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#batfamily talia
growingupgotham · 2 days ago
Talia al Ghul, Pamela Isley, Harleen Quinzel... So there may be a slight theme regarding the mother figures in my life. However I am absolutely functional, I swear!
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Talia: *Roasts the shit out of Bruce*
Bruce: *Falls more and more in love with her*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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batfan1213 · 6 days ago
There’s nothing better than waking up with you’re favourite comics updated.
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batfan1213 · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
this image from lil’ Gotham is funny. Like AN OFF SEASON??? Lmao he takes breaks too. And TALIA IS FINALLY SO HAPPY TO BE WITH HER SON.
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batfan1213 · 8 days ago
I’m obsessed with the idea that although the al ghuls may not have inherited Ra’s’ looks, they all inherited his green eyes. I HEADCANON THAT THE AL GHUL FAMILY IS HUGE AS IN NYSSA AND DUSAN HAD TONS OF KIDS THANK YOU. AND RAS CANONICALLY HAS HALF SISTERS SO HE MUST HAVE TONS OF NIECES AND NEPHEWS TOO.
It’s the one thing that is so strong in their DNA and some of Damian’s cousins have dark skin and frizzy hair but they also have these bright emerald eyes with amber flecks and some could have the palest skin and would have the same green eyes. I love the fact that despite nearly inheriting all of Bruce’s genes, Damian still has those eyes from his mother’s side.
Honestly it’s creepy that they look nothing alike with their other cousins but when together you can tell they’re a family especially in family photos. I think that’s also the reason why Ra’s disliked Dusan because he was albino and didn’t have his eyes that were 100% hereditary with the others.
Also headcanon that despite having married into other aristocratic families or respected old money or valued alliances deemed worthy, the al ghul family speak fluent Arabic and Chinese. They might speak English as a second language or have an accent but they speak perfect Arabic and Chinese.
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batfan1213 · 10 days ago
Do you think after all this time of Bruce neglecting Damian he goes back to see his mother and grandfather and is suddenly a lot more aware of the little things they do for him. I know a lot of older people from Asian counties have a hard time expressing their love and they usually convey it through food.
Damian sits down at the table and he realises that all this time his mother would always pick the largest chicken drumstick for him and the most tender part of the fish (which is by the cheek but Westerners somehow only eat the filets?). He sees his grandfather getting him another portion without the vegetable he didn’t like. His father was mostly with the league or paying attention to some civilian other than him. His siblings come by of course but they’re busy too. Bruce didn’t know what foods he liked or his pet peeves and the things he’s scared of because of some bad childhood memory. His mother would ask if he’s eaten or if he’s wearing enough. His grandfather always reminding him to put sunscreen on or to bring a blade just in case. I just think that’s so cute.
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moongoddesskiana · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Alignment chart (sort of thing) I made for the batfam's moms, not a very good one but gets my thoughts down in a sort of funny way
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batfan1213 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Way to go CBR :( obviously ignoring that Talia being “emotionally distant” was pre reboot and by that moron that rhymes with Mrant Gorisson.
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whatifitrysomething · 11 days ago
Treasure Planet AU
Damian fulfills a role like Jim Hawkins
Talia fulfills a role like his mom, Sarah Hawkins
Damian spends a lot of his childhood dreaming about going out there and exploring, meeting his dad
Because Talia was still part of her father's crew when she and Bruce had a romance
But their different crews were forced to part eventually
Bruce was not aware Talia was pregnant when he left for the skies and space
He met and joined up with Cass, who became like a daughter to him and is captain of her own crew (he is her second in command)
Duke is also a part of this crew and becomes like a son to Bruce (since Cass had already pretty much adopted him as a younger brother after they both saved each other at one point)
Meanwhile Talia, wanting to provide her child a good and stable life, leaves Ra's crew and needs a place he won't find her
So she winds up at an inn
So Damian gets into trouble, surfing on his hover board thing all the time and Talia is getting exasperated at the amount of times cops bring him back to her
Then an old exploring buddy of Ra's al Ghul's crash lands
And Damian gets a map
Enter: Dick Grayson and his assistant Tim Drake, pseudo older brothers to Damian who've been trying to keep him out of trouble for Talia, and help Talia and Damian stay hidden
Dick was the first person to help Talia when she arrived at the inn and Tim began helping later when he met them and started working for Dick
He sees the map and has a few connections with one Cassandra Cain and her crew
So they get hired for this exploration
But someone who betrayed Ra's is after the map too, one Jason Todd (but of course Damian never his name from the guy who died)
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batfan1213 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m supposed to be doing homework but oh well.
