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addison-wayne18 · 29 minutes ago
Lex:Ra's al Ghul a pleasure to meet you personally
Me:Luthor ,I see you are competent enough to not address me as Ghu.
Lex:Ra's al Ghul is a title which means The head of the demon if my Arabic is correct and it's a neutral name,but we aren't here to discuss your name we are here because you accepted to be a part of the Legion of Doom
Me:The other Ra's al Ghul was a part of this and didn't end well how can you prove me you won't disappoint me?
Lex:Belive Ra's with your genius and your money, the legion will be much more efficient so what do you say ?
Me:I say that I'll see you at the headquarters tomorrow Luthor
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tiff-the-tumbler · 3 hours ago
Being CisHet? In this economy? Who do you take me for?
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a-wayne-child · 8 hours ago
Reasons Why Clark Kent is a horrible father
Clark Kent & Lola Kent: with her he generally acts like she’s not as capable as him, which when she had her first boyfriend led to a breakup. He also said and I quote, “SOMETIMES I WISH THAT ABORTION HAD WORKED” soooooo that speaks for itself, this is besides the point but she was barely eleven at the time.
Clark Kent & Jon Lane Kent: Laney was declared dead, and Clark managed to misplace his infant son’s corpse. I don’t-
Clark Kent & Mia Kent: He abandoned her
Clark Kent & Connor Kent: He abandoned him, with his parents and batman on occasion.
Clark Kent & Pearl Wayne: His bastard daughter conceived at his bachelor party, who he pretends doesn’t exist even though she’s friends with his favorite child Jon S. Kent.
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addison-wayne18 · 8 hours ago
The differences between Addison and this heroes are very big compared to our heroes
She is very close with Supergirl and she can't stand kryptonians
Flash is trying to "steal" Addie evry te and get her in his city to do God knows what while our Flash thinks she is a vilian
She makes fun of Superman within the limits of good sense in our world not so much ....
Black Lighting he looks after her in our world never talked
Green Arrow she respects him very much almost as much as she respect her dad and Alfred
Batwoman they are bitching about Bruce .Addie and Batwoman in our world they shook hands once and that was it
Sara she is her third favorite assassin ,does she exist in our world ?
Seriously it doesn't surprise me she likes this place more but she doesn't know where Batman and her siblings are
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Batsis and the height issue
Batfam x Batsis
*gif has nothing to do with story, it’s just cute*
Tumblr media
The bat family was known for being tall, well all except for one.
Y/n is the shortest in the family, she always has been.
Which is why she hates taking pictures with her siblings.
Her father at 6’2
Jason and Alfred at 6’0
Dick at 5’10
Tim at 5’6
Damien at 5’5 and still growing
And her an average height of 5’4.
She loved the manor, but everything was built for a tall person basically.
Jason would pick her up and lift her to shelves, which was helpful. But he could’ve just grabbed it..
“You’ve could’ve reached it without lifting me”
“Yeah but this is more fun”
“For who!!”
“Me duh”
Dick and Tim were the easiest on her because they weren’t the tallest in the family.
And convos have been heard such as:
“If I amputated you at the knee you would be shorter than me!!”
“But why to my knee!!”
“Because a cannibal wouldn’t want half a calf! Or do you want me to take the whole leg?!”
“You’re going to sell them to a cannibal?! But how much though?”
“Idk the highest bidder I guess”
*sighing from Bruce
Damien was the worst about it
“When I’m taller than you…”
“If you get taller kid, your mom wasn’t 6’0. So who knows maybe you won’t get much taller?”
“You take that back or..”
“Or what? I’m short and a woman, what more could you do to me that society and anatomy hasn’t?”
“I’ll figure something out”
“Let me know when you do!”
Alfred was sweet
“I hid your sweets in a place your brothers won’t find it.”
“Thank you!”
He also placed things you like on shelves you can reach without help.
This included rearranging a entire bookshelf on one level in the manor library.
It was a pain but the joy you got from it was worth it.
Your father was a pain sometimes
“If only you were a smidge taller y\n “
“For what? To be your lab rat? No thanks”
“Why am I at the store with you?”
