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If (Pre-Flashpoint) Batman had gotten much older and slower that he had to retire and turn over his mantle to someone else, but can't because everyone else quit the hero biz and/or moved on to other things than protecting Gotham, would Bats had made a full grown clone of himself to fight crime for him (a clone that had his personality, knowledge and skills albeit without the experience that he gained over the years fighting crime)?

While I’m still pretty new to dc and not all that familiar with Flashpoint and Pre-Flashpoint (I came in with the new wave) it definitely seems like a possibility…. it’s like that one post about the Batryoshka dolls

Every time Batman retires, a smaller identical clone takes his place lol

Thanks for the ask!!

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fruit salad + cereal + juice and coffee: Clark, Martha, Lisa, Lex, Diana, Alfred

protein shake: Bruce, Darcie, Slade

Single Piece of Fruit™ + coffee + coffee + coffee: Barry, Lois, Arthur

The Gutenberg Project: Victor

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Jason, staring at Tim’s mug that contains mystery drink: Hey, Dick. 

Dick: What? 

Jason, gesturing to the mug: Do you dare me to drink this? 

Dick: No… 

Jason: You’re on!!!

Dick: What!? I said no! I do not dare you to drink it!

Jason: I can’t believe you’re daring me to drink it! You’re crazy!!! 

Dick: I am not daring you! 

Jason: I’ll do it though!!!

Dick: Jason, don’t! You don’t even know what’s in there!!!

Jason, about to drink it: Here I go! You are so sick, Mr.!!

Tim, stumbling in: No! Don’t drink that!!!

Tim, taking his mug back: Why would you drink something that’s obviously mine?

Jason, shrugging: Dick dared me to. 

Tim: Why would you do that Dick!? 

Dick: I didn’t!!!

Jason: What’s in it anyway? 

Tim: Oh it’s pure black coffee mixed with red bull, monster, and various other liquids that I didn’t pay attention to because I’m on 96 hours of no sleep… 

Dick, in disappointed Mom stance: Tiiiiim…. 

Jason: Why would you make this monstrosity?

Tim: … 

Tim: Dick dared me to.

Jason: *scandalized gasp at Dick* 

Dick: I didn’t dar–oh forget it 

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The film goes up on youtube under the username ‘GymStarGrayson88′, and from there goes viral. There are gifs and reaction images and audio recordings shared thousands of times across the internet, and clips hit all the major gossip sites.

The video opens on a large and opulent sitting room, focused at a pair of white french doors. Beyond them, it appears to be pouring rain. A male voice says from beyond the camera, “Welcome to Gotham, where it rains one hundred and sixty days of the year. And also, welcome to our quarantine crib.”

“Are you talking to yourself?” another voice interrupts. The camera turns sharply to focus on a young man standing in the doorway in sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. He has truly impressive bedhead and makes an evil face at the camera when he realises it’s focussed on him. “Dick.”

“Oh, hey, Timmy,” ‘Dick’ replies, which is approximately when the viewer recognises Tim Drake in this extremely unusual state of disarray. “Say something good for the strangers on the internet.”

Tim says, “If you put this on the internet, I will kill you.”

The camera turns in a whirl of colour to focus on the left nostril of the man holding it, before it jerks back and gets most of his face into frame. Dick Grayson, grinning, says, “Isn’t he a charmer?”

It’s a fairly typical home video, in a very non-typical home. The youngest Wayne boy scowlingly helps his sister and a well-dressed older man make crepes in a massive kitchen. Dick ropes Tim into videoing him juggling while he whistles the stereotypical circus showtune. Cassandra gives a tour of the Wayne Manor’s car collection in ASL, with sly and dubiously accurate translation from the rough voice of the unidentified man holding the camera. Four boys and a blonde in a purple bathing suit leap into a pool and then reemerge shrieking and gasping at the cold. Damian and the newest boy, Duke, play a fast-paced game of tennis, where Damian proves to be a terrible winner and Duke a long-suffering but amused loser.

A tall dark-haired man is filmed covertly from around a doorframe playing the guitar and singing in a pleasant low voice. The film doesn’t show his face, and none of the viewers can agree on which of the Wayne boys it is.

The last scene is of a darkened room, lit only by the flickering colours of a big screen TV on one wall. Unlike the other parts of the film, there’s no hubbub of voices, just the sounds from the movie playing. It becomes quickly clear why - none of the movie watchers are actually awake to talk.

Dick is sprawled across one of the couches, Damian curled into his side. Tim is lying on the floor on a collection of pillows, spattered with a few pieces of popcorn like he’s been asleep and ignored for some time. Duke is fully reclined in a lazy boy, and the girls are sharing the other in a tangle of limbs. The Mystery Wayne is a snoring lump on a second couch. 

“Father?” a soft voice asks, and the camera cuts hurriedly back to the smallest Wayne. Damian is squinting up at the camera, but his eyes seem unwilling to stay open.

“Go to sleep,” Bruce Wayne says from behind the camera. It sounds like he’s smiling.


“Hey, we’re really popular,” Dick says as he enters the kitchen, balancing a laptop on one hand and his phone in the other.

“It’s ‘cause we’re rich,” Jason replies through a mouthful of muesli. A few days into shared quarantine breakfasts and the allure of a full cooked meal has worn off a touch.

“DICK!” Tim shouts from somewhere upstairs. “I’LL KILL YOU.”

“Ohshit,” Dick says, abandoning both phone and laptop in favour of bolting back out of the kitchen. There’s a vaguely inhuman screech and then the sound of a tussle.

“Boys,” Bruce says, without looking up. There’s no response.

Boys,” Alfred says, not much more sternly but with immediate results. Tim appears red-faced in the doorway, holding Dick in a firm headlock. Jason bursts out laughing at the sight.

“He put us on the internet!” Tim says, furious.

Dick makes a squeaking noise, and then does an efficient twist to break Tim’s hold. “It’s for fun! And humanising! And I’m bored and it was hilarious. Seriously, the pool part? Priceless.”

Jason has pulled Dick’s laptop over to himself, and is watching a video on the screen. He says, somewhat admiringly, “You sneaky little fucker.”

“Language,” Alfred says, which never fails to make Jason duck his head.

“That’s all of us in one place on the internet!” Tim is saying. Now he’s the one in a headlock. “That’s - that’s - a security risk!”

“You’re just sore because you’re a clotheshorse and he got you in your PJs,” Jason replies. 

“Did you know about this?” Tim demands of Bruce. It’s hard to take him seriously slung under his older brother’s arm.

“I knew,” Bruce replies peaceably. 

Dick deflates. “You already saw it?”

Bruce looks over his paper at his oldest son. “I’ve been getting notifications on twitter since you uploaded it at 3AM.”

This is greeted by silence. Then Tim says, “You know that you can put your phone on Do Not Disturb, right?”

Bruce sighs. 

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