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Batsis and the height issue
Batfam x Batsis
*gif has nothing to do with story, it’s just cute*
Tumblr media
The bat family was known for being tall, well all except for one.
Y/n is the shortest in the family, she always has been.
Which is why she hates taking pictures with her siblings.
Her father at 6’2
Jason and Alfred at 6’0
Dick at 5’10
Tim at 5’6
Damien at 5’5 and still growing
And her an average height of 5’4.
She loved the manor, but everything was built for a tall person basically.
Jason would pick her up and lift her to shelves, which was helpful. But he could’ve just grabbed it..
“You’ve could’ve reached it without lifting me”
“Yeah but this is more fun”
“For who!!”
“Me duh”
Dick and Tim were the easiest on her because they weren’t the tallest in the family.
And convos have been heard such as:
“If I amputated you at the knee you would be shorter than me!!”
“But why to my knee!!”
“Because a cannibal wouldn’t want half a calf! Or do you want me to take the whole leg?!”
“You’re going to sell them to a cannibal?! But how much though?”
“Idk the highest bidder I guess”
*sighing from Bruce
Damien was the worst about it
“When I’m taller than you…”
“If you get taller kid, your mom wasn’t 6’0. So who knows maybe you won’t get much taller?”
“You take that back or..”
“Or what? I’m short and a woman, what more could you do to me that society and anatomy hasn’t?”
“I’ll figure something out”
“Let me know when you do!”
Alfred was sweet
“I hid your sweets in a place your brothers won’t find it.”
“Thank you!”
He also placed things you like on shelves you can reach without help.
This included rearranging a entire bookshelf on one level in the manor library.
It was a pain but the joy you got from it was worth it.
Your father was a pain sometimes
“If only you were a smidge taller y\n “
“For what? To be your lab rat? No thanks”
“Why am I at the store with you?”
“Because you’re tall, and you can grab things I can’t duh”
“Wear heels, then you can reach”
“Twisting/breaking my ankles isn’t worth it. Especially when everyone around me is naturally tall”
Which you had a point.
When it came to family pictures you were always near the bottom for obvious reasons. But one time you had a photographer take pictures, and your brothers kneeled so you got to be behind them.
It’s amazing, you have a 12x12 copy of it on your wall.
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ilikepecsandbreast · a day ago
Batboys and Bruce finding out Batmoms name (nickname) is not her actual name (birth name) from her mother and brother.
Summary: Batmoms mom and brother are coming over for dinner and your husband and sons learned that the name Bruce has been calling you by was not your real name.
Warning(s): light cursing (only like 'dipshit' and 'bitch')
"Remember boys, I want no trouble tonight you hear? Your grandmother and uncle is coming over and I want none of you misbehaving. Do I make my self clear?" I give my son a little talk.
"Yes mom/ma/ummi." They all answered. "Good."
And as I was about to call my mom to ask when they are going to be here, I hear a knock on the door and Alfred answerd.
"Ah, Mrs and Mr (L/n). Welcome to the manor. Come with me, your daughter and sister has been waiting for you." They thanked Alfred as they followed him to the living room where me and my boys were. I was the first to greet them.
"Hey mom," I looked at my brother beside her. "Dipshit," "oversized bitch." My brother retorted while maintaining eye contact with me. My mom sigh, "please don't start with the insulting names you two. It's only seven a clock." We nodded.
"Mom, bro. This is my husband Bruce and my sons, Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. Boys, my mom and brother." I introduced them to the boys.
We sat down on the lounge, talking about things, when Alfred called saying dinner is served.
We sat at the table and eat the delicious food Alfred made, having a blast.
My brother chatting with threatening my husband, my mom telling the kids embarrassing stories about my childhood. Just normal things.
Everything was going well until my husband ask me to pass the salt.
"(Nickname) honey, can you pass the salt please?" I grab the salt and pass it to him. I looked at my brother who snickers under his breath. "Something funny bro?" I ask him, with an eyebrow raised.
"You really like that nickname don't cha?" He ask. "Eh, it's alright." I answerd going back to my food. "You said you hated that name, what happened?" My mom pointed out. "That's what I'm saying! Seriously?" My brother exclaim, tilting his head to the side slightly.
3rd persons POV:
Now the people hearing their conversation must of thought of the nickname that they are referring to was 'honey'. And thats exactly what they thought. But that's really not.
You see, your name is (Y/n) but your brother gave you the nickname (n/n) when you were five years old. You always said you hated it but it's actually quite nice. So you started to introduce yourself as that nickname. Hence why Bruce calls you that, thinking it's your birth name.
Back to you,
Your POV:
"I mean I don't love it but I also don't hate it. I know I always say I do but I really don't." I said, shoving another spoon of food into my mouth.
"But mom, didn't you always say you like it when Bruce calls you 'honey'?" Dick asks, joining the conversation.
"Yeah, of course I do. If I didn't I would've said something." I tell Dick who just looks confuse.
"But you just said you don't like being called that nickname." Tim then join.
"Oh I was referring to her nickname, (n/n)." My brother answerd. As if that was the most obvious thing.
"Wait, what do you mean by nickname?" Bruce asks clearly confuse about the situation. My brother looks at him.
"Yeah, (n/n) is her nick- wait let me ask you this Wayne. She's your wife right? " Bruce nodded at my brothers question. " Then tell me, what is her full name before she married you." He said, looking at him with a look.
"(Wrong first name) (last name)." My brothers eyes widen with disbelief then goes,
Both Bruce and the boys looks at him confuse.
"What do you mean 'wrong'?" They ask in unison. My mother then speak.
"That's not her name. The name that you have been using to call her by is not her birth name. The name you've been using is not the name written on her birth certificate. It is instead her nickname that (brother name) has given her when she was five." She explains to the boys whose mouth is open with shock.
There was a few moments of silence until Damian speak up.
"So what is ummi's real name?" He asks, still recovering from the shock.
I then pulled out my id and give it to them.
"I can't wait till you tell this story to the public. I expect to see a hilarious tittle little sis." My brother said while laughing.
The night soon ends by my mom and brother going home. We bid goodbye to my mom and brother.
"Drive save, okay mom? I don't want you getting hurt. And bye to you too I guess dipshit." I said to my mom hugging her and flicking my brothers forehead as he did the same to me.
It's almost time for bed. Before I can go to mine and Bruce's shared bedroom to change, the boys and Bruce speak.
"You knew we don't know your real name and didn't say anything? Really?"
"I thought you knew my name, I just thought that you like my nickname better so I didn't say anything. Sorry, but hey, now you know." I said defending myself.
"And besides, my brother is right, this would be a hilarious tittle for the paper." I said as I walk upstairs to the bedroom.
A/N: Hope you enjoy this. It was supposed to be a drabble but I got so into it, it became like a oneshot. Like before, stay healthy, get enough sleep and all that things. Love ya!!! 💖
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writing-blog-iguess · 2 days ago
Harley Quinn
Summery: The batfamily hears three stories about batmom and Harley. How they met, how they started dating, and how they ended.
Warning: fluff, angst.
A/N: This bish is 4847 words. I did not mean to write that much.
Man, the amount of love I got from Stories...I'm so happy people enjoyed it. So, I hope you enjoy this one just as much.
Feedback is welcome! And feel free to let me know who or what kind of story of Batmom you want to see next.
There were only two weeks left of summer, and she wanted to move onto campus as soon as possible. But her friend, Selina, had made it a little difficult for her. On the first day the campus was allowing their students to come, Selina had come over and stopped her from packing. And they spent the day together shopping, seeing a movie and eating. Selina ended up crashing at her place after they had binged a show.
When she started packing the next day, Selina did the same. But after a promise of hanging out when she was settled in her dorms, Selina conceded and helped with the packing. And after some whining and pizza, Selina came with her to campus to help as well.
Struggling to keep the heavy box in her hands, she made her way towards her dorm. “You can help me, you know,” she grunted, shifting the box as it was slipping out of her arms.
“I am,” Selina said, holding up a couple of garbage bags full of clothes. “My hands are just full to help you carry your box.”
“You’re funny,” she deadpanned. Selina flashed her a smile, to which she returned one of her own.
“And that’s why you love me.”
“No, no I don’t think that’s it,” she mused, looking at each dorm number. “I think I love your cat more. And that’s why we’re friends.”
Selina gasped mockingly, and bumped her shoulder. “I knew it!” She laughed just as she found her dorm room.
Fishing out her key from her pocket, she handed it to Selina and waited until Selina opened the door. The minute she walked through the door, she was eloped in a hug. It caught her by surprise that she dropped the box she was holding.
“Hiya! I’m your new roommate!”
“And they were roommates,” Dick gasped out, interrupting the story.
“Oh my god, they were roommates,” Tim finished, and three out of the four boys burst out laughing.
“You two are hilarious,” she said, slumping into her chair. They had just finished dinner when the boys started bombarding her with questions about her and Harley. And after teasing them a little about which story. She started with how she met her ex-fiancé.
“Are you two done?” Bruce asked, and the laughter slowly downed a little. Until they caught each other’s eyes, and it started again.
Damian rolled his eyes, and turned to his mother. “I didn’t know you and Selina were in a relationship,” he said, and that had caused Dick, Jason and Tim to stop and look at her.
“No, no we weren’t dating,” she answered, shaking her head. “I didn’t know my sexuatilty until I started dating Harley.”
“And how long did that take?” Jason asked, rolling his cup on the table.
She blew out a puff of air and sighed. “When we were twenty-one. Even then I needed help.”
“I don’t think I’ve heard this one,” Bruce said with a smile. She flushed in embarrassment and looked away before recalling the story.
“Pumpkin,” her roommate sang from the other side of the room. She hummed, blinking at her homework trying to keep awake. She was currently laying on her stomach with her chin sitting on her hand. “Maybe you should take a break. You’ve been at it for hours.”
“Pft, I’m fine,” she answered, though the words were starting to blur together. “Hey!” she said, as Harley yanked the book from her. “I need that.”
“And you need a break,” she pressed, closing the book with a snap. “Come on Pumpkin, let’s get something to eat.”
She pouted trying to grab her textbook. Harley giggled and held it out of her reach. “Harley,” she whined, “the test I'm studying for is supposed to cost half of my grade.”
“You should know that taking care of your body is more important than school, doctor,” Harley teased. She stuck her tongue out, causing Harley to poke it. “Come on, we’ll go to your favourite café.”
She lit up and quickly got out of bed, almost tripping on her feet doing so. Harley laughed and tossed the book onto the bed. “You gotta be more careful, pumpkin.” She made a face, and grabbed her stuff before the two of them left their apartment.
She looped her arm through Harley’s as they walked. Talking about everything and nothing that came to mind. On occasion, she would check her phone, hoping for any messages from Bruce. But there were none.
She hasn’t spoken to Bruce since the last time they hung out, and she wondered if it was something that she did. Though the thought was ridiculous. They’ve only met up a handful of times since he’d been back. And even then, she couldn’t think of a reason why he was avoiding her.
The only thing she could think of was their first conversation they had together. But that was back when he first arrived in Gotham.
Bruce had found the apartment she was sharing with Harley, and decided to pay her a visit before the tabloids caught wind of him being back.
It had caught her by surprise when Harley called, saying there was a billionaire holding pizza. Confused on what she meant, she rounded the corner to find Bruce Wayne standing in her hallway.
After giving him a hug, and a little catch up, the three of you spent the night hanging out. And it felt like nothing had changed between the two of you.
It wasn’t until Harley had gone to bed, that Bruce told you everything that happened since leaving Gotham when he was fourteen. He told you how his training had gone, and all the people he’s met.
It was one thing reading about them through Bruce’s letters. But it was a different experience hearing them from Bruce. When he had finished, he told her it was time to start fixing Gotham his way.
With a sigh, she had hoped that he had changed his mind. Instead of talking him out of it, she suggested waiting a little bit before doing so. Make Bruce Wayne into a public figure, or more then he already is. And then have his second persona make an appearance. Only so people didn’t connect that the two were related.
That had been two months ago. And sure, she’s been busy with school and midterms were just around the corner, and Bruce was busy running a company and….well, being a playboy from what she’s read in magazines. She didn’t read the articles, it hurt a little reading them.
And he was also busy with being Batman. She laughed at the name the media had dubbed him, it almost made her call him up just to tease him about it. But she refrained from doing so. She was unsure where she fit in his new life, and at this point she was too afraid of the answer to ask.
When they arrived at the café, she found a table for them while Harley ordered.
Harley looked over the rim of the coffee cup in her hand when her friend sighed again. “You’re in love with Bruce!” Harley accused.
She dropped her bagel on her plate and stared at Harley in shock. “I am not!”
“You totally are! You keep checking your phone like your love sick, waiting for someone to call you.”
“I am not in love with Bruce,” she stuttered out, “why would I be? He left to go to school abroad, and shows up eight years later! And so what if I thought about him during those years, and was worried about him. That’s what friends do, they worry about them. It’s not like I noticed how much he’s changed or dream about holding his hand or...or kissing him or…or...” she trailed off as she thought back to all the times her heart hammered in her chest when he smiled at her.
Or all the times Bruce made her blush. She thought back to how she smiled when she saw Bruce’s letter in the mail, or how happy she felt as she read them. Or how relieved she felt when she saw Bruce in her apartment or how hurt she was when she saw him with different girls every night.
Then she thought about all that when she was with Harley. Could she be in love with Harley too? But she quickly dismissed it, thinking it wasn’t possible.
She slumped into her chair as Harley set her mug down, and smirked at her in satisfaction. “Holy hell, I’m in love with Bruce Wayne.”
“There it is,” Harley said, giggling as she received a glare. “You’ve known Bruce since you guys were little, how is it only now that you're realizing this?”
“I don’t…” she trailed off, hands picking up her cup. She twirled it around the table as she tried to come up with the right words, “I’m not...when I can’t pick up the cues when it comes to stuff like that.”
“So someone has to tell you that they love you. Like your parents loving you,” Harley mused, she shrugged.
“I know they do and I can see that they love me. But for whatever reason, when it comes to romantic feelings, I have a blind eye,” she explained, letting the cup go in favour of pulling apart her muffin. She huffed out a laugh. “It’s funny. Back in high school there was this guy who asked me out on a date. But he didn’t use those words, he used ‘wanna hang out?’
