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“Dinah” Barbara groaned rubbing her face in the pillow

Dinah rolled her eyes “Okay, so you slept with Dick, nothing you haven’t done before “

Barbara peaked out from under the blanket “Yeah like 3 times when we were 17. And they were over the course of the same weekend-plus it was just as friends.”

Dinah rose an eyebrow

“Thats a story for another day.” Barbara said sitting up. “I mean I guess we’ve always had this……attraction that we pushed back- but then last night it just….exploded. Five years worth of sexual tension that’s been building up since we were 17. I ripped his shirt off Di”

Dinah shrugged “Well discarding of clothing is usually what happens in this situation”

Barbara shook her head “No I didn’t want him to stop kissing me, so I grabbed the collar of his shirt and literally tore it in half.” She demonstrated by spreading her arms out

“That doesn’t usually happen.”

Barbara shrugged “To be fair he did rip my yoga pants cause they weren’t coming off fast enough. But he didn’t completely destroy them like I did his shirt.”

Dinah laid back “So it was good?”

Barbara closed her eyes “So good.”

“And your dating now? I mean I’ve only been telling you for 8 years to date the boy.”

Barbara shook her head “And I keep telling you it’s not worth ruining a good friendship. So no we aren’t dating…at least I don’t think we are? Honestly we haven’t talked much since it happened.”

“Then what happened afterwards?” She asked

Barbara shrugged “A call came in on the bat computer. So we had to quickly fix ourselves before answering .”

Dinah nodded, then paused “Wait, did you two do it in the Batcave?”

Barbara nodded “Yeah, we were working out-sparing to be exact and then it just…happened”

Dinah nodded “So you got busy fixing everything afterwards ?”

“Well Batman needed us for a mission ASAP so we changed and left, that went on til 5 am so we were both beat and went our separate ways. Then I came here and…..oh I gotta call Dick!!!”

“You didn’t wipe the security footage in the cave did you?” Dinah grinned

Barbara shook her head, the phone on speaker as it rang

“Babs” Dick’s voice picked up

“Dick, can you access the Bat Cave cameras from your computer?” She immediately spoke

There was a beat of silence on the other line before Dick’s panicked response he muttered a profanity before saying “Bruce is going to see us having sex! I’ll fix this Babes.” Then hanging up

Dinah was grinning

Barbara rolled her eyes “What?”

“Babes? You two are totally together now.” She smiled

Barbara shook her head “He probably meant Babs.”

Dinah laughed “Sure he did.”

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Fuck all the way off with the fancasts where people put chloe grace moretz or dove cameron as stephanie brown. Neither of them look like steph or have the drive that embodies steph and their acting is subpar. Move on and cast better actresses. It’s not 2015 anymore we have progressed past the need for terrible fan cast choices.

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I try as hard as I can to stay away from the Batfamily because mostly my favourite parts are from fanon and Bruce is being written like a sociopath in the canon so but it’s so hard.

Like no kidding I just saw the panel where Bruce h*ts Tim and I don’t want to be invested in Batfamily ever again.

Fuck DC for constantly making Bruce an abusive sociopath and taking away the love he has for his children. OR MAKING HIM TALK ABOUT HOW WOULD IT FEEL LIKE TO BE A NORMAL MAN AND HAVE A FAMILY WHEN HE IS WILLINGLY BATMAN AND HE HAS A FAMILY

Fuck DC for keeping on screwing Jason up and not letting him grow as a character.

Fuck DC for whatever the hell they are doing with Dick, not only pulling a fucking amnesia trope to one of DC’s fan favourite character but also have NONE from his family LOOK out for him. (Yes I am looking at you Bruce)

Fuck DC for killing Alfred.

Fuck DC for keeping making Damian’s life a hell, as if he didn’t have a great development and taking away ALL his healthy relationships(Dick, Alfred,JON).ALSO FUCK DC FOR THE CONSTANT WHITE WASHING FOR BOTH HIM AND TALIA. IT AIN’T CUTE.