Headcanon while I’m in the pool:
Damian is a really good swimmer and while the other boys are too, he’s like turbo fast. He came out of the pool looking much darker than he was similar to his mother. He was like I always look this way when I’m with mother because she actually takes me out during the day.
Dick is the heaviest of the three and he will canon ball into the pool and splash on everyone. Also the guy who asked for the unicorn float so the girls could sunbathe. Also is trying to chase Damian around. He does weird acrobatic moves and contorts in the water.
Tim and his pale skin can’t stand the sun so he looked like a ghost with all the sunscreen on. He’s the type to burn instead of tan. Asked for three iced diet cokes and proceeded to put them on his forehead to cool down and to drink.
Jason had to come as the lifeguard because of public and legal reasons. He jumped down to “save” Tim and Damian at least three times each. And while Tim is fine with being carried bridle style out of the water, Damian is not. He scratches like a cat. Jason was nearly strangled when he attempted to do mouth to mouth needless to say he was fired.
Stephanie and Cass are in the corner taking selfie’s for their shared Instagram and providing live commentary for the chaos in the pool. Barbara is actually doing laps for exercise with a hat and goggles.
Duke is in the deckchair next to Bruce and is changing the music for them. He jumped down to join the noodle fight party in the pool and came out triumphant having slapped Dicl three times across the face as Dick just got out of the water after nearly getting drowned by Damian.
Bruce is in the deckchair with his files and computer while Talia is secretly watching from the hotel room across the hotel and taking pictures of Damian for her album she’s going to give to Damian’s future fiancé.
Creepy Ra’s is watching from the surveillance while bathing in his own pool.
Alfred isn’t there 🥺.
Edit: They end up doing a relay to see who was fastest and Bruce timed each of them to split them evenly. Damian being the fastest had to do two laps because other wise it was unfair. His team ended up with such a big lead that Bruce jumped down to help the other team.
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shyestofhearts · 12 days ago
Sooooo... How does Talia feel in your HTTYD au after Damian disappeared
She is rightfully panicked when her son just vanishes off the face of the earth so of course she goes looking
The problem is she doesn't even know what direction he went in so she's got a lot of area to cover and no leads
Yea...Damian gets the scolding of a lifetime when they finally reunite 😅
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chhote-pandit · 13 days ago
Tim: What’s up with you?
Damian: Todd just called me ‘Son of a Whore.’
Tim: He did? I thought you didn’t care about all this stuff?
Damian: I’m trying to figure out which one of those two was he talking about.
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damianwaynealghul2348 · 15 days ago
Damian:Father? When mom is mad at you, how do you make her happy?
Bruce:First I apologize, then I get your mom whatever she wants.
Damian:Even when you're wrong?
Bruce:Never wrong son.
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whereflowersbloom · 16 days ago
La tendresse
She wakes with sunlight bright in her face, body aching all over and a slight headache. She felt like she might vomit but swallowed it down. She had been worse off before from a little wine sickness and survived. Rhachel sat up slowly, closing her eyes when the world tilted dangerously. When she figured she was steady enough, she opened them again.
The sun was streaming in through her open window, painting pinks and orange hues in the sky. Though the shadow led her to believe it was later than she normally woke. How long had she slept? It’s usually the birds that woke her up, their chirping a sweet melody that reminded her of homeland or the warm, familiar sensation of Damian’s lips wandering the curves of her body. She looked around, and spotted a flower on the little table next to the bed along with a breakfast tray of something. There were a few thick slices of Ma’rouk bread, some figs and grapes, and something that looked like rice custard.
