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robin-27 · 7 months ago
Roy, tearing up - Come on JayBird please don’t!
Jason, holding back tears - I’m sorry Roy!
Roy, sobbing - We’re like brothers bro, please!
Jason, crying - I’m sorry bro *places down +4* Uno *both cry*
Artemis, sighing - I hate game night
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rick-rayson · 7 months ago
Y/N literally just trying to breathe: H- oh, oh no.
Klarion and icicle Jr: I want you, I need you. You cut me and I bleed you! You're like some kind of sonnet and all I want to do is read you, and I love you!
Y/N: I know-
Icicle Jr: I mean I love you!
Y/N: [Kicks him out] Yes, thanks-
Klarion: I said I love you!
Y/N: [Throws batarang at him] YOU DID-
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docgold13 · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darknightgirls · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
@imangiegriffin . . . #batman #batfan #batgirl #girlslovebatman #gotham #batlife #batbabe #photooftheday #gothamgirls #darknightgirls #love #batmanuniverse #superhero #hero #dccomics #instagood #teambatman #BecauseImBatman #batshirt #batsuit #justiceleague #lovebatman #batmaniac #phworthy #femmelog #darknightgirls #batmacita #mamitarica
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Personality Test
Dick: There are seven chairs and ten kids. What do you do? Bruce: Have everyone stand. Stephaine and Tim: Bring three more chairs! Cass: The most important ones can sit down. Jason and Damian: Kill three.
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goddessoffhell · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
If this is not Stephanie when she first became Robin...
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stormsonline · 5 months ago
In honor of getting back from a weekend getting ready for campers, at my summer camp. Things my coworkers did as the batfa
Steph: After knowing me for two hours started calling me babe. Everyone thinks we're dating now, and we don't care.
Dick: My friend who climbed up into the support beams of a cabin, and was hanging on them upside down. Literally climbed off by stepping into my bunk.
Jason: My friend who teaches metalwork and is super buff. But brought me syurp for my french toast, and is really sweet! Also when we realized a kid on the no hire list got hired he went "yeah, just scream my name if he does shit."
Tim: My boss glaring at everyone who talked over him and went "Shut up! Nope, nope, nope. Shush!"
Cass: My favorite fellow life guard when he said. "I'm stealing your tea kettle.
Damian: the youngest staff member who stared at my boxes of cookies I gave to him, than yelled at me about history.
Alfred: Oh gosh. The leaderish guy who made sure us vegetarians had something to eat.
Bruce: when the entire staff started screaming at the mention of going home.
Duke: when my friend whoses deathly allergic to wasps, got three wasp nest out of my cabin. Even though I'd known him for two minutes.
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robin-27 · 7 months ago
Jon - So who’s picking us up today, I hope it’s Tim, he’s really good friends with Kon
Damian - I hope not, I’d rather Grayson than Drake as at least I can bare Grayson
Damian, on phone - Hello father...yes we’re finished...I’ll see you then *hangs up*
Jon - Oh was that Bruce, what he say?
Damian - He said that Duke will be picking us up soon enough—
Duke - *rolls up in a full horse and carriage*
Damian & Jon -
Duke - Greetings my fellow male adolescent children, come aboard and let’s put Bruce’s money to good use!
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fatheriimaginedyoutaller · 4 months ago
Cass stans today I make you a peace offering:
Tumblr media
Hope we can be friends from now on
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layingwithlay · 5 months ago
One time, Jason and Tim were fighting and kept pranking each other, and Jason thought it would be a good idea fo leave a trap for Tim to walk into it. But Dami didnt know and walked right into it. He went backwards and fell down the manor stairs and broke his arm, and cracked his elbow bone. Bruce was LIVID, and made Jason and Tim apologize and clean the whole cave to the floor with a toothbrush to dusty everyhing with a tiny dusting brush.
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darknightgirls · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
@yuratrainer . . . #batman #batfan #batgirl #girlslovebatman #gotham #batlife #batbabe #photooftheday #gothamgirls #darknightgirls #love #batmanuniverse #superhero #hero #dccomics #instagood #teambatman #BecauseImBatman #batshirt #batsuit #justiceleague #lovebatman #batmaniac #phworthy #femmelog #darknightgirls #batmacita #mamitarica
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Is It Me, Jason?
Jason: Tonight, one of you will betray us.
Tim: Is it me, Jason? Jason: No, it’s not you. Damian: Is it me, Jason? Jason: It’s not you either. Stephaine: Is it me, Jason? Jason: Jason, mockingly: Is IT mE Jason?
