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#batman comic
gaynaturalistghost · 3 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made the first page so long ago but hey, I finished.
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sapphiresenthiss · 3 months ago
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Page 1 of my short BatJokes comic. You done fucked up, J. This time for real 😆
View the whole comic and extras in full resolution on Fur Affinity - >>HERE<< 
or newTumbl - >>HERE<<
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gothamischaos · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Art Style improved halfway through doing these, couldn’t be bothered redrawing the previous pages so enjoy how much better they look! (Joker especially this style suits him)
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curious-menace · 28 days ago
Ok so i read the batman who laughs, all 6 issues. it was a good comic, reminded me a lot of deadpool kills the marvel universe. absolutely wasn't an enjoyable time in any sense of the word. i'm so depressed i had to turn off all my electronics and lie in front of my fish tank to process for a few minutes.
anyway here are some thoughts from my delirious tired brain as i read through this .
Should have been doing this from the start but fuck it , it's my blog we do what I want
I am bored by rage virus batman tbh. Hes in character for bullock but still.
Ok that bit with the blind old man was funny XD. although im surprised he didnt kill him
So I KINDA like grim knight and tbwL they're interesting designs but like. Could we do something else with them? Does batman strike you as a lacky? Why is grim bats following this noise. HOW is he following this noise???
Im sorry I just don't understand the bmwl. Why is he bad? Is he crazy? Even joker would have tried to make a joke of this. I just don't get it
I hope to GOD the nerds who worship joker never read this.
Riiiiight ok I get it a little more now. The story told from the bmwl pov would have our Bruce as the villain. He's the worst to bmwl, that's why he's doin this. still dont think its good, but i get it a little more.
What earth is this set on. Is this meant to be of batman, earth 1?
James Gordon seems cool tbh. " Yeah I'm a psychopath, what of it???"
Call batman a bitch to his face I dare U.
Batgimp hahah. I like the bmwl speaches about other bats. Would like to have seen crime lord batman. would also like to read a book of just this arsehole talking about other worlds and how he fucked them over.
Put Ur titties away batman
Grim knight is a sarcastic bitch and I'm here for it
Alfred with a gun, once more the best part of any comic
"Those harpoons are high voltage by the way" XD
Oh my fucking god he beat him with his mother's headstone ahahaha
Ok so I think alfreds unanswered " then of he's right where is the bloody hope in any of this? Where is the light" sums up my feelings on this comic. Good! But I don't want to read it again. I also don't want this book in my fuckgksh house.
so yea there we go, im going to have to gift this book to someone else because i dont want it around me.
although i do want to read dark knights metal/ metal rising
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animemangasoul · a year ago
Tim: I've decided not to drink coffee anymore
Tim: It's not good for my health and it's about time I began to treat myself better.
Tim: To be honest, I don't know why I even liked that stuff.
Bruce [....]: Tim... Tim, are you... are you dying?
Tim: What?
Dick [in tears]: Babybird! Timmy! Oh my precious baby brother! Why does... this isn't fair!!!
Jason [stunned]: When did this happen? Who did this to you? Have you seen Leslie? I'm going to fucking kill-
Damian: Enough! Drake, clearly something is going on, and... despite my dislike for you, I do not... we can fix this Drake.
Alfred: I-
Stephanie [cutting him off]: Why the hell would you just say something like that! Did you think we wouldn't put two and two together!!! Are you sick? Is that it?
Alfred: Everyone if you coul-
Bruce: Tim... It's ok. We will help you. It's not over yet.
Alfred: Master Bruce, I-
Bruce: We will fly to the best hospital in Metropolis and we will-
[Everyone freezes]:....
Alfred [coughs politely]: I understand you all have this ridiculous need to overreact to the smallest of changes. God knows is the only reason your nightly activities makes any sort of sense, but I can assure you that Master Tim is not, in fact, dying.
Jason [...]: Then why did he just-
Alfred: He simply lost a bet with me Master Jason, and is "as you all like to call it" being a sore loser.
Barbara [....]: Well, that is... that makes much more sense.
Bruce [embarrassed]: Thank you Alfred
Alfred: You're quite welcome master Bruce
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themonstersmistresss · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eddie and Selina take their yearly friendship trip to Rome and run into Batman during his ‘Batman: Europa” run
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gothamischaos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finally, the next two pages! Everything went to heck last year but i am back on track now with this. I have some plans for mini-things in between while im working on pages, but so far this is my main focus. Enjoy!
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