“I said yes. It wasn’t until he kissed me that it was starting to click. Even then I didn’t fully understand. Selina told me what it was that I knew. I was so embarrassed I couldn‘t face him. I feel like there’s something wrong with me.”
Harley leaned over and took her hands, she stilled her hands and her eyes flitted up to Harley. And her heart stuttered as Harley looked at her. “Nothing’s wrong with you pumpkin. People process things differently, you just happen to need someone to tell you.”
Relief washed over her and she smiled. “Thanks, Hars.” Harley hummed and leaned back, letting go of her hand. She missed the warmth of Haley’s hands, but didn’t think anything of it, especially when she noticed a twinkle in Harley's eyes.
“So, are you going to tell Brucie?” Harley teased, she made a face and shook her head.
“No, I will not,” she said.
“But he might love you back!” Harley exclaimed, “pumpkin, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He looks at you like you hung the moon every night.”
“Even if that’s true, I don’t think it’ll work. At least not right now,” she mumbled, and quickly added when Haley gave her a confused look, “he’s not interested in anything serious right now.”
Harley nodded in understanding, and she looked away when she saw pity in Harley's eyes.
That weekend, she found herself in the school library with Harley and Jonathan doing homework. Harley had just left for drinks, leaving the two of them alone.
Jonathan looked up from his homework and studied his friend. She hunched over her books and tapped her pencil on her head as she was going over a question.
“Are you and Harley dating?” Jonathan blurted out. She froze and lifted her head to look at him in surprise.
“Excuse me?” she asked.
Jonathan raised an eyebrow at her reaction, and stifled a laugh. “I think you heard me.”
“Oh I heard. But what made you come to that conclusion?” she clarified, squinting her eyes at him.
“The way you two act around each other,” he explained, “you're all in love and shit. It’s a wonder you haven’t kissed yet.”
“I don’t….but I can’t….” she trailed off. The words weren’t coming and she wasn’t quite sure if she did or not. “Friends can act like that platonically!”
“That’s true. But with you two, it’s hard to tell. You both have heart eyes every time you either talk about each other, or just being in the same room.”
She stayed quiet, she didn’t have anything to say.
“You know, when Harley told me you process feelings differently than most people, I thought she was joking,” he mused, this time chuckling.
“It’s great to know you talk about me,” she deadpanned, setting down her pencil.
“But I’m serious, do you like her or not?” he asked, and she let her head drop on her textbook and groaned.
“I don’t know. The other day, Harley helped me discover I’m in love with my childhood best friend. And now you're making me question my feelings for Harley.”
Jonathan held up his hands in surrender, though she wasn’t paying attention. “Wasn’t my intent, I just figured you needed to know.”
“Thanks,” she said dryly, and lifted her hand and flipped him off. He laughed and gently patted her head.
“I’ll ask a question or two, maybe it’ll help.”
She nodded but kept her head on the table. Jonathan's smile grew wider, enjoying this a little bit too much.
“When you see her, what do you do?”
She took a moment to ponder the question. “My heart starts to beat faster and I can’t help but think how pretty she is. And I get all flustered when she gets really close or she gives me a compliment. And when she’s happy and smiling and laughing, and my butterflies explode in my stomach when that happens because I did that. And sometimes, when she’s pouting or just sad, I just want to pull her into a kiss.”
Jonathan raised an eye at her statement, and had no doubt that she was blushing. “What about Bruce?”
“The same thing! He winks my way and the next thing I know I’m a blushing mess. And when he gives me a certain look, it’s like I gave him everything and I melt and just want to kiss his stupid face! And I hate him for that, but not really and….hhhhh!”
“Damn,” Jonathan huffed out, staring at her. “You have it bad for both of them.”
“But I can’t love two people at once!” she exclaimed, getting shushed by other students. She paid them no mind, head racing on what she should do.
“Who says?” Jonathan asked, and she paused to think about it. “There's no rule saying you have to like one person at the time,” he continued when she didn’t answer. “Now the question is who are you going to pick? Bruce or Harley?”
“What if they both don’t love me?” she whispered, lifting her head up slightly. “What if it’s all in my head and they laugh if I tell them?”
“I don’t know about Bruce, but Harley won’t,” he answered, going back to his homework, “trust me.”
She spent the next week pondering over her conversations with Harley and Jonathan. And there were a few things she’s discovered.
She’s bisexual.
She’s really bad at feelings and seeing them for what they are. Though this wasn’t anything new, still she hated that she needed help when it comes to emotions.
If she did choose Bruce over Harley, it wouldn’t have worked out. Not only because of him being Batman, but because she didn’t see it as a long term relationship. And she didn’t want that.
And if she chose Harley over Bruce, she didn’t want to make Harley feel like she was second pick. She didn’t want that either.
By the weekend, she still doesn’t know what to do.
Sighing, she fell on her bed. She stared at the ceilings and groaned, pressing her palms to her eyes. “Why is this hard?”
“I don’t know pumpkin, maybe I can help?” Harley suggested, startling her. She sat up quickly and turned to see Harley leaning against the doorframe.
“Help me with what?” she asked, nervously laughing. Harley smiled and walked further in the room.
“Whatever you’re having trouble with,” Harley answered.
She sighed and fell onto the bed again, she took a pillow and hugged it to her chest. “I don’t think this is something you can help with,” she mumbled, closing her eyes.
She felt the bed dip, and felt Harley shift around until she stopped. “I could listen to you rant about it?”
She hummed, but shook her head. “It’s something I need to figure out.”
Silence fell around them as she thought. Harley brought her hand over her face and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. She tensed at the sudden touch, but soon relaxed into it.
“Does it have something to do with what you and Jonathan were talking about last week?” Harley asked after a moment.
Her eyes flew open and she stared at Harley, panicking a little. If Harley knew, there’s nothing she could say that wouldn’t be a lie.
“But I…did he tell you?” she asked, Harley nodded. She groaned and stuffed her face into the mattress. “Damnit.”
Harley giggled and slowly moved her face so they could look at each other. “If it helps any, I love you too.”
She flushed, and looked anywhere but Harley. “But I don’t want to make you feel like a second choice. I don’t want you to resent me because you know I love Bruce too.”
“Hey I won’t,” Harley reassured. Biting her lip, she shook her head. Harley sighed, and moved to press her forehead against hers. “Can I tell you a secret? I loved you before I knew you loved Bruce, and I still love you knowing that. I just hope you can give me a chance.”
She studied Harley for a moment before closing the distance and kissed her.
“Ew! Mom! Gross! We don’t need to hear about that!” Dick interrupted. She looked up to see her boys looking at her in disgust. Jason and Tim gagged mockingly as Dick shuddered.
“What? It was just a kiss,” she answered, amused.
“Yeah but you kissed Harley. And that means you’ve done more than kissing,” Jason said.
“You knew this when your father told you I was engaged to her.”
“It’s one thing thinking about it, it’s a whole different thing to hear it from you, Mom,” Tim said, leaning back into his chair.
She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Shrugging, she picked up her glass and took a sip.
“So Harley figured out you loved me before you did? And this after meeting me once,” Bruce asked, amused. She felt her cheeks burn and looked away.
“Wasn’t my proudest moment, but yes she did,” she said with a shrug.
“And she was okay with it?”
She nodded, smiling a little at the memory. “Yeah. She didn’t seem to mind too much about it. But I didn’t spend too much time being hung up on Bruce. I was too busy with Har-”
“Ma!” Jason exclaimed, stopping her from finishing the sentence.
“I wasn’t even going to say anything bad!” she defended.
“You went to school with Crane?” Damian asked. She turned her attention to the youngest and nodded.
“We had a few classes together, and Harley just sort of adopted him into the friend group,” she mused.
“What I can’t get over, is the fact that Crane had to tell you about your feelings for Harley,” Dick put out.
“Like I said, I have a hard time deciphering emotions. Especially when it comes to romantic feelings. But once I know, then I’m okay.”
“How long were you together before getting engaged?” Damian asked, though it was still hard to believe his mother had someone before Bruce.
“And who popped the question?”
She looked at the clock and back to the boys. “Doesn't the patrol start soon?” she asked. The boys looked at Bruce with their best puppy eyes. Well, Dick, Jason and Tim did, Damian seemed indifferent but Bruce could tell he wanted to hear the story as well.
“If it’s okay with your mother, we can listen to one more story,” he said, and she raised an eyebrow at her husband. “What?”
“And I thought I couldn’t say no,” she said with a mumble.
“Shut up,” he said, but smiled slightly.
“So Ma, what’s the story?”
Her hand went up to her necklace and started playing with it as she thought back. “We’ve been together for almost eight years before I asked her.”
She fell on the couch once she got home from the hospital. It had been a taxing day, and all she wanted to do was curl up with Harley and sleep until the morning. But they had dinner plans they needed to get to, and if everything turned out as planned, she and Harley would be engaged.
Over the years of dating, conversation of marriage would come up. Whether it be just then asking about it, or their friends. They both wanted it, but they silently agreed that they wouldn’t take it seriously until they both finished school.
Harley had already finished her last year of residency, and she was one you last year. Granted, she still had a month left, but she figured it would still count.
“Pumpkin, I’m home,” Harley called as she walked in.
“Living room,” she answered back. A moment later, Harley walked in the room and plopped beside her. Harley laid her head on her lap and sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Tiring day?”
Harley nodded and closed her eyes. “I know we had plans to go out, but can we stay in? Arkham really took me out.”
She scrunched her nose, her hands stopped moving. “I thought you didn’t start there until next week?”
“I did, but something happened with the inmates,” Harley answered.
“And they needed a psychiatrist?”
“Apparently some of the inmates needed help and they couldn’t wait until next week,” Harley said, and sighed happily when she resumed playing with Harley’s hair. “So can we stay in?”
“Yeah, we can. We can order take out and watch a movie or something,” she mused, trying to think of a new plan. “What do you want?”
She smiled and reached over, grabbing her phone and ordering food. Once finished, she set the phone before turning back to Harley. She stared at her loving, watching as Harley was slowly falling asleep.
“You’re staring,” Harley mumbled with a smile.
“I can’t help, you’re just too gorgeous to look at anything else,” she teased. Harley blushed and snuggled into her legs.
“Shut up.”
Thinking it’s the perfect time, she went for it. “Marry me?” Harley’s eyes flew open, and she quickly sat down and looked at her.
“Marry me,” she repeated, smiling at the bewildered look Harley was giving her. “I know we talked about it a few times. And since I have a month left of residency, I figured why not. So, marry me?”
Harley looked at her for a minute before smiling widely, and threw her arms around her, laughing. “Of course I will, pumpkin!” Harley said, kissing her all over her face.
And just like that they were engaged.
As the months went by, they planned a wedding. They had decided who was going to be in the wedding party, where the venue would be, and who was going to cater for them. They just needed to book everything, but they weren’t going to do so until they picked out the wedding day.
And for a while everything was perfect. Up until Harley started seeing Joker as a patient. She didn’t see it, not a first. She took it as Harley having bad days or long tiring days at Arkham. And with doctor patient confidentiality, Harley couldn’t talk about their problems.
But Harley could tell her how the day went. If it was bad, she’d drop it and offer to make Harley's favourite foods.
Then Harley started to become distant. She would come home later than normal, and would snap for no reason. She had tried to get Harley to talk to her, but she wouldn’t. She kept saying she was fine and it had been a long day. It was worrying.
All at once, it stopped. Harley stopped talking to her, and stopped coming home.
She was out of her mind, worrying for Harley. She hoped her fiancée would come home. It was to the point that she went out and looked for Harley.
But Bruce had stopped her before she could leave the apartment.
She had found him waiting in her living room after a long shift at the hospital. It had startled her seeing Bruce dressed as Batman standing there, he cowl down.
She was about to greet him, but the sad, pitied expression Bruce had stopped her. “No, don’t…don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it.”
“I’m sorry,” he said, taking a step forward, she stepped back. “But something happened to Harley.”
She shook her head frantically, covering her mouth with her hands. “Nononono, she can’t have…please,” she begged, as Bruce wrapped her into a hug when he was close enough.
“I’m sorry, but Joker got into her head,” he started, tightening his grip as she choked back a sob. “Convinced her that they were meant for each other. Made her fall in the chemicals he fell into. She’s alive, but she isn’t Harley anymore. Not the one you knew anyways.”
She broke down crying before Bruce finished his sentence. She clung to him like a lifeline as the words sunk in.
She expected to hear that Harley died, that someone had killed her. Not this. But this? This was so much worse.
A heavy silence fell once she finished. She was clutching the ring that was threaded on a chain. It helped keep the tears at bay. She didn’t want to cry, not now, not after so many years.
“The next day, Bruce told me the full story,” she whispered, and grimaced as the fight flashed before her. “We fought. Okay, I yelled and he just took him. I said some things I shouldn’t have and I avoided him for a while.”
“I remember that,” Dick said, leaning onto the table. “Bruce looked heartbroken during that time. And every time I tried to ask what happened, he shut me down. Even at gala’s when you were there, he looked like he wanted to go and talk to you.”
Bruce looked at him in surprise. Dick was only eight when that happened, he didn’t think he was paying attention.
On the other hand, she felt guilt crawling in her stomach, and slouched into her chair. She hid her face in her hands when Dick continued.
“That falling out thing happened for a few years, didn’t it?” he asked. She opted to stay quiet, letting Bruce answer the question.
“Three or four years, yeah.”
Tim was about to ask what had happened, but Jason nudged him and shook his head. Tim gave him a look, and Jason gestured to their mom, practically saying I don’t think she wants to talk about it.
“Sorry for bringing up the past Ummi,” Damian said softly. “We didn’t know.”
Rubbing her face to get rid of stray tears, she dropped her hands onto the table. “That’s okay sweetie. I wouldn’t have told you anything if it still hurts.”
“So, how’d you fix your friendship with Bruce?” Jason asked. She shook her head and stood.
“Bruce can tell you,” she said, stretching, “I have the night shift tonight. And I need to get ready.”
With that she left her boys staring at Bruce, waiting.
“It’s time for patrol,” he gruffed out and followed his wife. The boys groaned, saying that wasn’t fair.
“Are you okay?” he asked when he reached their bedroom. He leaned against the doorframe, watching her quickly change and grabbed her stuff before pausing. She clutched her keys and sighed.
