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A #BatDad moment I literally dreamed about when I had a nap earlier:

It’s 9PM, the fireplace in the living room is lit, and Bruce is chilling on a couch, reading a book while Dick is in an armchair on his phone and watching TV.

Damian walks in with his arms stretched out, and says very matter-of-factly, “Father, I require affection.”

Bruce closes his book and opens his arms and Damian strides over and just lays on him, like a cat. Bruce ruffles Damian’s hair and reopens his book and that’s it — that’s the whole interaction. They just lay in silence for like half an hour. Occasionally Bruce will run a hand through Damian’s hair while Damian types something on his phone (texting, probably), but no words are spoken.

Dick is just lookkng at them like “awww.” (And definitely takes a discrete photo and sends it to literally everyone he knows, including Jason and core Justice League.)

This quickly becomes a regular sight at the manor, as both Bruce and Damian are just,,, perpetually touch-starved but simultaneously averse to affection (the poor babies, it’s hell) and their outlet is just lounging around on the same piece of furniture for like an hour at a time. And Damian has begun the process of un-learning all the toxic standards and worldviews he’d been raised with, and becomes more comfortable with seeking help and affection.

Even in the Batcave, Bruce will be at the computer while he and Tim go over some new data and Damian just wordlessly climbs onto Bruce’s lap and contributes his thoughts to the case. Tim’s internally screaming because, hey, the Demon Brat ™ is seeking affection???, but also, Bruce is just letting him????

It happens during a call between the Cave and the Watchtower, where a very sleep-deprived Damian sits himself in Bruce’s lap and falls almost instantly asleep. Bruce is torn because “my child!!! My precious child!!! Asleep!!! In my lap!!!” but also “fuck i’m in a call with like 7 other Justice Leaguers and literally only one of them actually knows who I am… and it’s Hal Jordan…”

Just,,, wholesome BatDad moments like this.

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Fly with me

Chapter III: Take a chance on us.

The tower was silent, the rest of the occupants not yet awake. The pale pink light of an autumn morning was beginning to color the horizon. Raven couldn’t sleep. She woke up a bit earlier than usual. She brew a cup of Earl Grey, added a small pitch of milk, two teaspoons of honey. Done. She was sitting quietly, started sipping her tea as she recalled the events of yesterday. She’s always been honest and open with Damian, over the years they became close comrades, friends, things changed though, lately she felt troubled looking at him in the eye. His observant eyes perceive every little detail. Her stomach was in knots and it seemed to be something not even meditation could solve. She found herself losing focus. The reason? Thoughts of Damian consuming her, completely, slowly, like a fire spreading. She had to find a way to fix this.

She heard light footsteps on the kitchen floor. She turned and looked back to find Kori.

“Raven, I’m sorry if I startled you.” Kori’s soft voice said as she smiled serenely.

“Kori, you’re up early. Good morning.” Raven replied weakly, it was evident she didn’t have a goodnight.

“Morning to you. I was sent on a mission to get an ice-pack and a mug of black coffee, for Richard.” She explained as she proceeded to brew the drink for her partner. However the Tamaranian noticed Raven’s bewildered look on her face. “Raven, is something particularly bothering you?” She asked eyebrows knit together in concern.

Raven looked at her for a minute. How was she supposed to explain the situation. It was strange and silly. On second thought, perhaps Kori could guide her, give her an idea of how to handle her emotional conflict.

“I’m not quiet sure how to deal with certain new emotions surging. It’s overwhelming at times.” She confessed.

Kori nodded and took Raven’s hand in her own. “Does these new emotions involve Damian, by any chance?” The older woman carefully inquired.

The dark haired teenager opened her eyes widely in surprise. “How did you know?”

“Call it woman’s instinct.” Kori replied confidently. There was more to it. Raven knew it. She raised her eyebrows in a silent question. “Alright. Richard did mention Damian is going through a similar situation. They had a bonding moment last night.” She gave Raven an apologetic smile, her cheeks flushed.

Raven has never been so mortified in her life and Kori was telling her, Damian Wayne, always calm, collected, disciplined, sure he had a bad temper at times, sharp tongue, but he appeared to be in control all the time. Those fits of emotions she was getting through her empathic powers were also Damian’s. Raven seemed to be notoriously absentminded, lost in her tangled thoughts. But why did they affect her so much?

She felt the weight of Kori’s hand fall on her shoulder, catching her attention, snapping back to reality. “You two have gotten intimately close over the years. Have you considered you are developing romantic feelings for each other?” The alien ex-princess asked pointedly.