“Because you’re tall, and you can grab things I can’t duh”
“Wear heels, then you can reach”
“Twisting/breaking my ankles isn’t worth it. Especially when everyone around me is naturally tall”
Which you had a point.
When it came to family pictures you were always near the bottom for obvious reasons. But one time you had a photographer take pictures, and your brothers kneeled so you got to be behind them.
It’s amazing, you have a 12x12 copy of it on your wall.
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addison-wayne18 · 13 hours ago
She has a company ,she is rich,black hair ,smart,green eyes,beautiful and she is 29
Tumblr media
She is a :kryptonian ,smart,has a stable job,funny ,blue eyes,beautiful and she is 27
Tumblr media
And here's Addie who can be their child for several reasons
Tumblr media
Bruce they might try and adopt her....or Midnighter and Apollo will either way someone is trying to adopt
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ragingbookdragon · 15 hours ago
“Are we really surprised she brought someone like him home?”
"Are we really surprised she brought someone like him home?"
The two men glared at the man she was giggling with, shoving her face into his bicep in order to muffle the very unladylike snorts that were passing her lips. The man was laughing too, tears rolling down his cheeks and at one point, they ended up collapsing onto the floor in hysterics.
“Are we really surprised she brought someone like him home?” Dick asked. “I mean, really…you put the hopeless romantic in a room with the typical-definition tsundere. Like…what did you expect to happen?”
Bruce turned his glare onto Dick. “Shut up and help me break Kyle and your sister up.”
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visionofhope04 · 15 hours ago
Psycho Batsis Headcannon
So since I'm still working on Neglect - Part 4 Ending 1 which is at like 3k words rn and doing a project at the same time since I feel bad cuz I've made you guys wait weeks heres something rq for the time being lol
And also like this idea has been stuck in my head for the past week soooo
Btw I mention taking lives away in here and stuff like that so if you don't like that stuff you probably shouldn't read
So you're Damian's older bio sister by 2 years
Bruce and Talia's oldest child
You lived in the League with Damian
It was originally planned that you would be the leader of the League and Damian would be a backup option
However that backfired on them
You expressed emotions all the time and didn't listen at all
You had the skills and smarts, you just didn't have the obedience they wanted
You also killed just because you wanted to
Most of the time it was for revenge over something small or because you were bored
You always killed using poison since you were obsessed with it and could make it yourself
either it be poison on a dagger, in someone's food, water etc
Poison was always involved which is how they knew it was you
The poison left no traces but since they knew of your obsession it was quite obviously you
Your mother and grandfather didn't approve of you wasting your talent
When the League fell, you went off on your own
Damian thought you were dead and never mentioned you
You traveled to Gotham as you knew that was where Damian was staying with your father
You became a known ruthless mafia boss called Viper at 16
Everyone called you that because of your poison obsession of course
They thought you were 20 since you acted mature
No one knew what you looked like cause obviously after being trained as an assassin for your whole childhood you wouldn't make a mistake like that
Most people thought you were a ghost story
You stayed under the radar until you were 18
There started to be more sightings of you
Eventually Red Hood heard about you taking over various gangs and how you had taken over some previously controlled by him
He was never notified because you killed everyone there
He was mad that he didn’t realize sooner
Every time he got a lead, it was a dead end
He couldn’t believe you were THAT good on your own so he knew you had been trained but didn’t know by who
After countless failed attempts he asked Bruce and the others for help
So since I might turn this into a fanfic after I finish the neglected series what do you think? Would you be interested in it?
This is also my first time doing a head cannon so sorry if I did it wrong lol
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florence-wayne-official · 15 hours ago
Why am i taking it so serious? Because there is little to none good representation for South Asians. And trust me i have and countless others have tried to get it through DC writers. Some listen some don’t. Also why i came to your page is because you are actually the first one i seen. And actually every...every little representation matters! Especially if they ethnic group is barely represented and is treated horribly. If you think that your page doesn’t need to be better represented... then YOU can go fuck off.
Psst. Hey. How about: if you don’t like my content, fucking leave.
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florence-wayne-official · 15 hours ago
First never said that you were racist i was just trying to figure things out.. everyone else on the page is fine if i had a problem with them i would have messaged them.
