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#bbc ghosts

I went to the Ghost’s TvTropes page and I think someone must have had it out for Mike; making out that he told the Bride about the problem out of spite instead of answering in a daze when she asked him what was wrong??? And saying he was insecure about Alison’s ex because he thought she might change her mind, instead of the way funnier scenario that he’d grown to be this tough guy and Mike was worried he’d assault him because Alison dumped him for Mike???

(Like he is hurt to find out that Alison didn’t dump the ex for him afterall but that’s right at the end. Also the whole joke about Mike knowing taekwondo anyway.)

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I just remembered how cute Mary and Kitty where in Bump In tge Night and my serotonin levels bumped 2 notches.

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rant time x

ok so ive seen a lot of theories saying that people become ghosts from dying due to other people whether intentionally or not but when heather button dies at the start of s1e1 the ghosts are betting and hoping she stays and stuff. the same happens when the ghosts are watching pat die in s2e6. this implies that anyone who dies by any means can either stay or go. also heather being ‘sucked off’ seemed like it was her choice and that was what she wanted to do, so becoming a ghost could be a choice but judging by thomas’ reaction to becoming a ghost in s2e4 it doesnt really seem like it. however he still couldve moved on after dying like heather did but he didnt. so basically i think becoming a ghost isnt entirely related on how you died and its possible that staying or going is a choice. if it isnt then becoming a ghost is most likely due to having unfinished business or not being ready to go. i think people who die of old age are less likely to have unfinished business because theyve had time to resolve things and theyre more likely to be ready to go because theyve lived so long and their deaths are more expected and less sudden. also as for being sucked off moving on, surely robin should be able to move on after thousands of years. i think he could probably move on if he really wanted to, but he likes being a ghost and he likes the other ghosts and alison and mike. in fact, his bond with the other ghosts + alison and mike might have made him not ready to move on because he isnt ready to say goodbye to them. the unfinished business theory still applies to all the other ghosts though - humphrey hasnt fully recovered from being beheaded, same for mary and the witch trial, we dont know much about kitty’s life and we know next to nothing about her death but judging by what shes said about her sister she probably unknowingly has unfinished business surrounding the treatment she got from her, thomas hasnt recovered from his death or the whole scandal with fr*ncis and what he learned in s2e4, fanny started to accept why george cheated on her in s2e6 but i dont think she has fully recovered from the fact that he did cheat on her, cap is repressed and still not over havers and theres probably so much other stuff we dont know about yet, pat forgave keith but he probably still needs to deal with his wife cheating on him with his best friend and julian isnt happy with his legacy. robin could still have unfinished business though, but for it to take thousands of years to overcome it mustve been quite rough and if it is then i feel so bad for him 💔 as for the plague ghosts they probably all have unfinished business of their own because they forgave mick for giving them the plague and didnt move on. well we didnt see them after s2e2 but im pretty sure if they did move on it wouldve been mentioned. anyway yeah i could be completely wrong but this is just what ive gathered from what weve seen and wow this post was not supposed to be this long ok bye x

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i actually think julian would like adam bc adam, like him, is a little shit and i’m almost certain that julian’s newspaper of choice would be the daily mail. as for cap, my brain cannot come up with an answer because obv they’re both played by ben and it’s breaking my mind a little bit fmfkmf

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ok GREAT question. clearly julian hasn’t had the means to keep up with politics after he died but as a t*ry i think he’d definitely enjoy the series taking the piss out of a labour government. honestly he clearly has no issues talking about the corruption he took part in so i think he’d fully be like “yeah it was exactly like that” or actually tbh he’d have stories about how it was worse fmfkkddn

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Robin: Confused wants to see horses

Humphrey: Happy that couples find true love

Mary: She will like them but is a bit clueless on what is going on

Kitty: Her new favorite movies, and gets a bit excited when she sees a character with her name, or any of her fellow ghosts’ names

Thomas: Excited at first but then points out every inaccuracy

Fanny: Guilty pleasures for her

The Captain: Secretly has a crush on all the men

Pat: Doesn’t really enjoy them but is happy that everyone else is happy

Julian: Requests more nudity

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Hear me out.

The letter Cap is holding is from Havers and addressed to Cap (William). Havers left the letter on Cap’s desk shortly after telling him he’d be joining the fight in North Africa. He hasn’t read the letter because the seal isn’t broken, he can’t bear to. Havers comes into his office to gage the Captain’s response- hoping he’d tell him to stay. The Captain is protecting himself by never reading the letter and burying it in the garden so that no one ever finds it. He doesn’t want to know how Havers feels because it would just make it harder to say goodbye.

#i’m going to drown myself in the lake

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Follow up to my post on if the ghosts ever found out about Six

I can imagine Humphrey talking about what happened and talking about the wives

That and I can see Fanny acting like she wouldn’t be into it but then loving “No Way” and “I Don’t Need Your Love”

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I think the phrase “you’re dicked in the nob” has to be my new all time favourite insult, wazzock coming in at a close second 🤪

(Context: basically there’s a scene in S2 Ep 3 of ghosts where I thought Thomas said to Alison “you’re dicked in the knob” - in fact what he actually said was “you’re dicked in the nob”, a Regency era phrase that basically meant ‘you’re crazy’ with it’s literal meaning essentially being ‘you’re messed up in the head’)

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Are You Sure It’s Not A Crush? by upsetslingshot

“And now the fourth person he has a crush on is Robin. God knows how that happened.”

Julian maybe has a crush on Robin. Robin definitely has a big old aroace squish on Julian.

Julian, however, had not quite figured that out.

I love how Slingshot manages to make their writing their writing both sweet and funny. The latter comes naturally, but managing the former when Julian’s involved? Quite a feat. 10/10 as always 

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