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#batman family
incorrectbatfam · a day ago
Damian: Todd, where are you going?
Jason: Well, that depends, Damian. When I die again, probably Hell, but right now I’m going to the bathroom.
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mooneehoodee · a month ago
Tim: do you think the old Robin would be proud of me right now?
Dick: oh Tim, i'm sure Jason would've loved you :)
*hard cut to league of assassins Jason putting a picture of Tim on a dartboard*
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Can we just talk about one if my favorite sibling relationships in the entire world???
Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dickiesgrayson · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dont eat ur socks, kids ft. bruce wayne just wants a break
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couldbeyouraphrodite · 3 months ago
Here are my some of my favourite panels from Nightwing #83!!
pt. 2
that no one asked for, but i'm gonna do them anyway.
11. Clark asks Dick for a favor.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This really shows how much Clark trusts Dick, he knows he isn't the kid he was when they first met. Clark truly sees him as a friend, and not just a "he's my friend's kid" figure.
With that note, asking Dick to help out with Jon is a big deal. Jon Kent is now supposedly the main Superman on Earth.
Seeing as Tom Taylor is also the current writer for Superman: Son of Kal-el (check it out, definitely worth reading), I'm willing to bet that Nightwing will also be making an appearance in that series. And I absolutely can't wait for it!
Especially since Damian (Dick's youngest brother, the current(?) Robin) is Jon's bestfriend, I would love to see how Jon will interact with another one of the Batbros. The oldest brother vs. youngest brother parallels is definitely something I'm interested in seeing.
12. DickBabs kiss.
Tumblr media
Oh, yeah. It's all coming together now.
I'm a sucker for kisses where one of them starts rambling and the other just shuts them up by kissing them (which is exactly what happened here).
Look at him smiling after the kiss. He's so happy.
I also love that Babs' is bringing back the nicknames LMAO.
Both Dick and Babs are drawn and coloured really well in this Nightwing run with Bruno Redondo on the art and Adriano Lucas on the colours.
This artstyle + them kissing + this angle? Perfect.
13. The Alfred Pennyworth Foundation.
Tumblr media
I love how it panned out to all the different people involved in this story as Dick made his big speech.
Barbara listening intently to what he's saying on the screen.
Little Haley probably has no idea what's going on, but she's getting pets while watching her dad on TV, so she doesn't mind.
Meili Lin and Melinda Zucco watching him together. Meili solidifies her liking towards Dick and Melinda slightly smiling as she realises what her mother said.
Dick proudly announcing the name of his foundation. The foundation that was made possible by the man who left him all that money in the first place. The Alfred Pennyworth Foundation.
14. Batfamily showing their support for their eldest brother.
Tumblr media
I love that we finally got canon confirmation that the Batfamily does in fact, have a group chat.
Steph keeping it short and simple.
Tim being the genuine, proud younger brother he is.
Jason trying to be subtle about his pride, trying to add a snarky, humorous comment to mask the true intentions behind his text.
i'm convinced he's damn proud of dick, he just won't say it to his face to maintain his front.
Damian being slightly awkward in showing his pride (he and Jason have that in common). He was probably on the verge of tears when Dick announced the foundation.
i can totally imagine him typing something and deleting it over and over again because he's unsure what to say before finally settling on "Not that it's a competition, but you win."
Neither Jason or Damian are the type to ever say "I'm proud of you, Dick" to his face so they settle for dry humor and sarcasm.
Cass going all out with the emojis. It makes sense for her, being who she is. Her main means of communication was literally everything else besides language so her spamming emojis is totally in character.
But where's Bruce's respond, you ask?
Right here.
15. Bruce thanks Dick.
Tumblr media
Bruce said less than 15 words, but somehow, that's enough for Batman to show how much something means to him.
Such a sweet moment, realising his eldest son had his father figure in mind when he arranged all this. It must've bloomed Bruce's heart.
i 100% believe Bruce is crying behind his cowl.
Close up of the Alfred and Bruce panel.
Tumblr media
<- part 1
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cryriez · 7 months ago
The bat brothers after a long exhausted fight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I dunno. I just wanna draw st silly.
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dc-said-bi-robin-rights · 5 months ago
Rant Post incoming:
Anyone else have any common Batfam fandom tropes they absolutely despise?
Mine are:
-Those fics were everyone has to apologize and beg for *insert character here(usually Tim Drake)*’s forgiveness for *insert situation where they wronged said character here*. It ignores all the context of all their previous interactions and it’s just a petty thing overall.
-Cass being treated like a service dog because for some ungodly reason half the fandom thinks she’s some perfect little girl who’s vocabulary consists solely of the words “little brother”
-Cass being beat in a straight fight by anyone. She has been defeated before by people taking her by surprise or using gadgets she physically can’t counter, and that’s fine, but in a straight fight Cassandra Cain would fistfight God and win and it’s a disservice to her character to treat her like a throwaway tool to show how good *batboy of choice* is.
-Cass being treated like a mind reader. She can read body language. She would know Person A is afraid, sure, but that doesn’t mean she would instantly know why or how or of who or even what she should do about it.
-Tim Drake hahaha coffee hahaha so funny
-Duke either not being mentioned as one of the batkids or being treated like an outsider even when he’s like the only brother (not counting Dick) Damian can stand and has been shown to have a really close relationship with Cass
-“Duke is the sane one because….” the first time we saw that boy he jumped out of a moving police car off a fucking bridge what the fuck are you talking about
-Damian talking like a Victorian prince. His dialogue has always been a mix of the formal dialect that he was taught in the League mixed with the modern slang he has learned while in Gotham. He uses modern phrases all the time. He shouldn’t sound three sentences away from being cast in a Shakespearean play.
