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theinvisibledreamergirl · 6 months ago
PART FIVE: “Some secrets remain secrets”
A.N: Heyoo everyone my shitty writing is back again! Don't know if you are going to enjoy this fic but just an explanation: these events happen before Dolores arrival at Edenbrook soo... yeah in the next fic be ready for some confessions.....
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“Jonah!” She called. “Come on buddy we’re going for a walk!”
He barked approvingly and both of them got out from her apartment. Sienna had told her to move together as interns into a new apartment so in that way they could know each other better along with Elijah, Jackie and Landry. But Klaw didn’t give her a straight answer saying that the apartment where she was staying was her cousin’s and couldn’t leave it. Of course- another lie. The thing was that Klaw didn’t want to leave anyone the perception of being ‘privileged’. She wanted to live a normal life without being worried of what her friends would’ve thought of her and also had a tendency not invading her (as Imelda would’ve called) infamous privacy. Simon suggested to her that she didn’t have to hide herself of being who she was.
“This is your decision of course but let me remind you- not all the secrets can last forever so it’s best if you move together with them in case if you don’t want them to suspect.”
And she promised to Sienna rethinking again the option. It wasn’t actually a rented apartment as anyone else in their first year as interns would have paid. It was a big penthouse bought by her which costed somehow millions of dollars. And she owned a big library too- with almost 200 books read (as a bookworm she was) going always with the quote of Cicero: “A room without books is like a body without a soul”. Yes- she had lots of money thanks to her parent’s fund after their death giving a huge contribution at their workplaces and also- her work with the Mercy Park Crew. The only thought of them- yearning.
Four years had passed since she last saw them and gave them the last goodbyes. She still remembered the scene when Mona was going to be arrested at hospital; Jason Shaw and the Brotherhood getting what they deserved; Ximena and Toby moving together as a couple; Logan, driving with his yellow Lamborghini escaping again from the cops and Colt- starting a new life far, far away from her in Singapore. It was cold breeze in Boston early morning and immediately she zipped her jacket until it reached her throat.
“Jonah we won’t go too far away okay? We will go the park and walk for an hour ‘cause afterwards mama is going to cut people and save their lives. Got it?”
He did his bark again agreeing with his loyal owner.
A week had passed since she started her work at Edenbrook with full of different tasks led by Dr. ‘Blue Jerk’. She would always have a stoic voice when it came to being professional with him and he liked it (but she didn’t know it of course). Not all interns could remain that seriousness, assurance and self-confidence like she did and sometimes he gave her some warnings for the way she worked. She wasn’t afraid of him but one look from his piercing blue eyes and felt her knees buckled knowing that she had a weakness spot for them.
The clock was around 4:50 AM and her shift would start at 6. ‘Such a great way to start your day’ she thought. Her morning routine was always running for at least an hour keeping her AirPods listening to Arctic Monkeys as the only way to waken up her body but this time her husky dog wasn’t at her neighbour Lola where she would always leave him. So for today was only walking. Minutes later she started to text someone whom she really missed all this time judging now by the clock in his place was 6:30 PM.
Tumblr media
When it came to lies Colt Kaneko was terrible at that task. Especially when you try to lie to Klaw Craig well- he would never accomplish it. He missed her a lot too. He was now the CEO of one of the most powerful car companies such as Hyundai in collaboration with Mercedes Benz in Singapore. Also he was the main manager of setting the dates of racing for the Formula 1 and MotoGP championships. Yes- he wasn’t anymore in dirty racing as he promised to his late father and Klaw to be a better person. With all of these duties he was really exhausted and stressed and was getting from time to time sleep disorder altogether with food because of his ‘stubborn restless ass’ as Klaw would say.  About the numbers well- whenever he was angry he would smash his phone into the ground or to a window always breaking it along with his SIM card. The reason was always when he couldn’t make a deal with other partners from sponsoring companies. And she knew it.
Tumblr media
Of course he knew who Ethan Ramsey was. With all of her ramblings in his car while she was a med student he learnt what cells and their organelles were, how important were surgical instructions, pre-operation and post-op and then as he would call them blah blah blah and infinitive blah-s. Thanks goodness he never attended biology nor chemistry classes. He would always find her laying in a couch clutching that goddamn infamous book after long nights racing with other competitors and saving always in the last time their crew. 
“For fuck’s sakes- don’t you ever get tired from these stupid bloody things?”