“Honestly? I don’t know,” she sighed, dropping her shoulders. “After ten years, it still hurts. Not as much as it did, but still.”
Bruce nodded, and pushed off the frame and wrapped his arms around her. Holding her close. “I’m sorry again for everything.”
“You know I don’t blame you anymore, you don’t need to apologize for it.”
“Feels like I have too. You don’t deserve to have gone through that.”
“No one does but life sucks that way,” she said, giving him a smile. “I have to go.”
Bruce frowned, tightening his hold a little. “I wish you didn’t.”
“I’m a doctor Bruce, but I’ll be careful,” she said, reaching up to kiss him. “You be careful too tonight.” He nodded and dropped his arms and watched as she left the room.
“I love you,” he called. She popped her head back in and smiled.
“I love you too.”
Running out of the manor and to her car, she didn’t notice a figure standing in the distance. Harley signed as she watched, glad that her ex-lover found happiness again. And promised she’d do whatever it took to keep it that way.
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squishneedsahero · 2 days ago
Ductape and Superglue
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 13 of 13
Word Count: 1607
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
Bruce got a call, one that he had never gotten before even if he had always dreaded it. A phone call during a Wayne Enterprises meeting from someone demanding money and sending a picture of you tied to a chair. You had that normal fire in your eyes in the picture and it was obvious you weren't hurt but still no one wants their wife held hostage and threatened with a gun or worse.
Tim looks over Bruce's shoulder at the photo on the phone screen. His heart leaps to his throat and he pulls out his phone, already working on figuring out where it is you are located from the little he can see in the picture. He and Bruce were here in a meeting it would only make sense to call the GCPD and not run out the door to get you to safety. Tim knows Bruce though, always thinking everything through except for when it came to you. He would do anything in the world to keep you happy and safe.
Tim's hand coming to rest on Bruce's upper arm pulls him back to the reality that is that he cannot run out the door to your rescue. "You call Alfred, I'll call the GCPD," that's all he says and that's all it takes to set things in motion.
Two phone calls are made and those lead to two more made by Alfred and Damian who he had just picked up from school. Alfred calls Jason and Damian calls Dick, they are the only ones who get notified in the moment to go get you but it's enough.
Cass is on a date with Steph, they're the next to get a phone call from Tim, just informing them of the situation but making it clear that they are not needed at the scene. Stephanie protests this and tries to claim that you'd need Spoiler's help as well. You were as much of a mother to her and Cass as any of the boys even if only Cass was officially adopted. In the end the two girls go to the Mansion to wait with Alfred and coordinate things from the cave with Babs who is there upon their arrival.
Damian liked to think he still disliked you and could barely tolerate you. But even if he wouldn't admit it he was more scared on your behalf than he had ever thought he'd be. Despite him being horribly rude to you, you had never been anything but nice even if your nice included sarcastic comments to prove your point. You had helped him learn what a family was supposed to be like.
Jason gets a call from Alfred and he is changed and out the door of his apartment before the call is over. You were his Ma and he was your Jaybear, and he wouldn't be letting you get hurt. Alfred was the one person you had given his phone number too even though he had told you to keep it a secret, but in this moment he was glad you had.
This leaves Dick, who had gotten a call from Damian, telling him the situation and that he would be joining him at the warehouse. Dick was with Babs at the mansion so the two head to the cave where Barbara takes over in the computer while Dick changes and hurries out the door to go get you.
Things seem like they're going smooth when the three boys arrive one shortly after the other. Jason is already in and picking off the men in the surrounding area and getting you out of the chair when Dick and Dami burst in and start taking out more guys. You're safe and that's all that matters to any of them.
But then there's that singular gunshot and all three of their hearts skip a beat. Damian sees you slide the rest of the way into the next room but the other two just see the door swing closed behind you. None of them know where you had been hit and if you were okay on the other side of that door. But they can't walk away from the fight in the middle of it. Once all the men are down Jason takes off too you, not giving Damian or Dick the chance and leaving them to tie the guys up.
"Mama?" Jason asks, slipping into old habits in his fear.
"Hey Jaybear, I'm fine, it's just my leg," you comfort him quickly but let him take care of your leg for you. You'll have to go to the hospital as it's the only proper thing to do but he stops the bleeding and gives you a tight hug.
The other two boys come in and you smile and comfort them, telling them all how proud of them you are. This gets interrupted by police sirens outside. You quickly shoo them away and let Bruce know you're safe, knowing your husband would want to come after you himself at this point but you were fine. You needed to let the police take you to the hospital and make all of this look somewhat normal and not like a family problem.
You spend a few hours at the hospital, getting stitches and a brace since the bullet had ripped through your muscles, leaving your leg weak. When they let you go they push you out in a wheelchair and give you a pair of crutches.
Media personnel try to crowd you and get answers for their many questions. You shut them up with one of your classic, "I'm fine now leave me alone to be with my family or you will start your own newspaper to post stories about them and slowly put them out of business." It was a good threat that worked every time. If it didn't work then you just added in the idea of getting photos of their butts to add to the articles, titling it "the asses of Gotham"
You choose to spend the early evening watching movies on the couch with your family. Cass and Steph take their own chair to cuddle in, same with Dick and Babs. This leaves you to cuddle with Bruce and Tim and surprisingly Damian sits next to you, kicking Tim out of his normal spot meaning you had no choice but to sit in Bruce's lap so the boys can both sit next to you.
Alfred wished you well upon your arrival home, then returned to make dinner for all of you even if you tried to tell him to just order pizza. "No, miss Wayne, you were shot today and need a healthy meal," he responds much to your annoyance with him calling you miss, as though you were a child and your parent had called you by both your first and middle name.
All of you aren't far into the movie when you get interrupted by Jason entering the family room. You light up at the sight of him and before Bruce can stop you you're out of his lap and over Jason wrapping him in a hug. How you made it that far without falling due to torn ligaments no one knew but you were now in Jason's arms and he could keep you steady. You make him lean over so you can kiss his forehead before you make him come sit on the couch where you had been.
When he tries to object you give him that stern mom look and he obediently comes and sits next to you, and Damian on the opposite end of the couch from Bruce. Things definitely were tense between the two but you don't care, it's a start.
You finally have your whole family back under one roof for the moment. Your four boys, one girl and two unofficial girls. You loved every single one of them so much and were so glad that you were all together again. They all knew how much you loved them, and how you took time for each of them, the only reason Jason was getting extra attention was because he had been gone for so long.
It had hurt so very much when he had suddenly been taken from you. The pain of loosing a child wasn't anything you plus bear even if you had had too for years. You all share a nice dinner together then because you had all spent so much time together Bruce insisted that the city would be fine for the night with just the kids and that he needed to stay and make sure you were taken care of.
For the first time in a long time things were relatively peaceful for your family, even if you had a leg wound. You had them all together and would now be able to work with Jason and Bruce on their relationship and getting it back to a less tense father son relationship. Damian was finally truly giving you a chance. Dick was on good terms with Bruce, and he was happy with Babs, even talking about marriage in the future. Tim was helping Bruce run the company and he was brilliant at it, plus he seemed truly happy for the first time in his life as he had recently started officially dating Conner. This just left Steph and Cass who were about to graduate high school and were looking at apartments, planning to move in together despite almost already doing so since Stephanie always seemed to be at the manor. It wasn't a typical life but you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
The End... idk
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squishneedsahero · 3 days ago
Getting The Family Together
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 12 of 13
Word Count: 1550
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
You're in an amazingly good mood when you arrive home that evening after seeing Jason. Your other children, official and unofficial, notice along with your husband but none of them ask, assuming that the GCPD charity ball had just gone better than expected. It isn't until a few days after you had seen Jason that Bruce brings up your persistent good mood. You had successfully pulled him away from all of his work, yet again, just to cuddle him on the couch. You were in your usual spot on his lap with your fingers playing with the hair on the back of his head when he brings it up, "what has you in such a good mood? I know you well enough that it wasn't the GCPD charity ball."
You lean your head back against his shoulder so you can look up at him, "well, I sure hope you would know that, Love. But whats different about my mood?" Your question is genuine in the moment, but the second after you ask it you realize of course you wouldn't be able to hide the fact that you were happy about seeing and holding your Jaybear in your arms once again.
"Well, since you left that evening you've been in a-" he pauses, wanting to choose the correct words since he knows if he were to say 'better mood' you would relentlessly bug him about it for the next week or so, "you've been in a good mood far too long for it to have just been due to you being tipsy from the party."
You laugh gently, "good catch," you say in reference to his pause, "you know me so well." You take a pause of your own, absentmindedly tilting your head to press a kiss to his jaw. "I saw Jason," you eventually answer and open your mouth to continue but get interrupted.
"I know, I won't ask you where he is," Bruce says as the both of you know he had been trying to track Jason down for months at this point. At first it had been to stop him but as soon as he learned it was Jason his motivation had changed to helping Jason get off the seemingly destructive path he was currently on. His arms tighten around you, "I'm glad you got to see him." His hand brushes your hair out of your face, "I know that you missed him."
You smile at the man holding you, grateful yet again for the many arguments you had gone through with him, convincing him that you weren't scared of the potential dangers. "I know you did too, eventually he'll be ready to come home again and we can have our family together once more."
You can do nothing but glare at the man standing in your face. He was ugly, before you had broken his nose with your fist and without the black eye that was quickly forming. In all honesty you were surprised that it had taken this long for you to get kidnapped for the second time in your life, the first time since officially meeting Bruce. "Now, you're going to behave yourself while we call your husband and get him to send us the ransom money if he wants to see you alive again."
"Okay," you respond as it takes everything in you to not just sit there and taunt the man. They had you duck-taped to a chair, preventing you from causing further damage to their faces. And sure maybe you should be acting scared but still your reaction to danger is to laugh in it's face, even if you know that as soon as that phone call was made you would be out of this place in the hour.
The brutish looking man growls in frustration and slaps you across the face before yelling at his friends to keep an eye on you while he makes a phone call.
Tears sting your eyes at the slap on the face but you bite your tongue and look at the other two men who were now standing in front of you. There were maybe 20 others scattered through the building, they had clearly thought all of this through, but were a little underprepared for the fact that every single hero or vigilante in the city would take your kidnapping personally.
The man who had slapped you comes back, bragging about how scared Bruce had sounded on the phone and how willingly he was ready to hand over the money he had demanded. He barely makes it back into the room, when there is a moment of static over their walkie-talkies and then as scream and some loud banging off in the distance.
"Ooh, that doesn't sound very good," you say, clenching your teeth in false sympathy for them. "You guys might want to get that checked out." You can see that the man wants to slap you again for your big mouth but there is another shout and he begins directing the men to group together to try and protect the merchandise.
Eventually, you notice him first, Jason sneaks into the room in his Redhood gear. You were a little surprised to see him out of everyone since there had not been a single gunshot fired and that was kind of his thing. It didn't take the men around you long to notice Jason, since he was moving through the open now.
As they approach Jason, after realizing he isn't shooting everyone on sight, the men's confidence gets shattered as an actual child jumps from the rafters and knocks 3 of them down in one go. They begin firing their guns, shooting at anything that moves. You see their recklessness and know you should get out of there since as soon as they realize they're outmatched they're going to threaten you in the hopes of gaining an advantage.
You unsteadily stand, still duck-taped to the chair, and begin to waddle towards the nearest doorway. You get interrupted by your oldest son catching you, "hey, need some help?" Dick asks, clearly teasing you for this predicament you had gotten into.
"No thanks, Nightwing, I've heard that it improves your running speed if you're tied to a chair."
You see the flash of a smile cross his face as he just cuts the tape and helps you out of it. He then goes to help you out of the room but you stop him and say, "I can manage, you help your brothers."
You can see him hesitate for a moment before going with it, you then take off towards the door, only to be interrupted once again, but this time by the man who had slapped you, pointing his gun in your face. Your three sons who had come to your rescue, clearly trying to keep some sort of secret identities by the fact that everyone wasn't here, are all busy in the moment. You stop short at the sight of the gun, but once again you're impulsive, kicking the man square in the balls before bolting to the door.
You make it to the door and pull it open, stepping through it just for a shooting pain to go through your thigh. It's as you fall to the ground that you hear the gunshot and realize that the bastard had shot you. You do what you can to close the door behind you, just in time since another bullet hits the door. You then scoot across the grimy floor, to a spot where you can hide since you won't be moving far, and look at the blood trail you had left. You take a breath and collect your thoughts, remembering the sports bra you had worn and ripping your shirt off for a makeshift bandage/tourniquet for your leg.
You get it wrapped well enough to stop some of the bleeding and begin putting pressure on the wound, despite the fact that doing so nearly caused you to black out. Not long after that the fighting in the other room stops and Jason is the first one through the closed door.
"Mama?" He takes the hood off as he lands on his knees beside you.
"I'm fine," you say, motherly instinct taking over and you wanting to protect him despite the fact that he had just taken out at least 7 guys on his own moments before.
"Bull," he says and moves your hands so that he can evaluate things, not that he didn't trust you knew what you were doing but knowing that your mind was probably a bit all over the place.
"I'm fine, enough, Jaybear," you say and lean your head against the wall behind you.
Hours later you're relaxing on the couch with Bruce and three of your boys, holding them all as well as you can with a leg cast. The bullet had fractured your femur so it made everything a bit more complicated but at least now you knew how it felt to be shot so you could write better descriptions in your books.
But it's as you're sitting there with Bruce, Dick, Tim and Damian that the doorbell rings and a few minutes later Alfred enters the room. You look up to see Jason standing beside him, "Hey."
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Damien Wayne and reader ✨affection✨
Tumblr media
Damien was never someone to give outright affection
His father can count on one hand how many hugs he’s gotten
The boys all can count how many kind words they’ve gotten from him on one hand.
But you were someone who he seemed a bit more comfortable with.
You had met because of the league
You were Arthur’s god kid, who was with him at a meeting one day
You and Damien sat in silence until Damien saw you researching a plant.
And a convo sparked, which then turned into dating.
You would give Damien a hug, and he would awkwardly pat you back.
But Damien found himself lacking in the physical touch department and sometimes his words sounded too harsh.
So instead he used art to show he cared.