-People who have Damian not use contractions, just… why? I literally saw a fic in which a major plot point was that Damian had hidden a secret message in the contractions he used in a letter because “Damian never uses contractions!” and I’m just like motherfucker have you read a single panel with Damian in it in your entire life what
-Latino Jason Todd. As an actual Latino I hate this trope so much I wrote a multiple paragraph post about about how offensive it is (street kid= Latino? Really?) and how many hoops you’d have to jump through to get to that unbelievable convoluted racist headcanon (One of Jason’s potential moms was Lady fucking Shiva does Lady Shiva look like a fucking Latina to you?).
-Giving other people’s skills and traits to Tim.
Best hacker in the Batfamily? Barbara, not Tim.
Best fighter in the Batfamily? Cass, not Tim. No, not even if Tim “strategizes” or whatever that is bullshit and you know it.
Hooded Robin? Damian, not Tim. Damian’s canonically the only Robin ever allowed to wear a hood because he’s the only one of them that wouldn’t be hindered by the hood (“… a hood can become a blindfold…” “…I can fight blind…”)
-Dick Grayson being treated like a sex object and being cool with being objectified by complete strangers.
-The erasure of Tim and Dick’s brotherly relationship. He can have more than one brother at a time guys.
-Dick/The Titans treating Jason badly while Jason was Robin.
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incorrectbatfam · 2 days ago
Bruce: Those Rogues are definitely plotting something.
Dick: Maybe they’re scheming.
Bruce: No, scheming looks different. They’re definitely plotting.
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mooneehoodee · a month ago
Robin Jason: these short pants are so impractical, and the colors in this outfit don't match at all! who even designed this thing?
Dick literally standing next to him:
Tumblr media
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couldbeyouraphrodite · 20 days ago
Wholesome Batsiblings Moments in Nightwing #86
spoiler alert (duh)
1. Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin digging through rubble under the impression that the Batgirls (Steph and Cass) were in the building when it collapsed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We don't get very many iconic Batsibling moments in canon, so this is a refreshing sight to see.
It really shows how much they care about each other. The way they're panicking and refusing to give up although they know that it's probably a lost cause to hope for Batgirls' survival. They absolutely refuse to accept the high possibility of losing members of their precious family.
This family has been through so much pain and loss over the years, most of them have experienced loss even before they were part of this family. But that doesn't mean they ever got used to it, just because they know and accept that it comes with the job doesn't mean they'll ever get used to the shock and grief of the probability of losing a family member.
Dick's internal monologue is absolutely heartbreaking, he thought he'd lost his sisters and he was in absolute denial. He even states that he knows its hopeless, but he refused to accept it, refused to believe that he had just lost the girls he grew to love.
As heartwrenching and sad this scene is, it also potrays how much they all care about each other perfectly.
2. Reunited with the Batgirls.
Tumblr media
We hardly ever get to see many Dick x Steph wholesome sibling moments, so it's nice to see them sharing a hug for once.
They're so happy and relieved to see that Steph and Cass are okay. Tim and Cass have always been such good siblings and it's nice to see that fact being acknowledged by the way the hug, he looks genuinely happy to be hugging Cass.
It really feels like a happy family reunion.
3. Teasing the older siblings.
Tumblr media
This has got to be one of the most accurate older sibling x younger siblings moments I've seen in the main canon of DC.
Tim has been stuck in between Dick and Babs' awkward (re)discovery of their relationship since issue #80 so he's probably ecstatic he can bug them about it freely now that they've finally kissed.
The best part is Steph and Cass joining in on the teasing when Tim told them about it, it's such a younger sibling thing to do.
Steph's giddy face, as if she's been waiting a long time for them to finally get to it. It's all so adorable.
Dick trying to be rational and prove a point, but Tim is having none of it and just continues poking fun at his older brother.
"I don't know what you find romantic." Look at that smug face, he knows what he's doing.
Babs, being the older sister she is, is obviously exasperated by their behaviour, yet she indulges Cass anyway when asked if it was a good kiss.
Playful banter among the Batsiblings truly make my heart a little warmer, they're so cute.
4. Kicking ass together.
Tumblr media
I always love when they show larger panels with all of the present Batfam members (Urban Legends #6, Robin #5, Truth & Justice #16 - #18, etc.)
They always show how well they work together, the solidarity between siblings, the mutual understanding of each other's fighting stance, it's like they're harmonized even without realising it.
Batman must be proud to know that all his kids get along so well.
5. Nightwing putting Batgirl on a pedestal.
Tumblr media
Dick knows his sister is a badass. And he isn't afraid to admit that she's the best fighter out of all of them.
Cass has been one of the most overlooked member of the Batfamily, most of the Batfam posts we see on Tumblr are usually about Batman and the Robins. I'm glad that people are starting to take more notice on the Batgirls, and in this case, Cass.
She has an interesting background, she was trained by David Cain and Batman, her mother is Lady Shiva. What's not to love about her?
By the way, Cass, your Batman is really showing in that panel, with your brooding stance and all. You really are his daughter huh.
Anyway, that's all I got for y'all today. Thanks for reading, and be sure to keep up to date with Nightwing!
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timdrakeisgay · 22 days ago
Jason: God, give me patience.
Dick: I think its "strength"
Jason: If God gave me strength, you'd all be dead.
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