“Why do you say that?” She murmured. “This book is veryyy...” She yawned. “Important for me Colt. Is the only wa-”
“Yeah, yeah it’s the only way you can get through your med exams and then become a surgeon like Chef Ramsey right?” He said annoyingly while rolling his eyes.
She frowned. “His name is Ethan.”
“Alright that’s enough for today ma’am.” He snatched the book from her and threw it away. “Now you’re going to fuckin’ sleep and don’t even try to disagree with me because I make the rules here. Got it?” His curt tone sent a shiver in her spine.
She nodded slowly accepting that there was a battle she couldn’t win, as he watched her brown eyes reflecting with his so intensely. In that moment he wanted so badly, so much to kiss her, but he decided not to, instead saying almost in a whisper.
“Sweet dreams my boss.”
“You too mister.”
Colt was proud of what this woman had achieved in her life but couldn’t understand one thing- if she was so good at knowing the cars, the engines, the motors, the races then- why she involved herself in medical school knowing that it was bullshit? But little did he know at that time who she actually was and what was the reason behind all of it. And now- the only thing that wanted to do was teasing her about that stupid medical hero or as he would call- the ‘young bro of Gordon Ramsey’.
Tumblr media
I screwed it up didn’t I? Nice job Colt. You made her angry now. So far so great.
“Why is he such an asshole?” She groaned while smashing her phone to the shelter where she sat during texting. “Ugh I hate him!”
She lied to him when said that Simon was calling her because it was the only way to escape from Mr. Kaneko’s ‘never-ending teases’ knowing he despised that man. While she was rubbing her forehead in frustration she tilted her head to the left only to see that Jonah was missing.
She tried to stay convinced that he was hiding in a bush as he always did when playing together but he wasn’t there. He would never leave her alone without a sign and started to get panicked.
“Buddy, where are you? Please don’t scare me okay?”
No sign or response from him. Again she was shouting and tried to whistle.
Meanwhile at Dr. Griffin and Dr. Tyler’s apartment...
After a long shower which made his shoulders more comfortable now he was wrapping a towel in his waist and opened the door only to see his bed empty. Even though she wasn’t there he took a look at the wrinkled sheets and god- last night was crazy for both of them and enjoyed it so much. They were madly in love with each other and couldn’t resist every time they would glance up or work together in operation rooms. Klaw gave them a warn when she saw them again curled up in the on-call room and he chuckled while remembering it.
“Both of you are going to die from this heavy daily make out! Why can’t you just stop from this disgustin- ew!” She threw her hands in air and slammed the door.
Dan inhaled a good smell that was coming from the kitchen meaning that she had prepared his favourite English breakfast meal. But instead of seeing her with a wide smile she was tapping her foot on the floor and her right hand was covering his laptop placed in the desk.
“Good morning, Daniel!”
Shit I’m so fucked up she didn’t even call me Dan.
He always hated people who called him in his full name or better saying- he felt worried because every time they would call him Daniel then something wasn’t right.
“Morning my love!” He put on a brave face as if calming the storm that was coming.
“Don’t even try to seduce me with that smile of yours Griffin!” She said in an angrily voice.
Another bad move.
“Why? I didn’t do anythi-.” She didn’t let him again finish the sentence while glaring at him.
“And don’t even try to unwrap your towel cause I’m going to cut it without hesitation!”
He gulped.
“You know that I can do that right?” She raised her eyebrows in a challenge.
Don’t play with the fire Danny.
“Y-yeah of course I know it heh.” He let out a shaky breath knowing that Dr. Imelda Tyler was capable of everything.
“Now.” she opened the laptop and sat in the chair while crossing her legs making him so badly to reach out and touch her. “You promised me something before we arrived in Boston, right?”
He closed his eyes while clenching his jaw because he knew that this day would come and she wanted to be present while he would do that goddamn ‘delete’. “Yeah.”
“Well you don’t want me to tell you what to do.”
Moments later...
“So who are these people?” She asked him while she was crooking her eyes trying to find the meaning of it; the stupidity behind all of his weird actions that in his language bank were called ‘things I do to protect my friends’.
“These are some med students from across the world that want to full-fill their truly desire- working in a highly prestigious hospital as our own called Edenbrook.”
“And how’s possible that you’ve tracked them down?”
“My my dear Imy... You clearly have no idea how the applying goes right?”