She held her breath as she considered Kori’s question. Romantic feelings. It hit her like splashed water on her face. Was Damian romantically interested in her? He did ask her on a date. She was going to meet his family, formally. Oh Azar. She didn’t want to take it too seriously. Because Of her insecurities, she felt inadequate. She wasn’t human like the, after all. Even so Damian wasn’t the type of person to play around, he means his words and actions. When did this start? How? Why her? She wondered how long he has harbored affection for her. And did she like him? Of course, she did, but falling in love was never supposed to be part of her life. Until you met him she thought. In her heart he was unparalleled to anything in the universe. She admired his intelligence, his passion, he’d shown her he could be kind and thoughtful, stood up for justice in a world that was often more focused on doing what was more comfortable. He was also very attentive to her and gentle. She loved those sides of him.

“I have feelings for Damian Wayne.” Raven said quietly, speaking the words into existence, practically falling over the weight of the words she just said.

“Doesn’t it feel nice to admit it?” Kori teased her, smiling warmly.

“Oh, Kori. I have no idea what to do about it.” Raven but her lip, covering her face embarrassed.

Kori nodded, understanding her friend’s concern. “I think it’s something you two should discuss. That’s my advice. Honesty is always the answer in these cases. In my humble opinion.”

“Thanks, Kori. For your words and listening.” Her leader nodded and told her it’s what friends are for. She left the kitchen, deciding to meditate to regain composure. Think clearly before speaking with Damian about their developing bond.


Hours later, she standing in front of Damian’s door. She tried to gather courage to knock. She was about to do it when the door opened, the figure of Damian appearing in front of her. Both looking surprised, to see each other. She couldn’t help but smile, her heart fluttering. Had his eyes always been this beautiful, like two pools of the deepest, richest green known to human kind? His strong jawline. Apparently her presence astounded him.

“Hey, I was about to find you.” Damian said casually. Going back to his neutral expression.

“Oh. Anything you need? I also wanted to have a word with you.” Raven said looking away, feeling heat on her cheeks, her nerves getting the best of her.

“I was going to ask you. Would you mind accompanying me to walk Titus?” Damian muttered serious, masking his emotions. Be in control. Reminded himself.

“Sure. I’d love to. We can talk on the way to the park.” Raven said quietly, almost in a whisper. It’s not the first time they walk Titus together.

The park was relatively quiet for a Thursday afternoon. There were a few joggers. Other dog owners walking their canine friends or more like canines with their humans, because most of the time it seemed like the dogs made the rules. Except Titus. Damian trained him personally, and he proved be obedient and a fast learner.

Damian let Titus off his leash, he did it for a little time on their walks, so that he could get a good run and taste of freedom. He never went too far though. However sometimes he’d come back bringing an abandoned ball or an empty soda can. Damian raised his eyebrows and gave him a look and somehow Titus knew it wasnt a toy to play with. But Raven loves spoiling him, playing with him, giving him secret treats she thinks Damian doesnt know about. He didn’t mind pretending he wasn’t aware of it, if it made her happy.

“Raven” he repeated her name. “Have I done something to offend you?” He asked considering if he did something incorrect. “You seem to be worried about something.”

“No!” She said loudly and feeling guilt, tentatively taking a step forward, closing the distance between them. “Actually, I want to apologize for my behavior these last days.” They were so close, she gulped nervously.

“Apologize? Why? Care time elaborate?” He said firmly, calm. His eyebrows rising questioning her.

“Perhaps I gave you the idea I wasn’t taking your proposal seriously. The date.” She exhaled. Getting a weight off her chest. Those mixed feelings messing with her again. The words stuck in her throat.

“Damian” she said breathing heavily, her throat dry, heart speeding. “You like me.” said in a low voice, only Damian was able to hear it. Damian’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at her words. He looked at her, analyzing her expression. Choosing his words carefully. He took a step forward.

“Yes. I like you.” He said slowly, his tone firm, direct, speaking with all seriousness. His eyes locking with hers.

Even knowing it, hearing it from him, made her heart soar. Wishing to hear him say it again, and again. She didn’t want to give herself the pleasure to replay the moments in her mind. She had questions.

“But. Why?” He cut her in. He was frowning and suppressing his anger.

“Please, stop and listen to me. How could you not understand why?” He pleaded, concealing his anger at her incomprehension, not understanding all the things she was. Things he discovered everyday about her. Everything she was becoming. He exhaled his frustration. And cleaned his throat.

“I could tell you a million reasons why I harbor romantic feelings for you. It’s something complicated to describe in detail. If you’d let me, I’ll, do it. But I’d rather show you.” He confessed.

He took her hands in his. They were warm, practically engulfing her small, pale hands in his larger, rougher ones. Those precious hands. Hers. His eyes were the same as they had been yesterday burning and filled with desire and passion. Her heart skipped a beat and her mouth went dry. She was breathless at his declaration.

“There’s no one quite like you. There’s only one Raven. The one I want.” Damian murmured, his voice low, soft, expressing all his devotion. “This date is a chance for us to see everything we could be together.” She took a deep breath, her eyes closed and nodded. Agreeing. She would do it. Take a chance on us. Damian only squeezed her hands still in his gently.