Second i’m a minor too
Third i never said to change your whole page personally i like people doing stuff like this. The first post that caught my eye was your face claim for Damian Wayne in which i felt as you were whitewashing him. In many comics that i read he was drawn with like a tan-ish skin tone. I mean if you feel as if you’re not whitewashing them then just ignore this... but like i sated i thought you were and was gonna message you.. but they’re not working on my end.
Calingoutwhitecomicfans: I never said you were racist
Also callingoutwhitecomicfans, barely 10 minutes ago: *heavily implying that I’m racist because of like two faceclaims*
Also I’m not a minor, I’m 18, 19 in a few days. I said a few of the people in this rp are minors.
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florence-wayne-official · 16 hours ago
But like your using WHITE people for people who is mixed... like there’s better options for face claims.
Deadass just shut the fuck up. Literally every faceclaim used in this rp is white. It fucking happens. Representation is important but literally why are you taking this so seriously. This is a rp of young adults and minors just trying to have fun on tumblr of all fucking apps. If you’re so bothered about representation, go fucking complain to DC/Warner Brothers instead of whining to a bunch of teens trying to have fun.
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florence-wayne-official · 16 hours ago
And if you don’t understand how Talia characterization just look up “Dragon Lady Trop” or just click the link on my page.
As for the whitewashing just pretend to be Selina’s and Bruce’s stop trying to take the little representation that South Asians have.
Ooc: dude. Not everything someone does is racist. I’m not whitewashing any of the characters in this rp. I’m aware of the cultural history of the characters in DC. There are Asian-American mixed people that are white passing. There are Asian-American mixed people that don’t pass as white at all. It’s something called diversity. This character has been established as a Bruce/Talia kid and I’m not going to completely change a character and all of the development I’ve put her through just because one entitled bitchass on the internet is bothered.
Shut the fuck up. There is so much actual representation in this rp that you could be paying attention to, but your just complaining and yapping your goddamn mouth off about a minor, unimportant detail. So disrespectfully, fuck off my blog unless you’re going to be respectful.
Smh, this rp was started because I’m a bored 18 year old that loves DC. Literally shut the fuck up. Most of the people I rp with are young adults or minors. Stop bothering kids that are just trying to have fun and do something better with your time
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ragingbookdragon · 16 hours ago
“Sometimes I wonder how you got past the second grade.”
"Sometimes I wonder how you got past the second grade."
“It’s not impossible. All you gotta do is just look at the plans and then it’ll all make sense.”
She blinked, picking up the paper and she paused, twisting and turning it upside down and sideways and downwards before putting it down and deadpanning, “Sometimes I wonder how you got past the second grade.”
“Okay, first of all that's, rude. Secondly, why?”
“Your trajectory is wrong, Hal. You shoot this off and it’ll end up in orbit, not over Manhattan.”
“So, help me fix it! C’mon! You’re my only hope of pulling this off on Kyle!”
“I love you!”
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florence-wayne-official · 16 hours ago
Ok... you’re still white passing... unless you’re not using your real face which is still....?
Ooc: Literally this is a rp. I’m not using my real face. None of the other members of this rp are using their real face. Every picture you see on these blogs are faceclaimed from celebrities, and they’re tagged as such.
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florence-wayne-official · 16 hours ago
And on top of that Rose is also white..... you just LOVE to whitewash huh???
Ooc: Literally never said she was white. I found a faceclaim for her that was similar to the comics. I’m aware she’s mixed because her mother is Asian. But like.
Comic Rose:
Tumblr media
Bright fucking blue eyes. White hair. Pale skin. Primarily white features.
My faceclaimed Rose (Nastya Kusakina):
Tumblr media
Bright fucking blue eyes. Very blonde hair. Pale skin. Primarily white features.
Like. If you’re gonna be mad, at least do it about something I actually stated in my rp. I never said either my character, Florence, was 100% white, and it was never implied. I just picked a faceclaim I thought would suit the character that I’d created. I never once brought up the race of either Florence or Rose. I just happened to use faceclaims that are white people, but I’m fully aware of the cultural background of the characters.