He would sketch images of plants he saw, that you might like.
Or buy a small plant or other interest pin or sticker
And everything he’s done this, it confuses his brothers
Being with you made him nicer, to an extent. But they noticed the changes in him.
Even one time he decided to ride with you to your home, and gave you Titus for a night when you were scared.
He’s done that multiple times.
You were more physical with your affections
Damien was still unaccustomed to touch he wasn’t aware of.
So you made lots of noise when you approached from behind or he was focused.
Often you would hold his arm when walking next to him.
Sometimes he would allow you to hold his hand at school.
Hugs and kisses on the cheek were done in private where his brothers wouldn’t tease.
On one evening he was the one to initiate touch. He pulled you into a hug, a tight one.
Due to the height difference you head was against his chest. And you just hugged him tightly.
That night he came over during patrol to cuddle with you, and you didn’t even have to ask him.
You never asked why, you knew he would tell you when he was ready.
But after years of being together the small gifts never stopped,and neither did the affection he received after presenting it to you.
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squishneedsahero · 4 days ago
The Comfort of A Mother
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 11 of 13
Word Count: 1558
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
As soon as you and your family arrived back home Bruce dove head first into this case, sometimes going for a few days without talking to you more than once or twice. This was usually how things went when there was something big going on, and normally you'd make him pay attention to you at least one every few days. But this case felt different, you felt like he needed this time to work on this one. On top of that you were in the middle of editing another book you'd written so you were able to do something to keep yourself from feeling completely ignored.
It was for weeks on end that life went on like this, and you let it go on for a while, until you had almost finished with editing and noticed that it had been more than a few nights in a row that you had fallen asleep and woken up in bed alone. So tonight after three nights of sleeping alone, it reaches midnight and you make your way down to the cave, knowing your husband had been coming back for Damian to be able to get a reasonable amount of sleep because he had school on the morning, and you wait for him. When they finally arrive back home you're waiting for them, in your pajamas, leaning against the desk of the computer. You had already sent Tim up to bed and volunteered to take over while he got some sleep.
When they get home you give Damian a soft smile as you say, "Sleep well."
He nods in reply and makes his way to change before heading upstairs.
After he's gone you turn to face Bruce, "So, are you going to come to bed dressed like that, or would you like to change?" You cross your arms and give him a look to let him know you're serious about this. "Because as your wife I demand at least 16 hours of your full undivided attention, because it's been weeks."
"Alright, dear," with that he scoops you up in his arms and carries you to your bedroom, still fully dressed as Batman. Once you both make it upstairs he goes and changes into sweatpants and no shirt before coming and lying next to you where he sat you on the bed.
You can tell that he's tired since after he lies down he pulls you against his chest, wrapping his arms and legs around you protectively and doesn't even say anything to you. "I love you," you state and give him a kiss before snuggling fully into him.
You wake up to Bruce running his hand through your hair, and you open your eyes to see his face in front of yours. "Hi, handsome," you say tiredly.
He smiles softly and gives you a kiss, "good morning beautiful."
You smile and roll over so you're lying on top of him, and glance at the clock. "Well, it looks like I still get another four hours of your attention." With that you look back at him and kiss him deeply, and her slides his hands up your shirt against your back, holding you as close as possible, just wanting to feel your body.
A few hours later as you're lying against his side and tracing your fingers on his chest, he says, "Honey, there's something I need to tell you."
You tilt your head just enough to look at his face, "yeah?"
"The first night I didn't come to bed. It was because we were finally able to track down the Redhood. And, well, I'm not sure how to say this any better, The Redhood is Jason. Jason is alive."
You can hardly believe what it is he's telling you, you're just frozen there staring at him until finally you get yourself to ask, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, thats why I've waited this long to tell you. I needed to be sure for you."
Tears form in your eyes, as you look at your husband. He was serious very often but you had rarely ever seen him this serious, the last time you'd seen this look on his face was as he said 'I do'. He kisses you gently, and you can hardly believe it, your baby who you thought you had lost for these few long years was alive. "Why, do I feel like there is something to this you haven't told me? There has to be a reason he hasn't come here."
"There is... I don't know yet how he came back but he did. He's still recovering his memory. And, he's not the same as he was when we lost him, he's killing people... and I confronted him about it," he looks almost ashamed as he says the last part.
"So, now he's mad at you?" you guess, and his slight nod is enough of an answer for you. "Thats alright, we just need patience. You saw what it took for Damian to even come this far, for Dick to finally come back to us. We'll figure it out, him being alive just means we have that chance again," with that you kiss him to let him know you're serious.
You and Bruce had been invited to the policeman's ball for the GCPD and Bruce wasn't able to come so you had gone for the both of you, ugh. The ball was over so you were heading out to your car that was in the parking garage. As you're walking you keep thinking you hear another set of footsteps. They're subtle and anyone who wasn't married to the most paranoid man in the world wouldn't think it was anything, but you did. You kept walking confidently, trying to figure out where it was they were coming from, since there was no one else out here right now since you were leaving early.
As you get to your car the lights in that part of the garage go out. You freeze not moving to unlock your car, just waiting for whoever it was that had been following you to make the first move. You might be wearing a fancy dress and be in heels but that doesn't mean you can't kick ass if you need too. The first move you make is pulling your heels off, giving yourself a weapon, and making it easier in case you needed to run.
Theres a shuffle behind you and you spin around, only to be facing who you could only assume was Redhood, judging by his choice of headgear. You stay still, waiting for him to make the first move, praying that if it really was Jason he'd say something. Slowly he raises his hands, showing they're empty, and removes his helmet, and a mask from under that. Your breath hitches when you see him, he was older, he looked tired, but there was no mistaking him, "Jason," it comes out barely audible.
"Hi, Mama," thats it. That's all he says.
You pause for a split second before dropping your shoes, and taking a step towards him, holding your arms open, asking if it's alright for you to hug him. He closes the rest of the gap as soon as he sees that. And as soon as he's in your arms thats when you break, thats when you start to sob. You both stand there hugging each other tightly, and as you do you can feel him shaking slightly, but you don't say anything, knowing he just needs to let it out.
Eventually both of you pull away slightly, and you look up at him, he'd gotten so tall, but that doesn't stop you from giving him a motherly kiss on the forehead and holding his cheeks so you can look in his eyes. "Can I ask what happened, or not right now?" You ask this quietly as you look at his eyes, they aren't blue anymore they're an eerie shade of green, and they look hurt, he has this deep pain behind them that isn't just going to go away over night.
"Not right now, please, I just wanted to see you."
"Thats alright, my Jay-bear."
He seems a little startled by the nickname, it had been years since you'd called him that, since anyone had.
"What?" You say raising an eyebrow, "you know you'll always be my little Jay-bear even if you are taller than me now. Is it alright if I tell Bruce I saw you, or would you rather I didn't?" You ask this without explaining why you'd even wonder this.
A small smile comes to his face and he hugs you tightly once again. "You can, it'll be better than him figuring it out himself," a pause before letting go, "I should probably get going... I'll see you around though right ma?"
"Of course you will, my phone number hasn't changed it you need anything. And I can keep a secret at least for a while, so don't go sending me your address, but if you tell me when and where we can meet up." With that you hug him one last time and watch as he puts his mask and helmet back on and he makes sure you get into your car safely and as you head home he heads off into the night.
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squishneedsahero · 4 days ago
Family First
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 10 of 13
Word Count: 1963
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
You leaned against Bruce's chest as he sat at the desk in the Bat-Cave working on the the computer on who knows what, at this point it was easier to not ask unless it seemed to be upsetting him. You weren't paying any attention to what he was doing, you were busy trying to come up with the plan as to how you would be able to get to know Damian since he seemed to try and avoid you every way he could. He had been down here helping Bruce until you came down then he suddenly had to go upstairs for some unknown reason and hadn't come back. As you sit in his lap you tilt your head so that you can look at his face.
You just sit there taking in all his features like you hadn't already see his face a million times. Eventually he pauses long enough to look down at you a soft smile on his lips. You smile back and sit up just enough to cup his cheek and give him a kiss. "What's going on with you my love?" he asks.
"What do you mean? Am I not allowed to hang out with you?"
"Thats not what I meant," he presses kiss to your forehead, "you're being unusually quiet for yourself. Is there something on your mind you'd like to talk about?"
"Mmm," you hum and sit up to face him, one leg on either side of his body, "actually there is." You have a serious look come onto your face, "Damian is definitely your child. He is so so so stubborn," you say kissing him with every 'so' with a short laugh as you finish.
"Is there a reason thats bothering you?"
"Yes. He is so stubborn that the only way I know would work for me to get through to him is by arguing with him, like I did when a certain someone tried to break up with me," you say with a pointed look at him while wrapping an arm over his shoulders and pulling yourself closer to him.
"You really meant it when you said that you wouldn't be letting that go anytime soon, huh? How many years have we been married now?"
You smirk at him and say, "only six, and you should have known I keep my promises," you kiss him again. "The reason it's bothering me though is because I don't want to argue with him and make feel like I'm going to treat him how he was while he was with the league."
"Well, my dear," he began as he wrapped his arms around your waist and hugged you tighter against him, "I don't think you, or anything you do could be ever confused for anything similar to what the league does or treated him," a kiss on your lips. "But I understand your worry, i warned you it'll take him some time to get adjusted-"
"I know, I know, but don't you dare tell me to be patient. I've been with you this long after all, I know it takes patience but you saw him leave the room as soon as he saw me. If he doesn't give me even the chance I can't use patience to help him on his way," you state simply.
"Do you have any ideas for how you'd like to try and fix that? I can tell you've been think about it a lot," as he says this one of his hands travels up your back, and he begins to gently trace your spine with his fingers, while his other arm remains where it is to keep you close to him.
"Actually, I do, pause for effect," you say out loud, "how do you feel about taking a break from this for about a week?" You ask tilting your head back just enough to gesture towards what he'd been working on before.
"I guess things are slow enough right now and the GCPD seems to have it covered it wouldn't be that big of a deal, why?"
"Well, I figured if we went on a vacation to a cabin in the woods it would be harder for him to hide from me. Especially if we get the other kids to come and we have family time, at your request," you say giving him a look, "at least tell Damian that it's something you want because we both know he wouldn't listen if it was me asking."
"Very well, y/n my love, that sounds like something we could manage to work out," he gives you one more kiss before returning to work as you settle in his lap gain.
A little over a week later you were holding your husband's hand as you, him and your three boys and three girls took a walkthrough the forrest, as the sun was beginning to set.
"You ever wonder," you muse, "if theres a reason people began telling those creepy stories about the woods? Because with everything else life has thrown at us I personally would not be surprised is there was an axe murdering ghost with a hook for a hand that haunted these woods and took it out on couples because his girl friend dumped him and he died from a being a little bitch who can't take no for an answer."
"I thought we were trying to have a nice quiet vacation mom, without axe murderer ghosts," Dick cuts in with a laugh.
"We are, but I'm a writer who's family is always in danger and you're expecting me to not think about the possibility of.m being killed by ghosts?" You retort to your eldest son.
"Is this going to be one of those mom lessons?" Dick sighs as he tilts his head back like a little kid.
You laugh, "sure, since you seem so excited about the idea of ghosts being one of those mom lessons." You pause a moment and think, looking at Bruce who had his arm around you, "what's that thing you always say? About the no surprises?"
"If you're prepared no situation will surprise you when it arrises," Bruce finishes the statement for you.
"Alright, so that. You need to be prepared so axe murdering ghosts don't kill you." Another pause, "it might just be a dumb thought but if I know all of you, and I do, my guess is all of you have thought of at least one way to try and take down a ghost if one suddenly appeared."
You raise an eyebrow and look at each of your kids, adopted or not, as though challenging them to tell you their thoughts on the matter. But before any of them can answer you turn to Damian, "what about you Damian? I'm sure with your many talents you'd be able to easily take down a ghost. How would you do it?"
"Tt," he sounds off but stays quiet, you watch him and you can see in the way he purses his lips and scrunches his eyebrows a little that he's thinking. He's so much like Bruce, if he wasn't then you'd have no idea how to read him. You want so badly to give him a hug, as you see nothing but a little Bruce in front of you, but know that isn't his thing so you keep your distance.
Finally he comes up with his answer to your question, "there are plenty of couples here so I wouldn't have to worry about the ghost coming after me, so I would just have to leave and the ghost would go after one of you fools."
You smile and laugh gently, "That works, I'd be more than happy to distract the ghost so each of you can get away safely."
He gives you a suspicious look, as if he thought you would leave him for dead. But you move on, asking Tim how he would fight a ghost and letting Damian think what he wants too about your answer.
It's almost midnight and you're sitting on the deck of the cabin you had rented sipping some hot chocolate and reading a book. The kids were playing video games together inside and Bruce had fallen asleep on the other half of the oversized chair you were on and was leaning across your lap as one of your hands absentmindedly ran through his hair.
When you hear the cabin door open and close quietly behind you glance up from your book to see Damian coming outside. He has a stoic look on his face and he takes a place in the seat across from you. You give him a soft smile and resume reading your book.
You look up again and he's just watching you, you smile reassuringly at him.
After another few minutes, you hear him ask quietly, "Why would you say that earlier? You would clearly be killed by the ghost and stand the least chance of surviving."
You stick a finger in your book to mark your place and look up at him. Theres a soft look on your facd as you look at him to answer his question. "Damian, that's what a mother does. Even if she knows she won't survive she will do anything to protect her family," you say without a single hesitation.
"Mother said you were only here because of father's money. But earlier you said you'd sacrifice yourself for us to get away, even me."
You raise an eyebrow slightly and smile gently at him, "I did say that Damian, and I meant every word of it, it doesn't matter to me if we are blood or not. The moment you decided you were staying with your father, you became my son too and that means I'm going to do whatever I can to keep you safe."
He nods slightly and leans back in his seat and looks away from you. You think the conversation is over until he speaks again, "y/n, why would you do that?"
"Any mother's child should come first it is as simple as that," you say and he nods once more before standing and going back inside.
As soon as he's gone a huge smile breaks across your face, that was the longest conversation you'd had with him and your week long vacation was almost up. You had been beginning to worry that you plan wasn't going to work but now you felt your heart swell with even more love for the small boy.
