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Welcome to the seventh and final day of Bloodbound Appreciation Week! Today is Wildcard day which means you can post whatever you want. Whether you missed a previous day or you just weren’t sure when to post your content that involved the whole group, today is the day!
We cannot wait to see how creative you all got for this category!

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- Em biết không, ngày xưa khi bắt đầu đi làm ở chỗ đầu tiên; cảm giác của Chị trong suốt 2 tuần sau đó là không-chịu-nổi. Trải nghiệm mới mẻ về việc ngồi 1 ngày 8 – 9 tiếng thật sự khủng khiếp và Chị đã đau lưng kéo dài suốt tuần đó. Lúc đó sự muốn bỏ trốn.
Nhưng rất may là Chị đã không bỏ cuộc như vậy. Vì nếu bỏ cuộc, chắc Chị đã không gặp em bây giờ.

- Sao Chị nghĩ vậy đấy?

- Em có biết cảm giác khi em gặp một người khiến em cảm thấy tất cả mọi chuyện trước đây xảy ra đều đúng và nó phải diễn ra như vậy chưa? Tất cả những điều đã xảy ra, những bài học, những người đã cũ, những chuyện đã qua, … không còn khiến em buồn bã hay tiếc nuối thêm nữa; vì những điều đó đều đưa em với người này, ngày hôm nay.

- *Cười bẽn lẽn*

Ơn em thơ dại từ trời,
theo ta xuống biển, vớt đời ta trôi.
Ơn em dáng mỏng mưa vời,
theo ta lên núi, về đồi yêu thương

Tạ ơn em…
Tạ ơn em… 

- Thơ Du Tử Lê, Từ Công Phụng phổ nhạc đặt tên “Giữ đời cho nhau

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Since Bloodbound is trending

Why didn’t @playchoices use a sort of Endless summer/ILITW/ ilb system

Depending on the lowest nerve, that LI would die

Just saying Adrian was ma LI so he wouldn’t die and Lily and Jax were the greatest friends even if you didn’t romance them and Kamilah is a badass but she most likely would’ve died in ma play through then

It would hurt but at least it’s fair compared to Pixelberey only killing Jax or Lily off 🤷‍♀️

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Week 43/53: October 19th - October 25th 2020 | Prettiest Restaurant 🌹

Bb got haircut this week!!! SO HANDSOME!!!!! I am heart eyes. She took me to the prettiest pho restaurant (Bonjour Vietnam Bistro) for sundate. :’0 I didn’t even know where we are going and what we were eating LMAO she just told me to dress pretty O_O LOL… I tried my best even though it was super cold (so I just layered……. I wore like five layers LOOOL winter jacket over fleece jacket over sweater cardigan over dress shirt over tank top…. but anyways LOL). Bb wore the anniversary coat I gave her and she looked so cute!!!! The inside of the restaurant was super pretty. So many flowers and pastel colours and word lights and fancy decorations everywhere. Even the bowls were pretty and the utensils were pastel coloured! The food was so yum too OMGGG THICK ROUND RICE NOODLES YES YES YES YES YES. 10/10 would eat again!!! TY BB FOR TAKING ME HERE HAAHA IT WAS SUCH A SUCCESS.

Been playing a lot of among us with bb this week and past weeks HAHA it’s so fun help

#365, #52, #ootd, #pho, #flowers, #bb, #wine red fox blouse, #top shop black jeans, #adidas stan smith, #oak n fort grandpa jacket, #doc martens 1461, #uniqlo dress pants, #black kdrama male lead coat, #white dress shirt, #black blazer, #idk why my hair looks so black again LMAo i hate it i wanna dye it again hSHHSHSH, #outfit count: 43!! which means i am caught up HOHOHO, #find a chip in one of my molars this week...... and it turned into a hole after a few days... rip...., #time to see a dentist for the first time in 8 years LMAO..... without any dental insurance..... imma go bankrupt T_T, #honestly ruined my week :-( like for every 5 thoughts that passed thru my head one thought was abt my broken cavity LOL why are teeth USELES, #wore outfit 1 for interview and they actually liked me enough to give me phone interview + in person interview, #they even scheduled me for a working interview/trial shift for next week but then they called me on sunday telling me the pos has beenFILLED, #LIKE UMMMM OK HAHHDJKSDHJF, #otherwise the rest of my week has been decently productive!! did some job apps + piano learning, #also had to do that nutrition research lol i literally did like 20 nutrients in the course of 2 days!???, #CAUGHT UP ON THAT LMAO, #had 3 interviews this week in total and they all flopped.... what even is the point of my life anymore LOLLSSS, #at least i'm kind of happy minus my broken cavity loLS, #i spend most of my days going to see bb <3 cuzZ I LOVE HER N IM FREE HAHAHAH, #uhhhhhh i wrote the tags to this on sunday but im writing the main post five days after i dont rmbr anything.. sorry :(
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