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florence-wayne-official · 16 hours ago
You’re literally white..... playing Talia’s and Bruce’s child... a white man and woc child... a MIXED child???
Again,,, never said I was white
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florence-wayne-official · 16 hours ago
Why are you WHITE playing a mixed child??? Being a sister to a MIXED CHILD??? On top of that... your following the RACIST WRITING Talia has....
,,,anon I deadass never said I was white
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ragingbookdragon · 16 hours ago
Ooo ‘this is why I’m pretending to be your boyfriend?! Just to piss off your dad?!’
"This is why I'm pretending to be your boyfriend?! Just to piss off your dad?!"
He grabbed her wrist and yanked her from the socialite she was talking to. “Hey! What’s the big—”
“This is just a game, huh! This is why I’m pretending to be your boyfriend?! Just to piss off your dad?!”
She recoiled. “What? Where’d you hear that from?”
Hal pointed to Damian across the room. “From your little-brat brother.”
“And you believed him, Hal?” she rolled her eyes. “Why would you believe Damian? He thrives on psychological games.”
He paused. “So…we’re not pretending?”
She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Take me to bed and I’ll show you I’m not.”
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butwhyduh · 16 hours ago
Alone Time
Tumblr media
Garth of Shayeris x batsis!reader
Warning: smut, being cockblocked so many times. Canon has no home here.
It didn’t take long for you to figure out that you needed your own place in San Francisco. The tower was nice, free, had food and friend. It even made work simple. But there was absolutely no privacy besides at 3 am in your locked room and with certain metas, you weren’t even sure that was private.
You been dating Garth for a few months and there had been a learning curve for sure. He was not used to dating land dwellers and you had never dated an Atlantean and that provided a challenge. Garth learned gentle was not actually as easy as he thought. And you found Atlantean biology unique.
Garth had to hold back. A lot. The first few times he had gotten farther than a few chaste kisses had you pulling back with the intensity. “Softer, please. Not so rough,Garth,” you breathed after his tongue had darted in your mouth like a military invasion.
“Sorry! Sorry,” Garth had quickly answered, his cheeks reddened. His kisses had gone back to simply chaste. You had to encourage him to kiss you more because of his fear of hurting you.
Another time you came across something no land dweller had: gills. Garth had figured out how to gently explore your mouth and was pretty good at it and you finally had some alone time for once. You pulled back just enough to kiss along his jaw. Little nibbles and licks that had him moving toward your touch. Garth’s hands were feather soft against your skin.
You kissed his chin and down the center of his throat with your eyes closed and moved to kiss the pulse point that most air breathers liked but you felt something different and Garth kinda froze. You pulled away to look at him and realized you kissed his gills.
“Did I do something wrong?” You asked concerned. Did that hurt? Or was it bad?
“No. I mean, it was just weird. I’ve never been kissed there. Kinda like getting kissed on the lung, you know?” He said with a little smile as if to say ‘I’m fine.’
“Not really. If you can kiss my lung, I’m in a very bad spot,” you joked and Garth chuckled and nodded. “But I won’t do it again if you don’t like it. On us,” you said, pulling hair from your throat to show him. “There are spots about here and here,” you motioned to your pulse points. “That are sensitive and feel good. They’re probably different on you.”
“Here?” Garth said, pressing his lips to your throat. You breathed in quickly and nodded. “And here?” He asked before straight up licking the other side. You moaned softly. You nodded and Garth had a mischievous smile on his face. He licked and kissed and nipped at your pulse points until you were holding his shoulders, making little noises.
“I’d say a similar structure on Atlanteans are here and here,” he pointed to spots near his collarbones. “As far as reactions.”
“Noted,” you said looking at the spots. “But they’re pretty sensitive on us too,” you replied before kissing them. You nipped at one spot and his gills fluttered slightly and you pulled back.
“Are you okay?” You asked and he opened his eyes confused. “Do you need water?”
“Why do you ask that?”
“Well, your gills..”
“Oh,” Garth said, turning red. “You know when you breathed in fast when I kissed your neck? That’s kinda the same thing. But we pull from both the lungs and gills. It’s isn’t... weird, is it?”