“I have no doubt how this process goes Dr. Griffin but remember? We did ours when we finished the med school not when we were in our last year.”
“I know Imy but in this case these guys have let their opinions- let me see...Ha! Gary Garrison: last year med student and his reason for apply: ‘My capability of remembering things is higher than you think’ Haaaa! Yea man until you come to thus hell!”
She had enough of it. He was skipping the real case and started to get tensed. “Dan why are you doing this?”
“Doing what?”
“This. The hacking. Why? These people don’t seem as dangerous as you said. I think you need a consult with a psychiatrist.”
“I know Imy. I just wanted to make you laugh but... yeah these are not the people I'm looking for.”
“Then who?”
“The attendees.”
Imelda blinked two times in disbelief. “What? You mean they are dangerous?”
She wasn’t getting any responses from him which made her even angrier than she was before. The silence killed her.
“For God’s sake Daniel Griffin stop this bullshit and tell me what really is going on with you!”
“FINE do you want to know it?” He shouted aback punching his fist to the desk.
He sighed slowly. “I’m trying to find the doctor who operated Klaw’s grandmother Mrs. Ahmad. She was operated here at Edenbrook in 2011 for a second level tumour in her abdomen. According to Klaw the operation was easy and Daisy could have been with us now.”
“How’s possible you know all of this?”
“I was going to change my scrubs in the on-call room while the door was ajar and well- I overheard Klaw talking with Mr. Spader and she was frustrated.”
“I want to know who the doctor is James! I know for sure that she was admitted here in Boston and don’t even try to change the subject!”
“Say whatever you want James! Because whoever that goddamn doctor was attending or a resident in that time I’m going to find him or her! And not even you or anyone else can stop me!”
“Does this mean re-revenge?”
“Maybe. I don’t know if I can call it like that.”
“Dan...” She asked him worriedly unable to talk properly. “What if she g-goes back again to...y'know... to her bad side?”
He shook his head. “I don’t think so Imy. She’s a doctor now and she’s grown up. She wouldn’t do anything peculiar for her own reasons. She would never hurt people especially the ones that are her colleagues.”
“Yeah I know but what if-.”
“There are no buts or ifs my love. Our Klaw is a strong woman but also very sensitive which means she thinks and analyses the situation before reacting to it. So don't worry it is going to pass.”
“But what about her grandma? Is it true that an attending or a resident wasn’t taking care of her dutifully as it had to be?”
“I guess so, and what is more weird is that none of their patients have her name. Which means-.”
“That her file is thrown away or-.”
This was the only verdict. “Hidden by someone.”
“Oh my god Dan what are we going to do?”
“For now we’re going to keep this from her.”
“No.” Her eyes widened in shock. “No no I won’t do this to her. We are already keeping her another much big secret from her! I can’t lie to my best friend especially for this topic. She has to know it Dan!”
He let another sigh. “It’s not that easy Imy. Look.” He took her hands and caressed them with his thumbs.
“I know you are trying to say this is wrong but think about it. She has already passed too much suffering all these past 9 years and has enough of it. She has to find it by herself just like when she found out that her parents death wasn’t just an accident but something more. I believe that they have hidden many things from her but now, she has to focus on her future-.”
“There’s no future without its past Dan and what’s more... Klaw won’t stop digging on this case because I know her. And she’s going to be mad at us.”
“Sweetheart, she has already passed three times PTSD... you know what that means right?”
“In that moment of speaking with Detective Spader I’m sure Klaw was just letting out her anger and rage and that’s it. So you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll see.”
“I hope so.”
“Now- where’s that nice smelling breakfast?”
Now at Central Boston Park...
Not long enough Klaw sees Jonah playing along with another dog happily. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes in relief. In that moment a man was approaching them and knelt down wearing a light brown cardigan but with his back turned to her she couldn’t make his face. She was leaning closer only to hear a gentle voice whom she could recognise it everywhere.
“There you go little one! Jenner, you have found a new friend I see!”
“Dr. Banerji?” She asked in surprise.
He turned his gaze at her with a wide smile that always appeared in his face. “Dr. Craig I assume, right?”
She was stunned by him at how he remembered her name- a name of just a little intern and nothing more. Naveen saw her expression and chuckled knowing that she hesitated.
“Darling, I don’t forget anyone who comes for the first time in our hospital as an intern, a resident or an attending. I consider everyone as my children so please don't be shy.”
