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thatfreak03 · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Happy mothers day!
Here's a redesign (not a "fixed") of a DC mom who's is either trying her best but not good or is a down right terrible mother, depending on the interpretation. It's Talia Al Ghul.
(I am not a DC expert, so if I got something wrong I'm sorry. Also sorry for any grammar mistakes)
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starrygrayson · 53 minutes ago
au where all the batkids spam their instagram with pictures of bruce for mother’s day
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prismacolor19 · an hour ago
I have been having so much fun reading the RedHood comics and The RedHood And The Outlaws comics and have learned so much about Jason and have changed my mind on some things about him. After reading fanfics about him trying to kill himself and thinking about killing himself I used to think that Jason would try to do and think this but, I have changed my mind now.
I am still accepting the canon that Jason sometimes questions why he is still alive, if he even deserved to be brought back to life, and if he still deserves to live after all of the bad things he has done because Jason would definitely think this and has before in the comics just not this severely.
I have now come to the conclusion that Jason would never want to or feel like killing himself. I can see him thinking and wanting to do this and attempting to kill himself one time in the beginning when he first came to life and saw Batman had a new Robin but, then he found a new purpose and reason to live which was to kill Joker and Batman and make Bruce’s life hell and piss him off.
Now he has a change of heart and is not a crazy psycho anymore trying to kill and hurt his family. Now he just wants to live life to the fullest now that he has realized has been given a second chance at living and thinks of his resurrection as a gift and chance to start over.
A chance to live with and be in Bruce’s and Alfred’s life again and to live with and be in the family’s life and take care of, protect, and love his family. The family he never though he would never have and be apart of again and dearly missed. Now he deeply loves the family more than anything else. The family is the most precious thing Jason has and he would do anything for them.
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chaos-organizes-me · an hour ago
Tim: *on the phone* I will find and disembowel you before dismembering you. Then I'll use each of your limbs to torture you even more. I'll gouge your eyes out of their socket and make them watch while you burn and then I'll destroy everything you have ever think about. Everyone: *concerned or worried looks* Jason: Woohoo! Replacement finally went crazy! I wonder who's he talking to though. Dick: Well you ask him because I'm not approaching Timmy until I'm sure I wont get killed Jason: Hey Timbo! Who you talking to? Tim: *glares*... I'll call you again later. Find a solution. The poor man who just announced to Tim that they were out of coffee: *whimpers* Dick: Remember Tim, Batman doesn’t kill Tim: Good for him. I’m not Batman Tim: *disappear into the night*
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incorrectgothamcity · an hour ago
Batmom: Hey, I say we go up there, kick Damian’s door in, and let him know that we’re in town.
Tim: That ain’t the way we do things here. We may have to go in there and run a con, drop a bug, do the smooth talking.
Batmom: Okay, you come with me, you do the smooth talking, let’s go.
Tim: No, we just can’t go in there and kick down Damian’s door. We need a plan.
Batmom: Well who makes the plans?
Tim: Bruce.
Batmom: Bruce, what's the plan?
Bruce: You guys are gonna go down there, kick Damian’s door in, let him know you’re in town.
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kebuyo · 3 hours ago
Alfred: Perhaps I can convince Bruce to handle this the British way. Smile bravely, bury your feelings, and allow a steady drizzle to slowly wash away your sadness over 50 years.
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chaos-organizes-me · 4 hours ago
I like to imagine that one day the batfamily starts to worry about one of them, thinking he's acting weird (like the bunch of paranoid vigilantes they are). And they all have theories, he's being blackmailed, he has been drugged, aliens from another dimension kidnapped him and replaced him with a clone-robot (Batdad sigh: please be serious) .
Then they find out he's just acting like a normal teenager you know?
I think it could be funny.
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alessia-sunflower28 · 6 hours ago
Dick: I broke the lamp.
Bruce: Why?
Dick: Because nobody shines brighter than me.