It was about time for a update and I was inspired. Hope you enjoy it. 🥰🥰😂😂😂❤️💜🙈

@chromium7sky enjoy 🙊🙊

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Things I imagine BatBro saying to the the Batfamily.

*Baby BatBro To Bruce* “M-m-motherfucker.” (Jason taught him that.)

“Damien if you don’t shut up I will shove this so far up your ass it will come out of your mouth.”

“What? You haven’t seen a boy eat a bucket of chicken before!?”

“Come closer with that bucket of water and I’ll set all your clothing on fire.”

“You all give me a migraine.”

“Are they storing pot in that warehouse or something?”

“Jason is my favorite.”

“No fucks given.”

“Didn’t you scream last night because of a breeze of your fan?”

“I’m out.”

“Ahh cooties!!!”

“Don’t touch me.”

“Ya ya, love ya too loser/s now get off!”

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Commonly asked questions regarding The Red Hoods Protègè

Is angel her name? No it’s not, I’m waiting to reveal her name and life in a later chapter.

Does Damian know who she is? No because Jason no longer talks to the family for over 2 years.

Does she know that Damian is robin? No because Jason didn’t tell her for a reason that will be revealed later

Does she know that he was robin and was Bruce’s son? No because again he kept it from her.

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batdad headcanons pt. 2

  • bruce fucking loves to cook. so you can imagine how thrilled he was to learn that damian also enjoyed being in the kitchen. bruce sets up a stool for him to stand on and they’ll set off-chopping, mixing, stirring, tasting, moving in blurs around the oven and counters. damian gets rlly serious and focused, and bruce will watch his small hands quickly and precisely wield a knife for veggies. they get more and more elaborate with their dishes every year.
  • the latest wayne meme is a picture of bruce wearing mickey mouse ears, looking dead tired and carrying three disneyworld shopping bags, with dick next to him, grinning like a madman.
  • cassie getting piggyback rides from bruce. that’s it.
  • bruce and selina in the car, driving in stoic silence after a disagreement, when suddenly a car races across them, forcing bruce to slam on the brakes and put his arm in front of selina, a complete mom-seatbelt move. she almost dies of laughter and he never hears the end of it.
  • bruce may or may not dress in full batman gear to attend protests.
  • everytime one of the kids (mostly jason) is picked up by gcpd, bruce hauls ass over there, if it was some vigilante work, he’ll clear it all up. but if it was something else, say, stealing a car while drunk and almost crashing into a funeral home (cough jason cough) he makes damn sure that his idiot child does any community or otherwise needed service to compensate.
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The soft sound of the rain hitting the window was like a lullaby and the grey sky clogged with dark clouds and sudden lightning seemed more welcoming than ever.

The rain was making the room colder, but that didn’t bother you because you had the arm of your lover around your shoulders, keeping you close to him while he had all his concentration in a book.

Jason looked so peaceful, it was almost bizarre, but you couldn’t deny that seeing him relax was a blessing. His hair was falling on his forehead, curled in such a boyish way that made your heart flutter, besides the band-aid in the bridge of his nose that made him look cuter than usual.

You didn’t know what Jason did to you to make you love him that much, not even his scars, the way he snored in the night, how he could eat all the snacks in a hour could or how he would talk to his guns like if they were babies could make you upset at him.

“Take a photo it will last longer…” Jason looked at you with a grin.

You rolled your eyes.“ Wow so funny, Jaybird.” You kissed his cheek, Jason’s grip on you became stronger, attacking you to him more.

He putted the book aside and rested his head on top of yours.“ This is nice, babe.” Jason muttered, his fingers interlaced with yours.

“Yeah, I like it.” You snuggled more to him, taking as much of the little warmth his body provided.

“You know you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever saw, right?” Jason turned his head to you for a moment, his blue eyes lacing with yours.“ I mean, you’re so hot you could melt the fucking sun…”

You laughed, pecking his lips quickly.“ Whatever you say, Jay…”

Tag list: @nervousmemzie @la-femme-lupita @jasonsballsack @c0-77

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I guess I just found one of those fake text maker things and was messing around with it. Obviously, I’m just joking with this. Bruce would never actually tell someone about the secrets within his family. This is simply supposed to be a text conversation between him and some random friend of his that’s not a superhero, but on a theoretical level. It’s just supposed to be funny.

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Y/N: Admit it, you care about me!
Damian: I’d sell you to a criminal for a single cornchip
Y/N: Last week someone tried to forcefully take my scarf away and you tackled him and broke his jaw…
Damian: That doesn’t mean anything!

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Fuck all the way off with the fancasts where people put chloe grace moretz or dove cameron as stephanie brown. Neither of them look like steph or have the drive that embodies steph and their acting is subpar. Move on and cast better actresses. It’s not 2015 anymore we have progressed past the need for terrible fan cast choices.

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