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Watched this Netflix original about Kurt Russels legendary father, Bing (he starred in over 700 episodes of Bonanza) bought a ballpark in Portland , Oregon where a professional independent baseball team was formed

They shattered expectations, with a team full of players who were left behind by the sport, playing with a flair and fire that is not allowed or typically acceptable within the modest mystique of baseballs -unwritten rules-

One of the members of the team even went on to create Big League Chew chewing gum!

A great underdog story built and driven by passion and fire.

I loved it.

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Not the intended use of the Add Ons.

Yea, I’m wearing my Godtier outfit. I couldn’t think of anything better, and it’s what I usually wear anyway.

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(super long description ahead)

First of, this is a multifandom account now fuck it.

Second of, i played OFF :D

It’s an AMAZING game, with great characters, music and so on

Now about the stupid comic itself..

So basically, i was listening to the game over music called “Stay In Your Coma”, and while reading the comments i saw one comment about a headcanon that Zacharie is sitting around The Batter’s body after dying, singing the song and basically telling the player to not continue the game and to “stay in his coma”

Sooo i decided to make a comic about it! It’s a lil lazy but i still tried my best!

Hope u like it :^)

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