“Oh right.” She murmured and nodded in acknowledgment. “Thank you Dr. Banerji! I was actually looking for Jonah and I really got worried-.”
“So this husky’s name is Jonah... Any particular reason?” He asked curiously.
“Well I actually didn’t think much of it.” She scratched the back of her neck. “I just think the name ‘Jonah’ is- cute.” She shrugged her shoulders while letting a smile.
He hummed in agreement. He was wondering if Ethan would have known this given the fact that they knew each other from their ‘little battle’. His thoughts were interrupted when she started to speak again.
“So this is Jenner, right?” He nodded while she was padding her head. “Hey Jenner nice to meet you! I’m Klaw and-.” She let a chuckle while Jenner was licking her hands “-yes you’re such an adorable girl! I hope Jonah hasn’t upsetted you.” While she was saying the last words her serious expression landed at the husky as he lowered his head and cooed sadly.
“Oh please he was doing just fine my dear! You don’t have to worry.” He gave her an encouraging smile. “So Dr. Craig... how is the work going lately?
“Uhm well... pretty fine I think. I can’t tell much because it is only my first week and yeah... definitely I’m going to learn very much this year.”
“Have you decided in which field you want to specialize?”
“I’ve actually thought about general surgery and maybe after that the trauma surgery but still it’s too early I think.”
“Of course my dear you’ll have plenty of time to think about it. The most important thing here is that you need at first to be your own self. So in that way you won’t have low self-esteem and you’ll feel comfortable with your choice because your career is important among other things.”
“I totally agree with that.”
“And you’re also a good fighter as I’ve recently heard.” He gave her a small smirk in which she knew what he was referring to and immediately she wanted to give him an explanation.
“Dr. Banerji I’m truly truly sorry I knew I shouldn’t have reacted like that but that man was already offending Dr. Greene for being in a wheelchair whereas for Dr. Olsen he was about to punch him in his face and I had no choice but to-.”
“Breathe Dr. Craig, breathe!” He laughed heartedly. “And please stop with these apologies!” She sighed in relief. “I have all the information needed from Dr. Tennant and I must say that was bravery from you.”
Again she was rendered speechless by the mentor, by the chief of medicine, director of the diagnostic team, also a general surgeon Dr. Naveen Banerji. Klaw didn’t know how to express how grateful she was hearing those words from a man who has spent forty years of his life in the field of medicine and has been teaching many generations.
“Please Doctor, if everyone were in my position they would do the same.”
“Well I highly doubt that for sure but if that’s what you say.” He said in a rueful smile.
He was right about choosing this intern for Ethan. It was like he found a mini Dr. Ramsey when it came to patient healthcare- precision, determination and intelligence. Naveen wanted to ask her if she had ever thought about joining Diagnostics Team but that was too early since she was still at baby footsteps in medicine. But time passes very quickly and he can imagine now what a great team they would be alongside with Dr. Ramsey, Hirata, Mirani, Tennant and Allen.
Again his thoughts were interrupted when a notification came from his phone revealing the name
My son.
“Excuse me for a moment Dr. Craig.”
“Yeah, sure- take your time please.”
Tumblr media
He shook his head and thought some things never change.
“I’m sorry but the owner of Jenner is really worried about her so that’s why he’s texting me.”
“Oh- really? I thought this was your dog.”
“No actually it’s my friend’s dog and we have a long-term friendship and partnership and he trusted me.”
“If I’m guessing right... is he a doctor?”
“Precisely and his name is E-.” he then reminded that wasn’t a good idea knowing that Ethan didn’t approve him to share anything from his private life with others. “-iiis Jonah.”
“Wow what a coincidence I didn’t expect this! Now I understand why he has named it Jenner- from Edward Jenner given the fact that he’s a doctor.”
“And you are correct again Dr. Craig. It is indeed and my pal is really obsessed with medicine and he only cares about patients life and nothing else.”
Again that sound was heard from his phone and he gave to her an apologetic smile.
“Please Dr. Banerji I don’t mind.” He nodded to her in acknowledgement.
Tumblr media
While he was texting Klaw took a brief photo of Jonah and posted it on Instagram but in the meantime she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing because her friends would see it and would ask her a lot of questions. Then she heard a loud cough coming from Dr. Banerji that concerned her as he put a handkerchief into his mouth.
