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So I’ve been doing some thinking about my writing. 

From the get go, I made very sure that I was never writing about the ah members as people. I don’t do office fics, or anything that approximates real life. I did this for my own comfort; I didn’t want to write about real people, I wanted to write about the characters they created.

To that end, I’ve only ever written about the vagabond, not about RH. Right now, I don’t feel comfortable continuing to write or curate content with him in it. While I’m processing how I feel, I’m going to put distance between me and the character of the vagabond.

I understand that for some of you, the character and the person are distinct enough that this isn’t as much of an issue for you. So for right now, I’m not going to delete the things I’ve written. They represent a period of creativity in my life I’m happy about, and they were written before any of this happened. I am going to be removing the tags off them. Anything I’ve written with him in it will have his first and last name tagged, and a request not to reblog, so if you’re looking to block it, his name is all you’ll need. I’m going to be going through my blog in the next couple days and changing the tags for content with him in it as well as removing content that is specifically about him and not his characters. Stuff with him and other ah members I’ll deal with on a case by case basis, but I’ll make sure to tag everything consistently.

Finally, I want to say in no uncertain terms that what RH did was fucking disgusting, and I do not, in any way shape or form, condone his actions. This is not an RH apologist space. I believe victims, and I believe the people RH engaged with are victims of a predator. There is no excuse that justifies that behaviour. 

Thanks for reading. If y’all need to talk more, or make requests for things to tag, you can always message me! 

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no more ao3feed-jeremwood i’m afraid. ryan has now left achievement hunter and rooster teeth effective immediately.

as it stands, i probably would have shut this down even if it had been an amicable and natural split. (see: why do folk still write ray content in 2020? a mystery!) unfortunately, i’m also not comfortable with content for a dude who uses his position of authority to take advantage of fans.

so i’ll be deleting this blog in due course. it’s been real, battle buddies and jeremwood folk.

if you need anything, my main is @futureboy and my writing blog is @futureboy-ao3.

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Late nights are a time for intimacy. A time for baring souls and hearts and secrets openly and without holding back. Just imagine your OTP, BrOTP, or Battle Buddy pair curled up together ((sharing a bed of course)). It is three in the morning. Maybe this is a night off for your world-saving heroes, or a night in for a partying pair. Really they should have fallen asleep hours ago, but for whatever reason, the minute hand on the clock kept drawing forth whispered confessions. What do your characters breathe into the darkness? Their traumas? re-tellings of abuse and neglect that reshape how the other thinks about them. Their darkness? A haunting regret that follows them everywhere. Their truths? The way they feel about anyone and anything. All shared in trust and- dare I say it- love.

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Honestly a first date is them on a heist together getting shot at–

and Ryan goes: 
“Wanna go out?”

“Like? Right now? You’re doing this NOW?”

“I meant after work, just you and I, probably blowing shit up for funzies or get food.”

“Out of any time to ask me, you choose during a HEIST.”

Listen, I didn’t know what to say and it’s just in the moment while my adrenaline is pumping.”

“Fine, fine. Just let us get out of this ALIVE, we can shower and get ready.”

We can shower, huh? Together?”



It could’ve gone in a more, less intense state like what Lindsay suggested, but Ryan and making words without fumbling without the adrenaline is just a mess.

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I’m happy with Jeremy’s character design for this comic so far. Still working on Ryan. Then I’ll start on some diverse background character designs and sketching out panels.

Patreon will be getting a big update of a bunch of finished sketches and wips this week, including what I have so far for this comic. 👀

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Lol, same, friend! XD

So, like. Much as I love other Destiny AUs I’ve blathered on about before, what do you say about a Battle Buddies in the Destiny universe?

Like, say.

These two idiots working for Clovis Bray during the Golden Age, right? Troubleshooters or just a pair of mercenaries that somehow ended up on the Clovis Bray payroll.

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