“No. Of course not. I just didn’t know. The only time I’ve seen you do that was when you needed water,” you admitted.
“It can happen other times...” he trailed off.
“Don’t think twice about it. Just wanted to make sure you were okay,” you said before kissing his lips. Garth tried to pull you on his lap to almost toss you on the floor. You grabbed his shoulder to stop yourself with a yelp.
“Sorry! Again,” he said. “I forgot how light you are,” he said and compared to Atlanteans of similar size, you were probably at least 50 lbs lighter. They are so much denser in muscles.
“It’s okay-“
“Is Garth in your room? We have a mission,” said Kori knocking at your door and you sighed. Garth winced and shrugged.
“Yeah, he’ll be there soon,” you called. “It’s okay. We’ll hang out later,” you said before kissing his cheek and climbing off the bed.
It was a few weeks later and you were at the tower alone in his room. A pizza box sat empty on a chair and a movie played on a laptop. But it was completely ignored by you both.
Currently you were on top of him, with your mouth on his. Your hand had slid under his shirt and he was squeezing your breasts through your shirt. You pulled back and pulled your shirt off.
“Hmm,” he said making a little pleased noise before touching all over your bra. It and his shirt soon joined your clothes on the floor and you were flipped over. Garth had kissed down the column of your neck and across your upper chest before finally playing with your breasts. He left soft wet kisses across the skin before wrapping his lips around your nipple unexpectedly. Your body arched off the bed into his touch and you made a little moan.
Your phone started to ring and you smashed the side button without looking. Garth switched sides to give both breasts attention. Your phone rang again. You sighed.
“Do you need to-“
“Ignore it. We’re busy,” you breathed pushing the side button again. Garth kissed the valley between your breasts. He kissed down your stomach and you inhaled quickly with each kiss. When his lips were near your hipbones and his fingers were pulling at the button of your pants, your phone rang yet again. You groaned loudly before grabbing it.
“What?” You said roughly. Garth simply laid his head in your stomach to look up at you on the phone. “Now? Why on gods green earth do I need to be in Gotham, now?.... I’m a little busy..... not a case. Fine! I’ll be in Gotham soon.... I can’t tell you exactly-soon!” You said before hanging up. Garth looked up at you wistfully.
“I’m guessing you’re leaving,” he said.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I really want to stay but...” you said throwing on clothing.
“Gotham. Batdad?” He suggested and you nodded.
“Yep! Batman,” you said before leaning over Garth to give him a slow deep kiss while holding his jaw. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”
“Sure. Be safe.”
It was almost 4 months and the farthest you had gone was shirt off makeout and honestly you were losing your mind. You were never alone. The tower was full. Bruce kept call you for minor Gotham emergencies. You were half a second from blocking him on your phone.
You were at your own apartment. After M’gann had informed you that you think loudly in an embarrassed tone while you were imagining Garth absolutely railing you in the kitchen as you stirred pasta, that was the final straw. You moved out of the tower and it was a little bittersweet. You didn’t have a perfect saltwater pool for Garth to swim in so he couldn’t stay over for days at a time.
But then again, you couldn’t climb into his lap and toss his game controller on to the coffee table at the tower. Garth made a small ‘oh’ sound before sliding his hands up your thighs. You grasped his jaw with both hands and roughly kissed him. You didn’t worry about being too much. He was Atlantean and could handle it.
You pulled back and yanked your shirt off and Garth pulled his off as well before attacking your chest. You held his hair in your fingers as he licked and sucked at your breasts. One of Garth’s hands slid down to unbutton your shorts. You felt fingers move into your panties to play in your folds. Okay, yes. Finally, you thought.
Garth kissed back up to your lips before sliding a finger inside you. You moaned against his lips. “Yes,” you breathed and you could feel his smirk against your skin. After a little bit, he slid in a second finger and your hands moved down to his belt.
“Anyone hooo-mme....” Tim called out before stopping. You froze in your position. You were both shirtless, Garth’s hand was in your pants, and you were frantically trying to open his belt. You turned to see it was much worse than you thought it was going to be.
