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creaturecorpse · 3 days ago
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I had to draw my favorite ghosts, I can't wait for season 4!!!! (click image on tumblr app to improve quality)
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holeinawall · 4 days ago
My bbc ghosts brain rot is currently manifesting in trying to learn morse code.
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friendlygirlswag · 6 days ago
getting SO SAD over how the dynamic we were introduced to with kitty was fanny being annoyed at her very existence and essentially calling her a goodfornothing dimwit and how the dynamic the end of s3 focused on with her was the captain trying to get her to smile and telling her stories and treating her suspicions as valuable. bc the captain and fanny used to be one and the same and . man. theyve both grown so much and idk if it means anything but it means something to me
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viola-halogen · 6 days ago
The Captain?
I had a lot of fun doing this one >:)
Headcanon A: realistic
Every Sunday he and Fanny take a brisk morning stroll around the grounds of the house together, and use this time to bitch about everyone else’s antics. To show up late would be considered the highest level of offence by both of them.
Headcanon B: while it may not be realistic it is hilarious
At some point Pat persuades him to watch a bunch of musicals together and he pretends to dislike them and think they’re a bunch of nonsense but secretly really enjoys them. When no one else is watching he likes to sing along to the songs, especially ones about battle like Yorktown from Hamilton and some of the songs from the barricade scenes in Les Mis (this took most of my fairly limited musicals knowledge.)
Headcanon C: heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends
When he found out Havers was leaving for the front, he knew he would never have the guts to confess his feelings out loud, so he basically wrote a love letter and concealed it within a copy of the blueprints for Operation William (this is what the William letter was.) His plan was to give it to Havers under the guise of “you should have a copy of the plans just in case” however he chickened out and didn’t actually give him the letter. He regretted it in the months after Havers left and thought about sending it to him where he was stationed in North Africa. He was just building up the courage to post the letter when he received the news that Havers had been killed in action.
Headcanon D: unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own
He got really into yoga in the 60s when Heather starting teaching a class at the house. He saw it as a new way to keep fit and was like 👀👀👀 and joined in with most of the classes. He actually got really good at it for a while but thanks to his fucked up bones it was… an interesting experience to watch.
Thank you for the ask :)
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grinchwrapsupreme · 9 days ago
Honestly considering the engineers I've met it's a miracle the Captain isn't weirder
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ilmatarsstuff · 22 days ago
I've started
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parttimesarah · 27 days ago
I like a man who knows what he’s good at…
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golyadkin · a month ago
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“There was a war on...”
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Them 💖🥺
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stop-saying-tootsie · a month ago
i want an episode dedicated to alison trying to figure out the captain’s name (bc of course she doesn’t think to research the captain that had been station at button house)
she asks all the ghosts but they keep either getting interrupted or distracted and at first she things cap is meddling to stop her but he’s not, that’s just her luck
the end is just the captain going “oh. why didn’t you ask? my name is-“ and it cuts to the credits and is never mentioned again <3
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accidentallytimetravelled · a month ago
Just imagine,
captain and Havers in the captains office, its cold and cap can't stop looking at Havers' blush dusted face, his beautiful eyes and the way they reflect the moonlight flitting in past the curtains.
"Was there anything you needed sir?" Havers asked noticing the captains glances each one heart melting as a blush climbed caps cheeks.
"No.. no so sorry wi-Havers" He stumbles over his words nearly calling is luitenant by his first name
Havers stifled a small chuckled oh how he loved so dearly the man infront of him.
They part for the Evning hands grazing each other sparks emitting electric running up their arms.
They look shocked finally understanding the others feelings love filling the room.. as they leant in towards each other fear and unknowing taunting in their minds
Captain are you awake in there?
The captain opened his eyes. A tear ran down onto his cheek. the rain hammering on the window of his room havers a distant memory..
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king-elder-vex · 2 months ago
The most relatable part of Ghosts is when they watch Friends and Kitty says that the Captain is Ross, to which he replies that’s he’s obviously Chandler. As a fellow queer person that people often think is a bit dull and who covers emotions with sarcasm, I relate entirely 😂
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holeinawall · 8 days ago
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Some Patcap quotes from the incorrect quote generator for you consideration
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realismreading · 2 months ago
If the ghosts were alive in the modern age, I think their jobs might be slightly different.
Pat: i think Pat would still do scouts but would also run a podcast for fun
Julian: he’d do onlyfans for a laugh and would have to resign but would land a job as a political journalist (think Boris Johnson)
Fanny: if she wasn’t a Lady, she would’ve been in finance maybe?
Robin: farmer
Humphrey: I kinda get librarian vibes??
Kitty: Midwife or nurse
Mary: she’d work with Robin as a farmer
Thomas: he’d continue to be a poet but definitely the type to do slam poetry at indie venues
The Captain: after retiring, he’d probably make a good history teacher
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viola-halogen · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Do you see me as a father figure, Katherine?”
Ok this is officially the best thing I’ve ever done, I can’t believe how long this took me.
(Click on the image for better quality. It makes a massive difference.)
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ilmatarsstuff · 23 days ago
I feel something personal for him
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golyadkin · a month ago
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Based on:
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