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amiableflare · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dick: a birdie
Jason:a fox
Tim: a tiny lil mouse
Damian: a dragon (overgrown lizard actually)
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lavenderc1garettes · 6 hours ago
things the batkids did while de-aged (all during seperate times)
stole bruce’s phone and spammed it with upwards of 5000 photos
went to target practice with jason
shot jason
tried fixing jason’s bullet wound with a plaster
made jason an apology mac and cheese soup with alfred
made a pillow fort circus
taught tim how to write a book report
played GTA for 17 hours straight
stole a gun from the evidence room
ate 85 oreos in one go
built an entirely detailed batcave on minecraft from memory
dm’d tony hawk from his business account
snuck out at 2AM to meet tony hawk
fell asleep every night listening to jason reading
made cass cow cookies !!
raided area 51 with kon
made alfred the cat an instagram account
made alfred the butler one too so he “wouldn’t get jealous”
took the batcow to tim’s skatepark
mostly only talked to cass
re-enacted anikan and obi wan’s fight with tim
learnt french???
hid every fork in the manor
went to tim when she had nightmares (he always sang to her until she fell asleep)
tim also taught her how to play the piano :))
whacked jason with a pillow so hard he got a concussion
found 14 secret passages in the manor vents
bought every single cereal box in walmart with dick
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incorrectgothamcity · 12 hours ago
Bruce: I should've left you on that street corner where you were standing.
Jason: but you didn't.
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florence-wayne-official · 12 hours ago
Family outing ? Yes, no ?
Depends on where we’re going and what we’re doing, but I’m down if everyone else is
It’s literally another excuse for the golden trio to cause chaos >:]
@kit-the-nonbinary-wayne @youngergrayson @kathy-kyle @not-dick-grayson @addison-wayne18 @warren-wayne-kyle
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outoftheframework · 13 hours ago
oh! well would'ya look at that, chapter two got out
Excerpt from the second half of Introduction to Tim Drake Studies, now posted here on ao3!
“Tim,” sighs Bruce with a parental gentleness that his third child still has trouble processing even after all these years, “would Conner like to join us for dinner?”
The third Robin flounders, peeking over his shoulder and then back again.
“Who?” He asks in a tone scarily believable for a lie so embarrassingly horrible. Kon picks that moment to reappear, now with socks, straightened glasses, and more presentable hair. He leans around Tim and extends a stiff arm out to Bruce.
“Mr. Wayne. Sir,” he greets, trying not to look surprised or terrified in any way when his boyfriend’s father accepts the handshake with a grip that simply cannot be human. Bruce nods.
The handshake lasts horrifyingly too long. Once he escapes Bruce’s death grip, he surveys Dick and Jason standing on either side of their father and goes with his Kent-brand Southern instincts.
“Mr.-” he pivots his arm out to Dick, continuing after the slightest pause, “Wayne.”
Dick looks over to Jason, then Bruce, and finally at Tim, who seems to be seconds away from crumbling. He shakes Kon’s hand. The teen pivots once again, quicker this time.
“Mr. Wayne,” he addresses Jason, who’s quick to return the gesture.
“Mr. Kent,” Jay draws as he shakes Kon’s hand far more aggressively than necessary.
“Stephanie Brown,” the girl calls from her place at the dinner table where most have already sat down again in attention, “heiress to the Wayne fortune. But you may call me Ms. Leech.” Damian looks to be much too frustrated with his own confusion for a biting remark. His arms are crossed as he grumbles about dinner invitations and “just letting anyone march in now.”
“Hey Steph,” Kon greets with a smile and a small wave as Tim breaks out of his embarrassed stupor enough to ask Bruce, “Wait, you actually wrote her into the will?”
I enjoyed writing this fun little piece! I'd love to hear what you all think about it :) Be well and stay safe, everyone!
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venusdeservedbetter · 13 hours ago
You know, any fandom joke about Jason shooting the other Batkids with rubber bullets became kind of tasteless after recent events had shown just how much damage they can really do...
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