You move to pick your book back up but you're interrupted by a kiss on your neck, which was the only spot Bruce could conveniently reach without moving from his comfortable position.
"You heard that didn't you?" you say more than ask.
"Yes, and it seems like your patience is beginning to work," he says a soft smile on his lips and you can't help but give him a peck on the forehead.
When you all arrive home from your vacation Damian is no longer intentionally avoiding you. He doesn't speak to you still but he at least stays in the same room as you. It's not much but its a step in the right direction.
While you had been on your way home the evening before there had been some odd reports coming in from around Gotham. There was another Vigilante in town, but this one was different from your husband, they killed to reach their goal. The GCPD had given him the nick name of Redhood, seeing as he was only ever seen with a red helmet on that covered his face. And Bruce was determined to find out why he was killing everyone who got in his way so needlessly not caring how many fatalities there were.
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A Swing and A Miss
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 9 of 13
Word Count: 2001
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
You and Bruce had been sitting on the couch together when his phone went off, it was a phone call. Who it was from you didn't know, all you knew was that he got up and went to the other room to take it. He doesn't usually do that, but on the rare occasion he does leave the room to take a call you don't mind as it's usually for a good reason.
Bruce walks back into the room, pinching the bridge of his nose, looking done. "I need to go take care of something. I'll be back later."
"What is it?" You try to ask, and aren't surprised when Bruce doesn't answer. "Okay, I'll see you when you get back," you say going up and kissing him gently on the lips. He kisses you back then heads down to the cave.
You don't sit back down, instead going to find something to do, to occupy your mind while Bruce is gone. Something had him upset but until he was ready to talk about it you weren't going to get it out of him, so that meant you got to either worry or keep busy.
Keeping busy was obviously the better option, so, you went and found the kids to sit in the same room as them. There's your two sons, Dick and Tim, your one adopted daughter Cass, plus Stephanie and Barbara who were like daughters to you.
"Hey mom," Dick says, looking up from where he was on his phone next to Babs, "where's dad?"
You shrug slightly, "not sure, he said he needed to take care of something and took off towards the cave."
"Oh, you want me to go check on him?"
"Not yet," you smile at your oldest who was always trying to take care of you, "he just left. I'm pretty sure he just needs to figure it out on his own first then he'll let me know what's going on."
"Alright," Dick concludes the conversation, but you can feel the eyes of the other kids on you.
Cass catches your attention and signs, "you can come sit with us," from her spot on the couch. She then pats the empty seat next to her.
You thank her in ASL with a hand to your chin as you go take a seat next to her. Cassandra was quiet, having an easier time communicating through asl than out loud. It always made you smile on the rare occasion you got her hear her soft little voice, and to know she was comfortable enough to talk to you, but you had learned sign language specifically for her, wanting to make sure she was comfortable all the time.
You gently put an arm around her and kiss the side of her head, then you go to remove your arm, knowing she doesn't always like to be touched. But she stops you from letting go of the hug and leans against you, maybe she just knew that you needed it at the moment to help get your mind off Bruce but either way, she didn't let go so you didn't either.
Stephanie scoots closer to you, taking the other seat next to you and offers you a controller. "We're playing Mario Kart, you want to play a few rounds Mrs.Wayne?"
You laugh gently, "I'm afraid I'm a bit out of practice, all of you would easily kick my ass."
"Come on, pleeeaaaasssee mom," Tim joins in in begging you with his ex, turned best friend.
You laugh and take the controller, "fine I guess I'll try a few rounds."
"Yes!" Dick joins in, cheering you on as Babs gets things set up.
Tim had hotwired the two Wii's so all of you could play together without having to figure out how to do it online. So, the six of you were easily able to start a game and begin racing the many different tracks just having fun together as the kids knowingly distracted you from your worries.
It's a more than a few hours later when Bruce returns home. The kids had all gone down to the cave to get ready for patrol, and you had gone with them. They were about to head out when the roar of an engine cause everyone's attention and Bruce parked the bat mobile and got out, looking stressed and tired.
Dick goes over to him and tells him they're going to head out, and can cover things tonight.
Brice nods and doesn't argue, simply turning to look at you as the kids leave. He doesn't approach you until they've all left and you don't give him a choice but to hug you as you hug him.
"Do you want to change?" You ask, knowing he's obviously upset about something, but willing to be patient while he figures out what it is he needs to tell you.
"Sure, I'll change and we can go sit in our room," he says and kisses the top of your head before turning to get out of the batsuit.
It doesn't take him long to change, and the two of you head upstairs, hand in hand and take a seat on the couch in your bedroom. He just holds you for a while, obviously thinking through what he needs to tell you, and this only causes you more worry.
"Bruce, my love, you know you can tell me anything," you try and reassure him with a kiss on the cheek.
This reassurance works, as he finally speaks up, gently saying, "I have a son, he's 9."
This surprises you, and you don't exactly have a good response, you lean back away from him to look at his face as you quietly ask, "you have a biological son?"
"Yes, I didn't know until today, but he's 9... we've been together 11 years, my love-" this is when he begins to break his normally stoic demeanor.
This is also when you catch on to what he is saying. You had been with him at the time this child was conceived. That hurt. You turned to look away from him, not moving away but taking a moment to think.
There's a few minutes of silence before you speak, "how did it happen?"
You give him a chance to explain and he jumps on it, beginning to tell you what he knows. Starting with the fact that Thalia Al'Ghul was the mother, how she had apparently drugged him in order to have a child with him. His son had been raised by the League of Assassins, taught that he was the one to inherit the mantle of Batman.
It was... a lot. And it hurt to hear, especially due to the fact that you and Bruce had been unable to have a child of your own for many reasons. But, you turn to your husband, the man you were still head over heels for and say as gently as you can, "I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now but it isn't anger."
He looks at you and brushes your hair out of your face, "are you sure you're alright?" He's clearly still worried about his standing with you.
You gently lean to kiss him on the lips, "I'm not sure I'd call it alright, but we will be fine. My husband isn't a cheater, and that would be my biggest worry."
You can see more of the stress and worry leave his face as you speak and he pulls you into a tight hug. "I am so sorry my love. Thank you for giving me a chance to explain-"
You lean back from him once again, taking your hands to cup his cheeks. "Bruce, you didn't know. She drugged you and I trust you enough to know that's the truth. I'm going to need some time to get used to the idea, and figure out exactly how it is I am feeling. But promise me that we will be open and communicate about all of this as we get more information, deal?"
Bruce sighs in relief, "Deal," with that he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you deeply.
It's at this point he informs you that Thalia had sent Damian, their son, to live with Bruce for a time. Damian would be coming the next morning and Bruce hadn't been able to have any say in it, barely able to convince them to wait long enough for him to talk to you first. It was yet another thing you could only describe as a lot but this was life, you had to roll with the punches or you'd never be able to move forward.
Two days later you still had yet to meet Damian. You were ninety-five percent sure it was because the boy was avoiding you. You sat eating breakfast and contemplating this when you hear someone behind you say, "Tt, you must be my father's harlot."
You raise your eyebrow and turn around to face the boy, "Harlot?"
"That is what my mother calls you," Damian says looking at you disgustedly.
You are so exhausted by this entire situation that the sass just slips out of you and you laugh. "I mean, that's one way to go about saying she's jealous of me because I have a ring and she doesn't."
Damian is clearly surprised by the fact that you just laughed off him calling you a harlot. He, "tt,"s again and just walks right back out of the kitchen, unwilling to admit you had surprised him.
You watch him leave, and he passes Bruce as he does. Once Damian is gone you shake your head and go back to your breakfast.
"I see you've met Damian," Bruce comments.
You offer him a slight smirk and a shake of your head, "yep, finally showed himself just to call me a harlot."
"A har-" Bruce starts, clearly outraged by the fact that anyone would dare call his beloved wife a harlot.
"Yeah," you laugh again, "he left just as fast because I laughed at the thought."
Bruce sighs, relaxing with how you had taken it, he takes a seat next to you and wraps you in a hug. "I'm glad that you didn't let him get to you."
"Yeah, though as far as introductions go, I think he's going to take some getting used too."
"Yeah, he's quite the character after being raised by the LoA."
You smile and lean against Bruce as you finish your food, "yeah, but eventually he'll have to figure out I'm just as stubborn as him for having put up with your shit for this long," you tease and he laughs.
It's a few hours later the next time you see Damian and he tries to insult you in yet another way, "you're weak, and would never be able to take anyone down. You aren't worthy of father."
This one is creative, you'll admit that but you shake your head. "I never claimed to be a fighter, if you'd stuck around earlier I could have told you that. Though, the first time I met your 'father," you say mocking his tone, "I kicked a green haired clown in the head so that has to count for something."
Damian once again just leaves, you weren't supposed to take these things so well, you were supposed to run off crying, not agree with him.
This goes on for a while, him trying to insult you and you just not having it. It goes on until he stops, knowing he'd have to find some other way to get under your skin. Meanwhile you try to get to the bottom of his behavior. Why does he feel like he needs to put you down in comparison to his mother and how can you show him he can trust you enough to not have to do that to keep a place in this family? It might take a while but you'd sure as hell figure it out.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@florence-wayne-official @addison-wayne18 @kathy-kyle @thomasbutnotaneviloneiswear @kit-the-nonbinary-wayne @helenawayne-thechesirecat We are lucky to have such amazing mothers, and I don't usually like Gotham insider but they did good with these two.
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Really Really
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 8 of 13
Word Count: 1166
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
"Morning Mom."
"Good morning Dick," you say hugging your oldest son as he sits on the couch next to you. You had been having a hard time since Jason died a couple months previously.
Bruce had thrown himself into being Batman to cope with his grief of not being able to save Jason. This hadn't helped you cope, since you relied on having your husband there when you needed him, just like you were there when he needed you. This had lead to Dick moving back in, worried about you not taking care of yourself.
"How'r you doing?" He asks for what feels like the millionth time.
You purse your lips and avoid the question, "How are you doing?"
You sigh, "I'm alright Dick, how are you?" You ask yet again, knowing that he isn't doing great after having lost his brother, despite the fact that he was trying to take care of both you and Bruce.
"I'm good mom," he says and gives you a kiss on the cheek, hugging you tightly.
"That's good, I need you to take care of yourself."
"I need you to do that too mom," he retorts.
You laugh, your weird sense of humor remained despite the grief, "no, I'm the mom I get to tell you what to do, you don't get to tell me what to do."
This joke relaxes him a bit, and lets him know you're doing alright today. "Fine, I'll drop it." He pauses before asking, "did dad talk with you last night?"
"No, why?" You ask.
"Uh, you should talk to him," Dick says.
You sigh and slump into the couch for a moment before looking at your now adult son, "I'll go find him and talk to him... it's about time I did that anyways. I'm getting tired of him ignoring me... you wouldn't happen to know where he is would you?" You ask as you kiss his head and stand up.
"He's in the cave, you can find your way there right?" He teases back.
You shake your head and laugh, "yeah I can find my way down there... thanks Dick," you say after a pause, glad he had motivated you to go talk with Bruce.
"S-so y-y-you're s-saying-g th-tha-t a thir-thir-thirteen," you can't continue because you're laughing the hardest you have in months.
"Yes a thirteen year old figured out that I'm Batman and all my secrets," Bruce says, trying to sound broody, but loving hearing your laughter again. You keep laughing and lean against your husband, and he wraps his arms around your waist.
After a few minutes you the two of you hugging each other in silence you mumble into his chest, "I've missed you."
"I missed you too," he says into your hair.
"So, who is the kid?"
"You know the Drakes?" Bruce asks, "yeah I know the Drakes I've had to try and hold a conversation with them many times..."
"Well, it is their son, Timothy. He's the one who figured it out. Came up to me last night on patrol and asked me where I learned to fight," Bruce laughs gently.
You laugh again, more gently this time, "I'm assuming he's keeping your secret?"
"Yeah, he said something about wanting to help me. He also said he hadn't told anyone else."
You grow quiet when he mentions the fact that Tim wants to help him, "I didn't give him an answer, but I feel he's stubborn and it would be better if I kept an eye on him than let him run off on his own."
You sigh gently, "I suppose you're right."
Your tone causes Bruce to pause yet again, he had been so caught up in everything going on that he had missed exactly how much you were hurting. He squeezes you against him before quietly saying, "my love, I'm sorry I haven't been there. Would you ever forgive me?"
You lean back to look at him better, "Bruce, of course I forgive you. We have to work through this for ourselves. How we do that is up to us."
"Yes, but I should have been there," he kisses your head.
"Bruce. Stop. I cannot handle you blaming yourself for everything that happened. We both know how impulsive Jason could be. He had a chance to save his birth mother, someone who had rejected him his entire life when he only ever wanted to be wanted. We tried to give that to him but that doesn't change the fact that woman hurt him to the point he felt he needed to redeem himself for her."
You take a breath, tears in your eyes but needing to finish your thought, "we cannot change what happened. We can only move forward and take his memory with us."
"I know, my dear, but I should have been there for you when you needed me. I've been so focused on everything else that I wasn't there for you, yet you've always been here for me," he leans down to kiss you.
You kiss back before speaking again, "you needed to grieve too. You can't keep living in the past and regretting things you should have done. You're here for me now and I need you to be here right now and that's what matters."
Bruce accepts your forgiveness and lets the subject of his many regrets drop. You were right. Regretting the past wouldn't lead to change, only moving forward would do that. He kisses you again, before offering to carry you upstairs so the two of you could spend some time together.
It's a few days later when you hear a voice behind you. You had been working on being around Bruce more, as it helped with your grief so you were sitting in the cave. You'd been working on your book again for the first time in a while.
"So this is the BatCave?!"
"Yes," you hear Bruce say in his broody™ voice. You turn around in the chair you had been curled up in in front of the computer, and raise an eyebrow at the boy who had come with him.
Then the boy notices you, "Hello, Mrs.Wayne."
"Hi," you say waving awkwardly and looking between the boy and your husband, a small smile coming to your lips.
"Tim?" You say walking up to stand next to the boy, your arm linked with Bruce's.
"Hi Mrs.Wayne," Tim says, trying to sound okay despite the fact that all of you had just attended his parent's funeral.
"How are you doing?" You ask the boy, unlinking your arm from Bruce's and putting your hand on Tim's shoulder.
