d instantly know he didn’t mean it, when he said you weren’t his mom... 
But you couldn’t quite face him. You didn’t really avoid him or try to hurt him by not saying goodbye. Of course not, you were an adult, and you definitely knew that doing to others what was done to you is pointless, and mean. And why hurt someone the same way they hurt you ? You’re no better than them uh... 
“Can you think of anything that might’ve upset her ?” 
“I spilled my milk a little, but cleaned it after. I didn’t let Alfred do it like last time. I woke up a minute late, too. Jason hasn’t called in two days, but he was there yesterday afternoon. Dick said she messed up her pumpkin soup but he was just joking and she knows. Tim fell asleep at the breakfast table. You clinging to her this morning apparently made her late, I heard Alfred say it. Um...Cass um...Cass didn’t do anything bad really...None of those things sound like it would upset her though ! She really looked sad this morning, not like herself at all !” 
Bruce couldn’t help but smile. It was pretty cute, how Damian often acted as if he didn’t care about anything, yet no details would ever go past him. Especially not when it came to his family. He always noticed, when one of them felt down in any way, and tried to help (in his own way). 
Hell, he probably woke Tim up and told him to sleep more and take care of himself. Called Jason and told him to call his mom. Scolded Dick to not make this kind of jokes again. 
This was just the Damian that was privy only to them. A sweet child, who unfortunately often had trouble expressing his true feelings. 
Just like his father. 
Damian would often brag about his siblings, and how awesome they were, to his friends (notably to Jon, who didn’t have any siblings). But he’d never tell them right in front of their face. 
Bruce tried to help Damian see what was wrong, and said : 
“What about last night ?” 
“Ugh ? What about last n-OH !” 
Damian replayed the events in his head, and remembered his anger and frustration. But most importantly...What he told his mom. 
“I have to find mom ! Where is she ?!” 
Damian looked absolutely panicked, which was quite unlike him. Bruce answered : 
“She’s at work, she had a meeting with her editor. She should be back soon, though.” 
And on that note, Damian ran out to do god knew what, as Bruce shook his head and...Well, he just knew things would turn out alright. 
Alfred almost fainted, when he saw Damian tear off his beautiful flowers from his garden. He almost ran out, and had a very “get off my lawn !” moment...up until he realized that the boy was probably doing this for a reason. 
Oh. Oh his poor lilies.  
Hopefully, this really was for a good reason. A very good one. One so good, that it would stop him from strangling his grandkid, hopefully...
When you came home, Damian was waiting for you at the front door. He had a bunch of lilies in his hands (that you were pretty sure were from Alfred’s precious garden) and he looked absolutely frantic. 
He ran to you, almost threw the flowers in your arms, and yelled : 
You were a little confused as to why he was yelling, but before you could continue he took a drawing out of his pocket and added : 
Still confused as to why he was screaming, you bend down to look at him eye level, settled the flowers on the floor, and said : 
“It’s ok Damian. It’s ok. We all get frustrated sometimes...I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt, but it’s ok. It happens.” 
Damian’s face showed great relief, and he leaped into your arms, yelling : 
“I LOVE YOU !!” 
You winced as he screamed in your ear, and said : 
“Why are you yelling, little one ?” 
Damian took a step back from you and said : 
Damian told you he loved you before, in certain moments. When he got really hurt, when you were really hurt, if he felt really sad...It was always a moment full of emotions. And it was still rather hard for him to say the words. 
It didn’t really surprise you that Jason would have such a technique. Yelling his feelings. Yep. Sounds like him alright. And it did seem like it worked for his little brother too. 
Only you and your close family would know, because you were the only ones to truly know him, but those two were more similar than others would think. And it wasn’t because they already killed before. Oh no. On the contrary. 
“I love you too, my little one...” 
You say, as he goes back for another hug, clearly relieved you’re not mad at him. From this day on, he swore to himself that he would really try to tell others’ what he truly felt, even if it meant yelling it at them. Because other wise...otherwise it’d create this sort of terrible situations, in which his mom thought he didn’t think of her as his mom ! 
He couldn’t have it, anymore. Many “I LOVE YOU !!” were heard in the Manor, from that point on. 
“You know you can tell me anything, right ?” 
Duke doesn’t know why this time, this made him snap. 
Today was the anniversary of when his parents got “jokerize”, it had been two years already...And not one step closer to cure them ! He was so frustrated, sad, and lost. And you noticed. 
Duke tend to try to keep things inside. Not that he didn’t want to bother anyone, more like he just thought he HAD to handle things himself. Like it would make him stronger, and therefor, he could protect those he cares about. 