She picked up the white rose, noticing the little card tied to the stem with a delicate silver ribbon. ‘To my lovely Princess of thorns, this flower pales in comparison to your beauty and grace. I’ll come find you after my council meeting. With fondness Damian.” Immediately a smile was curving her lips and all she could think about was her Damian. ‘Love can blossom over time just as it can capture you in a single breathe’ Lady Z had told her once before coming to the land of Sand for the tourney. One moment with him had been enough to set her world ablaze. His eyes like wildfire ignited her soul and engulfed her completely in the flames of ardor.
The first fingers of the coming winter caressed her bare legs, a false spring giving way to chill. The thin robe she wore did little to help her chill from the open window, the ivory satin clinging to her torso and hips but providing no heat. The last days of autumn brought a freezing cold breeze and even behind the safety of the red mountains, the blistering hot deserts of Nanda Parbat were not safe.
Soon it would be winter and it meant her seven and ten nameday was coming as well. Much had changed since she married Damian, she thought dropping her hands to the soft curve of her belly. Almost unnoticeable but there was no doubt a life was growing inside her womb.
The reason of her morning sickness became obvious after the imperial physician asked when was the last time she bled. She had not bled for two moons, she realized then. There had been a look of such happiness on Damian’s face when she told him the wonderful news and suddenly he was the sun itself. Radiating joy the same way as the colossal star did warmth.
She proceeded to eat her breakfast slowly, keeping almost all of it it down despite her stomach protesting. Kori was missing at the moment. Perhaps she was letting her take a rest from court. Nonetheless, she still had duties to attend that could not be ignored. Just as she was finishing her meal, someone knocked on her chamber’s door.
“Come in.” She replied, assuming it was Kori and preparing to greet her. The door groaned when it swung open, protesting. To her surprise, she met familIar green eyes she knew too well.
“Awake now?” He murmured with an slightly amused expression. Her cheeks warming faintly at his question.
“The babe seems to be restless just like his father.” She pressed a hand to her stomach where she imagines their child to rest. After a brief moment she asks. “Is the council meeting over?”
“I left for a moment.” Damian said with a twinge of disappointment as he was reminded they still had much to discuss. He parted his lips as if to speak, but closed it again, thinking carefully of his words as he didn’t want to stir her emotions. “I wanted to spend time with you before I ride north with Jon.”
Her chest tightened painfully. Damian was riding with Jon up the snowy Kunlun mountains to distribute thick garments and goods for the less fortunate. She tried to remain neutral and collected as the crown princess she was, but her voice faltered, betraying her distress. “You could take me with you.”
“I do not want to risk your good health.” Damian shook his head lightly, the tension evident on his clenched jaw. He understood that she did not went to part from him but given her condition. It was best his wife stayed in the capital as he could not risk his heir. “Conner and Jayson will stay behind to protect you.”
The thought that this child in her womb could die sent jolts of heartache through her bosom. She just nodded, shaking off such dark thoughts.
Even if she was raised to be dutiful queen, it took her some time after marrying into the Al Ghul house to understand such a responsibility bore a heavy weight. Watching her every step as Damian assured there were enemies between them at court. Life was filled with rules and expectations she was if being frank unprepared for.
“Come lay with me.” She pleaded gently, reaching out an arm and patting the empty space next to her. She was far too tired to do much else.
Promptly, Damian kicked the door shut behind him. Ghosting to the large bed, climbing on before lying next to his wife. She nestled close to him, enjoying the warmth he provided, letting her head fall to the side to admire his face, and he did the same, those otherworldly indigo eyes bright and alive, burning with pure devotion.
“I’ll think of you every day we are apart.” Damian grasped her left hand, kissing the palm. “Both of you.” He added as one of his hands slid to the swell of her belly, stroking it tenderly.
His fingers travelled up, ghosting along her jaw until he's cupping her face, like she’s fragile and precious, a treasure to be hoarded. Damian was a generous and passionate lover, mouth moving over hers tenderly only pausing to whisper words of love and reassurance. She reacted instinctively, responding in kind to his probing tongue.  