"Yeah?" You ask then continue, "Bruce and I wanted to ask you something."
"What is it?" Tim asks looking up at you.
"It's probably lonely in that big house of yours, if it would interest you you're welcome to move in with us."
"Really?" He asks as he wipes a tear from his cheek.
"Really really," you respond.
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squishneedsahero · 4 days ago
Borrowed Tires
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 7 of 13
Word Count: 1502
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
"Hello," You say to the small teenager that had returned with your husband from patrol.
"Hi," he says crossing his arms and sounding grumpy, but to you is obviously uncomfortable.
"I'm (y/n)," you say trying to help him feel more comfortable, you also pull the hood of your sweatshirt down so he can see your face. He's in the bat cave and there's a reason for that, you don't know what it is yet but you don't subscribe to your husband's level of secrecy when it comes kids and making sure they're welcomed.
His eyes go wide, "y-you're y/n l/n."
"Yep, that's me," you reply and offer him a gentle smile.
"You wrote those books!" He says excitedlypw.
"Yeah, I did," you say smiling at the boy then at your husband. "May I ask what your name is?"
"Jason," he says, sounding less closed off now.
"That's a nice name," you smile, "so, can I ask what brings you to Batman's lair?" You ask with a tilt of your head.
Jason's demeanor changes and he shuffles on his feet before quietly saying, "I was trying to steal his tires... he didn't like that."
You laugh gently, "well, that's rude of him to make you come back here just for trying to take his tires." You pause for a moment before asking, "you want to go upstairs? I'm sure could find something to eat and maybe you can tell me what your plans were for those tires so we can get you your own," you say with a raise of an eyebrow.
"Oh, uh- I don't really need tires," he shuffles again.
"Okay, you don't need to tell me why you wanted them," you say, offering him another smile before turning to Bruce, "You go change Bruce, then meet us in the kitchen," you say heading towards the stairs.
"Wait! Bruce Wayne is Batman?!" Jason says following you, maybe a little more relaxed.
"Who else did you think it could be? Or did you think I was having an affair with Batman?" You joke yet again and hear a slight laugh from behind you, you don't turn around as you can imagine the way Bruce is shaking his head behind you.
He pauses for a moment, trying to come up with an answer for you, "uh... I hadn't really thought about it. I was busy being scared cause I tried to steal Batman's tires and he kidnapped me."
You laugh once again, "I suppose that's logical reasoning." The two of you come to a stop in the kitchen doorway, "you're welcome to anything you can find that sounds good. And if you want I'm sure Alfred wouldn't mind fixing something."
"Uh," He looks in awe at the size of the kitchen.
When he pauses you make a shooing motion with your hands before going to sit at the counter. You watch him move off to look through the fridge and cupboards as you say, "I'm assuming you'll want to spend the night here Jason?"
"Really really, I'll make sure we have a room set up for you with a nice warm shower waiting for you." You pause just for Alfred to walk in.
"Hello Mrs.Wayne," he didn't question you being in here at odd hours anymore.
"Hi, Alfred," you say turning to look at him. He almost says something then he spots the small boy moving through the kitchen, with his arms full of different snacks and a cookie hanging out of his mouth. "Alfred this is Jason. Jason Alfred," you introduce them, gaining a look from Alfred, and Jason waves. "Bruce brought him home tonight after he found Jason trying to borrow his tires."
Alfred just nods before looking at Jason again, and then he pauses for another moment, "master Jason I apologize, but I am going to have to object to your choice in food." He moves over and takes some of the things out of a confused Jason's arms, "what sounds good? I will fix you a meal."
Jason pauses and looks at you.
"Jason, if you remember anything from tonight, remember the fact that Alfred finds the idea of junk food impossible to handle. If you want to eat junk don't let him catch you," you say with a laugh and teasing smile as you get up and take the rest of the food from Jason's arms.
When you return from putting stuff away Bruce is standing in the doorway watching Jason quietly talk to Alfred and figure out something to eat. You move to his side and put your arms around him, joining him in watching. "So?" You ask, knowing he has reason behind why he brought the kid back here.
"He was stealing my tires. Probably wanted to sell them," he says softly, "he said he doesn't have anyone, I've seen him around a few other times, thought he was just sneaking out at night," Bruce pauses for another moment before getting to the point of all of this, "I just thought, it's been quiet here since Dick moved out..."
You remain quiet as Bruce pulls you against his side, "yeah, it has been quiet since Dick moved to Bludhaven... did you get tired of the quiet?" You ask with a slightly teasing tone, unable to keep everything serious.
"Yeah," Bruce says, knowing you know what he is thinking.
"If he wants to stay, he's welcome too, I've always told you that. There's so many kids out there that need somewhere good to call home and I'd take them all if I could."
"I know, and I love you for that," Bruce says gently, pressing a kiss into the side of your head.
You step away from him and go back over to Jason and Alfred, "hey Jason, how about we go get you cleaned up while Alfred gets the food going?"
You ask and nod over your shoulder for Jason to follow, "uh- okay," he says somewhat hesitantly, noticing the more serious tone to your voice.
Bruce pulls you into a quick kiss before saying, "I'm going to go make sure everything is finished up, then I'll be back."
"Sounds good," you say kissing him once more for good measure before heading off with Jason. The manor had many wings to it, but for the most part you all lived in just one of them. The door to Dick's old room is closed and you walk right past it and into the next room down.
Once in the room you turn to Jason and just say, "you can stay here... just for tonight if you want, if you want to stay longer you're welcome too, I just don't want you being out on the streets alone, alright?"
"U-uh, alright..." he says somewhat hesitantly.
You move towards him, "Jason, I want you to listen and know that I'm completely serious, if you want to just stay the night you can. If you decide you want to stay longer you can do that as well. Our son moved out a few months ago and there's plenty of room. You think about it and hop in the shower, I'll go grab some of Dick's clothes so you can find something clean to wear."
You ruffle his hair and turn to leave only to be stopped by two arms grabbing you in a hug. You turn and face Jason who had grabbed you, wrapping him in your arms as well, just for him to ask, "you'd really want me?"
The way he asks breaks your heart. "Yes, everyone needs somebody and somewhere. This can be your somewhere and I'll be your somebody."
"I think I'd like that," he says gently and you squeeze him a little tighter, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.
"Okay, kiddo, I'll go tell Bruce, you get cleaned up, and then we'll get you fed."
Jason turns his head so you can't see his face well, but he nods as he rubs at his cheek, "alright."
With that you close the door behind you and head back to the kitchen. Alfred is cooking and Bruce has returned from is final check through, making sure everything was set for the night.
You head towards him, ready to wrap your arms around him but he doesn't give you much of a choice as he scoops you up into his arms and holds you tightly against him. You tilt your head back and look up at him, "Jason said he'd like to stay... he was so surprised that anyone would want him."
Bruce kisses you, "well we do. We always will as long as he wants to be wanted."
"I love you," you say gently.
"I love you as well."
"We'll have to be careful to not scare him off, he hasn't had much love given to him in his life, but as soon as he is ready we will be sure to fix that. I'm sure Dick would love to have a little brother..."
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squishneedsahero · 4 days ago
New Beginnings
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 6 of 13
Word Count: 1519
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
You stood in front of a mirror admiring your dress. It was a beautiful white gown, the perfect fit and cut for you. It was everything you had wanted and more thanks to Bruce insisting on Lois and Dinah going with you to make sure you treated yourself for this occasion.
You and Bruce had decided to go with a small family wedding, which is kind of ironic considering both of you were only children whose parents had passed. It was to be held in the manor's garden, a nice private little thing. You had both invited your friends, mostly the members of the League and their partners since you had never been great at the making friends thing.
As soon as Bruce spilled the beans on being Batman all the other women who were connected with heroes had swooped in and claimed you as one of their own. So now all the more extroverted women who were desperate for someone else who understood how obnoxious being in love with a superhero was had brought you, the introvert, into their group to bitch about things together. Needless to say you all had become fast friends and regularly texted in a group chat to complain about things no one else would understand and call your partners idiots for this or that.
Lois and Dinah had become your closest friends of all the women, all the other men in the league had at least a tad bit less of an ego than Oliver, Clark and Bruce did so the three of you formed a close bond. This is what had lead to you asking them to be your bridesmaids who were currently helping you with the finishing touches on your veil and flower crown. They finish up and begin chatting with you about something else when you're interrupted by a knock on the door, "Come in," You say, and it opens to reveal your pseudo father, Alfred.
"You look lovely Miss (l/n)," he says and you smile. "Are you ready?" He asks. You had asked him to walk you down the isle, since your biological father wasn't here to do it. Dinah and Lois wish you luck before hurrying to their places and leaving you to have a moment with Alfred.
You take a breath, "Yes, I'm ready," you were jittery with nervousness and excitement and you could feel your arm shaking when you hook it with Alfred's.
"Are you okay y/n?" He asks you, as he had finally begun to use your first name as you had asked him many times.
"Yes," you smile at him, "just excited to really be part of the family."
He shakes his head gently, "y/n, don't sell yourself short, you became part of this family the first time you walked in that door." With that he walks you out of the dressing room to be ready to go after your bridesmaids.
You and Bruce had asked Dick to be the ring bear and the fourteen year old had been delighted, except for the fact that he couldn't dress up as a bear. He heads out first, followed by Oliver and Dinah then Clark and Lois. It really was a small wedding, the only person you and Bruce didn't know well was the photographer.
Within a minute of you leaving the dressing room you're walking down the isle. Bruce was standing up there and when he saw you a huge grin made its way onto his face. It might be the biggest smile you've seen on his face, possibly bigger than the one he had on his face when you had said yes to him proposing. Commissioner Gordon officiates and the ceremony flies by. After you say the I do's the rest of the day is a blur. There's the dances and toasts until you and Bruce leave for your honeymoon that evening.
You and Bruce had decided to go to a cabin in the mountains, with no cell reception or WiFi, an entire week for just the two of you. The two of you spent most of the time cuddling and enjoying the fact that you could spend time together with out being needed. You had told the League members to not bother the both of you even if the world was ending, mostly joking... mostly, because you would both die happy.
Most of the cuddles happened in the morning, evening, and at night when it was cold. During the day the two of you would do stuff together. At one point you decided to climb a tree and claimed to be stuck just so he had to come rescue you, then you turned it into the two of you 'Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G'. The two of you lived off of cheap take out food the entire week, because neither of you knew how to cook, most of your dates had been to high end restaurants in Gotham, and Alfred would never allow such food in the manor.
It was a perfect week, sex, kissing, cuddling and doing the dumbest of things together. All of the sex and kissing was just a bonus as the two of you just genuinely loved spending time together. Sure the two of you had other friends and people to spend time with but Bruce was your favorite person in the world and your best friend while you were his. You had married your best friend and that was why it worked so well because before being lovers, before even thinking of dating the two of you had been equals and respected each other.
Eventually the end of the week comes and the two of you have to head back to civilization. When you get back Dick and Alfred are waiting for you.
"Welcome back Mr. and Mrs.Wayne," Alfred says with a smile on his face that gets bigger when he calls you Mrs.Wayne.
"Mom! Dad!" Dick exclaims running to hug the two of you, and you cry. It was the first time he called you Mom, and knowing him he had probably planned it.
"Hi, baby," you say pulling him and Bruce into a hug, then you reach out for Alfred and he joins you.
Dick pulls away, "I forgot to give you your present."
"Oh, Dick, you didn't-" you stop talking when you see what he's holding out to you. It's adoption papers. You find yourself pulling him back into a hug, and crying again, silly you had thought you were done with that.
"Are you okay?" He asks worriedly, "You don't have to, I won't call you Mom if you don't want me to," he continues hurriedly.
"No I'd love to Dick, and you can call me Mom, but only if you want to," you kiss his forehead. All of those questions he had asked when you and Bruce first got engaged had fallen to the side, not mentioned again by anyone. But they obviously hadn't been forgotten, as shown now by Dick and his excitement.
"I want to call you mom, mom," he says hugging you again.
"Well, as long as you're sure," you kiss his forehead once again, "where's a pen?" You ask as you stand up straight and Dick grins at you.
A few nights after you and Bruce get back you head to the kitchen to get a snack, in the hopes of calming your nerves, because Bruce and Dick are out on patrol and you can't help but worry. They're your boys. You sneak into the kitchen and open the fridge in hopes of finding Alfred's leftover pie.
The light switches on and you turn around like a deer in the headlights, just to see Alfred standing in the doorway. "What are you doing Mrs.Wayne?" He asks, ever since you and Bruce were officially married he had refused to call you anything else.
"Worrying," you reply, turning back to the fridge, "there wouldn't happen to be any leftover pie, would there?"
"There is," Alfred says moving forward and finding it for you.
"Thank you, Alfred," you say taking the pie from him and moving to sit, not on the counter thanks to Alfred's being present. You sigh deeply, "why do I have to worry? It was so much easier not knowing."
"Was it?" Alfred asks, wise as always.
You sigh again and shove a bite of pie into your mouth as you give your father-in-law a playful glare. "I suppose it wasn't, never knowing why he wouldn't let me stay the night, but it was less stressful not having to know he's out there being Batman and that Dick is out there too."
He sets a hand on your shoulder in comfort, "it doesn't get easier-"
"Gee- thanks for making me feel better," you joke before shutting up and finishing your pie.
"Y/n, they're your loved ones, it will never be easy seeing them put themselves in danger but you knew that when you agreed to marry him. It might not be easy but it's worth it for those you love, I've found that to be true on many occasions."
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squishneedsahero · 5 days ago
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 5 of 13
Word Count: 1284
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
"I love you," you say snuggling into Bruce's side.
"I know," Bruce says kissing your forehead.
"Did you just-"
"Yes I did just quote Star Wars," he says running his fingers through your hair and turning back to the movie. The two of you were having a movie night because Dick was spending the night at Wally's and Alfred was on his one vacation a year. The two of you are marathoning all eight Harry Potter movies since last time you had marathoned Star Wars. The most important part of all of this being the fact that you had stolen his shirt and sweatpants to wear and the two of you hadn't eaten anything except takeout for nearly 3 days straight.
His phone buzzes, "You gonna get that? I don't mind," you say, knowing it could be important.
"It's not anyone important," he says, ignoring the text.
