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Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: My interpretation of “I was a 15-year-old closet case whose parents pretended they didn’t notice when the family dog disappeared”.

“A shallow grave. So much less than she deserves. But … I can’t breathe. I can’t even think. I’m running on autopilot and adrenaline alone. Everything is just - I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how I got here. I’m losing control. I can’t - I can’t even look at her. She’s still wrapped in my sheets. I can see her bleeding. I still want it. I still want more.

Carry On Countdown, Day 7 - Animal @carryon-countdown

Key Info: Inspired by this artwork by one of my fave artists on here @cynopoe

TW: Slight Emetophobia Warning!! (Non Graphic. Final line of first paragraph, feel free to skip if you’re concerned!) & Hemophobia Warning!! (This is a very Vampire-heavy fic, so unfortunately there is frequent mention of blood). I have both these phobias (Lol RIP me) and faint when I see them IRL, but this was fine for me to write so I don’t think it should be anything too major. However, everyone’s phobias are different so I wanted to give a heads up.
Please be aware of these warnings before reading, and feel free to skip over this if it’s not for you!

Tags: Heavy Angst, Angst, Biting, Blood Drinking, Mild Blood, Pain, Mordelia Trying To Be A Nice Sister, Baz’s Dog, BASICALLY I’M REALLY SORRY FOR THIS IDK WHAT DEMON MADE ME WRITE THIS, Big Sad,  Carry On Countdown 2020 Day 7

Words: 1,116

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Rating: T for Tyrannosaurus

Summary: Snowbaz has a spontaneous moment in the rain. Sappy and cliché but, maybe cute fluff?

On AO3 

Written for the Carry on Countdown 2020 hosted by @carryon-countdown​, for the Day 8 (Dec. 2nd) prompt; ‘Rain’


Snow is lying on the sofa, legs up on the cushions, staring vacantly into space. On the low footstool beside him is an empty plate with crumbs on it, probably the remnants of his beloved scones. The sunlight is streaming in through the window behind him, making his hair look like a messy bronze kindling set on fire, his mouth is in an impression of a pout and for a moment I’m reminded of a Cocker Spaniel. A ridiculous thought, I think, but then suddenly he trains his clear-sky eyes on me and the likeness of a sad and lost puppy is even more pronounced.

He’s been on a steady decline ever since he and Bunce moved in together and it’s only gotten worse. A month ago, I would have already been beside him kissing that ridiculous pout off his face and yet now I’m standing here in the doorway, a short distance that feels miles away.

His eyes are beseeching, like he wants something from me, wants something that I want to give him, Merlin do I want to, but I don’t know how.

I notice that his hair is no longer in flames and my eyes leave him for a moment and I see water droplets making slow trails along the glass of the window behind him.

Rain drops.

My eyes meet his again and I’m feeling determined as I hold my hand out to him. Come on, Snow. Don’t let me down.

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Read it on ao3

Summary: Prompt: “I thought we weren’t doing presents.”
Simon and Baz are enjoying a quiet evening on Christmas Eve when Baz surprises Simon with a small gift.

Word Count: 1428 

A/N: This is the beginning of a series of Christmas fics I will be posting and writing leading up to Christmas. I wanted to start out with something soft and sweet, and I hope you all like it! :)
(Also, if anyone would like to send me a Christmas/winter prompt, feel free to send me an ask, and I will try to get to it!)



Baz and I are snuggled up together on the couch, steaming cups of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating in them sitting on the coffee table and a sappy, romantic Hallmark movie playing on the television in front of us. It feels like the best way to spend the evening of Christmas Eve.

It’s actually been a pretty nice day. Penny, Shep, and Agatha came over earlier for a sort of potluck Christmas dinner and present exchange. Baz and I decided we wanted to be alone on Christmas Day, but we still wanted to celebrate together with everyone, and it was a nice compromise. Now that everyone is else is gone, the two of us are relaxing and simply enjoying each other’s company.

I’ve found that it’s nice just being around him sometimes. There’s no need for anything more than that, no need to talk or do something more or go out on a big, extravagant date. (Although, I’ve come to realize that talking is important, even when you don’t want to. Especially when you don’t want to actually.) Just being here in his arms is enough a lot of the time, and it’s made even more special being surrounded by the Christmas decorations we put up together.

In the corner of the room is a decent sized, rainbow colored Christmas tree that is lit up with slowly flashing lights and decorated with shiny tinsel and old, mismatched ornaments that Baz inherited from his mom. I remember the first time he pulled out the box of carefully wrapped ornaments.

It was our first Christmas together after everything that happened at Watford. 

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“She’d started teaching me—how to pull the goats one by one; how to make them all feel once like they’d gone too far. She even let me help with the birthing one spring.”

[Chapter 2, “No. 8 Ebb and the goats” from Carry On by @rainbowrowell ]

@carryon-countdown | COC 2020 | DAY 7 | ANIMALS

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