Fuck DC for forgetting that Stephanie, Cassandra, Duke, AND TIM exist. They are heavily important and y'all keep them out of the stories

Fuck DC generally for not understanding that we are SICK from the dark broody theme. That we don’t like when our heroes HIT their CHILDREN when they are supposed HEROES. That not letting characters GROW, rather let them in their worse, edgier version of themselves

Fuck DC in general.

Ah also fuck Tom King, I will always love Batcat but the BABY MF MOVE? ALSO SELINA RUNNING AWAY?




Talia and her fanbase deserve so much better than that


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entry three (3 of ♾)


Originally posted by leuzoid

ok, so this dream starts off in a dimmed auditorium; much like a school auditorium with the red seats that go on for multiple rows.

there are three sections: the seats right in front of the stage, the seats to the rights of the stage that are slightly angled and the seats to the left that are slightly angled.

i am walking in a line, single-file, to get a seat on the row to the left.

let me say, this event in the auditorium was extremely hard to get into and you could only come if you were given an invitation or you were the invitation’s plus one.

Jason Todd (Red Hood) is in front of me walking down the aisle of seats and i’m his plus one.

he walks past an open seat and sits in the seat right in front of it on the end.

i begin to walk past him when he grabs my wrist.

i turn to him and he asks me, “Don’t you want to sit with me?” and I turn around and sit in the seat behind him.

the event has just started, but i’m a little bored; so i reach forward and place my hands on either side of Jason’s head.

i begin to mess with his hair when he leans into my hand.

we both get up and move to 2 open seats in the middle row of seats.

those seats happen to be right next to his brother, Damian Wayne (Robin V).

he sits in the seat closest to Damian and i sit next to him.

Jason turns around to see Tim Drake (Red Robin/Drake) sitting in the last row.

he raises his eyebrow and turns to Damain, “What’s he doing here? He didn’t get an in invitation…” he whispers.

let me just say that Damian, Jason and Tim were all there as their alter-egos; so, they are there as Robin, Red Hood and Red Robin.

anyways, Damian turns towards Tim and narrows his eyes. Tim sinks in his seat.

i slide me hand into Jason’s and we watch the event.

suddenly, the air vent cover on the right side is kicked open and a famous Youtuber (she’s blonde btw) is vlogging her break in.

she’s talking into her camera like she didn’t just interrupt one of the exclusive events to ever take place.

she walks up to Tim and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Damian and Jason both gasp and say, “That’s how you got in!” and Tim sinks further into his seat. she must have been his girlfriend…

she walks over to Damian and gives him a kiss on the cheek and ask, “How did your test go today?” “Fine.” he replies as he crosses his arms and blushes like he’s embarrassed.

she moves onto Jason and gives him a kiss on the cheek like i’m not sitting right next to him and suddenly he’s that little kid in the warehouse dressed as Robin.

after this, Jason walks out and now he’s an adult again but he’s invisible.

he walks into the girls bathroom (don’t worry, the event took place late at night so there’s no one there.)

i follow him and he tells me it’s over.

i start crying and am holding on to the ceramic of the sink while the tears build up in my eyes.

i start pleading with him and then i realize he’s already left.

now, i’m alone. sobbing in the bathroom for a good 5 minutes.

then, i collect myself and walk out to the Batfamily meeting that’s taking place as i guess i’m apart of the gang.

Barbara Gordon (Batgirl/Oracle) is going over the plan.

when she’s done she asks me if it’s ok. her mouth is talking about the plan but her eyes are asking about me.

i say yes and then Jason asks me something. i nod and walk behind a wall.

i pull out some chalk and start drawing.

Cassandra Cain (Orphan/Batgirl III/Black Bat) comes over and smiles.

i give her a small one in return as i’m emotionally drained from the events that took place not even 30 minutes ago.

Stephanie Brown (Spoiler/Batgirl IV) comes over and takes some of the chalk for her and Cass. I smile and feel a bit better than before.

the end :)

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