"Alright, if you're sure..." you trail off, a little confused as it had been going off every fifteen minutes without fail only for him to ignore it every time.
He smiles and pulls you closer to him, "I'm sure my dear."
You wake up when you feel Bruce move next to you. You had fallen asleep near the end of the seventh movie, and woke up now in time to watch the epilogue. "You awake?" Bruce whispers, and you nod wrapping your arm around him and lean your head into his shoulder. "I love you," Bruce says, leaning his head on top of yours.
"I love you too," you say as the credits begin to roll, "So now what?" You ask, rolling over to face him.
"How about a walk?" He asks, but doesn't give you much of a choice as he is already standing up with you bridal style in his arms.
"Okay," you smirk, then reach up and kiss his jaw, loving the feeling of him holding you tightly in his arms.
He takes you out to the garden where he puts you down to stand in the grass. "What are we doing?" You ask.
"We're taking a walk, like we used too when we would sneak out at all those galas," he responds gently, taking your hand as he does so.
"Alright..." you trail off, even more confused but still going with it. You hear his phone buzz again, alerting you that another 15 minutes have passed.
Eventually he stops beneath the drooping branches of  the willow tree, where he lets go of your hand and takes a step back. He reaches one hand into the pocket of his sweatpants. He pulls something out of the pocket, but its to dark for you to see what it is. You blink, and when you open your eyes again he's down on one knee looking up at you.
Your hands go to your mouth, "Bruce," you whisper.
"Y/n l/n, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Bruce asks, holding up and opening a black velvet ring box.
You nod, and make some sort of high pitched winning noise, unable to get any words out. You swallow and catch your breath, "Yes!" You practically shout, when you're finally able to speak. You lunge at him, wrapping your arms around him and knocking him back into the grass, "Yes," you say quieter,  kissing him. You pull back to look at him, and he has the biggest grin you've ever seen on his face.
"I love you (y/n)," he says kissing you, and slipping the beautiful diamond ring on your finger.
"I love you too," you say kissing him again. The both of you keep lying in the grass, making out, in your sweatpants and pajama shirts until Bruce's phone goes off again.
"I should probably get that now," he says pulling the phone out of his other pocket.
"Okay... who is it?" You ask sitting up to look at him.
"Dick," Bruce says texting Dick back.
You laugh, "of course it is, is he worried you chickened out?" You tease.
"No, just impatient as ever..." he pauses before asking, "can I see your hand, to send him a picture so he believes me?"
"Yeah," you laugh,  holding it out to him. He takes your hand in his and takes a picture with the ring showing.
Bruce sends the picture then puts his phone back in his pocket as you laugh at the small boy's antics.
"I love you," you say gently and roll over to lay on top of him.
"I love you too, thank you for not letting go when I tried too," Bruce says gently as he then pulls you into a kiss.
You laugh gently, "you're the one who's not letting that go, huh? I thought I'd be the one holding it over your head."
He smiles, "no I was an idiot back then."
"Back then? It was three months ago Bruce!" You laugh loudly and kiss him again before laying on his chest. "So, as much as I love you and love it out here... how would you feel about moving this back inside... perhaps to the bedroom?" You as quietly.
"You need only ask my love," he says sitting up and taking you in his arms with him as he does so. It's effortless for him and your heart flutters in your chest. How did you little nobody y/n l/n get so lucky?
Needless to say he easily carries you inside to your bedroom, since you had moved in within a week of him telling you his secret. He lays you down on the bed and he gets on top of you. They two of you can't get enough of one another, kissing, cuddling and loving all night long. He takes care of you and you take care of him.
That whole night and the next two days are spent together in a little staycation. There's lots of sex, more sex than normally because you are the only two in the entire manor. It's perfect.
At the end of the week the two of you find yourselves wearing pajama pants and robes, to hide all the bumps and bruises you'd given each other, to welcome Dick and Alfred home. In your four years of dating Bruce, Alfred had become like a father to you. Then there was Dick, the only 13 year old in the world you would do anything for.
Alfred is more quiet about his congratulations, welcoming you to the family and giving you one of his rare hugs. Well, his hugs weren't rare, but he usually hugged you when you were the only person around. It was a sign of affection reserved for special occasions and private moments.
Dick on the other hand is ecstatic, practically bouncing off the walls. His questions are all over the place. "I get to dress as a bear to be the ring bearer, right?" And "can I call you mom?" "Oh! Does this mean you could adopt me too?!" Alongside a million other ideas.
You can only laugh and hug him tightly as you tell him, yes, he can call you mom. It wasn't as if you had caught him almost doing so on multiple occasions and each time told him it was alright, but no it wasn't until now he felt able to call you mom. But yeah, him asking such an innocent question is what get you crying, gods above you loved your family so much.
This was your family and it was small but it was perfect. You all had each other and no one was missing, just the four of you as close as can be. Nothing in the world would make you want to let go.
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meshlasolus · 5 days ago
Requested Imagine: attending Harley and Bruce's wedding (by @iawaythrown )
Tumblr media
The hall was decorated to the nines, and every guest was dressed for the occasion.
When the bride came down the aisle you understood how beautiful someone can be. She was stunning in her white dress, and the groom nearly cried.
When everyone was seated you took a look at the happy couple staring at each other so happily. What a wonderful occasion in which two people would join their lives so they can share them forever.
When they kissed at the end everyone cheered, whistling and roaring in honor of the newest married pair.
You were in awe of them together as they should be.
(I loved this idea, thank you for sending it in!! )
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squishneedsahero · 6 days ago
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 4 of 13
Word Count: 1809
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
"You're breaking up with me?" You say it like a question, offendedly and confused, from your point of view everything was going good, but apparently it wasn't.
"I am. I'm sorry y/n it's not you it's-"
"Nu-uh, Bruce Thomas Fucking Wayne you are not going end things with that cliche line," you say sounding pissed. "I love you and if you want to end things that is fine but you better as hell give me one good fucking reason why.
"But-no-were done y/n," he says, sounding confused as to why you're arguing with him. Why did you have to be so stubborn?! If anything it only made him love you more.
"No we aren't done at least until you give me a good reason. If you're going to end things with me then I deserve to at least know why when as far as I know everything is perfect according to Gotham standards," you cross your arms and pop your hip. This was the first real relationship you'd had in your life and him ending it without warning wasn't something you could handle. You needed to at the very least know why. Why had he invited you over? Why had Dick and Alfred greeted you normally? Just for him to try and end things? It made zero sense.
He looks away from you, with the angry tears in your beautiful eyes. You the first woman he has genuinely fallen head over heels for that he was currently trying to end things with. It was hurting him just as much as it hurt you, but he had a good reason. He didn't want you getting hurt because of his night job.
Both Alfred and Dick had tried to tell him you could handle it, and he knew they were right. You would be able to handle the fact that he was Batman, but he knew he couldn't handle you getting hurt. He knew that was his breaking point.
It's as you're staring at him with the tears beginning to run down your cheeks that he reaches his other breaking point. Seeing you hurting and confused, he couldn't bring himself to lie to your face another time.
"What?" You ask, seeing the slight changes to his posture and expression.
He takes a breath, "I'm trying to keep you safe y/n-"
"You're trying to keep me safe?" You ask your own expression softening. "Bruce," you reach a hand up to cup his cheek as you always had, but he catches it before you can touch him.
"Yes, I can't handle seeing you hurt. Even now, when I know I have good reasons for trying to leave you, I can't bring myself to actually do it because I can see how much it's hurting you even if you're yelling at me," his hand drops yours and comes to cup your cheek, a slight smile coming to his lips.
Your breathing hitches for a moment as he speaks, you can feel how genuine he is being, "Bruce-" actual tears begin to run down your cheeks at his proclamation of love. Your arms wrap around his torso and you lean your head against his chest, "Bruce, my love, that is the opposite of a good reason to break up with me. I hope you realize that."
His deep laugh echos through your ears, and his hand runs through your hair. "I know my dear, I can't do it. I can't bring myself to end things with you. If you had walked out after I tried the first time I would have, but I cannot bring myself to argue with you when I know deep down I'm wrong even if I like to think I'm keeping you safe."
"Well, as sweet as that is I'm glad you at least are acknowledging the fact that you're a dumbass for thinking it might work," you laugh gently and lean back to look at his face. "So, can I know what has you so convinced I'm going to be hurt if I continue my relationship with you?"
The two of you stand in silence for a few minutes just hugging each other before he says, "it'll be better for me t show you, as knowing you if I were to just tell you you would laugh and think I'm joking."
This of course causes you to laugh, "me? Laugh at you? What in the world makes you think I would do that?"
He laughs gently, "I don't know what would make me think that, dear." He doesn't wait for a real answer, instead taking your hand and leading you into the study and up to the beautiful dark colored oak wood grand father clock. He doesn't say anything as he moves the hands on the clock and it opens like a door revealing a staircase. He leads you down, still holding your hand.
You, are of course confused by this, because who the hell has a secret room in their house?! Well, billionaires, that's who. But that still doesn't tell you why he had a secret room. You look to him for an answer but he simply continues leading you down the stairs.
Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you stop, and look around amazed at the vast cave you found you were in. It's dark, and you can't see much so you revert back to default settings and ask, "you have a sex cave?"
He laughs, clearly amused with that question. The fact that he had expected any other reaction just showed him how often you surprised him. "No, y/n," he leads you a little further into the cave before letting go of your hand and saying, "wait here, I'm going to turn the lights on."
You nod, and wait as you hear him move off through the dark. Your mind was reeling, what in the world was this place? Whatever it was, it was important to him and he was trusting you with it.
It's after a few moments that the lights light up the large space. A gasp leaves you as you see on one end of the cave a huge computer screen built into the rock, on the other end a car, helicopter and a whole ass airplane. It's as you slowly turn in a circle that Bruce comes back over to you and catches you in his arms.
You were facing a taxidermy T-Rex as he leans down to softly say in your ear, "I'm Batman."
A chill goes down your spine and you know it's true, not that you could really question it when he has a bat-mobile and T-Rex in his basement. Your hands find their way down to rest on his, "I guess this would be a good reason to break up with me, if you're still wanting too."
He shakes his head, "I love you too much to do that to you. Plus, me telling you defeats the purpose of any of that stupidity," he says, grabbing your waist and pulling you into a deep kiss.
"So, this is why I couldn't spend the night?"
"Yes," he laughs softly and kisses you again as he picks you up. Your legs find their way to lock around his waist, as he carries you over to the chair in front of the computer. He sets you on the desk, kissing you deeply yet again, one of his hands traveling up your shirt to draw circles on your side.
How could he be the worlds greatest detective and also not have guessed that you, the woman he loves would argue with him when he tried to leave you? He had almost made the biggest mistake of his life that day and now all of his emotions were overcoming him, he wanted, needed you close to him.
Sooner than he wants you break the kiss and end the make out session. You gently kiss his lips one time and ask, "so, how much am I allowed to know?" You press another quick kiss to his cheek as you stand up, and say, "I love you."
He doesn't let you move far from him, sitting himself in the desk chair and pulling you into his lap. "Anything you want to know you can," he brushes your hair back from your face and tilts his head to press a kiss to your neck.
"Hey!" You laugh and push his face back from you. "I want you to answer my questions, not try and distract me!" You spin yourself to straddle him, a hand going to rest on his hip, "after questions, then maybe, I'll let you kiss me." You purse your lips in thought, "maybe I'll let you do more than just kiss me, but that depends on if you behave," you tease gently.
He laughs and shakes his head slightly, "alright, I'll restrain myself from kissing you anymore, until you have your questions answered. After that though," that smirk comes to his lips as he suggestively lets his hand go up the back of your shirt to rest on your shoulder blade.
You sigh dramatically, and roll your eyes gently, even if you were excited to see him like this. "Okay, I'll make it fast. Does this mean Dick is Robin? Is that Clark Kent guy actually Superman and that's how Dick knew him? Finally I'd like to formally apologize for doing your job that first time we met when Joker tried to shoot me and I went on autopilot and told him he had lipstick in his teeth."
Bruce laughs, "yes, Dick is Robin. I'm surprised you already put that together with Clark, usually Superman is far away so him wearing glasses works. And, my love, it is more than alright that you did my job for me. I couldn't have done it better myself, though I probably would not have fallen on top of Joker after flipping him," he teases gently and kisses your cheek, "but no, I should have known from that that you can handle yourself."
You smile and press a kiss to his lips, "well, at the very least I'm sorry for insulting you when I did thank you that night."
He laughs again, "y/n, I love every part of you and if I am honest with myself that is the night I started falling for you. You amaze me with your ability to laugh and stand strong in the face of danger, I save people every night and have never seen anyone else react like you."
You push a hand against his chest, "stop, you're making me blush."
He rolls his eyes and laughs at you again, before growing more serious as he looks at you, saying in a low, sexy, voice, "a deals a deal, y/n, I'm going to make you do more than blush tonight."
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morgansunflower · 7 days ago
Wholeheartedly 2/2
Batman/Bruce Wayne X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings: childbirth
Batmom pushes through her labor with the help of her husband and father figure
The elevator doors open and I see my husband wearing his bat-suit. I feel my knees desiring to buckle from the pain. Bruce turns his head to me along with Alfred. Worry befell both of their faces.
"dammit!" Bruce cursed
"my dear! Are you alright?" Alfred exclaimed
Bruce runs to us and takes me into his arms bridle style. He takes me to the Medical center in the Bat-cave. He lays my flat on my back on the stretcher. He leans the bed upward to where I'm sitting halfway up. Alfred moves the privacy curtain. It was just the three of us. Alfred walks to leave. I need someone to catch my baby and one to hold my hand.
"hmm mmm st-stay" I begged my only father figure
He turns facing me with a saddened smile. "I shall be back momentarily my dear you have my word" he assured
I force a smile in response and breath through another contraction. He's tense, and rightly so. Bruce takes off each piece of my clothes.
"isn't this how we got into this mess" I joked with a tired voice, to try and ease my husband's mind
Bruce chuckled softly "a very beautiful mess of a life we have darling"
My heart warms. He is right. Bruce puts electrodes on my bare body for the heart monitor. With his cowl off Bruce kisses my shoulder blade then lips. He takes a deep breath gently rubbing my abdomen where our daughter lays for a short time. I can't believe it's time. I'm about to hold my baby girl after nine months.
