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some old-er-ish sketches, including stand ocs (blue bat babey is white knuckles, spiky bird thing is freewill, will probably post more of them someday) as well as some ova kak redraws bc I love his facial expressions so much!

I can’t believe I didn’t post that sweater kak with the cocoa I love him so much!!?!!!!

strongly considering an art sideblog?

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What it feels to have corona? - Video based on true story.

Link -

I thought they’ll find the vaccine before I’ll meet the deadline 😂, took me 2 weeks, make sure to check it out.

#corona #coronavirusmemes😂😂😂 #coronavirus #china #bats #pandemic #epidemic #truestory #cure #survive #sick #animation #motiongraphic #motiondesign #motion #characterdesign #rigging #aftereffects #AE #washyourhands #socialdistancing

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Of course stated in many scifi papers on web, they have an

  • immune system: which is acting not so inflaming on such viruses and by releasing the Interferon in their body they can stop the huge infection rate of body cells by stopping the entry mechanism into cell
  • organ system: have due flying around an higher blood circulation and metabolism level

    But why do they have such immune system? Of course since billions of years they developed it by evolution. Flying around, eating different species of insects, spiders etc. and in case of fruit bats the fruits. And each insect and fruit has its own germs (viruses and bacteria and molds). Also fruits are manytime bitten by other species (apes running on trees, birds, etc.), leaving some fruit rests with infectious saliva, fecal and cells on the fruits.

    Due to that continuous attacking by different germs of different species and due to the living in herd of millions and their ability to spread new germs cultures very fast they are predestined bio-reactors for new viruses and germs

    Any bat individuum which can not continue the fight / race between bat organism and germs drops down to death (and therefore the caves of bat colonies are the real existing hell - darkness and missing solar UV-light, fecal many ft height, deadly germs, heat about 40°C, thousand insects like cockroaches eating bat fecal, poisonous snakes hunting bats, ticks, dead bats fallen down and skellets offering nutrition for such even dangerous insects, germs and perhaps also pangoline…)  
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Autumn misread my status on Discord when I was playing Paradigm and saw “phat beatsies” for “phat batsies” and so left with this….

The temptation to call him Beelzebatt is overwhelming…

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