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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#batfamily incorrect quotes
Steph: If I were a drink, I think I'd be cherry lemon, what about you gu-
Tim: Bleach.
Dick: Laundry detergent
Damian: Gasoline
Jason: Bug Spray
Duke: Oil
Cass: Sewage
Steph: ... you guys know that those aren't drinks, right?
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green arrow: this seems like a nightmare. seven batmen here.. surrounding us.

flash: we’re gonna die.

dick, jason, tim, stephanie, damian, cassandra, and duke dressed up as Batman: trick or treat!

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Batman: you think your life is hard?

Batman: my children went to Walmart in full gear, just so they did not have to wait in line.

Batman: now everyone is questioning why nightwing was buying groceries,

Batman: why robin was sitting in the cart and playing cheese Vikings on his gauntlet,

Batman: why red hood and red robin were chasing each other around,

Batman: why spoiler was eating frozen waffles

Batman: why black bat just calmly followed them,

Batman: why signal was pretending not to know them,

Batman: and why catwoman was monitoring them while even helping them with getting groceries.

Green arrow: I mean.. they are kinda on to something there.. waiting in line sucks.

Batman: don’t you dare encourage them.

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What's cooking, good looking?
Jason: It’s funny watching you try to cook.
Y/N: Look, if you’re just gonna stand there
Jason: I’ve seen you handle cutlery. If I take out the abs, you’ll chop off a finger.
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dick: guys stop! stop!

damian and tim: * proceeds to ignore *

jason: go tim!

dick: jason!

jason: the demon spawn bit me earlier, I’m not rooting for him.

stephanie: and we see the wayne boys in their natural habitat..— OW!

tim: sorry, steph!

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Dick: If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
Jason: *snorts* another death
Y/n: Jason to have happiness for all the days of his life
Jason: ...
Y/n: ... :)
Dick: Aww how sweet-Are...Are you crying?
Jason: Of course not! *sniffles and wipes a tear* Shit...
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Green lantern: … whats under your cape, Batman?

Flash: tell us. you cannot hide it forever! it’s like, moving!

Batman, sighs as he lifts his cape up, revealing the herd of children: they won’t leave me alone.

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