“Dr. Banerji are you alright?”
“Yes my darling don’t worry and you must go now because your shift starts after fifteen minutes right?”
“Ohmygod Dr. Ramsey is going to chew me!”
“Then go what you’re waiting for?”
“I-.” She shook hands briefly with him. “It was nice to see you again Dr. Banerji!” She said quickly and then whistled to Jonah. “Buddy let’s go now say bye to Jenner!” The she ran immediately holding her dog’s collar to catch the bus to her apartment.
Naveen laughed heartedly as he reminded Ethan when he would be late at his first year of residency but the thoughts were quickly faded as he coughed again and saw his handkerchief drained in some blood. Ethan didn’t know anything about it. Just a cold and nothing else. He mustn’t know it because sometimes the things you want to say are a lot more difficult than you think. And Naveen wasn’t ready to tell him.
After 8 hours at Edenbrook Hospital:
“Why don’t you understand Aurora?”
Dr. Klaw Craig vs Dr. Aurora Emery. Again.
This time the nurses were most afraid of their encounters as they were both competitive when it came to solve the cases assigned to them. The patient’s name was Lea Anderson; age 23 with an injured knee and some scratches in her face and arms. The cause was a car explosion which unfortunately resulted in her husband’s death. She wanted to save him at last time but was late. The police explained that the explosion was set in purpose but in the wrong car which was even worse- the mafia killed innocent people without knowing what consequences would be. As the police took her statement she stared blankly to a spot in her room and said in a whisper.
“I want to see him.”
Both doctors were eyeing each other not knowing what to say until Aurora came close to her and changed the subject.
“First of all Ms. Anderson we have to insert the IV so you can rest okay?”
Lea grabbed forcefully her wrist. “I think you didn’t get it at first doc. I. Want. To see. My. Husband.” She growled and her eyes were full of pain and longing.
“Ms. Anderson please you’re hurting me!” Aurora winced as Lea had a strong grip on her.
“You’re hurting huh?” She let an incredulously laugh which made both the doctors wide their eyes in shock. “And what about me? What shall I do now Dr. Emery huh? Can you tell me what should I do now?! I said I want to see him. Now!”
“Lea, listen to me...” Klaw approached gently tucking away Lea’s strong grip on Aurora.
“Dr. Craig I want...” She sobbed.
“Deep breaths Lea, deep breaths. I know you want so badly to get up but first things first- your health is more important now-.”
“Have you ever lost someone in your life Dr. Craig? Because you don’t look like you can understand me.” She said while shaking her head.
Klaw gulped hardly in her throat as her flashbacks came in her mind and dear- she understood Lea more than anyone else. Lea was physically and mentally shocked by all of these quick events and now she didn’t believe that her love of her life was gone forever. How was she going to tell her kids that their papa was not going to come home again? How was she going to sleep alone in her bed without glancing a ‘good night’ sleep? By these thoughts Klaw decided to forget her duty to only bring somehow justice to her patient... because she had felt it once too.
“Alright we’ll take you to him after I discuss something with Dr. Emery first. Okay?”
Aurora was furrowing her eyebrows but it faltered when she saw the glimmering and hopeful eyes of her patient staring at her and partially agreed. “Y-yeah we’ll be back soon.”
“Have you lost your mind Klaw? Her husband is dead and what’s more he’s burned! His body is in a devastating condition and if she sees him she might have complications later.”
“She won’t have unless we respect her decision.” She spat back.
She scoffed. “You are crazy. I'm not going to let this happen just because you say it. Weren’t you the one who said that the most important thing is the patient’s health?”
“Yes I’ve said it crystal clear but this situation hits different Aurora. Look... She doesn’t want any treatments from us unless she sees her husband. She doesn’t care if he is in that condition because no matter what, she loves him. If it’s the last thing she wants to do then we as doctors should agree with her.”
She shook her head. “You’re completely out of your mind. I'll report this.”
“Fine!” She called when Aurora turned her back. “Do whatever you want. It’s not the first time you report to Dr. Allen though since he has a sympathy for you.” She didn’t realise the weight on her last words would be and she bit her lower lip knowing after a second that she screwed it.
Damn it.
Aurora’s gaze was hardened even more not believing what she heard. “What did you just say?”
“Aurora I-.”
