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🔱  Magi Week- Day 3: Magi and their King 🔱

So it should be apparent by now that Judar and Hakuryuu are my otp, sorry not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pretty much every other drawing for Magi Week has Juhaku in it so prepare for that 😂😂 I have a whole backstory for this painting- Hakuryuu commissioned an artist to paint him and Judar but they couldnt sit still for long enough (ESPECIALLY Judar) and so they constantly flirt and the painter just gives up & paints them flirting 😂😂😂 I also learned how to paint clothing (finally) from this painting! 🖤

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“    konoha’s rivers cannot amount to the ocean that surrounds uzushio.  i promise you ,   i’ll make sure your experience in my home is memorable ,   ”  she cannot hide the joy that dances in each note of her tone ,   smoothing her robes as she settles beside madara. 

“   perhaps educational.   ”  as pioneers of sealwork ,  even a disciple still in training could criticize konoha’s seals ,  its design may be robust ,  yet it could not hold a candle to the intricacy of uzushio techniques.  mito curls her hand over madara’s shoulders ,   laying her head over the protrusions of her knuckles as verdant eyes study the sea.    “   hikaku will notify us if he needs our assistance in anything regarding the clan and village matters ?   ”   

@forlornwind  ’d !

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thank you my beautiful mermaid💙


Joe Keery - ugh Steve Harrington is so fkn cute, would kill for him. I seriously wish I could post 500 photos of him. The HAIR 😍

BONUS: Joe & Dacre


Drew Starkey - I mean, who on this site doesn’t have a crush on this man? It is impossible.

I’ve posted too many photos of Joe so I’ll link some of my other Drew posts: Drew Starkey ; Drew Starkey ; Drew Starkey & Austin North & Brad Pitt

😊 celebration

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Es que también uno casi ko dice nada de ellos y son bastantes como para poner todos sus nombre x"“”“D. Pero si tu quieres preguntar cualquier cosa, pregunta la! Sin miedo al triunfo y que no muerdo linda xD

Que también las preguntas sirven para conocerlos más ;3

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Send ( ◕‿◕✿) to crown my muse with a flower crown. | accepting.  

@dehimmel​ said:

( ◕‿◕✿) from venti <:)


Laughter bubbled from the Outriders lips. .  She hadn’t gone flower picking since she was a little kid.   It was certainly a fun way to spend her free time.  Especially with a cheery Bard by her side.    

Springs the best . I cant wait for her sentence was cut off by a ring of flowers being dropped on her head. golden eyes widened briefly before a  wide grin spread across her face.  

“Didn’t know you were so crafty, Venti!” with that she plucked a flower from the earth and placed it behind his ear.  

“There ya go,  you look BEAUTIFUL”

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Thank you that is so kind (:

As for plotting - I don’t think I’m good at it. Have a vague idea and as you flesh it out try to keep in mind how the various characters will be affected. Try to anticipate any plot holes and always have a rationale for why something is happening. Even if not explicitly stated. There has to be purpose in your actions and it should culminate to affect the end result.

It’s nice to have a skeleton idea of what you want from the story. Like, I really wanted to write the fall of SKB and have the reader thrown into the events that preceded it. So I didn’t know how tf we’d get to that point, but the further I wrote, the clearer the path toward that event got.

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I think that’s absolutely okay to say. It’s a huge compliment. These are compliments I don’t deserve in the slightest. But I thank you for them anyway. It’s very kind <33

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