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#bb grell

Grell: Oh my darling bassy~ You and I on Halloween night… We’ll have a little date, collect some souls. Forget about that brat, it’ll just be you and me.

Sebastian: I’m not interested.

Grell: Oh, what a shame. I had found a litter of kittens near my home.

Sebastian: Well, I guess I could reconsider…

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I am not gonna lie, breathing has become very hard for me as of late due to being really sick. So I been drawing more than I have been writing. This is the first fanart for Halloween. I want to make a Kaiba base one later! 

I am doing okay, but odds are I will be going back to the doctor. Life is hard. 

P.S. I think Grell came out the best. She is such a sally too haha!Outfit looks good on her. 

Reblogging is fine, please don’t repost.

Love you all.

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autistic black butler headcanons


because im an epic gamer with epic autism spectrum disorder.

  • william t. spears is mr. autism spectrum disorder. he doesn’t know how to express his emotions and he prefers distant combat because he has bad motor skills especially in close hand combat
  • william also has a very black and white view of the rules. personal morality does not affect his view of the rules, which he must in every circumstance follow to his utmost ability.
  • william stims by spinning his staff.
  • othello is autistic and has a special interest in his work. he also likes mysteries and science especially well. he is prone to visible meltdowns when he can’t understand a concept and becomes frustrated.
  • ronald is also autistic but is better at emoting than william. sometimes he runs out of scripts though and he cant come up with ones so he just stumbles over his words
  • ronald stims very physically. he likes physical activity like crouching, running, and similar for discreet stimming. he also likes jumping and bouncing when hes excited.
  • ciel has autism. it works in tandem with his ptsd a lot, so he is prone to meltdowns or more specifically, shutdowns. he goes nonverbal but shows no outward distress, and only a few people in his life can recognize his shutdowns.
  • grell is autistic (and has adhd but currently irrelevant) and she is good ol confused autism. she has trouble understanding and processing emotions so she journals to get it all out there and analyze it to know how shes feeling. thats why it took her a long time to realize she was a girl, because she couldnt understand dysphoria and euphoria in herself.
  • grell stims by twirling her hair. she also likes the way heels sound on solid surfaces.
  • grell ALSO has scripted behavior but less scripted speech. her poses/mannerisms/etc are all learned and scripts that she uses, hence why they seem “dramatic”- shes just doing what she knows, which can come from plays and theater.
  • ciel’s special interests are scattered but his most prevalent is tea. he gets excited and enjoys learning and trying new types most of all
  • ciel stims with textures. hes hypersensitive to textures and feelings. his favorite stim is moving his ring and feeling the ridges. he also enjoys holding a smooth cane and feeling the edges of the metal. his least favorite is scratchy clothing (especially scratchy laces) and especially faux velvet.
  • undertaker is autism supreme. he only eats “dog biscuits” (which are really just crackers) because its his samefood that always has a predictable texture and taste. if he eats something else it can cause him to become upset internally.
  • alois is autistic and doesn’t understand emotions or social boundaries. since hes undiagnosed and unsupervised, he tends to act on his negative impulses and not realize that the things he do have extremely severe effects on others. (note: he has done some like seriously fucked up stuff though like w his staff and that is not autism thats just. bad. im talking more like breaking a vase and not realizing the consequences of that)
  • alois stims verbally. usually it seems like just wild shouting or noises. he also has echolalia a lot, but a ton of folks just assume hes mocking them; he doesnt correct them.
  • undertaker also has shutdowns. he internalizes it all and turns into a very outlandish version of himself when he shutdowns, as a way to get the situation done and over with but not be “rude” or outwardly distasteful.
  • hannah is autistic and is semiverbal. the triplets are semiverbal but prefer to be nonverbal. all of them have a code of morality that is extremely set into stone, and all of it is pretaining to perceived “social code”.
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