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Repost from @heroichollywood

What do you think is coming Monday?
@hipsterexp ⁣
#batgirl #batfamily #redhood #drawing #arte #joker #jasontodd #dickgrayson #barbaragordon #illustration #robin #titans #nightwing #teentitanscosplay #cosplayer #justiceleague #cyborg #art #dc #dccomics #starfire #draw #dcuniverse #batman #comics #beastboy #artist #cosplay #raven #ravencosplay

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Babs: Why didn't you help Jason after you knew he's alive?
Bruce: I was hoping he'd be more like you
Bruce, rolling up the window: I did threw a Batarang to his neck to save Joker, there's no talking after that
Babs: What? I didn't catch that
Bruce, nyooms the Batmobile: Also there was Infinite Crisis after that so we ain't got no time to unpack all that
Bruce, nyooms harder: Then we took a family break for one year, because Dick got shot and Conner got killed, remember? We all need a break
Bruce, nyooms faster: So fuck everyone else I guess, I left Cass for a year and she came back brainwashed. Made me wanna adopt her though... so I guess Jason didn't attack us enough to make me wanna do anything about it.
Bruce, nyooms top speed: Then Damian came, and I got to deal with that and Talia's baby trap
Bruce, flying: Then I fought a god and sent back in time, so really, there's no time
Bruce, to outer space: and when I came back turns out Dick put him in Arkham, now that ain't my fault
Bruce, in the moon: got him a job in Batman Inc though, and he made friends with Dick's old friends, so everything's fine, right?
Bruce, onto Mars: Oh right, Damian died, so I got angry because he won't tell me how he came back to life and kick him out.
Bruce, onto Saturn: Then I apologize (not really) to everyone and invited all of them back, since I'm gonna go on a suicide mission to bring Damian back. Everyone bought that even though I hid Dick from all of you.
Bruce, onto Pluto: Then even though I made ammends with Jason for a while, he shot Penguin, so he's gotta go.
Bruce, beyond the Solar System: As revenge, he went public as the owner of Iceberg Lounge. Even though he's supposed to be legally dead. The nerve of him. So I didn't invite him to Alfred's funeral. By the way where are we?
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I just read the whole Batman and Robin Eternal series and it was so good?? We get to see all the kids, they act like a family, they bicker, they save the world together but most importantly? Bruce is a good dad, with his many flaws, but he loves his children and I’m soft for this

And I want to add that Steph is absolutely awesome I love her that scene with Crane was perfect

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