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#battle tower leon
This may seem like a weird question, but what happens when the Battle Tower does not allow trainers to battle because they weren’t born in Galar?? I've been thinking about it and I just wanted to ask. Sorry if it's confusing lol

I don’t understand what you mean. There have been plenty of trainers who have battled at the Tower who were not born in Galar. Some don’t even live in Galar and were just on holiday.

I’m assuming this came from my talking about having an ID. In which case, we don’t need Galar IDs for you to battle. If you got a trainer ID from Kanto, we’ll accept it. If you have a driver’s liscense from Unova, we’ll accept it. If you happen to go to a school in Kalos that issues ID cards, we’ll accept those too!

I promise you, we want trainers from all over to battle at the Tower! The IDs are only for us to keep records and in case something happens. So we’re not altogether picky about what form those IDs come in.

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