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geekkatsblog · a year ago
Videos the Batkids posted that went Viral. (Bruce Edition)
Dick Grayson
Posted a video of Bruce doing Just Dance (The Wii game) to Swish Swish by Katy Perry. After Jason shot a comment, telling Bruce he wouldn't make it past the first three moves of the dance which resulted in the rest of the kids joining in on the on the teasing. Bruce agreed to try the game to shut them up.
He proved them all wrong by doing the dance flawlessly but the video went viral and the Justice League hasn't let him live it down since, even going as far as to play it before one of the founders meetings.
Jason Todd
Did a prank video on Bruce by pretending he was near death (courtesy of Stephanie's make up skills). Of course Bruce completely freaked out to the point of hysteria and by the time it was revealed that all of the blood and injuries on Jason were fake they had enough footage to make a viral video.
Bruce was pissed off and raged off for at least 2 hours after but it was totally worth it.
And totally not just because Bruce initiated a talk about how important to Jason is to him
Casandra Wayne
In attempts to make Quarantine a little better for kids especially the ones in her ballet school who were sad because classes were cancelled, Cassandra started doing free Ballet classes on instagram live (it was already gaining a lot of attention, because the fact that Cassie was showing herself at all was a miricle), she invited Bruce to help her with a class and because Bruce can never say no to his little girl he agreed.
Bruce may be able to lift over twice his weight, disappear without a sound and be incredibly smart but he could not grasp the art of ballet. He didn't get any of the moves and almost fell a few times and eventually tapped out when he twisted his ankle.
The ankle took a week to heal but the video lasted much longer.
Tim Drake
After Bruce banned Tim from having coffee for a month due to over consumption, Tim decided to hide the coffee from Bruce, as well as all of the car keys so he couldn't leave to get any. (If he can't have coffee then neither can Bruce)
Needless to say within 3 hours after he woke up, two toddler like tantrums from Bruce and one very important upcoming online Wayne Enterprises meeting to attend later in the afternoon. The coffee ban was lifted from Tim and the coffee was returned.
The whole thing was recorded (courtesy of Jason which Tim later posted.) the video went viral and Starbucks offered to sponsor Tim, if he promotes their coffee.
Damian Wayne
It surprised everyone, but he did a home dna testing kit video. He played it off as a joke, but too many people were saying that he was just some kid that their mother pawned off on Bruce because she didn't want him and Bruce should've sent him back. He heard the whispers at the galas and the people on the talk shows discussing how he looked nothing like Bruce due to his green eyes and darker complexion, and as much as Damian pretended not to care, it did bother him. Going to live with his father was one of the best things to happen to him and for people to say he didn't belong bothered him so he decided to prove the world wrong.
The test came back in his favor and Bruce expressed to him afterwards that even if it didn't, it wouldn't have changed anything because he was always going to be his son no matter what.
Duke Thomas
Did a Q and A via questions submitted by fans on twitter. A lot of the questions were cringy, cliche or border line sexual harassment but the interaction between the two was entertaining, but the main reason it went viral was because it included Bruce asking a lot of questions about the slangs the used in their questions some of the statements that went viral were
"What the hell is a boomer anyway? it sounds like someone who has a loud voice."
"Why would Netflix and Chill not be about watching Netflix and relaxing?"
Stephanie Brown
Brought Bruce on the channel so she could do a make up tutorial, he finally relented because, she claimed to only have 2000 followers (which was in no way true since she actually had 200k and gaining new subscribers rapidly.) the final nail in the coffin was when she said he had helped everyone else's channels get views. It was all fine at first, she did the make up while making small talk and added a few jokes, but then she revealed the final piece and Bruce was horrified, but secretly impressed to see Joker looking back at him. The whole thing was a mess the world marvelled at the make up art and wondered just how she got all the details of the Joker so perfectly, they commented how it was almost like she'd knew him in person.
The whole thing went to shit even more when, The Joker responded on Twitter telling Bruce that he was welcomed to apply to be the new Harley at any point.
At this point I'm just making headcannons to help soothe the pain of what Dc is doing to my baby boy Dick who got shot in the head and is now calling himself Ric. 😭😭😭 And the refusal to improve the relationship of Bruce and Jason.
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Describing The Batfamily
A functionally dysfunctional assortment of the dumbest smart people in existence, most of whom happen to moonlight as exceedingly competent if not somewhat emotionally constipated, vigilantes. As a result of that, pretty much all of them are experts at pushing the limits of what should actually be possible for humans to do without any form of genetic, technological, or magical enhancements. -Unless you count functioning on nearly negative amounts of sleep, or comically excessive contingency planning, then none of them actually have superpowers -except Duke- he's the only one that's actually a meta, they know, they checked... repeatedly.
I would love if people could reply or reblog with their own description of the batfam!
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