“I love you.” She breathed against his mouth. Damian’s expression softened, and for a beat he looks younger, much more like a simple young man in love than the future ruler of the Nanda Parbat.
He placed a kiss on her bare shoulder, a gentle caress of his lips on her skin. “You are my queen, Rae. My only queen.“ His words achingly soft and genuine.
“After the babe is born. I promise to take you to Siodonna.” He murmured against her neck, his warm breath sending chills down her spine.
The word piqued her Interest. Damian had mentioned it several times while narrating tales of his ancestors and foreign lands he wished to explore. It’s said to be so beautiful it took your breath away. The Homeland of his grandmother, lady Shyla, who came from the tribe of Four Winds. Faraway land of the gray wind and freedom. The city of Sidhe rumored to be built high in the sacred mountains of Rudrà.
“Truly?” Rhachel asked with glee in her voice. She covered her mouth with her hand to hide a hearty laughter when Damian nodded solemnly.
Oh Gods, how she longed for the freedom to roam where she pleased with her husband. To have some time for themselves away from court and royal duties. It won’t be long. It won’t be long before their babe is born.
He gazed at her, his expression bore a twinkling smile. “You have my word.”
“You wish for a boy or girl?” The question slipped past unguarded lips. She never worried about the gender of her child before but the Azarathian queens gave birth to girls as the mystical gifts were inherited only by women. Perhaps Damian wanted a son as any ruler wanted a male heir.
His brows raised at the sudden question. For a beat appeared to be genuinely considering how to answer when he merely shrugged. “A healthy child.”
“Damian...” She pressed as nervousness palpitated in her chest. Chewing on her lower lip as she usually did when distressed. “What if it’s a girl?”
His furrowed his brows. “What would you like to name it if it’s a girl?” It shouldn’t have surprised her that he wanted to have her opinion on the name, but it did. She hadn’t thought about it.
“Manon.” The young woman answered. Would Damian like the name for their child? She envisioned a little girl with silver tresses and golden skin as the sun’s rays, and bright emerald eyes as the man she loved. “In my homeland it means blessed child.”
Damian smiled in content. “Our child is surely a blessing.”
“If it’s a boy, you can name it.” She ventured.
Damian breathed out a sigh. “Grandfather would want a strong name like Ra’ miel.” Rhachel immediately frowned. She was not entirely sure she wanted their child named after a past Al Ghul king as some of them did not have particularly great reigns. His green eyes flicked down to her belly, fingers caressing fondly and his smile widened. “We can think of one together when the times comes.”
“Boy or girl, it does not matter.” Damian’s orbs were twin pools of tenderness and awe. He tapped the tip of her nose affectionately. “I shall love any child you bear.”
A radiant smile graced Rhachel’s features, heart overflowing with joy at the declaration. The future seemed more hopeful, the weight of worry lifted off her chest. Damian was right; it did not matter if she gave birth to a boy or girl. This was the fruitful result of their love and sole heir to the Al Ghul throne. . Azar please grant your protection to this child of mine, the princess prayed in silence, her hand on her abdomen.
Yooooo. Have some damirae dorm your favorite teacup. 👀👀👀👀
I wrote this sleep-deprived so there’s probably mistakes but I’ll edit soon. This is for the damirae week.
Babies and Damirae fluff and shadows of thorns. Clarifying this is not a chapter but a Spin-off. I tried to avoid including spoilers. 🙈🙈🙈💜💜
@chromium7sky @carnationmilk @tweepunkgrl @amethyst-witch-05 @ravenfan1242 @opheliawillowbrook @alerialblu
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anxiousnerdwritings · 16 days ago
I can’t get that scenario out of my head with talia becoming a yandere for bruce’s darling 😲
I know! I have a request for a love letter from yandere!Talia for Bruce’s darling. I don’t think I have any other requests for it but I was already planning on writing something for it, I just don’t know if I want it to be headcanons or a blurb.
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