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Written by Matt Wayne and J. Torres
Art by Andy Suriano, Phil Moy, Carlo Barberi and others
Cover by James Tucker
Inspired by the hit Cartoon Network series, The Caped Crusader teams up with heroes including Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Blue Beetle, Aquaman and others. In these tales from the first six issues of the monthly series, Batman and his allies tangle with The Time Lord, saves the world s children from the Queen of Fables and more!
Advance-solicited; on sale January 13 • 128 pg, FC, $12.99 US

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Summary: A tragic incident as a child left Tim Drake with the ability to commune with the dead. It’s a skill he’s used to close some of the most confounding cases to come across his desk at Gotham City’s Major Crimes Unit. But when he learns of an apparent murder-suicide that could link to a very personal case he’s been working for ten years, he might need more than a connection to the afterlife to solve it. Especially when Detective Jason Todd, a man in denial about his own psychic abilities, is assigned lead on the same case.

Sparks immediately fly between the two detectives—and not necessarily in a good way—as they are forced to work together to take down a macabre serial killer before it’s too late.

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You got it! And sorry for the lateness! Who knew not including Dick would make this so hard to write?


When Drake first came to the Manor, Damian was furious.

It was bad enough that Father was letting some back-alley harlot masquerade as one of his partners, but to actually allow some new child into their home? Without consulting Damian?

Was he not enough?

Damian immediately disregarded that thought. Of course he was enough. He was the perfect son, a master of multiple fighting styles, and a damn good detective. He was the perfect partner to the Batman—no one else was needed.

This child had no apparent skills (besides figuring out who Batman and Shadowbat were, but the 21-year-old was ignoring that), despite being just slightly older than Damian was when he arrived at the Manor. He was small and thin and could not look Damian in the eyes for more than 3 seconds before looking away in fear. He was completely untrained and unfit to be part of their lives. The boy’s only redeeming factor was that he did not speak unless prompted by Father.

But time passed, and Drake grew more comfortable—more confident. He chattered. He interrupted. He and the harlot encouraged each other, especially when it came to annoying Damian.

The boy was ruining the dynamic between Father and him. Quiet nights in the study reading were now spent in the living room watching movies, though Damian never joined. Quiet nights in the Cave solving the latest case were now noisy nights filled with incessant chatter that gave Damian a migraine.

Damian ignored the insight the boy sometimes had. He would never be a better detective than Damian and his father.

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365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out Villains - One Villain, Every Day, All Year… 

June 5th - Deadshot

Floyd Lawton possesses an uncanny sense of aim and is able to hit targets with gun rounds with a precision that borders on the metahuman.  Floyd endured a traumatic childhood with a highly abusive father.  In his adolescence, Floyd shot his father to prevent her from beating his mother.  Unfortunately, Floyd’s shot missed, wounding his father and killing his older brother.  He ran away from home and swore an oath to never miss another shot.  In his adulthood, Lawton renamed himself  ‘Deadshot’ Lawton used his peerless aim to situated himself as a vigilante in Gotham; all part of a complicated scheme to take over the city’s criminal underground.  His plot was ferreted out by Batman, who defeated the gunslinger and sent him to jail.  Deadshot later escaped jail, fashioned himself a costume with wrist-mounted pistols, and began a successful career as an assassin and gun for hire.  Some time thereafter Deadshot was recruited into The Suicide Squad and has served as a member of numerous iterations of the squad.  He has additionally been a member of The Secret Six, The Secret Society of Super Villains and the spy-ring called Checkmate.  A version of Deadshot featured in an episode of the television series Smallville where he was portrayed by actor Bradley Stryker; another version showed up in the Arrow television series portrayed by actor Michael Rowe; Deadshot additionally stared in the movie Suicide Squad where he is portrayed by actor Will Smith.  Deadshot first appeared in the pages of Batman #59 (1950).      

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