He could protect them, unlike when he could do nothing but watch as his parents fell into madness...He couldn’t bear the thought of this happening to you, Bruce, or any member of this family ! Not again. 
He couldn’t bear it...
“You’re not even my mom ! Stop acting like you are !” 
Are the words he heard himself scream at you as you asked him if everything was ok, and if he needed to talk. As you were caring, once again, and he just couldn’t...he couldn’t stand it ! Not today.
Not today. 
He immediately saw on your face the way you shut down, and took one step behind. The way your face “closed”, and as you said : “I understand.” and left the room, your body stiff and your face inexpressive (which was very unlike you), Duke felt it. 
The guilt. 
Right away.
When those dreaded words were said by all your other kids, they were young. They were all under the age of ten, and the immediate consequences of their actions didn’t truly registered. 
But Duke. 
Duke was almost eighteen. And he knew. He knew he hurt you. 
He felt the need to run after you and apologized, but there was something stopping him. 
After all, it was true right, you weren’t his mom ! His mom was still alive, and she could be cured one day ! HE ALREADY HAVE A MOM ! 
So what if you always cooked him his favorite meal, or knew exactly what his favorite food was ? So what if you would go out of your way to grab his favorite burger from his favorite joints when you knew he felt down ? 
So what, if you were always there when he was sad ? Cheering him up with comfort food, kind words, and just your presence ? 
So what if you knew exactly what would make him feel better, which movie to put on to put a smile on his face ? 
So what, if you spend entire night right by his bedside when he got really hurt, or when he was sick ? 
So what if you’d listen to him at any time of the day or night, and always took time to give him your thoughts on the matter, and truly, truly listen to what he was saying instead of waiting for your turn to speak ? 
So what if you’d make him laugh, smile, feel loved, even as he felt so alone and isolated, especially after he discovered his powers ? 
So what if you never made him feel like he was different because of it ? 
So what if you opened your house’s door without a second thought for this unknown teenager who was also a meta ?!
So what if you obviously cared a lot, and if you...if you... 
He already had a mom. And she might get better one day. 
He couldn’t have two moms. 
Right ? 
What would happen when his parents would be cured ? Forget all his feelings for the Waynes ? So it’d be easier to pretend he wasn’t part of the family, right ? 
It would be easier. 
But it was too late. 
It was too late... 
He ran after you. Caught up with you in the corridor. Tears in his eyes, he said : 
“I’m sorry, please don’t go...”
And fell into your arms. Almost eighteen years old, yes, but still needed the support of a mother. Of his mother. 
And you were there. You’d always be there, no matter what happened in the future. And he needed you, especially in that moment of frustration, where he really missed his parents, and was starting to lose hope to ever find a cure... 
And you were there.
Who ever made a rule that you could have only one mom anyway, right ?
They did tell him “you’re not my dad !” too. And for him, it was as terrible as for you. If not worst, on certain aspect. Especially since he had a hard times truly expressing his feelings more often than not. 
He knows how devastating it can feel. He knows it even more, because not only did he feel it as they told him “you’re not my dad !”, but he also felt it as he told Alfred “you’re not my dad !”. He knew the feelings from both sides. 
It enhanced everything. 
Of course, in general, Bruce always felt things more than anyone else around him. He was born like that. Hypersensitive. That’s why he worked so much on hiding his true feelings, and appearing detached and cold. 
It’s much easier, than to always being overemotional. Of course, it didn’t mean he felt nothing. On the contrary, he felt everything. He was just better, nowadays, at pretending he was okay. At pretending he didn’t care. 
Ah. But you existed. 
The only person that could always see through his bullshit, and know when he was lying and fake smiling. 
Between the two of you, there has always been something. Even before you were together. It was an irrational and irresistible attraction. 
An unbreakable bond. Always supporting each others. 
You have no idea how you’d live without him. And he couldn’t even fathom a world without you. It’s a world he wouldn’t like very much...  
Even during the worst times, and oh you went through a lot together, you knew at least you’d have warm arms to fall asleep in. At least, you’d have each others. 
Bruce had known pain so strong he sometimes wished death would just take him away. And then you came in. Ready to put up with his shit, and to not give up on him even when he gave you every reason to. 
And oh, oh he gave you back everything times a thousand. You knew he’d never let you fall. Not alone. 
Whenever something hurtful as your children telling you two you weren’t their real parents happened...It’s when you truly realized how vital you were to each others. 
When you fell, Bruce was there to catch you. 
When he fell, you were there to catch him. 
Better to fall together, than to stand alone. 
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