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#bbc ghosts
serafinaspiccolo · a day ago
Tumblr media
so I saw this found family alignment chart by @/alliedisastermaster and just HAD to try it with BBC ghosts w/ bonus Nigel and Jemima
most of these are screenshots I've had saved for ages so if they're yours please please lmk and I'll credit you
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marvelsghosts · 2 days ago
Julian: Punch me in the face.
Captain: Punch you?
Julian: Yes, punch me in the face, didn't you hear me?
Captain: Oh, I always hear "punch me in the face" when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext
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moonah-stona · 2 days ago
So… I did a thing…
Modern Ghosts University AU!
Go with me on this!
They all live together in first year Uni halls in the UK, they all study different things, and they’re all neurodivergent and queer!
You’ve got Robin, Humphrey, Mary, Kitty, Thomas, Fanny, Captain, Pat and Julian, and the plague ghosts all live in the same building as them!
Robin’s studying aerospace engineering because MOONAH.
Convince me that Humphrey isn’t studying history and writes his dissertation on feminism throughout history. He’s also doing french as a side subject.
Mary’s studying agriculture because her strict, cultish family wanted her to. She soon realises she wants to study film/media so drops agriculture in her second year.
Kitty is absolutely a theatre student and you can’t convince me otherwise.
Thomas is the most regent English student you’ve ever seen, with dozens of copies of pride and prejudice. Also the most bisexual, he/they mess of a human.
Fanny is a criminologist. Murder. She. Wrote. Need I go on?
Captain is studying sport. You heard me right. Sport. Steering clear of gay stereotypes here. Man was a soldier. He was athletic. He fought in wars. He loved to exercise even in death. He’s a sporty bish🤌
Pat - without a doubt - is studying primary school teaching. It just fits him so very well. Looking after kiddos and all that jazz.
Julian - obviously - is studying politics. He makes everyone aware every single day that he was suppose to go to Cambridge, and is the student who turns up late with starbies.
Oh yeah, and the plague ghosts are all theatre nerds who sing into the night, annoying every member of the house aside from Kitty.
Alison and Mike absolutely turn up in second year too. Alison’s studying business and Mike’s a music major.
I want to write this shit, but my fanfic days are far from over😭 halp?😂
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patcaps · 4 hours ago
god they really had cap spend a full episode like. learning from pat and relaxing and getting out of his own head about being the “leader” and just having fun and engaging and listening!!! and pat saw it, saw him, understood how monumental and important and precious that situation was for him and he rewarded it. he gave him a fucking TEAMWORK AWARD and we all had to sit and watch. not to mention how happy and in his element pat was the entire time, and so very patient with him. fucked up
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moonahstone · a day ago
I swear to god if there is a cap flashback with him interacting with lots of different soldiers, referring to them by name, and one of them isn’t called Blenkinsop, I’m rioting.
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awkwardartist1234 · 2 days ago
a drawing of mary for you on this friday night
Tumblr media
I think that if you don’t look too closely and ignore all the mistakes it looks alright.
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leftabit-leftabit · 2 days ago
Me: *Googling/researching executions in the middle ages for a fic* 
My mind: 
Jim - “And I am seriously considering not coming to the next Aftercution...” 
Ben - “What?! What’s an ‘Aftercution?!’”
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aishlingbrown · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Inktober, day 24
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georgiansuggestion · 2 days ago
give your sister warm oysters so she can’t go to a upcoming ball
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a-ghostly-poet · a day ago
why must i be so emotionally attached to a sitcom about some ghosts and how they spend their time in the afterlife
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angel-with-problems · a day ago
Ignore the empty spaces and enjoy some BBC Ghosts content bc I'm on a kick
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Captain is my favorite if you can't tell, and the kid!kitty is someone else's au but I can't find the fanart?
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nines-explosion · 2 days ago
The Ghosts reaction to if you could hug them :) bc we love wholesome ghosts :D
Robin - probably would flip his shit and hug you so tight that you could hardly breath, he'd jump up and down with you in his arms from literal joy and immediately tell the others. He's a great hugger, 10/10
Patt - this man is a cryer, he'd cry and he wouldn't let go for hours, so you'd end up sitting on the floor with Patt attached to you, he'd probably thank you for the hug too (this man needs hugs to live). He's very comfortable to hug and warm 11/10
Kitty - boy oh boy, she'd squeal and suffocate You in the biggest hug you'll ever get. She'd giggle and twirl you around in her arms and arrange play dates soley for the purpose of hugging, hell she'd even make it a daily ritual, her hugs are tight but heart warming, 10/10
Humphrey - he literally would have no clue who was hugging him, but he'd try his best to hug back. He also give me back pats kinda vibes, very awkward back pats 9. 5/10
Mary - It be the works of the devil I tells ya, she'd ask you to reject satan and witchcraft before it was too late, swan/10
Fanny - not a hugger, would probably pat your head and tell you to run along, but deep down she missed having affectionate contact with someone who won't throw her out of a window 7/10
The Cap - awkward. Very awkward at first, but he'd give in a give one of the best darn hugs ever, very warm and comforting. It would be short and sweet before he'd pull away, clear his throat and thank you for the hug before promptly leaving the room. Shy fellow indeed. 11/10
Thomas - drama queen, he'd also flip his shit to begin with, stammering over how this is not possible. Then he'd come to terms with it and hug you again, not letting go for AGES. He'd probably say something like 'it has been oh so long since I had felt the comforting nature of a hug, I thank you'. He's one of the only ghosts who would be too shy to ask for another one, so you'd have to initiate the hug. He loves it. He's very handsy and warm and extremely gentle, 12/10
Julian - when I say awkward. I mean awkward. He'd probably wonder why, out of all people, you'd choose to hug him. He isn't used to genuine, affectionate hugs and he's very hesitant to hug back. After a few hugs he gets the hang of it, and once he's comfortable he'll initiate the hugs, maybe putting you in a head lock if he felt like it. Not that you'd complain. 11/10
Hope you like them :))
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