She raised her hand. “Stop. I don’t want to hear it anymore.” She took another deep breath and gave a devilish grin. “You know, I’ve been thinking... Why everyone thinks you and Dr. Tennant have such a good chemistry huh?”
No way. No fucking no. She wouldn’t think that I and the man who I consider as my brother can be...
“Watch your language Aurora!” Klaw shouted. “He’s my attending-.”
“Emery! Craig!” A baritone voice behind them growled loudly and made both of them startled. “What the hell is going on?”
Those damn piercing blue eyes she thought were going to be the death of her one day but she composed herself not letting any other thoughts dragging her.
“It’s Ms. Lea Anderson’s case Dr. Ramsey.” Aurora answered. “Her husband had died in a car explosion and he’s taken to the examination room and she wants to see him without recovering herself first.”
“What did you suggest Dr. Emery?”
“Well I thought first of all to check her health stability and put her an IV. Also she has to run a colorectomy surgery and this is going to be under Dr. Lahela’s case which Dr. Craig didn’t agree on this.” She said while raising her eyebrow.
“I didn’t say I was against the treatment! Dr. Ramsey if you let me-.”
“Fair well Dr. Emery.” He not breaking his gaze from her. “I’m expecting the lab results of this patient and you’re going to handle this case. You can leave now.”
“Thank you Dr. Ramsey.”
“What did you just do?” Klaw felt her eyes narrow in disbelief what she saw and heard.
“I beg your pardon?” He scoffed. “May I add that you are not even capable of handling such a delicate case and you don’t agree with the treatment your fellow colleague sets and without even a single responsibility you lose control and start to shout like you are in a bar or somewhere else but let me remind you Rookie-this is not a battlefield where you can punch people like you want or shout at them being a bossy around here. This is a hospital and as your attending you’ll do as I say!” He shouted at her as the some doctors who were walking past them flinched. “Do you understand?”
She had it enough. His words were like echoes in her ears like some mad sounds were engulfing her mind trying to make her go crazy. She resisted the urge to punch him in the face because just like other men he needed one too. For being such a jerk and an asshole all of this week. Always critising for her work and didn’t have any clue why he was doing it. She would dig the fingernails into her palms, fighting so hard inside her not letting to scream into him to say ‘you are wrong, you’re so goddamn wrong’. And now here she was- face to face with him trying to hold her tears from her maddening, sickening and tiring battles she had faced all this time and decided somehow to reveal it. She crossed her arms behind her back and leaned close to him raising her head.
“Can I ask you something Dr. Ramsey?”
“Just spit it out Rookie.” He groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose knowing that would be another stupid medical question that in his ten years of working with interns had taught to him.
“Have you ever lost someone in your life? Have you ever been in grief?” She never thought she would say it.
He froze.
He didn’t know what to say.
He was completely caught up with this question as if somehow slapped back the memory of his mother’s abandon considering it as the grief and a black hole that led to his life and his father’s.
But that wasn’t much related to her question and he felt that something wasn’t right. He knew it when she left a week ago the Donahue’s bar without her friends after receiving a message on her phone that etched concern on her gorgeous face.
“No. Why are you asking me this?” He was trying to find a meaning behind those words to understand her better but that was too early.
“Hm, so you haven’t experienced it?” She nodded. “And now let me tell you... I hope one day you don’t get to go through that feeling Dr. Ethan Ramsey because you have no idea what if feels like when you lose the person you love most in this world or someone that you really care about ‘cause if you do... then you would understand her.” She was pointing her finger to Lea “When you love someone Dr. Ramsey you just simply don’t care what the others say to you. If your heart says yes then you definitely should hear it. Say whatever you want now but this is my patient too and if something happens to her I would gladly take full responsibility on that but- you cannot come here and snap the case to Aurora without even listening to me first and not letting me explain what kind of trauma the patient is experiencing now!”
He was silent parting his lips as he was seeing her fight over him but as soon as she was finished her pager buzzed in her pocket.
“I have to leave now. Hope you’re happy with your choice Dr. Ramsey.”
With that she left to the elevator frustrated.
Her words were still blowing his mind again and again.
There was something about this intern.
This Rookie bewildered him and made him go crazy with her eloquence and intelligence in arguments.
And her words would be much more meaningful to him.
That day would come much sooner than he thought and after that he would make for the first time in his life- an apology which would completely change his life’s course 180 degrees.
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Part six: “An unexpected support”
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