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365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out Villains - One Villain, Every Day, All Year…

October 1st - The Scarecrow

Doctor Jonathan Crane endured a traumatic childhood, abused by his domineering mother and bullied by his peers. With his surname and lanky frame, Jonathan’s classmates took to calling him ‘Ichabod Crane’ from Washington Irving’s yarn, ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.’  Inspired by Irving’s story, Crane became obsessed with the nature of fear and how it might be weaponized. Crane went on to become a gifted (albeit unscrupulous) psychologist, ultimately taking a position at Arkham Asylum.  Whist at Arkham, Dr. Crane performed fear-inducing experiments on many of his patients. He additionally secured a professorship at Gotham University, specializing in the study of phobias.  Crane lost this job and license to practice after conducting an experiment in class where he fired a gun, accidentally injuring a student. Embittered, Crane turned to a life of crime. Based upon the experiments he had conducted at Arkham, Crane cultivated a powerful fear toxin, a psychotropic substance that can induce intense and debilitating fear in others. Crane was able to transform the compound into an aerosol spray.  Armed with his new weapon and a frightening scarecrow costume, he ventured out as a super villain, using his fear gas to commit crimes and spread terror. He battled Batman on numerous occasions, becoming a persistent foe of the caped crusader. The Scarecrow additionally served among the ranks of the Legion of Doom, The Injustice League, Injustice Gang and The Secret Society of Super Villains. Actor Cillian Murphy portrayed the Scarecrow in all three of the Dark Knight trilogy of movies; the villain has also featured in the television series Gotham portrayed by actors Charlie Tahan and David W. Thompson. The Scarecrow first appeared in the pages of World’s Finest Comics #3 (1941).

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So I’m rewatching Batman Vs. Superman and…you’re telling me Wayne Enterprises doesn’t have an emergency response plan for when shit hits the fan?  Fuck no, they would have 20 of them.  Bruce knows what kind of crazy shit can go down.  As soon as anything major started, that building would have evacuated, they wouldn’t be there watching the battle and waiting for Bruce to call and say get out!  There would probably be deep sub level bunkers too for them to get to, with multiple escape routes.

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Daiman: drowning Stop, stop it! coughs up water I’ll talk!

Jason: holding Daiman underwater Where’s our parents? Did they die or not? We heard that Batman killed everyone that was in the way of him kidnapping kids, but we found reports that Tim’s mother is alive, with a different name, in hiding. Where’s she? What her new name?

Daiman: I’m not telling you, dickhead!

Tim: throws daiman back into the boiling water and hols him No More lies, no more stories! Give us the TRUTH!

Daiman: No! How the da flip am I suppose to know?

Tim: Because you were there in all of them. 

Daiman: chokes You’re a failure, Tim. Just like Cassy.


Damian: What’s wrong?! Is it the fact I killed her, turned her around and made her mine.


Daiman: Shes was soooooo tasty licks his lips She tastes like vanilla…



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I want DC to go more in depth about a young Martha Kane, like 20-24 yrs old maybe. I feel like her upbringing would be interesting to see and read about, also seeing her try to make it on her own in Gotham or her meeting Thomas,seeing how their dynamic played out at the beginning, and how her dynamic with her family is. Personally I think her character has more potential than DC seems to think. (DC not writing arcs for characters with potential, big shocker there)

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