Tim was staring at the ceiling, Dick had his hand over his face, and Jason was looking with a face that could murder. You both moved your hands and you went to get up but Garth stopped you quickly. His face was red and you realized he was obviously hard and only your body was blocking the view.
“What are y’all doing here?” You asked furiously. Jason was now also looking at the ceiling.
“We thought we would take our sister to lunch but I guess you’re pretty fucking busy,” Jason said. “Gillhead? Really?”
“That’s pretty rude,” Garth said with a frown and you felt him tense a little. You placed a hand on his chest to calm him.
“Anyways, we’re going to leave now,” Dick said practically dragging Jason along. “Lock your damn door next time.”
“We’ll call next time,” Tim said quietly.
After the door closed, you sighed before standing up to lock it. You walk back over to Garth with a hopeful smile.
“Back where we were?”
“Lost the urge. Seeing most of your brothers kinda does that to me,” he said and you nodded, sitting beside him.
“Yeah. Next time I am going to lock the door with traps so elaborate that it would make the Riddler blush so no one can come in,” you said and he smiled.
“Now I see the resemblance between you and your brothers.”
“Okay so I rented us a hotel room at a place I’ve never stayed under a fake name I’ve never used before and told the staff that we will have no visitors. I also paid off the bellhops and maid that we were never here,” you said pulling off Garth’s shirt as you walked towards the large bathroom.
“It’s it all necessary?” He asked a little bemused. “Pretty,” he commented looking around.
“They asked if I wanted it romantic and I said sure and they chose this but I can’t say that it doesn’t works,” you said as you both looked at the bathroom. Probably 15 candles were lit on every surface and roses floated in a giant stone hot tub style bath that was steamy with warm water. The room smelled faintly of vanilla.
Garth touched the water with his fingers while watching you pull off your clothing. You pulled off your shirt and shimmed out of your pants and Garth made a little humming noise at the sight of you in a simple shear lacy black set. It wasn’t crazy but was just perfect.
You suddenly felt a little self conscious. This was the first time he’d seen you without clothing on. Garth pulled you close and kissed your forehead and cheek and shoulder. “This might be a bit much but I definitely appreciate it,” he said. His hands ran along the lace around your waist before pulling you close by the ass. “Really appreciate it.”
You pulled at his belt and Garth shrugged his pants and boxers off in one move. Atlanteans were not really prudish with clothing. He pulled you to the bath and you both in while you still wore clothing. You yelped and laughed as some of the water sloshed out.
“I’m still dressed, you nut,” you laughed.
“I can fix that,” Garth answered with a roguish grin. “Shit, I forgot condoms.”
“I’m going to kill you,” you said, glaring at him. “You know what? I’m clean and on birth control. You?”
“Clean as a clam.”
“Are they? Are they clean?” You asked.
“Yeah, they clean the water around them and everything,” he answered.
“Okay, new info. We’ll talk about how bad clam metaphors are later. Anyways, I’d be willing if you are,” you said and he looked you over.
“Like I’d say no to that kind of offer,” Garth mumbled, kissing the side of your mouth. He pushed your underwear to the side and before he could do any kind of foreplay, you lowered yourself on his cock. You inhaled quickly. He felt amazing and it had been a long time coming.
“God, Garth,” you whined, just sitting on him.
“Yeah,” he breathed in the crook of your neck. You started moving. The roses and water sloshed around, ignored by you both. You arched your back in pleasure and he took the opportunity to hold your waist and pepper kisses all over your chest. He popped the wet bra off and tossed it somewhere unseen before going back to your chest.
You felt his abs and crazy buff arms. The markings along his skin. You almost smiled at the sight of both his lips open in breath and his gills fluttering slightly. He thrust up into you and you made a mewling noise. There was so many advantages of his strength. Garth held you up and thrusted up into you quickly. You gripped his shoulder as you saw stars.
“I- I- I’m close,” you gasped before clenching around him. Garth groaned but kept up the pace through your high before burying himself deep in release. You both rocked against each other in the afterglow.
“That was something,” you said breathlessly kissing him.
“Do you think we are done? I see a made bed in a hotel room. What an awful thing to waste,” Garth said giving you a look before picking you up leaving a trail of water from the bath to be bed.
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