"you have quite the timing D/N" he softly smiled looking at my swollen abdomen
"obviously she gets it from you" I said with a weak chuckle
He smiled and takes a hospital gown that was folded by the end of the stretcher. He carefully puts it on me. He intertwined our hands together. Bruce gently rubs my thigh. I feel another contraction. I gasp inhaling sharply from the pain worsening.
"breath Y/N I'm right here" he soothed
I nodded then my water breaks as it ends. Bruce carefully kisses my hand and inhales sharply. I bend my knees upward with my feet on the stretcher. He moves to the end of the stretcher and checks me from where our daughter will be coming.
"there's still time.. It'll be a few hours" he said sternly
"Bruce" I softly said he kisses my knee
"this not how I intended it to happen Y/N" he sighs heavily "we should have you in a hospital. We are not fully equipped"
We are but he feels I need more. He is always so worried. I reach for his hand. He extends his hand. I take his hand and smile to him. I pull him close to me. I use my other hand and place it on his face. We gaze to each other. I gently rub my thumb on his cheek. He kisses the palm of my hand.
"we have each other and we're going to be OK. That is more than perfect in my eyes my love. D/N is just to anxious to see her daddy" I reassuringly smile
He softly smiled and kisses my bump with adoration "as am I baby girl"
Grayson's P. O. V
We all were in the Bat-cave. It's been four hours since mom's been in labor. I listen to my music in my earbuds to help block out the sound of her screams. I see Damian alone crouched up. I listen to the music and heard another pained scream from our adopted mom. Damian lowered his head on his arm crouching further. I pause the song. I step to my distraught little brother.
"you ok Little D?" I asked
"leave me Grayson!" he quavered
He's been crying. I can hear it in his voice. No one really gets how deep Damian feels. How much he really cares. Besides Mom of course. I sit next to him.
"hey mom's gonna be OK I promise don't worry kid. You're gonna be a great big brother, you know?"
He turns his head away from me. I take one earbud out and give it to him. He puts it in his ear. I play the music to help get him distracted. I hear another scream from Mom. Damian laid his face on my arm. I gently rub his head.. I hate hearing her in so much pain. I honestly don't think anyone is at ease right now.
Y/N's P. O. V
"push!" Bruce demanded from the front of the stretcher, as Alfred held my hand.
"ARGHH HUHAHHH!!" I pushed feeling the impending burning pain
"her heads out take a minute to breath Darling" Bruce's voice soothing "it's almost over and then you will have her in your arms
I breath heavily the sweat covering my cheeks and tears of pain fall down my face. I'm so ready for this to be over.
"one last push dear" Alfred said softly
Bruce holds the towel and smiles to me with adoration. I smile back and push. I screamed feeling the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. Then it stops. I catch my breath and I hear a beautiful cry from my infant daughter. I began to sob as I lower my legs. Bruce smiles wholeheartedly cutting the umbilical cord. The afterbirth soon comes after. He lays her on my chest. He chuckled kissing my face
"you did beautifully my love" he cooed and kisses our daughter's crying head.
"I'll inform the family that the mother and child are well" Alfred quavered with a genuine smile
"thank you Alfred" I said with tears
He smiles and departs. Bruce moves the left side of my gown to expose my left breast. I nurse my daughter for the first time. I lay my bed back taking a deep breath. I ease my breathing. Bruce tenderly kisses my lips. He parts with a soft smile on his face and his eyes water.
He cups my cheeks "thank you"
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morgansunflower · 7 days ago
Wholeheartedly 1/2
Bruce Wayne/Batman X Wife! Reader
Batmom! Reader
Warnings: non
A tornado watch becomes a warning and a very pregnant Batmom is trying to deal with her daughter's impatience to arrive.
Cassandra's P. O. V
I sit in my room on my phone light on as I read my favorite book. The power has been out for half an hour from severe weather. Tornado watch in Gotham. We've been given strict orders to stay in the Manor. I hear footsteps within the hallway. Their slow and steady. Mom. Ever since she's been carrying my new baby sister, she has endured pain I hate to helplessly watch or hear. A little stuffed bear with a mini batman cowl was, on my nightstand for my little sister. I then hear Mom inhale sharply. I swiftly shut my book and leave my room with my phone in hand. I see my mother's left hand against the doorframe to the hallway bathroom. Her eyes shut, face pained as her right hand held her round bump.
"mom" I softly said to make myself known
She opens her eyes, lifts her tired head to me with a forced smile. She lovingly cradles her bump. Her body is beyond exhausted from the pain.
"hey sweetie.. How are you? Did you I wake you up?" she softly asked
I gently shook my head no and took her hand to assist her to her room. I hope she's OK. I hope my baby sister is OK. We slowly step to her room. I open the door and help her to her bed. She let's go of my hand. I move the covers before she could. She softly smiled and lays in the bed on her side facing me. I lay the covers on her
"thanks sweetie" she yawned
I gently nod. Maybe I should stay? Should I call dad? Should I see if she needs anything else? I hear a loud thunder the storm worsening. She gently nodded her head beside her. I turn my flashlight on my phone off. I carefully move to my Dad's side of the bed and lay in middle of the bed. I hear her breathing remain uncalmed. Oh no. I turn my phone on and turn the brightness down. I text my sister's in the group chat. I told them about mom and how much pain she seems to be in.
(Barbie) I'm sure she's OK. It's probably just false labor but she is do in a week though 🤔😬... -
That's not comforting.
(Barbie)- just looked at the satellite no sign of the storm calming the down anytime soon.. Where's mom? -
-in bed trying to rest-
(Steph) - Aww OK shit! Let's uh...Babs what's the plan?-
My heart physically heavies I look at mom. I'm so worried. I then hear her softly wince. She breaths painfully.
- I think she's having another contraction! -
I place my hand on her shoulder "mom" I softly said
Y/N's P. O. V
I feel my daughter's gentle touch on my shoulder. I wanted to tell her I'm okay.. Though she know I'd be lying. I breath through my contraction. I ease my breathing. I softly smile. Cassandra takes my hand.
"I'm ok now sweetheart just a little contraction is all" I'm not even sure I believe myself
She lays her head on my shoulder "no mom" she said
She let's go of my hand and moves off the bed. What is she doing? She steps to my side of the bed. She takes my hand. Then I feel another pain stabbing contraction.
"breath mom" she's so worried
I listen to her words breathing through my contraction. Shit I'm in labor. I've been like this for 45 minutes straight. The contractions lasted five minutes. It's time. I move my elbow onto the bed and sit up. I place my hand on my swollen abdomen with my other still in Cassandra's grasp. A flash of lighting provides light on us.
"I don't think your little sister is going to wait" I said with a soft smile
I make myself stand both my daughter and I lock arm's. We slowly step to the elevator that we placed years ago for Babs, when she was shot and was in her wheelchair. I hate remembering that. I hear more footsteps and see all my children with their flashlights on from their phones.
"whoa mom you don't look too good!" Dick exclaimed
"what are you all doing out of bed?" I asked, no! No! I don't want them to be there. They'll be helplessly worried for hours on end.
"there's a tornado warning safest place is in the Bat--" Barbara stammers as I squint my eyes as a contraction comes again "Mom are you in labor?"
"where is Father?" Damian asked
"fuck Mom why do you always worry about us first?!" Jason asked with rage, he's so worried
"Jay cool it!" Barbara demanded
"well it's obvious she's in a lot of fucking pain and ain't gonna get any prettier" he added
My contraction stops "because I love you all" I softly answer
Tim folded his arms taking a deep breath. Jason was angered as he popped his knuckles. Barbara turns her flashlight off and steps to me. Damian lowered his head unable to look at anyone. Dick gazes to me with his eyes narrow and face saddened. Stephanie held Tim's arm. I hate to cause my children so much anguish.
"everyone let's cool down. Girl's you stay here with Ma and help her to the cave. Damian, Tim and I are going to get lots of towels and..." Dick stops and looks at me sympathetically
"diaper bag on my dresser" I answered
"got it! Now go lay down on the stretcher or whatever and we'll take care of everything for you mom" Dick assured kissing my head
The boy's all look at me one last time and then run off. The girl's and I make our way to the elevator that was hooked to the Bat-caves power. We step in. Cassandra types the code to the cave in. As it lowers I feel another contraction. Both Cassandra and Stephanie hold my hands. I softly squeeze their hands from the sharp pain. I breath through the contraction. I need to lay down right now!
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squishneedsahero · 7 days ago
Building Bonds
Awesomest of Them All 2.0
Part 3 of 13
Word Count: 1259
Batman x Batmom!Reader
You know what the bat family needs? Someone to pull them together and give them all the love they deserve. Who better to do that than you? An author rising to stardom in Gotham who catches the eye of a billionaire with your standoffish attitude at a huge social gathering. You are yourself and never pretend to be more or less than that. Plus you're the most stubborn person in the world, refusing to let good things go without reason.
This is a rewrite of my story Awesomest of Them All, I wanted to see how much I've improved over 3 years.
"You sure you want to take him with?" Bruce asks.
You look up from packing, "Yes Bruce, have you ever known me to not be sure of something?" You move out of your bedroom to sit on your couch next to Bruce.
He wraps his arms around your waist, "He can be quite the handful," as he speaks you lean against his chest.
"I know," you pause, "but we've been dating for over a year now, and I want to get to know Dick better."
Bruce sighs, "Alright, I'm going to head home and I'll let him know," he stands up and you do as well.
"I'll come pick him up tonight," you lead Bruce to the door of your apartment.
"I'll see you then," he leans in and kisses you before leaving.
"Hello Miss l/n," Alfred greets you at the door.
"Hi Alfred," you say shaking his hand because what else are you supposed to do when someone won't just call you y/n? As soon as you step inside you hear a shout.
"Y/n!" Dick exclaims running up to you and wrapping his arms around you in a hug.
"Hi Dick! Are you ready to go?"
"Almost," Dick releases you and goes to grab his bags.
When you stand up from hugging the boy you feel two arms wrap around your waist from behind you. "Hello you," You say turning around to face Bruce as he holds you tighter.
"Be safe," Bruce says before he kisses you and you kiss back, not as long as you'd like as you hear a gagging noise behind you.
You smirk and pull away from the kiss, "No promises, conventions can be quite dangerous," you release from the hug as you lay a hand dramatically across your forehead. You then turn to face Dick, "you ready now?"
"Then let's go," You say going to help him carry his bags. You take the duffel bag from the eleven year old and throw it over your shoulder. "See You next week," you say kissing Bruce one last time.
"See ya," Dick says hugging Bruce then Alfred.
"Be good," Bruce says ruffling Dicks hair.
"Goodbye Master Dick," Alfred says hugging the boy back.
"Were driving?" Dick asks when he sees how packed your car is.
"Well I am, but yes we're driving," you reply to his question.
"Cool," Dick says, "we usually just fly to things, it's been a while since I've been on a road trip..." he trails off sounding slightly down.
"You get to be the D.j.," you say waving at the radio, trying to lighten the mood as you get what he's saying about the last time he'd been on a road trip, as it was probably last with his parents, the flying Graysons.
"Really?" Dick looks at the radio then back to you excitedly.
"Yup. We'll listen to whatever you want to," you say, smiling at him.
He turns on the radio and finds the aux cord and plugs it into his phone and hits shuffle. He's heard the weird music you listen too, a little bit of everything so he knows you won't judge his taste in music. He obviously still picks a playlist he thinks you'd approve of that is all Disney music since that's always a safe bet to play around adults when you're only 10.
The two of you bond during the long drive to Metropolis, singing along to all the classics such as Under the Sea and Hakuna Matata. The both of you share a joint hotel room for the night, Dick in his own room to be sure he's comfortable and knows he is free to have boundaries with you. The two of you go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and bump into some reporter who apparently knows both Dick and Bruce relatively well.
The tall broad shouldered man introduces himself as Clark Kent and you introduce yourself just for Clark's girlfriend Lois to ask you for an interview while you're in town.
You're about to turn her down but Dick answers for you, saying he's sure you'd love too and he'd just go hang out with Clark for a while. It's a little odd but you go with it since Dick seems so excited about it. After talking for a while and setting up a time to meet they leave the restaurant to let you and Dick finish your dinner and desert before going back to the hotel.
The two of you walk into the convention center and Dick exclaims, "Woah! This is awesome!"
"Yeah, it is," you say following him where ever he went. You had let Dick pick the costumes so you were dressed as (Disney Princess) and him as (Quirky Sidekick), since today wasn't a day you had a panel for the third book of the series you were writing. "So, where to first?"
He shrugs, "I don't know," he keeps craning his neck to look around, "I've never been to one of these before."
You shake your head and tsk softly, "come on, I'll teach you how to enjoy a comicon kiddo," you gently take his hand and lead the way incognito over to the artists alley.
The main reason you gave Dick for being dressed up was so less people would recognize you since you really had blown up in popularity since releasing your first and second books and the third being released this year.
In the artists alley you both look at all the cool stickers and pins that they had made. You get lots of stuff since you could now afford to actually support the artists with more than a like and a follow.
As the two of you wander you come across someone who had drawn some merch for your series. Their art was amazing, catching the character's personalities perfectly. It's as you're talking with the artist about their different work that they suddenly recognize you as y/n l/n and not as just another fan.
You smile and laugh softly, this was the one reason you enjoyed being a public figure, so that you could make people's days in such a small way by just liking their art or smiling at them. Anyways, Dick is hungry so you hurry along since you know he won't complain as he's used to Bruce getting held up. Anyways you quickly get the artist's contact information and take a picture with them, letting them know they can share it that night once the con was over for the day.
After that you move on with Dick to find some junk food to eat and a couple panels to sit in on. Over all the two of you have an amazing week together, bonding over movies, music and food. You get interviewed by Lois who is just as confused as you are as to how Clark and Dick know each other. Then you have a fan panel yourself at the con, answering lots of fan's questions. Plus the fact that you finally found someone to be the official artist for your books.
With a week spent together you and Dick are closer than ever. The two of you hadn't been not close but without Bruce and Alfred not around to buffer your interactions you have closer to what you think a mother son relationship should be like. After that week spent together you head back home to Gotham, the two of you had had fun but it would be nice to get back to normal life once again.
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