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#bazooka teaches
bazgallaghermilkovicha month ago
Drish I am thinking today about Mickey teaching Bazooka to do tricks, because she needs mental stimulation, and I wonder if maybe all the tricks he teaches her are totally normal super cute tricks, but he gives them special commands in order to mess with people. Like he teaches her to stand on her hind legs, but he calls it 'attack', or he teaches her handshake but he calls it 'shoot', so that if they meet a west-side hipster he doesn't like the look of and they bend down and start petting her without her permission because no one taught them basic dog etiquette and safety, he can say 'bazooka attack' and she'll rear up and for a second they'll be really freaked out and maybe learn their lesson not to touch his little girl unless she says it's ok first. Plus it's just funny watching them lose their tiny minds. idk i think they would both enjoy it 馃惗馃枻
Howl???? This is so amazing I'm in love with this 馃槶鉂わ笍
YES!! They ABSOLUTELY would!! And Mickey always bends down after to give her a ear rubs and call her his best girl 馃 (I'm think Ian's either standing right next to him and smiling at his little tough family or Mickey gets home and excitedly tells Ian about how Baz scared the shit out of some idiot hippy fucker today and Ian scoops her up in his arms and says, "Just like her dad, huh?")
ALSO, you know he's definitely said, "Bazooka, attack" in his most serious voice when Lip bent down to say hello to her once (causing him to startle and comically fall on his ass when she reared up). And he's definitely, definitely made Liam record that shit and randomly sends it to Lip because he's a little shit like that 馃槍
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bazookateaches14 days ago
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